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The Best Dishwashers for 2021 - Reviews, Ratings & Prices

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    You're probably having a hard time finding a dishwasher. The best dishwasher, in many instances, is the one you can find. Many of the dishwasher manufacturers have supply chain issues from sourcing essential components to COVID-19 in their factories and warehouses.
    In this video, you will learn the best dishwashers at different prices. So, you will see dishwashers between $499 and $2,999. You will also learn how to buy a dishwasher from quietness to washing, drying, racking, and most importantly, what you can buy now. We will also show reliability for each brand based on real service calls logged by our service department last year.
    Some brands are more reliable than others, and repair is a huge problem in the appliance industry despite what you have been told. We logged over 37,000 service calls just last year...and that’s just in the Boston area with people who bought the appliance from us. So, the first part will be how to buy a dishwasher in these troubling times. The second part will be the top 10 for every budget.
    We calculate appliance reliability by looking at the products sold compared to the products serviced by the brand for one year.
    However, with a 10% repair rate, you most likely will need service within five years. You should be mindful of who fixes appliances in your area. Pick a few brands and ask your local servicer what they can fix quickly.
    So which one should you buy?
    It depends on what you are looking for and, unfortunately, what's available. Miele is the best, but expensive. Their other G700 models are worth considering at $1,499 to $2,599 but aren't available.
    The least expensive Beko at $499 looks pretty looks with decent features, quietness and all stainless tubs.
    The best selection is between $900-1199 as Bosch, KitchenAid, and Beko, have good products. Just make sure whatever you buy can be fixed.
    Overall, this is a good list to start your shopping. You have multiple brands at different prices.
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    1:22 Reliability Calculation
    1:49 American vs. European Dishwashers
    2:07 Quietness
    2:39 Drying
    3:20 Racking
    3:42 Washing Systems
    4:00 Most Available Dishwasher
    4:26 Best Dishwasher Under $500
    5:02 Quietest Dishwashers
    6:57 Best Washing Action
    7:35 Best Racking
    8:36 Best Drying
    9:03 Best Panel-Ready Dishwasher
    9:35 Best Premium Dishwasher
    10:33 Which Should You Buy?

Comments • 286

  • Fat bike Montage
    Fat bike Montage Year ago +15

    Be careful with the auto opening dry function. If you have a worktop that overhangs you can get problems if you have a wooden worksurface, and you need to dry the area around as it tends to collect condensation.

    • Murphy Brownies
      Murphy Brownies Year ago

      Good point. Our friend had a malfunctioning auto opener - it would pop open continuously during a cycle!

  • Daniel Woods
    Daniel Woods Year ago +3

    Used dishwashers are a great option too, like older Whirlpool made models including Kenmore kitchenaid inglis amana, the older version of the whirlpools offered a powerclean wash system which by far is the most powerful dishwashing system invented. I have the final generation of the powerclean, runs like new and still looks like new.

  • Philip Gretzkowski
    Philip Gretzkowski Year ago +1

    I replaced my GE Profile with a Bosch SHPM78 series two years ago. Install was straightforward. It is very quiet, which is needed in our "open concept" home layout. Loading is a bit tricky, but the cleaning results are quite good. We open the door immediately after the "finished" chime to speed drying. We're satisfied.

  • G4L
    G4L 2 years ago +4

    Thanks for an informative video! This is certainly one area of technology that has changed considerably over the last 10-15 years so it's hard to just be a "reliable" consumer because the big names have become less consistent. I would love to just stick to the same brand names but then industry has changed considerably. Without question, actually drying the dishes is a big deal for me. I could care less about the technical reasons why this is considered a "special" feature.

  • Earlene Gorman
    Earlene Gorman Year ago

    I've had my Jennair dishwasher going on three years. It's got so many great features. I love the stainless steel inside. I thought my old Maytag was quiet. Our house is open concept and the new Jennair dishwasher never makes noticeable noise. I love the adjustable racks. It takes care of everything. Everything comes out clean and spotless even in my hardest of hard water.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 2 years ago

    After waiting just over 3 months, Yale just delivered the Miele G7106SCUSS that replaced a Bosch 850 something. The wait was worth it. The construction of the Miele is more substantial than that of the Bosch, and probably most other dishwashers (the Miele sides, back, and top are covered with SS panels). The Miele can also hold more wide dishes and bowls due to the wider spaced tines and upper utensil rack. One recommendation for Yale is to include a copy of the instruction showing how to open the door of a Miele dishwasher with auto-opening door. I had to Google for instructions.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      Thank you for the feedback. Glad you're enjoying your new dishwasher!

  • James Rose
    James Rose 2 years ago +4

    We have the KitchenAid and one unexpected downside was that the door is much closer to the floor than other dishwashers we have owed. It's a little further to bend down to load and unload. Also, the open door lines up perfectly with my ankles which has resulted in a few painful interactions.

    • up too late
      up too late Year ago

      Previous dishwashers didn't hold as many dishes. It's a capacity thing. I doubt the higher open door is anything but a thing of the past.

    • Char Minsky
      Char Minsky 2 years ago

      I use a cane so it’s tricky with the door. Previous kitchenaid was higher on the door.

    • Deb Kaufhold
      Deb Kaufhold 2 years ago

      I have the same issue with my 11 yr KitchenAid! And yes, the ankle interactions (including a giant gash one time). Thanks for reminding me of this design element as I begin my assessment of next dishwashers!

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago

      Thanks for sharing!

  • ImJustPlayin'WithYa
    ImJustPlayin'WithYa 2 years ago +28

    I wish myself going to any store in my country and being as informed as now... All data, issues, funcionality of each brand/solutions at hand... You’re rocking the world of appliances’ reviews - keep it going!

  • Reform Restore Respect

    You've overlooked countertop dishwashers, a practical solution for small kitchens. I've had mine for 8 months now. Brilliant performance and copes easily with a 6-place setting. Gave up part of countertop space but sooo worth it. Efficient, incredibly quiet and only £200 + £35 to install. 5-star.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      Fair point. Countertop dishwashers may not be as popular here in the states and we don't currently offer any so we don't have any insight there.

  • russwalker33
    russwalker33 Year ago +1

    You should add, the higher end kitchenaid have their pro dry feature. Which has a fan built in and works great at getting even plastic dry.

  • bill hamre
    bill hamre 2 years ago +19

    We got our Miele dishwasher 9 years and have never had a problem with it. In fact it still amazes us on how good it is.

    • Diane Haskins
      Diane Haskins Year ago +1

      @ProFessa Parrot We had a Miele at our last residence for 7 years. Not one service call... Will most likely buy another one or a Kitchen Aide when the time comes.

    • Lin A
      Lin A 2 years ago +2

      I love my Miele. No issues at all. My father has the quietest dishwasher and it’s a Whirlpool. We don’t even know if it’s on. My friend had a Bosch and it took forever to finish a cycle and the tub cracked.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago

      They make a great product

    • ProFessa Parrot
      ProFessa Parrot 2 years ago +3

      Miele dishwasher is now 15 years old and is still amazing. Not as good as our Miele washing machine though - she's 25 this year which is incredible.

  • Susan Smith
    Susan Smith Year ago +25

    Your video reviews are the best I’ve found and your FREE DISHWASHER BUYING GUIDE is very comprehensive. If I lived in your area, I’d certainly buy from you for the product AND the service which I’m sure is as top notch as your videos. 🥰 Thanks so much for posting these. I watched every one! 😊

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago +2

      Wow, thank you! Really appreciate you sharing that.

  • Melissa Winslow
    Melissa Winslow Year ago +4

    I agree with him wholeheartedly - the best dishwasher is the one you can find. After only 4 years, my Bosch 800 died. I had no idea how much I would miss the racking design (especially the third rack for flatware ). I ended up with the floor model of a Kemore Elite that was being discontinued. Overall I like the Kenmore. I do not care for how the racks are designed. My plates constantly want to fall over and dish capacity is half of what the Bosch had. However, it does the job - it washes the dishes. I cook a lot and have no interest in doing all the dishes by hand. Thank you for the tips for my next dishwasher ~

    • K
      K Year ago

      I have no idea which to get when even Bosch died in 4 years lol

    • winebox
      winebox Year ago

      @Josh i was going to ask who makes kenmore dishwashers? I can tell by the design that Panasonic make their vacuums.

    • Daniel Bliss
      Daniel Bliss Year ago +1

      Bit shocking that your Bosch died so soon; how come? And do you have hard water where you are?

    • Josh
      Josh Year ago +1

      Kenmore doesn't manufacture a dishwasher.. they relabel others dishwashers. So depending on what year/model you got it's someone else's

  • Susan V
    Susan V Year ago +6

    I had a high end kitchenaide....a finicky creature. I had to run hot water into the line prior to using every time. Yes it was quiet, but I found it less effective than the base Kenmore I replaced. I've since replaced all appliances with GE and I'm thrilled with the GE. Quiet and effective.

    • Kerry Desilets
      Kerry Desilets Year ago +1

      The first KitchenAid appliance I ever owned was their double oven stove and it's terrible. Even the KitchenAid manual can opener I bought broke (the handle snapped clean off!). I have been extremely disappointed with KitchenAid and would not purchase any of their products.

    • Kapp Davies
      Kapp Davies Year ago

      I did all GE kitchen too as part of my remodel. They’ve done a great job paring down silliness and focusing on core functionality. Oh and the new designs are gorgeous. I love the 3rd rack, bottle jets, and interior lights. This is on top of dishes coming out literally spotless.
      Availability has been SUCH an issue though, so if you need an important appliance right away, you are out of luck :-(. I really hope they can get that fixed soon. I’m sad they’re losing business to sub par models.
      My brother caved and bought a different brand. He is currently on his 4th dishwasher in 6 months. He still hates his dishwasher with a passion, but got tired of service calls and return hassles. He would have bought GE but couldn’t afford to wait months like me with his little kids being home all day during SIP.
      Good luck to GE and I hope their supply chain issues settle down soon.

    • Charlie B
      Charlie B Year ago

      I too find GE builds their appliances to the KISS principle. I'm not impressed by an appliance you can turn on with your phone, or that plays music.

  • frenchustube
    frenchustube Year ago +4

    I have a Bosch for many years and i love it. I like the stainless tank, easy to use features. Normal - half load- heavy load and delay start. That is all i need. I have put my stem wine glasses at the bottom rack on half load and came out super clean. I would not buy another dishwasher with a grinder at the bottom again. Nothing but trouble if some olive pit or piece of glass get in it! It broke my last dishwasher.

  • Pavel Gajdik
    Pavel Gajdik 2 years ago

    Thermador and Asko are pretty much not available in most European countries, KitchenAid is very rare to see with the exception of UK.
    Miele is rare because of being too expensive or lacking options/functions and still being much more expensive compared to other brands.
    Probably most common are Bosh/Siemens, AEG/Electrolux, Beko as cheap brand.
    Currently using higher model Siemens past 8 or so years and probably getting AEG as next.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. We're focusing on the US market as that's where we're based. There likely is a bit of crossover but worth digging into

  • Austin Marius
    Austin Marius Year ago +1

    We've had a HORRIFIC time with out KITCHENAID DISHWASHER AND FRIDGE. Both have had several failures (all major). The main motor on our dishasher was good for only 2 years. Then seals went bad after slowly leaking and ruining our cabinets. A real POS and a nightmare. We are going to try our luck wiht Miele which we should have done from day one I think.

  • Space Cadet
    Space Cadet 10 months ago

    Thank you for your review. I carefully observed all the features from each model, including app integration, and bought a model that had all but volcanic rock drying. I had the LG installed two days ago.

  • Erik Preston
    Erik Preston Year ago +1

    Just bought and installed a Kitchen Aid dishwasher model KDFE204KPSO, couldn’t get the installer to show up and install it. Did it myself. Works great and so quiet we have to get our ears within inches to hear anything in a quiet room. Cleans excellently, but we don’t use the typical dish soap they sell in stores. Get our professional soap on line.

  • R A
    R A 2 years ago +26

    The best appliance is the one that works day in, day out for years. I recommend Bosch based on the very quiet effective dishwasher in my kitchen for the last 15 years.

    • Albert Carello
      Albert Carello Year ago +1

      @Edward Luth It seems like nowadays every call center is busy 24-7. Also you almost always reach outside the USA each time.

    • Michael Higdon
      Michael Higdon Year ago +1

      Newer Bosch models aren’t built like they once were. Source: I’m a repair tech.

    • m Namous
      m Namous Year ago +1

      Mieles are built to last at least 20 years, while the industry average is just 10-12. This is all according to The Wirecutter, a review site owned by The New York Times. Of course Miele is a more expensive brand, though, so it’s a trade-off.

    • Everyone
      Everyone Year ago +2

      Bosch dishwasher was the best purchase I made in my kitchen. Extremely reliable, quiet, cleans perfectly going on 6 years using 3 times a day no issues.

  • falcon664
    falcon664 Year ago

    My old GE dishwasher/sink combo made in 1938 had no heat element for drying. The door popped open at the end of the cycle. Unfortunately, it was a top loader, and if you were air drying your hand washed crystal when the dishwasher finished, it could be quite ugly. A mistake you only do once. (And, no, I didn't, I was warned).

  • Sparklander
    Sparklander 2 years ago +4

    We love our Kitchenaid dishwasher. It far out cleans the Bosch dishwasher we had previously. Fewer adjustments on the racks are better because the clips wear out and fall off.

  • Jon Kirkwood
    Jon Kirkwood Year ago

    My 15-year old Kitchenaid has become infirmed. What I like most about it is the availability of parts and the ease of replacing the parts. It's time to replace it, because the next repair involves the motherboard.

  • WestHam66
    WestHam66 Year ago +3

    I bought a cheap integrated Beko in 2016 in Ireland and it was excellent. I would buy another Beko in a heartbeat. In my new home here in Spain I have a dishwasher by a company called TEKA. I have only owned it 4 months and the rinse aid is leaking. Also the layout of the drawer is horrible and seems to hold half what the Beko did. Also, the Beko could get nearly everything clean using the 30 min ECO setting. Not so with the TEKA. I would also consider a Bosch as I have owned many of their appliances over the years with good luck.

  • Julie Dahl
    Julie Dahl Year ago +5

    I’ve had my Whirlpool dishwasher for 30 yrs. I think I had it serviced once. It still is running the same. Paid $400.00 for it 30 yrs. ago. Got very lucky I guess.

    • jackadamz3
      jackadamz3 Year ago +1

      They don’t make them like that anymore.

    • Bill Gale
      Bill Gale Year ago +1

      We do too …..about 30 years here

  • David McLachlan
    David McLachlan Year ago

    I read in a NY Times Wirecutter review of Bosch dishwashers that they have bitumen (asphalt) coating for sound dampening purposes. After some research on steel tub dishwashers I learned that this was an issue for some people creating bad odors when it was heated up. I subsequently searched on bitumen and dishwashers and learned that most stainless steel tub dishwashers use this potentially toxic coating to dampen noise. For this reason I'm considering a higher end plastic tub dishwasher (Whirlpool) with nylon racks rather than more concerning pvc racks. Has this home health aspect of dishwasher construction ever come up as an issue?

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      We've never had an "issue" per say... Appliance odors are always an issue for anyone who has a sensitivity to them. For most of us the odor goes away in a couple days or so. More severe cases it could take longer.

  • knitting nana
    knitting nana Year ago

    The most disappointing dishwasher I have had is Bosch. It didn't last a year and the part/service call to fix it was so expensive that I just bought a new dishwasher instead.

  • Peter S
    Peter S 2 years ago +2

    Many older dishwashers (and a few cheap new ones) have a vent on the front near the top, and moist warm air is released into the room while drying (except warm air rises and caused minor damage to the underside of my cheapo pressboard arborite countertop in that spot).
    Lately it has become more fashionable to hide that vent on the side of the door. How nice, now moist air is released onto the adjacent expensive wood cabinetry. Will that ruin the wood finish there after a few years? Will it be easy to match the repaired wood finish to the rest of the cabinets, or will this fashionable venting cause unfashionable permanent cabinet damage?

    • Foxy Loxy
      Foxy Loxy Year ago +1

      @Stephen T I am currently looking at the 604, do you still like it? Have you had any issues with it? Thank you!

    • Stephen T
      Stephen T Year ago

      We bought the Kitchenaid KDTM604 and it has a plastic oval shaped vent that comes out at the bottom of the door and directs the air straight out into the room. No moist air going anywhere near the cabinets.

    • Peter S
      Peter S 2 years ago

      @Yale Appliance Thanks, good to know

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago

      European or condensation-dry machines do not have an external vent. The steam collects inside the machine and drains out. So if you are worried about your adjacent cabinets I would suggest going with a unit with a condensation dry.

    • kokovox D
      kokovox D 2 years ago

      Put some kind of of insolation on the cabinet. Miele dishwashers come with that in the box.

  • Brenda P.
    Brenda P. 10 months ago

    Thank you for your great video. I knew I was about to have an “appliance mutiny” since they are all from 1996 or older. Well, the dishwasher bit the dust yesterday evening. So today I went out and got a Bosch 500 series. I was going to get the 800 series but they said it would take two weeks to six months to get it. Maybe. I looked at my husband and said the 500 series is in stock, looks good. Doing your homework is important and the appliance shortage is real. Fastest shopping that we have done in a long time. I think the refrigerator is the next appliance to give up its will to cool.

  • PaulainSC
    PaulainSC Year ago +2

    We recently moved in a new (to us) house and wanted to replace the appliances. Availability is a real thing. Back ordered for months. Can’t believe what’s happening in the appliance world right now! Furniture also. Feel bad for the folks working in These areas.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      It's very real right now. Hopefully it starts to catch up in 2022.

  • up too late
    up too late Year ago +2

    I was able to buy american made parts, locally for my 15 y.o. kitchen aide refrigerator, made by whirlpool. You might go into the reason why some of these brands are unavailable. Because parts are made in China. Avoid Korean appliances and g.e. because they make the parts in China. Buy the whirlpool umbrella of brands.

  • Dartheomus
    Dartheomus Year ago

    Our 10 year old GE just flooded our house. Got a new $1100 GE with turbo drying. The drying feature adds 60-90 minutes to the cycle and the dishes come out very wet. Any concave surface that can hold a tiny bit of water will all have puddles.

  • Seamas Accounts
    Seamas Accounts Year ago +4

    This video series is just awesome! I used to live in Boston and love your stores. Time to expand into West Michigan!

  • Anthony Morrison
    Anthony Morrison Year ago

    bought a roper in 2003 for $187 brand new at lowes it gets run everyother day and is still going strong. cant beat that.

  • Dave Bowman
    Dave Bowman 2 years ago +1

    He is correct about Bosch Crystal dry...works great. Miele is the best...just pricing. Go with a Bosch with Crystal dry or a Miele....Beko is a Bloomberg...racks fall apratr

  • EEE
    EEE 2 years ago +1

    Thermador has had a few recalls on their dishwashers. Also if you live in Chicago good luck finding someone to service any of your Thermador products. While Thermador will provide you with a list of repair centers near you, you will quickly discover the centers are no where near you and the ones that are, no longer service Chicago. Same goes for Bosch.

    • up too late
      up too late Year ago +1

      Look into what they do service and why. It's quite an education if you can find someone to tell you the truth.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago +3

      Service availability is the main reason we always recommend buying from a dealer who services the products they sell.

    • Steve Sheinkopf
      Steve Sheinkopf 2 years ago

      Odd....doesnt Abt and Grands provide service?

  • Frank Barlow
    Frank Barlow Year ago

    Maytag 8959 is probably the best top rack and overall dishwasher under 1000 bucks

  • EK Ng Hoversten
    EK Ng Hoversten 2 years ago

    I'd like to get a Bosch dishwasher, probably in the 500 or 800 Series. But we're getting the Thermador appliance package and it offers their line of dishwasher. Our salesperson told us that the Bosch and Thermador dishwashers are essentially the same because Bosch owns Thermador. What's your opinion? Your posts are always informative. Thank you for posting them.

    • max stefan
      max stefan Year ago

      Bosch has bought Thermador, apart from Neff, Siemens and dozens of other brands.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago

      There's a lot of truth to that. The new drying technology comes to mind.

  • Steve B
    Steve B 2 years ago

    in house i built, i put all ge Monogram, the dishwasher worked great and did not make much noise and that was 18 years ago, and it is the first dishwasher, i seen to have interior lights. sold the house and brought a house and did a full remodel. and did all thermador r , the dish washer was 44DB and led time counter that shined on the floor so you knew when it was done and interior lights where in blue, not the best but it always smelled. i complained up and down and i was told to do this and that and this again and i clean the filter and ran vinegar in it it stilled smelled. sold the house and building again, i am going with Bosch, benchmark. Shx89pw75n 38DB white lights on the inside the smelled problem has been fixed but no more countdown just a red light on the floor

  • Carol Kviklys
    Carol Kviklys Year ago

    Thanks so much for this informative video! I haven't been able to locate the SHP86ZP5N; the stores keep telling me that it's D5 N. I'd really like to buy the P5N.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      The "P" is a private label dishwasher with a couple of extra features. I would tell you it's safe to purchase the "D" model as that is what most retailers have available to them.

  • Albert Carello
    Albert Carello Year ago

    This is extremely good and helpful information as my KitchenAid Dishwasher will be 20 years old! I will probably have to consider a new dishwasher sometime in the future.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      Depends on what you value. The new KitchenAid's are great. They are quiet and have a ton of storage capacity. The Bosch (assuming you purchase one with the CrystalDry feature) has the best dry on the market. The Bosch will also sit flush to your cabinet.

    • Albert Carello
      Albert Carello Year ago

      @Yale Appliance Do you think I'd be best off with a Bosch dishwasher if I had to replace my 2002 KitchenAid dishwasher or would I still be wise to stick with KitchenAid if I needed to replace my old dishwasher?

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago +1

      Glad it was helpful!

  • Blue Bunny
    Blue Bunny Year ago +1

    Thank you for Really informative video! I also downloaded your Dishwasher Buying Guide. Could you recommend which dishwashers work the best for stemmed wine glasses? If I would like to fit many of them?

    • Blue Bunny
      Blue Bunny Year ago

      @Yale Appliance Thank you for your response! So good to know. I really appreciate your informative videos. Also, your voice is calm and soothing.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago +3

      Miele is the only brand I would recommend for that. Their china crystal wash program is phenomenal and Riddell even backs them to say there is not etching or fogging on their glassware when using that cycle in a Miele dishwasher.

  • Sandra Moore
    Sandra Moore 2 years ago +3

    You didn't cover what some would consider the most important thing. The utensil holders. When I bought a new machine I had to take the old holder out and put it in the new machine, because the new machine's were super small and wouldn't hold a lot of the utensils that I use. I also had a utensil holder in the door of my old machine that I always used, that I couldn't put in the new machine.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago +1

      Thanks for sharing! Some machines don't include a utensil basket anymore since so many models feature a dedicated rack just for silverware. Some brands do make an accessory basket that can be purchased as well.

  • Dawann Williams
    Dawann Williams 2 years ago +3

    Thank you so much for this video. I bought GE appliances because l loved the black stainless steel at the time. After 3 years the water pump went up. I have no plans to get another GE model and there is no other color match for my appliances so have been doing research on panel ready dishwasher. Of course l cannot find a Bosch 300 dishwasher anywhere. I will look into Beko. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Elisa Tobia
      Elisa Tobia Year ago

      I’ve also been brand loyal to GE until my 9 year old machine had a major leak beneath the motor and made a mess in my basement! My girlfriend has a Bosch she can’t kill (Working on 30 yrs old) I’m wanting Bosch but just can’t get my head around the idea that dishes might not be dry….. if I don’t want to hand wash why would I want to hand dry? 🤔

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago +1

      You're welcome! Thanks for sharing.

  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann Year ago

    Done with whirlpool/Maytag! My 3 yr old dishwashers plastic cheap push buttons are broken. 2 tiny plastic clips broke off but the whole expensive panel has to be replaced. Called them but they refused to replace the part. I would have to pay 200 plus service. Thanks for reviewing these other brands .

  • F P
    F P Year ago

    The only dishwasher in America that offers a heating element and a food grinder is General Electric. Some other American brands, like Maytag, used to offer both, but have since eliminated the grinder and now force you to deal with a filter that must be periodically cleaned out manually, like the Euro dishwashers. Thankfully, GE makes simple looking dishwasher designs, and since almost every dishwasher look similar, it's a no-brainer, the one with the least amount of maintenance, and comparable performance, wins. If you want a heating element, and a grinder in your dishwasher, GE is the only way to go now.

  • Shhh
    Shhh Year ago

    😂 I love your Clip-Share Channel ! I’m going to be doing a complete tear out of our kitchen in our 10th floor condominium in Fort Lauderdale in the next 8-12 months. Right now my wife lives there but I don’t, I want all appliances to be matched together and look identical. That makes a huge difference. Unfortunately we only have access to electrical power and I’m the chef 👨‍🍳 -
    I passionately dislike the electric range and cook top - I need to read more about electric ovens as they are clearly different then gas ….Subscribed and thank you 😊

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      You're welcome! Consider induction for the top, but you're correct that gas and electric ovens have their differences.

  • Kell Bell Roses
    Kell Bell Roses 2 years ago +9

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    Hotpoint is another brand widely available in European stores..also Smeg..

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    Thank you for making sense out of choosing a dishwasher.

  • Karen Aidi
    Karen Aidi Year ago

    Thank you for this informative video! I need a dishwasher with water softener because we have really hard water in the South San Francisco Bay area--I live in Los Gatos. Which dishwasher do you recommend in this case? I would love to see a video on this topic.

    • Susan
      Susan 11 months ago

      My girls and I put a tea cup size glass or smaller juice glass filled with vinegar in the top rack and leave it throughout the cycles. Our water is hard. Now we don't even have to use rinse aid. Leave the glass upright of course. Even the dishwasher is clean everytime.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      So there are many dishwasher companies who offer water softeners as a solution. We love Miele, Bosch, Beko, and KitchenAid as dishwasher brands but you need to make sure you get the one that has the most features you need.

  • Ozzie Alarcon
    Ozzie Alarcon Year ago

    What's the general opinion on Maytag dishwashers? I had a Bosch in a house I just sold. I lived in the house for seven years. I bought the Bosch which was like $1000 at the time. I just moved in to a different house and I want to replace the ugly, white appliances with stainless steel units. I'm looking at a Maytag dishwasher that's like $750. It has good reviews. I've been partial with the Maytag brand for my clothes washer and dryer because they've always been very reliable. But I have zero experience with Maytag dishwashers.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      Maytag makes a decent dishwasher. Not very feature rich and fairly dated technology comparatively. Look to their big brother, KitchenAid (also part of the Whirlpool Corp) for the most amount of user-friendly technology.

  • Arthur S
    Arthur S Year ago +3

    Thank you very much for the review! What are the best 18-inch built in dishwashers to consider? Many thanks.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago +1

      Miele and Beko both make great 18-inch options to consider

    • Steve Sheinkopf
      Steve Sheinkopf Year ago

      Miele, Bosch, Beko..Frigidaire has one as well

  • Doug JB
    Doug JB 2 years ago

    In fall of 2018 the dishwasher in the house we’d moved into three weeks earlier stopped working. We replaced with a GE gdt695ssj4ss. We’re pleased with it but it seems like it’s gotten a little louder over the years. Is this possible?
    Apart from cleaning the filters regularly-and much more frequently since we cook every meal at home-do you have recommendations for keeping them in peak operating condition?
    Also: I was today-years old when I discovered that the middle rack can be lowered.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago +1

      I guess sit would depend on what "getting louder" means. If it's noises you are hearing throughout that you did not before then something could have come loose over time. If it persists, then you may want to have someone look at it to be sure.

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    How reliable are LG dishwashers? They seem to have great features and options with a great look and feel. I always see Bosch and KitchenAid mentioned, where does LG stand in 2021?

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      LG makes a great dishwasher. True they are not as popular with our customer base as KitchenAid, Bosch, and Miele but they do a great job and service well.

  • rubbercop01
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    Miele is perhaps the most expensive diswasher, but remember in Europe we go for quality, got one myself, its not a bread you buy daily

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  • bluedrum major
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    TBH, I'd rather have a hard food grinder than filters that have to be washed out. I know, though, this means a much louder dishwasher. That's fine with me.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago +3

      You're on the right track. Knowing what features matter to you and which don't is best way to get the best value

    • Edward Luth
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      I agree.

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      I'm in the same boat as you. But honestly I can't give up boshes crystal dryer. I will gladly clean out the filter just to have that option. Wish they made a food grinder with that option.

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    I’m glad you didn’t mention Samsung because their appliances are garbage especially our dishwasher & refrigerator. Both have had issues & we’ll never buy any Samsung product of any kind again.

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    I'm still using a Whirlpool Quiet Partner from Sears (remember them?). The days of a good $300 DW are long gone. Very sad.

    • Daniel Woods
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      Same I’ve got a powerclean from 2005, still runs like new and looks like new.

    • Patti Jesinoski
      Patti Jesinoski 2 years ago +1

      So are the company that made your DW. That can change year to year, whichever contract is cheaper.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago +4

      You got your money's worth out of that one. Thanks for watching.

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    Thank You!

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      That's really great to hear. Glad you're enjoying them.

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    I bought a new whirlpool a couple week's ago . Right off the bat ,it won't drain. So I go back to lowes to see about exchange , said they would. But when I get there the manager says she doesn't know what Im talking about and they don't exchange or do returns after 7 days on bent and dent appliances. So I saved three hundred bucks on a dishwasher with according to the Google videos, that I've watched. It is a clogged drain .which is a simple to fix even if i have to change the pump.. So thanks Google for your help and screw lowes for your manager lying her ass off and heads up Home Depot i need a new everything else ! Integrity is not something you can find these days !!

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    • up too late
      up too late Year ago +1

      Look for a dishwasher assembled in North America of American parts. I'm told they are available. The Korean brand and anything g.e. is made of Chinese parts. Which will also be a problem when you need replacement parts cause they'd rather sell you another dishwasher.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      Glad to hear you've found our videos helpful!

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    Very good. .really appreciate it.

  • Kris M
    Kris M 2 years ago

    Is the pull out racks on kitchen aid better then before? We currently have a kitchen aid dishwasher. The rollers on the top rack fails 85% of the time now and it’s been leaking but we can’t figure out why. It’s an older one, with our kitchen remodel we changing out all appliances.
    I’m about to order our appliances because I know it may take time for them to come in. We were going Bosch 800 because of the current issues with our kitchen aid. Your video has me second guessing that.
    Would you do kitchen aid over Bosch? Bosch had me with the adjustable 3rd rack.

    • up too late
      up too late Year ago

      Kitchen aid is assembled in Mexico of American parts, which are available for many years. Bosch is made of Chinese parts. ( I think assembled in Korea) Double check my facts on Bosch, but that should be all you need to know. I wish this video covered "service calls/reliability" in more meaningful depth that takes into account the current difficulty.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago

      One big difference between KitchenAid and Bosch is the overall depth. If you're putting a custom panel on the dishwasher, and have standard depth cabinets, go Bosch. Would recommend you find a store where you can get your hands on a new KitchenAid to try out those racks for yourself.

  • emondmi
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    Hi there, what would be the best one for drying Tupperware?

    • emondmi
      emondmi Year ago

      @Yale Appliance Thank you!

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago +1

      A Bosch with Crystal Dry seems to be the best with drying plastics. KitchenAid and Miele both have really great drying systems as well.

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    I found the Bosch 100 24” supposedly available at Lowes near me. Bought it online. Shall see if its really in stock. Eek!

  • William Truscott
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    We have had a Bosch diswasher for a number of years hated it. Took forever to wash and broke down a number of times. Never again just bought a Thermador.

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    I want one that's really loud and really cleans the dishes! If I must hand wash them first then what's the point?
    The "smarter" an appliance is the faster they break. Integrated circuits + water+ heat is a recipe for malfunction. I try not to buy anything that's smarter than me. OK I'm kind of joking but there's truth in there.

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago +2

      It sounds backwards but a lot of people prioritize the quietness!

  • Irina Melamud
    Irina Melamud Year ago

    My guest if he did not include any of GE models in his presentation, that is means GE is the best manufacturer that does not need marketing!!!

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    No apt size dishwashers in the listing? Any suggestions for an 18" reliable, not too noisy dishwasher ?

    • Bsar Cich
      Bsar Cich Year ago

      @Yale Appliance thanks

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago +1

      Miele, Beko, and Bosch all make great 18" dishwashers.

  • datsuntoyy
    datsuntoyy Year ago

    3:05 lmao We have a POS GE and it doesn't dry at all (even though it's heated). It has the jet dry spot but the hole is so small it takes forever to fill. It also needs to be filled in only a few washes. I'm also not partial to chemicals be left on the dishes. So back to 3:05, I open the door now as soon as it's done. I also grab and shake each rack hard to shake off excess water. Now if I could figure out how to stop the dishwasher from etching the glasses.

    • 4Veritas
      4Veritas Year ago

      Consider the GE GSD2100VWW. It is the cheapest and most basic model and dries fantastic. I bought a mid priced and energy efficient model that did not dry my dishes. This older model which is still available is great. The controls are electro mechanical so there is no panel to go that costs a fortune to replace. The only thing is that it did not come with the sound reducing "blanket." I took that off of my old machine and had it placed on and it is as quiet as the mid-priced model.

  • Richard Glazer
    Richard Glazer Year ago

    No mention of LG. It also has wifi and very quiet

  • Jawad Hindi
    Jawad Hindi Year ago

    How about LG dishwashers? How come you didn’t rate them though they are considered one of the best?

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      LG makes a fine dishwasher but they don't do anything truly dynamic like the others on the list.

  • Mary Bucklew
    Mary Bucklew Year ago

    I have a 12 yr old Kitchenaid that no longer dries and control panel issues. And the dishes/glasses while clean, SMELL BAD after the cycle is done. What aspect of new machines makes sure I dont get that smell?

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      Hard to comment on the smell without knowing where it's coming from. The new KitchenAids do have an extremely effective dry and use higher wash temperatures. You also use a rinse agent (aids in drying) in the new units because the tub is now stainless steel (no bacteria as you would have in a plastic tub). All those things should help.

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    I love my Kitchen Aid at $1199

  • JS West
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    Going to ever review the Cove dishwasher part of the Wolf/Subzero group?

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      I'm sure we will. Cove has been in and out of production as of late so once things settle I'm sure we will review.

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    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  Year ago

      We don't have a lot of movement on them just yet. Like many products, production has been hampered by the pandemic and hopefully they'll start to ship more regularly soon.

  • Ronald Oleksy
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    I have an Asko 30 plus years old.just removed it from operation leaking pump other than that never needed service. Model 1502..In the early 90s $949....

    • Yale Appliance
      Yale Appliance  2 years ago

      You've definitely got a lot of value from that one! Thanks for sharing.

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    On noise levels. Nowhere do you say that 10 decibels is 10 times louder and 5 decibels is almost 4x louder. the difference between the quiets at 39 and another recommended one at 55 is about 50 times louder! Decibels is a log scale and every 3 more decibels is 2x louder. think carefully about noise levels.