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  • Published on Mar 25, 2016 veröffentlicht
    This is my real house, only in minecraft. We do a side by side comparison at the end, rate it in the comments on how well I did ^.^
    I use the Replay Mod for most of my videos, please support the developers: Replaymod.com
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  • Joe
    Joe 3 years ago +1014

    I can make my house when the cave update happens

  • Callums right hand guy
    Callums right hand guy 3 years ago +315

    Grian: “I actually recommend anyone building there own house in minecraft”
    Me: builds cardboard box

    • LostWithKyla
      LostWithKyla 4 months ago


    • Uniqueslayer
      Uniqueslayer 2 years ago

      Self burns rare

    • I exist 🇺🇦
      I exist 🇺🇦 2 years ago


    • Kale Cardenas
      Kale Cardenas 2 years ago

      craig hill there’s billions of people on internet and millions named Abbie she’s probably not your cousin

    • Kale Cardenas
      Kale Cardenas 2 years ago

      Lol you’re poor my house is made of popsicle sticks and a scotch tape lol what a peasant

  • StinkyKraken
    StinkyKraken 2 years ago +419

    Grian: u should build ur own house
    Me: No way I’m building a whole apartment building

  • Ettrigar
    Ettrigar 2 years ago +63

    "This is as close to scale as I can get it."
    1 block = 1 meter
    Your door is HOW TALL!?

    • Kevin's Adventures
      Kevin's Adventures 8 months ago +2

      im more worried that he has a 100 foot home

    • Jesse Mitchell
      Jesse Mitchell 8 months ago +1


    • jalil choudhary
      jalil choudhary 10 months ago

      Just like minecraft 2 meter tall

    • IamTareq
      IamTareq Year ago +1

      Underrated comment

    • Ettrigar
      Ettrigar 2 years ago +7

      Keep in mind, this was meant to be a joke. This is not meant to be criticism on how he did it, and I doubt I could do as well.

  • KeRen Tan
    KeRen Tan 2 years ago +322

    "i actually went outside a couple of times-"
    better than most of us can say

  • RadProTurtle
    RadProTurtle 3 years ago +247

    Grain: make your house in minecraft.
    Rich people: ain't nobody got time for that.

    • Giant skaven gaming
      Giant skaven gaming Month ago

      What about rich Minecraft Clip-Sharers?

    • Fusible
      Fusible 10 months ago

      @The hat he is grain he is a grain of salt

    • Zahira Ibrahim
      Zahira Ibrahim 2 years ago

      No saying I'm rich, but I have 3 houses bcuz my dad works in three different states in my country so I spent an hour deciding which house to build

    • gmoment
      gmoment 2 years ago +1

      Who is grain?

    • BEAN_Gamer96
      BEAN_Gamer96 2 years ago +1

      Who's this Grain character?

  • Susan 00
    Susan 00 2 years ago +120

    2016: i make my real house in minecraft
    2020: i make my minecraft house in real life

    • Blendy Boi
      Blendy Boi Year ago

      @Andrew Chang uhh

    • Andrew Chang
      Andrew Chang 2 years ago +1

      Vibe Doggo woooosh

    • Vibe Doggo
      Vibe Doggo 2 years ago

      @Mels van Lente Its a joke

    • P
      P 2 years ago +1

      Susan 00 you predicted da future

    • Susan 00
      Susan 00 2 years ago

      @Mels van Lente Wait, what?

  • cofee
    cofee 2 years ago +7

    I am trying to just imagine a seven year old Grian living in the house. Kind of hard with a pixelated face, you know?

  • Ronkhus
    Ronkhus 3 years ago +116

    grian: you should also try building your own house!
    *builds a dark alleyway*

    • Azhar
      Azhar 2 years ago +2

      So ya homeless?

  • Jinxxed
    Jinxxed 2 years ago +95

    “My house is nearly 50 years old. Jeez”
    Me: *mumbles* mine was built 300 years ago...

    • Bluepaw WARRIORS
      Bluepaw WARRIORS 3 months ago

      Mine is maybe 200

    • Sine Nomine
      Sine Nomine Year ago +2

      Mine is 65 million years old a T-rex built mine

    • Saksham Sharma
      Saksham Sharma Year ago +1

      Mine was built during the Soloman's reign

    • Jinxxed
      Jinxxed Year ago

      @Will Moore ha I wish it was

    • ¡ava.l0g1c!
      ¡ava.l0g1c! Year ago

      My house was built two months ago 👁👄👁

  • LostMyStache
    LostMyStache 4 years ago +313

    10/10. Can you do a part 2 for the interior?

    • Supresoft
      Supresoft 18 days ago


    • Eric
      Eric 3 years ago

      One of my teachers once said "I *see* some noise"

    • Kaitlyn Ly
      Kaitlyn Ly 3 years ago +7

      4rj3nL33uw ` look at 5:54

    • Stan Torren
      Stan Torren 4 years ago +11

      No no no that’s way too hard and can’t be done unless you use alot of mods

  • rusz
    rusz 2 years ago +3

    To be Honest, I actually like the look of Grian's old house!

  • Uptxred
    Uptxred 2 years ago +767

    “I am building the building that I am building the building in”

  • Two Cats in a Trenchcoat
    Two Cats in a Trenchcoat 2 years ago +190

    “It’s fifty years old.” Me, in a 100 year old house: pathetic.

  • Fernando PM
    Fernando PM 2 years ago +16

    "I've been here since I was seven, so... It's kind of like, my house"
    Yeah I think we noticed that grian

  • Captain Waa
    Captain Waa 3 years ago +109

    Totally 10/10! I only wish I could build as good as you!

    • Cal Metts
      Cal Metts 3 months ago

      I know, right?

    • Foxys Videos
      Foxys Videos 3 years ago +1

      People who don’t says
      Me:I’m gonna build a house
      Me:**builds a box**
      Grain:your not building a house right

    • LolCabbage 24
      LolCabbage 24 3 years ago +1

      Me too, i always watching grian's builds and i show it to my friends

  • Firefall Shell Shockers

    Man's such a good teacher with helping us build houses, and you kinda have to think "What is he holding back?" when he's building.

  • JayImHere
    JayImHere 2 years ago +232

    "Anybody should try to build thier own house in minecraft"
    Me living in a building: :(

    • Emma Lyke
      Emma Lyke Year ago +1


    • Rosa Bella
      Rosa Bella 2 years ago

      @Jeremy I think they meant an apartment.

    • Jaime Paris
      Jaime Paris 2 years ago +1

      Me in the burj khalifah 😱

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy 2 years ago +1

      A house is a building, so I also live in a building

    • Charlee Cat
      Charlee Cat 2 years ago

      Pikora Animation your just rude

  • Karma Akabane
    Karma Akabane 2 years ago +4

    Grian: The house isn't the nicest thing though...
    Me: I'd pay ten million to live in that.

  • Kristina Tavarez
    Kristina Tavarez 2 years ago +64

    Grian: hello my name is grian
    Subtitles: hello my name is green
    Grian: am I a joke to you?!
    Subtitles: yes

  • Colin Walker
    Colin Walker 3 years ago +1999

    I’ll build my house when they add cardboard to the game…

  • GamingClipsCentral
    GamingClipsCentral 2 years ago +13

    i cant do that really, as my house is semi-detached which means im sort of building there house aswell. The neighbors dont want there house on YT so it wouldnt be possible

  • Zhen
    Zhen 2 years ago +22

    One time I asked my friends what should I build in Minecraft, My school or my house and they said my school so I built my school..but it took a long time..

    • Zhen
      Zhen Year ago

      @Sid P in game lmao

    • Sid P
      Sid P Year ago

      Irl or in game? 🤣

    • GLITCH
      GLITCH 2 years ago +1

      Blow it up

  • Joshua Eisenbart
    Joshua Eisenbart Year ago

    Would've liked to see what that white plastic sheet you talked about looked like. My dad is in the window business, so it sounds like vinyl to me, but that is a much more recent innovation in windows over here in America, so not too sure.

  • Animal_Gal_Adventures
    Animal_Gal_Adventures 2 years ago +1

    I haven't built my house before Minecraft, but I have built my room, and the new blocks in 1.16 really help with that. ( I'm referring to the purple plank blocks, I forget the name. My walls are painted purple and so those bricks are perfect.)

  • coondogtheman1234
    coondogtheman1234 Month ago

    I've been building all the houses that I ever lived in but they come out way too large than the real thing. I like to add detail to my builds. I'm currently working on the third house that I lived in. At the time I was living there it was a two apartment setup and we lived on the bottom floor. My build is full interior and not just the outside. I have furniture, cabinets, couches, TVs, computers which are just pictures and the furnaces for things like heaters and stoves. In my current build the outside grill is red brick with burning netherrack as the coals.
    Playing Minecraft 0.8.1 alpha on creative on android.

  • Cecil_theStar
    Cecil_theStar Year ago +1

    I like grian's house. It's actually really nice looking.

  • Khanh Pham
    Khanh Pham 2 years ago +32

    Grian: Everyone should build their own house
    Homeless people:

  • KeRen Tan
    KeRen Tan 2 years ago +1

    i tried building my house (apt) when i was 8, but it was a pretty odd shape and had 4 other units that i didn't live in.
    haven't played minecraft for i while, i should try this with my current house (which is simpler but nicer)

  • Zorocario2K
    Zorocario2K 2 years ago +14

    Grian:Go Make you're own House.
    Squirrels: T R E E

    • Jeremy Hale
      Jeremy Hale Year ago

      your* usually people would be correct in this situation, how stupid are you?

  • bRuH
    bRuH Year ago +1

    Gonna give you a 6 in a half. I really like how you did with it but there are a few problems. First of all it really looks like you over sized the house to much, and second of all on your real house it looks more slim and what you did with your minecraft version is that it really looks like you stretched your house outwards a bit to much.

  • Tessa King
    Tessa King 2 years ago +1

    Hey I actually did the same I even tried to make the inside exact the furniture and stuff it worked out pretty well when you go inside it looks just like it. I lived in my house since I was 3. I’m 18 still live there.

  • NAINA Jambure
    NAINA Jambure 2 years ago

    grian i give you 9 out of 10 for the house. I could never have build it like that. you truly are minecraft potter.

  • RandiePro
    RandiePro Year ago +1

    This is probably 2x Scale.
    Epic building as always.

  • Synk [GD]
    Synk [GD] 3 years ago +2

    10/10 defenitly! Amazing build!

  • Ditto_Queen
    Ditto_Queen 2 years ago

    I’d say 9/10, the only thing was the fact that the front windows looked slightly tinted or just looked darker.

  • AstrowKnaught
    AstrowKnaught 2 years ago

    If you consider the fact that this is Minecraft it’s 10/10 in terms of accuracy and a solid 8/10in terms of actual appearance

  • Teadat
    Teadat 6 years ago +5969

    I built my own house minecraft, filled it with tnt and then blew it up.
    Then i did the same in real life just for comparison.

  • Paku Zero
    Paku Zero 8 months ago

    Definitely 10/10, looks very accurate

  • almetia terrell
    almetia terrell 2 years ago

    +1 like. Why? Because your house is stunning, It has a lot of nature with the building. And last, I give it a 100/10 I love your houses, Grian!✌

  • themossyfrog
    themossyfrog Year ago

    "Anybody should try to build their own house in Minecraft"
    challenge accepted.
    also 10/10 for your house, except the door is a bit gigantic...

  • Raman Goel
    Raman Goel 2 years ago

    It was pretty spot on but the colours for the walls was a bit lighter.

  • ok
    ok 2 years ago +2

    Please do a part 2 doing the interior.😊 btw 10/10😁

  • Pol-Abner Castro
    Pol-Abner Castro 2 years ago

    Your builds is so good!

  • Trash Child
    Trash Child 2 years ago +1

    In the village I live in, most of the houses look like yours. Or at least are the same style.

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 2 years ago

    8.5 out of 10 and I’m only saying that because the house that you built in Minecraft actually looks a little better than your real house

  • Kristen Bouffard
    Kristen Bouffard 5 years ago +184

    The build looks better than the real house!

    • Local Orel Fan
      Local Orel Fan 4 years ago

      Is that a compliment or an insult? XDDDD

    • Local Orel Fan
      Local Orel Fan 4 years ago

      @eyevan He showed a picture watch the video first XDDDD

    • Ursula Thornton
      Ursula Thornton 4 years ago +1


    • Pirex13
      Pirex13 5 years ago +1

      It is because it means he built it way better the how it was supposed to be made

    • X.ashlee. ox
      X.ashlee. ox 5 years ago +2

      Voqoo it doesn't have to be

  • oualid bazzaoui
    oualid bazzaoui 10 months ago

    I made mine recently and its kinda hard bc the walls irl are thinner than the blocks in minecraft, and i used commands for the exterior and floors, but the rest i used no cheats.

  • AJay Alicea
    AJay Alicea Year ago

    That’s very spot on I said wow to this very well done 10/10

  • Sir Dino!
    Sir Dino! 4 months ago

    Your parents have a really nice house Grian.
    I'm gonna build my house because I'll be moving soon and I don't want to forget it. I gonna do the interior as well! BTW I saw your minecraft garden video and it looked so much like in real life!

  • GlitchG3
    GlitchG3 2 years ago +1

    This video makes me feel like building a dream house

  • 🖤Basil🖤
    🖤Basil🖤 6 years ago +14

    All I can say is "Damn you got skills". The whole build looks awesome. Great work.

  • Chris W
    Chris W 2 years ago

    Hi grian, I have a similar house and I would like to know, what blocks can I use instead with minecraft 1.82 PS3 edition?

  • Zacharias Beane
    Zacharias Beane 2 years ago

    You did a 10/10 job and I now plan to make my own house in minecraft

  • Lynn K.
    Lynn K. 2 years ago +11

    Me: OMG What a great idea! I can do this when I am bored! :D

  • nokiano
    nokiano 2 years ago

    I hope one day MPC_Grian learns how to make houses like that

  • Enya Reitz
    Enya Reitz 6 years ago +809

    9 out of 10, good job by the way. I suggest you take it one step further and make a video where you put in the furniture and make the rooms. It will be very interesting! Like if you agree!

  • Yuki
    Yuki 2 years ago +1

    Disclaimer: If you build my house, _it’s probably only gonna take you five minutes without a timelapse. My house is so small!_

  • Tanya Harrington
    Tanya Harrington 11 months ago

    for the guttering you could have used sandstone walls

  • Alison Williams
    Alison Williams 2 years ago

    Wow! straight up 10/10 from the photo comparison!

  • JeRiCo TV
    JeRiCo TV 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who built Grians house multiple times because it looks so cool?

  • Liam Brunner
    Liam Brunner 3 years ago +1

    I made my house but I tried making it as to scale as possible and the interior was really hard.

  • Ava and Aria YT :3
    Ava and Aria YT :3 2 years ago +3

    WOW that is pretty close
    (Me) sees this build “wow that is close I can’t even build a very simple house in Minecraft” ;-;

    • Asmith 1111
      Asmith 1111 2 years ago

      I quite literally live in a hole in minecraft. Just a hole in the spruce hills with a door on the front.

  • deathlyhallows120
    deathlyhallows120 6 months ago

    I did this and I now appreciate how big my house really is

  • Quhinur Begum
    Quhinur Begum Year ago

    Your a good builder, Great job 👏. I'm gonna make my own some time

  • Anarchy
    Anarchy 6 years ago +1509

    Grian could you build your dream house?

  • eyetextico
    eyetextico 3 years ago

    U can make it super detailed with a mod called the chisels and bits mod

  • tokaygecko8
    tokaygecko8 2 years ago

    I have done for my own house it took 6 hours to build the whole house with detail and furnishings as accurate as possible

  • StacavaCat
    StacavaCat 11 months ago

    It will be cool to see your house in that to-scale earth Minecraft map they’re making!

  • frogg
    frogg 2 years ago

    it was perfect, but it was a little bit big on scale. but it's kinda hard making is smaller

  • Wot M9
    Wot M9 6 years ago +6773

    Do a part 2 where you furnish the house! Like if you agree!

    • Henry Kimber
      Henry Kimber Year ago


    • SkippyCat
      SkippyCat Year ago

      None of the doors work tho...

    • Skittle
      Skittle 2 years ago

      i agree!

    • Matthew Upmeyer
      Matthew Upmeyer 2 years ago

      Jana Nicole 6900 (+1) now

    • nicer ussian
      nicer ussian 2 years ago

      although i do think making the interior would be a nice idea, he would have to remodel the windows bc of the way he made them.

  • AceTheSniper599Roblox
    AceTheSniper599Roblox 10 months ago

    I'd give the house rating a 1000/10

  • Bean Lover
    Bean Lover 2 years ago

    Dude, you have a really nice garden

  • Praharsh K Studios
    Praharsh K Studios 2 years ago +1

    We know now. What are we waiting for? Let's storm it. The minecraft house. And then the real thing for comparison.

  • dripnemba_x
    dripnemba_x 2 years ago +10

    grian: maybe everyone should try to build their own houses
    kids living in a masion: *o,_,o*

  • FlinX
    FlinX 4 years ago +19

    Wow! I can't believe you did this! I can see why you needed those other blocks from the texture pack

    • Edward Leal
      Edward Leal 4 years ago

      Slime By Zoe just read it again and your right…… XD

    • no
      no 4 years ago

      Edward Leal I think u read it wrong

    • Edward Leal
      Edward Leal 4 years ago

      He needed the blocks because If he used other blocks it wouldn’t look the same

  • vympel
    vympel 2 years ago +1

    Looks like a mr bean apartment building with extra steps

  • FirstFractal
    FirstFractal 2 years ago

    My house is a traditional normal brick house with dark brown roof , Windows and frames are made out of painted wood. Built when my mom was 7 or something

  • Rebelwill74
    Rebelwill74 11 months ago +1

    I’ll make my house when I get my hands on some mud in 1.19 😂😂😂

  • Jakemations
    Jakemations 2 years ago +6


  • Fibono Jomano
    Fibono Jomano 2 years ago +1

    Now we (and you of course) can use this video for the „Build The Earth“ Project.

  • Nightbeet
    Nightbeet 2 years ago +1

    I’m gonna give it a 10 out of 10 cause that is spot on my dude but u forgot the blue car lol

  • 함재민
    함재민 Year ago +1

    If build my own home in Minecraft... I have to build the whole 20th-floor apartment...

  • Zhai Rhianne Nillo
    Zhai Rhianne Nillo 2 years ago +2

    when i see the size it looks like a MANSION!!!

  • showa Ghidorah gaming
    showa Ghidorah gaming 2 months ago

    Some people are bad at building but when they make their irl house on Minecraft they become godly builders.

  • Piggie
    Piggie 2 years ago

    I am eventually going to make my house in minecraft. But I'm still trying to figure out what block my PC would be.

  • bothaina mohammed🖤

    It is very nice. Can you show us the materials you use so that I know how to build a house 😶

  • Sam Kerney
    Sam Kerney 2 years ago

    I give you a NIne and a half, You did a great job!

  • Grand Migration Canada
    Grand Migration Canada 3 years ago +327

    Imagine if someone saw this house...
    They would keep staring at it like “I recognize that house in minecraft...”

  • Alfiedangermouse :D
    Alfiedangermouse :D Year ago +1

    100/10 well done that is the best thing I've nearly seen in Minecraf😎💕💕

  • Mr Baby Pig 101
    Mr Baby Pig 101 2 years ago +1

    10/10. Wow. I could never do that

  • XxMùšičaĺ_ĞaĺâxýxX

    In my opinion it is pretty accurate to the real thing

  • Firefall Shell Shockers

    8:54 intead of cobblestone wall, use end rods

  • Mr. Gato
    Mr. Gato 6 years ago +22

    You are so good at build houses in Minecraft. Such an artist!

  • theoneandonlywuluf
    theoneandonlywuluf 2 years ago

    About 7.5/10. I might build my house now. (Not now now because I'm procrastinating sleeping, but tomorrow because I can't see what it looks like outside.)

  • Everything Studios
    Everything Studios 2 years ago

    You’re a good builder 🤗

  • Peter Lovatt
    Peter Lovatt 2 years ago +6

    I tried building my house and it looked like a toilet

  • Donut Wolf
    Donut Wolf 2 years ago

    It's a blue sky in the Minecraft, and this house is in Britain. Gonna dock you points for that.

  • Lil KoloVEVO
    Lil KoloVEVO 5 years ago +80

    this is like a mansion compared to what's basically a cardboard box that I live in lol

  • Daniel Staff
    Daniel Staff 2 years ago

    9/10! Great job!