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The MOST RECKLESS BLUFFER IN POKER🥰 Sara Chafak ♠️ Poker Queens ♠️ PokerStars

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  Year ago +530

    Which bluff was played best by Sara?

    • Dan Kem
      Dan Kem 18 days ago

      @TheNZMuppet thing is, he now knows her game, which she has none. She will not go far on poker playing like this

    • bannana
      bannana Month ago

      nvm i watched it all a early assumption just a brain dead bimbo lol

    • bannana
      bannana Month ago

      im sorry but this is acting and not real sorry to burst your bubble

    • Black
      Black Month ago

      @Joseph Chungus where da whyte women at??

    • Abbas Mahdavi
      Abbas Mahdavi 2 months ago

      The make up, great bluff

  • Pozload Escobar
    Pozload Escobar Year ago +3221

    That first bluff was amazing. She broke Ronnie's brain! Loose and aggressive players rarely last long, but they can really throw players off their game

    • Javier
      Javier 23 days ago

      @John Doe yeah I think he folded on purpose

    • G Sam
      G Sam Month ago

      @Joshua Cappello 3 different straights actually

    • LunarJellyfish
      LunarJellyfish 2 months ago

      @Joshua Cappello straight was on the board. 6, 5, 4, on table + ?? in Sara's hand. He folded with the belief that she had 3, 2 or 7, 8 or 7, 3. It was also possible she had pocket 5s, queens, or 6s, meaning she has a higher trip combo than his 4s.

    • Feralz
      Feralz 2 months ago +1

      Nah, he was a simp thats why, Ronnie knew something was up, but he would rather simp.

    • Withme Verissimus Whostoned
      Withme Verissimus Whostoned 2 months ago

      Well, he made a mistake... she raised on the flop but you wouldn't do that with QQ because usually the strong hand is looking to trap, that's just basic human psychology, and 6 on the river changes nothing (most of the times), he should have shoved but (from what I'm seeing) he prioritized flirting over being real.

  • Sir Weed
    Sir Weed 8 months ago +3

    Most people going against her have no clue what she is capable of, shes so calm and collected, hard to read.

  • Partyboy Danny
    Partyboy Danny 9 months ago +951

    Ronnie’s fold was the worst fold in pro poker history. She broke him mentally. I don’t know how he was able to continue playing after that.

    • stevensko
      stevensko Month ago

      @Kyle Ferguson good luck you'll need it

    • Kyle Ferguson
      Kyle Ferguson Month ago +1

      @stevensko ok but what r the chances she was holding the only other 4? The only way he was going to lose is if she had either 55 or qq. That's it. No straight draw. No flush draw. It was a shit bluff and he should b embarrassed for falling for it

    • stevensko
      stevensko Month ago

      @Kyle Ferguson a set is when you have a pocket pair and then hit a three of a kind. His trips only beat high cards and pairs. He even loses to most other fours. She can see the fours and the straight draw so she is representing that she can beat the straight with a full house. I don't remember if he was a blind but she had the smaller range and position.

    • Kyle Ferguson
      Kyle Ferguson Month ago +1

      @stevensko wtf r u talking about? HE HAD A SET 🤦

    • Kyle Ferguson
      Kyle Ferguson Month ago

      @cool monkey how the FUCK would she have 44 of 45 when he was holding a 4? If u looked at that board for more than 2 fuckin seconds u would kno she didn't have a single God damn out. Dude was dumb af

  • odell daniel
    odell daniel Month ago +9

    how many tournaments has she won playing like that?

  • Ravi Krishna
    Ravi Krishna Year ago +3678

    "Thats the way all my relationships start, with lies" this guy 😂

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W 2 months ago +2

    She hasn’t played in a tournament since this video 🤷‍♂️🙃

  • Black
    Black Month ago +11

    Everyone has made a play like this. Doesn’t make you a “queen”. She pulled off a bluff whooooooooooooo

    • Enlil
      Enlil 15 days ago +3

      @Raymond Black well you clearly have a problem, maybe its time to grow up raymond

    • Raymond Black
      Raymond Black Month ago

      @Katie Hong "DoNt bE bItTeR" Not everyone who criticizes a woman has a problem; so sick of such lame played out tactics. Most of the time she was playing like a donkey- that's a fact. The math was simply not on her side and she got lucky because most of the players were too scared to call her despite having winning hands. Who goes all-in several times with NOTHING???

    • Katie Hong
      Katie Hong Month ago +3

      Nah she bluffed her way to runner up, that's not an everyday play that just anyone can pull off. She pulled it off cuz no one could read her, don't be bitter

  • Strike Hold
    Strike Hold Year ago +265

    For those of you ragging on poor Ronnie on the first hand; you can rule out a 2-3 or 3-7 or 7-8 in normal play and she was definitely not playing normal but this is during the opening hands and the assumption is towards normal. The danger is if she has a pair in her hand that gives her a set, such as a pair of Q's, 6's, or 5's; or if she has the other 4, then a 4-5, 4-6, 4-9 or higher beats him and a 4-8 splits the pot. Now poor Ronnie looks at his stack and has to decide if it is worth the risk to lose his stack or live and fight another hand. Not as easy as it first seems when there are so many ways to lose and that is without taking into consideration the straight option. Poker is a fusion of a percentage game and risk tolerance, plain and simple. Poor Ronnie, he will never let that hand down for the rest of his life...

    • stinktongue
      stinktongue 2 months ago

      @strikehold you presented a case for my exact thinking that if he is using your logic, he should have folded after she reraised him, not called her…calling her only puts him in a position to have to believe her if she shoves on the River…you either shove when she reraises knowing you have the best hand, which I believe he did know which is why he bet so large, or you fold…but calling in position puts u in a bad spot when she shoves in front of you on the River…he almost has to fold on the River after he tells her he is weak on the turn by calling

    • Cornerback80
      Cornerback80 2 months ago

      I agree, I lost three hands in the past week, AA pre flop first hand, hit the third A on the flop, got raised with a straight draw so I called anyway know it was there just to see it, next AA pre flop, I go all in, I get called by QQ and the third Q comes on the river. Next hand I lose with a full house, I don't remember the cards but it was like 5s over something and I got beat with 7s over something. Set of 4s is great and your only saying it's a terrible fold bc you know what the cards are, if she had QQ then your all saying "great fold."

    • Connor Crump
      Connor Crump 5 months ago +3

      @Yi Zhou That kind of mentality is pretty poor for poker. If you treat it like a slot machine you will lose money like it's a slot machine.

    • Arjen Smit
      Arjen Smit 5 months ago +3

      @Yi Zhou That comment can only come from a serious fish who simply has no clue to the depth of poker.

    • Bobby D
      Bobby D 6 months ago +6

      @Yi Zhou over thinking is bad, and under thinking is good, according to you? Let’s play some poker!

  • Movado
    Movado Month ago +5

    I came here for Sara. Such a fine looking girl. I could watch her all day long, lol.

  • Frank0221
    Frank0221 Year ago +583

    Remember, everyone's always an expert when the cards are on the table

    • Platerpus7
      Platerpus7 7 days ago

      @Samir Jimenez no you can show the table your cards.

    • Samir Jimenez
      Samir Jimenez 29 days ago

      @Platerpus7 isn't illegal to show YOUR cards?

    • A7 Polarix
      A7 Polarix 4 months ago

      Nooooo guy, thats a bad play from a bad player!

    • Radoslav Ivanov
      Radoslav Ivanov 5 months ago

      Or the place is the Clip-Share Comment Section!

    • Platerpus7
      Platerpus7 8 months ago +1

      That’s true but it was so obvious she was bluffing. Her face said it all when he showed his 4 to her.

  • Cristian Aguilar
    Cristian Aguilar Year ago +310

    1st clip is pure madness. There is no way i would compete against that level of bluff

    • A7 Polarix
      A7 Polarix 4 months ago

      its an freaking easy call, she is bad, just a cute barbie, but its a bad player who did some stupids bluffs for a tv show! thats an easy call!

    • cc
      cc 5 months ago +1

      @Noah Hall Your profile pic. How do you call the Confederacy "Heritage" when it only lasted 4 years and 3 months? Naw man, this whole "Heritage not hate" thing is completely bonkers. The main fighting point of the Confederacy was slavery. If you're proud of your Southern US american heritage, wave the proper USA flag, not a flag that is commonly used by known neo nazis and racist people, because of obvious reasons.... Not things you should want to be associated with! Wave the flag that has been flown for almost 250 years, not the one that represents 4 years of ignorance and refusal to abolish slavery...

    • iishyxvietxboyii1
      iishyxvietxboyii1 6 months ago

      I would of played all in with 3 of kind on that hand.

    • Cú Chulainn
      Cú Chulainn 7 months ago

      @Mihail Parshin
      You experienced what's called Sod's law. 😐

    • Cú Chulainn
      Cú Chulainn 7 months ago

      @Mihail Parshin
      No, but the odds are much higher. What are the chances of having 3 of a kind with someone else being a full house? 😐

  • Alex Zamora
    Alex Zamora Year ago +411

    She’s got the heart and commitment to the game, Tony G would be proud.

    • Withme Verissimus Whostoned
      Withme Verissimus Whostoned 2 months ago

      I mean, she's got that untrustworthy vibe around herself... and that right there should give you enough confidence to call most of her bluffs.

    • Abraham
      Abraham 3 months ago +3

      Her face and personality match the way she plays perfectly. She's like a woman who destroys your life and takes all your money if you're foolish enough to fall in love with her.
      Or maybe it's just me.

    • Rogerio Mesquita
      Rogerio Mesquita 7 months ago +1

      And Hellmuth would probably be tilted by her moves. Hahaha

    • SLQ
      SLQ 8 months ago

      @SoulApprentice AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH man I'm laughing at this like an idiot by myself in the metro

    • Digital Empire LLC
      Digital Empire LLC 10 months ago

      @Francis first guy was idiot. Rest were pretty fun to watch

  • Pakistan Cattle Market

    This never gets old

  • mpup54
    mpup54 Year ago +78

    she made it to heads up. Incredible in that lineup.

  • Markalot 84
    Markalot 84 Year ago +249

    That's what happens when you play the player in front of you, not the cards. He was too nervous and she saw the opportunity.

    • I keep dat JPole
      I keep dat JPole 7 months ago

      @Appropriate-ChannelName bro you quite literally can and its not allowed have you seriously not heard of this?

    • John Smith
      John Smith 7 months ago

      @Googane Who calls an all in preflop... it's so polarizing a raise that big. Either you get called with AK, AA, KK and lose most of the time or people fold and you making no money. Don't get it.
      I play with a guy like this. He has won 2 nights about x5 his original buy in over the past 2 years. The other 30+ times he has lost everything and often buys in a second time. He is way down for the year.
      When holding a low pocket pair like 66, there is approximately a 20% chance, when playing 6 handed, that someone is holding a higher pocket pair than you.

    • Googane
      Googane 7 months ago

      Yeah this was just completely reckless on her part. Especially the blind all-ins oh gawd not even a calculated risk just balls to the wall.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 8 months ago

      That's a god awful bluff. Even a worst fold. Both obvious have little to no poker experience.

    • Mr Sensei
      Mr Sensei 8 months ago

      If you always try the right play than your predictable.

  • Tyler DeBoy
    Tyler DeBoy Year ago +82

    “Punting poker chips” 🤣 had me dead

  • Torrential DownpourMondays

    How does Jean Robert always get in these games

    • cathdan
      cathdan 15 days ago

      Fishes are always welcome.

  • Andrew Nagy
    Andrew Nagy Year ago +3510

    Everyone here thinking they're poker masters when they can see the cards and its not their money 🤣

    • IamTonyStark1
      IamTonyStark1 26 days ago

      You play? Or just whining?

    • Moy
      Moy Month ago

      Haha, you definitely right about that, not gonna lie, I would have folded. I have been burn too many times with the flush, straight and full house on the river. I also tend to wait till the river to go all in if I have the highest possible hand to bait flush, straights and even 3 of a kind hands in, but then again I am a noob, so yea.

    • WalterLiddy
      WalterLiddy Month ago

      I barely know how to play and I can see what she's doing wrong here. Against top players this would never work. She's counting too much on her opponents to believe she has the absolute nuts on every play and isn't considering what they might have at all.

    • Kid Named Barzal Islanders
      Kid Named Barzal Islanders 2 months ago

      Absolutely not. Say she did have queens or 5s. Pre flop. Ok she raised Yes likely. But after the flop. If she did have a set of queens or 5s. The guy bets 15k. She raises to 30k. A very small 15k raise. 15k more in an 82k pot. Very small bet. Its not pushing anyone out. Better then 3 to 1 on the call. Priced in to chase as per pot odds. Basically the re raise makes no sense. If she has a set. Shes going to re raise more then 15k to push out the flush draw and or straight draw. To protect her hand. Also she raised pre flop. So what does she think her opponent is calling a raise with. At best in this situation suited connectors or some kind of connectors. 6, 7. Or 7 ,8. Of spades. Or possibly put him on ace queen. Or even ace king of spades. Very much doubt any pocket pair. On the turn a four hits. He checks his trips and she bets 55k into a 150 k pot. Now if she had a set she just filled up. So she should not be scared of a flush or a straight. U want him to make his hand. U want him to get his straight or flush. If she had a boat one would think she would check to give him a chance to catch up. But the way it played out, it makes no sense. She isnt telling a convincing story. She isn’t representing that “set” of queens or 5s as u claim she could have had. Every bet is the players talking to each other. Its how u get information. Its telling a story and it needs to make sense. The best players like phil Ivey can make the story make sense. When they r bluffing. This is also how the pros put u on hands. Story needs to make sense

    • Markaholics Anonymous
      Markaholics Anonymous 3 months ago

      True but you don’t need to see the cards to tell he was total fish in the 8/4 off hand.

  • powershot 8
    powershot 8 10 months ago +17

    Don’t be fooled. That poker face after seeing 4 is a real killer

    • PurpleGoopGuy
      PurpleGoopGuy 2 months ago

      Didn't even move shes terrifyingly good

  • About Time
    About Time Year ago +97

    Ronnie really surprised me. He completely ignored the rules of numbers and willingly let her sweet smile a win. He deserved to lose that hand.

    • conrad
      conrad 6 months ago +14

      fym? ronnie had the 4s but whos to say she didnt have pockets of any of the higher cards on the table, as she bet pre flop

  • ChaCha RbelRbel
    ChaCha RbelRbel 2 months ago +3

    Sara played so well she wasn't lucky with the cards but lucky with the skills 😍😍

    • marek falk
      marek falk 2 months ago

      she didnt play well, she played it horrible in the beginning, other guy just an idiot lol

  • readu100
    readu100 Year ago +1

    That shove was awesome! perfect play

  • Anthony Peet
    Anthony Peet Year ago +56

    Bruh her reactions to that first win were so telling of a bluff

  • Psyzzer
    Psyzzer Year ago +68

    “She’s never not bluffing” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Primal
    Primal Year ago +43

    I'll be honest, I feel like for the first bluff part of his mind set is he didn't want to get her out first round.

  • Aj
    Aj 2 months ago +1

    Hahaha that first bluff was actually really good

  • Sonny Cavone
    Sonny Cavone Year ago +3093

    “It’s like when this girl learned English, they only taught her how to flirt and move all in”. 😂😂😂

    • Tray Jay
      Tray Jay 2 months ago

      @Someone's Opinions

    • Qwerty 123
      Qwerty 123 5 months ago +1


    • Boris Sibor
      Boris Sibor 6 months ago

      @Felish Rodrigs she's had a few too many drinks, and was just trying to get away with steeling from the cookie jar while brave and inhebriated. Fortunately she ran godly, and experienced a fluke of extremes.

    • Ultimate Yagerman
      Ultimate Yagerman 6 months ago

      @Felish Rodrigs 🤡

    • Someone's Opinions
      Someone's Opinions 7 months ago

      @Felish Rodrigs fr, they're men and they can't accept that a woman is better and smarter than them

  • G D
    G D 11 months ago +8

    Sara, you are magnificent, my dear!! Keep bluffing your way to the top!!!!

  • Dragan Petev
    Dragan Petev 2 months ago +2

    They never played her before and she took maximum advantage of it!!! Pretty smart!

  • dead ronin47
    dead ronin47 7 months ago

    That how you play next level poker ♣️

  • Everything Crypto
    Everything Crypto 5 months ago +1

    It's ok to bluff but when you're bluffing as much as Sara, they usually end up gone

  • Mateo Belmont
    Mateo Belmont 23 hours ago

    This is what playing for fun looks like, good for her

  • Consenting Furries
    Consenting Furries 5 months ago +8

    I think I played like her when I was a teenager. These types of bluff are exciting as hell and we all talked about it. But I seriously don't know if this style can last or win ultimately. Or hell imo win the main pot a lot.
    I definitely learnt a lot by playing with buddies with just chips but when money was involved you definitely have to bring your real game. Especially if you say you only want to lose £100 but the table is at £200. It's actually very different if you lose your hard-earned money then just playing around with chips or £20 worth of chips.

  • Mirko Rondo Zhen Rondini

    The fact she was betting that fast was number 1 indicator of bluff , has to be one of the worst folds I’ve seen

  • webguy943
    webguy943 6 months ago

    That was a good value bet with 10 7. Since she likes to bluff when she doesnt have a hand and check when she does, i would have been a bit suspicious when she checked the turn but still it would have been a 50/50 call or fold with 72. Good play.
    In the first hand ronnie made a mistake raising her on the turn. Her reraise threw him off. If he just called and she shoved all in on the river. I bet hed be more inclined to call.

  • Armin 10
    Armin 10 Year ago

    He could have tracked her reactions instead of adjusting his hat. Every serious poker player could have seen that she has nothing, especially on the second raise, and that all in at the end was so random. He should have called.

  • Saige Gregory
    Saige Gregory 8 months ago

    You should have put that “emotional damage” clip at the end lmao that would have been funny lol but damn those bluffs lol

  • Bruh
    Bruh 11 months ago +4

    Looks like a casual bluffs. Seriously. She just goes All-in everytime before a river (or after). Can't believe it's still works...

  • Syed Aiman
    Syed Aiman 4 months ago +1

    As Harvey Spectre said: you don't play the game, you play the man.

  • Max T
    Max T 2 months ago

    They just didn't want to get rid of her so fast 😂

  • Edu Andino
    Edu Andino 8 months ago

    I tried the first bluff once... I lost all my stack

  • luka maric
    luka maric Year ago +12

    That was just a really bad fold, a good poker player would know that she's bluffing after he revealed his cards and she couldn't stop staring at him !

  • acool6401
    acool6401 8 months ago +4

    Do that sort of thing consistently and your bluff will lose its power to cause a fold.

  • ale1coq
    ale1coq Year ago +10

    "No matter what, always trust your cards" - Kenny Rogers.

    PUCUK BONSAI TB 5 months ago

    I very like it... watching again and always 🙏

  • Litenbadboll
    Litenbadboll Year ago

    aww while the rules of this pokertable confused me, I was cheering for Sara at the end there. Shame the king didn't show his head there.

  • Sam K
    Sam K Year ago +13

    The first bluff was terrible, her facial reaction was screaming “please lay down”, the guy was being nice

    • Sam K
      Sam K Year ago +2

      @Paolo you don’t need to be a body language expert to see the obvious here, too bad you don’t understand social cues

    • Leonardo Landi
      Leonardo Landi Year ago

      You failed

    • Sam K
      Sam K Year ago +2

      @Paolo I’m a facial language expert, just ask your…😎

    • Paolo
      Paolo Year ago +17

      Ok Mr. Body language expert

  • Prithviraj Dutta
    Prithviraj Dutta Year ago +2452

    That First Fold is probably one of the worst Folds ever in Poker History.

    • A7 Polarix
      A7 Polarix 4 months ago

      OMG how bad she is, its a standard bad bluff from a bad player! And pokerstars show us some vids about theses donkeys! Thats sick! No way she could have qqq or straight or a better 4, he fold as a stupide loser cause he had almost put her on a bluff!

    • ChuRa
      ChuRa 5 months ago +1

      anyone that thinks this sucks at poker

    • Sebastian Blume
      Sebastian Blume 5 months ago

      @J and get 2nd on the Table, so your Point is?

    • Bobby D
      Bobby D 6 months ago

      @Soundwave VR go back to your basement and play VR. We will stay in the real world.

    • Soundwave VR
      Soundwave VR 6 months ago

      You would've folded too not knowing her cards, but sure, be brave and wise when you know her cards.

  • Danny Miller
    Danny Miller 6 months ago

    When she said "num num num" 😂 I can't believe he didn't pick up on that the raise was the trap wow awesome poker

  • FormCheck
    FormCheck 2 months ago

    “Good laydown” 😆 commentator is an absolute savage

  • Neon Thunderbird
    Neon Thunderbird Year ago +4

    Her cuteness destroyed Ronnie.

  • Red Blue
    Red Blue 6 months ago

    I wish Stapes and I were friends in real life we would have the best time. lmao "it's like when she learned English they only taught her how to flirt and go all in" ...too good Stapes

  • Cor Tenebrarum
    Cor Tenebrarum Year ago +1

    Fajna lalka. I gra w pokera

  • Temujin Khan
    Temujin Khan Year ago +47

    He was being nice I don't know how he misses seeing her fear of being called

  • satellite pilot
    satellite pilot 4 months ago

    Wow, she's a scary player to go against when you have a short stack

  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz 10 months ago

    That’s how all my relationships start with lies 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • евгений лебедев

    Какая красавица И ЕЩЁ И УМНИЦА!!!!!

  • Forbidden
    Forbidden Year ago +4

    Why does it seem like everyone there is just letting her make these god-awful plays so they don't look like the bad guy for taking her out of the game? The first bluff was so blatant buddy must have been hoping it'd get him a follow back on Instagram.

  • CopperChode
    CopperChode 8 months ago

    Wow poker skills and visually appealing. She has a deadly combination of talent and looks.

  • GabKoost
    GabKoost Year ago +7

    1st hand was miserably played by the dude. He was worried about what people would think if he folded against a hand of nothing and that´s exactly what he did. That woman started raising out of nothing from the start before he had his hand. If there's a way to lose then let it be by going all in on a great hand against some reckless behavior.

  • areisus1
    areisus1 Year ago +466

    with this players it feels more like a tv show than a real poker game , and it is possible that's the case

    • Ethos Terros
      Ethos Terros 2 months ago

      @Carlos Perez I mean women like her tend to be good liars and manipulators on the other hand not smart enough to leverage it like that

    • Mr Awaken Up
      Mr Awaken Up 7 months ago

      They're pretty good actors lool

    • Andrei Alinei
      Andrei Alinei 10 months ago +1

      the hands aren't staged.. they play to the best of their abilities, it's just the fact that they are not playing for real money that changes everything

    • Molly Muncher
      Molly Muncher 10 months ago +1

      @Dylan Feetz Muir next you’re gonna tell me you think the nfl isn’t fixed when it’s “sports entertainment”

    • Dylan Feetz Muir
      Dylan Feetz Muir 10 months ago +7

      @Molly Muncher That is atrocious logic. I wouldn't even know where to begin with that. That's literally brain damage in the form of a youtube comment.

  • JJ
    JJ Year ago +1

    "Easy to say to the runner up" savage. Lmao

  • Armando Suba
    Armando Suba 2 months ago

    Dude didn't want to look the fool and didn't think it through like a Pro 😅

  • Jericho Samurai
    Jericho Samurai 10 months ago

    Her silence was deafening. If she could have beat him, she would have said so, as she did at the very start with that lie "Yeah I have something."
    Sigma rule #87: Never submit to a woman's mind games.

  • Biz Magnet
    Biz Magnet 8 months ago

    Ronnie checking every round and then folding with 3 of a kind made no sense. If he just had pairs ok. Sara discarded him like a boss.

  • Trap Queen's Lawyer
    Trap Queen's Lawyer Year ago +546

    Based off the action in that first hand there is no way she could have him beat. What a terrible laydown

    • Withme Verissimus Whostoned
      Withme Verissimus Whostoned 2 months ago

      @THE0malley you talking about me talking about players that I read souls of shows you got no clue what YOU are talking about...

    • THE0malley
      THE0malley 2 months ago

      @Withme Verissimus Whostoned you're talking in absolutes about a new player's action and attitude. That shows you don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about. I win plenty, but I'm smart enough to not assume that a brand new player is going to play like a normal player. Proof positive that you're always the donk at your tables and just watch a lot of this shit on Clip-Share

    • Withme Verissimus Whostoned
      Withme Verissimus Whostoned 2 months ago

      @THE0malley yea, I also know the guys like you have no clue about how to play so that's why you never win big

    • THE0malley
      THE0malley 2 months ago

      @Withme Verissimus Whostoned no, I know poker pretty well...and I also know the guys like you that think in absolutes are the biggest crybabies when their logic fails.

    • Withme Verissimus Whostoned
      Withme Verissimus Whostoned 2 months ago

      @THE0malley you got no clue about poker then, thanks for confirm that

  • bull head
    bull head 4 months ago

    New to this channel but already crushing on Sara 😹

  • 링고프로듀서
    링고프로듀서 10 months ago +2

    A strong-hearted woman. Lovely.

  • Houston Rink
    Houston Rink 2 months ago

    Sara you are a very gifted poker player against the guys

  • Yazidone
    Yazidone 8 months ago +6

    When we are bad players, we can only bluff.

  • Infiniti Q50
    Infiniti Q50 Year ago +3

    Always. Always call a woman's bluff. She'll regret it and you'll thank me later

  • AppGames
    AppGames 8 months ago +3

    First bluff was perfect- surprised he fell for it.

  • Hemnar Tima
    Hemnar Tima 7 months ago

    Her:I’m going to remember this day forever
    Me:me to

  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti Year ago +9

    She's the type of player that calls everything and thinks a pair is the nuts. People like that get cleaned out eventually but luck keeps them around.

    • Abe Buckingham
      Abe Buckingham 9 months ago +1

      That's exactly why they're my favorite opponents.

  • Tom Emeigh
    Tom Emeigh Year ago +14

    Just watched this again, and I can unequivocally repeat that this WAS scripted for TV. It's no coincidence that ALL of these "bluffs" were from the same televised event.

    • Larry Wheels
      Larry Wheels 9 months ago +2

      They tanked for the show. With her at the table they sell this. Without her nobody watches.

    • Francis
      Francis Year ago

      Agree. But there to many amateurs making comments. The guy was just toying with her.

  • Nogitsune
    Nogitsune 10 months ago

    1st guy had it coming tbh. They were all just simping on her and she used that for her advantage. Not even a great bluff, she just used the situation to its full advantage

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton 2 months ago

    Commentator is a creep. "Don't bust her before the swimsuit portion"? What disgusting sexism and disrespect.

  • James Smith
    James Smith Year ago +3

    really i have to say thanks for these videos. i had never played poker before. my friend invited me to a poker game he goes to. so i figured i should look on youtube to learn. i found your videos. the learning part was not hard. and when i went to the game i had to buy 70k just to play. and guess what boys i won. there were 16 players. now im going to buy a haircut. thanks. super happy

  • Bottos Iwan
    Bottos Iwan Year ago

    It's even worse than I thought . They all witnessed her bluffs and keep falling for them . I don't understand how they make money playing poker if you can't read neither the game or the player .. They are even worse than her .

  • gatsby79
    gatsby79 Year ago

    i don't think he doesn't read that bluff, that was a easy read bluff, i think he just been nice and let her go and he said he want to play with her longer

  • Coffinsnail
    Coffinsnail Year ago +1

    She was not even bluffing shes acting like someone who has no idea what she's doing. And why did he fold trips? She has not done anything to make me think she could beat trips.

  • extremeBrah
    extremeBrah 8 months ago

    Shes the Queen of bluff

  • Zay Feezo
    Zay Feezo 6 months ago +3

    Ronnie knew she was bluffing, he just didn’t want to knock out the eye candy of the show on the first hand lol

  • iris wood
    iris wood 8 months ago

    She really knocked his socks off

  • Saint J
    Saint J Year ago +1

    Limped in, made a lame re-raise, said she had something with only draws on the board, bets into the turn clearly without the best hand......this guy folds the river with trips lol. Not saying I wouldn't have done the same but damn....

  • Jeronimo Silveira

    Amador, pagou até o final e fold com trinca

  • Will Linke
    Will Linke 6 months ago

    That “hi” routine is a tell lol 😂

  • kcf12377
    kcf12377 5 months ago +1

    "This is the fearlessness you get to play with when you realise no matter what happens here you're still going to be very very very good looking"
    Me: Fold preflop

    • Jordan Z
      Jordan Z 3 months ago

      😂 it’s okay buddy you’re handsom to your mom and grandma

  • SMAC157
    SMAC157 2 months ago

    Sara is as cute as a pail full of kittens! But, I just love Kara Scott!! TEAM KARA ALL THE WAY!!

  • Tiger King
    Tiger King Year ago +2

    Unless they had an agreement on sth like this before the show, sara's really good at this

  • Erik Seidler
    Erik Seidler Year ago +48

    I'm surprised more people didn't toss out the value card on a bluff to avoid the cage.

    • Edward Heath
      Edward Heath 10 months ago +2

      That is because of their ego and their high pride want to be able to tell somebody at the bar that they are at the next week that they put somebody in the cage!

  • M. Doubrava
    M. Doubrava Year ago

    Chafak není hráčka! Byla finskou miss a byla ke hře přizvána pouze pro televizní show. Bylo to čistě plánované....

  • Damien Sampson
    Damien Sampson 8 months ago

    Sara has now taken the last bit of their manhood.

  • Shane Lambert
    Shane Lambert Year ago

    With the 65 hand she might not have known she was bluffing on the turn. 65 is good there a lot of the time.

  • WFH 555666
    WFH 555666 4 months ago +1

    I love her ! 💗

  • Ben Sheaves
    Ben Sheaves 9 months ago

    Yesterday I pulled off a pretty good bluff with A-2 off, but I had nut flush draw and a gut shot going into the river

  • Bottos Iwan
    Bottos Iwan Year ago

    She has the name of a reckless bluffer . And with 3 x 4 , it really surprised me he folded . But hey , it's easy to speak from the couch at home . Who knows , but I think , think , that I would have called her out.

  • Covenator 1
    Covenator 1 8 months ago +1

    It was easy to tell she was bluffing. you can she was scared

  • e4 d5
    e4 d5 10 months ago

    The folds were largely logicalin their defense