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High Stakes Poker Biggest FAILS of All Time

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • High Stakes Poker saw some of the greatest players of all time clash with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line but sometimes even the greats get it wrong! Check out these blow-ups and all-in shoves gone wrong!
    0:00 Gus Hansen vs Daniel Negreanu
    3:48 Phil Hellmuth vs Phil Ivey
    7:30 Jason Mercier vs Phil Ivey
    11:26 Guy Laliberte vs Doyle Brunson
    16:33 Vanessa Selbst vs Phil Ruffin
    21:00 Johnny Chan vs Erik Boneta
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Comments • 979

  • Aditya Salim
    Aditya Salim Year ago +510

    "he may not know what running it twice means but if Vanessa asks, it's bad"
    that's pure comedic gold. RIP Norm.

  • TroyOz
    TroyOz Year ago +345

    The Mercier bluff was actually a great hand all in all. Gabe said it best. A great bluff and an even greater hero call.

    • p
      p Month ago

      @LA Raine Jason played the hand too strong so it looked like a bluff to Ivey,everything about it looked like he just was trying to force the hand to be over,even the pre flop play looked like a squeeze and his Mannerisms didn't help either,a guy like ivey has a mind that works like a computer and analyses all these things because he's a monster

    • Herbie
      Herbie Month ago

      it was awful push and great call. Gabe is wrong as if both great would have been chop.

    • MrRondonmon
      MrRondonmon 3 months ago

      @antzooma Thats why he lost he thinks like you.

    • antzooma
      antzooma 3 months ago +1

      @MrRondonmon of course it adds up, the pot is 212k if he flat calls, with 100k behind. if he actually had AA how is he going to fold the turn to an all in bet on any card? the jam is standard, he is not slowing down lol yeah maybe if they both had 700k stacks.

    • MrRondonmon
      MrRondonmon 7 months ago

      @Greener Pastures & Holdings All that crap means zero, your are trying analyze having never played yourself, pokers truths do not come and go with higher limits, if you think they do you know zero about poker tbh

  • G Nyc
    G Nyc 11 months ago +118

    Phil Ivey is a savage for picking up Hellmuth’s stack as soon as he got up 😂

    • methus57
      methus57 2 months ago

      @antzooma hahaha

    • antzooma
      antzooma 3 months ago +3

      he was taking it in case Garrett Adelstein turned up and asked for a refund

    • That's a Bingo
      That's a Bingo 5 months ago +3

      @misterclownface Yeah, somebody might have stolen it.

    • misterclownface
      misterclownface 10 months ago +11

      Well he won and Phil H turned his back to leave. So of course he is going to grab the money he won. I would of assumed he was going to take off and start cursing. Not much of savagery there.

  • Ballen81587
    Ballen81587 Year ago +216

    The one with Doyle winning almost 350k in one hand and saying “alright I won one” cracks me up every time

    • DaveFu
      DaveFu 2 months ago +1

      My favorite Doyle quote was when Botez asked him on PAD: Doyle, if someone calls you a nit, is that bad? "I wouldn't know, I've never been called one."

    • antzooma
      antzooma 3 months ago

      he started the hand with 390-400k and won a pot of 818k, your calculation seems to be wrong

    • Sean Kiesling
      Sean Kiesling Year ago

      @LION TAMER no, he saw under Doyle's name where it said "all-in 340,000" that's how much he had left by the river

      LION TAMER Year ago

      @Sean Kiesling there was probably a side bet he collected on, because he's Doyle Brunson

    • Sean Kiesling
      Sean Kiesling Year ago +4

      Winning "almost 350k" ? Bro he won over 400k

  • Thuggee Gaming
    Thuggee Gaming Year ago +506

    The all-in move by Vanessa Selbst was one of the worst moves I've seen. Ruffin's eagerness gave away that he had a strong hand, but she still didn't lay down her hand. Unbelievable.

    • Mitjitsu
      Mitjitsu 18 days ago

      @evadecaptcha Yes, when you make plays like that you never want to be drawing dead should your opponent call. A hand like A4s would make a lot more sense to do it with. However, what made it really bad was that there was still another player left to act.

    • Mitjitsu
      Mitjitsu 18 days ago

      Boneta's one was a lot worse. As there was still another player left to act. Also, there's a very high likelihood he's up against KK/AA, and the board is too connected for any for these hands to consider folding. It the board was something like 248 then you could rep a set more credibly.

    • rls725
      rls725 Month ago

      Plus, he spoke- when an amateur talks he's 100% not bluffing

    • Iron Mike
      Iron Mike Month ago

      She’s the worst player EVER

    • William Patterson
      William Patterson Month ago

      Yeah she let all the hands in with just a call and overplayed it after the flop. How eager he was to raise had to get her to thinking what would he do that with. He’s not doing that with A9 and besides JJ and 1010 that’s all she really beats there besides a flush draw. Don’t think he raises with that either but it is easier to breakdown a hand than playing live as well. From her point QQ was hidden well and he may have been overplaying pair and draw.

  • Hrafn
    Hrafn Year ago +22

    Recently got some big interest in poker and I'd always known that Norm was a big gambler, but man, hearing him commentate some poker games is awesome. Genuinely great to hear his voice here

    • Pez
      Pez 16 days ago

      Unfortunately they had him on a such a tight leash though, he was so safe and toeing the line, that it ended up making it hard to listen to by the end. It was Norm's voice, but it really wasn't Norm at all. It was more like someone reading a cookie-cutter script in a Norm impression.
      They had a such a goldmine fall into their hands and they completely wasted the opportunity by neutering him like they did. I honestly don't know why they even went to Norm in the first place if they were not going to allow him to be even slightly himself.
      The commentary went downhill rapidly when they split the Gabe/AJ dynamic and, unfortunately, it kills me to say it, but it went even further downhill when they brought in Norm to do it. He honestly could have saved the entire show if they just let him be Norm. Instead, it died immediately after.

  • Ron Mexico
    Ron Mexico Year ago +317

    Rip Norm, you're one of the greats and already missed.

    • Valuable Sandwich
      Valuable Sandwich 10 months ago

      @Mister Iamthepope or so the Germans would have us believe

    • Nick Gore
      Nick Gore Year ago

      @Mister Iamthepope eat glass redditor

    • senzyu
      senzyu Year ago +1

      was going to say that guy sounds exactly like norm mac

    • Emory Firestone
      Emory Firestone Year ago

      @A King only because he's alive in our hearts.

    • packman1
      packman1 Year ago +2

      @Mister Iamthepope yeah that’s exactly what you do, speak ill of the dead 💀

  • D. SQ
    D. SQ Year ago +265

    7:19 Phil calling it a day here is one of the reasons he is still around today and still in great shape. If you're having a terrible day, it's optimal to just walk.

    • Raul Petrascu
      Raul Petrascu 3 months ago

      If he would have just bet his house he would've made it all back and more smh. 99% of poker players always fold right before they hit big!!

    • Clyde Rembrandt
      Clyde Rembrandt 6 months ago +1

      I don't even think Phil's plays were that bad. He was just up against a bigger flush whenever he had a flush. Seems more like bad luck than poor play.

    • tenebre911
      tenebre911 7 months ago +1

      @Paul Anthony 16 bracelets would like to have a word with you

    • Nicholas chip
      Nicholas chip 10 months ago

      @Mike A Same!

    • LEFTaTIP
      LEFTaTIP 11 months ago +1

      @Paul Anthony , welp...could not have said it any better. Its the reason why Hellmuth usually has the lowest buy-ins and stacks in High Stakes cash games. While its the majority of his backers monies, Phil's bankroll is rarely not even close to 50% of his stack. I do give Hellmuth credit, he does know how to sponsor himself and "over" promote his poker skills. But usually in big High stakes cash games, he is the fish.

  • Kanders190
    Kanders190 Year ago +147

    Boneta's might be one of the biggest punts ever caught on TV.

    • OG Giggs
      OG Giggs Month ago

      "Yeah that's probably gonna win"

    • antzooma
      antzooma 2 months ago +1

      this comment was made before Erik Persson was on the scene so i'll let you off

    • Tim B
      Tim B 4 months ago +2

      I think he thought Chan had TT or something and he had 2 overs. Limping AA after multiple limpers is so old school and trappy it's almost impossible to imagine for a lot of people.

    • Clyde Rembrandt
      Clyde Rembrandt 6 months ago

      That's not always a set. Could be a pair with a straight draw, possibly a straight draw without a pair, an overpair to the flop, or a total bluff. Johnny is well ahead of the range of hands that could be betting like that.

    • 3BetLight
      3BetLight 7 months ago

      @george474747 its hard to flop a set...

  • David
    David Year ago +54

    Never get tired of watching the infamous Boneta punt

    • Emanuele Mazzarella
      Emanuele Mazzarella Year ago

      The funny thing is that laak hand was close to face up. Flat's and see the pot odds to flat smiling knew he was putting 21k just to flop a set. In that spot 3's or 2's doesn't change nothing and could be a monster pot for Laak.

    • Jonny Hicks
      Jonny Hicks Year ago +4

      @AcesHunteRRR yeah Chan played this like a true pro. Flatting the original raise was risky but I guess his instincts told him Negreanue would squeeze BB a bunch and he's good enough to fold his hand if the board comes sketchy and players start piling money in the middle. Also if he hits a set no one will ever put him on AA so credit to Chan for setting this up

    • AcesHunteRRR
      AcesHunteRRR Year ago +13

      Boneta did the best move he could ever do. Give his chips away to someone who actually knows how to play😂😂

    • Brady M
      Brady M Year ago +9

      Vegas and the Mirage was the only thing on his mind

    • Jonny Hicks
      Jonny Hicks Year ago +6

      absolutely tragic. says he was repping a set but he almost always flats a set there to allow chans bluffs to stay in. just tragic lol

  • Hank
    Hank Year ago +398

    Hellmuth: Do you want to do it three times?
    Ivey: No

    • Richard
      Richard Year ago +1

      The underdog asking to run it three times lol

    • wesley diolata
      wesley diolata Year ago +1

      @CribNotes blood on the table ? Old school ?

    • Renisance2K
      Renisance2K Year ago +1

      @CribNotes me neither

    • CribNotes
      CribNotes Year ago +3

      @Fan Fan I've never seen Ivey run it twice on a TV cash game.

    • lala land
      lala land Year ago +1

      @CribNotes now he runs it twice

    GK PRIVATE Year ago +46

    I still love this hand with Boneta and Chan. The commentator "Boneta acting like he has a plane to catch". Such a great show

    • Richard
      Richard 8 months ago

      This season got ridiculed alot, but i do like it

    • Shine On
      Shine On 9 months ago

      @OKG2000 yea thats probably gonna win

    • OKG2000
      OKG2000 Year ago +7

      ''You have King high?? i got two Aces''

  • Next Door Darts
    Next Door Darts 9 months ago +12

    “I won one!” 😂😂😂😂😂 -Doyle scooping the biggest pot in the history of the show

  • tyrone ejem
    tyrone ejem 5 months ago +3

    Laliberte and Doyle Brunson shaking hands after Doyle winning the pot is a class act.

  • Bbert Gilo
    Bbert Gilo 2 months ago +1

    Boneta's punt never gets old! I think Ive watched it 10X hahaha

  • David
    David Year ago +174

    Ruffin couldn't get his chips in fast enough
    Norm: "Alarm bells have to be going off"
    Selbst: "I'm all in"

    • Peter Fitzpatrick
      Peter Fitzpatrick 3 months ago +1

      @Casey Peanuts the fact that Ruffin basically told her he had a monster doesn't impress us... a pr. of Qs is not a world-beating hand & Ruffin isn't playing 4D chess like Ivey or Durr might in rhat position... she blew it and the muted response by the rest of the shocked players says a lot... 🙄😂

    • Brad Johnson
      Brad Johnson 3 months ago +1

      @Based Bear Dead read!

    • BobbyBigallo
      BobbyBigallo Year ago

      Doyle woulda hit is straight too lol

    • Casey Peanuts
      Casey Peanuts Year ago +6

      @Based Bear Stereotypes aside, your standards must be high if three WSOP bracelets and a number one ranking in the Global Poker Index doesn't impress you.

    • Ringo Fasho
      Ringo Fasho Year ago +1

      I've never liked her

  • That One Gecko
    That One Gecko 4 months ago +2

    Norm was an amazing commentator. It's a shame He's gone.

  • Wylie Stivers
    Wylie Stivers 14 days ago

    Phil Ivey is the last person in the world that I would want to play against. Incredible poker player.

  • Travel Hero TV
    Travel Hero TV Year ago +33

    Everybody knows that Guy Laliberte was the sitting duck at that table. They were just waiting for the right moment to get all his chips and it was Doyle that got that chance.

    • p
      p Month ago

      @antzooma no problem

    • antzooma
      antzooma Month ago

      @p thank you for repeating what i said back to me

    • p
      p Month ago

      @antzooma 1 million is like 10 dollars to him

    • antzooma
      antzooma 3 months ago

      Guy could lose 10 million in that game and not care

    • mradi grumpy
      mradi grumpy 4 months ago

      Guy is a better player than you think... just ask David Benyamine

  • Jason Emerson
    Jason Emerson 8 months ago +1

    The punt by Boneta is exactly why I love and play poker.

  • JF Designs inc. Innovations,Ideas,Production

    Phil’’$ gift he has in poker is truly one of a kind there is no other player in the galaxy that he compares too... also this announcer is the best also

  • Slot Junkie
    Slot Junkie Year ago +11

    Any video with Vanessa in it is a punt video. She is always getting schooled, I swear!

    • antzooma
      antzooma 3 months ago

      she always took her tournament aggression putting noobs in a tourney life decision into the cash games against pros i never understood it, it never worked.

    • Chris
      Chris Year ago +1

      If she wanted to represent the nuts she shouldn’t be talking or thinking for so long.

    • I Post Lyrics
      I Post Lyrics Year ago +1

      I mean I agree but she didn’t really get schooled here that was just a cooler. The guy doesn’t really know what he’s doing he’s just a huge stack billionaire, he would of done the same with tens or jacks and doubled Vanessa up

  • M Lawson
    M Lawson Year ago +28

    I remember the Hellmuth Ivey hand from years back. Hellmuth was on massive tilt from the hands before. I think he was down $50k or something after 3 hands with AJ or better. No way anyone gets away from a Jack high flush draw and open ended straight draw on that board, in that kind of mood, after raising pre-flop.
    The Rolex hand is a hilarious classic. Vintage Chan. I feel Doug Polk could have mustered a fold against Ruffin though.

    • Sal Nascondiglio
      Sal Nascondiglio 10 months ago

      @vishrant goyal actually yes there is...hellmuth should have folded preflop

    • Na R E L E
      Na R E L E Year ago

      Clip-Share comment section poker "experts"

    • Unad Euabreese
      Unad Euabreese Year ago

      Lmfao great analysis

    • vishrant goyal
      vishrant goyal Year ago +3

      Not just that, after that initial bleeding of the stack, he somehow lost minimum against nuts v sec nuts. Then, this happened.
      There is no way anyone is not going broke here.

  • Gary Hauf
    Gary Hauf Year ago +137

    You really get the feeling Gus could not afford to lose that money.

    • Richard
      Richard 8 months ago +1

      Most people that play poker are broke 😄

    • Anti- Apathy
      Anti- Apathy 9 months ago

      Hansen slow played is QQ...and Daniel will play junk to try to trap if he hits on the flop. Hansen needed to come in with a substantial raise pre Flop. If slow playing, substantial raise on the fop i.e. Daniel raises 6k...20k from Gus. . Daniel re-raises!!... so now its time to back down.... *NOT* go all in. Geez. Hansen, "I'm so stupid". No wonder Hansen went broke.

    • Brady M
      Brady M Year ago +3

      @coop island are you serious lol

    • coop island
      coop island Year ago

      What do these guys do for a living? Are they rich or?

    • Michael Nappa
      Michael Nappa Year ago +2

      His hand was shaking @ 3:45 as if that was the last touch of the money and he was distraught about losing it.
      Holy F.

  • wjlintz
    wjlintz Year ago +117

    Norm: "He may not know what running it twice means but he knows if Vanessa asks, it's a bad idea."

    • Richard
      Richard 6 months ago

      Bad idea that she even plays poker 😄 all the clues was there and she still ignored them

    • P K
      P K 11 months ago

      @Paul G I don't think that's what Norm meant. Norm was basically saying that anything Selbst suggests is always going to be a bad idea, since she's such a known punter.

    • Paul G
      Paul G Year ago +1

      Its really not a bad idea though, it doesnt change anyones equity

    • TheBarbahaba
      TheBarbahaba Year ago +8

      @A King you are mistaken .. it was norman who said that 20:13 this is definitely norman's voice and he is the only commentator on that segment

    • A King
      A King Year ago

      That wasn't Norman who said that.

  • Hayden Baker
    Hayden Baker 10 months ago +10

    Jamie’s “oh woah” when he sees guys hand always cracks me up

  • Big B
    Big B Year ago +33

    I think the award goes to Boneta with Vanessa second. Dude called a 5 bet and jammed against the tightest player with KQ hi and no draw LOL.

    • Clyde Rembrandt
      Clyde Rembrandt 8 months ago

      Indeed, Hellmuth got unlucky that he was up against a better flush draw. Mercier's bluff put Ivey in a tough spot and may work sometimes.

    • ricardo CARNICER
      ricardo CARNICER 8 months ago +1

      the stupidness oscar goes to ...BONETA

  • Nick Wakeham
    Nick Wakeham Year ago +180

    Boneta: I have K high
    Chan: I have two aces
    Daniel: Oh yeah that's probably gonna win

    • Richard
      Richard 8 months ago

      Make's me laugh is that he's not even hit top pair or flush drawing 😆

    • Richard
      Richard 8 months ago

      i miss these comments on high stakes poker

    • 172 Ngàn
      172 Ngàn 8 months ago +1

      Are these guys really better than normal players, made bad decision all along.

    • RedHEADEDmOnkey
      RedHEADEDmOnkey Year ago

      Pure gold 👏

    • TheGillenium
      TheGillenium Year ago

      @Bobby White well youd better believe it. Mm?

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago +5

    Gabe Kaplan is the GOAT poker commentator , all of the stuff he says is top notch

  • bruh100
    bruh100 2 months ago +1

    That kq all in is legendary that is the greatest poker player of our generation

  • Z$D49
    Z$D49 Year ago +4

    Good video, great commentary..best days of poker

  • x. Kadavreski
    x. Kadavreski Year ago +1

    Boneta move is just way too funny. The way he watch at Laak before unleashing is "I'm allin". And then "good read". This is way beyond anything we ever saw.

  • D W
    D W Year ago +23

    R.I.P. Norm Macdonald. He was great everywhere he worked.

    • defenda1
      defenda1 4 months ago +1

      "He might not know what running it twice means, but he knows if Vanessa asks it's a bad idea."
      Such a legend. I'd love to find more Norm poker commentary.

    • WhichOnesPink
      WhichOnesPink 9 months ago

      I can't believe I didn't notice that was Norm MacDonald announcing the Selbst/Ruffin hand!! Never knew he announced poker.

  • Bacon
    Bacon Year ago +16

    That last hand was pure torture lmao gave me so much anxiety.
    The two queens, Negreanu rubbing in on your left, pros watching, family watching at home, on TV you lost +200k in the dumbest way possible. Sweating cold handing money you can't afford away. Ouch

    MENACE! 7 months ago +1

    That's not even the worst play I've seen Vanessa make.

  • L KB
    L KB Year ago +10

    I’m not a Phil fan but he actually played that ha d perfectly. If Ivey doesn’t hit the K he folds to that bet

  • Mr X
    Mr X Year ago +92

    "I wish I had just waited for aces... instead of actually doing it." - Jason Mercier.

    • Richard
      Richard 8 months ago

      😆😆 it usually helps jason 🥱😎

    • forgotaboutbre
      forgotaboutbre 10 months ago

      @KROGAN loves kittens and puppies Who knows, it may have even worked if Mercier had another $100k behind and Ivey wasn't getting 3:1 on a call..

    • KROGAN loves kittens and puppies
      KROGAN loves kittens and puppies Year ago +2

      Still a great play though judging by Ivey's reluctance to call I'd say it almost worked.

    • GHE
      GHE Year ago +10

      @Luka Milas yeah some of the plays here are pretty legit. Jason's play is the best. Ivey should have never raised that flop. He almost got bluffed off.

    • Luka Milas
      Luka Milas Year ago +12

      That play was still superb. Even when called still has decent equity, back door flush, A high and inside straight. Ivey was running like God that season.
      That Boneta hand was painful to watch.

  • FreshChalk
    FreshChalk Year ago +10

    That KQ punt was painful. Talk about a gift to Chan

  • doug peters
    doug peters Year ago +15

    Johnny Chan was very generous to run it three times.
    No punting video could be complete without the master of punting JRB!

    • James Walker
      James Walker 3 months ago

      It had nothing to do with being generous. Chan didn't want the variance risk of Boneta getting lucky on him. Then after offering to go twice he realized that if he just went 3 times, he could pretty much bank a 90k profit minimum everytime, as Boneta will never get 2/3. He'll still usually win it all, but this way he guarantees himself a big profit on the hand.

    • Richard
      Richard 8 months ago +1

      He knew he was massive though lol

  • Luna Belle
    Luna Belle 3 months ago

    I love how these fails/punts almost always showcases Vanessa…poor girl.

  • Dwayne Greene
    Dwayne Greene Year ago +5

    Oof that last hand has to be the worst. Guy just drops quarter of a million when Johnny played it like that and Phil behind him. I wish I could be on a table with players making those kinda moves. At no point did Johnny ever think he was folding there

  • Defeat Ignorance
    Defeat Ignorance Year ago +70

    Vanessa, all day every day. He raised out of turn on the flop, basically guaranteeing he had a set. His entire demeanor was screaming "I have a huge hand!" and she still raised all-in.
    Vanessa always punted. If she could've controlled her game she would've been a really great player, but the punting destroyed everything.

    • Jason Emerson
      Jason Emerson 8 months ago

      @cMc spirit rockets 🤣

    • Home Calisthenics
      Home Calisthenics Year ago +5

      @Andrew I bet you have pronouns on your social media accounts

    • 4thandinches
      4thandinches Year ago +8

      Being overly aggressive jump started her success, and eventually caused her to crash as well.
      Being too aggressive rarely works out, in the long run.

    • Cyberdyne
      Cyberdyne Year ago +11

      @Andrew who hurt you

  • Drtydeeds
    Drtydeeds Year ago +7

    Always love seeing Selbst spew of his stack. Couldn’t happen to a better guy.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    Ruffin literally came in the dealers face and Vanessa still donk shoved lol

  • Marko Shirzada
    Marko Shirzada Year ago +5

    24:24 Doyle Brunson 😂
    After the game Doyle told Boneta he’s got a permanent seat at Bobby’s room.

  • DrugStoreCowboy
    DrugStoreCowboy 8 months ago

    I love how Chan has to cover his face because he’s laughing

  • Unad Euabreese
    Unad Euabreese Year ago +37

    KQ easily the biggest punt. Not even a backdoor flush draw lmao

    • LaravelIsBullschitt
      LaravelIsBullschitt Month ago +1

      He wanted Johnny to go “did you have it?” And he wanted to reply “I don’t remember John” ….

    • TriLL
      TriLL Month ago

      I raise preflop if i get that hand

    • What are you, New?
      What are you, New? 2 months ago +1

      @Unad Euabreese trust your read? Chan was shouting AA from the rooftops in an era where people would still limp/3bet AA. If chan isn't calling without a set, he'd never be able to defend vs a single shove on that flop.

    • Anwar Marshall
      Anwar Marshall 3 months ago

      Insane lol

  • Lloyd Wills
    Lloyd Wills 8 months ago

    That last hand was mental I thought I donked my money away stupidly 😂

  • PokerJunkie83
    PokerJunkie83 Year ago +25

    -Sees Vanessa Selbst-
    -Automatically chooses Vanessa Selbst- 😂😂

  • Gary Gwinn
    Gary Gwinn Year ago

    Vanessa has a few of the longest Field Goals in Poker history

  • Henrik Rolfsen
    Henrik Rolfsen 6 months ago +2

    10:00 Mercier was on a draw. He was in deep. He had to play his hand!

  • Rob S
    Rob S Year ago +5

    Amazing that Vanessa still has $ to gamble with as much as she loses

  • Champagne Papi
    Champagne Papi 8 months ago +2

    That set Ruffin spiked to snap Vanessa's queens was so satisfying. That couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  • Matt Sivits
    Matt Sivits Year ago +7

    The Doyle hand is amazing.... If he didn’t turn a diamond ♦️ he has to fold

  • John
    John Year ago +10

    "he's got outs" *is 75% favourite* 😂😂

  • JoeShit TheRagMan
    JoeShit TheRagMan 23 days ago

    I didn't like Norm as a commentator before but now I see it as a genius move

  • ed sepe
    ed sepe 8 months ago

    Doyle is the man! He also looks the same today as he did, 20 years ago

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago +10

    Norm is the best poker commentator there ever was. Brilliant word usage and accurate analysis

    • Tony England
      Tony England 10 months ago

      @Mikey I think you nailed it, thanks Mikey

    • Tony England
      Tony England Year ago

      Talking of word usage, can some lip-reader tell me what Daniel says at the end of
      _"folding this hand would be a complete....*******"_
      at 2:09

  • Strange W A V E
    Strange W A V E 10 months ago +4

    "I guess you got me" followed by a call, might be one of the most common things in poker. Right behind saying "I knew that's what he had." when someone turns over their hand.

    • Marc L.
      Marc L. 8 months ago

      My problem is when I say "I guess you got me" and still call they usually have me 😂

  • Allen N
    Allen N Year ago +3

    Big mistake by Vanessa. You don't go all-in on a player that insta-re-raised you out of turn. Like Norm said, that's a red flag! You're opponent likely has you beat... and in that situation, my guess would be by a set or two pair.

  • LakeFX
    LakeFX Year ago +39

    16:46 I knew Norm MacDonald was a poker player (and obviously a comedy legend) but I'd never heard him call live poker before.

    • Christopher Ebsch
      Christopher Ebsch Year ago +4

      @IB1234 I feel like you're the kind of guy that doesn't own a doghouse.

    • I am the Dax
      I am the Dax Year ago +1

      @IB1234 Wrong you I feel like you just don’t get norm.

    • Craig Tucker
      Craig Tucker Year ago +4

      @IB1234 How dare you besmirch Norm Macdonald. You sir, are an old chunk of coal.

    • Phish on Toast
      Phish on Toast Year ago

      I had no idea. I thought you were kidding at first.

    • IB1234
      IB1234 Year ago

      What? I dont know his comedy routines but he was atrocious as HSP commentator.

  • Itzik Chen
    Itzik Chen 6 months ago

    24:22 the look on Doyle face is priceless..

  • Diego Perez
    Diego Perez Year ago +2

    “Anybody needs some dry cleaning done, there is a lot steam coming off Phil Hellmuth right now” 😂😂😂💀

  • Eric Huston
    Eric Huston Year ago +150

    Vanessa jamming with queens when that OMC raises her with his hand practically face up is quintessential Vanessa Selbst

    • reppingl
      reppingl Year ago

      @robin mihara gotcha thanks!

    • robin mihara
      robin mihara Year ago

      @reppingl yes. It's a funny description of a older player that doesn't get out of line

    • reppingl
      reppingl Year ago

      @robin mihara is that really what it means?

    • robin mihara
      robin mihara Year ago

      @reppingl old man coffee

    • D W
      D W Year ago

      @Lars Vegas it was Yukon Brad. He was wearing a puffy pirate shirt at the time, in fact. It really was all about calling odds. It was, if I recall, 300k+ jam into a pot of 30k or so. Just simply not worth it for Ivey to call with only one pair.

  • Sinobe
    Sinobe 9 months ago

    When Hansen passes Daniel the cash man. Devastated.

  • Mike Camire
    Mike Camire Year ago +2

    Vanessa's play was the worst by far to me given her opponent and how anxious he was to get into the pot. He is a really snug player playing fairly straight up as well.

  • My Dogs Best Fren
    My Dogs Best Fren Year ago +4

    look at Doyle man so inspirational

  • Taken GTs
    Taken GTs 4 months ago

    That last hand was brutal 🤣🤣🤣

  • Eric Schneider
    Eric Schneider Year ago +16

    Doug Polk really punted there

  • crypto independent
    crypto independent Year ago +2

    Rest in paradise to norm mc donald what a legend

  • Duck Duckens
    Duck Duckens 4 months ago

    An absolute prime example of why you don't slow play!!! Gus getting cute, lost a massive pot!

  • Frosty85
    Frosty85 Month ago

    Lol @ doyles face at the boneta bluff.

  • HilarityBribo 🇷🇺
    HilarityBribo 🇷🇺 9 months ago +4

    "i'm gonna try and bluff Johnny Chan"

  • Tom S
    Tom S 8 months ago

    Doyle. What a great guy.

  • mooneymash
    mooneymash Year ago

    Holy crap is that Norm McDonald commenting on the Vanessa punt at 17:34? RIP Norm. What a guy!

  • OxfordU
    OxfordU Year ago +2

    Honorable Mention: Doyle Brunson trying to bluff Lex Veldhuis & Lex Velhuis trying to bluff Phil Ivey.

    DPTAZZZ Year ago +1

    Sammy is always the best dressed at the table.. Guy is a billionaire, and always looks like he is going to go bicycling after the game.

  • Ian McGann
    Ian McGann Year ago

    Laliberte is a class act

  • bigtime89
    bigtime89 7 months ago +4

    “He called the raise with Jack 5 honey.”
    - Phil Ivey

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1 9 months ago

    Doyle is such a gangster! “You wanna show your hand? You wanted to see mine!” I hate when people do that. Ask to see you show then they wanna be all secretive cuz they’re behind haha

  • A Heroic Taxi Driver

    In the second hand, Hellmuth had a good hand but was up against a better hand. He "played right into his hand." It's unusual but definitely happens if you play for a couple days.

  • Tom Lew
    Tom Lew 9 months ago

    Legend says they’re still looking for a king

  • Marvin Nash
    Marvin Nash Year ago +3

    The Mercier bluff is no fail. He has a perfect hand to bluff with.

    • Fish
      Fish Year ago +1

      Except he didn't factor in iveys x ray vision he developed from his childhood 😂

  • Kai Hu
    Kai Hu Year ago +6

    @12:36. Gabe is GOAT commentator .( On Jamie Gold's had ) " He is surrounded by Aces. Aces to the left of him , Aces to the right . And a better Jack in the middle "

  • BigJayrock216
    BigJayrock216 Year ago +9

    How is Vanessa a pro? 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow Year ago +4

    The Ivey call with 9s against Mercier.... he soul read that dude.

    • Richard
      Richard 8 months ago

      Does ivey wanna run it twice 😆

    • Bbert Gilo
      Bbert Gilo 8 months ago

      Welcome to Ivey's world! haha

  • expat2010
    expat2010 Year ago

    "he may not know what running it twice means, but he knows if Vanessa asks, it's a bad idea!"" hahahaha. 😂😂😂

  • Blake Pugh
    Blake Pugh Year ago

    Vanessa Selbst might be the hardest punter of all time lol

  • Movin Bala
    Movin Bala Year ago

    Ivey showed Mercier his chips before actually calling to get a read off of him. Didn’t help that Mercier responded with a meek “I got caught” response.

  • Giancarlo Villarreal

    “folding this hand would be completely retarded” 😂😂😂😂

  • Beluga
    Beluga Year ago +46

    @4:00 daniels being all loosey goosey eating a sandwich, you gotta understand that even when you're not in a pot, everything you do at the poker tables conveys information

    • TheGoldenRater
      TheGoldenRater Year ago +4

      @Tom Gilligan Rye bread is known for strong hands in the future. If it was wheat... I'd call his next bluff

    • Rich J
      Rich J Year ago +2

      Love it!

    • Tom Gilligan
      Tom Gilligan Year ago +12

      what information is he conveying exactly? That he enjoys rye bread?

  • 18000rpm
    18000rpm Year ago +4

    Boneta clearly went all in to show off, with that Dwan-style tank and "all-in"

    • x. Kadavreski
      x. Kadavreski Year ago +2

      hahaha, yes, it's so funny to watch him prepare his move with his pro stare to phill laak.

  • Felix Salvadó
    Felix Salvadó Year ago +6

    Best hand is seeing Vanessa get felted by the old time amateur and his set of 3s

  • DaChronical a little bit of everything!!

    I made the exact same move As Doyle 😂

  • MrKarmaface
    MrKarmaface Year ago +48

    Best move was the Mercier 3bet cause he has a crap ton of equity with a wheel draw and backdoor nut hearts.
    Selbst was a punt, but because they all know Ruffin is a whale, she leveled herself like us mid stakes grinders vs an OMC 😭

    • TechnoFeeling
      TechnoFeeling Year ago +1

      You missed worst move ever by boneta?

    • pitmclord
      pitmclord Year ago

      If you’ve seen the hand vs viffer then it doesn’t seem so bad. Different situation but it would still be hard to fold vs him. He seems to overvalue hands

    • SD SD
      SD SD Year ago

      @SSky06 she underestimated and held little respect for her opponent. She ended up paying for it.

    • QualityTheGamer
      QualityTheGamer Year ago +2

      Agree with Mercier point. He’s never going to be 3-betting that flop with overpairs so doing so with a bluff wasn’t optimal.
      That being said, the Vanessa play was horrible. I’m not really in favour of ‘live reads’ generally, but the guy is an old man acting out of turn, looking nervous and 3-bet min-raising a flop. He just never doesn’t have a set lmao

    • Joel
      Joel Year ago

      @One Day At a Time I don't even understand how he acted out of turn. If Antonio had checked originally and Ruffin bet then I'd understand him not knowing Antonio was in the hand. But he literally called a bet from Antonio. Did he forget how his $17k got in the middle in the first place? lmao

  • Cantankerous Patriarch

    Obviously Gus Hansen was the biggest punter of all time.

  • sllgrecco
    sllgrecco Year ago +22

    "You have king high? I have two aces" lol

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    Ruffin's ectoplasm was dripping off the dealer's face, and Vanessa says 'all-in' lol

  • TheGlenGarrys
    TheGlenGarrys 3 months ago

    Doug Polk’s fail is my favorite one.

  • real football fan
    real football fan 9 months ago +2

    Ruffin..."im sorry" Esfandiari...."oh thats ok" lol....he was watching ruffin counting out a raise n just watched....as did the player between them...funny