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  • GH'S
    GH'S  Month ago +740

    origin vidieo

  • Dritemare
    Dritemare Month ago +3902

    What if: Nero the Scorpion was Thing's soul and Wednesday revived Nero with someone's hand.
    OK GH'S made a new video and maybe that's a better theory mines is just a theory...

  • Jhun Cueto
    Jhun Cueto Month ago +15

    How Nero died: When Wednesday was 6, she was walking her pet scorpion Nero for a walk when 2 boys approached her. They pushed Wednesday to a wall. Then Wednesday lost Nero's rope then out of nowhere, 2 boys riding a bicycle and one of them just shredded Nero. Like Mommy Long Legs in the shredder. Good luck Wednesday has a handkerchief. Then she placed Nero in the handkerchief and runs to her home. She took out a book. She read it. Then she copied it and cut one of her bangs. The placed Nero on the middle of the star. She pulled out a sword. Cut her palm and blood dropped on top of Nero's head. Something crazy happened. 4 ghosts appeared. Thing saved Wednesday. Thing only had one option. Tore the page. He torn up the page. Wednesday lost her feelings now. She was a emotionless girl now.

    • CANADA
      CANADA 4 days ago

      oh now i can understand wednesday better

  • 鳥人間
    鳥人間 Month ago +59


    • UnGatoChido
      UnGatoChido 23 days ago

      *Traducir al español*

    • sandra zare
      sandra zare Month ago +1

      Siempre en nuestra vida va a ver enemigos pero siempre lo podrás superar y tomarás venganza 😡

    • Jhun Cueto
      Jhun Cueto Month ago +2

      Watashi no saigo wa anatana ga ii anata to kono mama osaraba suru yori shinunoga e-wa~~~ (e-wa~~~) shinunoga e-wa!

    • SmokeyAnimatesYT
      SmokeyAnimatesYT Month ago +7

      @Anhbayar Peljinsodnom It's Japanese. ごめんなさい。 彼らはただの日本語を話さない外国人です。

    • Anhbayar Peljinsodnom
      Anhbayar Peljinsodnom Month ago +2


  • BusinessDucks
    BusinessDucks Month ago +296

    Therory: Wednesday was a kind soul before Nero died, then when the ghosts came because Nero died, they had taken her spirit and joy. In some parts, you can see it’s trying to kill her, maybe because thing got there quickly the ghosts were only able to take her personally!

    • Joyce De Jonge
      Joyce De Jonge 15 days ago

      How did you spell theory so wrong?

    • JoyMalaysia
      JoyMalaysia Month ago

      Wednesday was always dark yk "Wednesdays child is full of woe"

    • BusinessDucks
      BusinessDucks Month ago

      Ok :)

    • Sack of Rice
      Sack of Rice Month ago +6

      Well actually you can see in the new show Wednesday she was always dark and when Nero died that was first time she cried so she was always dark and moody

    • BusinessDucks
      BusinessDucks Month ago +5

      @Animegeek yes!

  • A147E
    A147E Month ago +49

    Meanwhile the parents:🍷🗿🍷🗿

  • Packgod fan
    Packgod fan Month ago +50

    “No one understands me” famous last words before a crusader breaks the door down

  • うまうま大福
    うまうま大福 Month ago +216


    • Bruna Pimentel
      Bruna Pimentel Month ago +2


    • mi
      mi Month ago +1

      ​@RPG figure
      She says she likes Wednesday for trying to bring back the scorpion

    • だつごくparty
      だつごくparty Month ago +4


    • けん みと
      けん みと Month ago +4


    • RPG figure
      RPG figure Month ago +1

      We got a translator I here

  • l can not live without music


  • えす
    えす Month ago +10


  • Sichao Tang
    Sichao Tang Month ago +1229

    I guess Nero will be with Wednesday forever beside her to take comfort

  • 포치타기생벼룩
    포치타기생벼룩 Month ago +5

    와 강철의웬즈데이 등가교환폼미쳤다

  • Sabe
    Sabe Month ago +3

    Wow this felt a lot like Fullmetal Alchemist. Poor Wednesday :-(

  • Addycus
    Addycus Month ago +77

    The fact thing protected Wednesday from spirits tho

  • salager
    salager Month ago +19

    와... 욕 나올정도로 너무 좋아...ㅠㅠ

  • 武蔵
    武蔵 Month ago +2


  • ひなちゃんねる♡サブ


  • Nona
    Nona 23 days ago +1

    She smiled before nero died.

  • いか
    いか Month ago +3


  • 게스트
    게스트 Month ago +346

    이런 분이 한국인이라는게 너무 존경스럽다

  • もーもー
    もーもー 23 days ago


  • Staeve
    Staeve Month ago +1

    Really shows that Wednesday was once a nice person, now she lost nero, and is sad

  • Engine
    Engine Month ago +423

    It’s weird how they can change there art style so quickly

    • Engine
      Engine Month ago

      That’s what I inferd I wonder if they did that when they were posting kids content

    • Engine
      Engine Month ago

      I didn’t know that someone already told me that as you can already see 💀

    • ChaoticTwinkle
      ChaoticTwinkle Month ago +1

      @_sk yep

    • ☆𝑹𝒖𝒃𝒚☆
      ☆𝑹𝒖𝒃𝒚☆ Month ago +1


    • AKopsing
      AKopsing Month ago +11

      People need to realise that most big animation channels nowadays are literally a group of people.

  • No se
    No se 23 days ago +2

    Wednesday: SUMMON JUTSU!

  • Wang Da Cheng王达成
    Wang Da Cheng王达成 19 days ago +1

    Aww she’s really sweet

  • 杉本奏華
    杉本奏華 Month ago +32


  • 🤑Лерка Носкова🤑

    Теперь мы знаем, как Вещь спасла Уэнсдей...

  • Dustin and Megan Trump
    Dustin and Megan Trump 25 days ago +3

    가난한 네로 😿

  • iconic nathe
    iconic nathe Month ago +223

    The fact that wednesday looses her ability to show her emotion because of this ritual, just to revive her pet
    I wonder if she got her powers from that ritual

    • iconic nathe
      iconic nathe Month ago

      @Sanad Alomiri i translated it to english
      But i still don't understand it^^ im an idiot

    • iconic nathe
      iconic nathe Month ago +1

      @Pixellz oh..... Ok
      Then, the last clip of this vid
      Shows her face being completely emotionless

    • Pixellz
      Pixellz Month ago +2

      no she didn’t she kept crying at nero’s grave and after a lot of time she found out crying did nothing so she didn’t show any emotion

    • Sanad Alomiri
      Sanad Alomiri Month ago +1

      ​@iconic nathe just translate it unless you don't have the feature

    • iconic nathe
      iconic nathe Month ago +1

      @Martin Pollak pardon me
      I don't really understand what you are trying to say to me

  • Dinho game
    Dinho game Month ago +1

    *Nero u will stay in my heart* ❤️

  • KUDO GAME Español
    KUDO GAME Español  Month ago +2

    Your videos are a treat for me to watch! Even if it's a horror game, You make it so funny!

  • 앤리리
    앤리리 Month ago +45


  • Sky Blaze13
    Sky Blaze13 Month ago

    That. Was. Epic! Damn this video goes hard. Especially loved Thing. Homeboy is loyal as fuck.

  • Short Cartoon
    Short Cartoon Month ago


  • Belinda Mundle
    Belinda Mundle Month ago +1

    That one short before you go to bed be like:

  • the floogle hord
    the floogle hord Month ago

    Poor Nero he was just chill

  • Fabian and Javi
    Fabian and Javi Month ago +5

    She was so nice 😢

  • Oreo YT
    Oreo YT Month ago +2


  • 매직~ 문~
    매직~ 문~ Month ago

    사랑해요 💓💓

  • JCxGamer
    JCxGamer Month ago +5

    This was fire🔥

  • Januária Batalha
    Januária Batalha Month ago +3

    Creo que Wandiha estaba más feliz antes de que eso sucediera porque estaba sonriendo 🤭

  • 곰웃엉
    곰웃엉 Month ago +2

    자기가 키우는 반려동물이죽었는데 넘 슬프겠다ㅜㅜ

  • Rien
    Rien Month ago +66


  • Rhonda Mayfield
    Rhonda Mayfield Month ago +1

    R.I.P. Nero.🥺😭

  • 오지나
    오지나 Month ago

    이분은 그림체가 몇개야...ㄷㄷ

  • Leonardo Bahena
    Leonardo Bahena Month ago +6

    I wonder what happened if Nero lived

  • Faizatul Ain
    Faizatul Ain Month ago +1

    Poor Wednesday 🥺

  • *-An1malsxEd1ts-*
    *-An1malsxEd1ts-* Month ago +1

    Nah that ain’t Wednesday, dat Tuesday 💀

  • LB_GD
    LB_GD Month ago +18

    마지막 눈동자 초점? 그런거 없어지는거 소름이다

  • Vexis
    Vexis Month ago +1

    The thing just tried to find a friend😂

  • Cynthia Eduave
    Cynthia Eduave Month ago

    i love that thing cares so much about wednesday

  • Nyx the Devil
    Nyx the Devil Month ago +8

    “Story of how Wednesday got bangs”

  • Porsche-san Does not understand

    The Thing still remains to be MVP even now

  • golden fredbear
    golden fredbear 6 days ago

    Thing to the rescue
    Rip Nero. He was a good pet

  • 산 토끼
    산 토끼 Month ago +4

    계향스님은 엄청난 금손 이야👍👍

  • Your Local Goth Kid
    Your Local Goth Kid Month ago +3

    The kids who killed Nero are complete psychopaths, they're the real freaks of society

  • Lav
    Lav Month ago

    Nero was my favorite character 😔

  • Elvira Rod
    Elvira Rod Month ago +33

    I miss Nero:(

  • Amazing Renrin
    Amazing Renrin Month ago +1

    She did this in Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum!?

  • meena punia
    meena punia Month ago

    I miss nero so much 🥺🥺

  • tonalicaful
    tonalicaful Month ago +3

    Wednesday switched souls with Nero😨😱

  • Jeane Moss
    Jeane Moss Month ago

    Nero was the name of a Roman emperor.

  • Gavindegemer
    Gavindegemer 20 days ago

    R.I.P: Nero the lobster

  • KingnAri George
    KingnAri George Month ago +4

    Nero will miss Wednesday

  • ForeverPersians 🐁
    ForeverPersians 🐁 Month ago +1

    Rabbit hole playing in the background:
    My possessed bunny plushie: 👁👄👁👌

  • Hamburger
    Hamburger Month ago +1

    Wednesday: *doing a ritiral*
    Thing outside: waddle

  • arandomacount
    arandomacount Month ago +4

    the way that hand walked tho-🗿🍷

  • ☾⋆ Kii Rin
    ☾⋆ Kii Rin Month ago +1


  • Monica Dane Hibaler

    your art is so good!!🤩🤩

  • scbydoo11133
    scbydoo11133 Month ago +5

    That's how Wednesday got her power

  • めち0712
    めち0712 Month ago


  • °partypooper=(
    °partypooper=( Month ago

    Most normal day in Ohio:

  • LeoPlayz_TikTok
    LeoPlayz_TikTok Month ago +15

    "Be careful Wednesday,Goody was a powerful witch but her vengers push her too far and even she couldn't save herself".

  • Trissania Thompson
    Trissania Thompson Month ago +1

    Dont worry guys thing is on the way!

  • Camp Healthstyle
    Camp Healthstyle Month ago

    Wednesday: and thats why I never smile.

  • 귤랑이
    귤랑이 Month ago +7

    계향쓰님 엄청 잘하셨네요ㅜㅜ 중간에 씽도 귀엽고ㅜㅜ 그런대 토끼 굴 이 뭐에요..?

  • armando hernandez
    armando hernandez Month ago +1

    el escorpión al ver una bicicleta apunto de aplastarlo
    el escorpión:toy joya

  • Cindy Ignacio
    Cindy Ignacio Month ago

    Now we know why wednesday doesnt have any emotions

  • ElenJelen
    ElenJelen Month ago +9

    That animation is so cool. WOW I love it 🤩

  • yume
    yume 29 days ago


  • Hollywood Shayy
    Hollywood Shayy Month ago

    The smile-

  • FartieFartQueen
    FartieFartQueen Month ago +5

    That seems like something Wednesday would do

  • Josue Espinoza
    Josue Espinoza Month ago

    I really sorry wensday for what you had to go through

  • Eranga Kuruppu
    Eranga Kuruppu Month ago +3

    Finally a real story

  • Hanako_Simp
    Hanako_Simp Month ago

    Poor Nero 😢

  • Nargiz Abbasova
    Nargiz Abbasova Month ago +1

    Poor Nero
    He got crushed under the bicycles 🚲🥺

  • Bijuraj Aribam
    Bijuraj Aribam Month ago +2

    R,I,P of nero 🥲🥲 Wednesday Addams sad story 👁️👄👁️

  • Ainur Ospanova
    Ainur Ospanova 5 days ago +1


  • Zap The Alien Pea
    Zap The Alien Pea Month ago +10

    Poor Wednesday... and Nero too...😥

  • Irene Chin
    Irene Chin Month ago

    This is pure sadness 💔

  • Denji playing roblox

    Wednesday just wanted nero back💀

  • RMS Titanic
    RMS Titanic Month ago +4

    Poor Nero, he was a great demon hunter, and he was the son of the storm who always approach

  • ᖴⱢΞΣ༒𝕨𝔸ㄚ𝕊𝕆ℕl𝕔

    That's how scorpion (mortal kombat) was born

    HEROBRINE Month ago

    The fact she is doing the ritual in dr strange' house

  • 놀라는 햄스터
    놀라는 햄스터 Month ago +29

    계향스님은 진짜 대단 한것 같음....ㄹㅇ로

    • 놀라는 햄스터
      놀라는 햄스터 Month ago

      아아.... 죄송해요 바꿀게요

    • 시바견
      시바견 Month ago

      죄송하지만 계향쓰에요 기분나쁘셨다면 죄송해요

  • Jean-Yann Phuong
    Jean-Yann Phuong Month ago

    This is how she got emo and how she got her vision

  • Alpha The Kitsune 2

    Wednesday didn't wanted to replace Nero with another scorpion so she wanted to revive Nero quickly as possible she did the only choice but it wasn't easy the hand ran into the house to save her instead the hand rip of the paper so it's not a thing anymore (that was what I think after the video and I was thinking isn't the hand already a good friend/pet?)

  • Playtime_gacha edit
    Playtime_gacha edit Month ago +7

    NERO 🥺

  • Elo!se💗
    Elo!se💗 26 days ago

    Poor wednesday 🤧