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It was worth losing my fingerprints


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  • Lydia H
    Lydia H 2 months ago +248901

    I’m surprised he actually sent you new pans! That’s pretty epic.

    • Latasha Spencer
      Latasha Spencer 2 days ago


    • Alisha-May
      Alisha-May 2 days ago

      @OldenTreeCult same 😭✋🤣

    • Sonali Datta
      Sonali Datta 3 days ago

      My question is how did he get the location

    • fatushe koci
      fatushe koci 3 days ago +1

      broooooooo 247k likes for these comment. This is not worth it like no way man, I surprised 😐 😅 😕 😳 😑

    • Lifestyle with zimy
      Lifestyle with zimy 3 days ago +1

      Imagine having a iPad/iphone with touch id 🤣🤣

  • Blair Bear M-S
    Blair Bear M-S 20 days ago +3029

    “Ooh god damn” literally such a calm reaction

  • Satvir Bhambra
    Satvir Bhambra 19 days ago +395

    calls you a donut and sends you some new pans, what a g

  • Kani yaru
    Kani yaru Month ago +13195

    Gordon calling you a donut and then buying you new pans is ultimate dad energy

    • Jacob Howard
      Jacob Howard Month ago

      @comfortfroggo6225 it's OK my dad wasn't there either so I don't get it either

    • Kani yaru
      Kani yaru Month ago

      @Ju 87 "Stuka" Dive Bomber Nothing should be taken for granted! But I do hope most people out there have the good kind of dad

    • Kani yaru
      Kani yaru Month ago

      @The_Laughing_Dragon I literally thought of the Men in Black thing when I first saw this hahaha

    • man with a username
      man with a username Month ago +2

      "now try again you little scamp, be more careful this time remember what I told you." and tussles your hair.

    • Ju 87 "Stuka" Dive Bomber
      Ju 87 "Stuka" Dive Bomber Month ago +7

      ​@The_Laughing_Dragon the rich ones do, honestly that is really nice but shouldn't be expected of anyone. A dad who cares would insult you, ask if you're ok, insult you again, and probably ridicule you for all eternity, but one who doesn't care would probably insult you then complain about the medical bill, and continue insulting you.

  • BlueShark2828
    BlueShark2828 10 days ago +550

    Don’t worry. Your finger print naturally grows back.

    • Hendrik Gosmann
      Hendrik Gosmann 49 minutes ago

      @Rob ayo-

    • Luey D
      Luey D Day ago

      ​@Justin “Peter” Griffin hi Peter

    • Rob
      Rob 3 days ago +2

      Really wish I'd known this a couple days sooner.

    • Josue Soto
      Josue Soto 5 days ago +2

      @Taylor Begg lol, I meant burn

    • Taylor Begg
      Taylor Begg 5 days ago +5

      @Josue Soto The bird lol

  • guyfromvegas
    guyfromvegas 7 days ago +67

    Bro can pull off any crime scene 💀

    • Zexeus
      Zexeus 21 hour ago

      Actually that makes the finger prints more unique

  • 🔹 Luminescence
    🔹 Luminescence Month ago +10134

    Gordon actually gave him pans, man's a promise keeper

    • Dom Savoca
      Dom Savoca Month ago +1

      @whoppify22 might not be a straight up "ad" but Gordons company got way more out of viewership than what it was worth to send these two sets LOL. Pretty obvious no?

    • Terena Rosa
      Terena Rosa Month ago +1

      He promised to send a cook to culinary school on kitchen nightmares and never did. They had a touching moment and the cook cried and was so thankful then gordan just left. 🤷‍♀️

    • Kaylie
      Kaylie Month ago

      I’d be more excited about the knife set. No crying from an onion with those

    • ηιπjα ΓΣΧ
      ηιπjα ΓΣΧ Month ago +3


    • Bee real Open your eyes
      Bee real Open your eyes Month ago

      I thought he said pants 👖

  • Aquardis
    Aquardis 12 days ago +46

    Instructions not clear I burned my fingerprints off and Gordon Ramsay didn't send me anything either.

    • Ayaan Khan
      Ayaan Khan 6 days ago

      @Vesperia 😂👍

    • Vesperia
      Vesperia 6 days ago +1

      Maybe cuz u don't have a vid of it😑

  • CriticalLunatic
    CriticalLunatic 14 days ago +138

    The upside is you cant be identified during investigations
    The downside is nobody can remember you without it

    • CriticalLunatic
      CriticalLunatic 8 days ago +1

      @Kylan Ah- ok

    • Kylan
      Kylan 8 days ago +3

      @CriticalLunatic If you burn off your finger prints, your finger tips will still have a distinctive pattern which could be used to identify you. The only way your fingerprints will forever be removed is if it's a really bad nasty 3rd degree burn, which he didn't get.

    • CriticalLunatic
      CriticalLunatic 8 days ago +1

      @Kylan His don’t tho

    • Kylan
      Kylan 8 days ago +2

      They come back

    • Trev B
      Trev B 9 days ago +2

      Dental records

  • [[[ *Dragonier* ]]]
    [[[ *Dragonier* ]]] Month ago +26993

    Gordon insults you, not because he’s being petty, but because he genuinely cares

    • Nahshin0
      Nahshin0 15 days ago

      @mia so that was why I thought the two are the same lol.

    • Sean M
      Sean M 19 days ago

      He could have send him some kind of glove they use in cooking

    • Kev C
      Kev C Month ago

      @Arthur Morgan thank you, I have no idea what’s going on

      KRAFTWERK2K6 Month ago

      He's Bri'ish. That's just banter :)

    • Casstiel
      Casstiel Month ago

      ​@Arthur Morganoh grow upp

  • dinesty gamer
    dinesty gamer 16 days ago +13

    He gave the dude a $1000 set, I wish I had this kind of luck 😫

  • lcfc  🦊
    lcfc 🦊 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay calling you a donut was probably the best compliment you could receive from him! Hope your fingers are better now 😂👏

  • Patrik Rogic
    Patrik Rogic Month ago +3203

    Gordon deep down is basically just an East Coast guy. Insults the f out of you while he's helping out

    • Lid Mc
      Lid Mc Month ago

      Yeah he's British. The nicer we are the more we hate you. The crueler we are the more we love you.

    • Username
      Username Month ago +1

      @Jeremy Ruse Yes.

    • Jeremy Ruse
      Jeremy Ruse Month ago

      @Username is hexclad Gordon's brand?

    • Pepe
      Pepe Month ago +3

      Here in the northwest everyone is fake nice but nobody's down to really help

    • Callum Cochrane
      Callum Cochrane Month ago +1

      Except he's from the west of Scotland...

  • Ian Skill
    Ian Skill 16 days ago +1

    Gordon is a good egg 🥚 and as someone put "borderline insanity for cooking" we all have a little insanity in us 😜 ,it's just finding it.... well done Gordon

  • Ladies First
    Ladies First 4 days ago +1

    I'm a cook and I know my fingerprints no longer exist.

  • Real Person
    Real Person Month ago +8970

    gordon is the type to yell compliments and positive promises aggressively

    • autumn is here
      autumn is here Month ago

      that’s how he is on masterchef jr

    • Syahid Samad
      Syahid Samad Month ago

      @Gweneth Cole thank you

    • Gweneth Cole
      Gweneth Cole Month ago

      @Syahid Samad Come here, you donut, here's a hug. ❤

    • boredAF
      boredAF Month ago +1

      There were no compliments, unless you count calling him a donut a compliment

  • Blocky_Luke
    Blocky_Luke 15 days ago +1

    Gordon doesn't heed to hear this! Hes a highly trained professional.

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom 21 day ago +2

    Gordon has this hardcore furious persona when it comes to overseeing other people, but he’s genuinely very sincere and magnanimous

  • Na As
    Na As Month ago +8100

    It’s an honour to be called a donut by Gordon Ramsey

  • I don't know what to put here :)

    gordon ramsay doesn't need the oscar, not even the oscar needs him. HE is the oscar.

    • rcv
      rcv 3 days ago

      ? oscar is acting award

  • Nic Hodgkin
    Nic Hodgkin 3 days ago

    That's pretty cool that he sent you not only pan's, but also a set of knife's 😂😊

  • Unyielding Gaming
    Unyielding Gaming Month ago +8633

    Gordon Ramsay is a nice man. A hard man sometimes, but still kind.

    • Just404
      Just404 Month ago

      He was in the army for a bit (I think)

    • Seb Hayward
      Seb Hayward Month ago

      irl he’s way nicer

    • Poundsnake
      Poundsnake Month ago

      Well a hard man is always nice to find *mae west voice*

    • Jeremiah Kilpatrick
      Jeremiah Kilpatrick Month ago +1

      Some of the best men are unyielding monsters, because we raise men. Some of the best men are softer than a cloud of feathers, because we have daughters also.

    • A very old acc that should die
      A very old acc that should die Month ago

      Kind sometimes.. I used to think he was great until one of my friends who worked as a cleaner in a hotel he visited got told Gordon didn’t want to meet anyone that cleans as they weren’t worth his time

  • Jude Lafferty
    Jude Lafferty 21 day ago +1

    Im glad you feel better. I feel your pain

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich 19 days ago +6

    I would just be honored to be called a doughnut by Gordon Ramsay

    • ThatThing
      ThatThing 3 days ago

      Damn Lonely Sandwich, this is the loneliest Ive ever seen you

  • Phantomile
    Phantomile Month ago +5560

    Guys a rough diamond. He might be harsh and abrasive but damn he's a treasure.

    • *•Blight•*
      *•Blight•* Month ago

      Lol my novel-like imagination thinks of him being abrasive, just to clean you from tough stains or something from that 😂.

    • Gabriel Rivas
      Gabriel Rivas Month ago

      Salvation is found in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ loves you all

    • Chronical Varsity
      Chronical Varsity Month ago

      You gotta check out gordon gino and fred. Or the british series he's in. American tv eats up him being harsh and abrasive but hes not like that elsewhere

    • Dhar_C
      Dhar_C Month ago +1

      I had a teacher like him in school. Everyone who took mechanics class said he was a jerk, but he was just constantly dealing with stupid teens about to cause thousands of dollars of damage. I was the last kid still not in the shop, and he ended up passing me if I studied for 1 test and got 80% on it. R.I.P. Mr. Hegerat

    • JamesLove
      JamesLove Month ago

      True true

  • Shrooms
    Shrooms 19 days ago +1

    accidentally bleached my fingerprints off when I was bleach dyeing costumes for a show. They would bleed profusely for a long while, it was real painful.

  • Emily Nyhagen
    Emily Nyhagen 8 days ago

    Love Gordon, what a good guy

  • Black Knightz
    Black Knightz Month ago +25693

    Gordon is such a dad, he's rough and harsh but he cares about you

    • BingBingWahoo
      BingBingWahoo 6 days ago

      Sounds more like daddy ngl 🥵

    • some_shitposting_idiot
      some_shitposting_idiot 10 days ago

      Too bad so many egotistical chefs are unable to see how much he wants the best for them
      They just see someone being harsh

    • Fylas
      Fylas Month ago +1

      Gordon is one of the people that will first aid and stem your bleeding while being on the phone with the emergency service in between swearing bouts while with his toes he's tapping on another phone to sign you up for whatever rehab classes you have even a remote chance of needing and making a mental list of what safety courses he will force you to go trough after your healed up to ensure you don't endanger yourself again because he knows your not stupid. Just uninformed or untrained. XD

    • Hi I’m Jai
      Hi I’m Jai Month ago

      @troy yonally if you use the front camera it flips the image.

    • Solus
      Solus Month ago +2

      ​@Infernalhypernova he both tho lowkey

  • K. lamar eye v
    K. lamar eye v 15 days ago +2

    I better send him some pans. I'm not trying to get canceled for calling someone a donut on SM.

  • O P A L U X X
    O P A L U X X 11 days ago +1

    It’s actually pretty helpful if you want to join the Men In Black in the future

  • xPreame
    xPreame Month ago +10745

    Thats actually so insanely nice of him

    • Dude Hamster
      Dude Hamster Month ago +3

      This is a fake profile with fake likes

    • Adrian Ourso
      Adrian Ourso Month ago +3


    • Angel Cat ❤️
      Angel Cat ❤️ Month ago

      It was. Gordon is actually a really nice guy. Strict and I don't like his language, but really nice

    • Sniper Foxxx
      Sniper Foxxx Month ago +2

      This guy is Jaclyn Hills boyfriend I'm pretty sure so he's already got plenty of money himself to buy pans..

  • logan king
    logan king 7 days ago

    Bro could do any crime and not leave a fingerprint 🤣💀

  • mo sonic
    mo sonic 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is a good person

  • Alex Shoveller
    Alex Shoveller Month ago +7371

    Gordon making sure he dont make enemies with a guy who got no fingerprints 💀💀💀

  • Lance Hidden
    Lance Hidden 10 days ago

    WORTH IT. It's Gordon who gave you new pans

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones 15 days ago +1

    I’m so sorry! I remember that video. I hope your hand totally heals.

  • Jon Collette
    Jon Collette Month ago +4897

    "CAUSE THEY'RE NONSTICK!" Best Gordan line ever.

    • ChoclateFufu
      ChoclateFufu Month ago +1

      Right 😅😅😅😅😅😅

    • TikTok Shorts
      TikTok Shorts Month ago

      @FEARPORN yes that’s exactly I’m thinking

  • Keith Burgess
    Keith Burgess 8 days ago

    Gordon knows the saying “we wouldn’t pick on ya if we didn’t care about ya”

  • benjamin mccarthy
    benjamin mccarthy 4 days ago

    That was so nice of him

  • foxalpha09 2099
    foxalpha09 2099 Month ago +3095

    Gordon Ramsy, the only person that does a kind thing to follow through a joke. Man's a treasure.

    • Oxinde
      Oxinde Month ago

      @Uber Owl I'm not saying people should go buy them because they're free. I'm saying he got them for free.
      I'm not one to complain about free stuff, especially when I can't even afford to buy proper silverware

    • BlueIce
      BlueIce Month ago +2

      @Uber Owl …but he didn’t pay for it. So it was free. Are you seriously saying that it’s not free because it’s bad quality? Are you ok?

    • Water Guy
      Water Guy Month ago +4

      ​@Uber Owl... dude

    • Uber Owl
      Uber Owl Month ago +4

      @Oxinde it wasn’t free tho… well except for GR, cause he got free (and most importantly *natural* )advertising for the price of some of the worst pans out there which cost like $5 in production. Hexclad straight up lies about their claims on camera and almost ever professional chef says that these pans are pure garbage

    • Oxinde
      Oxinde Month ago +30

      ​@Uber Owl even so, free stuff is free stuff.

  • FancyxToast
    FancyxToast 15 days ago

    Used to work in a kitchen, was wiping down our flattop. Rag got snagged on something and my hand skid across the top. Brother. It was the worst burn pain I’ve ever experienced

  • Capncrnch
    Capncrnch 14 days ago

    When I worked at Boston market we had giant gas rotisserie oven with big glass panels. I lost my footing next to one and the only way I could keep from burning my upper body was to reach out my hands. I lost my fingerprints and feeling for a while

  • Doodles
    Doodles Month ago +7379

    Gordon Ramsy is the only person who can call someone a donut and no one questions it-

    • A.H.S.
      A.H.S. Month ago

      Imagine if Gordon Ramsay was French
      *Burns finger*
      Ramsay: You macaron!

    • Warren Ward
      Warren Ward Month ago

      @Depressed Weeb it had to be said

    • Depressed Weeb
      Depressed Weeb Month ago

      ​@Warren Ward dude seriously? 😭

  • Leo Fer
    Leo Fer 16 days ago

    My guy actually said "i don't feel my hand, but it was worth it." 💀

  • Tuko99x The ugly
    Tuko99x The ugly 21 day ago

    I bought those pans based on his endorsement. Not something I normally do, but they are totally worth it. Amazing cookware.

  • Venti The drunk
    Venti The drunk Month ago +2916

    He actually sent you the pans???
    Wow... Man stays true to his word

    • Joel Ha
      Joel Ha Month ago

      @RB2K19 I'm glad you find reality humorous

    • Joel Ha
      Joel Ha Month ago

      @chii hasagi you and I are not receiving that because we did nothing to catch his attention. This guy did, so he did.

    • Skitty
      Skitty Month ago

      Tone deaf bard

    • Kami Nami
      Kami Nami Month ago

      hi Venti.

    • chii hasagi
      chii hasagi Month ago

      ​@Joel Ha true but at the same time who are we to receive some expensive cookware from a multimillionaire chef?

  • Meaculpa Mishegas
    Meaculpa Mishegas 11 days ago

    At Godfather’s pizza in town, which is owned by the parents of one of my former teachers, once had an employee drop a utensil in the fryer and immediately tried to retrieve it leaving him with third degree burns up to his elbow, but he didn’t succeed so he tried again with the other arm

  • 💫 astraea 💫

    “remember me? The guy that burnt his fingerprints off?“
    “ooh- ooh goddamn“

  • Quarantined Teen
    Quarantined Teen Month ago +3426

    Gordon is secretly a sweetheart

    • Mazvita Selemani
      Mazvita Selemani Month ago +1

      He really is. I don't think that many people watch Masterchef cause honestly he's always so patient and always ready to help the contestants. His bully persona is mostly from shows like Hell's Kitchen

    • Aless
      Aless Month ago +2

      @water yeah controversy brings clicks

    • Gaya K
      Gaya K Month ago +13

      Not so secretly, just watch him in the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares, you see him behaving as himself. He's got a bit of a temper and is very sarcastic, but he's also has a good heart.

    • water
      water Month ago +20

      he actually is in person! he’s just playing a character

    • Jo Ad
      Jo Ad Month ago +24

      The way he treats children 😻 ❤️

  • RigorAmortis
    RigorAmortis 13 days ago

    I just love Gordon Ramsey. 🥰

  • Obtuse Acute
    Obtuse Acute 21 day ago

    I think Tom Scott deserves a set too
    He already proved that burning your fingerprint off does not do anything.

  • Schizniit
    Schizniit Month ago +12079

    Gordon is such a kind man. He has such a rugged outter shell to hide how much he does care for people. I mean, dude sometimes just does shit for people just because he can.

    • thefourshowflip
      thefourshowflip Month ago +1

      @troy yonally
      The camera is flipped; note the Nike logo on his jacket is backwards. It’s his right hand.

    • troy yonally
      troy yonally Month ago

      It's shameful watch the video again he puts his right hand in the pan but the bandages are on his left

    • Wolf Bones
      Wolf Bones Month ago +1

      The rugged outer shell is because he cares about people, not in spite of it.

    • thefourshowflip
      thefourshowflip Month ago +2

      Was gonna say that; some of the chefs I know are absolutely ruthless in the kitchen but extremely calm and compassionate outside of the kitchen, especially in “high end” restaurants…shit gets cutthroat in the kitchen 😂

    • idk man
      idk man Month ago

      It's all a persona

  • Albert Pagdilao
    Albert Pagdilao 3 days ago

    I’m so sorry you burnt your fingerprints but that’s cool that golden Ramsey sent you new pans

  • vader’s 420s
    vader’s 420s 20 days ago

    Bro this guy can get away with murder without his finger prints 💀

  • LethargicCarcass
    LethargicCarcass Month ago +4574

    It’s actually really respectable to hear about Gordon following through on stuff like this. He does it consistently. He really is a man of his word. Seen episodes from different shows of his where he offers someone a job (like the inmate in jail) and he actually holds up his end of the deal every time.

    • CR1Tr
      CR1Tr Month ago

      ​@Josh Shaganash damn you really don't know how cameras work huh

    • omaima F
      omaima F Month ago +4

      @ZimZimph go see sortedfood testing them, they looked non stick enough for me, and they are oven proof and can grill a steak as gpod as a stainless steel pan which is amazing.
      Ofc I didn‘t buy them cause im poor but they seem good quality

    • Pr0DiGY76
      Pr0DiGY76 Month ago +2

      @Whatever Or maybe Gordon is in partnership with them from the beginning, and he profits of this to make "gifts" which end up in a good ad indeed.

    • Tee Jay
      Tee Jay Month ago

      "Uh G*dd*mn"... My favorite reaction ever🤣🤣

    • Bug Catcher Jacky
      Bug Catcher Jacky Month ago +2

      ​@Whatever Gordon's not just an actor, though. You do realize he's a master chef, right?

  • Gabe Wagner
    Gabe Wagner 18 days ago

    Gordon is a legend in many ways

  • Bedwetter 69
    Bedwetter 69 22 days ago

    Lesson: Burn your fingerprints off so the knife you use will not leave any proof it was you

  • AtlasFP
    AtlasFP Month ago +1417

    Gordon is one of those guys that loves what he does, and is in such a position that he can help people enjoy it in their own way

    • Hellooo babbiii
      Hellooo babbiii Month ago +14

      Right and he’s 100% willing to do so, he told a contestant who was eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen and told him that he sees his potent and if he’s willing to accept he would receive a scholarship to one of the top culinary schools. He changed that guys life now he’s a Michelin chef🤧

  • Joshua Pinson
    Joshua Pinson 14 days ago

    bro never flipped a tortilla in his life

  • Kimdracula
    Kimdracula 12 days ago

    Your left hand can be such a massive crime lord now.

  • Кирило Мудроха

    I love how the Gordon is a man of his word, even if he didn't have to, he still did.

    • Se7en Se7ens
      Se7en Se7ens Month ago +1

      @Bruh he wanted people to hear the brand name. Basically, guy with hype around him gets branded pans, feels he has to say thank you, says brand name, people then hear brand name and “Gordan Ramsey” together and may be more inclined to look it up out of curiosity.

    • Bruh
      Bruh Month ago

      ​@Username how is this even an advertisement? It didn't really go into how good the products are

    • KHUSHI
      KHUSHI Month ago +4

      Cheapest ad ever. Dude 22M people have seen this.

    • Username
      Username Month ago +19

      He's a man of advertising. This is all an advertisement.

  • 🐾nova🐾
    🐾nova🐾 12 days ago +1

    Okay one min
    *looses finger prints *
    *25 years later*
    Where's my pans?

  • Lucy Bunton
    Lucy Bunton Day ago

    I'm glad your fingers feel good

  • Gugu Gouveia
    Gugu Gouveia Month ago +806

    Gordon is such a wholesome guy in his very own peculiar way

    • Laura
      Laura Month ago


  • liono lee
    liono lee 20 days ago

    Gordon is a really genuine good dude and smart businessman. He really know how to capitalize all the eyes on those views great way to get his name out

  • Annie Spencer
    Annie Spencer 16 days ago

    Gordon is a blessing to donuts like you 🤣🤣 fr tho he's a great guy from what I can tell jus watching his content

  • GH Whitelock
    GH Whitelock Month ago +1180

    Gordon Ramsay shouldn't get as much hate as he does he's actually a really nice guy

    • Grey guy.
      Grey guy. Month ago

      @Potato please don't lie about I "hate him "or that I'm " offended" .
      It's not a good look for you to make up someone's feelings to dismiss them, I've been nothing but civil, polite, and calm with you.
      All I have done is shared what locals think of him and what he does in my area
      I don't know why that made you turn to lies.

    • Grey guy.
      Grey guy. Month ago

      @Potato Just saying exactly what you did, so don't act surprised when you started " chri ... ".
      You did bring up his daughter to argue your point, as I stated, and I was talking about Gordon and his son not his daughter.
      Seems you didn't like me summarising my comments and yours for context.
      Btw "angry people " is bad, as it points to rude and uncivil behavior plus they are both known for violence.
      It's his rude behavior that's the problem, not his hair.
      Also, I saw him personally not being able to find a space to park outside the local shop so he just left his car in the middle of the road blocking traffic when people started to ask him to move his car politely his reaction was to insult and put up fingers to the cue.
      That's him in a nutshell, also the roads are tiny and thin around the area and locals wait and pass people with care. He doesn't. I could go on and on about how rude he is .

    • GH Whitelock
      GH Whitelock Month ago

      @Grey guy. Oh come on dont do me like that 🥲

    • Potato
      Potato Month ago

      @Grey guy. OK did I say you were wrong?? Not sure why you’re so offended do you hate this family or something? 😂

    • Potato
      Potato Month ago

      @Grey guy. I’m not deflecting anything just letting you know what the other kids and his wife are like and they’re great. Christ 😂 I never said you were wrong. I’m not surprised if Jack is ragey he’s a carbon copy of his dad but his dad isn’t *that* bad either.
      There’s a saying in my culture that people with blonde or ginger hair and ruddy skin are very angry people. Could be that.

  • LAD bass
    LAD bass 22 days ago

    man can get away with a crime so easily now

  • kef130
    kef130 12 days ago

    Achievement unlocked: Master Thieve

  • Chad of Chads
    Chad of Chads Month ago +8083

    Gordon is the epitome of rough love when in the kitchen, because he knows that being a chef is extremely hard. Outside of it, he's a really nice boy

    • Fabian Mueller
      Fabian Mueller Month ago

      Mhm Im not so sure about the nice guy he bite a ear of a woman off not even a year ago also it is marketing and that repays bigger

    • Cheryl Maden
      Cheryl Maden Month ago +2

      Heard the same. Lol anybody who's ever known a really good chef knows the personality 🙃I think " restaurant people" are a bit different from our public...we HAVE to be to do our job rt

    • Big Daddy
      Big Daddy Month ago +1

      What are you a grandmother?

    • zkei
      zkei Month ago

      ​@SS4 Kaioken it's not about being able to cook, it's about being a professional chef that's hard.

    • Robert B
      Robert B Month ago +1

      He's a man.

  • MysticQuests
    MysticQuests 2 days ago +1

    LOL why is gordon sounding like a Mighty Boosh character in this

  • Malvin Melo
    Malvin Melo 18 days ago

    BRB gotta go put my fingertips on a stove

  • Imedge
    Imedge Month ago +5874

    Ramsey has always been a man of his word. He got a guy a job when he got out of prison.

  • JdaMoor Martinirossi

    Next time Hexclad comes to my local Costco I'm jumping all over that set.

  • Shazampool
    Shazampool 4 days ago

    As someone who ended up burning his finger on food fresh out of the oven I can sorta feel this dudes pain but obviously he had it worse

  • WARforge Games
    WARforge Games Month ago +3276

    That's actually really cool that Gordon Ramsay sent you all that. That man is a pretty awesome guy

    • Shotgunsam 23
      Shotgunsam 23 Month ago

      Fuck it when you’re rich and have sponsors

    • Equinsu Ocha
      Equinsu Ocha Month ago +14

      ​@D a He doesn't need a "PR stunt" he's Gordon Ramsay

    • D a
      D a Month ago

      PR stunt

  • Ricky vides
    Ricky vides 14 days ago

    Now you can commit crimes without leaving fingerprints like an Italian gangster

  • Littlebudd
    Littlebudd 16 days ago +10

    I feel you, I once burned off my finger prints while working as a chef, it happened that quick other chefs said I was exaggerating the pain but the pain is real.

  • Super Vegito
    Super Vegito Month ago +16465

    Gordon Ramsey is honestly one of the few tv chefs I respect. Keeps his word and does good for people.

    • Creepen-Mic Bat
      Creepen-Mic Bat Month ago +1

      @Harrell T that's not a way a "rich" person that knows Gordon should act, you'd think he'd say everything considered knowing Ramsey would be an achievement.

    • Creepen-Mic Bat
      Creepen-Mic Bat Month ago

      @Harrell T right? This man even said he went to school with him and all me a creep for asking which one💀

    • Creepen-Mic Bat
      Creepen-Mic Bat Month ago

      @Gerry Freeman and yet still haven't proven anything lamo.

    • Harrell T
      Harrell T Month ago

      Jealous people be making stuff up. It would cause more trouble for celebs to lie about their past cuz people be digging about their lives all the time. And lying about that is really not worth it xD

    • ikeohno
      ikeohno Month ago +1

      ​@Gerald69420 rich people don't say "I'm too rich to care".

  • boodlesofdoodles
    boodlesofdoodles 9 days ago

    Idk why I was prepared for you to say Gordon gave you new fingerprints 💀

  • Jessica Condon
    Jessica Condon 10 days ago +5

    Hexclad pans are absolutely amazing. I didn't actually realize how terrible my old pots and pans were until I got hexclad. They are on another level!

  • Gryphon
    Gryphon Month ago +3359

    Gordon Ramsay is genuinely one of the best people out there. He wants things done to the highest standard but he genuinely cares for people too

    • Kirby’s Thicc Thighs
      Kirby’s Thicc Thighs Month ago

      @Dreamer lol you clearly don’t know what gordon is like out of the kitchen.

    • Kirby’s Thicc Thighs
      Kirby’s Thicc Thighs Month ago

      fr!!! he’s such a sweet guy and he went through so much in his life.

    • Dreamer
      Dreamer Month ago

      He's just teaching the way he was taught because he believes being tough on people helps them grow. People who go on his show probably have that same mentality. But yeah like you said he's actually a really nice guy. You should see his mentor Marco Pierre White. He isn't nearly as nice

    • Nick Cortez
      Nick Cortez Month ago

      tell that to the vegan teacher
      (ik that was a looong time ago)

    • Kurdish Tigers
      Kurdish Tigers Month ago +3

      on gawad

  • Nsquare
    Nsquare 4 days ago

    Gordon’s just a gigachad fr

  • XDGamer
    XDGamer 13 days ago

    you got to love the man

  • Trap_Sensei05
    Trap_Sensei05 Month ago +2814

    Gordon Ramsey is the one person that respects his craft so much, that he wants everyone to enjoy it in their own way. If he can facilitate that for people, he will.

    • YOGI
      YOGI Month ago +1

      That's because he's a chef first and entertainer second

    • ZeromuS
      ZeromuS Month ago +3

      ​@Tkill his video is flipped and it wasn't in the other. The Nike is backwards on shirt in this one

    • Raphael S.
      Raphael S. Month ago +4

      What Gordon really thought: "Oh nice, free advertising."

    • mushbrain
      mushbrain Month ago +2

      This is literally an ad... lol

    • Mugelbbub16
      Mugelbbub16 Month ago +1


  • X/N User :]
    X/N User :] 8 days ago

    Burglars: *”Burn your fingerprints off, eh?”*

  • Krishna Vashisht
    Krishna Vashisht 13 days ago

    careful dude, the pan could get in your phone now.

  • yptø
    yptø Month ago +905

    bro lost his fingerprints and most of his feeling on his finger but only said "Ooh god damn!" 💀

    • The Existence
      The Existence Month ago

      Probably could feel it especially if he can’t feel much now. Adrenaline and probably some minor nerve damage means at first it’s just surprising

    • ch3
      ch3 Month ago +1

      I did this same thing + I didn't fully feel it right away

    • Sydney P
      Sydney P Month ago

      @Naesala119 same when I burnt my leg on a motor cycle exhaust pipe. Like it was a sharp pain and then I didn’t feel anything for a couple minutes

    • Peaches
      Peaches Month ago +2

      @Naesala119 Ouch! That hurt me just thinking about it! I got splashed with hot cooking oil on my face and chest a few years ago, didn't feel it until afterwards! 💀

    • Ozymandias
      Ozymandias Month ago

      They regrow?

  • Nighty
    Nighty 13 days ago

    Bro could've literally just parked up somewhere with no cctv with a mask on, pulled out a weapon, threatened a cashier at like a few mins before closing time so no ones there, got the money, left the weapon, got back in the car and drove off and no one would have ever found him.

  • Amber Rixey
    Amber Rixey 10 days ago

    I've been wanting those pans!!! Totally worth the pain!

  • Watsonized
    Watsonized 9 days ago

    He's a good man

  • YourLocalLoser
    YourLocalLoser 5 days ago

    He tried to do that mother move💀

  • averixx
    averixx Month ago +3810

    I love how no matter how mean he seems on the outside, you can still tell he does care.

    • Creepen-Mic Bat
      Creepen-Mic Bat Month ago

      @Adam Kelly and also the man literally said that Gordon sent them to him, why would he lie about it.

    • Creepen-Mic Bat
      Creepen-Mic Bat Month ago

      @Adam Kelly yeah prove that it was an add to sell his stuff, and the way he was talking doesn't really count because he was telling him that it was non stick.

    • Reactive907
      Reactive907  Month ago

      @JohnnyTyrant93 i mean im 13 and i burn myself when cooking lmao

    • Adam Kelly
      Adam Kelly Month ago

      @Creepen-Mic Bat proof he did?

  • Zackary
    Zackary 4 days ago

    He trading his finger prints for kitchenware.
    The barter system.

  • Ryan Lucas
    Ryan Lucas 14 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey rewarding stupidity is peak 2023.

  • Fresca Blunts
    Fresca Blunts Month ago +1967

    Gordon is just an amazing person 💕

    • A_RainFrogArtist
      A_RainFrogArtist Month ago +1

      a angry amazing person

    • almightybread
      almightybread Month ago


    • J Girl
      J Girl Month ago +1

      Nah, Ramsay is sponsored by that brand. It's a promotion

    • Sophia
      Sophia Month ago +3

      @Tkill it’s called front and back cameras

  • Odin's Clone
    Odin's Clone 22 days ago

    Bro. I could watch the first five seconds on repeat for an hour.

  • Nature Northwest
    Nature Northwest 10 days ago

    Ramsey is a boss ! Guy is hard on the outside soft in the center.

  • Vance Petitti
    Vance Petitti Month ago +1027

    My ex's mom actually served Gordon at her restaurant and he's actually super kind and down to earth. Totally different from the television persona but it makes sense.

    • AW
      AW Month ago

      I don’t think there’s much difference between tv gordon and real gordon

    • Abby Saito
      Abby Saito Month ago +3

      As an American I also prefer the UK kitchen nightmares. I can also learn a lot more from the UK side culinary wise. On the USA kitchen nightmares I just got sfx loops stuck in my head 😂😂😂

    • krizthecookingbeaner2
      krizthecookingbeaner2 Month ago +2

      Because what's more entertaining a guy just being kind and normal or a guy screaming that some guys food was cooked 1°f above the correct amount.

    • Conner Broeker
      Conner Broeker Month ago +14

      @William Hanna Actually watch the comments of his Clip-Share videos. The Americans all say they prefer the UK version

    • Conner Broeker
      Conner Broeker Month ago +2

      Watch his UK shows

  • StonyCanvas
    StonyCanvas 19 days ago

    Fingerprints aren't lost from burns, they come back in a couple weeks