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The RNG System for Tera Raids Suck *RANT*

  • Published on Dec 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • #pokemonviolet #pokemon #pokemonscarlet
    I post casual Pokémon content; I mostly play Pokémon Scarlet & Violet I also enjoy playing against others on ranked!
    If you have any team compositions or Pokémon you would like me to use then comment down below!
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  • Defo Aqua
    Defo Aqua  25 days ago

    I've made a part 2 to this rant video if you want to check it out! clip-share.net/video/GiBYQPYuyoE/video.html

  • Golden
    Golden 2 months ago +289

    Don't forget when you finally see the raid you want and you click on it to join, and you have to wait 15 years just for nintendo to tell you that you couldn't join.

    • TheJta20
      TheJta20 3 days ago

      Extremely frustrating especially for the limited time stuff. I've legit only been able to do 3 raids after attempting to join 20 of them looking for a Decidueye.

    • A.R 🐷👑
      A.R 🐷👑 2 months ago

      I dont have online, soo..... Skill issue

    • RedDemoman66
      RedDemoman66 2 months ago +3

      Me waiting to join a 6 star raid just for it to tell me I couldn't join:

    • mejustin5
      mejustin5 2 months ago

      @pctwood65 i have no clue, especially when during events half of them are almost always taken up by event pokemon that get old by the time you've fought them for the second time. i think the system that they have as well as the performance of the raids themselves need major reworking

    • Logan Chavez
      Logan Chavez 2 months ago +3

      I'm really hoping it gets fixed. SaS was way easier joining raids

  • Danastarr
    Danastarr 2 months ago +304

    Everything I hate about Tera Raids:
    -Timer continues to tick during animations (especially the horrendous animation that is Terastalizing and even half the time, that won't even fully work so it's just a still shot of the back of your Pokemon)
    -Opposing Pokemon WILL interrupt your actions for its animations and attacks
    -Tera Raids literally punish you for going down. The timer will reduce by a huge amount and you still have to wait for the rest of the seconds to count down (this is apparently a """PENALTY""")
    -Sleep is for some reason allowed, causing multiple turns to go to waste because everyone but the opposing Pokemon is SLEEPING
    -The opposing Pokemon can neutralize your good stats making cheers and stat boosting moves sometimes useless
    -You don't always get the right items from the raids (you're lucky to even get one bottle cap)
    -Sometimes, you can OHKO the opposing Pokemon but it will regain health just to put up its shield, wasting yet more time
    -Everything is constantly lagging, causing the health bars of Pokemon to look like they're unaffected by moves but they're just delayed, even offline this happens (this especially sucks for healing because most of the time when I notice everyone's health is getting low, I'll do the heal cheer and they end up dying anyways without being properly healed)
    -Shields are just gimmicks to prolong the battle, not make things harder or interesting
    There are more that I can probably list but this is longer than it needs to be.

    • liz gawin
      liz gawin Day ago

      @Renz Allen i stay with my grandmother to help her out and in spite of me telling her: 'OK, grandma, i'm going into a tera raid battle so i really need to be able to focus so please don't talk to me for the next 3 minutes' or explaining raids to her 15x a day she still insists on distracting me by telling me to look at someones tattoos/car/clothes/kid or if we're at home
      she'll suddenly start screaming for me to come to her in a hurry.
      due to her advanced age i'm in panic mode cause i dunno if she's having a medical emergency and i try to get to her without tripping and breaking my ankle on the shelves she insists my broom closet of a bedroom needs only to find look at whatever the neighbors are doing or something on tv. by the time i get back the three minutes are up and i have to start all over again so i agree those timers have to go.

    • Peterson
      Peterson 13 days ago

      @Memer Wooper Doing stat buff when a Shield is just raised will result in the buffs being immediately removed.

    • Memer Wooper
      Memer Wooper 13 days ago +1

      And speaking of the shields, in the “battle studies class” they tell you to terastalize and attack the enemy when they put their shield up! This is the biggest waste of time ever! Why would you waste 15 seconds to terastalize when those 15 could’ve been used on belly drum or swords dance and then close combat or earthquake or kowtow cleave or whatever ing the crap out of the enemy?

    • LCPotato
      LCPotato Month ago

      @StickerLovingAI I was doing a 5-Star Electric Florges, the battle was so annoying because the Pokémon would constantly spam terrains and even when doing your own Tera move, the animation would take awhile and cause the timer to almost runout. I nearly lost the battle because of how stupid the timer mechanic works and how it STILL goes down even when you’re waiting for an animation to play.
      And don’t even get me started on the Energy Shields because those are complete BS as well. (Especially when after you “break” the shield, the game won’t realize it’s been broken and will make the Tera Pokemon take less damage for AWHILE). And this has happened MULTIPLE TIMES!
      Nintendo/GF really needs to rework the timer mechanic and the Tera raids as a whole because the mechanics are really bad and really drain the players experience because of how unfun it feels. It also feels very unfinished as some bugs and such have been present since DAY ONE.

    • LCPotato
      LCPotato Month ago

      @WisK There is a weird moment where sometimes when you do a Heal Cheer, it’ll heal your Pokemon from low to full entirely. (Which is very nice, especially on those annoying 5-6 star raids where the Pokémon loves to SPAM the everloving crap out of a move)
      However there are times where the Heal will do Jack-squat to heal anything useful and becomes a waste of both a turn AND a cheer😕

  • Neon Gamer
    Neon Gamer 2 months ago +307

    I love how the 7 star cinderace has the ability to just kill you. Towards the end of its health bar you just start dying without getting hit by moves. 10/10 feature

    • Chaos Dragun
      Chaos Dragun Month ago

      @Sir Mr Man very wierd. Never had that happen

    • Sir Mr Man
      Sir Mr Man Month ago

      @Chaos Dragun no recoil moves

    • Chaos Dragun
      Chaos Dragun Month ago

      @Sir Mr Man did you use life orb or a move with recoil? If you don't ohko the boss you'll likely die from recoil thinking you died at random.

    • Sir Mr Man
      Sir Mr Man Month ago

      I've been cheated several times from getting the cinderace, not because I made a mistake or anything, nor was I any where near 0 HP, but because the game just, *decided* I died

    • Super Saiyan Lucario
      Super Saiyan Lucario 2 months ago

      yeah Cinderace tera raids are just.... Broken, sometime he'll Bulk Up, and my teammates will just die one by one, and while I'm about to use Stored power, he'll just randomly reset my stats, and abiltiy, and just straight up faint me, and then I'll come back into battle with half HP (or less) for no reason..... and don't get me started on the RNG crits, and stored power does an inconsistent amount of dmg everytime too......

  • BeetleBuns
    BeetleBuns 2 months ago +196

    all of this could be solved if they would simply add a search function for a specific raid (pokemon, number of stars), and let you refresh those results until you get the tera type you want

  • Sylvie
    Sylvie 2 months ago +59

    Not to mention the 5-star dens aren't marked as different from 1-4 star raids. So you have to FIND the 5-star dens by running around and checking each of them. So up that time per 5-star den to maybe 3-7 minutes each just to travel to each and check.

  • Abel Jiménez Rincón
    Abel Jiménez Rincón 3 months ago +129

    The annoying thing is when a Pokémon dies, half of the time bar goes off

    • Memer Wooper
      Memer Wooper 13 days ago

      @MegaVirus700 yeah I say either remove the penalty or shorten the respawn times severly

    • GenderedMess
      GenderedMess Month ago

      Real, wish they bought back the 10 turn limit and not this.

    • Marco Asturias
      Marco Asturias 2 months ago +5

      I'm pretty sure it's because huge power is bugged on raids

    • MegaVirus700
      MegaVirus700 2 months ago +36

      The worst part about that is that the timer bar gets a big chunk taken out when you get KO'd, but then you still have to wait 5-10 seconds to get back in, doubling down on the time penalty, and if you're offline the NPCs just don't do anything during that time

    • LiannaBunny 777
      LiannaBunny 777 2 months ago +47

      @Defo AquaThat's somehow the one reason why I think CPUs are sometimes more helpful than actual people. Because the CPUs don't penalize the timer

  • Trainer Tsuria
    Trainer Tsuria 2 months ago +39

    This just proof Scarlet and Violet needed way waaaay more time to be developed

    • Gamelover882
      Gamelover882 2 months ago +10

      When we got PL Arceus in stores, I was very happy because I could see that they were switching things up.
      Then 2 months later Gen 9 was not only announced but dated to be released within the same year.
      I knew then that they should have put more time in the oven.
      I'd rather have a small free DLC addition or event in PLA to hold players over til Gen 9.
      I would have preferred a March 2023 or even a January 2023 release than a November 2022 release. But alas, we all bought the game and they've made more money than ever. So they have no reason to change things

    • washed
      washed 2 months ago +13

      they either gotta stop working on side projects or give themselves more than 3 years
      but they dont care. they continue to make money

  • Pope Duwang
    Pope Duwang 2 months ago +18

    If I had to pick one thing that I hate the most, it would have to be that the timer continues to go during forced animations. So much time gets lost due to that.
    Especially when you get to the last minute and then it drains half of that time telling you you’re almost out of time.

  • Keith Wiechart
    Keith Wiechart 2 months ago +88

    Tera Raids are fine, but they are so bugged. Health bars won’t update when they should, Raid Pokémon will randomly heal for no reason, there will be long periods of time where you are stuck with no Pokémon moving but the timer is still ticking down, models will freeze or turn invisible for no reason, and more. They are so bugged and they need to perform so much better than they do.

    • Keith Wiechart
      Keith Wiechart 2 months ago +2

      @elpop man I’m talking about the main criticism of the video about how frustrating it is to get hidden ability Pokémon. I’ll be honest, it’s not as difficult to get ability patches as it is made to be, although they are fairly rare. The problem isn’t in not being able to get the Pokémon or resources you need, the problem is that Tera Raid battles are hopelessly bugged. I must have ten clips on my Switch of visual glitches and bugged healthbars, and that is what is actually fundamentally wrong with Tera Raids.

    • elpop man
      elpop man 2 months ago +1

      So it is not fine

    • Midnight Capricorn
      Midnight Capricorn 2 months ago

      @Keith Wiechart Yeah, but the pokemon can spam it and you only get 3 uses of the cheer while playing solo

    • Keith Wiechart
      Keith Wiechart 2 months ago +5

      @Midnight Capricorn I agree with getting rid of counter, but you can at least get rid of status conditions using the “Heal up!” cheer.

    • Midnight Capricorn
      Midnight Capricorn 2 months ago +3

      They're so buggy, still better than SwSh, but they really should just make them better. And get rid of counter, yawn or other moves that instakill/stop mons moving for a long period of time and tick down the timer

  • Tung
    Tung 2 months ago +14

    You also forgot to mention one key thing: you wait 2 whole minutes per refresh to get 8 new raid postings, and of those 8 new postings you aren't even guaranteed to be able to get in simply because the game took too long to load you in, and someone else took the last spot, so now you have to wait until a whole new refresh to hopefully get the raid you're looking for again

  • sagacious03
    sagacious03 2 months ago +25

    To be honest, I expected this to be about the lag & the battle system in Tera Raids, rather than the RNG & Raid choice system....
    Still, neat analysis video! Thanks for uploading!

  • Booleah
    Booleah 2 months ago +19

    The good news is if you can get just one Pokemon to beat raids fairly consistently you can snowball into others and open up more options for raids. Also I usually do battles with randos for multiple six star raids. It's painful sometimes and hella inconsistent but also a lot of fun when it works.

  • Ace Silver Gaming
    Ace Silver Gaming 2 months ago +25

    These raids are the one worse things I ever had the displeasure of experience. It's a god damned glitchy mess. 6 star pokemon are ridiculously busted even if you have a fully maxed EV IV trained pokemon.

  • Dingosig
    Dingosig 2 months ago +26

    If you're trying to find everything by yourself it can easily be a nightmare, but fortunately the trading community is incredibly active so you can get any hidden ability in a few minutes as long as you have good breedject of your own to trade for what you want.
    To me the most annoying part about raids was when I just finished the game. At that point I couldn't beat raids, so I needed strong pokemons. But beating raids is pretty much the main way to get strong pokemon (by getting a breeding ditto, dropping XP candy...) so I felt kinda stuck, and ended up having to grind XP on chansey to grow a paradox pokemon to level 100, so I can use bottle cap on it to make it optimal for raids.
    Once you have the pokemon you need to beat most, if not every raids quickly, it becomes less of a struggle. Tho ye farming shards is still too time consuming for sure.
    Online raids are indeed horrendous, you mentioned the awful loading times, but also some 6+ stars raids are close to impossible to beat because of teammates bringing suboptimal pokemon that keep getting ko'ed over and over. I wont blame them because raids are way too hards for kids anyway but between teammates and loading times, there's pretty much no reason to not limit yourself to solo raids unless you have a team of friends to farm raids with.

    • Thomas Tsui
      Thomas Tsui 2 months ago +1

      You can "leech raids" with a decent supportive mon and just use Cheers +/- Def/SpDef dropping moves. Grind a mon up with chansey to about 85 and just silently leech raids. I have an incredibly unoptimised Iron Hands which got me a lot of raid drops

  • Duskendawne 2 - The Sequel
    Duskendawne 2 - The Sequel 3 months ago +80

    Finding the raids you want is one thing, but the raids themselves are also shit. Half of the time the enemy pokemon constantly interrupts me with stupid animations and shit. Like, I literally chose my move and am about to choose to attack the enemy mon, but NO, you gotta show that you have your shield up, that you reset my stat changes, and that you boosted your own stats, and then attacking once or twice before I can press the button I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PRESS MINUTES AGO
    Plus, most of the time I don't even get the Herba Mystica, which is the entire reason I do raids because I love shiny hunting in this game

    • 574Studios
      574Studios 2 months ago +1

      @Daedric Etwahl Clearly you HAVEN'T. Stop lying to look cool. Go play 6 and 7 star raids, then come back and tell me how "balanced" they are.

    • Daedric Etwahl
      Daedric Etwahl 2 months ago

      @574Studios Of course I have lol And I've never had anywhere near the problems you're talking about here. Literally just... play better instead of whining and crying about being punished for playing poorly.

    • 574Studios
      574Studios 2 months ago +2

      @Daedric Etwahl I've used online guides to set up good defensive pokemon, amd they were still wiped out multiple times. And again, healing isn't all that useful because the raid Pokemon can just overpower whatever amount you heal by.
      Have you never played past 5 star raids???

    • Daedric Etwahl
      Daedric Etwahl 2 months ago

      @574Studios You're able to heal, you can bring Pokemon with good defensive types to the raid.
      Sounds more like you need to learn to play better. You SHOULD be punished for playing badly

  • KY Creek Guy
    KY Creek Guy 3 months ago +207

    "I couldn't be bothered to beat a 6 star raid." Maybe this is part of the reason you are struggling for patches LOL

    • Richard Taveras
      Richard Taveras 2 months ago +2

      Yeah I wonder why people can’t be bothered to beat 6 star raids 🙄

    • Dondozoisbeast1
      Dondozoisbeast1 2 months ago +2

      So u WANT to have Tera raids and gamefreak not know the real issue?

    • Matthew Lugo
      Matthew Lugo 2 months ago +22

      Guess what tera raids are tera-ible

    • Defo Aqua
      Defo Aqua  3 months ago +27

      Could be true tbh

  • Bag2218
    Bag2218 2 months ago +2

    I think what I hate most about Terra Raids (aside from those damned shields) is that they're clearly meant to be done with other players and yet GF set them up in a way that makes them A LOT quicker and easier to clear when you're by yourself.

  • Lemguins
    Lemguins 2 months ago +9

    I just want abilities like dancer to actually work. The pokemon has the ability wipe abilities of opponents at will at any moment after 75% health, so I don't see why they make stuff like that fail. I was fighting a 6 star ditto raid with an oricorio and the ability didn't kick in for either side in spite of the handful of dance moves thrown out.

    • Heal Goth
      Heal Goth 2 months ago +2

      bruh, it’s LITERALLY the only thing Oricorio has… that’s so sad, that’s four Pokémon in one y’know?

  • Henny Gang
    Henny Gang 2 months ago +15

    Honestly I feel like they should held off on releasing this game until spring, not for Pokémon home but for the bugs and quality of life features. Idk how many solo offline raids I’ve been in testing builds and without being attacked my health just drains to zero. And then how long you have to wait for the refresh button on top of only seeing 8 online raids at a time. Why is there no way of seeing 5 star raids without visiting EVERY raid on your map. Why do we only get one 6 star raid a day? It’s like they want us to time skip/roll the clock back 1 minute. The raid Pokémon going into a random animation that pulls you out of your move select. And then there’s the random frame drop issues in hand held mode. And don’t get me started on them removing the over world shiny effect like LoA had to force us to use that Let’s Go Battle feature to find the shinies that that where the colors barely changed

    • BlackXKuro
      BlackXKuro 2 months ago +2

      Unfortunately TPC forces Game Freak to release these games quickly. SV should have been November 2023 but they had to coincide with the anime and merchandise.

  • manwithawadjit
    manwithawadjit 3 months ago +23

    only two things real annoy me. that timer is always going down sitting through annimations timer goes down. waiting 3 turns to terastalize then waiting for the animation to finish timers still going down. also pokemon with dragon dance calm mind ect can go plus 6 in 2 turns forcing a clear smogger on the team or risk getting one shoted.

    • Tristan Alain
      Tristan Alain 2 months ago +2

      Oh, and the raid Pokemon can sap your Terra Orb and delay your ability to Terrastalize.

    • Erk
      Erk 2 months ago +2

      Multi hit moves, sleep status, and tanky pokemon (either me or the opponent) makes raids a drag. I would like to use tanky pokemon, but the timer makes raids into a hyper offensive race against the clock (or get glitched out) meta. Also the penalty for fainting is super stupid. Why does the timer go down AND you get a timeout penalty together?!

    • OxbowisaMstie
      OxbowisaMstie 2 months ago +2

      Don't forget Bullet Seed...

  • Jack Cart
    Jack Cart 2 months ago +15

    Once you've got decent Pokémon set up witch is so easy to do in this game the raids become easy and you can blitz through them for herbs and other useful bits, also it's worth mentioning if you get four people together and just keep skipping you'll get decent five and six star raids constantly for herbs.

    • Kohchu
      Kohchu 2 months ago +1

      @Ok Boomer Dunno if I'd consider it a skill issue. Unless you can tell me the skillful way to deal with the raid boss putting up a shield, and then draining your tera energy so the one counter to the shield now can't be used for an extra turn. Raids tend to be downright cheap at times, and a good chunk of that comes down to how the AI can just decide to screw you over at will, by changing the rules of gameplay by removing all your buffs, removing any debuffs on it, or just plain being cheap and stealing the energy needed for the form needed to break the shield it can choose to put up. This furthers the fact, that since raids are cheap, the player should also just cheese them... so really, I'm not complaining about the fast method, I'm complaining about the fact that raids are boring.
      Also, considering Shiny hunting is a player choice thing, and most of the rewards only matter online or in tournaments... I suppose it honestly doesn't matter for most players.

    • Ok Boomer
      Ok Boomer 2 months ago

      @Kohchu did you… watch the video? He was complaining about them being too difficult, and thus, easy solution. And… you do see a lot of different strategies with it. Online I’ve seen stuff like polteageist, kingambit, umbreon, blissey, grimmsnarl, revaroom, dacshbunn, ceruledge, armourouge and the list goes on. People do use different kinds of tactics, and the fact that people realise iron hands exists means very little for it. They drop materials that can get you like 4 shiny Pokémon an hour with the shiny charm, of course people want to get through them quickly to farm that. They’re far from well designed because of all the performance issues and the desincs and the like, but the stuff this guy was complaining about is absolutely a skill issue

    • Kohchu
      Kohchu 2 months ago +7

      Having a method to cheese the Raids doesn't make them good. Usually, cheesing methods are developed because the system is flawed.
      If the system was good, you'd see people using all kinds of different tactics, and being encouraged to try them. This is just a repeat of the Sw/Sh Raid system.

    • Jack Cart
      Jack Cart 2 months ago

      Yea I'm aware, I've done around 1000+ raids in this game so no issues there.

    • Ok Boomer
      Ok Boomer 2 months ago +3

      Iron hands barely even needs ev training and it’s ability can’t be hidden anyway, so no patches or capsules either. Get it belly drum and you’ve basically beat like 80% of all raids

  • Kraz Master
    Kraz Master 3 months ago +30

    I agree, Tera raid just aren’t fun and that breaks my heart coming from sword and shield because I loved those ones. The fact I have to either waste hours breeding and training or empty my in game wallet to even stand a chance at even 5 star raids is asinine.

    • Mew
      Mew 2 months ago +5

      @YellowCyanXY Yea, but these aren't difficult naturally, they're difficult because they're bugged AF

    • YellowCyanXY
      YellowCyanXY 2 months ago +1

      I mean, we did ask for more difficulty

    • Defo Aqua
      Defo Aqua  3 months ago +5

      I loved the ones in sword and shield too it's sad to see

  • Salmon Fish
    Salmon Fish 2 months ago +3

    I miss the good old days when you could just find a Pokémon with the hidden ability in the wild. No specific raid, no patches needed, just a normal wild encounter and rng.

  • Lazy Scholar
    Lazy Scholar 2 months ago +17

    Randoms are funny as hell though.
    Sometimes, I get support umbreon players, belly drum Azu /Iron Hands players, or people who seem to actually consider both the type coverage AND the tera type of the mon and choose appropriately. When this happens, it somehow becomes doable no matter what BS the mon throws at us.
    Other times, I get players who seem like they want to get carried, which suck at 6+.
    FYI: I give myself the job of running taunt or screens on the mons I bring, otherwise, I use a consistent band or specs like Cinderace, Iron Valiant, Iron Bundle, Chi Yu.
    Sometimes Nasty plot Gholdengo is all you need though.

    • Professor H. Farnsworth
      Professor H. Farnsworth Month ago

      ​@I_can_c_u_ This whole kid excuse is getting super old though. The vast majority of pokemon players are well into their 20ies, 30ies and 40ies. It's not about coverage moves, it's simply a matter of choosing a pokemon that's appropriate to fight the Tera Raid pokemon.. Not the actual tera type..
      Nor can you sit and tell me that a kid doesn't pick up on the whole type effectiveness deal. The games that are released these days throw it in your face. If I learned it in the first few hours as a wee 10 year old back in pokemon blue/red/yellow without being taught about it.. Surely a kid today learns it as well with all the help they get to learn it - well before you even get to 5* & 6* Tera Raids.

    • I_can_c_u_
      I_can_c_u_ Month ago

      @Professor H. Farnsworth yeah okay, but many of the players are pretty young and don’t know about coverage moves. I also had 4 fire type moves on my charizard when I was 7.
      But to see, that an normally water type mon has water moves, even when it is a grass type raid, is just common sense.

    • Professor H. Farnsworth
      Professor H. Farnsworth Month ago

      @I_can_c_u_ That's because people are dumb, it doesn't exactly help that there are 70 pokemons to choose from with a very varied moveset so even if you think, right I covered my weakness, they tend to have a move in there that counters your pokemon anyway.

    • I_can_c_u_
      I_can_c_u_ Month ago

      I just love, when they see a grass type Tera raid, how they choose a fire type Pokémon, when the actual mon is a water type. For example a grass type Azu. Just love it, how they make the raid unwinnable for the 3 other players…

  • TheDragonHero
    TheDragonHero 2 months ago +1

    One thing that is specially brutal about these raids, is that if you go online during an event or when that event is over, THEY RESET AUTOMATICALLY. Why on earth they didnt keep it like in Sword and Shield where you just reset them manually? That has caused me to lose several 6 star raids already with some Pokemon with tera types I wanted.

  • Filipe Martinho
    Filipe Martinho 2 months ago +3

    My favorite feature is the one where the raid boss takes out your mon, half the time bar vanishes, but the game also decides to not start the counter for you to respawn, and when it does more of the bar dissappears, and when you come back you get put in cutscene hell as the raid boss uses all of the dumbass gimmicks of remove tera charge, buffs and debuffs and the stupid "began charging power" message and by the time you get to the menu to attack the time is up, you and your teammates, who spent all their time using moves with long animations, adding to your suffering while also not dealing damage at all due to the stupid shield, and boom, you die having dealt no damage whatsoever. And you have to sit through all of this to get the pokemon you want, including event pokemon that you can catcch for 2 days, or else you have to give gamefreak more money to use the Pokemon Home service to transfer pokemon. EXCEPT YOU CAN'T TRASFER SPECIFIC POKEMON WITH SPECIFIC ABILITIES AND NATURES FROM EASIER GAMES IF THEY ARE GEN 9 POKEMON. YOU JUST SUFFER!
    Or a Bellydrum Azumarill wipes on 2nd turn
    Completely balanced :)
    Edit: Also, WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH TERA SHIELD??? Sometimes it just activates for no reason, sometimes pokemon that were downed come BACK FROM THE DEAD and use the shield, and SOMETIMES, as in MOST TIMES, you can't do shit against shield because Remove tera orb charge+debuffs+remove buffs+Cinderace never missing and constantly having bulk up means you just don't win, and you can't win.
    Also also, why can't we search specific pokemons or star levels? I don't want to fight in a 6 or 7 star raid, when I can just do it in a 3 or 4 star raid and get the items/pokemon I need. FIX YOUR GAME NINTENDO!!

  • Valk Storm
    Valk Storm 2 months ago +10

    I like Tera raids because of the items and xp but trying to get competitive Pokémon it’s hard because not only you need the hidden ability you need the nature but expect this to be fix soon because the game is still fresh most people didn’t get the game when it first came out but since Christmas is here everyone’s gf got them this game this is the newest Pokémon game I’ve gotten since Pokémon black and white and everything is new to me

  • James Draken
    James Draken 2 months ago +1

    I just checked all the raids I could, using a pokemon with trace to check the ability it had before even considering finishing it. Yes, it took awhile to get some specific ones I wanted, but not needing to battle and catch every single one cut that time exponentially.

  • PrValkyrie
    PrValkyrie 2 months ago +2

    And people wonder why competitive players prefer to just cheat their Pokemon in. Game Freak does things to help while also creating absolutely absurd walls. 🤣 Fantastic video!

  • Spaced Oyster
    Spaced Oyster 2 months ago +2

    Not to mention, the highest level raid you can do before the end of the game is 4, so if you want to change your Tera type before then, you can't. Better hope you get the Pokemon you want with the right type and ability from a raid!

  • Kill La Grill
    Kill La Grill 2 months ago +2

    I remember some dude sent out a Forretress, terastalized to normal and used explosion while holding a normal gem. Honestly wasn't even mad

  • OTG
    OTG 2 months ago +3

    Honestly my least favorite thing about tera raids is that they made them so artificially challenging. Like its just some cracked out bot with 5 million HP that can attack you multiple times in a turn and puts up a shield that makes even super effective attacks do nothing, and you have to waste time boosting to kill it in a few hits but then it can just randomly get rid of all your boosts and reset you back to square one, and when its a mon with status moves they always spam it first turn and then the fight just becomes an RNG nightmare and between being punished by the lag, and animation times, then if you get a bad sequence of luck its just over. You lose and not even cuz you really did anything wrong.
    While playing through the game Tera Raids being tough can be kinda “haha fun :)” but there is ZERO reason why in the post-game I cant just bring a Lvl 100 EV Trained mon with perfect IVs and a type advantage and blow through it in 2 seconds. I want to be able to just seek the raids out, get the stuff, and go. You end up doing so many since its the only way you can get the stuff you need, and they very quickly just become boring and annoying. Why cant they at least just be quick??? Im trying to get a team together to fight competitive players, I dont need this stupid “Challenge”.

  • Leif Connor
    Leif Connor 2 months ago +2

    The proper chance of getting a Hatterene or Hattrem would be 3.46%, not 3.52%. The way you calculated it doesn't take into account the possibility of a Pokémon appearing more than once. An easy way to calculate these odds would be to caluculate the odds of none of the Pokémon being Hattrem or Hatterene (.9956^8) and then subtracting the result from one.

    • Professor H. Farnsworth
      Professor H. Farnsworth Month ago

      It's much lower I'm afraid. 1/70 chance is a 1.4% chance of appearing if you have 400 something to get either of those tera raids it's a 3/400 or a 0.75% chance and that's not accounting for the fact you're looking for the hidden ability one so if we are gracious and saying they have approx 1/3 chance to have their hidden ability you're looking at a 0.432% chance or 0.2475% chance.

  • LoveBah
    LoveBah 2 months ago

    i actually caught a Hattrem with magic bounce on a tera raid, but i never actually changed the time on my switch for it, i just caught it and never looked at the abilities, i barely even know pokemon types or abilities and don't know what they are about, i just love how the pokemon look.

  • Cap’n Murasa Gaming
    Cap’n Murasa Gaming 2 months ago +2

    my hate on raids: Sometimes too many things happen at once and the game doesn’t let you do anything.
    Too many things play out while your mashing your move or fus ro dah

  • Alolan Champion
    Alolan Champion 2 months ago

    I honestly can't help but agree. Most competitive mons I wanna use will have to be obtained by breeding down pokemon from Swsh. Magic Bounce Hatterene for example. I'm not going through all that with a low chance of getting what I want.
    And then don't even get me started on the ev's. A big missed opportunity I hope they bring back was the ev removing lady from the isle of armor. That was SO USEFUL. It wouldn't be as much of a pain if you can just buy ev reducing berries from pokemarts, but nooooooo. GF just had to make us work for it by having them sparkle on the ground. I don't want to spend hours on that

  • Ophiuchus_kin
    Ophiuchus_kin 2 months ago +4

    I guess you'd prefer to go back to the time we had facilities to grind entire boss rushes just to get enough points for a single rare candy instead. I too think the raids are very flawed, but you can always start with the small ones until you're strong

    • The Iceman
      The Iceman 2 months ago

      The old ways of getting these things were terrible too, but it doesn't excuse tera raids either. Because at least the boss rushed provided some entertainment on their own.

  • Get The Goons
    Get The Goons 9 days ago

    The worst part is it feels like a frustrated dungeon master stacking the deck against the party and patting himself on the back for providing a challenge.
    "Haha wow this raid sure is hard huh guys?"
    Yeah because he just one shots us.
    "Yeah, ha, you gotta kill him before he boosts."
    Well we could have, but he randomly became invincible when we started winning.
    "Well why didn't you tera?"
    We weren't able to, he got like 6 moves in a row before we got to do anything.
    "Sounds like you're just bad."

  • StayhydratedEveryday 365

    You can get ability patches through the academy ace tournament however they are extremely rare.

  • finguest
    finguest 2 months ago +4

    they absolutely suck. the delayed chat messages you have to click through WHILE THE TIMER TICKS DOWN is absolutely abhorrent. There should not be a timer that ticks down while other players decide what moves to choose or go through horrifically slow animations. The game would be a lot better without Tera Shields, and ESPECIALLY if instead of being timed, it worked on a shared life system like sword and shield (e.g. 6 lives between your team)

  • FeralPossum
    FeralPossum 2 months ago +1

    What makes me insane is
    - when the pokemon knows no healing moves, yet goes from yellow to near full health again??
    - when you're staring at the screen for a full minute or more unable to do anything, EVEN OFFLINE (so no bad internet lag thing)

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy 2 months ago

    idk if im crazy but i just ran into this problem. i got far enough into the game to join four star raids, and the first one i saw was tera rock gyarados. i used the attack cheer, and one shot it. but for some reason it then revived or something at 10% health, and then put up a shield? i terad, but it used dragon dance twice and was at +6 attack and speed somehow. it wiped me and i couldnt tera again and time ran out. idk if its a glitch but the exact scenario happened with another tera fighting and tera steel gyarados

  • Tai’s Commenting account used for commenting

    The worst part about that god forsaken reset button
    Is that even when you find a raid you want
    You basically have a 10% chance of actually joining because Nintendo is THAT garbage at online matchmaking
    And for me, the encounters I get when I enter the portal have a 0% chance for entry, because the geniuses at Nintendo gave me full lobbies and forced me to wait out the damn refresh.

  • Affable Sage
    Affable Sage 2 months ago +1

    Dunno if anybody's said this, but you can change the raids without changing the time. Just turn off 'Sync with Internet' and hit OK. The raids on your map will change.

  • Cool Gamer J.Y.
    Cool Gamer J.Y. 3 months ago +3

    I can feel bad. Finding hidden abilities suck

  • Charles Z P
    Charles Z P 18 days ago

    My biggest gripes with solo raids are that, your ai teammates are either incompetent, or minimally usefully, and they don't terastalize their Pokémon, you can't use items in raids, having your Pokémon die cuts off part of the timer AND makes you wait, all the while your teammates just sit there, not attacking.
    Raids are really bad.

  • Monk Weirdo
    Monk Weirdo 2 months ago +1

    Yea, not only everything is tied to the raid system, but the raids themselves are horrible
    It somehow tries to combine real-time and turn-based into a total mess
    It also has those (I hope not intentional) features that sometimes when you can see that you dealt 90% damage to the pokemon, it resets to 50% HP just so it can turn on its shield or something
    The shield itself is just a waste of time, as in most cases you know you will win anyways it just takes longer because now you deal no damage... truly amazing game design

  • Marc Lyon
    Marc Lyon 2 months ago +3

    These edits are good and deserve more attention, gained a sub

  • Stitchlover96
    Stitchlover96 2 months ago

    The time you have to wait to refresh Tera raid postings is horrible. I don’t always have the ability to play online with my friends to fill up my Pokédex, so raids are my best option, I think it makes you wait a full minute before you can refresh.
    I think this would be a lot less of a hassle if it let you refresh a lot sooner or even search by star level, Pokémon, Tera type, etc. Because I swear I wasted at least 2 hours alone, just refreshing the page because I’m trying to find Scarlet exclusive Pokémon since I have Violet.

  • Shonatron
    Shonatron 3 months ago +5

    When tera raids were first introduced I was really hoping it was just gonna be dynamax raids but improved. However Game Freak dunno how to make a game so instead we got a gimmicky, time consuming, boring mini-game that no one enjoys playing

  • Felix
    Felix 3 months ago +18

    I agree that drop rates for items are abysmal but like just fighting raids when I can feel bothered to do it / just general hunting for herba mystica I’ve already accumulated ability patches and bottle caps.
    I mean, genuinely, of all the broken bs of the Tera raids that part is the least egregious.
    Imo, the painstakingly slow turns/dialogue boxes and the buggy/barely functional mechanics of the raids themselves are the bigger problem.
    Even if they didn’t improve the item drop rates farming the raids would feel so much less miserable if the raids just fucking worked 😭
    Like, I have my text speed on fast and still just end up mashing A through raids because each attack from the opposing Pokémon takes so long - and I’m doing the raids solo! There is no reason for the attacks to take so long since I’m not connecting with other players to do them!

    • Felix
      Felix 3 months ago +2

      @Defo Aqua Interestingly, I've only done one online raid and somehow the connection wasn't as bad as I would have expected!
      Though, that was probably just me getting super lucky with the connection strength and accidentally ruining it by having an extremely embarrassing brain fart of bringing Ceruledge against a grass tera vaporeon 🥲
      I felt so bad for the other players and have not done an online raid since lmao

    • Defo Aqua
      Defo Aqua  3 months ago +2

      I agree with this. I hope somehow they make raids faster to complete but god forbid someone plays a raid online and views how unstable it is when connecting to others

  • HinaCabina
    HinaCabina 2 months ago

    what is the percentage chance for Hidden ability in raids though?

  • Darkvdk
    Darkvdk 2 months ago

    I feel like they switched the grinding. Before it was through breeding and EVs and now a days is raids and money farming

  • Beuks
    Beuks 2 months ago

    I made a comp team played some games on showdown went undefeated grinded for about a week to build it in game just to lose every game and see all the flaws with it after I grinded for 150 tera shards and 2 ability patches and to make a new team I would need to do that again. I hate this game sometimes.

  • Tristana Kazame
    Tristana Kazame 18 days ago

    Man I was farming in tera raids while watching this video and I got the hidden abilit hatterene first try. Im dying

  • Concussive Crystal
    Concussive Crystal 2 months ago

    umm ability patch does exist which is still from 6 star raids but a lot of better chance than hunting down that one pokemon you need while hoping it have the right ability

  • OxbowisaMstie
    OxbowisaMstie 2 months ago +5

    All of that aside you now have to account for players getting confused by Tera typing match-ups. This is a completely new problem. The raids in this game are a complete step back in every way from Sw/Sh but especially in implementation.

    • OxbowisaMstie
      OxbowisaMstie 2 months ago +1

      @Renassance It's really not, but you still get a ton of players who bring stupid shit to the raid. I did not experience this level of frustration in Sword and Shield even after they introduced the Legendary raids. Not to mention it's a buggy, laggy mess right now and there are 6 stars where you can fail because you brought a mon that has a weakness to a certain move you didn't know about. Oh and don't forget about the animations and abilities happening in real time that eat away at the timer.

    • Renassance
      Renassance 2 months ago +2

      It's not that confusing? I don't wanna be rude but it's literally just the type that the den is. That's it. It does normal damage, plus extra on its type, and defensively it's just the type. Unless I'm confused and there's more?

  • TH3 G4M3R
    TH3 G4M3R 23 days ago +1

    1:24 I got a raid that was not 6 star and it was the pre-evolution of hatterene which had magic bounce

  • C
    C 3 months ago +6

    The Tera raid system is why I don’t feel bad for giving myself 999 of the herbs for my solo shiny hunts after I beat the game and completed my dex I love you gamefreak but I’m not grinding like that just to shiny hunt after the 90 hours i already put in for story and dex 💀

    • Ignacio G
      Ignacio G 2 months ago

      @smh my head mh head a few patches ago you were able to clone objetcs. Now it is imposible

    • smh my head mh head
      smh my head mh head 2 months ago +2

      may i ask how you were able to hack these infinite herbs? i dont want to grind these dumb raids either

    • Dingosig
      Dingosig 2 months ago +3

      To be fair, shinies are meant to be rare and with herbas they're incredibly easy to get in this game. So having to farm for the herbas compensate that a bit which is fair imo. I wont blame you for cloning herbas tho, if that's how you're having the most fun that's what matters !

  • TboltGames
    TboltGames 2 months ago +1

    Bro, it pains me to see you suffer like this 😖 Did you find a HA Hatterene? Or I can trade you an ability patch if you want.

  • Maxx Nieves
    Maxx Nieves 2 months ago +5

    Raids are why I stopped playing, they are an awful buggy mess. I farmed 6 stars for days and never got a single ability patch, I had to get someone to trade me one. And tera shards, you need 50, after all my grinding I only had 1 type with 50 tera shards. There is no world where I would ever torture myself enough to grind teams with raids like they are. Showdown is the only option this generation because apparently no one at GF played their own raids. I cannot believe how bad they are still.

  • R B
    R B 3 months ago +4

    Loved the video really interesting and fun to watch

  • Cool Gamer J.Y.
    Cool Gamer J.Y. 3 months ago +5

    Tera Raids bosses are smarter than real human LMAO.

  • TheKhfan001
    TheKhfan001 2 months ago

    I thought this was gonna be a video on janky Tera battles, not just finding Hatterene.

  • Wizard Lizard
    Wizard Lizard 26 days ago

    I just hate the games over reliance on them. I wish there was a more fun way to get things like Herba Mystica, such as exploring dens with tough Pokémon to beat ending in a Titan battle.

  • Maverick
    Maverick 2 months ago +2

    Imagine if instead bringing back the shitty raid gimmick from gen 8, raids were instead super bosses that you fought by yourself. You'd have access to your whole team and bag and shit instead of the stupid ass cheers. You'd have to fight one strong pokemon and you'd have a reason to have a high level team as instead of one super boss trainer, there'd be a bunch of super boss pokemon. A high level team would even pay itself off as you'd be gaining resources back left and right.

  • SocksinSandals1
    SocksinSandals1 2 months ago +1

    ..and then there's me struggling to beat a 5-star raid just because i want herba mystica to get a shiny gible.

  • Solqueen
    Solqueen 2 months ago +1

    I was lucky a raid with Florges with Fairy Terra ( I know what the hell?) Gave me an ability capsule....But still they should have just let us buy the things at the Chanese mart for like 50,000 since they love jacking up the prices on everything else.
    The new held item version of it Ability Patch is CRAP

  • Brian Alleyne
    Brian Alleyne 2 months ago +1

    I agree home should have been realised now or early 2020 their shouldn't have been a wait since most people didn't buy 2 versions and most pokemon are not compatible with this gen anyways. It kinda sucks without home

  • Yamsthepotatoking
    Yamsthepotatoking 2 months ago

    I watched this vid like an hour ago thinking "wow that sucks" and just got magic bounce hattrem lmao

  • SeaSlug
    SeaSlug 2 months ago

    Back in 5th gen you had to play pokemon dream world on a computer. Hope the server wasn't busy and you could only catch one pokemon a day if I remember correctly.
    Also you had to unlock the path that the pokemon you wanted was on and find it .

  • Churdizard _
    Churdizard _ 2 months ago

    Sometimes I feel like I'm totally wasting my time in this game. Grind raids to get good Pokemon that you can grind more raids with.

  • ShadowThief64
    ShadowThief64 2 months ago +1

    And the way the refuse to make herbas easier to get I feel like they hate us

  • BaconNuke
    BaconNuke 3 months ago +2

    Okay yes Pokemon raids have been a flawed idea just because it's a lucky draw... GF does not seem to know that people want to just.. find specific mons.. or items... like sure in the wild you can find the non HA of mons.. but when some are locked into raids? Then you just gotta suffer.. for example in Galar when I was doing some challenge run.. did you know that the dens near Hammerlocke have a chance of Charmander? There are 1 and 2 star loot tables for every den.. but they don't actively work until 3 badges.. so I had to run around getting Watts to buy Wishing Pieces just to go to the singular den that has it.. and stupidly they don't unlock the flying location for "Hammerlocke Hills" until you actually entered Hammerlocke.. despite me walking there already and whatnot.. so I had to walk back to that den over and over dodging the high level mons on my way.. just to find like.. Sizzlepedes and Litwicks.. which were already findable in places that are much much easier to get to.. and you already have access to..
    One good thing about raids in Paldea is the easy 1 and 2 star raids still spawn.. Galar I was just fucked if I *made progress*.. was annoying.. just wish could tell what the difficulty was before got there...
    Anyways back to Paldea raids.. why is there a fixed pool of raids? Galar made sense a bit.. certain areas have certain pools because the wild mons around it are kinda set too.. but Paldea they just spawn wherever tf they like.. I just assumed the stars were for the level of the mon (and thus obviously higher stars are higher level and/or fully evolved) and better chances are good items and HA or something.. like obviously I wouldn't want a 1 star raid Gardevoir or 6 star raid Ralts (well that last one would be kinda funny) but why would you limit what can be in certain raids?! Like I can be in that forest with the Bisharp and find a wimpy 1 star or be next to Cortondo and find everything but..
    Okay so it sounds like GF just wants you to do any raid you can so you can either get what you want or just work towards getting it (ie could get lucky and get mon you want with HA or Tera Type you want) so they don't see the issue since.. if you aren't going for anything specific you can just do stuff and get rewards to use eventually..
    Btw how tf do you get 5 and 6 star raids? The max I keep finding is 4 stars.. I have all the gym badges, beat all the Titans, and beat all of Team Star so.. umm.. why am I limited to 4 stars?

    • Defo Aqua
      Defo Aqua  3 months ago +1

      I have no idea why certain fully evolved pokemon such as Slaking and Luxray aren't in 6 star dens I feel like that's a big design flaw because not everyone is going to check Serbii to find stuff like this out
      Also to get 5 star dens you have to finish the whole game until you see the credits play
      To get 6 star dens you have to beat all 8 gym leaders again, after that the academy will host a tournament which you have to beat and then you have to beat 15 5 star raids after you do all of that you'll get a message saying new mysterious dens have appeared and those are the 6 star ones

  • Bad Dragonite
    Bad Dragonite 2 months ago +1

    Plot twist: they mistake "fixing raids" meaning and instead patch out the date skip

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez 2 months ago

    Everything I'm going to say has already been said but I'll say it anyway
    The good
    Raids are the only way to get herba mystica, allowing me to get more shiny friends
    IF your lucky, you can get great items (but your probably gonna need to make a lv 1/2 raid sandwich
    They're faster than last generation
    And the bad
    The raids are SO laggy, especially online, but not so much offline
    It is SO ANNOYING when you one shot a 5/6 star boss, but the health bar swoops back And they put up the shield, just wasting time
    Nuffaling stat buffs just feel like you wasted a belly drum turn
    Sometimes the boss can attack twice and that's stupid
    Raids online are INCREDIBLY miserable because it takes forever to join and then you probably won't get in
    In short
    I love how they're faster than sword and shield and offer better awards
    But too many stupid mechanic decisions and online lag make them feel like a step back

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C 2 months ago +2

    The refresh was purposefully designed to only let you refresh once every 30 seconds (I think) so that people cannot abuse it. I think you were THE intended target for that feature lol.

  • Kaneda
    Kaneda 2 months ago +1

    met you in an online raid 🙏🏽 nice to see you in my recommended!

  • Savage Automata
    Savage Automata 2 months ago +4

    We all know the raid system sucks but the question you didn't answer is did you ever get the HA Hatterene

    • Defo Aqua
      Defo Aqua  2 months ago +4

      @Savage Automata That's kind of you bro I wouldn't never take it because I know how much of a pain it is to grind but respect to you for giving the offer

    • Savage Automata
      Savage Automata 2 months ago +3

      @Defo Aqua I'm glad you did I was going to offer you an ability patch if you weren't able to get the Hatterene

    • Defo Aqua
      Defo Aqua  2 months ago +7


  • M D
    M D Month ago

    You don't need 6 star raids to get hidden ability. I've got HAs from 3 and 4 star raids.

  • Ashley Cross
    Ashley Cross 25 days ago +1

    I don't think I'll be replaying scarlet anytime soon.

  • ShadowRealmZ
    ShadowRealmZ 2 months ago

    What makes this worse is pretty sure ability patched abilities don't get passed down through breeding

    • ShadowRealmZ
      ShadowRealmZ 2 months ago

      @Jae ah I was thinking bottle capped IVs and mirrored egg moves that don't, but atleast HAs do

    • Jae
      Jae 2 months ago

      yeah they do

  • Matthew Perkins
    Matthew Perkins 2 months ago

    So what you're saying is, me having this Magic Bounce Hatterene for a while now without going out of my way at all is

  • jacob99503
    jacob99503 2 months ago +2

    Just popping in to critique your math, but the way you found your odds isn't quite right. You don't just multiply the chance of finding what you're looking for by how many times you search for it, because you don't run out of other raids. Instead you need to raise the chance of what you want not happening, to the power of how many times you get it. Unless I misunderstand terra raid mechanics and there are no repeat raids. For example, each individual raid has a 0.44% chance to be Hatterene or it's Hattrem, leaving a 99.56% chance for anything else. 99.56% to the power of 8 is around 96.53%, which means you have around a 3.47% chance for one of the raids to be Haterene or Hattrem each time you refresh. Slightly lower than what you mentioned, but still relatively close.

  • Angry Aromatisse
    Angry Aromatisse 2 months ago +2

    I miss Dynamax Raids ;-;

  • Mngalahad
    Mngalahad 2 months ago

    how easy is it to get hacked pokemon? can you just make a showdown team and import it somehow?

  • solanine
    solanine 2 months ago

    The play rough glitch is awful. Unrelated but I wish you could tell how many stars a raid den was without having to walk to it. Its so annoying finding countless 3 and 4 star raids while trying to grind herba mystica because the online raids don't seem to work for me.

  • Majestic
    Majestic 2 months ago

    These raids have got to be one of the most annoying things I've ever had to deal with in this whole franchise.

  • Zack
    Zack 2 months ago

    The whole raid system is just a big gacha game where you might get what you want in 10m or not getting anything for hours or even days lol

  • alex lugo
    alex lugo 29 days ago +1

    They should have make it like in sword and shield

  • your local gachatuber and bloxtuber lime

    me who only wants the loot from the tera raids and pokemon thats needed for the pokedex: thats fine

  • Kamarr Roxs
    Kamarr Roxs 2 months ago +1

    I'm a shiny hunter and doing tera raids is annoying and they are such a low drop rate you have a chance to not even acquire them at the end. Then theres technical issues in raids like timing out even though it's a 0 hp it's just so bad.

  • Zendecisive
    Zendecisive 3 months ago +16

    not to mention the online raids need fixed,

    • Seven
      Seven 2 months ago

      @Boss nass Azumarill Play Rough

    • Boss nass
      Boss nass 3 months ago +8

      One moment you think your almost done with raid because it's at the red the all of a sudden it's back to green WTF!!!

    • Defo Aqua
      Defo Aqua  3 months ago +5

      I fully agree

  • Saad Khan
    Saad Khan 2 months ago

    Your style is just incredibly funny I'm subbing

  • SapphireCentinel
    SapphireCentinel 2 months ago

    "I don't want to work to get what I want" -The rant

  • Dondozoisbeast1
    Dondozoisbeast1 2 months ago

    That 1 hour and 10 minute is varied depending if u don’t get duplicate Pokémon in dens

  • Peace
    Peace 2 months ago

    Don't tell this guy ability capsules exist. He would go insane...

  • DondozoLover
    DondozoLover 2 months ago

    The sword and sheild max raids were worse I wish they didn’t let them get a sheild😫

  • Dirakia
    Dirakia 2 months ago +2

    This Vid and the Comments is why i feel justified on setting every Den as 6 Star via Cheats c:
    I have better to do with my time ffs