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It’s a British MUST…..NEXT tunnel video out 17th

  • Published on Mar 13, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • The Tunnel is up in the house n its all tidy, cant wait for you all to see it on Thursday
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  8 months ago +568

    Tunnel is done the wait is nearly over…..well phase 1 anyway. See you #furzday

    • Dead account
      Dead account 4 months ago

      @Clone 1961 Damn now why didn't I think of that, my engineering brain must be slipping. I was thinking automated dumbwaiter and conveyor lol.

    • Dead account
      Dead account 4 months ago

      @Colin Furze You know, you could make a mini dumbwaiter to raise and lower your tea. You could even have the floor of the 'waiter itself be a automated conveyor and a matching one running the length of the tunnel, bring the tea right to your chair. 😁

    • Clone 1961
      Clone 1961 4 months ago +1

      Have a keg of tea and coffee in the bunker please

    • Wouter
      Wouter 5 months ago

      Do you call that tea? It’s more like a tea flavoured milkshake…

    • Phantom
      Phantom 5 months ago

      It's me or British people have to best ideas

  • Zippy Pinhead
    Zippy Pinhead 8 months ago +1323


    • Shannon Fletcher
      Shannon Fletcher 2 months ago


      KATANAGUANA 2 months ago

      This is an amazing idea

    • Tom Tom
      Tom Tom 5 months ago

      @knightshousegames hydraulic piston underneath, not cable raised with counterweight

    • Patrick Laune
      Patrick Laune 8 months ago

      Dada Dada Dadadaaaaaa

    • Ooga
      Ooga 8 months ago +1

      The wife might approve it over her going down a latter.

  • Woop Woop is the fist
    Woop Woop is the fist 8 months ago +258

    As a British person this is one of the most beautiful inventions I’ve ever seen

    • Mr. Dennis
      Mr. Dennis 7 months ago

      I'm "Merican" & I am def a tea person. Coffee stinks to me. 🙏🏻🤗❤️

    • WitSystem
      WitSystem 7 months ago

      @J. C. This one is based on the original - from Ancient Greece.
      The Romans developed it and used it for winching horses.
      But it was the Francophile Jefferson who brought it to America in the 18th Century.
      Had he not, it might have remained as an archaic dining piece.
      Jefferson had 5 spring loaded ones. They afforded he and his guests the opportunity to discuss sensitive topics without any staff hovering in the background.
      The patent dates from mid 19thC.
      The one in Edison’s house was in use up until 1944.
      I hope you enjoyed my potted history of the Dumb Waiter 🙂

    • WitSystem
      WitSystem 7 months ago

      @TheLemonGuy Vegimite is inferior to Marmite mate.

    • WitSystem
      WitSystem 7 months ago

      Not impressed with the combustion engine then?

    • Dicky R
      Dicky R 8 months ago

      @elektorix If only weed known this in 1939. It could have saved a kit of bother

  • Jon McNabb
    Jon McNabb 8 months ago +85

    When he gets done, he should have a super small model trainset going in a continuous path throughout the tunnels. Think high wall mounted and only with British style trains and cars.

    • SANG
      SANG 8 months ago +1

      @laurdy and the odd penguin

    • Jon McNabb
      Jon McNabb 8 months ago +1

      @laurdy solid response, love it!!!!

    • laurdy
      laurdy 8 months ago +9

      And use that to deliver drinks a bit like Wallice and Grommet's The Wrong Trousers

  • 86trees
    86trees 8 months ago +38

    Of course, Colin makes a tea delivery system instead of simply putting a teapot down there, I love this channel.

    • mark
      mark Month ago

      ​@DisorderedArray one could always hang a "civilised" picture down there.

    • DisorderedArray
      DisorderedArray 8 months ago +2

      Making tea down an underground tunnel might be acceptable in Merthyr Tydfil or Burnley, but could one really call it civilised?

  • Perry147
    Perry147 8 months ago +25

    I'd normally think "Why not just use an extension cable?"
    Then I remembered that I'm watching a guy who's well known for over engineer just about everything he does

    • Ron S
      Ron S 8 months ago

      Are you a mechanical engineer?…
      In any industry, the goal is profit.
      Reliability engineering is designated in part to make sure the washing machine breaks down one day after the 2 year warranty expires.
      Here… the goal is to sell his tea mugs
      He’s joking about it and it says in big capitals “IT MAKES SENSE”.
      Pay attention to details…

  • Clive Richardson
    Clive Richardson 8 months ago +106

    Legend, this man knows esactly what we need in homes. Why don't we have these everywhere?

    • Drengade
      Drengade 8 months ago

      we did. they were called dumbwaiters

    • Clive Richardson
      Clive Richardson 8 months ago +1

      @Brym Stone ohhh right, I'm only on about the tea lift lol

    • Brym Stone
      Brym Stone 8 months ago +1

      @Clive Richardson tunnels and bunkers lol, not tea. that's bloody everywhere!

    • Clive Richardson
      Clive Richardson 8 months ago +1

      @Brym Stone what?

    • Brym Stone
      Brym Stone 8 months ago

      Probably because decommissioning and we're not Finland, where they're actually prepared at a nation state level.

  • Jason P
    Jason P 8 months ago +1

    Such a SICK BUILD!! Curious, what did you have to go through to get that approved to build? And what’s the total cost so far?

  • Drew Gorman
    Drew Gorman 8 months ago +7

    I’ve always wondered how Mrs SafetyTie feels about this house. Like construction sites were the coolest places to hang out and get in troubles as kids and their kids gotta be at the “up to no good” age.

    • Drew Gorman
      Drew Gorman 8 months ago

      @Hubris Inc I hadn’t considered that. I imagine people probably think it’s ok to stop by etc and not at all creepy.

    • Hubris Inc
      Hubris Inc 8 months ago +1

      I'm pretty sure they don't live in that house anymore and Colin just uses it as his place of business

  • Henry Kelso
    Henry Kelso 8 months ago

    I love that even when he's doing such a stressful and laborious project like this he still makes completely different inventions on the side to help himself. Shows that he really enjoys what he does and knows what he's doing; even if it's something like a belt of spinning knifes. O_o Keep up the good work Furze!

  • Kim Grewell
    Kim Grewell 8 months ago +107

    Hmm. Feel like the tunnel need to be upgraded with a tea pipline. With taping points at suitable places.

    • Tribalstyler
      Tribalstyler 8 months ago

      A tea tap then!

    • j Walster
      j Walster 8 months ago +1

      A tea pipe line, and air filter so it can be sealed from the world.

    • Robert Capron
      Robert Capron 8 months ago +7

      You can't have proper tea through a pipeline, the audacity!

  • Nick MG
    Nick MG 8 months ago +8

    I think an air tube based system to deliver hot beverages in a flask or sommit, would be much more awesome, like the ones they used to use in Supermarkets for cashing up the tills?

    • Nick MG
      Nick MG 8 months ago

      @knightshousegames perfect ¡

    • knightshousegames
      knightshousegames 8 months ago +2

      Pnumatic Tea-filled Thermos Delivery System?
      Have multiple pipes, one that delivers to the bottom of the tunnel, one that delivers to the workshop, and one that delivers to the bunker.

  • Belar 192
    Belar 192 8 months ago +1

    Your tea closet being slap full of Yorkshire is the sole reason I decided to try it. Thank you, Colin, for saving my life.

  • Nicholas Martorina
    Nicholas Martorina 8 months ago +2

    Being British and inventive, I’m surprised Colin doesn’t have a tea pipeline throughout his whole house

  • BassManBobBassCovers
    BassManBobBassCovers 8 months ago +2

    All the hardcore engineering that goes into this massive project and you're stoked about lowering tea down by rope 😂

  • Bystander333
    Bystander333 8 months ago

    When I was a little kid my parents bought a house with a real 1800s, 60 foot well in the garden, except it had been filled with rubble and junk. My dad spent about 4 years digging it out with some neighbours and built loads of high quality engineering (most of which got attached to a convenient power pole near the well) to get all that crap out. They found everything from steam engine gears to old farm tools.
    This series is a bit like my childhood memories of that, only with tea!

  • Richard S
    Richard S 8 months ago

    Between Colin and Ozzyman I’m never gloomy!🤣 - two, true, modern day legends.👍

  • zafira1kg
    zafira1kg 8 months ago +9

    I'd have loved you to do a slide to get down, and with a flick of a switch the slide would turn to steps to get back up. Think I'm going Furz crazy! 🤣🤣

  • Stephen Wale
    Stephen Wale 8 months ago +355

    I find that oddly under engineered for this channel.

    • WitSystem
      WitSystem 7 months ago

      Oh the irony.

    • Simon Dowsett
      Simon Dowsett 8 months ago +2

      Dig down further and install a scissor-jack lift.

    • brianbu01
      brianbu01 8 months ago +1

      Pretty sure it is foreshadowing that he is going to use a winch as a elevator

    • Equinsu Ocha
      Equinsu Ocha 8 months ago +1

      Yeah not a single snatch block. Why am i even here?
      For the punk rock, inventions and the wily English dude

    • nathan87
      nathan87 8 months ago +11

      Given that he's a plumber, I'm sorely disappointed that there aren't literal tea pipes built into that tunnel.

  • Palito
    Palito 8 months ago

    Super excited for the tunnel video, hopefully you can continue your plans and make the tunnel to the bunker!

  • Jacob Obert
    Jacob Obert 8 months ago +22

    if this is gonna be the final tunnel video, then that must mean you're gonna finish the pantry entrance AND connect it to the bunker in one, grande finale

    • Jakob E.
      Jakob E. 8 months ago

      @james earljohns
      Apparently phase 2 is connecting the tunnel to an elevator garage, because there has to be an excuse for not finishing any project.

    • james earljohns
      james earljohns 8 months ago

      @Jehty haha would be better than some current world leaders lol

    • Jehty
      Jehty 8 months ago

      @james earljohns and phase 3 is world domination?

    • james earljohns
      james earljohns 8 months ago +2

      It’s the end of phase 1, phase 2 is connecting to the bunker

    • Motion.Resolved
      Motion.Resolved 8 months ago +7

      Nah, I think its the final video for the phase 1 which is to connect to the house properly - i.e. finishing it off and making good...

  • Giles Wells
    Giles Wells 8 months ago +1

    As someone with access to a 3d printer, I want this to get a motorized upgrade that takes the cup all the way to each stop chairlift style.

  • Simon Martin
    Simon Martin 8 months ago +2

    All houses should be installed with a fireman's pole. Thats pretty good for getting you down but can you make an elevating platform to beam you back up?

  • Hubert Pieman
    Hubert Pieman 8 months ago

    Colin! Make a wider section running down to the bunker which you can recess an apocalypses workbench, lathe etc. Such an amazing job mate, love it

  • Will Boudreau
    Will Boudreau 8 months ago +2

    I agree with the one person elevator in the closet. And it should be disguised as a Dr. Who phone booth!!!! Furze walks in, closes the folding glass door behind him, and the floor moves downward taking Furze and his tea to the tunnel. NOW THAT'S A BRITISH MUST!!!!

  • Yosviel FB
    Yosviel FB 8 months ago

    Realizas trabajos increíbles tienes condiciones d trabajo impresionantes e visto muchos d tus vídeos me gustaría tener un taller así saludos

  • BradYeti97
    BradYeti97 8 months ago

    Cant wait for this! Your videos are ace but this tunnel series really takes the biscuit 😂

  • Gaz -
    Gaz - 8 months ago +6

    A few weeks back we all had a good laugh at this tunnel.
    Now we are all planning our own. Because well reasons.

    • j Walster
      j Walster 8 months ago

      Now all it needs is a air filter, and gaskets to seal it.

  • Patrick Laune
    Patrick Laune 8 months ago

    Ohh Colin. Im waiting for the finishing of this so i can look a whole day how you dit it. I really looking forward to this, amazing!

  • teamidris
    teamidris 8 months ago

    I love this build :o) How are you stopping the smurfs from falling down it? They must think it is ace :D

  • Weston and Marian
    Weston and Marian 8 months ago +6

    Congratulations on such an amazing achievement, can't wait to see your channel grow even bigger. 🍝

    • Dead account
      Dead account 4 months ago

      @Weston Vaughn I honestly don't know why it's not the biggest channel in the world already. Wish I could help him design stuff, he and I would get along. 😁

    • Phil Cleaver
      Phil Cleaver 8 months ago

      … Chunnel even.

    • TheZomby
      TheZomby 8 months ago +1

      or one might say... deeper !

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable 8 months ago +1

    You should create a transit system that uses a series of elevators, tracks, and an automatic tea maker to create a system that will deliver tea to anywhere within your house, shed, and bunker. Make sure it's over-engineered.

  • rcredmon
    rcredmon 5 months ago

    I just figured out his secret. He somehow has funneled all the energy, we as adults wish we had when looking at our kids play.

  • Tig Fickler
    Tig Fickler 8 months ago +2

    Quick question, what’s the wife’s opinion on this whole operation?

  • Zenn virus
    Zenn virus 8 months ago +1

    Glad to see he has his priorities straight. No true British tunnel is ever built without a proper cup of tea.

  • Gareth Alford
    Gareth Alford 8 months ago +2

    He’s basically like the real life Wallace and Gromit

  • Vipan Hira
    Vipan Hira 8 months ago +1

    Amazing, when are you opening in person tour of the tunnel to the public. I would love to be the first one from your subscriber's list. Love from Canada.

  • PkWolf
    PkWolf 8 months ago

    As a tea lover i must admit this is pretty awesome! Wish i could have something like that at my house. Lol

  • FFullMetalPanic
    FFullMetalPanic 5 months ago

    As much as I love this tea delivery idea, I’m a bit disappointed you chose a basic pulley system over something like a pneumatic tube with a thermos canister.

  • Greedier -
    Greedier - 8 months ago

    I feel like it a little to close to the ladder. You could hit it while climbing down.
    Also wouldn't it be better to lower the platform with 3/4 strings for it to swing less ?

  • ollie oneill
    ollie oneill 8 months ago

    If this is phase 1, I can't wait for phase 2,3,4,5,6,7.......
    Keep up the great work Colin!

  • OrpheusCreativeCo
    OrpheusCreativeCo 8 months ago

    That's so much more straightforward than making it in the tunnel ✌️😁

  • Daphne Raven
    Daphne Raven 8 months ago

    The single most British amenity ever installed in any house. Lol. My mother was born British; my youth was spent waiting for her to get herself an IV pole To facilitate her ability to absorb more of it at a faster rate. Lol. I’m just surprised that Colin hasn’t worked out a way to have an automatic hot tea pouring system piped through the property on demand. :D
    Good on you, Mr. Firze!

  • Fidd88
    Fidd88 8 months ago

    I think the interior of the cupboard, including all the tea-bags, should become a lift (elevator) allowing you to descend into the tunnel, and concealing the tunnel entrance from casual view. Perhaps opening the lid of particular box of tea could serve as the switch to make it lower/raise. You'd need a call-button at the bottom, and some form of safety-break were the cable to snap.....

  • eli kleine
    eli kleine 8 months ago

    Still waiting for part 8.
    Plating the walls and making a door.
    And then it's time to connect it with your bunker

  • yeda1126
    yeda1126 8 months ago

    How much longer does it take to get to your workshop through the tunnel than it does through the door? Just curious.

  • Bobby Townsend
    Bobby Townsend 8 months ago +5

    Lol I was literally just finishing a good cuppa and this short came up. I am also digging my own tunnel... I live next to a bank

    • Dead account
      Dead account 4 months ago

      @Bobby Townsend Lol let us know, when you get out in 499 years, how it went.😁

  • Weston and Marian
    Weston and Marian 8 months ago +1

    I've spent my entire lockdown watching this channel. Maybe this will be a turning point in my luck. Love the aesthetics of the channel and thanks for the give 😞

  • Monkey Boys Workshop
    Monkey Boys Workshop 8 months ago +1

    Haha absolutely bloody brilliant! Have you tried Yorkshire Teas ‘Biscuit Brew’ yet? Game changer 🤤🤤😍

  • Tyler Benney
    Tyler Benney 8 months ago +3

    If you wanted to be able to move the tea down the tunnel. You could get yourself a “g scale” train as that would be big enough to have the tea on. Lgb or piko would work.

  • Dan Le Roy
    Dan Le Roy 8 months ago

    love your videos.. the tunnel is the best project yet, can't wait for it to join the bunker!

  • Tea And Medals
    Tea And Medals 8 months ago +44

    The Spiffing Brit: "I'll take your entire stock."

  • Jennifer Springhorn
    Jennifer Springhorn 8 months ago

    Love your tunnel ideas. How about a single personal elevator in the pantry like in Star Trek? Much better than a ladder.

  • Rory Fletcher
    Rory Fletcher 8 months ago

    Colin. You're an absolute nutter! Keep up the good work! Love it!

  • jay d
    jay d 8 months ago

    thank you colin thes videos are great with the divorce and siblings moving out made my day

  • as aswr
    as aswr 8 months ago +1

    Make a system that gets your tea from your auto tea maker. Then picks it up runs it along a rope pully system that carries it over to the hole, down it, and then along the tunnel. I'm no genius but I'm sure you can figure out a cool system.

  • SoupFork
    SoupFork 8 months ago +1

    Just brewed some up before clicking this video. Oooh that's a win!
    Now add a biscuit dispenser. Need some dunking action in the tunnel for tunneling energy!

  • TigerValley62
    TigerValley62 8 months ago +1

    That's a British must indeed. Personally as a non-Brit, cup of coffee would be just fine right about now.😋☕

  • J Christensen
    J Christensen 8 months ago

    Hey Colin, are you building a lift in the pantry? That would be a great project to see!

  • Turtle Brownies
    Turtle Brownies 8 months ago

    You should make a powered track system from the kitchen to the bunker. Completely autonomous, with the exception of the tea making.

  • Jason Summit
    Jason Summit 8 months ago +4

    I knew that it had something to do with tea. I just finished off almost two liters of it. If you drink as much tea as I do, then you might want to install a urinal down there too.😂

  • Armetron
    Armetron 8 months ago

    question Colin, do you plan on putting an elevator there? Perhaps a hydraulic one

  • Dan
    Dan 8 months ago

    I think we need to see an air powered mail delivery tube system.

  • 1dfgaJ83K92
    1dfgaJ83K92 8 months ago +1

    @colinfurze Please make some tunnel boring machines for phase 2, it will make an interesting series of videos and that sort of thing is right up your street of invasions!

  • KGBgringo
    KGBgringo 5 months ago

    Love that you're still a hardcore tea drinker, too many of our fellow Brits have given over to the coffee fad.

  • Ray Salmon
    Ray Salmon 7 months ago

    Amazing so long as you have not compromised the foundations.
    Now the subsoil is exposed it could dry out and cause settlement.
    You won't then be so excited with your project.
    Would love to hear that ridiculous laugh when cracks start appearing in the walls above not to mentions the neighbour's walls.
    Check your insurance and make sure you have permission from your local authorities.
    Make sure any movement does not damage any gas pipes.
    Good luck!

  • lixxit
    lixxit 8 months ago +1

    This man is nuts! I love it though!
    P.s. i want an underground bunker/man cave!

  • stevo8291
    stevo8291 8 months ago

    You have 1 VERY brave ( or slightly mad ) wife there Furze !!
    LOVE IT !!

  • AngryApple
    AngryApple 8 months ago

    as a non British person I have to ask, does it also work with stuff that doesnt taste like dirty hot water?

  • Westy
    Westy 8 months ago

    Colin, please do a rendition of the great escape while its under construction... it's a British MUST!

    • George Elliott
      George Elliott 8 months ago

      Wasn't that done already way back in the mists of time when the tunnel project was started? (Well last year anyway)

  • Save
    Save 8 months ago

    You need a mine-cart elevator to bring up and down the entire closet floor... with rails in it! There will be a foldable board, like the sidewalk elevator of New-York, to protect the closet when the elevator is down

  • Study with me
    Study with me 8 months ago

    You should do a collab with Robert Maddox, you guys are awesome.

  • Thomasawl
    Thomasawl 8 months ago +35

    Imagine one of his kids is having a birthday party, some kid there opens the door and falls down into the abyss.

    • MrCh0o
      MrCh0o 8 months ago +1

      I imagine he'll end up having some neat secret entrance in the future, just like he has on the shed's side, but this time with more home-y style to it

    • j Walster
      j Walster 8 months ago

      @Auqium PvP *bat man vibes intensify*

    • Auqium PvP
      Auqium PvP 8 months ago +2

      little timmy never stood a chance

    • acdnan Abdi
      acdnan Abdi 8 months ago +1

      Like the plot of a movie

  • Vincent Smedley
    Vincent Smedley 8 months ago +1

    Need to make a train system if your further up the tunnel :-)

  • Tadashi
    Tadashi 8 months ago

    a train set that runs along the top of the tunnel would be cool

  • Alexander Ewald
    Alexander Ewald 8 months ago

    Best 30th birthday present! Thank you! Awesome project!

  • Jos
    Jos 8 months ago

    Got to appreciate British innovation.

  • Jay G
    Jay G 8 months ago

    Turn the Pantry into a secret lift down into your own secret lair :)

  • David Jacobs
    David Jacobs 8 months ago

    My wife is very concerned you are using glass mugs. She suggests travel mugs with lids. They are less likely to accidentally break and the lids will keep the dirt out while working on the tunnel. I'm just thrilled to be living out my boyhood dreams through Furze!!!

  • Petter !
    Petter ! 8 months ago

    Teaaaaaae….. Colin, I do hope that you will have a Gin Tonic once this tunnel is complete 👍🏻

  • Benson1356
    Benson1356 8 months ago +8

    I mean you could’ve just installed a kettle in your bunker and call it a day but, SECRET TUNNEL!!!!

  • Gary
    Gary 8 months ago

    LOVE your energy!

  • Barrie Tamkin
    Barrie Tamkin 8 months ago +1

    Just added 2 extra months to the finish time 😁

  • Marlon Schmitt
    Marlon Schmitt 8 months ago +2

    My birthday is in the 17th of march, and what a great present to receive, a colin furze video! thx

  • CM Hughes
    CM Hughes 8 months ago +2

    This was the most British moment I have seen all day.

  • John Packer
    John Packer 8 months ago +20

    The pantry is screaming out for a Fireman's Pole!

    • WitSystem
      WitSystem 7 months ago

      And a trampoline at the bottom incase you forgot something.

    • John Packer
      John Packer 8 months ago

      @Jehty Oh I see, he means a Fireman's Pole that carries you up too. That has Furze written all over it

    • Jehty
      Jehty 8 months ago +1

      @John Packer ladders are boring.
      Muzzs idea is much better.

    • John Packer
      John Packer 8 months ago

      @Muzz TheGreat Well obviously there is a ladder as well, have you seen the one in the workshop?

    • Muzz TheGreat
      Muzz TheGreat 8 months ago +1

      Fireman's Pole! - yes, that also goes UPwards :)

  • benke1000
    benke1000 8 months ago

    Please, make a feature film about tunnel construction. think it's so interesting 👍👍

  • Arcadius
    Arcadius 8 months ago

    Great tunnel! Great tea system!

  • the tessellater
    the tessellater 8 months ago

    You have deprived us of tunnelling videos for so long now, I guess we can wait a few more days 😉

  • STAG162
    STAG162 8 months ago +6

    "Ingenious and Slightly Loopy" - the title for Furze's autobiography.

    • ktang001
      ktang001 8 months ago

      Only "slightly" loopy?! LOL!

  • Shilo2010
    Shilo2010 8 months ago

    It's an Aussie must.
    We get nervous when the Poms start tunneling.
    You know where they come out, right?
    That's right, down town Brisbane.

  • Gil
    Gil 8 months ago

    Tea bags? Kettles? What this needs is a dedicated tea-plumbing system that can deliver a fresh piping hot brew from kitchen to shed, and work like a pub ale-pump

  • Ronald Thomas
    Ronald Thomas 5 months ago

    Glad to hear of a brit who still values a cup of tea!! Down with coffee!

  • That Devil Guy
    That Devil Guy 8 months ago +39

    wait what do you mean FINAL video what happened to the other part of the tunnel?

    • That Devil Guy
      That Devil Guy 8 months ago +1

      @colinfurze Ahh okay you had me worried for a second, love the tunnel videos keep up the good work man 👍

    • Lambourne Photography
      Lambourne Photography 8 months ago +1

      Final of Phase 1, i.e. Shed > House. After that, Phase 2, Shed > Bunker. Then Phase 3, Furze' Bunker to Putin's Bunker .... mwahahaha 🤣👍

    • marl
      marl 8 months ago +1

      @colinfurze thank god for that 🙏

    • colinfurze
      colinfurze  8 months ago +21

      Final for bit between house n shed, oh there’s more to do.

    • Arminas Uselis
      Arminas Uselis 8 months ago

      Im thinking the same like WHAAAAAT

  • Evelyn Kondrusik
    Evelyn Kondrusik 8 months ago

    You are generally my spirit animal bro... ☕✌️

  • alricdark
    alricdark 8 months ago

    For some reason whenever I watch these I think of ‘Space Captain Smith’, from the books by Toby Frost.

  • DarkZodiacZZ
    DarkZodiacZZ 8 months ago

    Have you already made a vault for your strategic tea reserves?. 😄

  • Frasier
    Frasier 8 months ago +1

    Imagine digging an entire tunneş just to have easier access to your tea which saves you only a few seconds

  • Nueva Cancion
    Nueva Cancion 8 months ago +10

    I love tunnels , and fasho I love the song “Dupe - On The Block “

  • shmuel crouse
    shmuel crouse 8 months ago

    please make a conveyor belt system or delivery train from the kitchen to your workshop once the tunnel is completed