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  • Published on Nov 26, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Social House Films

    If only you saw our reaction to you reacting to Victoria’s reaction! 😊

  • EmelyMelissa🖤🖤

    The way he reacted to seeing all the spooky scary Sunday Hoodia and shirt sold out got me laughing 😂

  • BenjaminLOG

    Cory: leaves for a week

  • kyd
    kyd  +1

    him laughing at his own rap is why i love him 💀💀

  • itsjustlarkspur

    I don't usually get scared by jumpscares on videos but that true horror stories one got me good ☠️ I literally flipped my phone and screamed

  • Nik Alya Qistina

    True Horror POV is based in SIngapore, where they speak English and Malay, people in Malaysia speak both of the languages as well. We like to call it Manglish. haha. hope you enjoy their vidoes. definitely one of the best short horror film channels. A big fan from Malaysia here !!!

  • Kollinz.
    Kollinz.  +520

    That Dr.Death is easily one of the best SSS videos of all time😊

  • kai
    kai  +42

    somebody needs to cast cory to be in a horror short.


    The last one got me so hard I had a hart attack, did a backflip, had a seizure, had Tourette’s and jumped higher than a cougar. It really had me at the edge of my seat cory 😂


    I love how Cory makes me feel better when I am hating on myself

  • Instinct5706

    I want Cory to be in a horror movie. He would make the best decisions.

  • Random guy

    Cory actually posting a SSS on time is like winning a lottery ticket. Also Cory hooking us up with that Double upload. Also remember sit back relax and grab some snacks !! Happy 15 mil!!

  • The_Darkness_AMV's

    At this point coryxkenshin has studied every way to die from horror ways. He's invincible to demons

  • Er ol
    Er ol  +89

    i love how cory didnt mention that doctor death had the same webcam style as him

  • IAmGhostRabbit

    True Horror Stories POV is goated and glad to have them back on the series :'D (also including others that gave us all a scare) I finally made it to SSS 63 after watching the whole series for 1 month :')

  • Joseph Dossey

    I'm a new subscriber to this community. I really appreciate the gamer Christian content that Cory puts out there! The way he does his videos really connects with his audience.

  • Your Boi JayDog

    Cory I’m so proud you deserve much more than 15M. I’m so glad I was able to witness the journey and I would do it again to

  • Reesemode007

    How rad would it be for Cory to actually play someone in one of these short films

  • AceyxVibez。

    cory’s setup or camera view however you wanna put it looks amazing with just the led and no lights on