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The Expanse Series Finale Explained | The Takeaway | Prime Video

  • Published on Jan 14, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • @The Take is back to dive deep on the series finale of The Expanse. Drop your favorite series moments in the comments below and if you haven’t seen The Expanse, pause this video and go binge it all now only on Prime Video.
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    About The Expanse Season 6:
    Holden and the crew of the Rocinante fight alongside the Combined Fleet of Earth and Mars to protect the Inner Planets from Marco Inaros and his Free Navy's campaign of death and destruction. Meanwhile, on a distant planet beyond the Rings, a new power rises.
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    The Expanse Series Finale Explained | The Takeaway | Prime Video
    Prime Video
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Comments • 285

  • leonv90
    leonv90 4 months ago +181

    My take is that we need more of The Expanse. Seriously it is probably one of the best science fiction shows out there (if not THE best). I'd rather not wait 10-30 years to see and hear about this amazing cast of characters again.

  • glairet gonzalez
    glairet gonzalez 4 months ago +156

    Thanks to everyone who gave their all to achieve this spectacular result.
    They gave us a trip full of many surprises, laughter, tears and countless emotions.
    The expanse is and will be for me the best science fiction series ever created, for many reasons, from the attention to detail to the way the characters are written. I hope they come back sometime and tell us the next chapter of this wonderful story.

    • Сергей Артофф
      Сергей Артофф 4 months ago

      @Stanley Kubrick если бы люди за границей понимали что тут говорится,просмотров было бы гораздо больше ))

    • zanetusken
      zanetusken 4 months ago

      Was great for sure. Id say 2nd only to BSG

    • James Holland
      James Holland 4 months ago +2

      Oh God this is so well said!! About half way reading your comment, tears began rolling down my face...

  • James Holland
    James Holland 4 months ago +85

    I have huge range of emotions about this show in it's entirety. From beginning to the end it's been an amazing ride that I never expected! Yes the ending was fantastic! And no I don't want it to end! But I want to give a massive thank you to Amazon for allowing this story to be told! Hopefully the story can continue 🙏

    • Сергей Артофф
      Сергей Артофф 4 months ago

      Во всём мире надеются на продолжение )

    • Heroes Of
      Heroes Of 4 months ago +2

      Well said! Hopefully more and more people will find it, as it is one of the best tv shows ever.

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +196

    Cara Gee playing Camina Drumme: "Why is your word enough for me and mine not enough for you?" Truly brilliant writing.

    • Tiana Sara
      Tiana Sara 4 months ago

      Be m

    • Michael
      Michael 4 months ago

      Is it wrong that I am in love with the Evil No.2, man, woman, lady, she beast "Rosenfeld Guoliang" played by Kathleen Robertson...
      When she said "Is it bad? am I hit? I don't wanna to go". I was just cutting onions and hot peppers.

    • Loren Mosley
      Loren Mosley 4 months ago +1

      Plain truth...

    • zanetusken
      zanetusken 4 months ago +1

      Her and Amos my fav characters ^_^

    • Caio Souza
      Caio Souza 4 months ago +1

      My jaw dropped, really powerful

  • Dave Dahl
    Dave Dahl 4 months ago +53

    I loved Michio. It’s such a beautiful show in that even the smaller roles make a huge difference.

    • Dearyvette TN
      Dearyvette TN 4 months ago +1

      If you love television series Michio you really love her in the book. Her role after the negotiations with the Earth and Mars is more substantial.

  • BCrafty121
    BCrafty121 4 months ago +98

    Hopefully they do more stuff with these actors and don't just hire a new cast for the inevitable season 7 and its 30 year time jump.

    • Mella
      Mella 4 months ago +2

      @WarPoodle it's not quite that simple, one key factor isn't just that Laconia develops, but rather a whole bunch of other colonies do too, some of them becoming civilization-sized. This becomes crucial for books 8 and 9 and the ending to make sense and feel organic imho. The other important bit is the generational analysis of resistance movements and cultural shifts, which to me was one of the most interesting aspects of books 7 and 8. I'm not saying you couldn't do a very similar plotline with a 5 year time jump, just that the jump being big wasn't at all redundant or pointless.

    • Yolee B
      Yolee B 4 months ago +4

      I think a 10 year time jump would be sufficient for the Laconia powers to build. In this way they could keep the same actors.

    • WarPoodle
      WarPoodle 4 months ago +1

      @Justin Jiang My point is that the 30 year jump doesn’t need to be a 30 year jump. It could be a 5 or 10 year jump, and the protomolecule would be the reason for the massive jump in tech etc from Laconia.
      I always felt the 30 year jump in the books was redundant.

    • Justin Jiang
      Justin Jiang 4 months ago +7

      The 30 year time skip to me (as someone who has read the books) makes perfect sense given whats going on in Laconia.
      It has also been stated that the average lifespan for an earther was 123 year and even longer for martians. So the age gap is not as extreme. Just put a bit of makeup or a little CG editing should do the trick.

  • Guillermo Roque
    Guillermo Roque 4 months ago +55

    This show was brilliant, I loved it so much. Hopefully they will keep going, but if not, at least I feel satisfied with the finale.

    • Guillermo Roque
      Guillermo Roque 4 months ago +3

      Well... For what they stated since they announced season 6, those subjects were going to remain open. I don't know if there will be a spin off, but if there isn't we will always have the books.
      But I can understand if you don't feel the same way.

    • hydrocooledcarrot
      hydrocooledcarrot 4 months ago +3

      @Rob Barkhouse my only hope is that they've left the Laconia stuff open for a spinoff series. Like an MCU style expanse universe. 🤞🤞
      I doubt it though
      EDIT: there's also unanswered questions about the ring entities. With all the red shown in the ring during the final credits, they must all be waking up right?

    • Rob Barkhouse
      Rob Barkhouse 4 months ago +4

      I honestly wasn't satisfied. With all the cold starts on laconia I want to know what's all going on there. Plus at the end when Marko is denied reinforcement there's more questions than answers

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +80

    When Naomi saw Filip as a baby just before she pushed the button and when Amos laid and covered Bobbie and said "I got you, Bobbie", I wasn't the one crying, you were crying.

    • Jtzkb
      Jtzkb 4 months ago

      @Melodic Meerkat thinking? What do you know that I don't know?

    • Jtzkb
      Jtzkb 4 months ago +1

      We were all crying.

    • Melodic Meerkat
      Melodic Meerkat 4 months ago +4

      Imagine thinking you fed your baby to interdimensional space monsters/dark gods.

    • holly cooper
      holly cooper 4 months ago +4

      I was bawling 😭💕😭💕😭

    • LR Vogt
      LR Vogt 4 months ago +5

      Much like Battlestar Galactica reboot, even the tertiary characters are compelling.

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +69

    I was so worried that they were not going to stick the landing in a 6 episode season. They did and as always, it was a well written story and conclusion. However, the "Karen" in me still would have love a 13 episode season. I want to speak to the Manager!

    • Don Starnes
      Don Starnes 4 months ago

      @Nax On my TV, the VFX looks stunning on WOT.
      Regarding the LotR series: I think it a foolish undertaking.
      I can only hope to be proven incorrect.

    • Nax
      Nax 4 months ago

      @Don Starnes Wheel of Time VFXs look laughable compared to The Expanse's. I think Amazon made that show as a test run for their LotR series.

    • Ross Carlson
      Ross Carlson 4 months ago

      @Rocha House Crying huh? Why is it that when someone posts a NUMBER of issues, says the love the show but were disappointed with something in it that people like you need to call them names or say they are "crying", etc. I guess I missed the part where they resolved the following:
      - Who/what were the entities?
      - What did they want?
      - Did they kill everyone or did someone else? Why?
      - What were the "dogs"?
      - What was the deal with the kid? Why show us that?
      - What was the "spaceship"? What did it do?
      - What did the guy who was going to "kill gods" do? What was his goal?
      - Where did Filip go? Why not just kill him for some impact?
      Since you're clearly so much better, in what way I can't imagine, but as you must be can you let me know what episodes those were answered in?
      Oh and how creepy that you are stalking my comments. You must really be invested in this show as it seems you can't handle someone else, who again LOVED the show, giving it any criticism. I'd say I look forward to your answers to my questions but I know I won't get any and will likely, again, just get personal attacks. What does it say about you that all you can do is attack me personally because I didn't like the ending of a show you had NOTHING AT ALL to do with? Sad isn't it?

  • Johnny Wallace
    Johnny Wallace 4 months ago +24

    I hope other networks take notice of this series. This is how to do a series right and I'll see more things like this in the future over the mindless crap they have been feeding us year in and year out. Please Amazon, if any of you are reading these comments don't pander to specialist groups, just make good content like this, watch your fan base grow as you do..

  • T Ross
    T Ross 4 months ago +9

    This was the best show I did not expect to like and the finale was very emotional 😭, especially when Naomi made that decision to push that button and just feel feelings of being a parent still. A+ acting!

    • Camilla Collins
      Camilla Collins 4 months ago +2

      Naomi scream gave me chills, then the tears came flowing down my face😢
      Beautiful acting❤

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +32

    _"Iraros wasn't all wrong. He was evil and he was cruel but tapped into something real. He was able to do what he did because so many people were angry and frightened. They saw the future and they weren't in it. That's what this has to fix"._

    • 7gromojar
      7gromojar 4 months ago +2

      As a non us citizen seeing things from afar over the ocean I can say that calling it racist and authoritarian is an overstatement.

    • el dwdubu
      el dwdubu 4 months ago +4

      You know he’s talking about what’s happening in the United States. When he said those words it was like he was speaking to US citizens that could see their democracy replaced with a racist right wing authoritarian dictatorship.

    • Charles Jones
      Charles Jones 4 months ago +6

      @Nec pluribus impar I assume you mean Trump, and yeah, I can see that.

    • Nec pluribus impar
      Nec pluribus impar 4 months ago +3

      Reminds you of any real world character?

  • Michael Yun
    Michael Yun 4 months ago +47

    I just started reading Book 7 and holy crap, BRING ON SEASON 7. Even if it takes 30 years for them to get to it. But please come sooner than that?

    • TheGalacticCrafter
      TheGalacticCrafter 4 months ago

      Enjoy, they're fantastic! Personally my favorites of the series

    • zanetusken
      zanetusken 4 months ago

      I was thinking maybe Clarissa will be a proto-zombie

    • marco
      marco 4 months ago +3

      Shohreh needs to be there so it’s gotta be sooner. Plus, Clarissa won’t last 30 years either. Fingers crossed we’ll see them again

    • Alexander Pauli
      Alexander Pauli 4 months ago +1

      7 - 9 are the best books of the whole series in my opinion. Have fun! It's so good, that the end of the story is for everyone available. I would be thankful, if there will be more seasons in the future. But I have doubts, if this last books can properly be realized on screen. The limits were obvious, when the ring entities eats Sauvertere and later Marco. It is so much more to experience in reading, because you can tell things you can't show. This will be a much, much bigger thing in the books 8 and 9.

  • icadre
    icadre 4 months ago +18

    They stuck the landing. Especially for a series finale with only 6 episodes and noticeably far less episodes than any past season. I’m gloriously happy with the cast, who’s emotion-filled performance pulled it off; but INCREDIBLY ANNOYED with Amazon. The final episode deserved to be two - especially the epic fighting scenes. I mean come on - we spent all of season five + six building up to this fight! Every episode of 6 felt rushed - and even more so with the Laconia intros. In fact, the Laconia intros originally gave me false hope that the season would at least be a full order of episodes because I thought to myself ‘there’s no way they would introduce new characters in the last season without some sort of resolution.’ Then my next thought was that no one in Amazon nor any of the actors were saying the show was actually definitively over. Everyone was very intentional with their words, which made me think either another network would / will pick it up or that a spin off is on the way for the last three books. The other hint to this is the easter egg at the verrrrry end of the credits on the series finale. (Which I only found because I was lamenting that the show was over and trying to see if there was a ‘just kidding stay tuned for season seven.’ Here’s hoping…)
    I will greatly miss The Expanse and it’s characters. Every new season, I completely rewatch the entire series. What an incredibly talented cast and all star production. There is no other cast that could have pulled off the depth and complexity of each character, the nuances of their intertwined relationships, and the biopolitical chessboard of a colonized space. The diversity on the show - across so many levels, lifestyles and just human ways of being - is a mirror of what other shows should aspire to reflect. To run a 6-season syfy show that actually factually represents and recreates the science of space - especially of space - requires such thoughtful attention to detail and represents an outstanding achievement. There are so many times the graphics or the settings could have been corny or overly fantasized. The score is awesome, I play it on spotify all the time. The spacecraft and stations are architectural marvels outfitted with the best that engineering has to offer. Everyone who contributed to this show in ANY way should be extraordinarily proud. With today’s accelerated commercialization of space, stories like this on a wide platform are an inspirational necessity and cautionary tale. The Expanse serves as an accessible, timely yet hopeful reminder of our own humanity.

  • Lady Vengeance
    Lady Vengeance 4 months ago +10

    It was a fitting, beautiful, epic conclusion to arguably the greatest sci-fi series in history. My only hope is that Amazon comes to their senses and inks a deal to tell the stories of final three books. Maximum profits aren’t everything. This show is important and will be remembered for posterity.

  • DarthCacos
    DarthCacos 4 months ago +46

    I love this show. Starting the books asap.

    • holly cooper
      holly cooper 4 months ago +1

      YES!! the books are awesome 😉

    • brooklyn560
      brooklyn560 4 months ago +1

      Books are great a bit slower than the show but still great

    • Thomas Lew
      Thomas Lew 4 months ago +1

      @BCrafty121 Enjoy. There's subtle differences which are super interesting. Like in the books Prax starts a gofundme essentially lol. but it's incredible and a much deeper dive.

    • BCrafty121
      BCrafty121 4 months ago +1

      Same. I think I'm going to wait until the complete edition gets released with the final short novella in March.

  • Sarita Angie
    Sarita Angie 4 months ago +4

    The whole series has been amazing .. but this last episode.. the emotions it triggered in me.. I can’t remember anything else doing this in me.. above all the pearls of human love and care.. one for all Peaches gift of the little jewel to Amos .. no words only vibrations of gratitude 🙏🏻🥰💞

  • will cruz
    will cruz 4 months ago +7

    Loved the finale and am really going to miss this show. Wish they would keep it going and address more proto molecule and ring entity issues… man it stinks that this show is over

  • Ivan Contreras Guerrero
    Ivan Contreras Guerrero 4 months ago +18

    me encanto, pero me pone triste que solo fueran 6 episodios. muchas preguntas sin respuesta que espero ver en alguna temporada mas o alguna trilogia. No abandonen THE EXPANSE, una de las mejores series de ciencia ficcion hasta el momento.

    • Ganymede shipyards sfs
      Ganymede shipyards sfs 4 months ago

      Thanks for the Spanish class

    • Juan Pedro Gimeno
      Juan Pedro Gimeno 4 months ago +3

      Cierto, de lo mejorcito en ciencia-ficción desde hace mucho tiempo. Yo espero que Amzazon se lo piense dos veces y hagan mas temporadas, que necesitamos explicaciones.

  • rory sims
    rory sims 4 months ago +17

    I loved the finale but like all the other fans would love for TV seasons 7-9 to be made, so the final 3 books can be adapted

  • runningray
    runningray 4 months ago +19

    Thank you Ty, Daniel, and Shankar for not letting us fans down. Great ending... for now. See you guys on the other side.

  • Dearyvette TN
    Dearyvette TN 4 months ago

    I’m so glad that the series finished well even with the shortened season. I have three more books to read and all of the novellas and I have to say that although the tv adaptations differs, the tv story absolutely doesn’t disappoint.
    Well done to everyone involved 👍🏾

  • Sarita Angie
    Sarita Angie 4 months ago +4

    Great experience!!! Yessssss😍😍
    Thank you to all actors, writers, directors and producers!!! You did great 👍🏻!!! I just loved it all 🥰
    I really hope that Amazon takes this series back soon to create new seasons or movies out of the other 3 amazing books of The Expanse!!!

  • quinto190
    quinto190 4 months ago

    This is a very good review! Love the outlook from the books on the open story arcs. Season 6 was a bit short, but each episode was a blast to watch. The finale was a bit fast paced, so many things happening. I wish we would have had 1-2 more episodes to digest some things. But overall it was a very satisfying end of the show and it also pointed to the books, that I didn't know are still ahead with the story.

  • Arieldis Lázaro Labañino Jiménez

    Dejaron varios cabos sueltos y ojalá salgan varios spin off, pero fue una serie excelente de principio a fin.

  • Lord Bandit
    Lord Bandit 4 months ago +9

    I loved it, hope they adapt the rest of it.

  • Happy Helotian
    Happy Helotian 4 months ago +1

    Truly a great sci-fi saga whose end, hopefully, has not yet arrived. Crossing my fingers that the saga continues for several more seasons. Sci-fi at its best.

  • Aniket K
    Aniket K 4 months ago +39

    Enough of messing with us … announce the season 7

    • Jtzkb
      Jtzkb 4 months ago +1

      Six seasons and a movie?

    • Zarium Sheridan
      Zarium Sheridan 4 months ago +7

      Probably going to need a much bigger budget per episode ...

    • Dhina Stark
      Dhina Stark 4 months ago +6

      Im also begging for this to happen

  • Rodman rodman
    Rodman rodman 4 months ago +6

    Now my favorite show of all time! And I’ve watched lots of shows. Now is hoping to another season down the road.

  • kummer45
    kummer45 4 months ago

    I cried when I finished the series in Amazon Prime. The last season was pure gold. Every chapter seemed like a movie. It was super intense and it depicted great drama.
    Inaros stole the show in my opinion, but the crew, the WHOLE crew was simply amazing. Camina character was on spot. This deserves a SEVENTH season but with few contingencies of course. This is by far the BEST sci fi series ever made.
    I will fully support and purchase the whole collection telling Amazon that this show DESERVES a continuation.
    Let me put it this way, we haven't seen a super massive battle yet. Imagine if we get one. This will eventually be a movie but the series is nothing short of amazing. The writing was top notch. The acting was almost flawless. I cried few times. Shohreh Aghdashloo is an actress that is on another level of her personal career. SHE MADE her character authentic. Like her many other shined too. But Shohreh is something else. That's an expert without any single doubt.

  • Paul Martins
    Paul Martins 4 months ago +1

    Can't believe this series is over. It's the best sci fi series I've ever seen.

  • tallaganda83
    tallaganda83 4 months ago +5

    That was such a great episode, thanks Amazon for saving the Expanse.

  • Zoe Blackmore
    Zoe Blackmore 4 months ago

    This show has been the most awesome television experience, I am grateful for all involved including Ty Franck, Daniel Abrahams and Naren Shankar, All the brilliant actors and Amazon for saving the show and giving us the last 3 seasons. Season 6 was outstanding. However now without its continuation I am lost, nothing can match the drama, realism and visual effects of this series, I look around but everything else seems so predictable and unimaginative with cardboard cut out characters. It is extremely sad that such an amazing show had to come to a premature end. So Sad

  • Ana Mancholas
    Ana Mancholas 4 months ago

    My problem was that I didn't know it was the finale. I thought it was just the end of the season, not the end of the series and when I learned it it broke my heart. This is in my top 3 favourite shows ever

  • Krista Raag
    Krista Raag 4 months ago +1

    The ending was brilliant and I have never watched a sci fi show this deep and meaningul which would also translate into the world we live in. I agree that it was best to leave some questions unanswered, as we never know all the answers in our lives anyway, and suggest to focus on the moment. Life is unpredictable and this yet again proves how a show can found profound impact on a person. I can say that is has given more meaning to my life. Thank you 🙏🏻

  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner 4 months ago +1

    First, thanks to everyone who worked on The Expanse, it was a fun and engaging series. If I could change one thing, I would have dialed up a little more drama on ending Marco Inaros, it felt a bit rushed.

  • judyg
    judyg 3 months ago

    I just finished reading the final 3 books that haven’t been made yet, and all I can say is What a shame !!! It’s a fantastic story that calls out to be televised. And I think it can be done in 2 seasons. Come on Amazon, renew this terrific scifi series !!!

  • Rijacki Ledum
    Rijacki Ledum 4 months ago

    I loved the season but am very sad it's the last one. The last episode was utterly brilliant. There is hope in the universe but also some lingering mysteries to be solved/revealed/overcome. I truly hope that someone, Prime or anyone else, picks up the show for an additional run of several seasons.

  • LR Vogt
    LR Vogt 4 months ago +12

    Wow! What an absolutely stellar finale! Loved it. I could have done without the Strange Dogs subplot. It wasn't bad per se it just didn't matter and we could have had more time with the characters we love. Other than that... Every hero got the spotlight and it was a thrilling assault. Kudos to all. May the Expanse return to at least finish the final books. All hail President Camina Drummer!!!

    • Pammy
      Pammy 4 months ago +2

      You need the strange dogs for the rest of the books!!! It continues in the last 3 books. And those dogs will have an effect on ONE of our beloved characters too!

  • B Sweat
    B Sweat 4 months ago

    I want The Expanse to continue!!! Wonderful cast, great writing too......give us more...please....

  • ayu4ever78
    ayu4ever78 4 months ago +1

    Hope there's a season 7 sometime its a awesome show

  • James More
    James More 4 months ago

    More please, keep cast, change 30 years down to say 7. “So say we all”, clearly!
    The takeaway, it’s the unexpected and everyday things that have the most impact historically and makes sci-fi such a great venue. What we thought was the most important thing/tech is forgotten and the ripples of some child-like innocence tips the balance for humanity.

  • Thomas Baird
    Thomas Baird 4 months ago +4

    I watched season 6 finale episode. It Was a 5 Star ending! I was surprised how good it was, better than expected. Well Done to all involved in the Expanse series! Congratulations on the successful Expanse series! Thank you for the very good explanation of the Expanse Series Finale and more. Well Done!

  • vincent franzese
    vincent franzese 4 months ago

    There is so much more to learn, we can only hope Amazon will give us more.

  • Korra Nomad
    Korra Nomad 4 months ago +2

    The Expanse isn't over, and this video literally proves it. The Unknown Aggressors are nearly awake! It was a phenomenal series finale, but the story isn't over y'all. Let's wake them up. I say a two/three-part film saga or a miniseries revival that's 10-13 episodes.

  • Dave Dahl
    Dave Dahl 4 months ago +5

    Honestly I’m ok with the end here… Book 8 is heart wrenching. It literally rips your heart out and dances on it.

    • reculture
      reculture 4 months ago +2

      Exactly right, i remember reading very first sentence in the book and having to put it aside to process it for some time....and somewhere along the plot came the "Valkyrie moment with a torpedo"

    • Michael
      Michael 4 months ago +3

      Oh stop it. BTW, I was just cutting up a lot of onions and hot peppers.

  • James More
    James More 4 months ago

    This takeaway is brilliant and professional. Quality, thank you Amazon Prime!

  • Arthur F
    Arthur F 4 months ago

    Excellent series ... The Expanse ... great story ... great dialog ... great visuals ... great acting ... please continue ...

  • Autumn Keller
    Autumn Keller 4 months ago

    I wish they would continue this story. I dont think it could ever get old.

  • Mark Woodhead
    Mark Woodhead 4 months ago

    Please don't let this be the end.
    Can you switch to animation but keep the cast as voice actors?
    That cuts down on production costs. Please keep telling this story no matter what.

  • Dawn Vickerstaff
    Dawn Vickerstaff 4 months ago

    The events depicted in season 6 on Laconia do not take place in the far distant future. They take place in the past. Holden arrives on Laconia later and comes in conflict with Duarte, his daughter and the use of the protomolecule in books 7, 8 and 9. It is important to get the timeline correct as it has relevancy for any future television show.

  • Rene Rath
    Rene Rath 4 months ago

    Please don't let the show die, there is so much more to tell!!!

  • Johnnyxp64
    Johnnyxp64 4 months ago +2

    Nice to have this clear explanation and not various Clip-Sharers going on with their theories. i want season 7. Soon!.

  • Flip-n-Burn
    Flip-n-Burn 4 months ago

    Many things have been said... so just my TL:DR take:
    1. To me the best TV show (not even just sci-fi) ever!
    2. Needs Season 7-9! 😛

  • Dhairya Gala
    Dhairya Gala 4 months ago

    The Expanse has to be one of the best written and directed Sci-Fi shows which delves in to real-life problems which may occur once humanity ventures out into our neighboring planetary bodies, very well protraying the political and conflicts amongst each other, a very well known Human trait and how it affects our future in face of grave unknown dangers. With that in mind, this makes a great segway into future seasons with protomolecule and ring elements defining future of our species, where most other Sci-fi films / shows would have directly jumped on to.

  • kastrooutlaw
    kastrooutlaw 4 months ago +2

    great summary, gave me a lot of insights about stuff i did not fully catch while watching the show

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +13

    Is it wrong that I am in love with the Evil No.2, man, woman, lady, she beast "Rosenfeld Guoliang" played by Kathleen Robertson....

    • Michael
      Michael 4 months ago +2

      When she said "Is it bad? Am I hit? I don't wanna to go". I just happened to be cutting up hot peppers and a lot of onions.

    • Michael
      Michael 4 months ago +3

      Her character would have worked on either side. She is more memorable than any other character on Marco's team.

    • LR Vogt
      LR Vogt 4 months ago +4

      She made that character compelling right from the start.

  • Lisa Barbs
    Lisa Barbs 4 months ago

    Loved Drummers story arc, I've been a big fan of hers from the beginning. Will miss Amos and Bobbie, and the whole crew, spose ill have to find the time to read the books

  • Loren Mosley
    Loren Mosley 4 months ago +5

    Great finale, but I wanted so much more... I wish that someone would continue this series..

  • Clifford Fortner
    Clifford Fortner 4 months ago

    I agree, don't want the show to end

  • Matt Corrales
    Matt Corrales 4 months ago +4

    Movies!!! Movies!!! Movies!!!! Don’t let this end without the true finale!!!

    • Abel Rozario
      Abel Rozario 4 months ago

      Btw, even the books are still ongoing

  • Iain Mcevoy
    Iain Mcevoy 4 months ago +1

    Just amazing .. brilliantly done by all !!... many questions left to answer hopefully amazon will reconsider and do more .......

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +4

    Keon Alexander playing the role of "Marco Inaros" is brilliant acting. His performance, movement and nuances builds a great believable egotistical leader.

  • Kirt Manwaring
    Kirt Manwaring 4 months ago

    I’m incredibly torn. On the one hand those last 3 books were some of the most enjoyable and would have made for phenomenal TV … like 2 specific unwinnable fight moments come to mind, if you know you know. :) Anyway I’m mad we don’t get to see that and also season 6 needed more than 6 episodes. Still, show runners and cast obviously did the best they could with that crappy situation and it took fantastic writing to end this thing as well as they did … plus this would have ended much earlier had Amazon not picked it up at all.

  • Jeremy Cunningham
    Jeremy Cunningham 4 months ago

    Best show on Tv - easy! I really hope the rest of the books get adapted sometime

  • Birgit Scheerenberger
    Birgit Scheerenberger 4 months ago

    let us get more of it! We need positive science fiction!

  • Bordács Attila
    Bordács Attila 4 months ago +4

    season 7-8-9 PLEASE!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • backinmars
    backinmars 4 months ago +2

    I don’t need a explanation! I need MORE SEASONS !

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +4

    When Marco discarded the Pella's camouflage coverings, that was a lot of Space Littering!!! That deserves a space ticket by any witnesses.

  • Alan Gutmann
    Alan Gutmann 4 months ago

    Of course their is to much to discuss in a short note. This show in my view even better than the books will be sorely missed. The number of characters that are special were great. From Miller, avasarala and drummer to Anna and Prax may have been the equal to the main characters. I thought just one episode actors like the captain of the Cant and Ade were so well acted. The plot and messages were great from political to personal, grand and private. Amazon, I am not sure of ratings or costs but if anyway you can surprise the devotees while the cast is still available would be greatly appreciated. By the way, even a spin out of either Drummers back story or leadership of the union would be great and perhaps much lower cost , internal battles not the lavish space battles

  • Photo Hound
    Photo Hound 4 months ago

    One of the best series ever!

  • Adam Rak
    Adam Rak 4 months ago

    The ancient builders were wiped out from their substrate! And the substrate remained working, but empty... That is freakishly powerful.

  • Loris Magnani
    Loris Magnani 4 months ago

    Wait a minute: is this really the end? I was still waiting for the second part of season 6 😞

  • Rob-T
    Rob-T 4 months ago +1

    Yes it's a bit irritating that we don't get any resolution of what is going on with the entities and Laconia... but it was never going to be resolved in six episodes, or ten or even thirteen. Looking forward to reading on now (I held off reading ahead until the series finished) and really hope Amazon or someone funds the continuation of the story in the future.

  • Redd
    Redd 4 months ago +8

    Six Seasons and a Movie.... I mean 3 Movies. The Community demands it.

  • Michael S. Chupka
    Michael S. Chupka 4 months ago

    I'm hoping amazon studios gets out the check book so that we can have seasons seven, eight, and nine.

  • Pammy
    Pammy 4 months ago

    I started with this story on TV, but then I got into the books. DO READ the books! There is so much more detail to the story. Of course, there are some differences but it is generally the same.
    I have a question about where belters can live. Could they live on Mars because of it’s weaker gravity????

    • Aidan Cox
      Aidan Cox 4 months ago +1

      To answer your question: yes, they probably could! Mars and Ceres have approximately the same gravity (Ceres fakes it with spin) so at least some Belters could live healthy lives on Mars without gravity drugs. That said, Mars probably wouldn't have them, at least pre-Ashes, given their whole socio-political situation.

  • MuShinGirl
    MuShinGirl 4 months ago

    Great breakdown ladies!
    Also, I LOVE AMOS!
    That is all.

  • Secrets
    Secrets 4 months ago +8

    Bring 'The Expanse' back, or I'll wake up The Entities and send them towards you.

    • Michael
      Michael 4 months ago

      Calling all Karens, ask for the Manager!

  • Vicky Flanagan
    Vicky Flanagan 4 months ago

    I hope there are more shows please.

  • Mark Lancaster
    Mark Lancaster 4 months ago

    THE greatest SF show ever acting writing Everything to have a fan base for years to come.

  • TheHighGuard UK
    TheHighGuard UK 4 months ago +1

    Spin off series! We need an Expanse spinoff series to continue the story!!!!!!!

  • aaron jacques
    aaron jacques 4 months ago

    They should do the final 3 seasons as a cartoon. It would be cheaper and good enough

  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 months ago +2

    I want season 7 now.

  • Jogie Balansag
    Jogie Balansag 4 months ago

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  • PowerStudios1000
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    Amazing amazing show - now please confirm some plan for season 7 xD

  • Matthew Wilkinson
    Matthew Wilkinson 4 months ago

    What I don’t understand is HOW THE DUCK 🦆 is this the last season?! So much potential.

  • GackutoG
    GackutoG 4 months ago +8

    I liked it but I needed more.

    • Michael
      Michael 4 months ago +1

      Agreed. I want to speak to the Manager!

  • Master Shifu
    Master Shifu 4 months ago +4

    Am I the only one who is not happy about the ending? I mean come on, a 6 episode last season when previous seasons had 10-13 episodes. Everything felt a bit rushed in. They built the story of the mysterious ring aliens, the rise of Marco Inaros's Free Navy - these are all gone in 6 episodes? I mean hey this series is probably the most accurate, top notch visuals sci-fi show ever. And they have done a great amount of work to bring the story here. Why end it in 6 episodes only? If they took 10 or 13 episodes and more time to prepare the final battle sequence and change the beltar's minds it would have felt more realistic and appropriate. It felt like Marco Inaros's Free Navy didn't have much of an impact other than throwing rocks and blowing up docks in Ceres. Pff I was really hyped but disappointed at the same time when I heard it will be a 6 episode last season. They hurried it, believe me they hurried it man. The show deserved a more well built ending with lots of characters getting high in emotion.

    • Master Shifu
      Master Shifu 4 months ago

      @Noli P. well said

    • Noli P.
      Noli P. 4 months ago

      I agree. I wish there was more time dedicated to the build-up and final showdown with Inaros. Six episodes was way too meager, the last battle would have had more weight in one dedicated episode or over two, if they absolutely insist on having multiple plot lines running at the same time.
      Though I must say that s as short as the last battle episode was, it had some spectacular moments.

  • Edward Iris
    Edward Iris 4 months ago

    I really hope they renew this shows

  • BCrafty121
    BCrafty121 4 months ago +1

    A Martian Shipyards ship design video game would be kinda cool.

  • Darius Moon
    Darius Moon 4 months ago

    All the leaders of the different groups had vision and passion.

  • Arthur William
    Arthur William 4 months ago


  • JR M
    JR M 4 months ago

    I need the rest of the story adapted :(

  • André Allão de Azevedo

    Seriously, I´m subscribing for Prime Video solely for The Expanse. Modern Love, Jack Ryan, Wheel of Time, The Boys, even Invincible, they´re just bonuses.
    Okay, we´re done with Mark Inaros. But this so called "ending" leaves a lot of unanswered questions and unresolved plots.
    I´m truly thankful for Amazon bringing the series again and acomplishing to wrap up the main plot through these 3 seasons, but again... my main reason for my subscription was to watch and to sponsor the best sci-fi series since Star Trek:The Next Generation.
    Now, I truly don´t know what to do. =(

  • Frog212 Why’d
    Frog212 Why’d 4 months ago

    Watching this short video I am once again reminded that Avasarala’s outfits are fire!

  • gfarrell80
    gfarrell80 4 months ago

    As Holden said: "Marco was right."

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +4

    So is the little brother a robot from Lost In Space or from Pet Sematary...

  • Arthur BRIAND
    Arthur BRIAND 4 months ago

    Let's wait a few years for the show to become a cult classic. Then we'll get the last three seasons.

  • grezny
    grezny 4 months ago

    Great show Only thing I had amazon for.