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The iPad's Odd New Feature


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  • Grendel
    Grendel 4 months ago +1121

    I think they should try making a really useful graphing calculator type of calculator app for the iPad. Thinking back to my high school days, that would've been insanely useful. Wouldn't need a TI-83 or whatever, and they could make it several times simpler and more intuitive. I had to graph equations all the time, and the extra space on an iPad would be perfect for graphing.

    • PilotFlux
      PilotFlux 20 days ago


    • mpfmax0
      mpfmax0 Month ago

      geogebra, symbolab and desmos apps already do this and carried me through a year of calculus then another year of physics lmao

    • Ray
      Ray Month ago

      Desmos already has you covered

    • Lady Hollman
      Lady Hollman 2 months ago

      They aren’t going to cut up TI or App developers. There is a nice graphing program that may still come on a MacBook.

    • Gaming by DK
      Gaming by DK 3 months ago

      Are you one of the member of our 1k family ?

  • Aaron Griffin
    Aaron Griffin 4 months ago +353

    I have the big iPad Pro that I use primarily as pencil/paper replacement for notes, homework assignments, etc... I think its a great device for this. One nagging gripe I have about the OS though, is that there still isn't the ability to have the screen split horizontally into top and bottom while in portrait orientation. When school was mostly remote, it would have been sooo nice to have Zoom or whatever video streaming app in the upper half with notetaking app in the bottom half while the device is in portrait so you basically have 2 stacked landscape screens. It seems like a no-brainer to me!

    • SKI79
      SKI79 23 days ago

      @Aaron Griffin It did. A12X and A12Z iPads support it now.

    • Mir Raiyan
      Mir Raiyan Month ago

      Ik this is old but which note taking app would you recommend?Im stuck between notability and onenote.

    • Aaron Griffin
      Aaron Griffin Month ago

      @Thomasin Abraham unfortunately, stage manager isn’t yet enabled for older iPad pros though. Only newer M1 models. Though that could change with a future update.

    • Thomasin Abraham
      Thomasin Abraham Month ago

      You can do this with Stage Manager (:

    • Aaron Griffin
      Aaron Griffin 2 months ago +2

      @Lady Hollman yeah. Apple waits forever to release features that Android users have enjoyed for years and then acts like they invented the feature or like the feature was irrelevant until they decided it was a good idea.

  • #SeM
    #SeM 4 months ago +130

    Well, I personally use iPad as a media device, you know, youtube, tv shows and stuff. Sometimes I do paint in procreate, the other times (not that many), some multitasking.
    One day I was on my vacation and needed to connect to my office PC and do some stuff, and I used an iPad, remotely connected, had some chats opened in the stage manager, went back and forth. I think it was an "ok" experience, not considering the "aim assist" of a mouse thingy.

    • #SeM
      #SeM 28 days ago

      @GypsyAdventures I was using teamviewer to connect to my home pc, and yes, I was leaving it on, on locked state.

    • GypsyAdventures
      GypsyAdventures 28 days ago

      I definitely want to know how to do this. Do I need to leave my laptop running at home to connect remotely to do work? Accessing my word and excel doc's with my ipad?

    • Brudamonas
      Brudamonas 2 months ago

      you can turn off the aim assist

  • Nicholas Lattimore
    Nicholas Lattimore 4 months ago +13

    Been trying to use my iPad as a strictly, trackpad-only device sometimes for Apple Pencil use with photo editing, however it’s only slightly available by editing on the iPad, looking at the iPad and having sidecar to the main screen mirrored, but it would be amazing if apple actually allowed mouse cursor control with the pencil and a pressure sensor to detect when “painting” or “cloning” etc would activate. Surprised they haven’t added this small feature yet

  • Ahmed Masaada
    Ahmed Masaada 4 months ago +88

    I use my iPad as my daily computer, and I think this update is a massive improvement for multitasking. I can have a PDF editor behind Safari so I can scribble easier. I can have translate behind my notes for quicker translations. I use my iPad for research (in physics and biology) as well as language learning, writing, and editing. I think it’s perfect for these needs, and really enjoyable to use. And again, not everyone requires coding or intensive programs for their daily work.

    • mpfmax0
      mpfmax0 Month ago

      i do the same but I do need to code for R, you can use Rstudio cloud on ipad though, with a keyboard folio/magic keyboard and a mouse it is tolerable, but much better to use a PC or laptop tbh. For reading, writing, annotating PDFs and browsing the web for papers, then ipad with just the basic multitasking is already really good to me. I have not tried ipadOS 16 yet, wonder if stage manger would actually make a difference, cuz it just did not seem all that useful, at least without using a external monitor, which I won't use. The file manager updates though, whish we had more of those....

    • Saad Ali
      Saad Ali 2 months ago


    • skytron22
      skytron22 3 months ago +7

      @Gbenga Medunoye No, it’s hardly a waste when it has the power to run future OS updates. It’s better to have the issue with power be with software than hardware. Software enhancements will absolutely come, and the amount of power in the m1 iPads give them even greater future proofing compared to older iPads. Expect enhancements to stage manager in iPadOS 17 and beyond

    • Gbenga Medunoye
      Gbenga Medunoye  3 months ago +1

      That's not what the complaint is about. For you, the m1 chip is unnecessary. It's like giving you a plane, when all you do is drive. For some people(like you), it's ok, but for the pilots, they want to fly, but apple is telling them no! Its just a waste at this point

    • axi0m
      axi0m 4 months ago

      Which size iPad do you have? 11” or 12.9”?

  • dibujemaestro
    dibujemaestro 4 months ago +5213

    Files update is more important than stage manager, I think. You can look at four apps, but you can’t work in all four at the same time…files management is the hidden gem of the update and nobody speaks about it

    • Mazakan TC
      Mazakan TC Day ago

      been using ipad pros 3rd one being 12.9 2021, still the fking file manager is horrible with the new 16 update they removed extra simple info too how much gbs on my ssd left, and my current ipad.. etc etc its ridiculous.. dont come and tell me go check it in settings its fking annoying

    • SecretClearance
      SecretClearance Month ago

      I'm thinking for Apple to make a built in files app like we expect to see from the Macs, would be too Mac like for the iPads. They're steering away from iPads OS looking like Mac OS (for now).

    • Adorer of SW
      Adorer of SW 2 months ago

      I hope downloading from web browser will come to iPad and iPhone maybe it is on android

    • Gaming by DK
      Gaming by DK 3 months ago

      Are you one of the member of our 1k family ?

    • Gaming by DK
      Gaming by DK 3 months ago

      Are you one of the member of our 1k family ?

  • Markus Dyrud
    Markus Dyrud 3 months ago +8

    I use my iPad mostly for sheets and music notation, and it is incredibly easy to use for that purpose. I'm not sure if this will be the update for me as a music student, but I'm sure it will come in handy some time in the future. Also I have the 11" iPad Pro early 2020 so it does not have the M1 chip. It will be exiting to se if the not that powerful iPads will support this in the final update though.

  • Ian Reed
    Ian Reed 4 months ago +4

    Interesting analysis. So I started using an iPad as a sketchbook, image browser, concept board portfolio kind of thing before finishing the art projects on a Wacom graphics tablet connected to an iMac. But since the iMac OS stopped being supported any more and the iPad art programs improved, I’ve drifted into using the iPad as a both a portable laptop computer on the road and as the primary graphics tablet a lot of the time. It’s a bit frustrating as a laptop for spreadsheets, accounts and word type documents, great for concept/story board stuff and adequate for most graphic work- but just fantastic for portability. I watch my daughter push her iPad to do more stuff than I could with animation as well as multi-tasking, it’s probably more intuitive for her as she’s grown up on this tech and I didn’t.

  • J C
    J C 4 months ago +433

    iPad, it is an amazing piece of hardware held hostage by the operating system. We are at a point that an IPad or an IPhone could be transformed into a low performance MAC, but profits will forever prevent any of these from materializing.
    Fun fact, in the early days of the IPad, Apple commissioned a few machine shops to create a frame for an IPad/MAC device but it seems the idea was not implemented.

    • MistyMu
      MistyMu Month ago

      I agree. The iPad hardware as it is has the potential to replace the MacBook Air, but it is held back by the software. There is also nothing stopping the iPad getting an even big screen with a Pro or Max chip with the extra ports to replace the MacBook Pro's as well. Apple Silicon has shown that incredible performance can be achieved in a portable form factor without sacrificing battery life. The only thing holding back the iPad is iPadOS. I can partly understand why Apple would hold back from a UI perspective, there are a lot of iPad users who don't need or want desktop class software and would confuse people. Although, I think it is more keeping the Mac relevant, keeping it a device where you have to buy an iPad and a Mac rather than just being able to use the one device.
      I just don't see a place in my life for an iPad right now. My M1 MBA is light and portable enough to carry everywhere with excellent battery life, plus I have full macOS if I want to do anything more intensive. I wish the iPad could replace the MBA, because I do like the touch screen and the tablet experience, but it just doesn't function well if I want to do programming for example.

    • Canadian Youtuber
      Canadian Youtuber 2 months ago

      i just think if you want a laptop, get a laptop. Sure you could puy macos on an ipad but... then its just a macbook without a keyboard.

    • Saad Ali
      Saad Ali 2 months ago

      🎉s😢 ffr I’m n😢tntttaoo o

    • N1K
      N1K 2 months ago

      @Christian LC it wouldn’t cannibalise anything cause it would be a shit experience

    • warped
      warped 2 months ago +1

      And that’s why capitalism doesn’t truly “promote innovation”. It just promotes greed

  • AirIsLungFood
    AirIsLungFood 4 months ago +11

    I like the open discussion about their development philosophy!
    It's worth noting that the iPad -is a different device- than a Mac. It may not be 'they just want it to be different' (though Apple has certainly been known to pursue that) as much as 'it needs to as functional to us with only touch controls'
    It kind of does need to be different than a Mac version of an application.

  • Locut0s
    Locut0s 4 months ago +1449

    This is Apple desperately trying to keep the iPad a “tablet” and keep it in that market segment so it doesn’t consume their laptop division… which honestly I don’t think it would but I can understand their worry. Attempts by companies to reinforce these walls between divisions that they themselves have made kind of blurry have always upset consumers.

    • Pedro Silva
      Pedro Silva 15 days ago

      @Casshern Sins That's exactly what i've been always saying and nobody believes me lmao
      It's not as if the ipad is not capable spec wise. If a person had an ipad there would be no point in having a macbook air or even a mac mini since you can literally have it do the same, and it has the same capabilities as them

    • Lady Hollman
      Lady Hollman 2 months ago

      What’s interesting is the majority of people buying iPads to play games, sketch, or watch Netflix banging on about capabilities.
      It’s a tablet, not a computer. It doesn’t have a fan. It’s not $3000 USD like the Surface Book Pro either. It’s a powerful, portable, lightweight device … and at a nominal price point.
      Playing games and watching tv is a plus, not the purpose.

    • Timothey Demchenko
      Timothey Demchenko 2 months ago

      That’s a good point, but why creating an iPad Pro then? Especially one with M1? It’s seems that they put themselves in marketing trap and intentionally or not created a potential MacBook Air killer. I mean, I get the appeal of selling more expensive pro versions, after iPhone pro success, but why not position it as an ultimate gaming platform on iOS and avoid all this confusion in a first place?

    • Leonardo Liotta
      Leonardo Liotta 3 months ago

      They have to make it remain an expensive tablet, and not become a cheap and uncomfortable to use laptop.

    • Gaming by DK
      Gaming by DK 3 months ago

      Are you one of the member of our 1k family ?

  • Mel Yo das
    Mel Yo das 4 months ago +2

    I updated to ipados 16 to test the new stage manager but found that using the older "multitasking" way was better and easier to deal with and actually made it really productive.
    Personally, i'm waiting for a way to bring mac os programs into ipad. I really want to code using VSCode but it is not available, and there are paid alternatives, even though you can find free apps considering the language you are using. You can easily find for Python and JavaScript, but for C you actually need to use it from the Shell (or command line or whatever you call it [black screen where you write codes and stuff])
    So, a bit disappointed still with the software and still waiting for a better one

  • kilobitti
    kilobitti 4 months ago +9

    It sound counter-intuitive, I know, but I’ve come to love the restricted multi-tasking capabilities of my iPad Pro. I’ve realized, that I get more done when there’s less distractions from the endless multitasking possibilites of a desktop. That said, in the occasions in which I actually need more than 2 apps at the same time or need to work in the files, it gets a bit frustrating.

  • Umberto Vimercati
    Umberto Vimercati 3 months ago +4

    I completely agree with your point of view. I’m a college student and i use my iPad Air 4th gen for notes taking and watching Clip-Share. I’m a everyday user of the multitasking and personally i love it. When i saw the stage manager coming on the iPad I wasn’t really happy for to reasons: 1- my iPad doesn’t have the M1 chip. 2- it didn’t seem as easy and good to use as the multitasking. For these reasons I’m still happy to use the multitasking and stage Magee won’t convince me to change my iPad.

  • F N
    F N 3 months ago +3

    Keeping the features different between Mac and iPad protects both brands from each other. It’s a good strategy.

  • 엠라이트Barok’s waifu

    What I’d like to see with this is a sort of reverse Sidecar, where you can use a Mac’s display as the secondary display, as well as use the built in keyboard+trackpad(on MacBooks) or any external keyboards+mice you may have hooked up to the Mac. I don’t think Apple would do this because Apple, but I also think it would be cool to allow you to access the files of any external storage devices you have hooked up to the Mac that’s being connected to, as well as the files of the Mac itself, and copy them to use on the iPad.

  • alexauga
    alexauga 3 months ago +2

    Having used the M1 iPad Pro for the past 12 months, I will reserve final judgement until using iPadOS 16 however my first impressions are this is a missed opportunity to further bridge the gap between desktop and tablet. I'm hoping that at the very least Apple delivers MacOS class file management to iPad in this new update.

  • H M
    H M 2 months ago +1

    I mainly use my M1 Pro for musical purposes. Also use it as a screen and input device for M1 Mac mini. Use it to read music in portrait mode. Also use it to produce sound when I control it by my midi controllers. In the past when I had to switch between apps it would cut off the backing track. Found workarounds but they just increase complexity and more opportunities for failure at a gig.

  • Saurabh Gadekar
    Saurabh Gadekar 4 months ago +6

    I use my iPad 7th Gen usually for media consumption, sometimes for note-taken and a lot of browsing. I use full-screen apps with slide-over almost every single day. While I like this new UI that Apple is launching for the M-series iPads, I am glad they are not changing the existing one (especially on the weaker iPads).

  • Christopher Parsons
    Christopher Parsons 4 months ago +509

    Stage manager seemed weird when it was announced, and that doesn’t change with each video I see where someone demos/explains it. I’m a pretty hardcore iPad user-I use my 11” Pro everyday, for work and leisure, and am regularly using split screens + slide over windows-but I just don’t ‘get’ how Stage manager will improve my workflow as its presently designed.

    • N1K
      N1K 4 months ago

      @Vaughn Sigal external display support. It seems like stage manager was designed for them and are _also_ available from the iPads screen. With an external display, you do some serious research work, and on a 12.9 inch with keyboard probably too

    • Syed
      Syed 4 months ago

      If there is any company out there that can make a tablet, that can also be a full blown workstation, its Apple. But they will never do it. Atleast not in the forseeable future, till the find a new way to monetise their consumers
      There is one way of doing multitasking which is awesome and it works, its the way that Mac OS does it, same as the way windows does it, same as the way that Linux does it. Now that there is no real difference between a macbook and an iPad, like there used to be (Computer power), if apple admitted it, they'd have to scrap, a whole product lineup 🤣. they would much rather just sell you 2 different iterations of products and their accessories rather than a single product.

    • Sole Survivor
      Sole Survivor 4 months ago

      Just use it with an external Monitor. With this feature the iPad is a great alternative to aac for people on university

    • Jordan The Second
      Jordan The Second 4 months ago +1

      I’d be interested to hear a follow up once you’ve had an opportunity to incorporate it into your workflow, whether you find it useful, or if it confirms your skepticism.

    • RunForPeace 2020
      RunForPeace 2020 4 months ago

      It will if you attach it to a computer monitor… and good for light multitasking when isn’t

  • Learning and Technology with Frank

    For myself, the iPad is mostly for research and reading - so being able to have a journal article open at the same time I have my notes App open is very helpful (split screen). Many times, I have the iPad next to my computer on a stand where the iPad is the “collector” of research material (books, journals) and the computer is the is the “capture” device (notes, etc).
    Ideally, having the ability to cut/paste between the two (collect/capture) is what I look to do.

  • M P
    M P 4 months ago +1

    I’ve used iPad Pro as my only personal computer since 2018. I realized I didn’t need a full blown OS to do 99% of the things I do at home, so I prioritized screen quality for media consumption and portability. The only times I ever have multiple windows open are when taking notes or juggling password manager or authentication apps, but I like having the option.

  • Fernie
    Fernie 4 months ago +2

    I use my iPad (5th gen) mainly for taking notes with the Apple Pencil in class on Goodnotes. The most multitasking I’ll do is having Goodnotes on the right, and the lecture slides or the syllable on the left for reference. I also draw a bit in Procreate, though drawing isn’t as comfortable on the 5th gen iPad and it’s large gap between the glass & the actual screen 😅

  • C W
    C W 4 months ago +1

    I mostly use my iPad for consumption, not production, so typically I like the apps full screen. I’ve played around with stage manager and my initial impressions are… it seems super complicated and tedious to use. I ended up turning it off and just going back to using the normal app manager.

  • Paul Peterson
    Paul Peterson 4 months ago +501

    I appreciate the thoughtful way Marques presents technology on this channel. He isn't shy about addressing shortcomings (as he sees them) of a given device. But he does so in a way that is still respectful of the work that other intelligent human beings have put into the product.

    • Colin Wendt
      Colin Wendt 4 months ago +2

      This is precisely why Marques has been my go-to for tech for basically a decade. It's easy to share an opinion on a product or experience, but it's difficult to present thoughts in a way that is concise and doesn't feel overly subjective and emotional.

    • Golden Skyblue
      Golden Skyblue 4 months ago +1

      Yess!! Exactly what i was thinking while watching the video

    • Leon Kuzmin
      Leon Kuzmin 4 months ago +6

      I'm subscribing to you just because your comment was thoughtful.

    • Virtual Feats
      Virtual Feats 4 months ago +3

      i love watching his reviews - big like and fan girl from Ireland 🇮🇪

    • mbeining11
      mbeining11 4 months ago +3

      I think he's approaching this as "a tablet", and faulting it for being too different than a basic "tablet". He's not wrong, but there are definitely different angles, now. That alone is worth some attention. Apple is creating the middle ground between windows 8.1 and a full boner laptop

  • Promentery Robbins
    Promentery Robbins 4 months ago +1

    Great review. I use my iPad Pro 90% of the time and iPhone 13Pro 10%. iPad on the Magic keyboard 90% (landscape), and use mainly for watching youtube, email, web browsing, taking notes and creating stuff. It’s my one-stop-shop. Frustrated there’s not yet a decent calculator - it’s basic, but something we need. Occasionally I use split screen for copying/pasting between Apps - I’m not looking forward to more complications! Would rather some better Apps would be available, and more intuitive links to HomeKit devices - e.g. to auto stock-take and re-order for my fridge / pantry, see electricity usage per device / household to improve energy usage optimisation etc.

  • Josh
    Josh 4 months ago

    Great video as always! I’m a freelance graphic designer, and I use an iPad as a support device for work. With Universal Control, my iPad becomes a third screen after my iMac & MacBook. I use it to keep my to do list and project notes up, run my work timers, and occasionally send invoices. I also use it on the go for presentations and emailing out files. I’m not too excited for the new features, Stage Manager seems unnecessary to me, but I also don’t want or need my iPad to replace my MacBook. I think you may be right that Apple is looking for ways to do things in an “iPad way”, maybe to justify having a third set of product lines instead of merging with MacBook?

  • bikram
    bikram 4 months ago

    Until now, I can't think of what I could use multi-tasking for on an iPad. To me, it only makes sense to do multi-tasking when iPadOS can truly leverage the power of the hardware, at least be close to MacBook air. For example, I would love to do programming on my iPad and open a browser and terminal in a secondary display connected to it.

  • Balint Gulyas
    Balint Gulyas 3 months ago +1

    Just waited for the full screen function so 16 beta on my ipad pro 11 m1... and yes i love it this stage manager...also now i feel better the multi window management too.. so for me this is much better then before. Video editing with Luma fusion is great for me..

  • BerndBadewanne
    BerndBadewanne 4 months ago +251

    I'm actually really happy with the current multitasking options. Having a lecture on one side and notes on the other and occasionally bring in the slide over calculator is a great workflow for studying. Only thing that always bothered me is how you can't have two apps vertically in portrait orientation. But stage manager looks too cluttered. Just give me a 4x4 grid i can resize and it would be perfect.

    • Apfelmann
      Apfelmann 4 months ago +1

      @aeonjoey for me NCalc Fx is the best

    • Trent Mora
      Trent Mora 4 months ago +1

      Yesss a 2x2 grid where you can drag the middle to resize them all at once would be neat too

    • aeonjoey
      aeonjoey 4 months ago +1

      which calculator app do you like? lol that we have to 'shop for a calculator' still is so silly, biggest issue is ADS in freaking calculators that are free

    • aeonjoey
      aeonjoey 4 months ago

      huh, you'd think vertical top/bottom would be way better than side by side in portrait, that's SO WEIRD! I just was playing with it now, you can't float a window top/bottom either, they should really allow quadrants and halves, would make the iPad way more useful

    • AroTheHawk
      AroTheHawk 4 months ago

      Slide over is a good feature. But the rest is just whacky.

    LOLLOLHILOLOLHI 4 months ago

    I use my iPad mainly for work based web browsing split view with emails on a smaller sized window using spark app and a 3rd app view overlay for getting to other apps I use on the quick. Very handy and find it’s plenty enough and keeps things tidy from a use case perspective.

  • Jordy Kelderman
    Jordy Kelderman 4 months ago +2

    I have had iPads since the first one, my current one the the M1 iPad Pro I still use mainly as an iPad, 1 app on screen with sometimes a second one like Spotify that I open from the side. I very rarely use the split view and I will probably not use the stage manager feature, will try it to see if it is useful though when it comes out. My opinion is that they are over complicating multitasking, especially for casual users. They should have done what Windows 10 did, have the normal iPad ui (tablet mode) and a macOS like mouse/keyboard ui mode, now they are throwing anything at the wall and see what sticks.

  • Daniel Mozhelyuk
    Daniel Mozhelyuk 2 months ago +1

    I have a 12 inch iPad Pro with the M1 chip. I use it for taking notes in meetings with clients at work and any time in general I need to take notes. Also use it for basic browsing. Drawing and general art making is the main reason why I bought it because that is my passion, this is where the multitasking issues actually start to take place. Imagine watching a video, needing multiple reference photos in front of you and the art that you are actually doing. I think they should have a mode where you have one full page up and be able to put small windows on top of that where you have full control over placement and sizing. This would make it easier to do art because when a window gets in the way I can simply resize or move it to an obscure location

  • Lou Ritter
    Lou Ritter Month ago

    Love, and greatly appreciate, your vids/reviews! Since you said "let me know in comments how you use..." - not much "exciting" to share, other than the "practicality" of how "I" use iPad Pro. Have 2021 M1 MBP 16" earlier this year - and use it for home desktop with Caldigit TS4, Samsung's Odyssey 49" (and much more), so I unplug one wire and have the laptop for travels (and one wire back to full desktop). Also have a 2017 2nd gen iPad Pro 10.5" that moves around the house, especially living room sofa use, also for "lighter" travels. Just ordered the 2021 M1 12.9" Wifi iPad Pro to replace the 2017 10.5" and, as I primarily use Office for Mac on both, can do most of what I do on MBP on iPad - but now with better/larger screen and MUCH better keyboards with track-pad (Logi ComboTouch). This gives me a far better/larger iPad user experience, and also a much lighter option for some travels - instead of lugging the larger and heavier MBP when I can accomplish most all on iPad. So, I "do" appreciate these newer multi tasking features, and "don't" see use lidar - and never use the iPad rear camera - I did/do find the MBP a bit much/large/heavy for shorter travels when this new (easier to carry and lighter) 12.9" iPad Pro will certainly suffice - and is a FAR cry from the 2017 10.5" 2nd gen. I certainly agree - would be so much nicer to have OS finder/files, and more/all of "OS" instead of IOS (still hopeful), but the iPad DOES offer the ability to remove the iPad from the keyboard for that use/flexibility, great for "sofa surfing" 😜 (and more) - and, of course, pencil writing. AND, sidecar is nice as a 2nd monitor with MBP (when travel with both). I am certainly NOT any sort of "power user"; but, now that IPad Pro offers USBC/Thunder port, I can carry SSD and get away with the 128GB WiFi model - now nicely price reduced to make this worthwhile. As I said, not "exciting" - but all above combined made this worth the price over always traveling with MBP, and/or choosing MB Air. Thanks again for all you do Marques!

  • Nick Heller
    Nick Heller 4 months ago +635

    Most of the apps I use on the iPad are in full screen mode. However sometimes, e.g. while doing some research, split view comes into play. What I found interesting is what Craig Federighi said in this year's John Gruber WWDC talk show: Apple wants the iPad to have a very focused and clean experience unlike the mac where you can have windows all over the place.

    • John Couchman
      John Couchman Month ago

      @Seoul ita It took me forever, but I found iPad OS’s way of handling this kind of multi window work: slide over apps. If you have the apps you plan to use in slide over, and that’s if they’re supported in slide over (I know the Amazon Shopping app is not supported, for one), then you can easily flip back and forth without really interrupting what you’re viewing in the main app, in my case: Clip-Share. It shows how infrequently I used my iPad that it took me such a long time to find out about slide over apps, and then learn to use this mode in a way that helps me.
      I ended up learning about this mode after I upgraded my Tab S8 to a Tab S8 Ultra (big mistake because that tablet is too big for me). After that upgrade I turned to using my iPad more and have since learned of some of it’s features I was not aware of.

    • Gaming by DK
      Gaming by DK 3 months ago

      Are you one of the member of our 1k family ?

    • Robin Thakur
      Robin Thakur 3 months ago

      @Vivek Venkataramanit’s not for me, I have all the seperate devices, but I’d you only had one It could be useful I guess.

    • Ryan Joseph Ramos
      Ryan Joseph Ramos 4 months ago

      Just more bullshit Apple excuses. (11" m1 pro owner here)

    • Vivek Venkataraman
      Vivek Venkataraman 4 months ago

      @Robin Thakur Everybody as in everybody who is willing to try Dex will have a hard time going back.

  • Mahyar Ghazinour
    Mahyar Ghazinour 4 months ago +2

    Since going to Uni, I've been starting to use my iPad a whole lot more. I used to only work on a full screen app but now I use pretty much all the different Multi-tasking modes to have different apps open and I've gotten pretty used to it!
    No it won't be my computer, but now it's my Book, Notebook, and much more!

  • Mateo Santacruz
    Mateo Santacruz 4 months ago +16

    Impressive how everyone has different ways of using their iPads. I use it for different things depending what I’m doing. A lot of time I use it as an extra screen whenever I’m researching or building websites along with my MacBook. Some other times I used it to chop up and edit videos, and some other times to watch Clip-Share or Netflix

  • Ali Ettienne
    Ali Ettienne 4 months ago

    Having multiple apps running side by side on a ten inch tablet look practical to me. Although you may only use two apps at once which is far more practical than four apps at once. But it still useful to me than the ordinary way. Having this feature on a phone can be cumbersome but the tablet seem ok.

  • Angelo Garziano
    Angelo Garziano 4 months ago +2

    I’m a student and I think iPad it’s really useful because it is light, i don’t have to bring a lot of notebook with me, I just open the slides in one half of the screen, a blank page where I take notes on the other half and sometimes I watch video recorded lessons in a pop up window.

  • Jake Bushlack
    Jake Bushlack 4 months ago +480

    As a software developer, I can't imagine someone giving our team this set of requirements for a project. The whole multitasking flow is so confusing. Almost every "distinctly iPad" feature makes me think "who is asking for this?"

    • taylor
      taylor 4 months ago

      @Βύρωνας Λαδιάς Got it. When I was first trying to figure this out, my first instinct was to hold down onto the Mail icon (similar to how hovering your cursor over an app on Windows & Mac shows a preview of all windows). Apple should’ve taken this approach, but instead you have to open the multitasking view *and then* press the app icon to view all open windows, oh, but that’s only if that app happens to be in the dock! Similarly, you can open the actual app, then swipe up to view the dock & press whichever app icon belongs to the app, like you mentioned, but that still requires the app being in the dock. All of these weird multitasking schemes should be restructured to a singular space, like having them all accessible from Control Center or the actual multitasking view.

    • Βύρωνας Λαδιάς
      Βύρωνας Λαδιάς 4 months ago +1

      @taylor tap the mail icon on the app bar when an instance of the mail app is already on the screen, you’ll be able to open a new instance by tapping the + sign. tap the mail app icon again to view all instances or add another one.

    • Aaron Hastings
      Aaron Hastings 4 months ago

      I run Win10 on my iPad Pro. It’s pretty awesome.

    • stan_sprinkle
      stan_sprinkle 4 months ago

      That’s just the thing. Craig is holding onto this idea that every single thing they create on the iPad is something you didn’t know you needed, Something nobody “could” ask for. But they’re a little too precious about it and taking it too far

    • Samuel Manny
      Samuel Manny 4 months ago

      I dont think ipad is for software developer...macs are for software developers. But ipad is for most people esp artitst, average daily people, students, med people, real estate people, lawyers etc

  • Age
    Age 3 months ago +1

    After a while, i LOVE Stage Manager for iPad. As long you you remember that this is an ipad and not expect it to be a mac, this update is great. Quick app switching and managing.

  • Stormchild
    Stormchild 4 months ago

    I imagine at least some of the shortcomings of Stage Manager - for example, the ability to drag windows between displays - will be addressed before release.

  • Akhil Kapoor
    Akhil Kapoor Month ago

    As a tablet user (non iPad) i would say this is amazing...what apple has essentially done is to create a brilliant hardware & like opened the playing field when it comes to how to use it for everyone

  • rdl5139
    rdl5139 3 months ago

    Hi! Another great video. Is there a type of 2nd screen you recommend for the the 2nd display function and is it just as easy for non-apple displays?

  • Adeseo
    Adeseo 4 months ago +128

    The big thing I really hate about ALL of these iPad features is a feeling of lack of control. When I adjust the size of a window, I want to adjust it to the size that I want in that moment, and having the whole window automatically pop into a predetermined window size undermines my sense of control. When I move a window around, all my other windows rearrange to different locations, and its not necessarily where I wanted them. When I rearrange a split screen slider, I’m stuck with fixed positions that don’t necessarily fit with the app sizes I had in mind. Even the way the mouse snaps to objects makes me feel less in control. Overall, it ends up being a slightly more frustrating experience, even if everything it’s doing is ultimately helpful. Just let me position things exactly where I want, because the way it is now feels like someone else is using the steering wheel at the same time. Sure, that helping hand may guide me but I feel more out of control at the same time

    • Kuza
      Kuza 4 months ago

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      The Pope’s title is Vicar of Christ, which in Latin is ‘Vicarius Filii Dei’, and equates numerically to the number 666

    • Xavier Too
      Xavier Too 4 months ago

      Good pointiPad multitask unpredictable feeling start from split view, stage manager has given more window flexible but unpredictable feeling it will be more serious.

    • Adeseo
      Adeseo 4 months ago

      @Tech In RL You’re totally right about the sizes of apps. I’m not saying they CAN fix all of these things. But some of those they absolutely can. You cited the cursor not being a precise pointing device as the reason apps can’t be hidden behind others. Why not make it more precise? That fixes both problems. The way it is now works for fingers, and it can continue to work that way for fingers, but when a mouse is used the behavior should change. I recognize that there are ultimately going to be limitations, but I think there’s room for improvement

    • Jay Jones
      Jay Jones 4 months ago

      @Tech In RL ikr

    • Halami
      Halami 4 months ago

      You can disable the “mouse snapping” in settings, it’s in general > mouse I think (edit: it’s accessibility > pointer)

  • Ilmari Saari
    Ilmari Saari 4 months ago +1

    I think that stage manager will pave the way for interesting AR use cases in the future. Having app windows float within and outside the screen that can then be pulled to focus on the stage. I mean that’s what it already kind of hints at with the floating semi 3D looking windows to the side. A new metaphor for what’s to come I hope.

  • The Don Gang
    The Don Gang 4 months ago +3

    The multitasking aspects on the iPad Pro are very helpful when I stream to Twitch and Clip-Share simultaneously. I think stage manager will be more helpful when updating or monitoring other social media accounts at the same time while looking at two livestreams. Also, per the calculator on iPad, you can get around this on the iPad by swiping down from the Home Screen and just typing your equations. It’s not the greatest thing but it works.

  • The freshman
    The freshman 4 months ago +1

    My iPad is mainly used for content consumption (reading, listening, watching), document creation and editing on the go (use Google Docs and Liquidtext to mark up PDFs). Most of the time I don't use the multitasking features because I feel they are too clunky (using 2018 iPad pro), but I probably would use it more if it wasn't so clunky (apps that I use aren't supported well or are only iPhone apps like you showed in the Instagram app).

  • Missemmays
    Missemmays 3 months ago +2

    I am a huge note taker on the ipad and using the side by side multi tasking is often the best option for me. So i can pop to the side look and then write what I need to

  • The Groovy Guitar Dude
    The Groovy Guitar Dude 4 months ago +371

    I haven’t taken much time to learn Stage Manager yet, but it definitely seems more confusing than it needs to be

    • benghengang
      benghengang 4 months ago

      apple users lol

    • girlsdrinkfeck
      girlsdrinkfeck 4 months ago

      @Syed apple never will because they want the consumer to invest in every one of their product line that has a specific job ,their ecosystem is a con

    • Syed
      Syed 4 months ago +3

      If there is any company out there that can make a tablet, that can also be a full blown workstation, its Apple. But they will never do it. Atleast not in the forseeable future, till the find a new way to monetise their consumers
      There is one way of doing multitasking which is awesome and it works, its the way that Mac OS does it, same as the way windows does it, same as the way that Linux does it. Now that there is no real difference between a macbook and an iPad, like there used to be (Computer power), if apple admitted it, they'd have to scrap, a whole product lineup 🤣. they would much rather just sell you 2 different iterations of products and their accessories rather than a single product.

    • girlsdrinkfeck
      girlsdrinkfeck 4 months ago +8

      @ASAP DIZZY aww u got triggered cuz apple devices still all act and look like a Vtech kids laptop toy

      ASAP DIZZY 4 months ago +4

      @girlsdrinkfeck there should be something like Godwins law for Samsung fanboy comments

  • Iljk
    Iljk 4 months ago +3

    this is very much perfect for me who has always had problems with having apps be fullscreen because it makes me uncomfortable and feels nauseating. Kind of like a loss of senses one would experience and find uncomfortable for example with closed eyes and headphones.
    I think I am going to be exclusively working im this mode in the future.
    Amazing video, your channel is great

  • Samuel Warren
    Samuel Warren 4 months ago

    yep, 1 app at a time. I am pretty ticked that they chose memory swapping for the stage manager.
    I think for like 90% of the things I do with it, it works admirably well and faster than a macbook or PC. but there are somethings that I just can’t do because apple won’t allow it. it’s annoying

  • Chriss Gaines
    Chriss Gaines 2 months ago

    I use iPad Pro just to draw with the pen. I tried to use iPad Pro to video edit, write, and web design and programming in xcode but the transferring of files to and from traditional computers was TOO difficult and several times I lost data to and from external drives. At first I thought it was a glitch or MY fault but was able to replicate losses consistently. So loss of data was my reason I no longer use iPad Pro as my only computer which only lasted one month. Went and bought a Mac M1 as main computer for all my other things - including formatting, transfers, backups multi tasking, file management etc. Still love iPad Pro. But it’s not a reliable COMPUTER.

  • Celia Evans
    Celia Evans Month ago

    Actually, I have found the new Stage Manager a god send. Sure it’s different but I find resizing windows easy and intuitive. To be sure I’ve been using the beta since it was first available, and there were certainly growing pains. All the controversy and complaints I hear remind me of the complaints when OS X appeared and computer pundits were predicting the death of the Mac, We know how that turned out.

  • Jacob Dimick
    Jacob Dimick 4 months ago +191

    Dang. I'm glad someone voices my thoughts so well! Honestly the biggest issue with an iPad for me is apple's lack of wanting to allow people to use it how they want. I.e. I want to transfer stuff off my iPad onto my NAS. But because it's Apple, it takes way, way longer and is more difficult than it needs to be

    • Lady Hollman
      Lady Hollman 2 months ago

      @owen75 It’s actually because school children use iPads. Plus, Apple has always been more of an Artist / Small Business platform. It’s made for those moderately computer literate so they can’t seriously mess things up and have members at the Genius Bar ready to drown themselves. 😊
      Do I dislike the lack of customization and Apple’s obsession with control? Absolutely!

    • Violet Love
      Violet Love 4 months ago

      There are like 12 conversations that I am tending to in this common section alone. And if you remember I have brain damage. This is really really hard. I’m also using a lot of voice to text. It’s why there’s a lot of weird periods and random words in some of my responses. but this is a really important topic to me, so I can’t stay quiet.

    • Violet Love
      Violet Love 4 months ago

      @What That I made one error in all of that and that’s what you focus on? Way to continue to prove how simple minded and ableist you are

    • What That
      What That 4 months ago

      @Violet Love I said you probably didn't like the wall, you probably like the garden and your response was "exactly", so I guess what you're missing is reading comprehension lol.

    • Violet Love
      Violet Love 4 months ago

      Self righteous assholes. I just don’t understand how you think you’re fighting for choice while taking away something people have clearly liked and chosen for years years.

  • Roland Veasey
    Roland Veasey 4 months ago

    I use an iPad Pro as a hobbyist illustrator and for editing my photos (also just a hobby). I don’t really do too much multitasking on it besides sometimes I like to use picture-in-picture for Clip-Share videos or twitch streams while I draw. But I do tend to prop my phone next to my iPad for when I want to use reference images for my art. It’s annoying to have a reference pic take up part of the canvas that I’m working on. The current multitasking feature doesn’t really work all that great for this but maybe stage manager would help? Although I won’t get to try it out because I have a 2020 iPad Pro without the M1 chip. I think I’ll live though

  • David Collins
    David Collins 3 months ago

    I use my 12.9 with a Brydge keyboard as a substitute MacBook for light applications and travel, because I can also take the iPad from the keyboard and use it with Zwift on my bike turbo trainer sessions. I am sure this is clunkier than some of the PC solutions, but it keeps me in the Mac environment. I am not sure if I would be happy if it was my only computer though - I have a 27 inch iMac for more serious applications.

  • Piotr
    Piotr Month ago

    Curious if developers could use this like keeping iSH working in the background with services running like say a database and dev web server or whatnot - while working in some code editor or checking website in browser.

  • Eric Chaney
    Eric Chaney Month ago

    I use my iPad for my on-line College course. I have been looking forward to stage manager for that reason. It has made my workflow faster when writing papers and referencing notes from saved journals. If I’m reading course material or using the Kindle app I stick to one screen. My iPad Pro 12.9 has replaced my laptop. I don’t see myself wanting a laptop in the future. The Apple mouse is buggy when scrolling documents in Stage Manager. It scrolls based on hovering over a window instead of scroll the app that is open on top. It would be nice to see stage manager transition to the Home Screen and back again. Love your Clip-Share channel this is the first time I viewed it.

  • Enzo Melani Lotto
    Enzo Melani Lotto 4 months ago +89

    I mostly use apps in full screen, but the Split View is very useful while in meetings, taking notes and doing research. Sometimes i find myself using it over my computer for tasks that don’t require complex multitasking, mainly because iPad’s view is more organized and flow a little easier.

    • Lily Jones
      Lily Jones 4 months ago

      Yeah I love using the iPad cause I stay focused. I can't have a messy desktop. It just keeps things clear for me when I need to work.

    • Blade Runner
      Blade Runner 4 months ago +3

      Yeah fast reserch tool. I Am using iPad around 6h /8h a day mostly university and FaceTime tasks. Addition to my windows laptop. Good tool for mind mapping on zoom calls.

    • Brandon Cordy
      Brandon Cordy 4 months ago +4

      I 2nd this. Instead of using it for meetings i use the split view for creating art. Usually to help pull up a reference

  • Calico Critters Crafts
    Calico Critters Crafts 3 months ago

    Nursing student here: my iPad is indispensable. I’m having to get a new one (I’ve had my current one for at least 4 years so it’s gone a while) because I truly love it’s note-taking ability. Our profs use various things like PowerPoint, Teams, Zoom, Canvas, etc and having the ability to write all over a PowerPoint they’ve sent and then exchange notes between classmates for studying. I would guess at least 1/2 our cohort are using iPads with Apple Pencil for lectures and seminars.

  • Maxim Nechaev
    Maxim Nechaev 4 months ago

    For me the iPad is the physical representation of a content I consume. When you browse the internet it feels like the internet is on your fingertips. It's like not a device to browse internet, it is the internet itself in your hands.
    Also I turned all the notifications specifically on iPad and use it as disturbance free device to focus and think about something or to learn, without multitasking or fighting with screaming notifications in your face.

  • Michael Benoit
    Michael Benoit Month ago

    My ipad is primarily for traveling to other cities and photo editing. I wanted to use it as a music editing device and Garage Band is a really fun tool, but it just lacks the in depth editing options of say Pre Sonus or Pro Tools

  • James Hobson
    James Hobson 2 months ago

    I love it. It's apple's answer to Linux's tiling window managers. I've always wondered how you would make something like i3 or XMonad work well on a touch screen, I guess this is it

  • Kristy Elizabeth Taylor Boom
    Kristy Elizabeth Taylor Boom 4 months ago +166

    The split view use for drawing in procreate is incredible and it feels amazing to own this device, that’s of course until I want to work on a word document and 89 % of the features are not available for use on the iPad.

    • F3PIZZA
      F3PIZZA 4 months ago

      Amazing device, it changed my life, quite literally. I can record multitrack live instruments, work on Remote Viewing, take notes while watching a video, it’s endless.
      But why I can’t use it to make a PS4 Livestream?
      Why can’t the notes app make PDF page lines or export as PDF?
      Why can’t I adjust the double tap of the pencil? If I write too hard it switches over!
      I literally love almost everything about it and hate nothing.

    • Jan Loertscher
      Jan Loertscher 4 months ago +1

      How could Apple fix this? Microsoft doesn't want full scale Office applications on iOS devices. That's not Apple's decision.

    • The wise monkey
      The wise monkey 4 months ago +3

      I am a full time iPad user and i feel you truly they need to fix this and pages just don’t hit the same

    • Tony22
      Tony22 4 months ago +3

      Not to mention it gets buggy realll fast once you try to do anything relatively advanced

    • mrowe1204
      mrowe1204 4 months ago +5

      Yeah, I agree word sucks on the iPad!

  • Adeyemi Adenusi
    Adeyemi Adenusi Month ago

    first time iPad user. M1, thankfully. I'm looking forward to it being completely difference from a laptop experience cause i got it for my illustration and animation. meaning if it's just a laptop without a keyboard then i might as well just used the money to get a better computer and Wacom on the side. hoping to get the Magic Keyboard later but not a fan of iPad laptop, again but they just announced Magic keyboard folio for iPad 10 which is detachable from the folio. fingers crossed something similar comes to the rest

  • Amirhosein Shams
    Amirhosein Shams Month ago

    Ipad is an amazing gadget for design,Also the split screen is so useful the pop-up thing helps me a lot when i'm sketching something and apple music or Spotify is very easily available, no need to change the app.

  • Commander Joy
    Commander Joy 4 months ago +1

    I use my iPad just to read, get email, watch stuff, catch up on basics. It's not my work machine. My new M1 14" laptop I would take if I knew I was going to do work while traveling. But for casual catching up with stuff, the iPad is light and easy to carry. I don't want complications on a simple (but certainly powerful) device, so I'm not interested in getting the iPad to do what an actual computer does. If you want a computer, get a computer. If you want a great tablet for basic stuff as well as some fun drawing/art and creative stuff, get an iPad. Just don't dream/expect your iPad to be a computer. They should not merge.

  • Eirik
    Eirik 2 months ago

    Honestly I’m fine with having only two apps open at the same time in iPadOS 15. Switching between apps beyond that is fast enough that I never feel like I need more stuff running at the same time.

  • Doug
    Doug 4 months ago +46

    I've had an iPad since the first one. I wouldn't say it's an essential part of my workflow, but I would say that 95% of what I do with it is media consumption or extending my Mac's display to it.
    I rarely use multitasking on the iPad. It's always felt clunky and confusing. But I was excited to try out Stage Manager, so I downloaded the beta on my 11" Pro. And... I stopped using it almost immediately. I understand having a minimum size for an app, but... I do not understand why you can't put it in whatever size you want. Why do you have to turn it on or off, and, when on, do you get unexpected behavior when just... opening a damn app? And my biggest gripe was one you outlined - why does switching to an app in another group not... make it show up in your current group?
    Apple did multitasking really, really well with single apps on the iPhone. But I really feel Apple is trying to shoehorn features into a platform that was never designed for simultaneous multitasking. You have a desktop that is really an app launcher. You have a window manager (Stage Manager) that has a limit to the number of windows that can be open. It's like running Windows 3.1 and opening too many apps will lock your computer up - except you know the M1 certainly has the ability to do all of this in spades. But even Windows 3.1 had a damn desktop and a separate app manager.
    I get it. Apple wants to do things in a new and innovative way. But they're trying to shove features into a platform that does not work in this way. It's unintuitive and unnecessarily complicated.

  • TheOriginalThinkman
    TheOriginalThinkman 4 months ago

    Though I’d like to be able to run high-end apps like logic or final cut on my iPad, I think I’ll always be more comfortable running them on a Mac. but, until I’m able to run such resource intensive apps on my iPad, I’ll never know for certain if this way of thinking is valid.

  • Lily
    Lily 4 months ago

    I am using my iPad only in touch mode, as I don’t own the magic keyboard since its too expensive for me. Multitasking is something I sometimes use for school work, etc. but it generally annoys me more than it helps me. It may be because I don’t own the 12.9” iPad Pro but the 11” (correct me on the sizes if I’m wrong).
    Stage manager got me a bit excited up until the point they mentioned that it is locked behind the M1 Chip which my iPad doesn’t possess. It would’ve generally a bit more useful than the spindly tiny windows and the buggy keyboard while multitasking for me.
    But as someone else mentioned, the file system update is a lot more useful for me as I constantly have to download, edit and reopen files for school, which are all in their separate folders…
    The only thing I was really excited for was iOs, iPadOs just doesn’t have as many new features for the older gens of iPads to be that huge of a change. Which is sad since I bought a Pro for school which I was expecting to support newer updates and changes to workflow.

  • Srikrish
    Srikrish 4 months ago

    1 screen at a time, I never multitask on my iPad Pro. But. I’m also still on my 10.5” iPad Pro, so there’s that. To your point, I still find even the older split screen and slide over modes somewhat painful to use and ended up just never taking to it.

  • Adrien Berintan
    Adrien Berintan 3 months ago

    A rating system when ur selecting image’s in the Files app would actually make a huge difference.

  • CancelGeese
    CancelGeese 4 months ago +101

    I have the big m1 iPad Pro and I use it for college and design. I’m an engineering major and I exclusively use the touch screen and tbh switching to digital everything has been sooo nice. For my degree I need to be really organized and having all my hand written notes in one spot that can be accessed from any of my devices is MAD convenient. And for creative projects there are 3d modeling softwares that are comparable to my professional software on PC and it’s damn powerful, and the ecosystem benefits of apple are really nice. My iPad has become my primary device but it didn’t replace my main desktop though I have fewer reasons to use it. I love how it’s simplified my workflows. I constantly use spllitview since the screen is big enough to support them and I bet I’ll use the new shit all the time. Feel like this device was made for me.

    • Antonio Ledesma
      Antonio Ledesma 4 months ago

      I use my Ipad Pro in exactly the same way @CancelGeese uses it but i bought my Ipad Pro 2 years ago, which means it is not M1 and i spent so much money but won’t get all the new stuff. Just really frustrating.

    • m347f0x
      m347f0x 4 months ago +3

      @Vady Probably something like Shapr3d

    • KantoRobo
      KantoRobo 4 months ago

      @Vady apps like Shapr3D check my channel you can actually do cad on a iPad. Takes some time to get used too but it works pretty good. And for sculpting you can use nomad. Plus all these apps run smooth even on the Base model iPad 2021.

    • Vady
      Vady 4 months ago +6

      What 3D apps are ya talking about ?

    • Little JJ
      Little JJ 4 months ago +1

      Preach 🙌🏻

  • Rogue Myst
    Rogue Myst 13 days ago

    Here's the big question I have: how do the magic keyboards' swipe gestures work with the shelf? I think it's a three finger trackpad swipe to switch between single apps in normal mode--with stage manager, does that switch between entire shelf stages?

  • Jackson Burger
    Jackson Burger 4 months ago +2

    In most reviews and most comments I hear people say the iPad isn't doing enough. I'd like to think that apple is actively working on changing that with the rumors of "pro apps." Hopefully with memory swap app devs can use more than 5 gigs of memory and add Lightroom and Illustrator and Photoshop to the iPad. I think most people forget that Apple's trying to make the iPad a laptop replacement, not a desktop replacement like laptops have been. Like Miani said it was a good setup with iPad as laptop and 24" iMac as his desktop. Currently, Apple's trying to add all the benefits of Mac to all the benefits of iPad (is: similar to use, even less viruses, similar user experience to iphone). As of now, I think it is the best of both worlds, but I hope as time goes on, more people agree and like it as much as I do.

  • Thato Madibo
    Thato Madibo 3 months ago

    Most definitely I’ll answer this question. As a student I use it everyday for; essay writing and research as my courses relies on it a lot, photography editing as I am apart of the photography society and of course to watch content like right now. Having the Apple Pencil and keyboard is a big help. I also love to use my iPad and laptop at the same time which is great. Multitasking is great but, can be better as you say in the video.

  • Jonas 314
    Jonas 314 3 months ago

    I use it as my main computer. I answer mails, edit photos, surfing around the internet, watching movies and this kinda stuff. I’ve got to use it with the keyboard and trackpad. Its quiet handy and it helps that i don't have to touch the display as often, which only makes it dirty. I dont use the multitasking features not very often. Most likely when i listening to musik while edit photos or something.

  • Isaque Fontinele
    Isaque Fontinele 4 months ago +10

    Let's get real here.
    Apple doesn't wanna canibalize his own ecosystem. That's all!
    If the iPad could work like a Macbook (which is completely possible), many people would prefer to spend less money and just get an iPad, which would fulfill their necessities, no problem.
    Keeping the devices looking and acting different it's a way to aim them into different tasks and environments, so they don't compete against each other.

  • Carter Cothran
    Carter Cothran 4 months ago +4

    I have a 2018 iPad Pro and it’s still fast! I used to use it for everything in college. Papers, notes, reading music…. Once I got my MacBook I switched to using it for everything except for reading music. I still use my iPad but only while playing music and I have a foot petal to change pages. That’s it. I went to just using the MacBook because of the ease of use and the multitasking capabilities.

  • Bryan Buitron
    Bryan Buitron Month ago

    I'm actually annoyed at the secondary display now. Before, I would plug my iPad to a projector to play a movie, and turn off the screen to keep the light to a minimum, but now, even with Stage Manager off, the second I turn off my iPad, it turns off the external display. Didn't used to do that before. I was hoping it would be useful, but I'm not liking Stage Manager right now. Even with the more stable beta, it's still buggy and problematic

  • Lem0nh3ad
    Lem0nh3ad 4 months ago +1

    I got my first iPad late 2020 and use it for googling, video content, taking some notes, reading stuff... entertainment.
    It does NOT feel like a work machine at all (though I'm sure it has performance), but I could never imagine it for work related stuff (docs, spreadsheets, presentation etc.) the apps are just basic and lack functions/shortcuts. work would take 2x 3x more time with an iPad

  • Tyler Z
    Tyler Z 4 months ago

    The split screen function was good enough, I don't think I'd use stage manager... but being able to plug it into a dock and take advantage of an external display is huge

  • Miles Wirht
    Miles Wirht 4 months ago +43

    I use my iPad for resource management really, it’s excellent for viewing and editing on a basic level, but the second you try to do more either it takes an extra app, or odd work-around, if at all. But for note taking and project management it shines, it’s wonderful to use, and using it at school has been a joy.

  • Chris Gasque
    Chris Gasque 4 months ago

    I primarily use my iPad for conference calls and note taking. So usually, I'll have Teams and GoodNotes both open in split screen so I can see the call and take notes at the same time. Other than that, it's mostly used for consumption. Being able to watch Clip-Share and browse Reddit at the same time is nice, but other than that, I don't really need multitasking on my tablet.

  • Muhammad Hosein Khodabandelou

    for me its like I really love to use my ipad as my workstation instead of my macbook but shortage of softwares and the lack of optimization for ipad as a workstation is far away from a pc or mac. the beloved ipad touch screen is worthless for a set of pro works (not all of em I'm aware) at the end of the day. In short I really love to used ipad as my main worksatation but it's just not well optimized and powerfull enough (at least in case of softwares like finalcut).

  • warped
    warped 2 months ago

    Love how u always keep ur reviews honest to this day.

  • Robb Ren
    Robb Ren 3 months ago

    I consider my iPad a media consumption device. For me, it shines as that. I am not too interested in working on an iPad (it’s nice if I’m in a pinch), and would personally not use multitasking too often if at all.

  • La Lu
    La Lu 4 months ago +128

    When I first heard about the new stage manager feature I was really disappointed that it only comes to iPads with an M1 Chip since I have the 2020 A12z Bionic iPad Pro and don’t consider updating for another 2-3 years. I only use it for university to organize files, write handwritten notes and create MindMaps and stuff..
    I almost always use the split screen view with a small slider window on the side.
    I have to say though that the new stage manager at least without external screens is not too much of a difference to my workflow right now, so I will probably stay with my iPad and won’t buy a new one just to get the feature

    • 김윤호
      김윤호 2 months ago

      @MaxyShou Tube LOL SHAME ON YOU

    • MaxyShou Tube
      MaxyShou Tube 4 months ago +1

      @Mark Winther M1 iPad Air has 8 gigs of RAM, it’s pretty capable even without a memory swap feature.

    • MaxyShou Tube
      MaxyShou Tube 4 months ago +1

      @김윤호 Look at the specs. A12Z iPad Pro had 4 or 6 gigs of RAM. This Mac Mini on A12Z had 16 gigs of RAM, it was much more powerful! Just google before making conclusions. The main problem with Stage Manager is RAM, not a chip itself.

    • chidorirasenganz!
      chidorirasenganz! 4 months ago

      @Mark Winther it also has twice the amount of RAM and a far faster SOC

    • Player 1135
      Player 1135 4 months ago

      I also stay with my pro 2020.. I just use that for drawing 😂

  • Hassan Mannan
    Hassan Mannan Month ago

    I think for me the best thing about the iPad is (or was prior to the introduction of multitasking) is the single app full screen view. Helps me focus better. Stage manager and slide over just seem like an idea that works great in theory but make me feel overwhelmed by the amount of content on the screen.
    Edit: split view works much better though in my opinion given the size of iPad pro 12.9.

  • OJ Techhd
    OJ Techhd 3 months ago +1

    I normally use my iPad for editing shorts form videos, research, recording voiceovers and sometimes recording videos with it. The split screen comes in helpful when I want to read and record a script with the Note app here and the voice memos app on the other side

  • Prasad Mangal
    Prasad Mangal 15 hours ago

    stage manager is the worst multi-window manager that exists period cause it doesnt fully utillize the screen space

  • Sadat Chowdhury
    Sadat Chowdhury 4 months ago

    Thanks for explaining the incoming stage manager and other iPad features. It would also be nice to hear from google in the future of why they don’t have any app for the stocks. iPad should have a calculator app totally agree.

  • Unleashed Again
    Unleashed Again 4 months ago +44

    I’ve used the iPad Pro as my “daily driver” for years. This will be huge for me. Even just having apps full screen on an external monitor. The new quirks regarding app movement and placement are fairly easy to learn if you actually need them… and anyone who doesn’t need them can happily ignore the feature. Three big use cases: 1) writing full screen on iPad with reference material and notes on monitor, 2) Apple Pencil in a notes app on iPad with main writing app open on a monitor, 3) video editing in full screen with reference material and notes on a separate monitor

    • Unleashed Again
      Unleashed Again 4 months ago

      @Andrew Olivares Yeah, LumaFusion is the app I use. It’s a pretty full featured pro video editor, and feels similar to Final Cut Pro. It’s missing some tools and features and isn’t quite as “pro”, but it’s still really good. The main limiting factor is there’s no way to auto sync video and audio, so you have to manually sync your clips. On big projects you can run into track limitations, because you only have 6 video tracks and 6 additional audio tracks. But most of the time it’s fine. And, in fact, I enjoy the experience of editing on iPad more than computer… something about the touch screen and Pencil make it feel more fun. Rendering and export is fast even at 4K.

    • SToXC_
      SToXC_ 4 months ago

      no offense but whatever "video editing" you do on ipad is just trash

    • Ajay Pathak
      Ajay Pathak 4 months ago +2

      @Andrew Olivares LumaFusion

    • Andrew Olivares
      Andrew Olivares 4 months ago +1

      Curious: how are you video editing with the iPad? Adobe or some other app and how does it limit your workflow?

  • Woody J
    Woody J 4 months ago

    To be honest, I use the iPad for everything meaningful in my work and personal life. I use the Air 5 with the magic keyboard for my teaching work in the school year and I connect to a MBA via universal control that connects to an external monitor for my business work in the summer. The 11” is the sweet spot for the classroom, and the UC + external display covers any use case for which I might need one or the other device.
    I wish I could go straight from the iPad to the external monitor, but I’m just not thrilled about stage manager. If it’s going to cut so much real estate and take away the ability to resize windows like I want them resized, I’d rather just use my workaround. With Rectangle for Mac, you can get a ton of useful shortcuts to resize applications in a wide range of configurations, so stage manager doesn’t serve a need that isn’t already being met, and if it takes a wonky surrendering of the ability to specify how I want to use the windows, I’ll probably just let this one lie when the update comes out.
    FWIW, I tried the public beta and had a pretty bad experience. I’m sure it will work fine as intended when 16 hits the masses, but I don’t really know if how it’s intended is something I’ll really need - or want.

  • Ann Doria
    Ann Doria 12 days ago

    I use my iPad Pro 11 for work. I am a Script Supervisor in the film industry using a couple app’s specific for what I do.. I really do wish that Final Draft for the iPad had the same exact features as its counterpart on the laptop. As you mentioned Apple wants to keep it separate which really sucks. Have the 3rd party app developers make Pro versions of their apps. Maybe someday but don’t see it happening anytime real soon.
    Thank you again for your wonderful informative videos.

  • Shoto42
    Shoto42 2 months ago

    I’m still in highschool and I use my 8th gen base model iPad for all my school work so. Including taking notes, doing schoolwork, using a calculator on the side, watching videos or reading articles while taking notes. Really hoping that this works as well as I think it will cause it will be a game changer for students who have been wanting to get away from the shitty chromebooks that schools give us.

  • Mockingbird Redacted
    Mockingbird Redacted 4 months ago +1

    Watching this video right now in full screen folio mode on my iPad Pro, I like knowing about the new features but I don’t necessarily need them for my workload. To some people I think it would be great and as far as the app grouping I think just a simple click should bring up the app and a long press should bring up the group

  • Jorge Blanco
    Jorge Blanco 2 months ago

    After using a Surface Pro 8, I can see what Apple is trying to do. When you use the surface as a tablet, it’s not easy to use your fingers or stylus to click the taskbar. Windows is built for a mouse and keyboard, adding finger gestures is great for grand gestures like going back on webpages, but when you need precision it’s not that great without a mouse.