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AI is Evolving Faster Than You Think [GPT-4 and beyond]

  • Published on Jun 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • In this episode, we take a deep look at the two weeks that changed the world. From GPT-4 to Google Bard, Midjourney v5 and even talk of AGI from Microsoft, it’s all right here.
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    Producer: Dagogo Altraide
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  • ColdFusion
    ColdFusion  2 months ago +1388

    Correction at 16:20: Upon taking a closer re-reading of the the statement it seems like the internal red team were more trying to cover their backs incase something goes wrong, not so much flat out saying they advise against release. Privately they could feel either way, wanted to just note that!

    • Cyba IT
      Cyba IT 2 months ago +57

      It's interesting how only a few weeks ago they were trying to placate people by saying ChatGPT could only access internet data up to 2019 so there's no fear of it disclosing up to date, possibly confidential data. Turns out it been running in Bing, obviously in real time, the whole time. 😂

    • Manoj Sundar
      Manoj Sundar 2 months ago +13

      Certainly loving this AI series

    • Shahzad Ansari
      Shahzad Ansari 2 months ago +22

      Wait Until GPT-4 can Generate Next ColdFusion Video in Seconds !

    • lolotulumis
      lolotulumis 2 months ago +21

      I'm testing AI chats in English and Polish. There are huge differences between their capabilities. Fortunately for non English countries language is still biggest problem for AI models, because they are trained mostly in English.

  • The Night Watcher
    The Night Watcher 2 months ago +2481

    I’m honestly at a loss on how we’re gonna be able to trust anything ever again once this AI stuff really takes off.

    • D McMac
      D McMac 2 months ago +109

      You nailed it

    • Geahk Burchill
      Geahk Burchill 2 months ago +321

      I think the most impactful thing AI has done is that you will never again be sure that something you see was, either made by a human, or real. It happened without comment and changed the world forever.

    • archmad
      archmad 2 months ago +54

      in AI we trust

    • ItchyKneeSon
      ItchyKneeSon 2 months ago +104

      What if it already did and we just don't know...
      Follow the white rabbit.

    • dudeinthesea
      dudeinthesea 2 months ago +139

      Its a dystopian future i think. Where nothing is real.

  • Dylan V
    Dylan V 2 months ago +51

    Absolutely keep us updated. This was one of your best videos. At this point, a weekly update on just AI news would be very appreciated.

  • Ark70
    Ark70 Month ago +38

    Thank you for making this video. Even though I'm in a AI thesis and I thought I would not learn that much, man I was so wrong, I learned a LOT. You certainly took dozens of hours to check all these information. Thank you again to make them so easily accessible.

    • natanzel
      natanzel Month ago +1

      Maybe he used GBT to help him in this project, lol.

  • thejus suresh
    thejus suresh 2 months ago +51

    I was little disconnected from the whole AI thing, but the sudden thought getting back in the line, made me look for some information to get updated, and at least be informed into where and all AI is getting implemented. This video seems the best comprehensive take on the whole AI thing. thankyou for the content.

  • Javian Johnson
    Javian Johnson 2 months ago +29

    This is such a highly fascinating phenomenon that we now find ourselves monitoring. Will definitely be paying closer attention to the development of GPT-4, and I would love some more ColdFusion videos on this topic too

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith Month ago +11

    What a great video. With the insane rate of progress, it is hard to keep up and it is great to hear someone like you with expertise talk about that stuff

  • none of your business
    none of your business 2 months ago +3228

    I am amazed how this tech revolution is going practically unnoticed by the general public. It will come as a massive shock I think.

    • R.C.L
      R.C.L 2 months ago +290

      Bread and circuses

  • CuriosiTea TV
    CuriosiTea TV Month ago +11

    Please keep us updated on what’s happening with AI as often as you see fit & thanks got this very informative video!

  • Daniel A. La Point, Student CMHC

    The quality of this video was top notch. You took a potentially frightening concept and empowered viewers to consider their role in the development of technology, which is a productive way to view it!
    I went to chatgpt to generate a comment that encapsulates how this video impacted me and I ended up writing this myself. The benefit of this experience was I was able to narrow down my thoughts and see that I knew exactly what I wanted to communicate.

  • Salzfass
    Salzfass 2 months ago +4

    Honestly I've been concerned about AI ever since I read my first Sci-Fi Novel. And while I certainly can see the benefits AI could bring to humanity, I cannot believe that this is what will happen in the long term. There needs to be serious law making and safety boundaries to make sure AI can never ever take control of anything.

  • Lukas E.
    Lukas E. 4 days ago

    I can not describe how much I love your channel. With your music in the background - pure education, art and chills all over my back.
    Please, never stop what you are doing.

  • Rui Zeng
    Rui Zeng Month ago +1

    Sensational video, I love that you cover both the positives and negatives as much as possible, without bias as much as possible. I remember your first video on ChatGPT and this was only a few months ago. It's absolutely insane how fast things are progressing, please keep the AI content coming.

  • Joe Tran
    Joe Tran 2 months ago +5923

    When ColdFusion makes multiple AI videos in a series this year, you know you’re in big trouble

    • And11992
      And11992 2 months ago +100

      Just hype and getting views via YT's algorithm

    • Michael Ayeni
      Michael Ayeni 2 months ago +319

      ​@And11992 the hype is real if the largest companies on earth are left in shambles.

    • OBTrice
      OBTrice 2 months ago +51

      The end us neigh

    • Anton Chebotaev
      Anton Chebotaev 2 months ago +29

      This just means he got sucked into the hype vortex

    • A\O Digital
      A\O Digital 2 months ago +49

      No it doesn't, it just means you tried to make a very generic and uninimaginitive joke.

  • Geoffrey Mee
    Geoffrey Mee Month ago

    Hi Dagogo. Great stuff you r putting out for us to learn by. And yes, please do continue updating us on this subjuct. Seems a week is ancient history in the AI game...fascinating yet paranoia inducing.

  • warner broken
    warner broken Month ago +2

    I love your content. From economy to technology, it is great work. Thank you for keeping me up with all this interesting stuff. I immerse myself to lots of your topics afterwards, and I always seem more prepared from all of my coworkers, or at the very least at par with a small number of them.
    Not to mention you gave me the motive to go more in-depth about the whole system of economy.
    I would be glad to see more AI related videos.

  • rejvaik
    rejvaik Month ago +4

    I always knew that this new AI was going to be more than of a problem than it's worth

    DRECON 2 months ago +6

    I’m amazed by how fast AI is evolving and how powerful GPT-4 and other models are. I wonder what implications this will have for society and humanity. Great video, Cold Fusion!

  • Kevin Dittler
    Kevin Dittler 2 months ago +7

    Paradigm Shift is definitely in process I was able to finally work out a couple of issues to launch my company so at 11:39 pm on 4/1/23 I was able to get actual relevant feedback that several people could never answer. What’s really crazy was nearly instantaneous.

  • Niels Schjerbeck Lund
    Niels Schjerbeck Lund 2 months ago +324

    I can confidently say on behalf of 99% of your subscribers that we really find these videos exciting. Please keep on going.

  • Maud Perbos
    Maud Perbos Month ago +1

    Thank you very much for the work you are putting in with the aim to keeping general public informed . Highly appreciated . What an amazing, exciting and with it, slightly scary time .
    Please keep us updated .

    VERTIGQ 28 days ago

    Thanks for a really fascinating and informative video man! It gives me a kind of jittery feeling to see how fast this tech is developing- so many possibilities are opening up, and change is coming at such a fast rate. Exciting and a little unsettling!

  • Anthony Eitnier
    Anthony Eitnier Month ago +1

    I love your AI reports, it really provides a great overview of what is going on. I really hope you continue.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    This was helpful! Please keep us updated with further developments

  • nrgins
    nrgins 2 months ago +1

    Yes, definitely want to hear more updates on AI as the situation rapidly progresses. Your videos are great and extremely informative. Would love to continue to get updates on the situation in videos!

  • Jonny Appleseed
    Jonny Appleseed 2 months ago +1

    Please keep up with providing updates to this. You are on of the few unbiased news sources that I trust with stuff like this.

  • Anthony Spagnoli
    Anthony Spagnoli 2 months ago +7

    Please keep up the AI content. That was a great recap of how crazy the past year has been.

  • Frank Kalb
    Frank Kalb Month ago +1

    Brilliant work guys. Please by all means....keep us informed of the latest developments and disasters AI presents.

  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 months ago

    Really great content! Thank you Dagogo!
    Amazing, mind blowing, frightening and worrying developments…
    Thank you again for keeping us informed.
    Much Love from Germany

  • Circuit Domain
    Circuit Domain Month ago

    Awesome content as usual. AI is developing at break neck speeds... Insane... Can't wait.

  • TheBena007
    TheBena007 2 months ago +470

    It fascinates me to imagine both how high this can elevate humanity, and how deep of a pit it could throw us off.

    • VersaceBroccoli
      VersaceBroccoli 2 months ago +81

      And then remember that the most powerful tech companies like Meta and Google will be leveraging these technologies the hardest. Gross.

    • USBEN
      USBEN 2 months ago +8

      Elevate some destroy some. Fair game.

    • M Neztsosie
      M Neztsosie 2 months ago +3

      They said that about opposable thumbs combined with fire too...

    • D
      D 2 months ago +4

      We need to diminish the speed of change if it has a chance to wreck the global financial system faster than our ability to react.

    • Charlie Don't Serf
      Charlie Don't Serf 2 months ago +2

      Pit is right.

  • TheVeyron81
    TheVeyron81 2 months ago +2

    Very interested to see how it would assist in the medical field with so many people now self diagnosing

  • Haziq Shah
    Haziq Shah 2 months ago +18

    AI is definitely a form of weapon, a formidable one. And whoever wields it rules the future, the world. If the corrupted are the ones holding this immense power, then we can all say goodbye to our autonomy.

  • Kevin Dittler
    Kevin Dittler 2 months ago +5

    Yes please continue to review how the industry is going. Would like to see how to integrate the different sources together. I have the free GTP & I am sure it is my prompts that are not providing the response On the designs I am looking for. Thanks I’ll be watching and telling everyone to watch!

  • Jeremy Mone
    Jeremy Mone Month ago +1

    AI is moving fast with amazing leaps and bounds. Please try to do more videos on this topic. It may indeed be the last topic to cover as in depth as possible before AI will be doing it all for us for the rest of time. :P :)

  • VMMC
    VMMC Month ago +4

    I've followed ColdFusion for years and know that he's been genuinely interested in AI, but 99% of other content creators are just jumping on the latest hype train. AI has been here for a while, and I can assure you that there were VERY few channels/people talking about it.

  • anything
    anything 2 months ago +472

    I'm having goosebumps watching this. like, it's insane that just in a few months, we went from not exactly knowing where AI would fit in our daily life to regularly open ChatGPT for even the simplest thing. I'm also scared shitless for my future.

    • Free Thinker
      Free Thinker 2 months ago +49

      Seriously. This actually makes me terrified about my future. I’m new to learning about tech at 31 but I’m also glad that I started paying attention right when this happened so I can try to prepare…

    • Alphoric
      Alphoric 2 months ago +8

      Calm down pal it’s not that exciting

    • Jeffrey Smith
      Jeffrey Smith 2 months ago +15

      Same here. I'm 23 and these developments are making it really difficult to decide what career I want to pursue. Then again, I wrote a research paper about the economic impacts of A.I. 7 years ago, so I'm not really to surprised it's finally coming true.

    • Alphoric
      Alphoric 2 months ago +4

      @Ridiculous open ai has existed for almost 8 years with chat gpt existing for 3 years it’s not new

  • BuzzLightyear
    BuzzLightyear 2 months ago +6

    I think data security from the AI bots is an immensely important thing in this era. Imagine an AI being able to access your credit card or multiple ones. It can cause some real-world disturbances.

    • Jamaly
      Jamaly 2 months ago +2

      Cash is supreme. Just look at the US where all the losers have multiple credit cards and they are in the negative on each of them.

  • Mashel Auma
    Mashel Auma Month ago

    Good work! It was very informative. Ireally believe that technology is the way to go but this pace is scary!

  • Elijah
    Elijah Month ago +1

    I LOVE AI topics and discussions. Keep them coming, man. We're just chillin with our feet up enjoying the show!
    In all honesty though, pretty crazy stuff.

  • Gaming4Justice
    Gaming4Justice 2 months ago +1

    If we're going to be just physical labor for the AI, then we're literally making ourselves serfs for the AI :D But considering that it's doing so much work for us, it's super interesting to see the human-technology symbiosis.

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams 9 days ago +1

    Very interesting and exciting but worrying to see how fast AI is progressing

  • Cyan
    Cyan 2 months ago +678

    I'm 29 and for a couple of years now it feels like the world is moving very fast and I can't keep up. I know that's a normal feeling when aging but this feels different. It's not possible anymore to have set up a basic view of your current situation/life because factors from the outside are changing too fast.
    Even before AI started to take off, I found it hard to find peace in the moment and to get back to feeling like 'living' in a certain time. Now that we entered the 'age of knowledge' and AI is already moving faster than humans could possibly control, I'm afraid it's a feeling of the past. Impossible to get back to.
    We can't think in decades anymore like we could with the 50s up to the 2010s. When you think of the 90s, it gives you a certain idea and feeling of what the 90s were. I don't think this will hold up the same way for the decades to come. Technology will move so fast that the previous, say, 2 years feel so far gone and in the past like a memory of a decade.

    • Hi3t
      Hi3t 2 months ago +68

      Have the same feeling

    • Seasonal Serotonin
      Seasonal Serotonin  2 months ago +97

      This. I'm turning 27 soon and this hits different. Especially the part about decade to decade. I'm conflicted, confused, curious and scared a lot of the time. Existential dread is around the corner.

    • At
      At 2 months ago +74

      It’s not normal. This is scary. Things are changing way too fast. It’s impossible to pick a direction now

    • ItsTayay G
      ItsTayay G 2 months ago +92

      Agreed. I feel like every era had a "personality" up until 2007. Now everything is a hot, unidentifiable mix of blur

    • Beth_boegh
      Beth_boegh 2 months ago +43

      I´m 64 and my brain is spinning. But it is a super exciting development!

  • Amy Friedlander
    Amy Friedlander Month ago

    This is super interesting. Please keep programs on AI coming.

  • Roselyne Wanjiru
    Roselyne Wanjiru 2 months ago +1

    So many lessons, so many opportunities to shape the future of what this tech will be used to serve people's needs.

  • dickbuttkiss
    dickbuttkiss Month ago

    Excellent work as always, please keep revisiting certain topics as they progress!

  • 64revolt
    64revolt 2 months ago +1

    So GPT does self improve now. Recently the Reflexions, paper came out and it's pretty mindblowing actually. and now we can have the AI decide which models to use to create complicated tasks (so basically an AI brain decided what parts of the brain to use). Pretty scary stuff. Cool though.

  • Toy Gun Reloader
    Toy Gun Reloader Month ago +1

    Really interesting point you made at 16:15 about the guardrails being removed - so many current so-called 'use-cases' for AI like writing a book or programming an app are just going to be worthless as everyone has access to AI. For instance, yes - you can use ChatGPT to write an ebook, sure, but who's going to spend real money on an ebook when they too can use ChatGPT to write them their own ebook for free? It's like the conundrum in the 2004 movie The Incredibles; "When everyone is special, no-one will be".

  • Antwon Smith
    Antwon Smith 2 months ago +311

    Dagogo, do NOT stop making these videos. This is all happening stupid fast and your latest videos have been a great way to keep up. You asked if we'd be willing to listen to more. Emphatically... yes!

  • Graham Bishop
    Graham Bishop Month ago

    Brilliant exposition on a subject that is so important and yet hard to get a handle on. Your production values are also insane.

  • Tim Means
    Tim Means Month ago

    Great video Been going through some of the latest AI programs. Some were amazing but some were a bit creepy.

  • David Bartram
    David Bartram Month ago

    I appreciate all the episodes on AI and ChatGPT. I would enjoy more. Thanks.

  • Steven MacDonald
    Steven MacDonald Month ago +1

    I want to know what the damage will be to society in regards to one on one communication. When we replace all the touch points with AI some people could go months without talking to another human. You'll have an obedient ready to please AI as your primary channel of communication. I guess it helps in depopulation as it'll eventually be people preferring an AI chat over a real person conversation

  • Pedro Delmas
    Pedro Delmas Month ago +1

    Fascinating and scary in equal proportion. Thank you Dagogo for showing us the dawn of a new Era.

  • red12b
    red12b 2 months ago +291

    I don't comment on Clip-Share ever.
    Please continue to update us like this, it's moving at such a high rate and we learn of the advances made in such a short time usually too late.
    Thank you for producing such quality content

  • Oscar Becker
    Oscar Becker 2 months ago +1

    This is evolving much much faster than Kurzweil and all the more optimistic advocates of AGI and ASI have predicted!
    I am so thrilled by that, much more than I fear it!

  • Scott123
    Scott123 2 months ago +2

    A most profound paradigm shift in all of history makes this a most odd new era.

  • docs856
    docs856 Month ago

    It's only been ~a month since gpt4 came out and already is impossible to keep up with all the stuff that's spawning derived from it. This thing is already in double exponential growth mode. Bloody hell! I think I'm gonna become a miner :DDD

  • Stuart McGregor
    Stuart McGregor 2 months ago +1

    Great work. Keep this content coming. At pace!

  • Harper Wall
    Harper Wall 2 months ago

    I liked it. Felt more even keeled but realistic than most people I've heard talk about it.

  • Ameer Jamal
    Ameer Jamal 2 months ago +558

    Honestly, as a fresh software engineering graduate that's currently struggling to find a job, It's just scary how fast things are going, I was always the type to be excited about AI and technology, in general, it was always so fascinating to me, but especially after gpt4, Im just feeling a little down and anxious, It kinda stings to use this and release just how much better it is at programming, development, explaining, and even generating ideas than I am, like I've spent years practicing, making projects, trying to learn, only to suddenly feel very useless and outdated and it's like this feeling of what was the point in all the effort when now I can just say "Please build this, make this function, refactor this class and fix this error" and with some back and forth it's done, better and faster than what I am capable of. I don't know I just feel a bit defeated with all this, I hope I will at least be able to keep up and get a job and support myself as every day I'm not able to get a job I feel like I'm less likely to get one. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but I’m really worried about my future and how I can compete with this. Does anyone else feel the same way?
    This comment was generated with the help of Bing chat and Chat-GPT from a prompt about how I was feeling toward AI after this video

    • Pallabee Sarma
      Pallabee Sarma 2 months ago +245

      That twist was scary

    • lateoclock
      lateoclock 2 months ago +72

      Mathematicians still have work even after calculators became cheap and fast, they just work on different or more complicated problems. I'm excited to see what creative programmers will do with the support of AI tools.

    • zyfi
      zyfi 2 months ago +62

      Bots are so melodramatic. How ironic. Anyway, a person who wasn’t trained in software engineering wouldn’t even know to ask it for those things, or how to check its work once it did them. Expertise is still valuable.

  • C O
    C O 2 months ago +3

    This was brilliant, please continue to update us on AI!

  • Stephanie v3.0
    Stephanie v3.0 2 months ago

    This channel has become my most reliable source of relevant news. Thank you so much.

  • Ricardo Frustockl
    Ricardo Frustockl Month ago

    Keep it brother. Your videos are excellent source of information and entertainment all rolled into one. Thank you.

  • kit singh
    kit singh Month ago

    Very interesting indeed, I can wait to see all the advancements.

  • smail hamza
    smail hamza 20 days ago

    At this speed everyone will make their own personalized AI with the help of AI

  • A Z
    A Z 2 months ago +471

    Wow, those AI generated images were intense! Some looked so real. Insane!

    • Labas Labas
      Labas Labas 2 months ago +25

      Look at the details. Often they make no sense. It looks good only looking from a distance.

    • M Neztsosie
      M Neztsosie 2 months ago +5

      Well since they are based on real pixel experience, that's to be expected. BTW, Monetary authorities work under constitutional and legal mandates. Thinking that they will be usurped by a chart's prediction that obviously does not take that legal framework into account is so tech nerd naive. What you will see is more finely tuned FTX style grifting

    • Mr Smith
      Mr Smith 2 months ago +14

      ​@Labas Labas look again. It wasn't dall e

    • Syncrotron9001
      Syncrotron9001 2 months ago

      Ursula from Little Mermaid is real now

    • none of your business
      none of your business 2 months ago +1

      That's just the issue. All the public sees are pretty pictures. Gpt4 is way more profound than that.

  • Unice Nedy
    Unice Nedy 2 months ago

    Fascinating and a bit terrifying at the same time. I’m starting to grasp the jump between being part of the information age to all of a sudden be thrown into the knowledge age.

  • mknomad5
    mknomad5 Month ago +1

    Unbelievably great content! Thanks !

  • HeckSusD23
    HeckSusD23 2 months ago

    Great video, smart content and well edited video. I received access to Bard, and its much worst than GPT so that is correct.

  • Yonathan Seleshi
    Yonathan Seleshi 2 months ago

    Im normally an optimist when it comes to tech and I still am with AI. I just think the potential disruption and danger is so great and we are nowhere near ready for the outcomes.

  • thornwivans
    thornwivans 2 months ago

    Opera browser already has Chat GTP integrated into the workspace. Its amazing for your workflow having it there accessible at a click. Its completely transformed the way I work. The amount of quality work Ive knocked out in the past few weeks its incredible.

  • Djuncle
    Djuncle 2 months ago +250

    I am both extremely scared and incredibly excited for the future.

    • Jay
      Jay 2 months ago +4

      Its happening so fast!

    • Direlect Architect
      Direlect Architect 2 months ago +25

      The fact you're incredibly excited is extremely scary.

    • Billy billson
      Billy billson 2 months ago +19

      ​@Direlect Architectthe fact that you're incredibly scared is extremely exciting 😏

    • Anonymous T
      Anonymous T 2 months ago

      @Direlect Architect why?

  • Pedro B
    Pedro B Month ago

    Dude you have a talent, more updates like this please

  • Wilfried Dehne
    Wilfried Dehne Month ago

    Thanks for all the work you do. Appreciate the warnings. Here is a humble warning from little me: Our competitors worldwide may not share our concerns and cautions. If they do not, and I think they do not, what is the solution?

  • MobbJustice TV
    MobbJustice TV 2 months ago

    Greatly appreciate these updates from the world of AI 🙏

  • Trinaka Love
    Trinaka Love 24 days ago

    This is crazy, we aren't asking the right questions about AI we need to try to get ahead of them even though they are already ahead of us and that is including certain things like learning about AI weaknesses and how we can control them and maintain that control and there's a few good solutions for that.

  • Bjarki Pálsson
    Bjarki Pálsson Month ago

    Would be fun if you tried letting GPT write a script for a video on the history of science, with a focus on its exponential growth

  • Ľubomír Kurpel
    Ľubomír Kurpel 2 months ago +166

    I can not agree more with the line "We have just entered an age of AI". It was the strongest line in the whole video and gave me a goosebumps.

    • Sep G
      Sep G 2 months ago +4

      Time to go blue collar now while it is early

    • Alphoric
      Alphoric 2 months ago +1

      Ai has existed and been used for decades lad

    • lil Honey Bun
      lil Honey Bun 2 months ago

      @Alphoric right lol!!!

    • Suyama cole
      Suyama cole 2 months ago +1

      @Alphoric true he is acting asif its so brand new

    • Alphoric
      Alphoric 2 months ago +1

      @Suyama cole exactly we already know what we’d use ai for because we’ve been using it for so long already it’s just implemented into bing and other sites now but there were always alternatives that already used ai
      There’s even chess robots from the 1700s which could be considered ai

  • bro
    bro Month ago

    Correction: the cost comparison between GPT4 ($4 Million) and Alpaca ($600) isn't valid. Alpaca is a fine-tuned version of the LLaMa 7B model developed by Facebook - can't find any valid sources on the training cost estimation of it.
    I love your content, thank you so much for providing these interesting topics in a very digestable format!

  • kabz twala
    kabz twala 2 months ago

    What a time to be alive. Now that we know of these toys, let's play with them. It's up to you whether you'll use them for the greater good or not. The power has always been in our hands

  • Nathan Harrison
    Nathan Harrison 2 months ago

    Very balanced and informative report. Thank you very much. Subscribed.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 2 months ago +16

    When the AI starts improving itself by itself without having someone asks him to do that then you all should be worried because "Wanting" to do something is what tells you that something now has a soul.

  • Jeff Langworthy
    Jeff Langworthy Month ago +1

    Subscribed because of this video. Keep producing content like this. Already shared the link with friends.

  • Brämby
    Brämby 2 months ago +155

    It's quite frightening how quickly this is moving. Legislation has not been able to keep up with the internet and social media. They have absolutely 0 chance against these developments in AI.

    • Gapho
      Gapho 2 months ago +7

      Good. The less AI powerful governments can get their hands on the better, let it get out of their reach.

    • Sentryion
      Sentryion 2 months ago +40

      @Gapho and into the control of corporate that has zero accountability? Sounds smart

    • Huma Onyango
      Huma Onyango 2 months ago +13

      That's because most legislators are ignorant about how this technologies work.

  • Jane Sorensen
    Jane Sorensen 2 months ago

    Yes, please keep us updated on this subject. Thank you!

  • David Manning
    David Manning 2 months ago +2

    Can we all just take a second to respect how relaxing this man's videos are

    • Penguin DT
      Penguin DT 2 months ago

      Usually yes, but considering the topic, I wouldn't exactly call this one 'relaxing'.

    • Jamaly
      Jamaly 2 months ago

      You can also take a second to think about the massive blunder regarding the example when comparing gpt3/4. That is embarrassing. Yet you are all singing praises without actually realizing the mistakes.

  • T1MBO
    T1MBO 2 months ago

    This is absolutely insane, super cool, interesting, scary but in a helpful way. Glad 2 be a creative.

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards 2 months ago

    Awesome analysis...clearly and vividly explained. Much appreciated.

  • Paul Lamont
    Paul Lamont Month ago

    Great reporting about new technologies that are revolutionized our world, keep those video coming to make them.

  • Keshams
    Keshams 2 months ago +347

    As a designer, I am always excited about the future. But ever since the GPT-4 was unveiled, I've been afraid of what it will bring. The world is moving so fast, unbelievable. Thank you for this great video Dagogo.

    • Storm Works
      Storm Works 2 months ago +9

      youre a designer you should worry more about midjourney than chatGPT. but dont worry about any of it, just embrace. all of us here are ahead of the curve

    • Peter Cools
      Peter Cools 2 months ago +21

      Same here! not going to lie.. my motivation for practicing drawing and following art courses has drastically diminished.

    • nuqwestr
      nuqwestr 2 months ago +10

      "Computation is not Understanding" - Sir Roger Penrose
      GPT-4 will never "understand".

    • Stinky Pete
      Stinky Pete 2 months ago +19

      Ahead of what curve? Prompting is just a stopgap. There won't be a curve at all in the very near future. Once they shift that out with naturalistic language, a client or whatever will just open that and just converse with it like talking with GPT.

  • Suzana Steele-Clark
    Suzana Steele-Clark 2 months ago

    This is an amazing video. Thank you sharing this information with us.

  • Rakesh Chandran
    Rakesh Chandran 26 days ago

    I am surprised how much little blowback Microsoft is facing for its actions in recent times. Be it anti-competitive behavior (in Gaming, OS and Office Software) or unethical behavior in general (rolling out AI tools with very little guardrails), when compared to say a Google or Facebook.

  • Andy
    Andy Month ago +1

    the speed at which GPT is progressing is scary

  • Kaionfire
    Kaionfire 2 months ago

    It is an incredible development, most people seem to see it as a novelty but do not understand (hell, I don't truly understand!) the impact this technology is going to have on the world. And very quickly!

  • arcsaber11
    arcsaber11 Month ago

    As part of my job, I code in Python literally all day. Or I used to. Now I just tell GPT what to do and it gives me a code. Codes as complex as reading data and making plots in a single function, adjusting time data etc.. The most impressive is it codes way better and faster than even I could do.
    I was just browsing samples of GOOGLE'S MACHINE LEARNING CERTIFICATION and I thought to just copy-paste the question straight to GPT. This was a complex question about AI and GPT told me the right answer in one minute and explained why. This would typically take a machine learning engineer years of experience. It's just nuts
    I expect within the year that GPT will be able to solve pretty much any engineering or software problem, if only told WHAT to do even at a very high level. It already does to a large extent
    It's really disconcerting. Essentially, if you're not in, you're out

  • "The Narrator"
    "The Narrator" 2 months ago +54

    This is the first time I've seen a new tech and thought "Yeah, we may be doing this a little too quickly"

    • Square wheel
      Square wheel 2 months ago +2

      True. Usually I'm very excited for a new technology like this. Ngl I'm kind of frightened.

    • Dumpy DumpDump
      Dumpy DumpDump 2 months ago

      Not me, I can't wait until we have an open-source model as powerful as GPT-4

  • Tosin Oduwole
    Tosin Oduwole Month ago

    I’m so excited about where this is going to go. Any info on how it can be used in over the phone sales and marketing ?

    • Rrestoring faith
      Rrestoring faith Month ago

      Anything that involves prediction. So for phone sales, perhaps predicting the best thing to say to make a sale, based on the users response.

  • DarkBow_
    DarkBow_ Month ago

    Amazing Video!
    And yeah it is mindblowing even though we try to see it all and all, we discover absurd things every day about AI

  • Dharamjit Gill
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    Eye opening and mind expending content. Thank you.