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Dear Apple.

  • Published on Jun 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Dear Apple, here is what everyone wants on future iPhones! (iPhone 13, iPhone 14 etc) 👌
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  Year ago +4287

    To see how many Spy Cameras are recording you right now: clip-share.net/video/lg6Jlh-bEhk/video.html
    For Rhinoshield, use code “MRBOSS” for 20% off in the first week (10% afterwards).
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    • Emil
      Emil Year ago +24

      I‘m the first sub-comment. Lol

    • icantsee
      icantsee Year ago +19

      Never gonna give you up , never gonna let you down

    • Not Cheese
      Not Cheese Year ago +18

      BEST TECH Clip-ShareR

    • TheRedstoneGuy
      TheRedstoneGuy Year ago +5

      Imagine spying

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday Year ago +731

    I want Steve Jobs to walk on stage with a phone that’s a piece of paper or some super-disruptive thing. I miss that.

    • GD Space
      GD Space Year ago +11

      We all do :(

    • Dylan
      Dylan Year ago +38

      Are you the chocolate rain guy

    • Grateful npc
      Grateful npc Year ago +9

      @Dylan yeah lol

    • Dylan
      Dylan Year ago +12

      @Grateful npc thats kinda cool, didnt expect to see him commenting on this aha

    • vinayak sagar
      vinayak sagar Year ago +2

      @Dylan yep

  • Ollie Williams
    Ollie Williams Year ago +68

    0:00 - Intro
    0:27 - Smooth Design
    0:58 - Apple Arcade
    2:12 - Siri-ous
    3:14 - Live Wallpapers
    4:17 - Lockscreen
    6:28 - Icon Packs
    8:21 - Fingerprint Scanner
    9:02 - USB-C
    10:31 - Fun Camera
    12:10 - Battery

  • Priultimus
    Priultimus 10 months ago +341

    interesting to come back to this video a year later and see so many concerns from battery life to customization all actually being addressed. it’s like apple listened lol

    • Mihailo Aleksic
      Mihailo Aleksic 9 months ago +32

      Yes, they actually updated many things people wanted in iOS 16

    • Rainingtogo
      Rainingtogo 8 months ago +11

      Yup, very interesting.

    • Angel Aizen
      Angel Aizen 7 months ago +12

      They're also gonna be forced to adopt usbc in 2 years

    • Chris Salazar
      Chris Salazar 6 months ago +1

      @Angel Aizen are they really tho?
      More than likely there just going to move to 100% wireless

    • Angel Aizen
      Angel Aizen 6 months ago +5

      @Chris Salazar no EU law now says they have to use USB type C connectors on all devices. Which, besides the iphone, they do anyway

  • AKTopicz
    AKTopicz 8 months ago +137

    Crazy to see that apple actually listened to Arun when he talked about the lock screen a year later with iOS 16 AND changed up the new dynamic island design with the 14 Pros, and being able to see the battery percentage up top now

    • Mulniir
      Mulniir 8 months ago +13

      and haptic keyboard

    • harry pogger
      harry pogger 8 months ago +15

      and the always on display

    • NOVA
      NOVA 6 months ago +2

      Though I don't really see the point of dynamic island, I don't want to reach all the way to the top of this huge phone to do something I could easily do otherwise. They just needed an explanation of why they still didn't manage to get rid of a big ol' hole in the screen

    • unubun
      unubun 6 months ago +2

      Nah bro just got lucky

    • KolyanKolyanitch
      KolyanKolyanitch 6 months ago +1

      @NOVA 4 holes in the screen will be ugly, and with that island it at least got some function.

  • Unavailable
    Unavailable Year ago +59

    I think not being able to customize your own phone whether it would be icons, ringtone or lock screen widgets is a crime.

    • First Name, Surname
      First Name, Surname Year ago

      I like it that way tho

    • TRIX
      TRIX  Year ago +2

      You can customize your ringtone yes you have to buy them but you can make them in band app for free

    • NOVA
      NOVA 6 months ago

      See, it's for the standard user, who is immediately overthrown by the ability to change anything from the basic looks and features the iphone had for the last 15 years.

    • Minix
      Minix 2 months ago

      Good thing they added that now :)

  • Moritz Friebe
    Moritz Friebe Year ago +42

    I personally love that my phone doesnt unlock until i swipe up, becuase I use the hidden notifications. Without the swipe there wouldnt be a difference between checking your notifications and fully unlocking your phone. But I see how having it as an option would be nice for people who dont hide their notifications

    • Meh ☆
      Meh ☆ 7 months ago +2

      Yes, that would be nice if this would be an option in the settings. :)

  • G Rated Golf
    G Rated Golf Year ago +1019

    Can we just appreciate this man's editing.

  • Mark Linsenmann
    Mark Linsenmann Year ago +99

    Apple already put a fingerprint sensor into the iPad air last year. It was great! Why not give the users the option of both? This would definitely be an appreciated feature by myself and I'm sure many others. Especially during the pandemic as you said Arun.

    • VavrMar
      VavrMar Year ago

      Because it is an Apple? And they don't care about your opinion? And always act like they're the one which will tell you what is your opinion? :D

    • ScarletGhost
      ScarletGhost Year ago +3

      Because it's Apple. They provide useful features in an inverse proportion to sales of that particular product..

    • Robin Banda
      Robin Banda 11 months ago +1

      Erm the iPhone Se ?

  • HalbWertZeit
    HalbWertZeit Year ago +58

    If just half of the changes were addressed by Apple many people (me included) would switch to Apple and Apple would finally reach the state of monopoly they aim for for so long.

    • rohith reddy
      rohith reddy Year ago +8

      ios is boring

    • uberplatinum1
      uberplatinum1 Year ago +3

      I... honestly don't see how it'd be any more worth it to switch to Apple over Android even IF they implemented those changes. For the enthusiasts, I guess the better privacy afforded by Apple over Google's scummy practices would attract some newcomers, but there are so many more interesting technologies on the hardware end from Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei, etc. in comparison to Apple.
      For the general audience, Android still has way more budget/value-per-performance focused options thanks to competition between companies that use Android that attracts people looking for a premium feel that won't hurt the pocket too much.
      Unless Apple decides to license out IOS, which is SUPER unlikely, I don't think Apple will ever retake their lead in the mobile market share.

    • Matt
      Matt Year ago +4

      But if Apple did all of that then they wouldn't be Apple...

    • DunaldD0ck
      DunaldD0ck Year ago +2

      But I dont want a monopoly by anyone

    • Ramon Sanders
      Ramon Sanders Year ago +3

      Yes exactly. Apple wants to be the biggest and baddest so bad but don't realize in order to do that, you'd have to become more diverse than ur competition. IOS is anything but diverse lol

  • Iaintthenoob Studios
    Iaintthenoob Studios 7 months ago +3

    Coming back to this video now, apple actually listened to a lot of the things Arun said here. The iPhone 13 series brought better battery and 120hz, iOS 16 brought the battery percentage and better lock screen customization. Nice to see that they are giving the community what they want

  • sar11sh
    sar11sh Year ago +22

    I love how this video is packed full of improvements & also a few adjustments or tweaks THAT Apple could've done better at. Not forgetting including chargers, earphones used AS "saving the planet", when purchasing an Apple phone. I also loved how he used Samsung which he featured 😄

  • Shite Poster
    Shite Poster 6 months ago +28

    A few of the things you mentioned actually got fixed. Like being able to see battery percentage on IOS16

      LEXAN ALEXAND 18 days ago

      Old iPhones actually have a setting that allows battery percentage, did they remove it?

  • YouTube
    YouTube Year ago +1917

    😹 Meatier experiences...incredible

  • rindo de nervoso
    rindo de nervoso Year ago +342

    Oh man, i'm an apple user for the last 10 years or more, and by seeing all the innovations that a lot of other companies bring to their smartphones, i'm getting bored with apple, they could do SO much more... i mean, some days ago i've seen a phone by huawei that could record slow motion videos with more than 7000 frames per second, then i found a phone by nubia that has a 165hz screen and even has side buttons for playing games, there is also the galaxy s21 with the nice stylus that works great and gives you a lot of possibilities to write or draw things. Than i look at my iphone, and yeah i can do all the basic thing with it, its great and all, but its getting boring, BORING , literally boring, seeing lots of companies showing nice stuff, and apple every year is just the same "oh look, we have the best cpu, but in the next 5 years maybe we can bring something everyone else has" . I'm currently using my iphone 11 pro max, was expecting some very nice innovation on the new designs to switch to the 12 or 13, but didn't have the feel, and if the iphone 14 doesn't come with any GREAT thing, i'm saying goodbye to apple, with my heart broken of course, because the phone is great, but they got too much in the confort zone...

  • Abdullah Bin Zubair
    Abdullah Bin Zubair Year ago +34

    Apple actually can get as the same level as all the other Android phones or even better if they listen to their user ideas. I highly agree on Arun's opinion

  • Jesper Søderberg Knudsen
    Jesper Søderberg Knudsen 10 months ago +3

    Great show, thank you. One more item for the list... Coming from android, the one thing that I have difficulty living with is: The ability to place icons anywhere on the screen. Any icon that you add, will go into the default arrangement, and you have to do a lot of workarounds to get ex. the camera icon on the bottom right without just filling your screen with icons until it gets to the bottom corner.
    But again, great show :)

    • NOVA
      NOVA 6 months ago


    • NOVA
      NOVA 6 months ago

      Though they will add it at some point in the next 10 years an market it as a feature with w billion dollar marketing campaign an the fanboys will wooohooo them for doing it

  • Rose Voodo
    Rose Voodo Year ago +18

    The only issue with having a fingerprint scanner in the power button would be cases that cover it and not having the cover of the power button would look unappealing.

    • Ben4A
      Ben4A Year ago +4

      Under screen ?

    • MrSir6000
      MrSir6000 7 months ago

      I'm not sure about that tho, but having fingerprint scanner on screen is way cooler

    YANG JIN 5 months ago +1

    The new iPhone 14 lineup has an always-on display and iOS 16 has a feature that allows you to customise the wallpaper and widgets. It's like apple is watching your videos and finally listening to customer opinions. Keep it up, Arun!

  • the others
    the others Year ago +707

    This guy is a national treasure to technology, keep him safe.

  • darktennisball
    darktennisball Year ago +1

    Making the cameras more fun is actually a great idea. It used to be fun buying an apple product… now it’s (in the most first world problem way I can say) scary

  • Swapnil Thorat
    Swapnil Thorat Year ago +2

    I have never used an Iphone till date and was shocked to see lack of major basic features that I genuinely love.
    That T9 Dailer is must to call someone instead of going into contacts and searching for them. How it is not in IPhone till date just blown away my mind.
    Few twerks and Customisations that I can make so it can be more user friendly and shortcuts.
    Vibration on keys (although it sounds Childish) but it feels great when keys have some kinda of feel when you type)
    And I genuinely feel that it's high time instead of talking about fake sustainable approach, mobile companies unite to make 1 single universal port for charging and earphones so 1 single type of cable can be used by everyone in the home, which has 3 to 4 phones. It will save a lot of packaging and carrying also material and what not.

  • Henry Butz
    Henry Butz Year ago

    Awesome channel which has become my go-to source for sincere reviews. I love Apple's phones, but the lack of a USBC port, LED message notification, and headphone jack kept me from buying the iPhone mini to replace the greatest phone ever designed, my aging Samsung Galaxy S8. The fact that existing lightning cable users will have to ditch their accessories to buy USBC ones, if Apple changes it, is not a strong argument. Cables and accessories become lost and broken over time, especially the Apple branded ones i.e. they have a limited lifespan anyway. Apple is clinging onto its licensing fees for cables which would be lost if they adopted USBC. This is consistent with Apple only doing things which makes more profit for Apple. While the ports on their mini's and laptops change annually, we will never see a USBC connector on iPhones unless they are compelled to change it.

  • s t e v o
    s t e v o Year ago +1

    The shape and design of the Iphone 12 and the Ipads from 2020 was what made me switch to Apple in the first place. I was tired from the rounded shapes on Samsung, the Iphone 12 series had something in its shape that was totaly (like you said) refreshing, and my hands are still uncut😊

    • Frieza 223
      Frieza 223 Year ago

      I like it too. The iphone 12, designwise is my favourite phone ever. But I just really really hate how boring iOS is.

  • proto
    proto 5 months ago +17

    The two biggest things holding me back from ever going back to iPhone are USB-C and third party app downloads

    • Fabien
      Fabien 5 months ago +1

      Same dude

    • The Worm
      The Worm 5 months ago +2

      But apparently both of them are coming next year

    • Darth Jar Jar
      Darth Jar Jar 5 months ago +2

      @The Worm you can technically download third party apps it’s just not easy I use altstore

    • Cola
      Cola 4 months ago


    • maloglu
      maloglu 2 months ago

      3rd party will never come to iphones. it's against apple's policy.

  • sehbaan abbasi
    sehbaan abbasi Year ago +3553

    he's just roasting apple with respect

  • Clarke the Dark
    Clarke the Dark Year ago +1

    I totally agree with points 10, 6, 5, 3. Rest I don't mind much, but wouldn't be offended by it. I tend to get angry at Apple that often they don't make something so much better by doing something pretty small and the reason eludes me.

  • Tijan Kusačić
    Tijan Kusačić Year ago +6

    Also one really important feature Apple needs to add is specific custom app locks, like photos, or Messenger, Whatsapp with a digit pattern.

  • Butter Does Stuff Maybe

    I tried to upgrade from my SE to a 7 but I hated how I couldn’t physically push down the home button so I went back, can’t imagine how much I would hate not having a home button at all.

  • Nigel Yong
    Nigel Yong Year ago +37

    Love the production values, the extra hand, the dropping the phones into the video, (how does he do it without it dropping and crashing to the floor?)

    • Scarxiett
      Scarxiett Year ago +5

      Someone was probably there to catch it. o_o

    • eu
      eu Year ago

      I don't want to know how many takes it took to get that.

  • Michael Dee
    Michael Dee 7 months ago

    I love the way the new iphones are shaped and I want them to keep making these phones, I am a new phone user and when I got presented phones from Android and Apple, and I went with Apple purely because of the rigid shape.

  • Samuel Okunomo
    Samuel Okunomo Year ago +1118

    I actually love his general analysis of specific problems while still giving respect to apple and reverence to the good features. Nice work man.

    • Ville Niemi
      Ville Niemi Year ago +10

      Totally agree. It is not actually that easy to consistently be that constructive when giving a list of perceived shortcomings. Good work. Especially liked the USB-C part. Lots of people in the tech space seem to just assume that the proprietary connector must be some kind of money making scheme and not switching to USB-C must be due to greed. Just a brief mention that Apple does have a reason they give and it isn't nonsense is fairer than most and he does it when he is actually arguing Apple should do the opposite. Only real complaint I had was that he is undersestimating the difficulty of adding options and customizability while maintaining clean UX. But I think everyone who is into tech and hasn't specifically run to that problem does that. We could deal with more complex UX easily, so the issues are kind of invisible to us.

    • joshentertainment 2
      joshentertainment 2 Year ago

      The sixth argument i don't really care about

    • SAMURAI [さむらい]
      SAMURAI [さむらい] Year ago +1

      Definitely agree with that.

    • Zach J
      Zach J Year ago

      I think his story is pretty common though, a lot of people are lured over to Apple by the promise their product shows. Unfortunately, and I do hear this frequently, Apple consistently fails to live up to their own potential.
      Apple's features are there to lock customers into their ecosystem, not to improve the customer's experience. Most of the time these goals are indistinguishable from one another. But it's clear that when they're not in alignment Apple is choosing to make their customer's experience worse to maximize their profits.
      I personally don't have a problem with their business model, ethically speaking anyway, but I'd never willingly submit myself to that experience. Why pay premium price for only an above average experience? A product artificially being held back from it's potential?

  • Keira
    Keira Year ago

    For the mask one you can add a secondary face but you must wear the same mask each time or one that looks nearly identical. Like for example blue paper masks, if you wear those then go to settings > face id and passcode > set up an alternative appearance. Then do the Face ID set up just with the mask on.
    Hope this helps anybody :)

  • Pir8will
    Pir8will Year ago

    I think the battery life is somewhat reasonable, considering that every 3 years Apple will (usually) make a large update to the hardware and the new phone will be more relevant at the time. (This is just my opinion btw)

  • JustMedhaansh
    JustMedhaansh Year ago

    Actually the iPhone's swipe to unlock feature after face scanning is to read the notifications which would be hidden for privacy.
    And so if you don't want to unlock your phone and just read the notification this feature is useful.
    Just show your face and notifications will be shown from hidden.
    I didn't put this properly but try to understand.

  • HataK
    HataK Year ago +1

    Excellent video, 100% agreed on allowing(or giving users an option) user not to swipe for unlocking the iphone once the face has been detected. This will be a great quality of life update.

  • someonesomewhere
    someonesomewhere 5 months ago +42

    Biggest issue with iOS is that it doesn’t let you do as much. You can’t access 3rd party appstores unlike on Android without jailbreaking your phone.

    • The Worm
      The Worm 5 months ago

      Wait for iOS 17

    • VANDA1
      VANDA1 5 months ago

      That was why epic games was sued by apple.

    • roblos
      roblos 4 months ago

      @The Worm in like 2025

    • The Worm
      The Worm 4 months ago +2

      @roblos you do realise that Europe is forcing apple to implement side loading in iOS 17 which is coming out next year

    • Vidd.
      Vidd. 3 months ago

      We may be getting there and I'm hyped for that
      Imma be packing my phone with like 30 Emulators

  • BatteryWinter2287
    BatteryWinter2287 Year ago +1810

    Everyone's just keeps saying "Dear Apple"
    But nobody says "Dear Arun"

    • Horrendous Gamer!
      Horrendous Gamer! Year ago +44

      Congrats on the heart

    • Vaibhav Joshi
      Vaibhav Joshi Year ago +1

      Dearrrrrr arun

    • Sod
      Sod Year ago +21

      "Dear arun thanks for making good videos" i think thats all i can do im not good at explaining

    • Snyper
      Snyper Year ago +1


  • Венцислав Величков

    I totally agree with you! My iPhone 6s is soooooo annoying that most probably I`ll switch to another brand for my next. And Apple didn`t care, though I told them - robots. And I lovve the way you point out the weak spots!!! Go on like this

  • Paige
    Paige Year ago +1

    I love this guys reviews and insight. I usually hate tech videos, but he helped me decide if I wanted to try android or stick with iPhone etc

  • YaBoiMoh
    YaBoiMoh 8 months ago

    A lot of personalization features were added in iOS 16, like haptic feedback is now an option, you can add widgets to the Lock Screen, there's an always on display on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, which is toggle-able, we can change what the date shows instead, like the weather for example, we can change the font of the Lock Screen text, we can have multiple lock screens, and more! So, a lot of the things you said you wanted have been implemented, so that makes this video feel outdated, please make another one like this so I have more things to agree with! Thank you for reading this 2-3 paragraphs.

  • Syed Hassan
    Syed Hassan Year ago +2

    Gracefully saying, as an Apple ecosystem user I feel like this video have literally everything I've ever wanted in my phone and I also thought this video would also cover some flaws in Macs and iPads.

  • Ashir Hashmi
    Ashir Hashmi 10 months ago

    That swipe up requirement after face unlock is not wrong. Imagine if you turn on your phone to check time and it just unlocks to the home screen. It would be annoying.
    But whatever, some people may want it, so developers should add an option for these type of things

  • Austin S.
    Austin S. Year ago +350

    Apple and Nintendo have a lot in common: they’re both very stubborn and set in their ways. Yet they both make fantastic products that sell incredibly well, garner a diehard fan base, and despite complaining we come back for more.

    • anthony putnam
      anthony putnam Year ago +25

      *that was surprisingly accurate*

    • Treetop Jones
      Treetop Jones Year ago +29

      "I like paying more for less features. Yes, Master."

    • Dr Wana
      Dr Wana Year ago +7

      But the only difference is that they do not make a new console every year and their consoles are always unique

    • AnimErica
      AnimErica Year ago

      Wehat they sell don't fuss just work and work very well doing what they intend to do.

    • Moritz Bertram
      Moritz Bertram Year ago +14

      @Dr Wana Nintendo Made 3 Switches in the Last 2 Years. The RedBox Switch, Switch Lite and of course the OLED Switch.

  • Govind Balla
    Govind Balla Year ago

    With regards to no.6 "make it so that you don't have to swipe up after face has been recognised", that's actually by design. It goes back to the touch ID days when people would want to look at their notifications on their lock screen, without the phone immediately unlocking and going to their home screen, so it's better to leave it that way.

    • incognito
      incognito 9 months ago

      No, you just don't get it, do you. It's not good when a manufacturer makes decisions for you. It should just allow uswrs to decide if they want to keep the swipe or not.

  • Bardia Talebi
    Bardia Talebi Year ago +1

    With everything he mentioned he gave a great reason for Apple not to implement that feature.

  • Charlotte Nobody
    Charlotte Nobody 6 months ago

    Love the square edges .. the rounded sides were so droppable.
    Always use Siri lol
    Them not including chargers and claiming they are being environmentally friendly is ridiculous.

  • Nemo
    Nemo Year ago

    The last iPhone I used was the 3G and since then I switched to android and never looked back, I just love the open sour aspect and the fact I can bundle game apps into one file on the home screen for example. I picked up my wife's iPhone to use her ebay app and after scrolling through the many screens I still couldn't find it, I prefer the minimalist aspect on android. Also with android I can use console emulators such as ppsspp or the nds emulator, I can play any pokemon from the ds catalogue and with its split screen it functions surprisingly well, you can't do this on the iPhone.

  • Shazen_de
    Shazen_de 6 months ago

    I think that Apple's complicated way of doing things is on purpose. Like the way the phone doesn't just jump straight to the OS when it unlocks, you have to swipe up aswell. I think the reason behind it is, for people to not get lost in the applications, but also appreciate the OS itself. The iOS is not just a OS to allow you to do things, it's a character, it has nice animations and a beautiful clean look. If users could simply launch apps from the lock screen, like some androids do by drawing a letter on the screen, the character of the OS would get lost over time. It would go from an experience (if good or bad depends on you), to just a background system that launches apps. Apple doesn't want to be that, Apple wants its users to have an experience, to spend time with the OS to get attached to it. That's the reason why you can't just unlock straight into the OS, why you can't close all apps by one simple tap, why you can't deacitvate wifi from the quick launch. It's all small things, but these small things make you spend just a few seconds with the OS, so you know it's Apple.

  • techFAUX
    techFAUX Year ago +17831

    Disclaimer - Apple was also rickrolled by Arun

  • Kari Vi Britannia
    Kari Vi Britannia Year ago +3

    I agree wholeheartedly especially with the limited customization, not having T9 dialing, still using lightning connectors

    • me
      me 10 months ago

      what the hell even is t9

    • Jan Novotný
      Jan Novotný 10 months ago

      @me you know those "dumb phones" with a keyboard that's like 2=a,b,c; 3=d,e,f; 4=g,h,i and so on? and to type for example a "c", you had to press "2" 3 times, because "c" is the 3rd letter. to type "h", you had to press "4" 2 times. t9 is a way of typing quicker with keyboards like this: you would only type each number once, and it would predict what was the word you were trying to type. for example - you would type "43556", and that could mean anything from "gdjjm", "hdjjm", "idjjm", "gejjm", and so on (5=j,k,l; 6=m,n,o). but out of these, the only one that makes sense is "hello". t9 dialing is just searching your contacts with this method (you type "666" and "Mom" shows up, or "323" for "Dad")

  • Alex Moores
    Alex Moores Year ago +15

    The battery notification thing really gets me when driving. I almost always have google maps up in a road-legal holder, and the thing covers half the screen and won't go away on its own. I just end up relying on audio instructions until I get to a red light or something so I can close it. Seems like a massive oversight

  • Cavy Momma
    Cavy Momma 5 months ago

    The reason I ditched iPhone and went to Samsung was the battery life, lack of battery percentage in the corner and lack of customization options. It was fine if you could jailbreak your iPhone but they put a stop to that after the 6 if I recall correctly. That and I had to pay for almost every app I used on iPhone where they're free on Android.

  • Vansh Chauhan
    Vansh Chauhan Year ago +3

    I think I know a somewhat explanation why Apple purposely did their FaceID issue:
    Maybe on some occasions, the user might not want to fully sign into their device and only look at the time or the notifications or they might not want to reveal too much to anyone who might be sitting next to them. This is the only explanation Apple might have.

  • banana meat
    banana meat Year ago

    I absolutely love all the different options on my android (Huawei P10 lite).
    I can kinda loose myself in different options, because I love it!

  • Vittorio Vietti
    Vittorio Vietti Year ago +300

    I've recently switched to iOS after 8 years on Android and I've gotta say that despite many pros of having an iPhone is unbelievable the amount of simple stuff that Apple doesn't allow you to have or to do on your phone. Not saying that iPhone are bad phones because I still don't regret my choice but in some cases I really really miss Android and the freedom it gives you.

    • AxxL
      AxxL Year ago +1

      Do you have any idea who is replying to your comment right now? It's the FUNNIEST MAN ALIVE! Me funny (!!!) vids are so extremely funny, if you don't cry tears of laughter, you are allowed to thumb down me XTREMELY FUNNY vids! Do you think me funny (!!!) vids are funny, dear vit

    • GeorgiaMarie98x
      GeorgiaMarie98x Year ago +14

      I’ve never had an Android and I’m curious, what things do you miss that iPhone don’t have?

    • TeK4U
      TeK4U Year ago +5

      Come out of jail 😂😂😂😂

    • paowoww
      paowoww Year ago +23

      @AxxL nice, good luck finding anyone who cares

  • Franco Castro
    Franco Castro Year ago +3

    I had an iPhone 6 for work several years ago and I loved it. I had been looking forward to go back. But there are too many compromises to make. And I agree battery is my number one. As you said today we use our phones more than our computers and that is true. I need a phone that can last heavy usage without worrying about the battery level.

    • SG
      SG Year ago

      Same! Switched from 6 to 12 recently. Had good run, but battery became big issue at the end.

    • Scamb
      Scamb Year ago

      Get an android

    • SG
      SG Year ago

      @Scamb no need, not all android batteries are great though but 12 last whole day for me, which is pretty good, only charging once in morning or just in night before sleeping. And for me, there isn’t significant battery improvement (or need right now) compared to latest iPhone released to switch to Android.

  • Living Colombia
    Living Colombia Year ago +6

    What I believe with apple’s decisions is they want to make feel iPhone just different even if is not practical on a daily basis.

  • Wolfsofor
    Wolfsofor  6 months ago +41

    I think Apple is watching Aron and is adding this stuff to iOS 16 like haptics and customising on the Lock Screen

    • NopeImEmperor
      NopeImEmperor 6 months ago +1


    • Chewie
      Chewie 5 months ago


    • Sejal Seth
      Sejal Seth 5 months ago

      Literally the same thing came to my mind

    • quackerman234
      quackerman234 4 months ago

      and they changed the notch on iphone 14

    • Tofy
      Tofy 4 months ago

      That's what I thought too

  • maskedguy
    maskedguy Year ago +142

    I used to love Iphones - I was fully into their ecosystem from laptops to iphone and ipad. I switched to android around 4 years ago. My wife still uses an iphone and I can't stand how boring it looks these days. No icon packs, no launchers, no gesture shortcuts still - its the most boring phone for me. At least they introduced widgets!

    • Bella A
      Bella A Year ago +14

      i laughed when they finally introduced customised icons and it blew up massively. it's been on android since prehistoric era

    • TayK-47USA
      TayK-47USA Year ago +3

      its perfect for the 90% of the population who just want a boring phone like me though

    • Roman Schichowzow
      Roman Schichowzow Year ago +15

      @TayK-47USA 90% of the population lol you trippin, only 15% of all phones are iPhones

    • TayK-47USA
      TayK-47USA Year ago +2

      @Roman Schichowzow idk care how many have an iphone specifically but the vast majority of people dont "need" a phone with special features. some of the andriod features are so super specfic like the 100 mp camera or w/e samsung had

  • Nand Sookhan
    Nand Sookhan 3 months ago

    I can't stress the T9 dialing enough. 90% of phone calls I make, I use T9dialing. The other 10% would probably be if the app opens in the favourites tab

  • Fox Tron
    Fox Tron Year ago +332

    The thing is, Apple already knows this. What they are trying to do, is every time that they produce a new phone, they add one or two of these functions. This not only encourages more people to buy the phone, but also traps them in this cycle of always buying the latest phone.

    • Akinola Dolapo
      Akinola Dolapo Year ago +51

      Yes. Never fix everything at once. That's the trick

    • Delta
      Delta Year ago +68

      @Akinola Dolapo Maybe 15 years from now Apple is gonna add Calculator to iPad and call it the best calculator ever lol.

    • Zero F
      Zero F Year ago +27

      @Akinola Dolapo True. They have to have problems so that they can sell the solution in their next release. Basically trapping their users. They have to make sure that their users have something to look up to for their next product. Genius marketing execution.

    • Joy Ghosh
      Joy Ghosh Year ago +8

      I think this will be the last time I bought an iphone 12 pro max and now I think I will buy those oneplus phones

    • katyrebel18
      katyrebel18 Year ago +21

      That's why I have an android, so much competition that companies push the limit to stay on top

  • Patrik Staroň
    Patrik Staroň Year ago

    Apple actually addressed the number one issue in this video - battery by giving iPhone pro max about 9h screen on time. Now I am really looking at what they will do with the port.

  • Litty Jonez
    Litty Jonez Year ago

    100% true about the square shape!!!! I have never heard anyone mention this or acknowledge how much of a huge mistake this was. I hold the phone horizontally a lot to watch videos or stream videos for my baby and now I have a huge notch on my finger from the square side of the phone and it’s painful now.

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali Year ago +1

    I got to say the video quality of the camera itself is not bad since the user can decide what quality they want to use (for example if it is in HD or not. It does allow options for the user to choose what quality they’d like to use, and surprisingly I am satisfied with it. But I have to say this annoying thing that really makes other internet devices (speaking of Microsoft desktops and laptops) take a huge advantage over Apple while shopping online is that there is an advantage of saving more by using coupons, causing a huge or small decrease on pricing. Apple doesn’t have that available on Safari which to me sounds like a big deal.

    • Aditya K
      Aditya K Year ago +1

      We need not necessarily use Safari I think. We can use Chrome too. That's what I do

  • david murray
    david murray Year ago +9

    I love the sharp edges. My favourite form factor was the 5s. The rounded edges just feel plasticy and cheap.

  • James Carson
    James Carson Year ago

    I remember on my old Samsung S3 way back in 2013 the camera had a B&W option where you could touch to add colour to certain things, i loved that

  • mrwhotheheck
    mrwhotheheck Year ago +1732

    So basically for Apple to crush Android,
    It has to become ANDROID.

    • Jhon - Kun
      Jhon - Kun Year ago +265

      "If you can't destroy them, join them"

      NAFI NAFIH Year ago +48

      Nice Name

    • Whwhwhhwhhhwh Dldkjdsnsjskskskdk
      Whwhwhhwhhhwh Dldkjdsnsjskskskdk Year ago +79

      Well that’s just the logical conclusion, Apple and Android both have their own different features, so if one wants to be better they must assimilate the best parts of the other.

    • ajem
      ajem Year ago +9

      and vice versa

  • Greg Szabo
    Greg Szabo Year ago +2

    Great video and filled with data presented in an easy to understand way. I really enjoy this channel.
    With reference to the camera and making it more fun, I’d like to see apple add a pause function to shooting videos. I didn’t know until last week that this is a standard on android ????? Making me look that way when I update my device.

  • Chcken is food Food
    Chcken is food Food Year ago +1

    For the finger print scanner I thought that they could add a finger print scanner behind the apple logo at the back of the phone but it might be hard to access since you could be using a case over it

  • DashingClasher
    DashingClasher 7 months ago

    Arun just predicted iOS 16. 😂
    Also, the battery issue is something I am experiencing right now. I'm on a 12 mini. I've had it for a year and it was sitting in a shelf for the rest of it. I'm getting maybe 4 hours.

  • ZiNG
    ZiNG Year ago +2

    Apple makes people buy new phones by designing their battery-life to be borderline "ok".
    It literally is a carefully balanced design decision, to shorten the lifespan of each product so you have to buy their new ones.

    • Kennygaming20
      Kennygaming20 9 months ago

      This is so true, the battery's are always smaller than completion and they slowly increase it or decrease it based on market

  • Hokage Sasuke
    Hokage Sasuke 5 months ago

    For the USB-c cable, they could just make it optional to choose either a lightning cable or a USB-C

  • Jason R
    Jason R Year ago +717

    To those who say that "It is too late now for USB-C" just remember this quote.
    "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

    • Raincast
      Raincast Year ago +18

      Nice Wisdom!

    • Daniel Dickerson
      Daniel Dickerson Year ago +16

      As far as the iPhone is concerned… It’s too late for USB-C.

    • Bubbly buttercup
      Bubbly buttercup Year ago +43

      I mean Apple ditched the headphone jack before so It's not like a big step for them.

    • oMega
      oMega Year ago +4

      The third is never....

    • pratipal
      pratipal Year ago +15

      @Daniel Dickerson not really, iphones used come with small chargers before but now it's 18 watt chargers ( ppl would throw old bricks if you could provide better one )

  • Marcus
    Marcus Year ago +2

    Some things like Siri has actually gotten worse with time. And that makes me realize that even when they some years takes one huge step forward they might fall 2 step back.

  • Occam's Chainsaw
    Occam's Chainsaw Year ago +1

    That whole "fingerprint scanner in the lock key" thing was present on Razer Phone 2. It was my favorite feature of it, and I don't know why it's not on every single smart phone.

  • roach raider
    roach raider Year ago

    The one reason why I chose an Android phone is because of price points. I think apple would easily make way more money and capture a way bigger audience of consumers if they simply offered devices at affordable price points. I see that they are trying with the SE but for a lot of people $400 is still a lot for a phone. They could use the same type of plastic construction that the iphone 5c had and even make a "lite" version of iOS so that these less powerful phones can run just as fast as the other phones in the lineup and preserve the smooth apple experience and just price it at $200 or so and have more people enter the apple eco system than ever before and even have it become more popular in poor areas.

  • Estefanía - Paris Carbo

    I haven't had an Iphone, but I can see why I would not want it. Sometimes I have gotten bored and started touching what features my phone has, and it is interesting to discover what you can do to start using and having phone, even if your phone has no games, the phone itself is entertaining. I would also add the app store, but I have not enough info about it.
    Good video!

  • DeadTake 26
    DeadTake 26 7 months ago

    Its cool that some of these things, namely the haptic keyboard and lock screen have been fixed in iOS 16

  • ToniPlays
    ToniPlays Year ago +260

    Arun is never gonna let us down. Like never. And I bet he is not gonna give us up either

  • NitroChris11
    NitroChris11 Year ago

    I like how he uses apple products but doesn't show any bias in his reviews or videos. There are so many techie channels on here that are biased one way or the other its nice to see an unbiased one

  • Dunc P
    Dunc P Year ago +53

    10:25 - They can easily add a lightning to USB-C adapter to help those users not ditch their lightning cables... but keep in mind, more macfans are complete ecosystem adopters... so they most likely have USB-C cables too!

    • the stupid
      the stupid Year ago +1

      Meanwhile "eco friendly" apple:

    • the stupid
      the stupid Year ago +2

      pïññed By Unbôx Thérâpy SHUT UPPPPP

  • v_spw
    v_spw Year ago

    I like the boxy shape of the I phone. I used I phones all the way back in 2010, when I was 5. The iPhone 4 felt good on my hand, when they went to the more rounded shape for the I phone 5 - 6 It felt kind of alright? I like both, but some how each phone has a different feel to it. The reason why they have the boxy shapes is because they want to stand out from any other phone. I phone is premium in a way.

  • ItsYourBoyDT
    ItsYourBoyDT Year ago +4

    I think you forgot when faceID came out it would automatically open the iPhone without the swipe. Which people had a problem with cause they didn't even get the chance to see their notifications and had to swipe down for them every damn time. We all prefer having the option to swipe up, especially me who has everything locked (as in the notification gives no info other than receiving it) since I do a lot of work from my phone that can have sensitive data until it's ready to be released.

    • Amr Elemary
      Amr Elemary Year ago +2

      Honestly a fingerprint scanner would easily fix these issues.

    • Demeter ! 🅥
      Demeter ! 🅥 10 months ago +1

      Excellent point.. I agreed with Arun until your comment.

    BUBBLES Year ago

    It’s like Apple saw your video. They have taken care of Battery in iPhones 13 and Face ID works with Mask now and widgets are more dynamic. And i am sure they will incorporate more features in next updates.

  • Shri Sadurshan Kathiresan

    Apple: interesting... Let's not add any of the points he said

  • audrey :)
    audrey :) Year ago +84

    as someone who is using an iPhone 7 in 2021, the six years of software updates mean nothing. you cant use software when your phone is constantly crashing and glitching, half of your apps don't work, it dies in a few hours of use even with low power mode, things literally disappear from your screen (no seriously I can't tell the time or percentage or anything in that top row on my phone anymore), 75% of your storage is taken by 'systems' or 'other' (whatever that is) and everything about it is ultra slow. Apple claims they slow old phones to save battery but dude, with low power mode on I still lose 2 percent of battery for every three minutes that I'm just using my phone with multiple apps running. yknow the whole reason phones and those features are there. to be used.

    • Tihruytssgjjvsavcxtbvhj
      Tihruytssgjjvsavcxtbvhj Year ago +1

      Iphone 7 was the worst iphone ever. Get rid of it.
      System is full? Dude, update or factory reset your phone every year or two.

    • Clou9 Gaming
      Clou9 Gaming Year ago +5

      Replacing the battery literally fixes that. I have an iPhone 7 as a back up phone and when i changed the battery it really improved the experience :) obviously as apps get bigger in file size an older phone will struggle to keep up after so many years but like i said , changing batteries will help you out alot

    • Elias Ziad
      Elias Ziad Year ago +8

      Its because apple purposely ruins the phone so you can buy a better one.

    • Todestelzer
      Todestelzer Year ago +1

      Replace the battery. I still have a iPhone 7 as backup phone. Still works fine.

    • Ariyatat.
      Ariyatat. Year ago +1

      Just buy a new phone….


    I have actually been debating whether to switch to an iPhone or apgrade with Samsung.
    This video is putting a weight for me not to go to Apple, but I'm still doubting 🤷
    If anyone can help I'll be pleased 😘

  • enviyon
    enviyon Year ago

    My one problem with apple saying it’s too late to switch their lightning ports is that it’s really not. They have usb c on every other product, so even if you don’t own say a Nintendo switch, a device from a company that is like apple, in the way that they wait to adopt new tech, you still probably own a device with a usb c, and they include a cable in the box still, so if you add a cable to the new phone, it’s not really a problem

  • Natalie Hopkins
    Natalie Hopkins Year ago +1

    The UBS-C charger idea, I think it could be solved by making it a buying option. Offer a choice, Lightning port or USB-C

  • Daniel
    Daniel 10 months ago

    I like lightning, it’s more durable than usbc but i think apple should incorporate both ports in the phone, lightning on the bottom, and usbc on the top: with this idea you can now use wired headphones while charging your iPhone

  • sd
    sd Year ago +748

    Let's be honest, the thing we love the most about him is his voice and accent

    • The off-brand man
      The off-brand man Year ago +10


    • Tammy Walker
      Tammy Walker Year ago +21

      And the Rick rolls! Don't forget the Rick rolls

    • J B
      J B Year ago +36

      idk his knowledge and personality are it for me

    • - Sarcosse -
      - Sarcosse - Year ago +3

      Don't tell him that

    • J
      J Year ago +9

      Bit gay mate

  • Selwyn Andrews
    Selwyn Andrews Year ago

    After replacing the screen on a friend's iPhone X, I charged the battery. I wanted to see the battery percentage and realised the only way to see it is to turn on the "display battery percentage" setting in, er, settings. But I still couldn't see it. Only when I swiped down from the upper right to display the Control Center (TM) could I see the battery percentage. Instantly furious I was, thinking this just seemed like pointless fiddling on the part of Apple. And I think you made good points. Keep up the good work!

  • Manju Bala
    Manju Bala Year ago

    An option could be that they release a usb-c and a lightening cable version of each iphone so people with usb-c and lightening cables could use any version of the iphone.

  • Maxtheperson
    Maxtheperson 4 months ago +1

    I thinks that a good way to add icons to apple phones is to add icon packs through the App Store like messages Add-ons

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet Year ago

    It would be great if they implemented the usbc on iphones but the part of the argument saying that they should do it bc of cable clutter seems a bit much.
    The cable and the brick only weigh so much and take so much space,unless you're carrying lots and lots of cables for some reason it doesn't make a real difference in that regard

  • Zakity Commentary
    Zakity Commentary 6 months ago +1

    10:13 I like how apple says it's too late now when Samsung used micro USB but put USB-C on their newer phones while people were a little annoyed they bought they decided to spend the like 6 dollars to get USB-C also if apple wants to make it more convenient they should include a USB-C in the box. So it's not that "it's to late now" is that they want to not be cross-compatible

  • Farhan
    Farhan Year ago +439

    Phone customization : * exists *
    Apple: We don't do that here

  • person1010 1
    person1010 1 Year ago

    On the topic of USB C ports, I think apple should just give a USB C to lightning converter with every iPhone. Like just a small hole in that plastic box for a small converter that just converts the lightning to USB C, so people who don’t want to convert can just keep the little rectangle

  • Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler Year ago

    I think the reason why apple would avoid allowing or encouraging custom icons is due to the heavy emphasys apple places on applecare support. Allowing custom icons is a great way to make an experienced support advisor looks stupid. The more consistent they are, the easier it is to guide a customer.