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The G LEAGUE Player That Carried The Heat To The Finals...

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Less than 2 years ago, Caleb Martin was cut by the Charlotte Hornets… seemingly ending his brief NBA career. A forgettable player that made little impact in the league, and was just another guy that got some run in the G League but couldn’t make it in the NBA… he just wasn’t talented enough… not a good enough scorer… didn’t bring enough to the table… Now, he won eastern conference finals MVP (well he didn’t but he should’ve) and just made the NBA Finals - and the Heat could not have done it without him… A career 8 PPG scorer that was arguably the best player in a series that featured Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Jimmy Butler. But where did this guy come from? How do you go from cut by the Hornets… to starting for the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals?
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  • John Loftin
    John Loftin 3 months ago +202

    His nba career is like a 2k storyline
    Absolutely insane

    • Ispikel
      Ispikel 3 months ago

      What I was just thinking 😂😂😂

    • Il XIHill
      Il XIHill 3 months ago

      true. first year im a bum. third year im averaging 37ppg on 46% from 3. Not trynna flex, i bet everybody can do that.. dribble-stepback-3.. repeat.
      I just wanna strengthen ur point

    • zeph union
      zeph union 3 months ago

      Oh.. really? He cnt shoot against the nuggets 😅

    • Il XIHill
      Il XIHill 3 months ago

      @zeph union k, who?

  • Rainbow Spice
    Rainbow Spice 3 months ago +147

    Watching those Hornets play in games… I don’t know how they didn’t play the twins more. They were the only ones consistently giving effort and making winning plays.

    • Zack Young
      Zack Young 3 months ago +22

      Ngl I feel so bad for Cody dude got left in the dust 😂 heat need to sign him up and get the twins back together

    • Silent wolf
      Silent wolf 3 months ago +4

      @Zack Younghe got left in poverty

    • nico
      nico 3 months ago +2

      They really did seem to play really hard when I watched Hornets play

    • BlanexBlaze
      BlanexBlaze 3 months ago

      ​@Silent wolfdoesn't help he was injured the entire season

    • Tripp Heff
      Tripp Heff 3 months ago

      Oh wow, I remember that! I googled those twins because of their game against the Hawks back then! I actually never pieced together that this is THAT guy.

  • Basketball Sicko
    Basketball Sicko 3 months ago +65

    In Charlotte, they had this so called "fully Martinized" moments when both twins play together. Cody is more of a defender while Caleb is the better shooter. The arrival of Oubre and drafting of Bouknight made Hornets GM decide to let go of Caleb

    • Ricky Dornberger
      Ricky Dornberger 3 months ago

      Yeah Cody is a good playmaker and defender I still think he can impact a team if he can get healthy

    • TJ
      TJ 3 months ago

      Got confused with caleb as the defender but it was actually cody lol

    • Goomba Pizza
      Goomba Pizza 3 months ago

      ​@TJ Maybe that was true in HS/college, but Caleb is the better defender now; check out their respective FiveThirtyEight RAPTOR stats. That narrative has kept being repeated with nothing to back it up, as three out of the four years they've been in the league, Caleb's defensive rating has been higher than Cody's.
      Cody is still the playmaker/facilitator out of the two, able to be a floor general when needed. He's always gotten twice as many assists as Caleb.

  • Miles
    Miles 3 months ago +264

    It's the Heat development plus the drive of the players. The draft is often overrated anyway, people act like we ain't never seen busts.

    • Marcus Jackson
      Marcus Jackson 3 months ago +23

      The draft isn’t overrated, player development is underrated.
      My edit is I forgot to add that player development is "underrated"

    • peamut
      peamut 3 months ago +8

      @Marcus Jackson Nah, that’s false. Players drafted in the second round can be just as good as many first round picks if you help them put in the work.
      Of course, getting a high draft pick for large upside players like Victor Wembanyama is also important, but don’t act like player development doesn’t mean a thing. Hell, even players like Wemby ARE going to need development when they enter the league.

    • Gianni Parello
      Gianni Parello 3 months ago +6

      @Marcus Jacksonif player development is overrated explain the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets currently being in the finals lmao their rosters aren’t full of high draft picks just guys who they developed and some veterans
      Jokic just won MVP back to back as a second round pick lol

    • Marcus Jackson
      Marcus Jackson 3 months ago +4

      @Gianni Parello it was just a typo. I was trying to say the draft is great, but it means more to actually develop your players

    • Marcus Jackson
      Marcus Jackson 3 months ago +6

      @peamut Yea it was just a typo, i forgot to put development is "underrated". If teams did a better job at developing their draft talent they would actually turn out better. Like they let Ben simmons do whatever he wanted and look how that turned out. He had all the talent and upside in the world

  • Captain Wo Hop
    Captain Wo Hop 3 months ago +61

    The best thing to happen to Miami was Herro going down. Martin, Robinson and Strus wouldn't have gotten the same run if Tyler was still in the rotation. Plus, from scouting to development to coaching/front office, Charlotte is as poorly run a franchise as there is in the NBA.

    • Andres Caiced
      Andres Caiced 3 months ago +1

      I agree

    • profit cs
      profit cs 3 months ago +1

      Herro is better to the heat coming off the bench.

  • DaYeJinSol
    DaYeJinSol 3 months ago +9

    Thank you for showing Caleb some love. Dude is one of those complimentary players you’d want on your team

    • Prince Blacksta IV
      Prince Blacksta IV 3 months ago +1

      He's not some or a complimentary Player anymore
      He's slowly morphing into a Scottie pippen type of 2nd option

  • Zack Young
    Zack Young 3 months ago +244

    Ngl i feel bad for Cody dude got left in the dust in Charlotte 😂 Miami gotta sign him get the twins back together

    • Mark Neil
      Mark Neil 3 months ago

      He is Injured

    • Who Cares
      Who Cares 3 months ago +6

      Wasnt cody even the better of the 2 when they were together? Not sure tho, I just seem to remember it that way

    • Garrett Short
      Garrett Short 3 months ago +12

      ​@Who Cares no he was the worse brother. Classic hornets organization to keep the worse one😂

    • Who Cares
      Who Cares 3 months ago +7

      @Garrett Short you probably right I mist have judt remembered the 1 hornets game I watched where Cody ended up being better 😂. Not like I am going to watch hornets anyway, not into self harm

    • SRT DRE
      SRT DRE 3 months ago +9

      @Garrett Short nah, Cody was the better player. Caleb has surpassed him since going to Miami but Cody had the higher potential. If he gets to Miami the same leap will happen for him. I think Cody’s stock just jumped tremendously, every contender is about to try and trade for him. If I’m Miami, I’m trading Tyler Herro for PJ Washington and Cody Martin and I’m making Caleb Martin my starting SG.

  • Jake LA ponder
    Jake LA ponder 3 months ago +26

    The heat are why I say if you make the NBA you have a chance, if you show in minutes what another player won't show in 30 you're gonna get pt especially in the playoffs, people acting like guys out there didn't get there chance are full of it, if you made the NBA you got your chance it's just about making the most of it.

  • mental asylum escapee
    mental asylum escapee 3 months ago +1

    goes to show you never give up, all the potential lies in you you just have to unlock it. this story is a reminder of the stories of Kobe in the gym and how it made him a legend R.I.P Kobe

  • Captain 789
    Captain 789 3 months ago

    Anyone who watched him play for us since he came to the heat ,knew he has hustle ,this playoffs he added the scoring

    ANTI - LGBTQ ACTIVIST 3 months ago +2

    Caleb saved Jimmy and the heat from a lot of embarrassment ! Dude played great for 7 games, Jimmy played well for 3 games!

    • mental asylum escapee
      mental asylum escapee 3 months ago

      i don't think you can have embarrassment even if you lose in the first round, cos in all fact the Miami Heat were an 8th seed (the worst record of the EAST playoff teams for the season).

  • P L
    P L 3 months ago +4

    Life is about preparing yourself to take advantage of an opportunity if and when it comes. I love this story. I love that he is experiencing what so many dream about. I hope my Miami Heat wins it all to complete this unexpected season.

    • astrodoops
      astrodoops 3 months ago

      Well, his paycheck just earned it himself several extra zeros at the end. Dammit if we keep developing talent, we can’t afford them anymore!

  • Kevin Joa
    Kevin Joa 3 months ago +34

    Don't forget about the other hidden gems Miami has: Haywood Highsmith & Omer Yurtseven,

    • Matt Song
      Matt Song 3 months ago +11

      Yes Sir. Highsmith played great given minutes as well as Omer. I think we might see more Omer facing much taller Denver team.

    • Orlando Willis
      Orlando Willis 3 months ago +2

      Omer and Caleb both were NC state wolfpack teammates before going into their respective drafts 😮

    • Triton XLS
      Triton XLS 3 months ago +2

      Nikola Jovic

  • Comeback Kid
    Comeback Kid 3 months ago +23

    Carried is crazy😂😂 Jimmy led them in pts assists and steals and took jaylen brown out of the series and getting doubled the offense started with him.

    • McNastyTheGreat
      McNastyTheGreat 3 months ago +2

      Dribbling took to Jaylen Brown out of the series

    • Orlando Williamson
      Orlando Williamson 3 months ago +4

      Yes idk wat is this whole thing of Jimmy being carried 😂😂

    • Il XIHill
      Il XIHill 3 months ago +3

      Yeah.. but he is Himmy Buckets. Nontheless Caleb stepped up big time, mans deserves like a mini-finals-mvp. Hope he gets a bag

  • Vaguely
    Vaguely 3 months ago

    You could show highlights of any player missing hella shots. Watching the Hornets you saw his athleticism and grit, thats why he got a shot.

    BEACHAVEBABY 3 months ago +31

    Hornets cut him because he’s a winner … they don’t want that 😂

  • RegularRetro
    RegularRetro 3 months ago

    It’s fit and opportunity for a lot of players. Obviously everyone in the league is good at basketball, it’s just wether the playbook and their role mesh with their style. Some players are not wired to be role players which is why some guys explode when you design offense around them (Rockets Harden, Kicks Brunson etc..). Unfortunately it’s the same reason guys like Westbrook struggle when they’re not the 1st option.

  • Pablo García Fernandez
    Pablo García Fernandez 3 months ago +6

    The J Cole and Caleb Martin story was wild before, but now its really something different

  • Izza Cabalquinto
    Izza Cabalquinto 3 months ago

    He burst his confidence being in the Heat. It’s all about being confident to show how good he is

    ALPARSLAN 3 months ago +1

    I started watching nba last year and I remember him not being an contributing force in the roster. Seeing him now is like "bro, is this the same caleb? 🧐"

  • K Drizzle
    K Drizzle 3 months ago +10

    Stay ready man. Love this guys story! Should be a 2k story line

  • KassperT
    KassperT 3 months ago

    Love your work brother. You're gonna be big- it's gonna happen for certain. I put up with other NBA vid makers, I love yours. God bless

  • prsd ragav
    prsd ragav 3 months ago

    I just KNOW this is killing you as a State fan LMAOOOOOOO. The twins were supposed to come in and revive the wolfpack and it just didn't quite work out. Happy for Caleb though, he's been an absolute dog this post-season and I hope he gets his bag.

  • noobnoob117
    noobnoob117 3 months ago +1

    if caleb gets paid for next season, will his game depreciate or will he get even better?
    Like what happened to jordan poole? a g league player who helped the warriors win a chip, got paid, then became almost unplayable during the playoffs.

  • Farez Johnson
    Farez Johnson 3 months ago

    Had no idea about the J. Cole connection...definitely an example of "who you know more than what you know" working out for someone in the league

  • Ricky Dornberger
    Ricky Dornberger 3 months ago +2

    I always knew Caleb was the better player than Cody at Nevada I don’t know why the Hornets gave him less of a chance

  • Lil Bored x Reuploads
    Lil Bored x Reuploads 3 months ago +2

    He definitely carried in alot of games, hes been the bam jimmy needed this whole time, except bam doesnt show up alot.

    • Prince Blacksta IV
      Prince Blacksta IV 3 months ago +1

      He's scottie pippen to Jimmy's Michael Jordan
      At this point Riley should consider shilling off Bam and Herro and surrounding those two with better pieces

  • Trae Cox
    Trae Cox 3 months ago +13

    The heat warriors and lakers are very at finding gems and talent in the draft . I had my doubts about Caleb Martin at first but he proved me wrong

    • Marcus Jackson
      Marcus Jackson 3 months ago +1

      Spurs as well

    • john watkins
      john watkins 3 months ago +2

      I'm sorry what gem have the Lakers found lately

    • fusioncannon
      fusioncannon 3 months ago +1

      @john watkins austin reaves?

    • Elder Assassin
      Elder Assassin 3 months ago

      ​@fusioncannon but that's nowhere the consistently level of the other team. That's one of how many??? Remember Kendrick Nunn, Duncan Robinson, Caleb Martin, Max strus, Gabe Vincent, Derrick Jones jr
      We're all undrafted players.
      Your comment makes no sense if you're just saying one player put Lakers in the category of Miami Heat Spurs and Golden State.
      A typical Lakers fan nonsense.

    • Sontho
      Sontho 3 months ago

      ​@Elder Assassin Lakers drafted julius randle, brandon ingram, alex caruso, jordan clarkson, etc. Everyone I mentioned have made NBA career awards, so no it's not some "Lakers fan nonsense" you just not that smart.

  • Marcus Jackson
    Marcus Jackson 3 months ago +15

    Can we talk about who is Haywood Highsmith ? He played in games 6 and 7 for the Heat

    • Jumbles Gaming
      Jumbles Gaming 3 months ago +1

      I only know him bc 2k this year 😂

    • george guerra
      george guerra 3 months ago +2

      for the most part, difficult to play since his offense is bad, but hes been a top tier defender all year. If he develops a 37-40% 3pt he'll be a premium role player in the nba.

    • Marcus Jackson
      Marcus Jackson 3 months ago +4

      @george guerra the Heat be finding them man. Absolutely crazy.

    • Miles
      Miles 3 months ago

      His defensive numbers against Tatum are solid. He models his game after PJ Tucker...has a ways to go but made huge progress this season.

    • Marcus Jackson
      Marcus Jackson 3 months ago

      @Miles had no idea who he was, but leave it to Miami to find him

  • KyngJustin
    KyngJustin 3 months ago +1

    Stepped up when it mattered most💪

  • plooie
    plooie 3 months ago +1

    Love his game, he also just won me 1k during the series lmao

  • Goofy Buddha
    Goofy Buddha 3 months ago

    Ya gotta feel for Cody, too. When he was drafted by the Hornets and Caleb went undrafted, and then got cut by the Hornets you gotta think Cody was thinking in the back of his mind, "Well, I guess if one of us is gonna get the dream possibly of going to the NBA Finals it's gonna be me."

  • Simple Elegant
    Simple Elegant 3 months ago +2

    Bro we have to be grateful that someone is helping Jimmy. Don't give a fck about who's MVP. Just give someone to help with please Denver is scary..

  • Steven Lora
    Steven Lora 3 months ago

    Jimmy averaged 24.7 points, 7.6 rebounds, 6.1 assists, 2.6 steals
    Caleb average 19.3 points, 6.4 rebounds, 1.7 assists, 0.9 steals
    Jimmy beat him in every major stat category while being double teamed most of the time and having the best defenders on him. It’s not close.

  • Sonny Kelevra
    Sonny Kelevra 3 months ago

    It’s crazy how every team doesn’t mimic Miami’s approach when it comes to their work ethic. When people say “how did he come from nowhere to this” (and they say that a lot about Heat players) it’s obvious. There are 400 players in the NBA. There isn’t a massive drop off between mr 400 and mr 401 or even between mr 200 and mr 600. It’s not crazy to say the 1000 most talented basketball players on the planet can play in the NBA. One of the main variables that separate the winners from the losers if work ethic. And you know going into the Heat you’re going to get worked like dogs. So when people say The Heat are unbelievable at discovering talent, that is true to an extent but their actual skill is making sure they squeeze 100% effort out of their players. And that can turn a 4/10 player into a 6 or 7/10 player.

  • Joseph Tsui
    Joseph Tsui 3 months ago

    Good Post. Happy for Caleb and happy for the Heat.

  • AfricanH3ro
    AfricanH3ro 3 months ago

    J Cole is actually a pro hooper in his own right lol. Played a season I believe for an NBA Africa team.

  • Nicholas Tan
    Nicholas Tan 3 months ago

    Tbf we saw some of this in his limited Charlotte days. Both he and his brother are talented.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    Guy has charisma for days.

  • Max Meier
    Max Meier 3 months ago +2

    Caleb's shot still looks weird but as long as it falls, let's not change it.

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 3 months ago

      Jokes on you, Ben Simmons can't even f****** shoot and he's in NBA lol

    • profit cs
      profit cs 3 months ago

      It's a lot smoother than b4, he's not swinging his legs as much

  • peamut
    peamut 3 months ago

    He my new favorite roleplayer. He got that dawg in him.
    Def my 3rd fav Heat player currently on the roster only behind Dipo and Jimmy

  • Griffin A McCune
    Griffin A McCune 3 months ago +1

    butler averaged more assists, rebounds, and ppg in this series. I'd say he deserved it

  • Raul Menendez
    Raul Menendez 3 months ago +1

    His shot is way different today from those hornets clips

  • Kacci
    Kacci 3 months ago +2

    Hornets' organization is the worst, imagine who cut Caleb Martin from the Hornets just to see him carry Heat to the FINALS with efficiency

    • mental asylum escapee
      mental asylum escapee 3 months ago

      they were one of the most respected teams in the 90's, even their apparel was in hot demand. i remember Mugsey Bogues, "Zo", Larry Johnson, Dell Curry, even more...
      all i can remember since then with the team is MJ ruined it with bad decisions and probably a dictator style leadership which led to Hornets players being too afraid to show their true selves.

  • Emmanuel Mondésir
    Emmanuel Mondésir 3 months ago

    “Carried” is wild when the only thing he had over Butler is efficiency

  • Buzz, ATBP !
    Buzz, ATBP ! 3 months ago

    He's good. But "helped" is maybe more appropriate.
    He played his best in the Celtics- Miami series but this is the MVP of the conference. The run to the NBA finals.
    Butler deserves it.

  • Tahja
    Tahja 3 months ago +12

    Martin Carried the Heat? 🤦🏾‍♂️ did you forget what Jimmy has been doing in these playoffs??

    • Mycole19
      Mycole19 3 months ago +8

      You take butler out the team and this team would lose by 40 or more. Butler was so impactful and was doubled team all game which allowed Martin to score. Butler was guarding the best player, rebounding and screening. There’s more to basketball than points. People don’t watch basketball and clearly don’t play it bro. This guy is a 2k Clip-Sharer bro

    • junel capin
      junel capin 3 months ago

      @Mycole19 and butler can't win without martin, if that open shot wont fall its over. team effort that's miami.

    • Prince Blacksta IV
      Prince Blacksta IV 3 months ago +2

      @junel capin Just like Jordan can't win without Pippen. There's nothing wrong with being the 2nd option tk a star player if it brings success

    • Orlando Williamson
      Orlando Williamson 3 months ago +1

      ​@Mycole19 finally someone people with sense

  • Kazimir
    Kazimir 3 months ago

    I think this is his last time in this play-off as we see Martin with dark glasses at the press conference because the Nuggets will destroy the Heat smoothly 4:0 in this NBA finals

    • KristaP
      KristaP 3 months ago

      they already said that when they face milwaukee and gives 3% chance to beat boston but look where they are now.😂😂
      just enjoy the game anything can happen

    Big TREDEUCE 3 months ago +11

    can we just not say that he deserved that finals mvp because he didn’t, Jimmy Butler dropped more points and assists throughout the series. Trying to take Jimmy’s ECF MVP is absolutely insane.

    • TP
      TP 3 months ago +4

      More rebounds and more steals
      Being the closer
      Guarded Tatum
      Caleb himself doesn't want to win it over Jimmy
      I think people just like being contrarian

    • Danlube Zillagoleez
      Danlube Zillagoleez 3 months ago +1

      @TP no, it’s that people don’t realize how empty stats can really be as a measurement of value.
      28 ppg on 42% shooting is way worse than 19 ppg on 60/48/88 splits.
      Value in basketball is so much more than just “this player averaged 28 7 7 clearly he is better” because the context surrounding those averages is infinitely more important than the stats themselves.
      And the context is that butler had the ball 10 times as much as martin and didn’t do nearly as much in comparison to the amount of opportunities he had. Butler had a great game one, but in games 2 and 3 played objectively worse than Martin in 2 who shot 11 of 16 to butlers 12 of 25 and Vincent in 3 who ended up with 29 on good efficiency compared to butlers 14 on mediocre efficiency.
      Butler outright sold games 4, 5, and 6. And in game 7 shot 12 of 28 from the field where martin shot 11 of 16 from the field.
      The context is that butler had a great game one, ok game 2 and 7 while martin created a ton of value out of only 11 attempts a game and arguably played better in 5 out of those 7 games

    • Nightrain92
      Nightrain92 3 months ago

      Martin had an absurd offensive rating and crazy shooting splits. Basically, the star of the team always gets those individual awards, Kobe over Gasol in 2010 is a good example. But make no mistake about it: There was a strong case that Martin deserves it, but Jimmy isn't undeserving, mainly because of his defense. But I think both players couldn't care less about a ECF MVP

    • Ty
      Ty 3 months ago

      You don’t know ball

    • Big TREDEUCE
      Big TREDEUCE 3 months ago

      @Ty nah you dont know ball

  • Smoothjb23
    Smoothjb23 3 months ago

    I mean I hear ye but who knows herro coulda balled and they still make the finals it is is a cool story but with him on the bench still with a healthy herro it’s still possible the heat make the finals but I like the fit better than herro he doesn’t need the ball as much just scores within the flow of the offense. he shoulda won the mvp tho imo butler had a few dud games. They need more from bam on offense he is a big part of their zone defense, if he could average like 20 pts they wouldn’t need the bench scoring but they are so lucky they started getting that bench scoring at the perfect time this year. Also Duncan still sucks at defense but he been showing up on offense here lately

  • Raeli
    Raeli 3 months ago +1

    They gave the mvp to buttler because he will shout "Caleb Martin over me?" 😂

  • HoopGenie
    HoopGenie 3 months ago +1

    Tired of hearing Undrafted, and "G league" player, these guys deserve respect and to be called either a nickname or their names.

  • Darnell Woodard
    Darnell Woodard 3 months ago

    Thats why you cant be mad things aint always work out, when its your time to shine you will know

  • grandmaster
    grandmaster 3 months ago +1

    So this can prove that undrafted players can also be good if given the chance?

    KOHUNIT 3 months ago

    Great over analysis. He’s a g leaguer in the actual finals

  • Fxz
    Fxz 3 months ago +2

    im not gonna be surprise if they win the championships

  • K- Mck
    K- Mck 3 months ago

    I think heat need to trade herro and bring a legit center to help them being a real contender in the east

  • Smart Towel RG-400
    Smart Towel RG-400 3 months ago

    He was never reqlly giving a shot in Charlotte sometimes you need to throw playeers in the deep end to see what kind kf player they really are

  • Mac
    Mac 3 months ago

    Hornets be like: we release the wrong twin. 😅

  • Alonzoball
    Alonzoball 3 months ago

    Imagine he wins the championship

  • Garrett Funke
    Garrett Funke 3 months ago +15

    Bro why do people want him to have it over jimmy. Check the stats…. This video wouldn’t even be made if it wasn’t for jimmy’s game winner

    • Marcus Jackson
      Marcus Jackson 3 months ago +10

      This is facts. Ppl forgot Jimmy running the offense, always guarding the best player, averaging 4 steals, and always doing the clutch scoring

    • Magic Sam
      Magic Sam 3 months ago +5

      Bc he was more consistent

    • TP
      TP 3 months ago +1

      ​@Magic Sam MCP
      Oh wait it doesn't make sense
      Yeah Jimmy is the MVP
      Literally you have to go out of your way to look for exceptions to find cases in which NBA awarded anyone for efficiency or consistency over plain and simple best stats and best player

    • Pika InParis
      Pika InParis 3 months ago +6

      This is the thing, people who think he could have get it over Butler aren't checking the stats. Their WATCHING the GAMES.
      Nobody said Jimmy didn't deserve it, ofc he did he was awesome. But Martin was awesome too and there is an argument for him IF YOU WATCH THE GAMES

    • Dre
      Dre  3 months ago +1

      ​@Magic Sam Jimmy legit lead the team in scoring, assist and steals in the series and when Jimmy played good the team won. Calab only had 1 really impactful game and Jimmy still out scored him and had more assist and steals.

  • Someone
    Someone 3 months ago +1

    Dude had 1 good game and he “carried to the finals”😂😂

  • Cam L
    Cam L 3 months ago +10

    "the heat with a healthy herro would've done worse than they just did with Martin"is where this got a little too assumptive for me

    • Caleb H
      Caleb H 3 months ago

      Yeah... Hero is a 20 ppg player. The only difference is that he's expected to do that. Martin is a big under dog story that people love to see. Herro would've done the same thing if not more since we have seen Herro ether the Celtics.

    • Matt Song
      Matt Song 3 months ago +1

      ​@Caleb H Herro would shoot erratic shots, create turnovers and Play bad defence. Caleb played great, did not rush shots, small ammount of tournovers and good defence. Thanks to Herro there was one more player WHO benefited. Duncan Robinson and I havent seen Duncan playing do good past two years. Cutting, creating, fighting.

    • Mycole19
      Mycole19 3 months ago

      Dudes narrative driven just tryna make the clout by making stupid takes

    • Danlube Zillagoleez
      Danlube Zillagoleez 3 months ago +2

      @Caleb Hppg doesn’t matter if you don’t play defense. Turn the ball over, and don’t shoot at high efficiency.
      Caleb having 60/48/88 splits on 11 attempts a game while playing much better defense is infinitely more valuable than anything herro would have brought to the table.

  • ずら
    ずら 3 months ago +1

    J Cole is the true eastern conference finals mvp

  • david moses
    david moses 3 months ago

    People that pat riley, spo and Jimmy can turn into monsters and make their team better. Fultz ,kuminga

    TREPRINCE 3 months ago +6

    Should put Jcole in the thumbnail and title it "How Jcole won the eastern conference finals " 😂

  • David
    David 3 months ago

    I cry for Gelo Ball

  • Canon Kingsley
    Canon Kingsley 3 months ago +2

    At this point, Herro should be scared about being traded.

    • Pika InParis
      Pika InParis 3 months ago

      OR be ready to have a 6th man carreer, if he embraces it and works towards it why not be the Manu Ginobili of this generation

    • Prince Blacksta IV
      Prince Blacksta IV 3 months ago

      @Pika InParis Because with Herro as asset they can get an actual real point guard to pair up with Jimmy and Caleb

  • Bababooeeeey
    Bababooeeeey 3 months ago +1

    It never fails to amaze me how fast NBA fans create hype trains.

    • Pika InParis
      Pika InParis 3 months ago

      NAh watch the games, he created his own hype, all credits to the work he put in
      Maybe he will fall down, maybe he will stay at this level or even exceed it idc I'll remember this run by Miami and how much he contributed

    • Bababooeeeey
      Bababooeeeey 3 months ago +2

      @Pika InParis i watched the game last night, Miami dominated and Caleb Martin had like 25 points if i remember right. You’re right he did create the hype very deservedly. I was simply commenting on how fast this league and its fans build up a player. The guys probably going to get the bag this off-season because of it. More power to him

    • Pika InParis
      Pika InParis 3 months ago

      @Bababooeeeey As long as you're not trying to discredit him with it, go on and say whatever you want about the fans, we are awful and definitely need a reality check once in a while

    • Pika InParis
      Pika InParis 3 months ago

      @Bababooeeeey Do you remember his shot to end the 3Q? Personnaly that's the moment that made me say "Wait? is this guy a HIM?" probably not but daaaamn!

    • Dre
      Dre  3 months ago +1

      ​@Pika InParis Dude had 1 good game and a ok series and acting like he's been doing this the whole playoffs 😂 in the first 2 series he averaged 10 points per game

  • evelyn ruiz
    evelyn ruiz 3 months ago

    MIAMI FANS have to THANK PAT RILEY for making a DEAL with MJ about CALEB

  • Mintyy
    Mintyy 3 months ago

    he’s tuff his jumpshot kills me tho

  • zi peng
    zi peng 3 months ago +1

    i noticed him when he made that kobe style turn around fade away shot im like this guy is different

    • mental asylum escapee
      mental asylum escapee 3 months ago +1

      and the gym references for Caleb was how he was picked up...we all know how Kobe was like with the gym

  • Xavier Victor Kicks
    Xavier Victor Kicks 3 months ago

    J Cole got a future as a scout

  • Guy
    Guy 3 months ago +1

    Stop this nerrative. Jimmy deserved the MVP. It's his leadership, his gravity to get attention, his playmaking, that allows Martin to perform this well. Plus Jimmy was still putting up pts, blks, and steals while doing all that mentioned above. He deserved it more than anyone else. Martin was for sure the second best and not far off, but Jimmy earned it.

  • Freddy Fox 500
    Freddy Fox 500 3 months ago

    J. Cole's created player
    He is probably running boosters

  • TP
    TP 3 months ago +1

    It's really cool that in the moment a few nerds think Caleb was the MCP
    Most consistent player
    Because we will literally forget he ever existed in 10 years time and he could be out of the league within 4 years
    So it's good we giving him his flowers now
    MVPs are for hall of famers and real play makers
    People who changed the coaches schemes

    • Pika InParis
      Pika InParis 3 months ago +2

      bro u need to see a doctor there's too much salt in your blood

  • eLem3nT
    eLem3nT 3 months ago

    Honestly I don't think Martin cares, the Heat just want to win and will do anything as a team to win

  • Modo Playzz
    Modo Playzz 3 months ago

    I think first 3 games Jimmy was the mvp but last 4 Martin was just him

  • Brandon Gordon
    Brandon Gordon 3 months ago

    J. Cole might be a future nba scout

  • Smart Towel RG-400
    Smart Towel RG-400 3 months ago

    I dont think he should of won the east finals mvp when you put together the whole series i wouldn't of been mad and said jimmy got robbed if he got picked for it

  • Will McConnell
    Will McConnell 3 months ago

    Naw bro ur right, he carried all the way to the finals yea bro

  • 36OZ
    36OZ 3 months ago

    The fact that j Cole can see this guy belongs in the NBA goes to show that scouts and front office in the NBA are trash lol. But seriously the NBA needs to stop this tunnel vision of 18 year old prospects with hyper athletic ability and upside. All of that doesn't mean you can hoop

    CTRL ALT ESC 3 months ago

    I'm a Heat fan, Caleb did NOT carry them to the finals lmao, although he did really put them team on his back in game 7

  • soldierbreed
    soldierbreed 3 months ago

    Amazing what a competent staff and front office can do for you

  • Jr L
    Jr L 3 months ago

    Lets talk about all of the Ls Michael Jordan’s Hornets have taken I mean DAMN! They ain’t even in the playoffs and we already found another one SHESHHHHH haha 😂

    • Prince Blacksta IV
      Prince Blacksta IV 3 months ago

      Nah Jordan intentionally send Caleb to the Heat to get his son some help (his own scottie pippen)

  • Craig Dillon
    Craig Dillon 3 months ago

    If J Cole had called the Bulls, they would have hung up on him.
    The Bulls are close minded.
    Not open to serendipity.

  • Morphion Gaming
    Morphion Gaming 3 months ago

    carried? he excelled because all the attention and defense was on Jimmy.

  • Rongie Faustino
    Rongie Faustino 3 months ago

    Caleb Martin should’ve won ECF MVP.

    • Mycole19
      Mycole19 3 months ago +1

      Nah bro, if you take out butler and leave this roster they wouldn’t have stood a chance against the Celtics, the Celtics defense was primarily focus on stopping butler which allowed for Martin to shine. At the end of the day tho, Butler locked up Tatum and brown and was the leader to that team.

    • Dre
      Dre  3 months ago +1

      Are you on something ?

  • Tom N
    Tom N 3 months ago

    Sorry but without Jimmy this team wouldn't even been talked about... He brought that drive into this team. The mamba mentality.

  • Stomach Bug
    Stomach Bug 3 months ago +2

    Caleb Martin is like Iggy 2.0. Unreal

    • TP
      TP 3 months ago

      The key is without Iggy in the starting five they were losing
      With him on the starting five they won the series
      Jimmy did that for Miami
      When Jimmy is hot they win
      He is the leader

    • Prince Blacksta IV
      Prince Blacksta IV 3 months ago

      Nah he's Scottie Pippen

  • Anoxia
    Anoxia 3 months ago

    Do all Clip-Sharers just regurgitate media narratives? Lol caleb martin wouldn't even have the room to operate if jimmy didn't have the attention he did. In no world did anyone other than Jimmy deserve this ECF MVP

  • Let me sleep in peace
    Let me sleep in peace 3 months ago +1

    Shoutout to J Cole the GOAT

  • Šiler
    Šiler 3 months ago +1

    Can Miami bring his twin brother to the team, if he is half as good it will be a coup

    • Mycole19
      Mycole19 3 months ago

      That would be dope

    • Damien Butts
      Damien Butts 3 months ago

      You think Charlotte is gonna let go of Cody after seeing his bro balling in the ECF

    • Mycole19
      Mycole19 3 months ago

      @Damien Butts it’s his brother, not the same player. Look at Gianni’s brothers look, plus heat could get a couple good players from Charlotte if they want to trade

    • Mycole19
      Mycole19 3 months ago

      Plus don’t overhyped him either, he’s having a good playoff run, doesn’t mean he’ll be able to do this all season

    • Dre
      Dre  3 months ago +1

      No it wouldn't make sense the teams is good how it is.

  • Clifford Mccall
    Clifford Mccall 3 months ago

    Thats a great story by the narrator

  • ShadowDragonGT
    ShadowDragonGT 3 months ago

    If the rap doesn’t work out for j cole he can have a career in scouting lolm

  • zeph union
    zeph union 3 months ago

    Nuggets make him a g league player..😅

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 3 months ago +1

    Martin was robbed of the MVP! They only want to give those awards to the biggest names. Unless you're Steph Curry of course! My reasons are Martin showed up every game! Even in the games where Jimmy did not! Jimmy had at least two no show games...

    • Dre
      Dre  3 months ago +1

      Ok and the games Jimmy didn't show up the team LOST so who cares. When Jimmy showed up the team WON. Jimmy was the MVP, you don't know basketball.

    • Prince Blacksta IV
      Prince Blacksta IV 3 months ago

      By that logic jamal murray should've won

  • Harry
    Harry 3 months ago

    Nc state legend 😤

  • the-last-sega-fan
    the-last-sega-fan 3 months ago

    Celtics in 8 I still believe

  • Scar
    Scar 3 months ago

    7:30 i see what you did here