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Who Cares About the Metaverse?


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  • Roland
    Roland 3 months ago +30585

    You did a better job explaining this than a multi billion dollar company

    • M Graham
      M Graham 5 days ago

      @jay amrutia 12:09

    • WestyC
      WestyC 19 days ago

      True. Marquez says what we *actually* need to know.

    • Jahir Mondal
      Jahir Mondal 24 days ago

      @jay amrutia ❤️Pray for us n me ❤️🙂

    • no way
      no way 26 days ago

      Yeah, but its all crap

    • Josh_Plays
      Josh_Plays 28 days ago


  • Neon Charge
    Neon Charge Month ago +487

    Ever notice how most people forced into zoom meetings block video and audio when given the opportunity? Yeah, we damn sure don’t want to be in a vr room with everybody.

    • Ghost-User
      Ghost-User 5 days ago

      @Henry Heitmann Very true. That is the solution. And it is very simple.
      But will they listen? Will people walk away from the allure of this technology. No. They will embrace this coming dystopia with open arms. They will pay for people to spy on them, just as we have paid for phones and computers and tablets which spy on us as we talk right here on Clip-Share.

    • Henry Heitmann
      Henry Heitmann 5 days ago +1

      @Ghost-User Well, there is a very simple solution to that: Bring everyone together in a room. A real room.

    • Ghost-User
      Ghost-User 11 days ago +2

      @Art Feierman With retina tracking and ai analytics, you can tell when a person has taken a substance from coffee to how much sugar they eat, to how hydrated they are. You can tell when they last had intercourse, and how long ago, and if they “like their partners”. You can tell their blood sugar and their blood pressure. You can tell if they trust you or distrust you as a boss or employer. You can tell if they are enjoying the meeting or believe in the company policy or politics or not.
      No longer does the workplace become about *WORK* in this coming reality, but this cult like dystopian environment of biometrics becomes a reality where you literally can be let go for “thought crimes” because “your retinas show a lack of interest”. It isn’t about a person’s *WORK* quality or output in this biometric dystopia, it’s about Ais *perceptions* of imperceptible biological signals and your entire life can be destroyed because you have a light allergy and the ai mistakes your red eyes for “regular intoxication” or your facial expressions are read as “insincere are untrustworthy” just because the ai decides it is so. Or that you “are a kller or committed a crime” because facial recognition mistakes you for someone on a security camera or database.
      No. There is zero good in this tech. There is no legal protection in place for this overreaching dystopian future. And zero positive outcomes from its full scale implementation. I reject this future entirely.

    • Ghost-User
      Ghost-User 11 days ago

      @Art Feierman The problem is the invasive nature of modern employers and the violations of basic human rights this technology opens up. You see prior to the last few years it was highly illegal and unacceptable to install spyware on a person’s laptop and cell phones and the person doing so would be arrested. Now to give an employer your retinas and eye tracking and biometrics and the ability to track your biometrics 24/7 while working at home or at work is absolutely unacceptable. Employees have to give up 100% of their work devices to be watched even when used off of work. That means every single personal interaction with friends and partners and family is tracked biometrically for that employees entire life. Even if you change companies Meta could “offer your new employer your lifetime records”. True dystopia.

    • Art Feierman
      Art Feierman 11 days ago +2

      @Ghost-User Well, I agree, there are plenty of folks that don't like zoom or other conference calls, and those who don't even like voice only. After all, even without having an image or avatar, what you say, is on display. That said, lots of folks don't mind. BTW re your trip to the bathroom, that's well within the ability of VR to control, I imagine you can choose to remain a head - stationary...
      Perhaps the important question is this: For those that do not like Zoom, Teams, Skype etc, would they, be it for business or other, rather do VR or "live" zoom, etc... While Marques touts the great facial detail etc, that should be very controllable. If you do, however, that limits the effectiveness of seeing expressions as part of understanding the message.

  • simbarashe maketa
    simbarashe maketa Month ago +140

    I totally agree with you and this is also the problem with Big tech now. The players have so much control over the market. I am a big believer in decentralization and if the market allows for meta to succeed in this endeavor we're going to have the same problem we have now of privacy violations as well as the negative effects of manipulation these tech giants have on society.

  • william louie
    william louie Month ago +134

    Who wants to wear that VR goggles all day? Can't last a hour!

    • Robert Cruz
      Robert Cruz 25 days ago +2

      Your Kids and all New Generations WILL. This is Not for us older Generations. The same way our parents need help understanding the Internet and smartphones, our kids and grand kids will be the ones helping us understand this new type of tech and how to use it.

    • Popninja
      Popninja 27 days ago

      @Professor_Pigeon Damn, you prolly needa better strap then, or maybe a different facial interface.

    • Professor_Pigeon
      Professor_Pigeon 27 days ago +2

      @Popninja nah I can't do that. Even if I don't get sick/tired I'll just get fed up of having it on my face and want to return to the real world

    • Repentant
      Repentant Month ago

      That's the exact cause i think will be the reason of their failure, u state a very good point

    • yousef yoyo
      yousef yoyo Month ago

      @Omar that’s how I felt when I first got mine. It’s been two months since I last touched it.

  • MacJoePlays
    MacJoePlays Month ago +9

    if metaverse company works very well on vr thingy, there's a higher chance that the other company will do the same as mark's do

    FYBLYATST 3 months ago +5662

    The face and eye tracking is next level data collection. If Meta knows what you look at, what content makes you react, what content invokes certain emotions linked to facial expressions, that is data better than even Google has on us now. That's some scary shit imo.

    • HilariousHooper44
      HilariousHooper44 16 days ago

      @The Network Nerd True. I have a browser that blocks all ads and trackers, but yeah, google has all of my information, that's true. Idk. I just seems like google is less sinister than facebook somehow.

    • Linux Rambling productions
      Linux Rambling productions 17 days ago

      @The Network Nerd cookies are nowhere bear as bad as actual cameras can be
      Also saying you have depression doesn’t make you any more credible on the subject

    • The Network Nerd
      The Network Nerd 17 days ago

      @Linux Rambling productions I have depression, and nothing has changed so far lol.

    • The Network Nerd
      The Network Nerd 17 days ago +1

      @HilariousHooper44 what you know about privacy when you’re on Clip-Share.

    • The Network Nerd
      The Network Nerd 17 days ago

      @meh! why does it matter? The government has your information too, but here you are trusting them as well. They don’t have our best interests in mind either.

  • Natalia Bielczyk, PhD | Ontology of Value®

    I love this channel! Recently, I have been wondering: who is waiting for Metaverse, actually? Whenever I hear or read about it, I always bump into the keyword "immersive." That sounds cool but WHO wants to be immersed?
    People whom I know, especially those who are active in blockchains, bet on *others" to be the future Metaverse users. No one wants to live in a matrix - but many want to make money on (imaginary) people who do.

    • Art Feierman
      Art Feierman 11 days ago +1

      Well VR (and AR) have a lot of potential benefits. I also imagine that a lot of disabled people will find a kind of freedom there?
      As to immersing. VR is no view of the real world. But here are a few examples of people who love immersion: Start with home theater owners. As that was my business, I can say nothing like having a nice 100" or 140" screen to watch movies. I still don't get watching Avatar or Star wars on an iPhone, or even a 65" TV... Too small to do the content justice. A lot of folks keep buying bigger and bigger "TVs" because they like greater immersion. In my theater, darkened, you are barely aware of the room, thanks to both immersive visuals - and sound. Remember mono? Stereo (better immersion) is preferred, and hey, nothing like full Dolby Atmos but that's overkill for most... Concerts: People prefer (if they can afford) to sit closer. That puts you closer to the "action." In a typical venue, if you are in the 5th row or the 30th row, the sound will likely be about identical (I always go for the center seats,, of course). The point is, what's the fun of viewing the band from 250 feet back... just my 2cents
      PS I am waiting. current Oculus and other sets, I think are still too low resolution. 1080p? 8K is probably where we need to be since we want 110 - 150 degrees of view vs say 40 degrees watching a computer monitor.

    • pimas11
      pimas11 21 day ago

      I agree it’s not that interesting and I don’t think there’s much hype

    • Natalia Bielczyk, PhD | Ontology of Value®
      Natalia Bielczyk, PhD | Ontology of Value® 23 days ago

      @Conrad Löffler Blockchain people and Zuck ...

    • Conrad Löffler
      Conrad Löffler 23 days ago +2

      Agree with you, also i think these blockchain people are most likely the only people who are most willing to use this meta things by them self

  • El Flow tech
    El Flow tech Month ago +56

    great video, am with you 100% on one company controlling everything is not good for the people. I have a family member who facebook account got disabled for nor reason & since facebook also owns whatsapp & instagram, he has been locked out of all 3 apps without a possibility of getting in touch with support to clarify the identity & resolve any violations if any.
    Life isn’t going to end because of it but it’s not fare when you get kicked out without a possibility to defend yourself against bot acting as a judge and wrongfully accusing users and disabling accounts.

    • Art Feierman
      Art Feierman 11 days ago

      Ugly situation, at least there's TikTok... Wow to get locked out of all three, must be a republican politician?😉

    • Myss Shannon
      Myss Shannon Month ago +8

      He now can enjoy real life and peace! They did him a favor!

  • Dan Rivers
    Dan Rivers 28 days ago

    What would be sick is if VR would have a device that you set up in the room and it tracks your whole body. To along side your VR glass and other devices

  • Micah Bragg
    Micah Bragg 29 days ago +2

    Seems like most of the time doing your work in VR or AR would add to the work you have to do. Adding more animations, more details, is not actually the best for getting info fast and accurate or creating things without being an artist or computer programmer. What I'm saying is that most of the info I interact with, the most important info, the most helpful info, is all text based. Writing words remains king for the very reason that it is the most stripped down version of communication and yet also nearly unlimited in what can be created and described. A screen connected to the internet is extremely useful as it connects me to text more easily. I'm not sure VR improves on that. So why would I bring it into my work?

  • qrzups johnson
    qrzups johnson 3 months ago +1961

    I like real life a lot more. The special effects are insane. Incredible detail

    • Lyubomir G
      Lyubomir G 24 days ago

      @thewind23r what a concept, the best video game is life

    • blise518B
      blise518B Month ago

      @Maciej Grabowski yes but I need my VR googles connected to the drone to see above the fog 😉

    • Maciej Grabowski
      Maciej Grabowski Month ago

      @blise518B watch sunrise in the foggy weather. really nice effects, no danger

    • InSomnia DrEvil
      InSomnia DrEvil 2 months ago +1

      Can you use magic in real-life? Can you physically fly all by yourself? Can you go through walls? Can you ride a dragon?
      If you ever practiced lucid dreaming (I tried it only a little bit and was only a little bit successful in forcing it) you would know that being able to do these things, even if just in your mind, is quite satisfying...

    • Martyn James
      Martyn James 2 months ago

      The other day I saw a butterfly in my garden, the pixel count was incredible.

  • Dez Futak
    Dez Futak Month ago +8

    Brilliant high-level view. You should definitely review Neuralink down the line, as in time, it will take AR/VAR to a whole different level...

  • E Malara
    E Malara Month ago +15

    Thanks great video I like the fact that you have a lot of content and reflections in your video. Thought provoking too.

    • Espiritu Valentino
      Espiritu Valentino 6 days ago

      You might wanna join the giveaways that are running right now on Super RC’s channel don’t wanna miss it!

  • Ebube James Oriehi
    Ebube James Oriehi Month ago

    Very informative!
    Keep it up Marques!

  • AaronMetallion
    AaronMetallion Month ago +4

    Very simply, I've yet to feel fully immersed into a VR headset, but I would get fully immersed into a good MMORPG game "developed for the VR". That's my problem, there isn't the ultimate "Sword Art Online" experience, and not enough money poured into development, as it's being poured into hardware. There's just a whole lot of arcade-y games, casual games, and a few recent good single player campaign games like Half Life: Alyx. As for MMO, there's Minecraft, VRChat, Zenith and a few decent mentions, but it's not there yet imo. More tech, tracking, etc. nice hardware, but without well funded AAA class MMO experiences / software, it still leaves me yearning. That's why I'd rather play FFXIV / WoW on my PC, than plug in my Quest 2. It's too much effort to me, for experiences that still haven't reached the level as many PC games I play. The quality and level of development on PC offers me more immersion in that sense than my VR headset.

    • Devouring_One
      Devouring_One 27 days ago

      It's actually worse than not funding vr games, they've actually been buying VR game studios and putting them to work on the metaverse, which seems to be failing to materialize at a rate in which the public cares about (they can't even have leg IK wtf?)

  • Paul Play
    Paul Play 3 months ago +3183

    I think the issue is that nobody wants to live in a world controlled by Meta / Facebook😂

    • xderen_xd
      xderen_xd Month ago

      @Clairifed Verified thank you, linux is a thing

    • Super Kii
      Super Kii Month ago

      Y e s

    • Gene Leep
      Gene Leep Month ago

      Does not sound fun at all

    • Ariiss
      Ariiss Month ago

      Yes, people would rather let China control them via TikTok LOL

    • Yosha
      Yosha 2 months ago

      You still use a phone software controlled by private companies as apple which restricts fonctionnality for marketing, huawei which spies you..

  • G4ZZYP
    G4ZZYP Month ago +9

    I certainly don't care about the Metaverse. Great content as always!

    • Cyberman86
      Cyberman86 16 days ago

      @Second squirrel You must not know how the new generations think lol they are not the same your old generation. They still love interacting with people but they grew up with technology and are more open minded to accept it.
      Most of the technology we use today, smartphones, Internet, Uber, Netflix, Airbnb, Digital Currency, PayPal, cash app, face and voice recognition, AI, VR, and many more older generations laughed at thought people was never going to accept it or use it. But they were wrong. People that don’t adapt to change, will be left behind.

    • Second squirrel
      Second squirrel 16 days ago

      @Robert Cruz I don't think so, no one wants to live in a world created by someone, meeting people in real life is far more rewarding and fun.
      But I do think it is a good way for people with dissabilities, are sick or other kind of reasons to still connect with others, but I don't think your average person wants a life like this.

    • Robert Cruz
      Robert Cruz 25 days ago

      Your Kids and all New Generations WILL. This is Not for us older Generations. The same way our parents need help understanding the Internet and smartphones, our kids and grand kids will be the ones helping us understand this new type of tech and how to use it.

  • Drew Vollenweider
    Drew Vollenweider Month ago +27

    Wow, Marques, I haven’t watched a video in quite some time but I’ve been subbed for at least 7 or 8 years. You’ve grown up, you’ve become very successful. Your family must be proud.

  • Raymond otoadese
    Raymond otoadese Month ago +2

    I thought about this replacing computers imagine having a virtual computer . In your metaverse or something like that

  • imCracked
    imCracked 29 days ago

    Can they remove some of the compute power and have an image casted to the headset via phone or computer? The form factor needs to be reduced for mass adoption

  • Korsalath
    Korsalath Month ago +1

    When people are walking around in their towns and cities, people will be wearing AR headsets seeing the digital world as the real world in a physical space. People will steal headsets off people's heads, businesses will have wireless banking connected to your headset.
    The futures going to be wild and scary. But mostly wild.

    • Roger Essig
      Roger Essig Month ago

      finally, no more people staring at their phones while walking city streets.

  • Terry Monks
    Terry Monks 2 months ago +416

    I use to think VR was a gimmick, then I played half life Alyx. Good quality VR experiences trick your brain into them being real. It's scary what it could be used for, but also exciting

    • Terry Monks
      Terry Monks Month ago

      @Jim F ah yes, I remember playing half life when it first launched on the motion picture.
      Video games and movies are VERY different

    • Jim F
      Jim F Month ago

      Dude, change "VR" to "motion pictures" and nothing in your comment changes.

    • T.H
      T.H 2 months ago

      @Terry Monks exactly

    • Terry Monks
      Terry Monks 2 months ago +2

      @T.H yeah, im pretty worried where this ends up honestly...the wrong government, or any for that matter, with the power to actually create different realities for people. It's like social media, only way way worse

    • T.H
      T.H 2 months ago +1

      Guys i agree its good for games, but these technologies usually we end up regretting due to their devastating societal impact over the long run

  • Martin Pothier
    Martin Pothier 2 months ago +107

    You've mastered your craft and explain these topics better than multi-billion dollar companies. Cheers.

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    • Anthony
      Anthony 2 months ago +1

      I really hope Metaverse fails terribly. The Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal where they sold millions of people’s information without their consent is disgusting. They can’t be trusted. This is not a company we want to have control over “the next internet”.

    • RandomGrin
      RandomGrin 2 months ago +1

      Wow.... you really need to go see other videos that explain exactly how bad Meta is....he just utterly ignored all the negatives.

    • ᴅᴍ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴅʀᴅɪsʀᴇsᴘᴇᴄᴛ18
  • Rargzs
    Rargzs Month ago +17

    I have been following metaverse for a long time now. The reason why I think VR/AR is the future is because I truly believe it is the next iteration of tech for phones, maybe not completely replacing, but an extension.
    Every new development that had become essential in every day life has solved fundamental problems for us humans, which are productivity and connecting with other humans.
    1) Cars/Trains/Planes (evolved from horses): Faster times between destinations increasing productivity and increasing interactions between humans (a need within humans).
    2) Internet + computers: Making it easier to connect with other humans and increasing productivity through access of information.
    3) Regular phones and smartphones (extension of internet/computers). Same reason as above.
    As an extension of the current internet ecosystem (computers, 4G/5G, smartphones), I think VR/AR can increase productivity further, and increase our connections to other humans. For this reason, I do see it becoming integrated with the human lifestyle.
    Two very interesting concepts:
    1) Accessibility: Those who are normally incapable of going to a concert, movie, etc. due to accessibility restrictions, can use VR/AR to still enjoy an immersive experience, or continue to work effectively.
    2) Remote control/work: Work from anywhere, anytime, controlling a robot/workstation, or anything in-between to still achieve your goals in your personal life or at work, whilst being able to travel, or live the nomad life. Potentially, further globalizing the world?
    I agree with the problem of meta controlling everything, but apple should offer as good initial competition, but there are still others like Microsoft (holo lens) and google (google glasses) that can easily enter the market as well. Microsoft has acquired a ton of VR/AR companies as well. I think Meta's real goal is to establish an app store, hoping it will be one of the most used, for AR/VR and profit that way, similar to how apple and android profit massively off of their app stores. Also, let's not forget that there are successful Chinese companies already that will definitely be adding to competition, and will be used in China solely, so the government can control the medium.

    • Devouring_One
      Devouring_One 27 days ago +2

      @Joseph King I think Facebook has held back VR about as much as they've pushed it forward, primarily because they take a bunch of software developers and pushed them into an overbloated project that hasn't successfully created leg IK/tracking, instead of game development where they started and where they're experienced.
      VR will continue to climb, but it's possible facebook will die before it gets where they want it to, because they overinvested and failed to optimize the fruits of their labor in sensible stepping stones, instead throwing it all at owning a single digital 'magnum opus' that failed to materialize.

    • Joseph King
      Joseph King 28 days ago +1

      @carlos castrejon It's never going to fly. It would have taken off by now if it were going to make it. You're just a PR guy trying to drum up business.

    • carlos castrejon
      carlos castrejon 28 days ago

      @Joseph King theirs different meta verse’s getting made right now, check out Veveverse demo on Clip-Share , too me its da best rn

    • Joseph King
      Joseph King 28 days ago

      @William Tendo VR will never fly like Meta thinks.

    • Joseph King
      Joseph King 28 days ago +2

      @carlos castrejon What's that mean, senor? Meta has lost billions so far on their crazy endeavor. I don't see it flying. And I even have a Quest.

  • Alan Mott-Smith
    Alan Mott-Smith 3 months ago +1282

    You have a gift for explaining very complicated subjects to everyday people.

    • RandomGrin
      RandomGrin 2 months ago

      LOL, yeah and he has a gift for ignoring all the negatives. Figures you don't meet Zuck if you know how to be critical. See the many other other videos that explain why Meta really, really, really sucks.

      TRUST IN YAH 2 months ago

      The metaverse is the final boss matrix. It’s not something you wanna comply with.. THEY want to persuade YOU to submit to the hive mind, internet of bodies, transhumanism, AI “utopia” but what they don’t tell you, is how it’ll end.. well, the Bible tells us ! The Holy Spirit (the force that restrains evil from completely consuming the earth) will be removed from the earth, in time for the 7 year great tribulation. Once the Holy Spirit is removed, CERN will have a major part to play in releasing the fallen angels/demons from the bottomless pit. The Antichrist will be revealed to the entire earth and will proclaim to be God - many will believe the lie and will worship him. He will then establish a peace treaty for 7 years which will be broken after approx. 3 years. This will happen once the earth reaches complete chaos (order out of chaos - Freemason agenda) in which he will usher in the “solution to all the worlds problems” The Beast system (one world currency, one world religion and the mark of the beast) - the new world order. Satan and evil will have complete control of the vessels that took the mark of the beast and they will wage war against Christ upon His second coming. After all this is said and done, judgement day will come.. do not be deceived. Repent and turn to Jesus to be saved. ✝️🕊️Brain chips, hand chips, quantum dot tattoos are coming.. it’ll no longer be a conspiracy theory !

    • m prakash
      m prakash 3 months ago +1

      Gift? Or a decade of perfecting.

    • Sara
      Sara 3 months ago +1

      its not that complicated dawg

    • kafal rabousa
      kafal rabousa 3 months ago

      @Atilla Alsan fcebook has a bigger team , then why are they so bad ?

  • Joel George
    Joel George Month ago +4

    The only thing I care to use VR for is to watch NBA games and feel like I'm courtside.

  • Teosystems
    Teosystems Month ago +4

    Soooo basically if you don’t like vr or meta… start ignoring ads 😅

  • Lxcas
    Lxcas Month ago +1

    I just got my quest 2 yesterday and Im loving it. resident evil 4 is great and beat saber.

  • ChiquitaSpeaks
    ChiquitaSpeaks 29 days ago +2

    Lol I think it’s pretty hilarious how he mentioned the one little pop-up “ask app not to track“ single-handedly has gimped Facebook business. Took down the giant entity like the Death Star

  • Mak Chopo
    Mak Chopo Month ago

    The problem that I see is the infrastructure. I mean in the USA for sure that it will work out but in other countries, I don't think so. Who's gonna spend 2k on that when u can find something cheaper like a pc or even an iPad?

  • James Rivera
    James Rivera 2 months ago +266

    If you face scan yourself for the whole virtual avatar that looks just like you, then couldn't someone use that to impersonate you in a Metaverse "zoom" call? The technology already exists to have one person's voice be mimicked from another person talking. Answer: Yes, and I can easily think of ways this could be fun--and possibly exploited for nefarious purposes.

    • Dark Cognitive
      Dark Cognitive Month ago

      no. Your account is what verifies who you are, not your avatar. Your avatar could be Donald Trump, nobody will believe they are actually speaking to trump though when their verified username is @gayboi420x69x

    • Hero
      Hero 2 months ago

      I would imagine there can be a 'face ID' type of thing similar to the iphone inorder to have access to one's avatar but surely someone will always find ways to steal and edit data without permission but that is the purpose for updates.

    • Nathnael Tibebu
      Nathnael Tibebu 2 months ago

      Blue check mark

    • dinvlad
      dinvlad 2 months ago

      Or we just make a “virtual” virtual avatar and be virtually present in the meetings while actually being and doing something else IRL

    • InSomnia DrEvil
      InSomnia DrEvil 2 months ago

      You obviously have to pair this with security technologies like private keys and other authenticationt requirements.

  • LowerEArthOrbitz369

    Make no mistake - I am a huge fan of VR and meta albeit I am not loving this control over humanity - we need a better operating system

  • Bafooligan
    Bafooligan Month ago

    I just want Ready Player One to be a reality. That is what I am hoping for!

  • ExpansiveGymnast10
    ExpansiveGymnast10 3 months ago +2043

    This is why this man is popular. Explains the metaverse better in fifteen minutes than people that take hours.

    • RandomGrin
      RandomGrin 2 months ago

      Not really. He completely ignored the downsides. See other more critical youtubers to explain the MANY things he skipped. He is clearly a Zuck crony. (Examples: After $15Billion it looks worse than 20 year old tech. They beg their employees to use it, but they still don't. And on and on and on.)

    • Milad Rahim
      Milad Rahim 2 months ago

      Or maybe some people are just very simple minded and have to be spoon-fed everything like little children?

      TRUST IN YAH 2 months ago +1

      The metaverse is the final boss matrix. It’s not something you wanna comply with.. THEY want to persuade YOU to submit to the hive mind, internet of bodies, transhumanism, AI “utopia” but what they don’t tell you, is how it’ll end.. well, the Bible tells us ! The Holy Spirit (the force that restrains evil from completely consuming the earth) will be removed from the earth, in time for the 7 year great tribulation. Once the Holy Spirit is removed, CERN will have a major part to play in releasing the fallen angels/demons from the bottomless pit. The Antichrist will be revealed to the entire earth and will proclaim to be God - many will believe the lie and will worship him. He will then establish a peace treaty for 7 years which will be broken after approx. 3 years. This will happen once the earth reaches complete chaos (order out of chaos - Freemason agenda) in which he will usher in the “solution to all the worlds problems” The Beast system (one world currency, one world religion and the mark of the beast) - the new world order. Satan and evil will have complete control of the vessels that took the mark of the beast and they will wage war against Christ upon His second coming. After all this is said and done, judgement day will come.. do not be deceived. Repent and turn to Jesus to be saved. ✝️🕊️Brain chips, hand chips, quantum dot tattoos are coming.. it’ll no longer be a conspiracy theory !

    • cyber eye
      cyber eye 2 months ago

      @Thomas Riedel you are correct. Metaverse is using someone's computers for tracking you and their hardware VR system.

    • Roni Roni
      Roni Roni 2 months ago

      @Thomas Riedel Yes. What I meant is metaverse will not work because it doesn't replace reality. But when, VR engine become cheaper where everyone can replace real life with Virtual Reality life, Metaverse will reach its pinnacle. Metaverse will become a huge VR googling where you can "live" inside it. You can read you fave novels, watch movies, hangout with friends, see your favourite heroes in action, shopping, meeting with collagues, schooling, or even VR churces/praying. Imagine when people want to go to pray, they basically get into their VR, and then pray with the others together inside the VR. Kinda bizzare concept. But it highlikely happening eventually. Basically doing everything inside VR metaverse

  • Bob Gilchrist
    Bob Gilchrist 2 months ago +50

    This is an excellent presentation, thank you! I've had a lifetime in IT and I think VR and MR are wonderful tools for particular problems, like helicopter flight training. However I have serious reservations about a much broader use, where people might spend more time in the 'verse than they do IRL. The nightmare of the movie "Surrogates" seems prophetic!
    I also think it a mistake to use VR to emulate reality, such as in the creation of a virtual office building. Recently, a company launched virtual exhibitions, where you could approach a "stand" and interact with the staff members there. I found it rather a wasteful of time to have to navigate a virtual world with stairs and floors - surely there are novel ways to get around when we are free of the physical limitations? I think the same thing about Vegan food - why do they try to create stuff that looks like meat - and meat products like sausages - why not be inventive when free of meaty constraints?
    I'm not sure you are completely right to be concerned that Meta is developing the underlying system, on top of which apps will be developed by 3rd parties. Isn't this exactly what Microsoft did with Windows for the desktop? Though I have had many gripes about Windows over the years, since Windows 1 (yes, it did exist!) but it does not seem to have hampered the application creators. There *was* an issue with Microsoft applications, at a time when their own apps used undocumented features of the OS, but that was rightly found illegal as it was anti-competitive. Thanks again for a great video!

    • Seun Omoteso Shawntee
      Seun Omoteso Shawntee 2 months ago +1

      @Mk1920 True

    • Mk1920
      Mk1920 2 months ago +4

      The originality paradox is the idea that new ideas are usually met with criticism and old ideas recycled are usually revered for their ingenuity. If you stray too far from what the people know and love then they will mostly reject it as an idea.
      If however they give us what we know in new packaging people will be fooled into thinking it’s a whole new world.

    • Mall Ninja
      Mall Ninja 2 months ago +3

      I agree. I have serious issues with any device that can record and track the state and position of everything in and around my person. Zuckerberg has made his stance on ethics crystal clear (ie he doesn't have any), and I'm certain any company under his leadership will use those capabilities in unscrupulous ways.
      Besides which, I can't imagine why anyone would want to strap an ad-delivery brick to their eyeballs.

  • Mralabbad
    Mralabbad 21 day ago +1

    As someone who loved vr from early on, and had a vr lab in my college but they didn't let us go in there once in my whole 5 years studying there, i can say vr is just not it(yet?).
    Too many accessories, too much setting up. Too expensive.
    Until they solve these issues, i don't see us going anywhere with vr.

  • Jae Prize
    Jae Prize 2 days ago

    I would LOVE a Star Trek Holodeck. I'm surprised technology hasn't gotten there yet, but it is hard to do.

  • spunkflunk
    spunkflunk Month ago

    I doubt it. I bought a vive setup, had fun with it then got bored and sold it to my older brother because he thought it was awesome like i once did, then he got bored and sold it to my little brother. My little brother ended up getting bored of it and sold it to a friend and that friend sold it to someone. Point is its fun at first then it gets old, you stop using it and sell it off to somone else

  • Ryan Sammons
    Ryan Sammons 2 months ago +1119

    Why anyone would trust to live inside a world projected by Mark is beyond scary.

    • Robert Cruz
      Robert Cruz 25 days ago

      Your Kids and all New Generations WILL. This is Not for us older Generations. The same way our parents need help understanding the Internet and smartphones, our kids and grand kids will be the ones helping us understand this new type of tech and how to use it.

    • RandomGrin
      RandomGrin 2 months ago

      Why would people voluntarily pay an HOA to control their lives even more than they are already controlled? "Freedom of choice is what you got, freedom FROM choice is what u want". --Devo.

    • Ryan Sammons
      Ryan Sammons 2 months ago

      @Hrmn No, it absolutely cannot. You cannot run bias on an open market social media platform with ads.

    • Ryan Sammons
      Ryan Sammons 2 months ago

      @dev peers not with a VR headset on. You are missing the point of what they are pushing. No one wants to go to work in a fucking VR headset dude. No one. If you are going to make comparisons learn to make ones that make sense. I know you read someone else's response and went "oh ill say that, it'll make me sound smart." It didn't. It mad you sound like you don't understand how to stay on topic. Just stay out of conversations you can't process man. We don't need persuadables arguing things they don't understand.

    • dev peers
      dev peers 2 months ago

      lmao, but you use google, Twitter and such?

  • ChunchunmaruZcat
    ChunchunmaruZcat Month ago +6

    Yes, it’s amazing how much money they’re putting into VR and into the Metaverse, but there’s already a immersive vr world that can be explored easily with limitless bounds called VR chat, yet no one seems to talk about it

  • Bartz0rt
    Bartz0rt 2 months ago +9

    Great explainer, and I agree with you. A lot of this stuff seems really cool, especially for hybrid work or being with far away friends, but I really don't want any one company to control it all, let alone Facebook / Meta.
    I'm reading Snow Crash right now, the novel that coined the term Metaverse. An interesting thing that jumped out at me right away was that while it's a cyberpunk dystopian setting where everything from the police to suburbs is owned by corporations, the Metaverse (a VR environment where you can buy plots of virtual land and then build something on it that other people can visit) is itself referred to as a _protocol_ , so basically just a standard that everyone follows. What Meta wants to build, by comparison, is just... a mall.

  • Gen X Power - Charlie Weidner

    I just don't want to be disconnected from the real world, and my fear is that they are going to steer technology to force us to use it in order to interact with the popular platforms

    • Devouring_One
      Devouring_One 27 days ago

      VR isn't what you're thinking its like if you came to that conclusion. It doesn't disconnect you from 'the real world' anymore than your room for your computer does. At least, in its current iterations, which use lenses and screens, and for the foreseeable future that's what VR is going to remain (because invasive brain surgery ain't cheap)

    • Nicholas Geisler
      Nicholas Geisler Month ago

      @alex lara "in order to interact with popular platforms"

    • Wells M
      Wells M Month ago

      Someone once said it might make you appreciate the real world a bit more.

    • alex lara
      alex lara 2 months ago +1


    • TheBlvision
      TheBlvision 2 months ago +1

      No one can force you do this or not to do this. If you don't wanna do it, don't do it. That's it.

  • Dj Cobbs
    Dj Cobbs Month ago +8

    I think augmented will be more of a everyday equipment. I like that the images are projected for the user instead of being displayed directly onto your eyes.

  • ThrillSeeker
    ThrillSeeker 3 months ago +63

    Great video, hit all the points. Especially “the problem”

    • AbebiKao
      AbebiKao 3 months ago

      Nice seeing you here. Looking forward to your Japanese video. We need to see other companies that are addressing 'the problem'

    • Vanilla Plus
      Vanilla Plus 3 months ago

      @G T software is a bit different, it doesn't really work the same way. Definitely true for things like cables though!

    • Davis Wojnovich
      Davis Wojnovich 3 months ago


    • G T
      G T 3 months ago

      @Vanilla Plus Sometimes, being open and free is not enough. Companies will choose a proprietary standard every time if it gives them just one more feature or one more improvement somewhere

    • Vanilla Plus
      Vanilla Plus 3 months ago +1

      WebXR is open, free and available today for making VR experiences and sharing them over the web (instead of an app store).
      Now all we need is for people to know that it exists and to start developing...

  • dineshchandgr
    dineshchandgr Month ago +14

    Amazing explanation. Thanks for explaining clearly

  • Quantrell H.
    Quantrell H. Month ago

    I want to live in the Era of ready player one! Until then idc about it. Lol

  • AV tv fun
    AV tv fun Month ago

    can we get this on rent for our meta day

  • Filippo Formoso
    Filippo Formoso Month ago

    I think Meta isn't that interested in the metaverse being the future or just a novelty. In my opinion this stuff is like current EVs, aimed at a bunch of people with a lot of disposable income that want to spend it on stuff that feels futuristic. Even if the metaverse (or electric cars, for what matters) are the future, it won't be Meta or Tesla delivering that future, they're making enough money in the present to care about that, it will be some other company making it accessible to the wider public (i.e., filling in new niches).

    • Devouring_One
      Devouring_One 27 days ago

      Whatever their interests are they lost 70% of their value with their very obvious empty promises, so they aren't exactly doing too well money wise

    • carlos castrejon
      carlos castrejon Month ago

      Lol funny boomer

  • The Rest Of Us
    The Rest Of Us 3 months ago +4142

    Zuck should just let Marques do their presentations. This was so much more enlightening and frankly convincing than the hour long meta keynote.

    • Obsolete CD-Rom
      Obsolete CD-Rom 2 months ago

      @MrJsv650 ok, disdain then. Better?

    • MrJsv650
      MrJsv650 2 months ago

      @Obsolete CD-Rom hate equals control , Zuck is your master

    • MrJsv650
      MrJsv650 2 months ago

      I actually agree 👍

    • Remnant 144
      Remnant 144 2 months ago

      @xwhite2020 But he'll answer to the gatekeepers if he wants to keep his spot at the top. All platforms come at a cost. You follow your "suggestions" or you lose your spot.

    • Remnant 144
      Remnant 144 2 months ago

      @Ado B Marques will shill for the Zuck.

  • Bob Simmons
    Bob Simmons 2 months ago +2

    This has to be the greatest overview of meta and what they have planned! Well done!

  • Kanetsidohi
    Kanetsidohi 2 months ago +8

    You cleared up for me what's VR and AR, I had no idea, thanks
    So, I'm a retired old person from South América, and what I feel about that VirtualMetaFuture is what I feel about kitchen gadgets for a person without disabilities
    You can have several things that chop, cut or slice, which have removable/swichable parts which have to be clean everytime you use them, or just a good, reliable knife which would make all of the above and it would be simpler to clean up, store, and replace if needed
    The other thing it bothers me to think about is classes, maybe a lot of people would live in that virtual world but, the world is not virtual, someone has to grow food, clean sewers, pick up trash, bury dead people, made those gadgets for VR so some people would have to live in the real, ugly(?) world, at least for a while, everyday
    And then I wonder, if people decided to always live in that virtual reality where you could have whatever you want or can afford, there's so much real things that may become obsolete, why paint your bedroom if your virtual bedroom color can be changed in the blink of an eye, actually, why would you need a house if in the virtual reality you may have whatever kind of home you may want, maybe the future is people living in a small, windowless room because all their stuff is virtual
    Anyway, I wonder if in this future, living in the MetaVerse/RealLife would be rationed, given as reward or punishment

  • Rob Moses
    Rob Moses 24 days ago +1

    I had zero interest in the Metaverse and VR until my wife bought our family a Quest 2 for Christmas. Everyone in our house loves that thing and I never thought I'd say it, but I love it too.

  • SpookyFairy
    SpookyFairy 2 months ago

    Personally, I prefer having MR/VR in a single device (which partially have tha but it's quite lacking). It needs to be quickly interchangeable and mixable but VR needs better tech to make it more convincing so people want to stay in there. High realism (e.g. human-like FOV, realistic rendering, higher brightness, much better hand tracking) and more tangible haptic experience for higher immersion, is very important for VR alongside complementary mixed reality tech (e.g. object recognition, super fast HQ depth scanning) and have that all-in-one device. So people won't need to choose that or that, they'll get it all in a single device and switch between the two as they found fit instantly. Aside from easy setup, outdoor user, comfort and accessibility which are essential as well.

  • stefandesu
    stefandesu 3 months ago +740

    I think AR/VR needs an open ecosystem, otherwise we will either have a monopoly/duopoly or many competing services that are not compatible with each other. If this grows as big as Meta is betting, it will probably get regulated in some way (like messaging intercompatibility), but it would be nice to have that early on.

      TRUST IN YAH 2 months ago

      The metaverse is the final boss matrix. It’s not something you wanna comply with.. THEY want to persuade YOU to submit to the hive mind, internet of bodies, transhumanism, AI “utopia” but what they don’t tell you, is how it’ll end.. well, the Bible tells us ! The Holy Spirit (the force that restrains evil from completely consuming the earth) will be removed from the earth, in time for the 7 year great tribulation. Once the Holy Spirit is removed, CERN will have a major part to play in releasing the fallen angels/demons from the bottomless pit. The Antichrist will be revealed to the entire earth and will proclaim to be God - many will believe the lie and will worship him. He will then establish a peace treaty for 7 years which will be broken after approx. 3 years. This will happen once the earth reaches complete chaos (order out of chaos - Freemason agenda) in which he will usher in the “solution to all the worlds problems” The Beast system (one world currency, one world religion and the mark of the beast) - the new world order. Satan and evil will have complete control of the vessels that took the mark of the beast and they will wage war against Christ upon His second coming. After all this is said and done, judgement day will come.. do not be deceived. Repent and turn to Jesus to be saved. ✝️🕊️Brain chips, hand chips, quantum dot tattoos are coming.. it’ll no longer be a conspiracy theory !

    • Nitin Jaiman
      Nitin Jaiman 2 months ago

      @Catsrules1 it is still an android. You can root it and change the OS. You can take control the whole hardware because android is open source and we know the code. Can we do the same on apple devices? No because it is not open source yet no one talks about it. I don’t think so any company is fool enough to not ask their login info before setting up device. Even google needs your google account to setup pixel phones.

    • Catsrules1
      Catsrules1 3 months ago

      @Nitin Jaiman The oculus is very locked down. Try using it without an account. Or try to load a secondary OS on it. Try playing Oculus games on another headset. It maybe built on open source technology but i wouldn't call it open source at all.

    • Manitra Mahefa
      Manitra Mahefa 3 months ago +1

      That would be amazing. Imagine Apple forced to be interoperable when they launch their headset 😂😂😂 Tim Cook would be so mad on not being able to gate their users inside their ecosystem

    • Tyler E.
      Tyler E. 3 months ago +1

      I think people need to get outside, let the breeze hit them, touch grass, and hear the birds chirping, VR will always just be a hobby/niche at best, not everyone will be waking up to strap a headset on themselves repeatedly. Really think how you live your life and ask yourself, am I going to dedicate my life to VR? Chances are you will definitively say no.
      AR on the hand, while still not going to take over, at least can incorporate reality. AR is more of the future than VR.

  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott 2 months ago +2

    I think this video was really needed, it's crazy to think Marques did a better job at advertising their system than Meta. Makes me consider on getting one now.

  • Rusnaka
    Rusnaka Day ago

    As founder of Metaverse I can say that there is zero chance of Meta controlling the entire foundation of metaverse.

  • Fernando Fernández
    Fernando Fernández 2 months ago +1

    I think it will be cool that something like metaverse could be integrated into multiples devices. Like an iPhone, for example. And you can use all the sensors an LiDAR and hardware for that. Or any game console, or a small device kinda like a fire stick or something. I don’t think that a “metaverse” has to be a headset only. Like the internet, like Google, like Facebook. You have to make it easy to access to it, Multi platform, I think if a company accomplish this and make a universal universe then they’ll have the biggest peace of the market.

  • Theodoros Klikas
    Theodoros Klikas 2 months ago

    This is indeed a very informative video, but, to be fair, when I first heard about VR / AR, the first thing I thought about is it will revolutionise the online sex industry...I kinda still believe it even after watching this video.
    I mean pushing money into bringing excel spreadsheets into VR doesn't sound like a very exciting application in VR. I've never heard anyone getting excited over the prospect of working on spreadsheets and wanting to do it in a more immersive fashion and I am not sure copying real life is really the way to go about it.
    I can imagine people using that stuff to get away from real life a bit rather than replicate it in VR space.

  • Xan
    Xan 2 months ago +1292

    The core concept of my workplace being made unthreatening and cartoonified and beamed directly into my eyeballs is just too dystopian to me and it always will be.

    • Xan
      Xan 2 months ago

      @P4INKiller That's why I became self employed

    • Henry
      Henry 2 months ago

      i'll install the zootopia mod, then in metaverse everyone is a furry ^.^

    • Chazz Finster 007
      Chazz Finster 007 2 months ago

      It's too bad you may not have a choice in the matter. Me too.

    • P4INKiller
      P4INKiller 2 months ago

      Tell me you work with a tedious dead-end job without telling me you work with a tedious dead-end job.

    • Tobias Emiljanow
      Tobias Emiljanow 2 months ago

      True but having a headset instead of 3 or 5 Monitos is quite nice. I saw a lot of videos who were braggig heavily about meta but right know I can see at least a lil bit of the benefits. Still I dont think the stock will be recovering anytime soon.

  • Selfaware7
    Selfaware7 2 months ago +1

    If only my eyes wouldn't twitch and bleed when I use VR. Getting into a game designed with realistic lighting and shadows isn't so bad. Its the hubs and menus of the Meta Quest that blinds me.

  • Øyvind Lauritzen
    Øyvind Lauritzen 9 days ago

    My god , MKBHD your production quality is insane! I saw your videos quite a few years ago, and I can't remember thinking of this fact, but now watching you, it is insanely good. 🙂

  • Vlerke Damne
    Vlerke Damne 2 months ago +3

    I'm just imagining how amazing it would be to use a VR headset and the metaverse as a time travelling machine. Walking through London in the 1900's, or through an Ancient Greek city with all the stunning architecture.

    • Vlerke Damne
      Vlerke Damne 2 months ago +1

      @jubilé My guy acting like this is 40 year old technology. I have tried simulations like this in VR but they are very bland and early stage. It's nowhere near what it could be.

    • jubilé
      jubilé 2 months ago

      Bro people been doing that for a long time

  • khailenno
    khailenno 2 months ago

    I want to get into augmented reality. Im not a huge fan of VR yet. but I think there are a lot of practical applications for AR, especially for athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts

  • NostradamAssHat
    NostradamAssHat 3 months ago +1377

    My issue with this is that it's obviously going to be a massive data-harvesting vehicle for these guys. You said, "you can lean over to your coworker and say something in a meeting" and yeah, that sounds realistic and interesting, but when I do it in real life, it's just me and that person. If I'm doing it in this Meta world, it's going into a microphone and then into my coworkers ear. So there's nothing stopping Meta from hearing me say, "Want to go get some pizza after this?" and then you've served up your own advertisement to them. More importantly, there's nothing stopping Facebook from providing a transcript of every single thing being said at this meeting to your boss. So if you lean over to a coworker and say, "This meeting is garbage. It will do nothing to help safety, this is only about padding their investors pockets." what is to stop your boss from hearing this? Nothing. There's nothing to stop the elimination of privacy here, and we need to stop this immediatly. If you have this in your home, there's even worse potential for privacy issues. It's absurd people are even considering this. It's bad enough that people have listening devices like Alexa, Siri, Google home, etc all built into their houses. This is trying to get into every corner of our lives. There will be no more "getting away" to relax. It'll be "relax, sponsored by Bud Light!" and everyone is diving right in.

    • Jorin Gedamke
      Jorin Gedamke Month ago

      @joelface which, naturally, would be a premium feature with a huge price tag.

    • Darca1n
      Darca1n 2 months ago

      @joelface Given facebook/meta's track record with user privacy, they would not honour any sort of privacy whatsoever and would literally break the law if it meant getting more of that juicy, profitable data.
      In fact, they already have been caught doing so, multiple times, in the EU. Who in their right mind would think they WOULDN'T be spying on you at all times!?

    • Nishan Abraham
      Nishan Abraham 2 months ago +1

      For marketing purposes, Facial tracking creates the most accurate consumer profiles. The companies that have access to it will have subconcious level understanding of consumers. Plus Meta is super shady with data.

      TRUST IN YAH 2 months ago

      The metaverse is the final boss matrix. It’s not something you wanna comply with.. THEY want to persuade YOU to submit to the hive mind, internet of bodies, transhumanism, AI “utopia” but what they don’t tell you, is how it’ll end.. well, the Bible tells us ! The Holy Spirit (the force that restrains evil from completely consuming the earth) will be removed from the earth, in time for the 7 year great tribulation. Once the Holy Spirit is removed, CERN will have a major part to play in releasing the fallen angels/demons from the bottomless pit. The Antichrist will be revealed to the entire earth and will proclaim to be God - many will believe the lie and will worship him. He will then establish a peace treaty for 7 years which will be broken after approx. 3 years. This will happen once the earth reaches complete chaos (order out of chaos - Freemason agenda) in which he will usher in the “solution to all the worlds problems” The Beast system (one world currency, one world religion and the mark of the beast) - the new world order. Satan and evil will have complete control of the vessels that took the mark of the beast and they will wage war against Christ upon His second coming. After all this is said and done, judgement day will come.. do not be deceived. Repent and turn to Jesus to be saved. ✝️🕊️Brain chips, hand chips, quantum dot tattoos are coming.. it’ll no longer be a conspiracy theory !

    • Rationalific
      Rationalific 2 months ago

      Yep, I agree 100%!

  • Jason Ross
    Jason Ross 2 months ago +6

    God bless you Marques!! I am seriously glad there are critical thinking REAL human beings like you discussing the reality of this metaverse and other tech topics! I love your channel!

    • God
      God 2 months ago

      No i don't, the blessings ended when Adam and Eve decided to disobey my one and only rule that I knew they were gonna break. (Genesis 3 - 16 and Genesis 3 - 17 )
      The again humans disappointed me and I had to genocide everyone in a global flood except for 1 family until THEN that one family is the only ones I started to bless and I told them to procreate with each other (incest) to start over the new world (Genesis 1 - 28 )

  • David Best
    David Best 5 days ago

    Microsoft has signaled an apparent lack of confidence in the so-called “metaverse.” This isn’t particularly surprising.
    One might say the metaverse is the cryptocurrency of the VR world: exciting and arguably useful for a few while useless and laughably unstable for the majority. Having realized that few consumers actually want to be involved in the metaverse, Meta-which underwent a name change solely due to its blind faith in the metaverse-laid off 11,000 of its employees in November.

  • Yuki Taylor
    Yuki Taylor 6 days ago

    It is perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable when participating in a virtual call on Zoom and be apprehensive about turning on your camera or microphone. Nobody enjoys being in a video/audio conversation with everybody present, which can be intimidating and compromise your privacy.

  • Joe Arrowood
    Joe Arrowood 2 months ago

    Having been deeply involved in VR for 6 years working with others who have been in it for decades, my observation from Facebooks previous failures at VR, is that they are still a tiny player on the scheme of the VR scale especially in VR social platforms. Gaming is only a small part of VR.

  • luke Jay
    luke Jay 3 months ago +230

    if you think it's weird when an add pops up for something you've spoken about, just imagine what it'll be like with meta secretly watching every single meeting, social interaction, date, etc...

    • Nishan Abraham
      Nishan Abraham 2 months ago

      @SerbiagamingIsCool Stil not as accurate as tracking microinteractions 24/7

    • SerbiagamingIsCool
      SerbiagamingIsCool 3 months ago +1

      @HamHamHampster people are acting like the companies dont already know every single thing about you, like, cry about it, but it is what it id

    • HamHamHampster
      HamHamHampster 3 months ago +8

      Is it even a secret though? Pretty sure Meta spying on you will be part of the ToS, and some people will still use it anyway.

  • Myron
    Myron 2 months ago

    This whole thing looks awesome. I have to watch the talk on this headset but I'm curious how long they're going to back the new headset or will they move on to the next set in like 2 years. Also, where does the eye tracking stop....retinal scan, possible subliminal messaging worse than commercials do (ex: making you want that juicy burger). I agree though, there should be more competition in the space.

  • Mush Monk
    Mush Monk 2 months ago +4

    Meta should hire you as the spokesperson, but they might give you a script and stiff shoulders. Awesome vid!

  • A H
    A H 2 months ago +23

    What would be ground breaking idea in VR or AR would be a reality where the ai could teach you a new skill or even a trade by showing things to mimic in real time along with hearing the knowledge about what you are learning along with it. We all know practice makes perfect. So repetitively practicing an ai driven AR simulation would allow someone to learn a new skill super fast. Our bodies have a memory to it and after a certain amount of time doing something it becomes second nature in the subconscious mind. Learning a new skill would be so much more fun!

  • Reuben
    Reuben Month ago +3

    the industrial revolution and it's consequences

  • Zalo
    Zalo Month ago

    Apple vr finna be a white version of quest pro with the apple logo and double the price

  • TheGreatMoonFrog
    TheGreatMoonFrog 12 days ago +1

    My take is that it'll likely end in disaster for Meta. But 50-100 years down the road VR will be much more prevalent in everyday life and everyone will be all "Meta was ahead of it's time."

  • S.B.
    S.B. 2 months ago +3

    I believe Meta missed a trick.
    1st, they should have turned Facebook into a 3D world, viewed on members existing screens.
    They could make THAT accessable with VR headsets, but without them being compulsory.
    Once the general user is hooked on that format (which IS addictive) they would perhaps entertain the idea of a headset for Xmas "as an experiment"...

  • Nathan G
    Nathan G 2 months ago

    wow after watching this I actually see what they're going for. Honestly though, I would be interested if it was just a really well designed meeting room and workplace, nothing more. Makes sense for working from home.

  • Álex Montoya
    Álex Montoya 3 months ago +25

    I'm all for trying the tech and using it for some stuff, but I can't see myself spending a sizable amount of time daily on those things, as small or light they may become.
    Also, I effin hate Facebook.

  • Gabriel Barbosa
    Gabriel Barbosa 27 days ago

    I really want XR to become a thing. For me, it removes so much of the friction of (some of) my work. When not using VR, I have to make do with what I have, and that works, but why not better? I still don't spend much time in VR because, for my taste, the devices are still not there. Heavy, clunky, not great resolution (I have to read a lot), get's hot and uncomfortable too fast. It's not thaaat bad, just not good enough. And, in regards of applications, I believe it's just a matter of time (and more people using VR) for there to born XR apps that are MUCH better than their non-XR counterparts. When that happens, THEN we'll see this tech actually be adopted as people thought they would in the previous 3-5 years.
    And I agree 1 billion % with you. Having only one company at the head of it is really scary, specially since it's meta. Would love if we could have more competition there.

  • Bika Ridjalluddin
    Bika Ridjalluddin 27 days ago +1

    The real problem with vr-ar is making everything more complicated than it already is.
    In some case, doing real job mostly bring nuisance,but with vr it’s even worse.
    The key point of technology in my opinion is makes everything simpler and easier,not to burden the user with another gimmicky technology.

  • Dash Vash
    Dash Vash 2 months ago +2

    Meetings would be cool IF you weren't being recorded the whole time. Will your boss be able to track you?
    I'm super excited for AR. Seems like it'd be fun to play games in AR.

  • Mothership VR
    Mothership VR 2 months ago +2

    Hands down the best explanation of everything in one video

  • bigclivedotcom
    bigclivedotcom 2 months ago +9

    I see the future of VR as a low wage worker in a tiny box-like "home" using VR to be able to gaze out to infinity in a virtual environment as they sip their wine or beer, to escape the box they're stuck in due to the current era of low wages and astronomical property prices.

  • AVirviescas Art
    AVirviescas Art Month ago

    The best influencer marketing that money can buy 🤑

  • Zalo
    Zalo Month ago

    If in the future people do work in the meta verse i feel that would be amazing the boss could just monitor all your work and give you promotions and bonuses etc based on the actual work he sees you do

  • Scuffed Mcjagger
    Scuffed Mcjagger Month ago

    cause most people dont know how to use it and aren't ready to use the software. The use of it in a lot of aspects hasn't been realized yet by a lot of people. Its hard to explain it to people/explain a vision to people and make it marketable sometimes.. especially when people these days are quick to shit on you for literally anything. FB will decline then come back after people realize more and more about how useful it is. they are accepting the L right now.
    The controllers need to go and they just need to make gloves and foot wear or something instead that track you that way in just like they do in movies basically. If facebook could find a way to use AI and images uploaded by people to generate avatars = profit.

  • Astro 514
    Astro 514 2 months ago

    I have had the original Oculus and oculus rift and while pretty amazing and fun, VR hurt my eyes after an hour of use. That's a huge deal breaker. Think about it, you are staring at a screen 1 inch from your eyes. This can't be healthy...

  • Palaecro
    Palaecro 2 months ago +470

    The thing is the endgame of the metaverse is people avoiding reality and very likely suffering by obsessing over even more extreme escapism. Regardless of any perceived benefits in the end it's encouraging people isolating themselves which is already a major issue in society. I don't see how this will be anything but negative for mental health.

    • benjamin gaming A
      benjamin gaming A 2 months ago

      @b Google, TikTok. They are both in ads business, how else do you think they make money if not taking your data? I love how you shit on meta but probably scroll for hours on Tiktok. So hypocritical. Don’t you ever wonder how tiktok knows what content to show you? It literally collects your interests. Think outside the box bud

    • b
      b 2 months ago

      @benjamin gaming A “not thinking outside the box” can you provide any sources that justifies other companies stealing your data more than fb!?

    • b
      b 2 months ago

      @benjamin gaming A my brother in christ you are not me i am me i know about myself more than you

    • benjamin gaming A
      benjamin gaming A 2 months ago

      @b you are not a developer at any prestigious company, I can already tell.

    • benjamin gaming A
      benjamin gaming A 2 months ago

      @b Meta has only been filed more lawsuits because of media feedback loops bringing more attention to them. If media would portray tiktok in the same light as meta, TikTok would probably be banned already. Yes, you are low IQ. You are showing signs of not thinking outside the box and are just following the herd of the media lol. You telling me I need to research is so ironic. I know a lot more about the situation than you do. I used to be a meta hater, but then I opened my eyes and realized they are not doing anything wrong, or anything more wrong than any of the other big tech companies and individually blaming meta is one of the most cringe things I have ever seen in my entire life

  • Xrazoc
    Xrazoc 5 days ago

    Gonna wait for an improved version of this, it has it's pros but also it's cons.

  • Veronique dos reis
    Veronique dos reis 2 months ago +1

    That video was so insightful. Especially the last section related to the problems. The regulators will definitely look into that.

  • Adebayo Ajibade
    Adebayo Ajibade Month ago

    Beautiful beautiful review, insight and thoughts, I work for meta and I think this is super insightful! Keep bring it… huge fan! ❤

  • Andrew Pitchford
    Andrew Pitchford 2 months ago +4

    The ending talking about one company having this control is the key here for me and the biggest factor to consider

  • Sebastian Cmentowski
    Sebastian Cmentowski 3 months ago +207

    My issue with Meta's idea of the Metaverse is just what you said: They are trying to copy everything from the real world to VR and thereby compete with already established workflows.
    Sure, one day VR-meetings will be better than Zoom calls, maybe when instant avatars + face tracking + body tracking have become a common thing. But for now, every Zoom call bears much more communication fidelity than a VR meeting. And that's the whole problem behind the idea of "copying everything to VR".
    My take (as a VR+UX researcher myself) is: Why don't we focus on areas where VR can actually enable us to do new things or make things easier? This way, we might not be replacing traditional pcs or other hardware soon, but VR can actually improve our life. For example, we're working on exergames that analyze the player's movements and correct wrong executions or tailor the experience to achieve better training results. This way, we could bring personal at-home training to the next level, because we combine gameplay+training+personal feedback. Or we could use this in PE, because we all know that teachers are always burdened by too many students. Would be cool to just give some students a headset where they can do a fun training activity that's completely automatically monitored. And the teacher can focus on the rest meanwhile.
    I think it's for these things where VR could actually make a difference. But not cringy avatars.

    • Lucid Time Lord
      Lucid Time Lord 3 months ago +1

      More technology is not always better. Eventually people will understand this.

    • Tengku Nazrin Shah Tengku Azelan Shah
      Tengku Nazrin Shah Tengku Azelan Shah 3 months ago

      Makes interview with potential employers easier

    • John Madsen (John A. Madsen)
      John Madsen (John A. Madsen) 3 months ago +1

      Exactly.. the you can do some sexual harassment via VR during meetings. A face is barely required for a meeting. If you need more, something might be wrong with the person.

    • GreyWolf_26
      GreyWolf_26 3 months ago +4

      I agree VR has so much potential, making it into a wearable PC is one of the oddest sale points to date.

    • BoyWhoHasL1vedHasComeToDie
      BoyWhoHasL1vedHasComeToDie 3 months ago +1

      PCs are not gonna be replaced, but I think he alongside with VR. Bc you can do some, like a ton things better with a PC than you an with VR

  • Jwarha
    Jwarha 2 months ago +5

    Why is this something we need? Honestly trying to understand the Metaverse value proposition

    • Danny
      Danny 2 months ago

      @RandomGrin agreed, when I'm in meetings with a bunch of people, everyone is muted and usually only two or 3 people talk.

    • RandomGrin
      RandomGrin 2 months ago +3

      LOL you are not the only one. In reality, I'm in zoom meetings every day and no one turns on the camera. No one wants to see avatars around a desk. Basically, the best it will ever be is a gaming device.

  • xderen_xd
    xderen_xd Month ago +1

    Thanks for telling this and getting aware the people, now I am more calmed that you showed that if meta continues as the only one to develop the metaverse then is like the company ownership final of ready player one

  • Frank Henderson
    Frank Henderson 2 months ago +1

    Thanks Marques. This is so clear and well explained

  • Usman Latif
    Usman Latif Month ago

    well meta fired a lot of staff so....

  • Breeze
    Breeze 3 months ago +484

    I like how when we think of VR and AR on movies it's for entertainment or escapism, and the company pushing it the most right now wants us to have job meetings with it.

    • joelface
      joelface 3 months ago

      @Breeze The bigger picture of the "job meetings" component, is it means "working remotely" can become closer and closer to "working onsite" and when a certain threshold is crossed, suddenly you can choose where you live based on where your family lives or where the weather suits you, close to the ocean, or even live nomadically, travelling all the time... all the while holding a steady job, where you show up for work, attend your meetings, stand around the "water cooler" to spitball ideas with coworkers, depending on the type of job you have, etc. It's open to the imagination how different types of jobs could utilize the tech, but clearly there are a lot of professions that could allow "remote workers" once this tech develops. So they're saying "meetings in VR" but you should be hearing "no commute, live where you want!"

    • Timbonator
      Timbonator 3 months ago

      @Breeze well VR already has the entertainment and video games for escapism. But because they want people to not need to buy pc's to do stuff but rather sell their headsets, these headsets need to be able to do everything a pc can do and some Stuff more/better.
      Basically meta wants to compress a 1000$ pc, 500$ monitor for both your eyes, face and body tracking and the peripherals so the keyboard and the mouse into one single product that everyone on the world can buy and that conects everyone easily together. If they can pull that off that would be reaaaally cool.
      I mean they basically have the hardware already with the quest pro, they just need to make it smaller for the whole market and work on the software stuff.

    • HamHamHampster
      HamHamHampster 3 months ago

      @Breeze Does it? Businesses doesn't seem interested, or at least not from their stock prices. Many companies are still using windows XP.
      Smartphone gets used only because regular people bought it themselves, and wind up using it for work without a penny on the company side. Zoom is popular because again, it doesn't cost the company anything.

    • milk matcha
      milk matcha 3 months ago

      they're trying to sell it to investors, so they need to have an urgency and (try hard) reason why it needs to be a thing people use everyday.

    • Joel Jayakaran
      Joel Jayakaran 3 months ago

      @Breeze They haven't really nailed their marketing and PR angle for the general public yet and are mixing up the business advertising with the consumer one as well. But they are selling to businesses. Accenture for now, and I assume they'd massively focus on that aspect later and sell to more businesses.

  • George Available
    George Available 2 months ago

    This video is really amazing. And we can use it as a tutorial on eg. how to say that something has extremely bad battery life or how to take for granted that something is amazing and works although it doesn't ... I don't know how well rehearsed our friend is, but surely this is a great promoting video.

  • Petal Plates EUC Delivery

    I think apple will enter the vr/ar arena in the next year, probably a demo at the next wwdc. one thing apple does is, well they wait, watch, and if they get into something they do it better, the fit and finish, the experience, is usually top tear stuff. and that should make meta nervous!