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Sapphire & Spider | House of the Dragon Theory


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  • James Lockwood
    James Lockwood 3 months ago +2571

    I like how Alicent talks down to and judges Rhaenyra for her family’s queer customs only to just fall in line with the rest of them and allow her kids to marry each other. 😆

    • Stefano Ciapparelli
      Stefano Ciapparelli 16 days ago

      @Liam Gavsysorry for hurting you

    • Liam Gavsy
      Liam Gavsy 17 days ago

      @Stefano Ciapparelli Says the chump that came out of a slut

    • Stefano Ciapparelli
      Stefano Ciapparelli 17 days ago

      @Liam Gavsy you sound like a hoe tbh

    • Liam Gavsy
      Liam Gavsy 17 days ago

      @Stefano Ciapparelli She can fuck who she wants. Does not make her a hoe. Alicent is just jealous she can't do that and projects that on Rhaenyra. Grow some braincells.

    • Stefano Ciapparelli
      Stefano Ciapparelli 17 days ago

      Raenyra gets judged for being a hoe

  • Robert Bosfield
    Robert Bosfield 3 months ago +930

    Why does no one consider Aegon the beast beneath the boards. He was found under the floor boards only to be sat upon the throne and become a crazed man…right?

    • lithara
      lithara Month ago +1

      It seems like the show is going another way or they wanted to throw people off by having Rhaenys literally break out on her dragon to distract from who the real beast is.

    • tosheayna renne
      tosheayna renne Month ago +1

      Dont research it further or youll be spoiled but the beast beneath the boards means blood and cheese.

    • Amber McDonald
      Amber McDonald 2 months ago +1

      Aegon was found under floorboards? I thought it was under a stone platform of sorts?
      I don't think it was referring to Aegon, or to Rhaenys/Melees.
      I'm wondering if maybe it's Larys Strong, there's a theory that he's a greenseer / warg (he has blood of the first men), and has been warging into rats in the red keep to spy on its inhabitants. I think he's a strong (no pun intended) candidate for the beast beneath the boards. He may have literally been spying on the family at their last dinner when Helaena said this.

    • Dani Helton
      Dani Helton 2 months ago +6

      Would explain why helaena can’t stand her mother’s touch…if Helaena knows what’s coming she knows it was her mothers doing by insisting Aegon take the throne…

    • STargaryan
      STargaryan 2 months ago

      He don'rmt get to rule though..in this coming war he die

  • Megfreakx3
    Megfreakx3 3 months ago +2085

    What if Helena’s kids are really Aemond’s. If so then “A son for a son” is really gonna hit different

    • Frank van Dorp
      Frank van Dorp Month ago

      @Megfreakx3 I would hate it if they had Daemon survive. He is perhaps the most evil person in the entire series, he shouldn't get away with everything he did.

    • TheGodEmperor’sPancreas
      TheGodEmperor’sPancreas 2 months ago

      @Megfreakx3 I think he may have left with nettles tbh. It’s the only reason he’d stop the fighting in his end. For a new life.

    • devorahacts
      devorahacts 2 months ago +2

      @Lisa S I think Aemond's interested in women he can trust. So he has to have an emotional interest in order to develop a physical one.

    • jet44444
      jet44444 2 months ago

      I think we’ll find out in season 2 how Heleanas children are Aemonds. I think lady Mysaria already knows and that’s why they do a son for a son, she wants revenge for the attempt on her life too.

    • Justin
      Justin 2 months ago +1

      @Megfreakx3 Yeah its clearly stated that his corpse was never located. Not sure why this would be mentioned other than to suggest that he lives. The fact that he is the author's favorite character kinda helps too.

  • joythornz
    joythornz 3 months ago +1178

    You could also see how Aegon stared at Aemond when Jace and Helaena were dancing as if Aegon is more concerned how Aemond is taking it.

    • Miles Lantto
      Miles Lantto Month ago

      @С В Correct, it was written by a maester of the Citadel named Gyldayn

    • С В
      С В Month ago +1

      @MIM но книга написана от лица людей , которые знали лишь то, что им позволяли знать. Я имею в виду, что никто ведь не знает, что там происходило на самом деле, верно? Я хочу сказать, что сценаристы могут сделать любовную линию между Эймондом и Хелейной, чтобы история была ещё более драматичной. Сценаристы могут рассказать нам историю, которая как бы случилась на самом деле

    • Lauryl Nguyen
      Lauryl Nguyen 2 months ago +15

      Another Clip-Sharer pointed out that he happened to lose his temper and make the toast after a roasted pig was planted in front of him (referring to "the pink dread" given to him in an earlier episode). Both are good possibilities, or maybe both together are what set him off

    • MIM
      MIM 2 months ago +32

      I think people are reading into it, it’s not even hinted in the books they had this sort of secret love.
      Aemond and Aegon look is because Aemond is judging him like “you p** your the heir to the iron throne and your gonna let our house be disrespected like this!?”
      It’s the same reason Aemond stands up and eyes Jace, out of defense for Aegon. Aemond is very loyal to his house and his family and most of all honor (for his house name). He doesn’t take anyone making a fool out of them.

    • Jihad Khan
      Jihad Khan 3 months ago +12

      No . He was probably unwilling to do something himself

  • leopoldo villanueva
    leopoldo villanueva 3 months ago +555

    I seriously don’t think Aemond has anything going on with Helaena. I think his statement to Aegon at Laena’s funeral, when Aegon was saying that he didn’t want to marry his sister cause she’s weird, was taken out of context. All he said was, I would do my duty. I take it more as he’d do it because that’s what’s expected of him if he were to be a king. Also, Aemond didn’t flip out at the dinner because Halaena was dancing with Jace. He flipped out cause Luke was laughing at him when they put the roasted pig in front of Aemond.

    • Gaby Green
      Gaby Green Month ago

      Exactly what I thought!

    • leopoldo villanueva
      leopoldo villanueva Month ago

      @Frank van Dorp yeah. Aemond values his family alot more than Aegon.

    • Frank van Dorp
      Frank van Dorp Month ago +2

      Aemond had no reason to flip out when Jace danced with Helaena, because Jace clearly meant it as a slight towards Aegon, by treating his wife better than Aegon himself did. However, Aemond probably treats Helaena very well already, so the slight simply doesn't work against him.

    • leopoldo villanueva
      leopoldo villanueva Month ago

      @PKziggy just because I don’t believe or agree with the theory, doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy hearing the theories and even more people giving their reasoning as to why they believe said theories. Imagine a world where you only watched what you believe in and agree with??? That would be lame.

    • leopoldo villanueva
      leopoldo villanueva 2 months ago

      @Chingiz Zhylkybayev I get what you’re saying. But “if only” is not what he actually said. He said, “I would perform my duty, if mom had only betrothed us”. If he was longing for Helaena I doubt he would view it as a “duty”. Dude.

  • Marnette Ryes
    Marnette Ryes 3 months ago +467

    I’ve seen people point out that when Jace and Helaena are dancing, if you look in the background, you can see Aemond staring at them, this parallels Daemon watching Rhaenyra dance with Laenor and Harwin at her wedding - a Targaryen prince watching a Targaryen princess dance with a Valaryon prince and a Strong boy. I think Aemond x Helaena would be an interesting foil to Daemon x Rhaenyra, D&R flout all convention to be together, while A&H love each other behind closed doors.

    • TR M
      TR M 28 days ago

      @Skye Groome Agree. Folks are imagining context and events that aren't there, not in books or on the show. Aegon & Aemond HATE Jace, and the feeling is mutual. Jace dances with Helaena to provoke them; by watching without reacting they are denying Jace any satisfaction for pulling this stunt.

    • Skye Groome
      Skye Groome 3 months ago +12

      I think it has more to do with aemond viewing rhaenyra and her family as the enemy than him having feelings/interest in his sister. More needs to happen before we can make that judgement.

    • Fabianne Deacon
      Fabianne Deacon 3 months ago +26

      Now, this is an interesting idea. Aemond IS supposed to be Daemon's mirror image.

    • Alejandra
      Alejandra 3 months ago +3

      it feels a little derivative, if that is the motivation for duch change from the book.

    • Marimar Zep
      Marimar Zep 3 months ago +53

      Aemond literally had to move his chair at some point to stare at them that way 😅

  • Marina
    Marina 3 months ago +192

    I think Aemond is too self righteous to have an extra marital romantic relationship with his sister, but I do think they love each other a lot and they must spend a lot of time together. Maybe because they are both introverts, they bonded and are each others safe place, which is very cute. I love both characters a lot, they are my two favorites from the greens side =)

    • Cavpal
      Cavpal 2 months ago +3

      @Lutzifalilia why cry about it?

    • Karine Lemaire
      Karine Lemaire 2 months ago +2

      @LutzifaliliaI mean... anyone can be cute in certain situations... even monsters... *pats*

    • 𝑨𝒛𝒖𝒓𝒆 🧿
      𝑨𝒛𝒖𝒓𝒆 🧿 2 months ago

      @Lutzifalilia Lucerys deserved that

    • pysau
      pysau 2 months ago +4

      @Lutzifalilia yes he is actually 🤗🥰

    • Buzzare
      Buzzare 2 months ago +12

      @Lutzifalilia it was Luke who cut out his eye not Jace.

  • Vadalia
    Vadalia 3 months ago +367

    Helaena chose Maelor because he was so young that he wouldn't know what was going on & wouldn't see the death coming. That was part of the cruelty of B&C killing the opposite child- not only was Jaehaerys old enough to know his death was coming & no doubt be terrified by it but Maelor, when he was old enough to understand, would also know that he was his mother's choice to die.

  • mellowenglishgal
    mellowenglishgal 3 months ago +140

    I think Aemond and Helaena would definitely be better suited to rule, and I think Helaena is Aemond's one solace. I think he will really go through the emotional wringer over B&C regardless of whether theories are correct. I want to say Aemond fathered Helaena's children but I also think Aemond, at this point, thinks too highly of his own sense of morality/duty to do anything like that - especially as he's grown up with Alicent's vitriol about Rhaenyra's own bastards and even perpetuates it himself.

    • Kat m
      Kat m 3 months ago +4

      @Bla Bla they are still Valyrian, partially on rhaenyra’s side. Just like the greens being partially Valyrian themselves, given only their father was one

    • Bla Bla
      Bla Bla 3 months ago +6

      If he fathered Halenas children it wouldn't be obvious, because obviously Aegonn and Aemond are brothers. Plus they would still be 'pure' blood. It wouldn't be the same level of consequences as R's bastards, who are blatantly not Valyrian.

  • Cloudsofsand
    Cloudsofsand 3 months ago +208

    Did everyone not notice they placed a pig in front of Aemond and Luke started to laugh due to when they gave him a pig as a kid and THAT'S why he got mad?

    • Crayola Clouds
      Crayola Clouds 27 days ago

      @Arnab Biswas Luc just laughed at an old memory, and was eaten for it? Not the same thing. Aemond lost his eye because he tried to kill one of the boys. Greens are usurpers and the only one innocent is Helaena.

    • Zette Mueller
      Zette Mueller 2 months ago +1

      Oh we all noticed. Get real!!

    • aaayyygender
      aaayyygender 2 months ago

      Nope, no one noticed but you!

    • Jess Fawkes
      Jess Fawkes 2 months ago

      Yeah that’s y I thought he got angry too. Not cos of Helena dancing

    • Arnab Biswas
      Arnab Biswas 3 months ago +3

      @Fz no they don't. Aegon becomes the king. He ends it by naming Daemon's son as heir.

  • Davis J
    Davis J 3 months ago +169

    I disagree entirely with your take on Helaena looking away because of Meleys’s impending arrival. She is literally staring at Aegon up until the crown is on his head. then she never looks at him again other than the mandatory curtsy. highly believe she is seeing Aegon morph into a monster and is repulsed by it

  • Brian
    Brian 3 months ago +80

    7:36 I think it's a bit presumptuous to say she was dressed in "sapphire blue." While she is dressed in blue, it's much closer to turquoise. I would think that sapphire would be deeper, think a royal blue. Her clothes have far to much green hue to be described as "sapphire."

    • Lady Asriel
      Lady Asriel 2 months ago +2

      Yeah someone is colourblind if they think that’s sapphire blue…. It’s interesting enough she isn’t wearing house colours without taking leaps of imagination that require make believe.

    • Z0MBINA
      Z0MBINA 3 months ago +21

      I laughed so hard when she said "head to toe in Sapphire blue". That is a huge stretch calling that Sapphire.

  • AK Watch
    AK Watch 3 months ago +129

    I ship Helaena with happiness, life, and proper dreamer training; whatever that might be. Good theory. I def also think Aemond and Helaena are mirrors of Narys and Aemon. There's so much good lore for all of these characters.

    • Fey Fire
      Fey Fire  3 months ago +3

      Thank you for watching, my friend! 🐲🔥 Helaena deserves the world 😌

  • Maggy Frog
    Maggy Frog 3 months ago +263

    has anyone noticed that most of halaena's dresses are yellow / gold like the ones that young rhaenyra used to wear? i think she wore green maybe once this entire season, but for the most part, she dressed like young rhaenyra

    • Gaby Green
      Gaby Green Month ago +1

      I think it implied that she's actually neutral. She doesn't hate Rhaenyra and her children as the rest of the Green bcs if anything happen, Rhae will not going to kill her. She's not even a threat to her claim.

    • Gina-Marie Carr
      Gina-Marie Carr 2 months ago +6

      Exactly she knew the war that was coming so she wears whatever colors she wants to stay out of it and unfortunately suffers the most as an innocent who didn't do anything wrong to anyone as she just keeps to herself muttering prophesies

    • TIAH
      TIAH 3 months ago +30

      Definitely she stated very early one she wants no part in the Hightowers shenigans

  • netherworlde
    netherworlde 3 months ago +25

    I do believe Aemond loves Helena, but not romantically. Aemond knows how screwed up his family is and Helena is the only one pure of heart. That's something worth protecting. Plus, everyone underestimates her intelligence and abilities, much like Aemond was laughed at because he had no dragon. That's a cause for kinship between them. For all of Aemond's callousness, he possesses a depth of feeling few people understand because he is (mostly) in control his emotions. He's not stupid enough to become romantically involved with Helena even if he were to feel that way. He does what duty requires of him.
    I do hope we see more of them interacting in the future but I doubt it will go where you suggest. To me, it just seems out of character.

  • sobeitmylove42
    sobeitmylove42 3 months ago +179

    At least I'm not alone in thinking this and shipping these two! I also think Helena's twins might be by Aemond, seeing as there's a theory one of the children say his name when Alicent calls out "father" to Otto. It also makes me wonder if it may contribute to one of the factors leading to Helena's suicide, seeing as Aemond is killed not too long before then. It's all really sad, regardless, but I enjoy the special bond they share, even as siblings.

    • Kira V
      Kira V Month ago

      I seriously think that people do not give enough importance to the opening intro, because if they did that they would see that in episode 10 Helaena's bloodline joins Aegon's for the blodlines of their 3 children just as Rhaenyra's bloodline joins Harwin's for the blodlines of Jace, Luke, and Joffrey

    • mellowenglishgal
      mellowenglishgal 3 months ago +22

      @Ellen Gio It could be that Helaena is touch-averse and Alicent keeps trying to physically comfort her. But there's also the fact that Helaena flinches at any sign of violence, especially when Alicent strikes Aegon for failing to protect Aemond. She's grown up with watching Alicent being physically violent and verbally abusive toward her brothers: Alicent takes it out on her sons when she's under a lot of pressure. So she would be wary of Alicent's touch.

    • Persephone Personified
      Persephone Personified 3 months ago +29

      @Ellen Gio because Alicent is a terrible mother who’s making TERRIBLE DECISIONS that will eventually destroy the entire family. . She has probably already had visions of it.

    • Ellen Gio
      Ellen Gio 3 months ago +6

      Why does Heleana seem to hate Alicent ? Can you guys give me an idea why ? I have read GOT but not the prequel..

    • TXbornTNpaid
      TXbornTNpaid 3 months ago +12

      Aemonds death happens after her death. But him choosing to be with Alyce Rivers at herranhal coupled with the fact she lost her 1st born son, and left with a son who knows his mom chose him to die.

  • lodovico
    lodovico 2 months ago +13

    Aemond didn't lose his temper at dinner because they were dancing it was Luke snickering at a stuffed / roasted pig placed near Aemond

  • Arielle P
    Arielle P 3 months ago +71

    I think this video is excellent, I personally 100% believe the theory that Helaena and Aemond are .. deeply involved. I think it makes sense, and I think it makes even more sense that Daemon would kill one of Helaena's children because they were really Aemond's children.

    • Fey Fire
      Fey Fire  3 months ago +3

      Thank you very much! 💎🕸️

  • Sea Star
    Sea Star 3 months ago +77

    I thought that Haelena and Jace would have been a good couple if they had married. It would have kept the war from starting too. But "roads not traveled"

  • June Dawn
    June Dawn Month ago +8

    Helaena and Aemond are easily my favorite of the Hightower kids.

  • Jessie Swaby
    Jessie Swaby 3 months ago +91

    If Helaena’s children with Aegon are actually Aemond’s. Then "A son for a son" will literally turn Aemond into a monster., if this is true.

  • zionlion99
    zionlion99 3 months ago +28

    At this point, Aemond MUST know that his sister has dragon dreams. Alicent and Aegon just think she's weird. There's also a scene where he tells Cole all the reasons why he should be king and stops himself mid-sentence. Maybe he wanted to say: "It is I who should have married my sister".

  • Jonathan L
    Jonathan L 3 months ago +36

    I think if this theory were true and played out on the show and Allicent were to find out the news that her own grandchildren- and the future heirs to the throne- were actually bastards. It would be very interesting to see her internal struggle and reaction towards the news. Especially considering her entire campaign to surplant Rhaenerya as heir to the intron throne rests entirely on the claim that her children are bastards. Allicent has always led by her convections and faith, so something like this would completely undermine her son’s claim to the throne.

  • DahLekKnight
    DahLekKnight 3 months ago +36

    I think Jacaerys and Helena would have been perfect for each other and the realm.
    A Hightower would have been wed to a Targaryen on the throne, and the peace might have continued.

  • Erin Jung
    Erin Jung 3 months ago +57

    I never considered their relationship to be so intimate, but it's interesting to speculate. Especially considering that, if Helaena's twins are actually Aemond's, then his attitude towards the Strong bastards is deliciously hypocritical lol

    • Fabianne Deacon
      Fabianne Deacon 3 months ago +2

      @Alejandra Barahona I was definitely going to say that's a real Hightower trait right there.

    • Alejandra Barahona
      Alejandra Barahona 3 months ago +6

      well, the greens are hypocrites 🤭

    • Bobby Big Potatoes
      Bobby Big Potatoes 3 months ago +24

      I don't think he really cares they are bastards, he just uses it as an insult because he hates them

  • resting sad face
    resting sad face Month ago +5

    agreed, Haelana is the bees knees. she’s the ‘weird girl’ representation we needed in this mediaeval fantasy!

  • Kyle Father to bears
    Kyle Father to bears 3 months ago +42

    I think Ryan condal put a lot of thought and care into this show and you might be onto something about the directing decisions with Helena. But about aemond I think he would be another maegor the cruel as daemon is described. His decisions would all be based on vengeance, not justice.

    • Sara Islam
      Sara Islam 3 months ago +1

      GRRM did it. Ryan is just copy pasting with little story to make.

    • Callie xoxo
      Callie xoxo 3 months ago +3

      I could definitely see that as well

  • Niamh Coffey
    Niamh Coffey 2 months ago +8

    Once you realize Helaena's a dreamer, if you go back and rewatch the episodes with infant Helaena, you notice that she's always crying, and not typical baby fussing. She sounds like she's constantly screaming in horror, it's chilling.

  • Marcy C
    Marcy C 3 months ago +2

    I love the effort, detail and how well this was put together. Great work! But I disagree with the entire theory.

  • Nevaeh Aho
    Nevaeh Aho 2 months ago +1

    While I love this theory, I personally disagree with the interpretation of Helaena’s coronation dress relating her to Aemond. That’s not sapphire blue. Sapphire blue is much richer and deeper. Helaena is wearing pale blue, which is exactly the color of her dragon Dreamfyre.

  • George Neil
    George Neil 3 months ago +7

    We quickly forget how Aemond was made fun of as a child.
    He's only teasing the strongs
    I like Aemond...

  • Arturo Herrera
    Arturo Herrera 3 months ago +58

    When Aemond enters as Alicent and Helaena are talking (after Alicent is interrupted by Helaena when trying to convey the news about the King's death) I don't think Aemond went to comfort Helaena, as you mention. After all, no one was supposed to know and Alicent was JUST about to tell Helaena in the first place. So what was Aemond doing visiting? Why did Helaena look a bit conflicted when she sees him (as though the internal monologue is "oh woops, how do we explain you coming to my chambers like this, this is awkward")? So I think there definitely may be something there for that reason. Great video. Thank you!

    • Jose Hill
      Jose Hill Month ago +2

      @BeeBee Birdnah…that was an entrance that was a little bit too familiar. Heleana’s face immediately changed as soon as she saw him.

    • Arturo Herrera
      Arturo Herrera 3 months ago +3

      @BeeBee Bird this is true lol. I kinda love the small details like these are missing cause we can speculate 😜

    • BeeBee Bird
      BeeBee Bird 3 months ago +23

      Or Aemond asked “where is my mother” and was told, of screen, she’s in Helaena’s rooms.

  • Elesian Subs
    Elesian Subs 2 months ago +8

    Helena is a really interesting chracter when you dig into it, i how she's given more screentime in s2

  • Daojyn
    Daojyn 2 months ago +2

    Interesting, but seems a bit far fetched to me, there are definitely closer to each other than any of them is to Aegon but not that hard considering how Aegon is. For me, it's Luke laughing at the pig that started the fight at the dinner not the dance, why he'd be mad at his sister dancing and be genuinely happy if he care about her, jealousy?
    In the scenes in the chamber for me he was more doing this to prove himself to his mother because he knew she was there and for duty. I didn't really feel that bond between them, they feel like they are both kinda loner, and if anyone was close to any of them I would say it was Alicent. But the theory can be true, we should see.

  • Shay Janina
    Shay Janina 3 months ago +10

    I also love how the show is shaping Aemonds character, the context of why he's how he is, and more misunderstood. Definitely not canon, but I love it

    • Lutzifalilia
      Lutzifalilia 3 months ago +2

      Such a misunderstood murderer. Kekw.

    • Dee
      Dee 3 months ago +2

      I mean, is there a Canon at all, then? Mushroom and Eustace wouldn't know a damn thing about this, since they witnessed barely anything first hand (or in Mushroom's case, nothing at all)

  • Katykatchan 💟
    Katykatchan 💟 3 months ago +16

    I was kind of skeptical of this until the end of the video when one of the twins says "Aemond" after Alicent says "Father" Its like symbolic in a way (if this theory is true) almost mirroring the connection/relationship.

    BBI-BBI-BBEAT-ITXD 3 months ago +5

    I'm interested in her relationship with her mother too. She literally recoils everytime Alicent touches her lol. I wonder what happened there. but in the books, tho its not really explored much, i didn't get the feeling that they weren't close. she took her kids to see their grandmother every night. i wonder why they change in the show? either way, i still love it. if it flows with the story, nothing wrong with a little rewriting here and there lol

  • Pendragonsx Skywalkers
    Pendragonsx Skywalkers 3 months ago +7

    One correction - TWO successfull pregnancies (as she had twins) 😅
    Overall I like this theory and I would find very interesting if Aemond and Helaena turned up to be lovers in s2!

  • Ana arias
    Ana arias 2 months ago +4

    this is already debunked by the opening credits. we see Aegon and Helaena's blood merge. theyre Aegon's kids.

  • Theia Moon
    Theia Moon 3 months ago +3

    So "boards" in a pre-industrial context refers to a dining table. "Above board" being the opposite to, "under the table". So to say something is "beneath the boards" is referring to something hidden in plain sight, something underhanded (underhanded being another reference to being under the board).

  • Skye Groome
    Skye Groome 3 months ago +5

    Aemond lost it in that scene when luc started snickering at him when the servents put the pig on the table, reminding aemond of how they had made fun of him as a kid for not having a dragon by giving him a pig with wings. I'm sure he wasn't happy that his sister was dancing with the "enemy" but thats not why he lost it and made that comment about the boys parentage.

  • Sky Ways
    Sky Ways 3 months ago +39

    As much as the Blood and Cheese situation was horrible I feel like what happens to Maelor is worse Jaherys at least had a quick death but poor Maelor was torn apart by the mob.

    • Lutzifalilia
      Lutzifalilia 3 months ago

      Very horrible, its like they had it coming after Aemmond literally KILLED Luke..!? Nah nah nah.

    • Aegon Breakspear
      Aegon Breakspear 3 months ago +10

      I hope in the show that was a ploy to hide Maelor and he survives and stays well away from regency.

  • Frank van Dorp
    Frank van Dorp Month ago +1

    I like this theory, and if it's true, I'm really hoping we get some scenes between Aemond and Helaena and his possible children. Show Aemond acting like a loving uncle/father to Jaehaerys, right before he gets killed by Blood and Cheese, that scene will be so much more impactful if we actually develop a bond with Aemond and his children. Just like how they gave Rhaenyra and Luke some sweet scenes in episode 10 to make the ending much more dramatic.
    One of the things that annoyed me about season 1 is that the blacks and greens both got their villainous moments, but only team black got heroic and/or sympathetic moments. Even the music seems biased, when Rhaenys murders hundreds of people to stick it to team green the music is triumphant, but when Aemond kills Luke and sticks it to team black the music is very different.
    The upcoming civil war is going to feel much more tragic if there are people we are attached to on both sides, while currently all the normies and the more simplistic book readers just cheer for team black and see team green as the baddies. I really hope they start working on fixing that in season 2.

  • Tracy S
    Tracy S 3 months ago +7

    I don't think Helena and Aemond would defy duty and the honor of their family by having sex and cuckolding Aegon, to be honest. Although I think Aemond sincerely cares about Helaena more than Aegon would ever...and based on the leak, the Lucerys's murder/death was not intentional on Aemond's side (I think he hated Lucerys enough to wish him death, but he logically knew to not 'pull the trigger' so to speak since it'd kill every possible diplomatic solution then, but every dragon is connected so wholly to their riders, so it's not a surprise Vhagar took the initiative to deliver the killing blow although Aemond said 'no'), so when Blood & Cheese happens later on, it will hit him harder. Not because the child in question belonged to him, but because Aemond probably blamed himself for failing to protect Helaena (plus the child)--who are his family-- and being the main cause of that incident.

  • Cristina Melgar
    Cristina Melgar 3 months ago +2

    The three eggs were laid and stolen way before Helaena was alive. It happened while Dreamfyre was bonded to another Targaryen queen so this cannot be attributed to Helaena at all.

  • trogdorthe8th
    trogdorthe8th 3 months ago +3

    One of the other messed up aspects of Blood and Cheese is that even though Maelor is the youngest, he can still somewhat understand what's going on. To twist the knife further into poor Helaena, they mock the child and sneer that his own mother wanted him to die and not her other children. That sticks with her so horribly that she can't even look at her child again. I can't imagine how difficult that scene will be to film, I'm sure they'll need counseling of some sort after such a horrific event, even if it is for a show.

  • Ray 〈3
    Ray 〈3 2 months ago +2

    How could daemond be trying for three heads of the dragon when apparently he knows very little if anything about the prophecy. That’s what was suggested in the conversation he had with rhaenyra wasn’t it?

  • Asvaria _
    Asvaria _ 2 months ago +4

    Yes yes, shipping stuff came back to life, we know that. Helaena didn’t choose Maegor because who his father was but because he was the youngest. And her dress wasn’t sapphire: it’s deep and intense blue color, her dress was pale.
    How could Aemond come to Helaena to comfort her if nobody except Alicent, Otto and that servant that was in cell knew about the death of Viserys? It doesn’t make any sense.
    We’ll see how it will go when Alyss Rivers will show up.

    • С В
      С В Month ago

      So why did he come to her if he didn't know anything?

  • Sara Reyes
    Sara Reyes 3 months ago +15

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one that's sensed something like this. Was worried the show had messed me up and I was just seeing incest all over the show.

  • BeeBee Bird
    BeeBee Bird 3 months ago +17

    Dreamfryer laid Danny’s eggs 100 years before Healana was born. That Healana is the mother of dragons is even more of a leap than Aemond and Healana.

  • Regenmacher175
    Regenmacher175 3 months ago +5

    Aemond gave that toast to Luke and Jace at the dinner because Luke smiled at the idea of the pig being brought in for the feast, which Aemond associated with Luke still laughing at him over the prank of the Pink Dread.

  • A Kelly
    A Kelly 3 months ago +3

    I am not looking forward to Aemon’s fate as I think he’s my favourite character in this.

  • John Hopkins
    John Hopkins 3 months ago +7

    I think the second time she talks about the beast beneath the boards, she is referring more to Blood and Cheese. She seems more upset which would make sense given how that plot will change her life forever.

    GØÐWIÑ 3 months ago +7

    Nice video, very entertaining, I found myself in agreement with most of it. That said, Helaena is not remotely close to a 'Mother of Dragons' moniker. She had nothing to do with her dragon's clutch of eggs. She doesn't interact, or even care for their existence seemingly, as we know her obsession is prophecy and oddities in life (aside from her true lover-brother). Daeny is given the title due to the fact that all these countless years removed from their start, Dreamfyre's eggs were dormant, near-dead, in a fossilized almost condition. Daeny acted on instinct and due to those actions, are the sole reason they were renewed with life and her babies sprang forth. Big difference. I am not the Father of Puppies because my dogs hooked up with their nether-regions and Helaena is not the Mother of Dragons because her dragon laid a few eggs.

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla 3 months ago +3

    As someone who only watched the show, I wish we'd seen Aegon and Halenas wedding. Iididn't understand they were married until watching this and didn't know who those twins were

  • PinkGrapefruit22
    PinkGrapefruit22 29 days ago +1

    My personal take is that Aegon IV/Naerys/Aemon the Dragonknight are red herrings who are meant to both hint at and distract attention from the real love triangle of Aegon II/Helaena/Aemond. Naerys and Aemon's supposed affair gets all of the attention in history, but I think the accusations of an affair were actually false. Naerys and Aemon didn't ever consummate their relationship, and Naerys' children were her husband's. But the suggestion that such a thing COULD have happened is there, and if you're paying close enough attention, you can follow the family tree up a couple of generations to see the real love affair. But Helaena and Aemond got away with it without anyone (publicly) suspecting. And as you said, it would make the choice between the two sons and the "a son for a son" punishment cut so much more deeply if one was Aemond's own child.

  • pinkiguana1
    pinkiguana1 Month ago

    I feel like "beast beneath the boards" refers more to Aegon hiding underground while they were looking for him.

  • Shawn Pretzel
    Shawn Pretzel 2 months ago

    I think it's interesting how the 7 kingdoms were always most prosperous and at peace when the targarians were in charge and unchallenged by the other people in the 7 kingdoms. The other houses in that world are like actual humans, greedy spiteful and evil. The targarians seem above that till they are corrupted by an outside house.

  • Elena Falgione
    Elena Falgione 3 months ago +4

    I love these two characters. Your theory definitely was convincing although if Jahaera and Jahaerys are supposed to be Aemond's do you think there would be lines coming off both Helaena and Aemond in the opening credits or are you thinking even the credits are unreliable?

    • mellowenglishgal
      mellowenglishgal 3 months ago +3

      They could be unreliable. If they're a "historical record" of a family tree, then they would follow the official line - that Helaena's children were fathered by her husband. Food for thought...

  • Gabi Radoi
    Gabi Radoi 3 months ago +4

    Aemond got angry and made the toast for the strong boys only when Luke smirked due the roasted pig that was set on the table, in front of Aemond, remindind him of the prank the pulled on him when the were kids "the pink dread"...the dance did not seam to bother him

  • Cyprus Eve
    Cyprus Eve 3 months ago +6

    At the dinner Aemond got mad when the cooked pig was placed on the table in front of him and Lucerys gave a little laugh recalling the pink dread. The pink dread was the "dragon" (pig with wings and a tail) presented to Aemond by his brother and cousins when they were children.

  • LC Mac👁️
    LC Mac👁️ 3 months ago +2

    Aegon wouldn't have allowed an affair to go down behind his back, so those twins are his.I think because Aemond has no children, it fell to one of Aegon &Helena's sons to be taken.🤔 Daemon wanted it to hurt the Greens badly, this was it.😒👎

  • MiaMariebythesea
    MiaMariebythesea 2 months ago

    Aemond would have been a good husband to Helena. He respects her and her position. But I believe that her children are gathered by Aegon. Aemond is a villain but he dies have honor to his house.

  • OceanCat04
    OceanCat04 3 months ago +11

    I freaking love how Aemonds fear of Daemon.

  • Shade
    Shade 3 months ago +9

    Awesome vid girl. I didn't notice Haelena wasn't looking! What is the beast beneath the boards? Ah. You think it was Meleys. I've heard Blood and Cheese. Even Aegon hiding. I can't believe season already over!! It was so much better than I was expecting. Aegon is a hot mess. That toast was funny. And a bit sad. Ought to be a great finale. Take care. Ttys🖤🐉🎃😘😍 Could the spider be connected to Larys?🤷

    • Shade
      Shade 3 months ago +2

      @Fey Fire 🐉👍🕷️OH MY😁 I decided to listen to Dunk and Egg. I think only time was for stream and that was lots of research, so I'm just enjoying. I am on the Sworn Sword with Lady Webber and her spiders 😁🕷️

    • Fey Fire
      Fey Fire  3 months ago +5

      Spiders, fireflies, and wyrms... Oh my!! 🕸️

  • VaDeR173
    VaDeR173 3 months ago +14

    To me it seems that helaena fears aemond. I think he's the beast beneath the boards. Both the times she said that aemond Was there. But we will see might have to wait till season 2.

    • Fey Fire
      Fey Fire  3 months ago +3

      Oooh very interesting 🤔

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart 3 months ago

    I LOVE this show, and my only regret is that I read it and know how it ends. And it’s GRRM to the core. There’s a reason the show is pushing ppl to one side.

  • Queen xx
    Queen xx 3 months ago +1

    Aemon and Nearys is another story it is said they loved each other but we still don't know if they had something more than sibling love
    about Aemond and Haelena I don't think it is true for a few reasons :
    1.Helena's blood don't mix with Aemond but Aegon and as you said yourself Maelor is not born yet so twins are his
    2.Haelena is dutiful person same with Aemond but he is also proud exception is Aegon that's why he is always scolded by Otto and Alicent never Aemond or Haelena.I don't think he would do this Haelena also.
    3.I think he protect her as his queen and sister same as he protected crown for Aegon when Lucerys wanted leave Storm's end
    4.He said I would perform my duty if only mum betrothed us but she never did right
    5.Son for a son is said by Daemon, Lucerys is also not his biological son so I interpret it like son from queen was taken not king's must be taken as revenge because he could be the one ordering to kill Lucerys for Aemond(we know it is not true) Daemon don't know this for sure but he don't care he just want revenge
    5.We had same story with Laenor Rhaenyra and Harwin it would be boring

  • Michele Ford
    Michele Ford Month ago

    what kind of bothers me is that in the book aemond has purple eyes and the jewel in his eye was a amethyst not a sapphire most of the targaryen's had varying hues of purple eyes until the late generations when they started lightening to blue or lavender. vaserys targaryen had blue eyes with lavender flecks and dany in the book had true purple eyes.

  • Valeryon
    Valeryon 3 months ago +11

    It's obvious the kids are from Aemond , not Aegon

  • Doug Sullivan
    Doug Sullivan 3 months ago +3

    Who would have ever thought that incestual brother and sister relationships would become so common in fiction and especially this world that the shock factor is completely gone and we just accept it as normal....like WTF

  • 크리스티나
    크리스티나 3 months ago +30

    it would be a messed up situation but I thought that maybe Aegon ordered Aemond to father an heir through Helaena, he didn't love Helaena so he might not have wanted to bed her so he ordered Aemond to do instead. It would have been an agreement for the three of them.
    Aemond would have his child as an heir to the iron throne and Aegon looks like he wouldn't care if his prince is his own or his brother's.
    that was just my theory.

    • mr man
      mr man 2 months ago

      They were born before he was crowned, and since he tried his best to not be crowned, I really doubt he would plan that far.

    • Dee
      Dee 3 months ago +4

      I think its possible, though I'm not sure order is the right word. Aegon wasn't king yet, and definitely had no authority whatsoever over Aemond at that point, at least.

    • LittleRavenMist
      LittleRavenMist 3 months ago +3

      It's actually sounds possible. Aegon really doesn't seemed to care about Helaena or the throne (unlike his brother). It will also be an interesting parallel to the blacks with Leanor-Rhaenyra-Strong thing

    • dewchamp
      dewchamp 3 months ago

      I don't see it. Aegon fucks any woman, why not do it with his wife too? And he wouldn't want trouble from his mum and grandpa. Ruling could be difficult for him, but fathering some kids? Not at all. And Aemond is too ideological to father bastards, even if he loves Helaena.

  • Erin B
    Erin B 2 months ago +1

    Aemond stood up to give the toast after Lucerys chuckled about the pig placed in front of him 🤨. He would've married Helaena because he saw it as "his duty" but I think this video is really reaching hard

  • Queen Caridad
    Queen Caridad Month ago +1

    It would be really interesting if the children were Aemon’s! I would not be surprised if it’s true!

  • Bonanzababe's Ponderosa Podcast

    Finally I found someone who made a video about my favorite theory! This was great! I do think the twins are his and it makes sense then that it is Aemond's child who is the price of Rhaenyra's. Another thing I noticed upon my most recent re-watch of ep 9 was how she doesn't want to be touched, but during the coronation scene, she's touching Aemond. I think she's whispering something to him at some point too. I cannot wait to see more scenes between them! You're right that he's the only one who takes her seriously as more than just someone who spouts nonsensical ravings. I would have been interested to see how he ruled. He seems to have only had anger toward one person and that person is gone now, though that wasn't his intention. He might have been good as a king, certainly better than Aegon.

  • Made-line 🎭
    Made-line 🎭 Month ago +1

    Yep, I'm down with Helaemond ❤️‍🔥

  • Laura Boiocchi
    Laura Boiocchi 2 months ago +10

    Fun fact: the casting call for Aemond that was leaked months ago on Reddit (along with all of the other characters) described him as in love with his sister and bitter that she was married to Aegon

    • Francesca Rossetti
      Francesca Rossetti 2 months ago +1

      Strange 🤷. SPOILER FROM THE BOOK: in the book Aemond is "romantically involved" with another girl who even gives him a son.

  • Patrish DelRosario
    Patrish DelRosario 2 months ago +6

    Other fans are quick to dismissed the possibility of Aemond and Helaena having an affair because it did not happen in Fire & Blood and by the end Aemond falls in love with Alys Rivers whom he got pregnant. But i would like to point out the similarity between Alys and the TV version Helaena. Book Alys had the ability to see visions on fires while TV Helaena is a dragon dreamer, she's able to see visions as well unlike her book counterpart, who was described as pretty normal not eccentric. Its hard to say if Alys Rivers would also be included in the show by the end but TV adaptations like to change some things in their book counterpart.
    Also, scenes like Aemond entering Helaena's chamber without warning makes it so hard to disregard or deny the speculations between them. The writers wrote the script on each scenes like there's something to be speculated with and I would like to point out that every dialogue or action in a scene had meaning, that's called good writing.
    I would like to point out my reasons for "assuming" or "speculating" why Aemond and Helaena have a secret "thing" going on.
    First: The dialogue exchanged between Aegon and Aemond about Helaena's bethrotal to Aegon. Aegon's words lets the viewers peek through his emotions about his sister. Meanwhile, There's Aemond's dialogue where he says, if he was bethroted to her, he would have gladly married her. Out of duty and it also might be out of fondness he felt for his sister. Aegon always bullies Aemond, this might have created resentment on his part. This would make him prefer his sister, creating a deeper bond amongst the three of them.
    The writer could have let Aemond say nothing on this scene. They could have let him agree with his brother's predicament because in Fire & Blood, Aegon and Aemond seem pretty close. But They didn't. They also changed Aegon's good relationship with Aemond compared from the books. Making it a bit toxic.
    Second: The character's actions being shown are a bit odd. Yeah they are siblings, they might care for each other like any other siblings normally would BUT they are Targaryens. Their family practices incest. A grown Aemond is seen standing between Helaena and Aegon during Rhaenyra's trial. They are married at this point, and as a married couple, they are required to be seen standing by each others side like social convention dictates they should. There's another scene during Aegon's coronation, as Aegon's wife Helaena should have been standing next to him as she at that moment, is also crowned as Queen to him and to the Realm. But she stays standing by over to the side, farther than what was expected. Aemond was the one who stood beside Helaena as she looks away from her newly appointed king-husband as he flamboyantly raised his sword as the crowd cheered on and on.
    What defines their closeness even more is when Aemond shields Helaena when Meleys broke free. He tilts his body to the side with his other arm extended slighty towards his sister-a protective gesture. Helaena reacts by affectionately touching his arm, a gesture of reassurement that she's not brought to panic by the situation.
    Yes they are brother and sister. And brothers do protect their sisters (old or young) But so is Aegon and Helaena. But we don't see Aegon rushing towards Helaena's side to protect her as a husband/brother normally would. Even Sir Cole shields the princess when Alicent ordered him. She knew that her daughter should be protected at that moment, by her brothers, by a kingsguard and especially by her husband.
    Third, Jaecerys and Helaena's dance. In the book, it was Aegon who took offense by Jace's gentlemanly gesture. In the show, yes Aegon looked quite in disbelief and insulted But it was Aemond's cold glare that takes the cake. As Helaena gave her hand to Jace, Aegon and Aemond switches glances towards each other. I think it was mostly about how far Jace dared to go that 'closely' to them by asking the sister of the uncles he had a bad history with. But its odd how as the camera rolled, we see Aemond's full attention is directed towards the dancing Jace and Helaena. His chair was angled towards their direction as he watched sternly from afar. This is what created his bad mood over to this scene, it was only when luke smiled at him sarcastically when a pig was served on the dinner table that Aemond completely snapped.
    Fourth, This scene. The writers's talent in HoT is so good that its making it hard not to SPECULATE. It's like Jon Snow's real parentage speculation all over again.
    When Alicent called out to Otto, she said "Father" At that moment, one of the child actor mumbles a name that sounded Aemond. (Of course, this part when the child actor mumbles something on the screen is PART OF THE SCRIPT. the directors wouldn't include it if it wasn't needed) BUT IT WAS SHOWN. It was NOT CUT out of the scene. There's a reason why that child mumbles something out of nowhere and it is IN THE SCRIPT.
    There's a catch though, the way the child mumbles this name is unclear. But the pronunciation is close to Aemond's name or Daemon or even Aegon. Not only that, After that child murmurs a name that sounds exactly the same with Aemond. AEMOND barges in suddenly without a warning in Helaena's chambers. He doesnt say anything but he glances weirdly at his sister and his mom. He could have said something in this scene like "What happened?" or "I saw grandfather distressed, is there something going on" or "Mother, I've been searching for you" that would indicate that he came barging in because his either curious of what was going on or if he was looking for Alicent. But no. HE DOESNT SAY A WORD, he just stares at Helaena and Alicent. Thus, his intentions of barging in his sisters chambers suddenly out of nowhere is unclear and WEIRD!
    the writers got the viewers thinking "What the fuck does that supposed to mean? is there something going on between those two?" etc.
    THE WAY THE ACTORS ACTED ON THAT SCENE IS PART OF THE SCRIPT and these actions, subtle or not, have a greater meaning. WHAT WERE THE WRITERS TRYING TO CONVEY?
    If it doesn't have a significant meaning to the story, then the writers shouldn't have wrote it like there's something to be speculated to begin with

  • Steel510 Rain
    Steel510 Rain 3 months ago +12

    Very good connections being made here, nicely done

    • Fey Fire
      Fey Fire  3 months ago +1

      Thanks for watching!

    • Shade
      Shade 3 months ago +1

      Hey SteelRain🖤🐉🕷️

  • Maya - Rudeness IS Epidemic

    That is an awesome theory! It has more of an impact coming from Daemon as revenge.

  • Kfizzle
    Kfizzle 3 months ago +4

    I think it's interesting too that Maelor passes away in the book and we don't cut to Halaena's reaction. It is only after Aemond falls that the next page Halaena leaps from her window.

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth 2 months ago

    Luke was attacked by his uncle and when he fought back Aragon’s dragon killed him.

  • Happily Ever Never
    Happily Ever Never 2 months ago +2

    Narratively speaking it would butcher a lot of characters and hinder character development for some if this theory was true.

  • Erika Antonsson
    Erika Antonsson 3 months ago +12

    On top of everything, Helaena is likely on the spectrum and we know Aegon is cruel (if he treats other women like shit, he probably treats his own wife just as bad). Aemond, on the other hand, seems to help her relax, and even though his "strong" toast is pretty sarcastic, we only ever see him speak the truth (or at least what he believes to be the truth). As someone who is very likely to be neurodivergent myself, it sort of felt like she might prefer his company because he doesn't say things he doesn't mean, and I imagine he wouldn't make fun of her if she would ask him to explain something, especially since he was bullied as a child.

  • Shade
    Shade 3 months ago +23

    I think it's great Aemond looks out for his sister

    • Moni G
      Moni G 3 months ago

      @Zaddy Wow! Nicely put, I may be leaning a bit more on this theory after these points... well done! I can't wait to re-watch with them in mind...

    • Zaddy
      Zaddy 3 months ago +6

      @Fey Fire Helaena’s children are Aemond’s not Aegon’s.
      11 reasons why
      Reasons: 1) In episodes 7 Aegon says he doesn’t want to marry her and Aemond says that he would and perform his duties.
      2) Aegon doesn’t care for his duties that’s why Helaena never seems to know where Aegon is.
      3) In episode 8 when Helaena gives her speech about marriage she says “it’s not that bad he mostly just ignores you” then she takes a pause as she looks at everyone realizing that if Aegon ignores her all the time than how could he be the father her children. Then she says “accepts when he’s drunk” to cover her own behind and her children. And then everyone starts laughing and Otto says “Good” as in good you managed to save your own behind.
      4) When Jace ask Helaena to dance Aegon looks at Aemond like he knows about him and Helaena and to keep a cool head as to not expose themselves by getting angry for asking Helaena his lover to dance.
      5) In episode 9 right before Otto and Alicent come in to her chambers to ask where Aegon is she tells her children that if one sibling is giving everything the other will get jealous and want to take it themselves which represent Aemond he feels that the Iron Throne and Helaena should be his not Aegon’s.
      6) Right after Helaena tells Otto and Alicent that she doesn’t know where Aegon is Otto storms off to come up with a plan to find and Alicent tries to talk with him and she says “Father” and you can hear one of Helaena’s children says “Aemond”.
      7)Aemond looks shocked to find Alicent in Helaena’s chambers and Helaena looks at him them looks down nervously since they both know they shouldn’t be in her chambers alone since she is a married women and Targaryen’s are known for incest which can cause rumors to spread about them and the legitimacy of her children.
      8)Aemond tells Ser Criston that he’s next in line for the throne if Aegon is dead or cannot be found. This statement would only be true if Helaena’s children weren’t Aegon’s . If Aegon was dead or they couldn’t find him then Aegon and Helaena’s first born would be next in line not Aemond. But he knows he is next in line because Helaena’s children are his bastards.
      9)Aemond says “Tis I the younger brother who studies history and philosophy, it is I who trains with the sword, who rides the largest dragon in the world, it is I who should be….” Then pauses and many people thought he was referring that he should be the king but as episode 9 goes on he doesn’t care about others knowing his ambition to be king. The reason he paused was because he was going to say “It is I who should be with Helaena.” Ser Criston says he knows the feeling of not being able to have what you want in Ser Criston case who you want which Ser Criston wants Alicent. This leads me to believe that Aemond was talking about how Helaena should have been his wife”.
      10) This show emphasizes characters hair as a way to determine parentage if you notice Aegon and Helaena both have wavy curly hair but “their” children have straight hair just like Aemond.
      11) When it looked as if Rhaenys was going to burn them with her dragon Aemond protects Helaena and she grabs his arm when I believe the show depicts her as being autistic since she some characteristics like she doesn’t like physical contact when Alicent hugs her in episode 8 she just stand still with her arms down and in episode 9 Alicent tries to console her by touching her arm she pulls away so if she is portrayed as being autistic as I believe she is. She would only have physical contact with someone she trust like her lover Aemond.

    • Fey Fire
      Fey Fire  3 months ago +2

      Hellalmond forever 🧿

  • Mrs Duncan The Tall ☄️🌳

    solid video , definitely gives context to the subtle looks they give each other

  • thachbax
    thachbax 2 months ago

    Well if we're supposing Aemond is Daemons then his 4th kids keep coming out messed up. If Aemond really is Daemon's then technically he's already got 3. 🤨 Maybe.

  • BronnBlackwater
    BronnBlackwater 3 months ago +3

    Aemond loses his temper when the Strong bastards laugh at him because of the pig roast placed in front of him (that they probably arranged)

  • Terell Chapman
    Terell Chapman 3 months ago +4

    The beast beneath the boards would either refer to Larys Strong (warging a rat) or Blood and Cheese

    FRANZVENTURE TRAVEL VLOG 3 months ago +3

    Did Daemon knew its the son of Aemond? so he could avenged aemonds sons on blood and cheese sinnesters?

  • liul
    liul Month ago

    I thought Aemond gotnangry during the dinner because Luce laughed when the servants put a pig on the table near Aemond

  • The Sayyadina
    The Sayyadina 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for this. I thought I was the only one seeing the Aemond-Helaena relationship in the show that seems obvious to me.

  • Raysha
    Raysha 3 months ago

    Another thing when they are looking for Aegon to crown him Aemond says to Sir cole im the next in line which is not true Helenas kids are unless they are truly his sins .

  • MelissaIsLoud
    MelissaIsLoud 3 months ago +4

    I’ve been running with this theory since Leana’s funeral like I’m Al Bundy on the Polk High football team. This is my Green side Daemyra ship.

  • lhallora1
    lhallora1 3 months ago

    Interesting theory about Heleana and Aemond.

  • Niamh Coffey
    Niamh Coffey 2 months ago

    Aegon was such a bully in their youth, Aemond got into the habit of seeking comfort in his big sister.

  • goldieARZ
    goldieARZ 3 months ago

    Great commentary and insight, TY! It reminded me that Alicent caters only to the Men in her universe. She's bought into the hype that only Men have the balls or the skill to rule (excluding her own son Aegon). And her father constantly reminded her that her only job was to sacrifice her wants, for the good of the family. Hey, no one else jumped in front of Aegon when Rhaenys Targaryen almost 'crisped' him in the citadel!. :D At the same time, it is Rhaynera who invites her 2 daughter-in-laws to stand with her at the War table as the adults discuss strategy, while their grandmother (The Queen Who Never Was) looks on approvingly silent. She also counsels her 2 sons on diplomacy. What direct lessons have Alicent taught her sons or daughter about politics, diplomacy and oaths given? It's never shown so far in the series in her interactions w/ her children. When Aemond is sent to House Baratheon, we don't know whether it was his mother or Otto who counsels or instructs him. And his uncounseled brash behavior, he realizes to late -- has put both houses on a irreversible path to war, and death by dragons. Another question, when Daemon is looking eye to eye w/ his Dragon in the pits...we see in Daemon's eye the reflection of impending dragon battle at Storm's End. Does Daemon have a foresight via his dragon? We don't know how the news came to him about the death of his nephew -- only that it is he who breaks the heartbreaking news to Rhaenera.

    • Fey Fire
      Fey Fire  3 months ago +1

      I 100% believe Daemon has some dragon foresight - my next video is on this subject! I agree with everything you're saying here.
      Thanks for watching! 🐲🔥

  • Ginger Bell
    Ginger Bell 3 months ago +1

    I believe ‘warg’ specifically applies to skinchangers who inhabit wolves; everyone else is a skinchanger. Interesting theories, though.

    • ashley black
      ashley black 3 months ago

      I thought bran could warg into birds though? I mean usually it's wolves because warging was certain people in the north. I don't think that ability originated in other places

  • Kai’s Messiah Baby
    Kai’s Messiah Baby 3 months ago +1

    Helaena isn't a warg, she's a Dreamer and Greenseer like Jojen Reed

  • Cecilia Chen
    Cecilia Chen 14 days ago

    I think the idea that something is going on between Aemond and Helaena is cute (as cute as it can be in this dysfunctional family). *However*, I don't think Helaena is actually Aemond's type. Well, the only woman Aemond had an affair with in the book is Alys Rivers, who is like, 30 or 40 something (tho she looks young), Aemond even took her flying on his dragon when he learned that she was pregnant with his kid. Supported by the fact that Vhagar is technically a scary granny, I believe Aemon's type is MILF. Like, he's into older, more mature women.