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Russian Ghost Town on the North Pole

  • Published on Mar 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 3 002

  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  Year ago +1919

    The adventure to make this film felt like it fully embodied the definition of "adventure". Countless setbacks challenging our ability to get there, rugged conditions and a constantly changing environment. We're super proud of where this film ended up and we hope you enjoyed watching it!!

    • Savage22 Bolt
      Savage22 Bolt 4 months ago

      This would have been great without adding background music. It detracts from the visuals and the narration.

    • The Great And Powerful Turtle
      The Great And Powerful Turtle 4 months ago

      They actually make a few movies there,its such an isolated location it makes an interesting place to film...

    • patrick cross
      patrick cross 4 months ago

      An adventure with guides… okay 😂

    • Aldo Zilli
      Aldo Zilli 4 months ago

      Svalbard isn't the North Pole. There is no land beneath the ice at the North Pole.

  • Steve
    Steve 4 months ago +30

    You have to admit the Soviets built one heck of a town so far north. This place was not thrown together overnight. A lot of thought went into giving the miners every creature comfort they could, probably to keep them from remembering they are so very isolated from the rest of the world. One could easily lose their mind after spending months up here.

  • ItsTonyLindo
    ItsTonyLindo 4 months ago +98

    It's crazy to think that at one point in time, all those buildings were filled with people and the cafeteria was filled with people eating and laughing.

    • Malone
      Malone 2 months ago +4

      I don’t reckon much laughter would have gone on at a Soviet mine site in subzero temps….

    • GypsyGirl317
      GypsyGirl317 4 months ago +2

      It's a very strange feeling isn't it. 🙆🏻‍♀️

    • D Woolaver
      D Woolaver 4 months ago +2

      Why is it crazy to think this place was full of people.

  • Una Petrovic
    Una Petrovic Year ago +170

    The video is breathtakingly edited... Imagine having an opportunity to visit such places... I don't even have an idea of how crazy that must felt. You guys always leave me in thoughts 💭💭

    • Antimatter_NVF
      Antimatter_NVF 4 months ago

      @GypsyGirl317 Wow that's fascinating! Where do you live now? There's another Russian town in Svalbard by the way - Barentsburg - and it still has a permanent population of 450!

    • GypsyGirl317
      GypsyGirl317 4 months ago +2

      @Antimatter_NVF that would be amazing!
      For me way down South in the Pacific 🌏 Ocean it's an impossible idea, but I really enjoyed this video. 💖 😊 🙆🏻‍♀️
      I have been into a ghost town in New Caledonia many years ago, in 1975.
      It had been a nickel mining town and it looked as though someone came in and told everyone to leave immediately.
      Only some engineers kept the machinery going - nobody lived there any longer.

    • Antimatter_NVF
      Antimatter_NVF Year ago +3

      Actually it's not that difficult to visit Svalbard and even Pyramiden! If you live in Europe you don't need any kind of visa and the prices for tickets aren't exorbitant, a bit higher that your average vacation overseas one can say. Just book a tour and you're set!

  • Raj Ranveer
    Raj Ranveer Year ago +200

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how hard these editors and cameraman have worked on this🙌

  • GoldenPhoenix101
    GoldenPhoenix101 5 months ago +12

    You guys were lucky to get there when you did. As I understand it, all visits to Pyramiden have been halted since the war in Ukraine. Great footage!

    • Deepcoder
      Deepcoder 4 months ago +1

      Why, the war has exposed how weak the russians really are. Its not their land anyway, its Norways and NATO has their back.

  • T. Alma
    T. Alma Year ago +2654

    It’s incredible seeing the improvement in their video quality over the years, these new videos are basically free mini documentaries! So proud to be part of yes fam, I love this new direction Yes theory is headed in :))

    • Arvidje
      Arvidje 5 months ago

      @P J L must be.. in the first seconds u see this stuff is professional edited and shot. I like the color grade and the softness of the image..

    • itsacruelworld
      itsacruelworld 10 months ago

      Me 2

    • CantTakeJake
      CantTakeJake Year ago

      Completely agree

    • Lisa Oktaviane
      Lisa Oktaviane Year ago

      rightttt???! 🔥😭

    • P J L
      P J L Year ago

      With subscriber growth over time comes more views which equates to added revenue. Added revenue brings the opportunity to hire staff & video editors / producers / directors. This channel has a lot going on behind the scene making it like a mini tv station using Clip-Share as their ‘tv platform’. I’m sure this channel easily generates over a million dollars a year. Salaries are paid, equipment is purchased & utilized, travel budgets taken care of, most all dollars made are spent.

  • Miles Gaberman
    Miles Gaberman Year ago +307

    My dad was a skateboard photographer who worked for the company Element, and to advertise a new clothing launch called "Wolfeboro" they went on a skate trip to this town. He has so many stories from this town and I always loved hearing about it when I was young. There was a whole documentary about them skating in the pool and hospital and stuff so this was a really in a way nostalgic video for me. Really cool to see these places get more publicity. Cheers!

    • Jacki Dosen
      Jacki Dosen 4 months ago

      🦘🐨🇦🇺🙂.Hi Guys great work, love the scenery, and a place with a story many of us don't know, But extremely spooky Continue your journey and stay safe ♥. Cheers everyone. 👍👌🍻😊💙💛.

    • Savage22 Bolt
      Savage22 Bolt 4 months ago

      @Clemens Pfeiffer yeah, just think what the walls would look like if any of those buildings were located in any American city.

    • StupidAF
      StupidAF 5 months ago

      dangg i wanna see the video, do you have any links to it?

    • Aku
      Aku Year ago +12

      Woah thats awesome. I got a few element decks on my wall. Always love when skaters bring the sport to remote parts of the world. You're dad had an amazing job

  • Nathan Brooks
    Nathan Brooks Year ago +61

    Next stop should be Portlock, Alaska. It's a ghost town that used to be a cannery for fish - locals say it was abandoned because it was being terrorized by a big foot. The stories from all the locals tell of crazy things happening lumberjacks being ripped apart and their tools being found up massive trees; would be an interesting experience to say the least.

    • Waylon McCrae
      Waylon McCrae 4 months ago +1

      @Savage22 Bolt HOW DARE YOU !! 🤣👍

    • Waylon McCrae
      Waylon McCrae 4 months ago

      That's the last place they should go ..... stay away from Portlock Alaska !!

    • sondra oppedisano
      sondra oppedisano 4 months ago

      I would love to see that video!!

  • Peter Enola
    Peter Enola 4 months ago +15

    Actually it's not entirely a ghost town. I've been there and in the hotel there are actually residents. And quite a lot of people visit this place. It's enchanting, mysterious and spooky at times, but it's also beautiful and frozen in time...

  • JakobeYT
    JakobeYT Year ago +46

    You guys need to adventure an area with the Soviet master himself, Bald and Bankrupt. He's the embodiment of Seeking Discomfort when he travels to these Russian/Soviet forgotten areas. I'm sure he would have had a field day if he went to Pyramiden with you guys.

    • J L
      J L 3 months ago

      @Ms Dee he only knows 3. Not a lot

    • Atmospheric Atmosphere
      Atmospheric Atmosphere 3 months ago


    • Ms Dee
      Ms Dee 4 months ago

      Followed him for a few years now. I just have one question. HOW does he know SOOO MANY languages?? I mean, he's BRILLIANT!!

    • Samuel Weir
      Samuel Weir 6 months ago

      @MRobocop OK, but still according to reports that I saw (and, I think according to his own claim), that arrest happened back in May.

  • Mike 420
    Mike 420 4 months ago +4

    I really want to be able to travel the world, and discover so many places, just like you guys. This is goals.

  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell Year ago +1230

    The cinematography of Yestheory has leveled up so hard recently. You guys keep pushing the envelope with every episode!

    • Arvidje
      Arvidje 5 months ago

      @Sahil and the color grade.. the image has a soft filmic cadance.. not seen before out of semi pro gear.. people cant even get this look out of a7s3..to sharp and detailed

    • Sahil
      Sahil Year ago +2

      Editing too!!!

    • Stian Tørstad
      Stian Tørstad Year ago +14

      Blame it on Andreas Hem! Amazing guy

    • Sam's Russian Adventures
      Sam's Russian Adventures Year ago +5

      Yes. I agree, I watched another video on this town and it was very light hearted and it showed it as a completely different way. It would be amazing to know your opinion. I'm also a substantial fan of this channel and I too create content with regards to life in Russia. I don't know why but the youtube algorithm has not been as great to me yet. Practically all those that watches my content states that it is brilliant, however very few get to watch it. Can you be extremely straightforward and say exactly how I can improve my vlogs? I value your truthful viewpoint.

  • ZaytonaTheExplorer
    ZaytonaTheExplorer Year ago +6

    You guys are truly inspiring. I was so scared of solo traveling but seeing you getting urselves in “discomfort” challenged me and I’m planning a solo trip this summer to a continent i’ve never been to.

  • Doug Moody
    Doug Moody 5 months ago +8

    Hats off to the videographers and editors. Superb photography! What strikes me is the rush everyone must have had to get out of town. I would be curious to know exactly how long it actually took to leave and what it must have been like. That is a story that still needs to be told.

  • Miroz
    Miroz 10 months ago +41

    as someone who went there around 4 years ago, this video was really cool in many ways, seeing the same hotel as where i stayed at and just seeing many of the same landmarks that i saw 4 years ago

  • Vinamra Jha
    Vinamra Jha Year ago +42

    The whole time i was getting chills literally felt like I'm at that same place feeling the same emotions. And kudos to the backend team man the cinematography was top notch. It's true that YES Theory has played a huge role for me to change myself in a positive way. I just wanna say thank-you Ammar, Thomas and all the members envolved in creating these beauty and the Podcasts. I love you guys❤️

    • OverTaxed42Long
      OverTaxed42Long Year ago

      @Sam's Russian Adventures I'm gonna check out your channel after watching this one. Will sub if it's good as you say.

    • Sam's Russian Adventures
      Sam's Russian Adventures Year ago

      It is amazing how the music, footage and repeating the possible danger and remoteness has set the scene as a scary place. I'd be fascinated to know your opinion. I'm additionally a massive follower of this channel and I also create content about life in Russia. Sadly the youtube algorithm has not been as courteous to me yet. Virtually everyone who sees my channel claims that it is excellent, unfortunately not many get to enjoy it. Can you be extremely straight up and tell me exactly how I can make better videos? I value your sincere point of view.

  • RreiiskaRacing
    RreiiskaRacing Month ago

    If you guys ever were to go to actual North Pole, I would be so on board with that trip!

  • Anther Richeen
    Anther Richeen Year ago +940

    The person who colour-grades your footage is fantastic. They should be very proud of their work. And obviously, your main camera person for getting those RAW shots dialled in so nicely in the first place in very challenging conditions. Superb job all.

    • Anther Richeen
      Anther Richeen Year ago +9

      @Raphael Jaafari Awesome of you to reply! I own a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, and I love nothing more than getting in after filming something cool and opening up Davinci Resolve and seeing what I can do with the footage. Colour grading is a true art, and one that can never truly be mastered, as things change all of the time; so when I see shots that truly take my breath away, I notice. You really have a great eye. I hope to be as good as you some day!

    • Burb
      Burb Year ago +4

      @Raphael Jaafari that was so good!!!

    • Büşra Deniz
      Büşra Deniz Year ago +5

      @Raphael Jaafari we appreciate your work 🙏🏻

    • Raphael Jaafari
      Raphael Jaafari Year ago +76

      Hi, I'm the one who color graded this episode ! Thank you for the kind words that's very appreciated 🙏🏻

    • Burb
      Burb Year ago +1


  • Kmcdowell1250
    Kmcdowell1250 Year ago +27

    I remember in 8th grade asking my gym teacher if she had any stories about her time. She said she lived in west Germany because her husband was in the military at the time. When they went over to east Germany, she said it was crazy because there was almost nothing modern, as if time had stopped there. Also, they were very strict, and went over everything you had. They even switched out the train engines to East German train engines. She was my favorite gym teacher of all time, because she would always tell cool stories like this. You never know what a older person has seen, or experienced. I say if you’re interested in history, talk to some of the old people you meet. Sometimes they’ll have really cool stories. I bet in about 40 years, kids will be asking people about 9/11 just as we were asking about the Cold War, and Vietnam.

    • just me I am
      just me I am Year ago +8

      😅the first 10 years of my life were the last one's of communism in Czech republic where I grew up.So maybe i could ad to this.Everything that was ever made in that era was always accounted for and whatever wasn't needed went to Russia- an bottomless pit and therefore there was no need for new things.For example we got bananas only at Xmas and it was only 1kg for family of 4 (which is ruffly 4-5 bananas)and you had to go the register and give your name and you would be crossed of a list and get banana or oranges or whatever "exotic" .It taught me to be grateful for everything I have.
      Same goes for electronics or whatever you needed for a house.Lets say you wanted a refrigerator so you went to a store,there would be like 3 models to choose from and you would order one.At some point you would get a letter that you fridge is at the store and you would be given date and hour to pick it up. Unfortunately about 100 people got the same letter and then it was important when and who went to stand at the store in the line.If you were lucky and got there early you got what you wanted, otherwise it was leftovers.
      We have traveled only once at that time to another country- needles to say a Communist one and it took 6 months to get approval.We had to write down everything what we took with us(down to a type and name of your watch) and had a small amount of money we could have with us.Meaning was that should we get lucky and bought something better or even worse something from the west😅we would be able to take it with us.
      Well it was an interesting and vert confusing time especially after the revolution and the culture shock after.
      It's so strange to see Lenin everywhere in this video.Hope you enjoy my comment

  • Life Of Riza
    Life Of Riza Year ago +38

    the production of this was INSANE. from the cinematography, storytelling, music, I was hooked. so glad to see you guys uploading more frequently and sharing these adventures 🙏🏼

  • Zach Gollwitzer
    Zach Gollwitzer Year ago +7

    I mean at this point these videos are better than most documentaries. Cinematography, sound effects, storyline. Great job guys.

  • Art Kolesnikov
    Art Kolesnikov Year ago +5

    wow, how good are your editors and cameramen?? such high quality content

  • Coenie Ackermann
    Coenie Ackermann Year ago +17

    As a filmmaker, I aspire to have my cinematic shots look this good. Amazing work in capturing the desolation. Amazing video as usual guys! Simply in awe

  • Andreas Hem
    Andreas Hem Year ago +1965

    This was so much fun! Thanks for always bringing me to the harshest environments in the world :)

  • Gavin Reardon
    Gavin Reardon Year ago +4

    The video production gets better every week! Feels like I am watching a short documentary 🔥

  • DynastySheep
    DynastySheep Year ago +17

    Second time I'm watching a video of this type from you (first one being Transnistria) and I got to say that the production quality is insane, the music, the shots.. I'm more hooked than anything else you throw at me. Love these type of explorations where I learn the weirdest and mysterious corners of the world.

  • Abhishek Agarwal
    Abhishek Agarwal 5 months ago +7

    It's almost unbelievable looking at the kind of content these guys are creating. I had to remind myself that it's a Clip-Share video and not a hollywood movie

  • Brittney Lao
    Brittney Lao Year ago +3

    I’ve been watching you guys for years now and I swear your videos have started becoming literal cinematic masterpieces. I felt like I was watching a high budget documentary or movie. Amazing work guys! Keep it up ♥️

    DRIEL Year ago +7

    The nostalgic feeling, the cinematography, the adventure and the cameraman is remarkable. Keep moving forward brothers!

  • Aiza Farhan
    Aiza Farhan Year ago +542

    The level and quality of your videos is just getting even better day by day! Love this new wave of videos, this regular dose of seeking discomfort is so essential! May you guys continue to explore such rare places and live life to the fullest; Insha Allah!

    • Rida Tariq
      Rida Tariq Year ago

      @Aiza Farhan ♥️♥️♥️

    • Aiza Farhan
      Aiza Farhan Year ago +2

      @Rida Tariq yesss

    • Aiza Farhan
      Aiza Farhan Year ago +2

      @Rida Tariq omg rida i have cried so many times with you, but i swear this is the first time i cried so much! Not just because of our journey and our evolution, but because i know how difficult writing this was for you. I know how much courage it took you to press that post button because how much you hate sharing personal journey and being vulnerable. This for me is your biggest leap in seeking discomfort! Thank you so much yes theory for connecting us in a way we never thought we could, and i can only begin to imagine how many more friendships you would have evolved and formed. May Allah give you great reward for this♥️

    • Rida Tariq
      Rida Tariq Year ago +2

      Guys, let me just tell you. We are best friends of 10 years and have been together since grade 2. I introduced her to yes theory in the summer of 2020 when the pandemic was on its peak. Not exaggerating here, your videos saved my life during that dark period of my life when I was spiralling downwards. You gave me a new perspective and thanks to you all today, I am the person the Rida in 2020 had not even thought in her wildest dreams she would be, so thank you so much. Furthermore, you helped me find my self and my best friend again as having a perspective shift turned our friendship from a kind of toxic one to such a beautiful and intimate one, so thank you so much 😭😭
      May God bless all of you ❤️
      I pray to God for you all in every salat front he bottom of my heart
      We love you and please come to Pakistan soon ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • Rida Tariq
      Rida Tariq Year ago +2


  • Jason Lenentine
    Jason Lenentine Year ago +8

    thank you guys for making this. Seriously, the cinematography is amazing and i am mindblown on the production quality. 10/10.

  • Tai Nguyen
    Tai Nguyen Year ago +7

    What an experience and a journey you guys just took us through once again…. Thank you so much for your hard works and dedications

  • mal ka
    mal ka 2 months ago

    Man the "fire is still burning in the mines" reminds me of the story of a US where something similar happened. It's scary just how long fire can last 😭

    CGULL Year ago

    there is something so cool about ghost towns you can't really explain, so weird thinking how a whole population can leave an entire town/memories behind

  • Steven Madewell
    Steven Madewell Year ago +2

    Wow! This is as close to an intact Soviet time capsule as you are likely to find. Amazing job! Thank you for creating and documenting this piece of history.

  • Vaughan Cavan
    Vaughan Cavan Year ago +251

    Yes theory has to be one of if not the best youtube channels. And as a plus they don't clickbait!

    • G. Belanger
      G. Belanger 4 months ago +1

      It says in the title that the ghost town is on the North Pole. The physical North Pole is in the middle of the Arctic ocean, and the geomagnetic north pole is nowhere near Svalbard. That’s pretty click-baity imo…

    • Sangay Sasuki
      Sangay Sasuki Year ago +1

      Yeah for sure

    • Dan Sealey
      Dan Sealey Year ago +6

      If they don't include the location in the title or description, then there is still some degree of clickbait. Still great content nonetheless.

  • Craftop
    Craftop Year ago +35

    Again; wow! Been to Pyramiden myself, what an incredible place full of history and stories. Especially the swimming pool and sports hall (an old basketball was still laying around) were impressive! Thanks for bringing me back there!

    • Craftop
      Craftop Year ago +2

      @No No I was in Longyearbyen for a couple of weeks for my studies. During my stay, I got the opportunity to go and visit Pyramiden!

    • No No
      No No Year ago +5

      What did u go there for? How?

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 4 months ago

    I wouldnt have expected the inside of the building to have so much character the architecture is cool

  • Jerod Hamlet
    Jerod Hamlet 8 months ago +3

    Gosh I love the experience that feeling that you guys are feeling when you're walking through that

  • TdescartesT
    TdescartesT Year ago +13

    The moment when thomas said "and the clock literally frozen in time" made me laugh , yea it ran out of battery man that happens with 50 years old clocks . Nice adventure guys hope to see more travel vlogs with ammar's new passport , love you guys !

  • High Rise Media
    High Rise Media 3 months ago

    I really love your directing and high quality cameras and all those HD drone shots really make me hit the floor. This is really professional grade documentary work you're doing! I love the way you capture the beauty, history, and mystery of these far out desolate places.

  • Aiden Davorin
    Aiden Davorin Year ago +238

    The school, the drawings, everything. It’s all frozen in such a dark time. Absolutely mind blowing.

  • Zak houle
    Zak houle Year ago +8

    love you guys, one of the things on my bucket list for sure to hopefully one day go on a random trip at the last minute with you guys im constantly checking for new videos from you guys, love it love it keep it up guys!!

  • Brock Clark
    Brock Clark Year ago +1

    As interesting as these frozen in time town videos are, I kinda miss the ones where you guys go to small or interesting country’s and meet people and experience the cultures

  • OnTheRiver66
    OnTheRiver66 3 months ago +30

    There was a science fiction movie filmed on this island showing the inside of the buildings. The boat you were on also played a big part in the movie. I cannot remember the name of the movie, but it was only 2 or 3 years ago. I cannot believe no one mentioned it in the comments. Or maybe it was mentioned, I did not read all of the almost 3000 comments. Yes, there was one - the movie was said to be Arctic Void.

  • Naveah Queen
    Naveah Queen Year ago +3

    These videos are so amazing I’m so glad I’ve watched you guys from your backyard videos and now doing mini documentaries ❤️

  • Soman Yadav
    Soman Yadav Year ago +14

    It's so strange to find out how inanimate objects tell their story

  • juckt_mich_nich
    juckt_mich_nich Year ago +188

    its crazy how big the world actually is. if you think of places you can go the typical answers are paris, usa, germany, turkey, italy, maybe even russia but you never think of places like these. and there are many many more places like that, that are just not yet discovered or already forgotten

    • Bodi Games
      Bodi Games Year ago +3

      Uhm many people are aware of Longyearbyen….
      It’s fking Norwegian and the world sperm bank is there as well just as other things.

    • Christian Rucinski
      Christian Rucinski Year ago

      @rattled i think that zone(svalbard) is actually visa free

    • TW
      TW Year ago +14

      @rattled for most people it's not about the visa, but about the money

    • rattled
      rattled Year ago +7

      if only we could roam without visa and whatnot

  • Lilly LOL
    Lilly LOL Year ago +6

    You guys should come to New Zealand! We have so many unique plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. The nature is also so beautiful!

    • friendly neighborhood twice stan
      friendly neighborhood twice stan 3 months ago +1

      Yes! From the depths of fiordland to the nightlife on Cuba street, NZ is one of the most diverse places in terms of culture, religion and nature.

  • ShamblerDK
    ShamblerDK 5 months ago +2

    I can't imagine the money, effort and willpower this has taken to make.

  • Ysabella Perez
    Ysabella Perez Year ago +3

    Unique content presented with great cinematography ! Ya’ll keep it coming! Thank you

  • Carla Robles
    Carla Robles Year ago +1

    It’ll be cool if they were to find people who used to live in these abandoned places just to gain more background information

  • Karen Shlemkevich
    Karen Shlemkevich Year ago +2

    I really enjoy the history behind the sites you visit. Thank you for doing the research and adding that in!

  • Daria Postnova
    Daria Postnova Year ago +29

    I had a fun time guiding you around Pyramiden guys. Thank you for visiting and come back for more adventures x

  • Raven Wild
    Raven Wild 11 months ago +1

    Love seeing things like this. One thing that could elevate it is if you found and interviewed people who lived there in its operational days. Thank you for illuminating us on our world.

  • Stanley Choi
    Stanley Choi Year ago +2

    You guys pick the best background music. The isolation, the eeriness it’s absolutely insane! Thank you for making these awesome videos for us!!

  • Phos4us
    Phos4us Year ago +4

    Absolutely amazing! The cinematography and the scenery.

  • KidWanderer07
    KidWanderer07 Year ago +2

    man, im thinking, since i could never go there because its just so eerie and weird.. these guys are doing it for us ! they need all the support they need

    • Sam's Russian Adventures
      Sam's Russian Adventures Year ago

      It's remarkable just how they made use of the terrifying music with the cinematography and also the repeated talk of remoteness and also risk has actually transformed this video right into a movie. I viewed one more video on this town and it seemed entirely different. These people are extremely gifted.

  • Hans Shell
    Hans Shell 4 months ago +1

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