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All The Big Differences Between The Hogwarts Legacy Houses (Hogwarts Legacy House Differences)

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Hogwarts Legacy House Differences (Hogwarts Legacy Houses)
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    00:00 Different Dialogues With Your Classmates
    02:50 Entering The Wrong Common Rooms
    03:33 Common Room Secrets
    04:59 House-Exclusive Main Quests
    07:05 House-Themed Outfits & Robes
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  • JorRaptor
    JorRaptor  7 months ago +11

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  • Snumachu
    Snumachu 7 months ago +1564

    Picking slytherin and running around on quests with Sebastian and Ominis felt like the golden trio but Slytherin edition. I loved it.

    • Marsonald
      Marsonald 7 months ago +20

      Yeah i was thinking the same, but i chose different. I didnt know that you would run around with 2 slytherins.

    • Games Cooky
      Games Cooky 7 months ago +70

      First time i met Ominis. I was like: "Bro, this guy is from the Gaunt family".
      Which is quite eerie when you know that Tom Riddle was also from the Gaunts.
      I like that there are so many familiar family names in the game though. It adds a bit of familiarity.

    • Square Treasure
      Square Treasure 7 months ago +77

      “Why does griffindoor get credit for bravery, we slitherin are just as brave.”

    • Games Cooky
      Games Cooky 7 months ago +15

      ​@Square Treasure I think there might be some overlap. Maybe Slytherin is more associated with fearlessness rather than bravery?
      -Bravery means having the courage to face difficult situations despite being scared.
      -Fearlessness makes you less prone to feelings of fear in general. Which can make you seem brave to other people.
      But it's just that you don't see much danger, and so you're not afraid.

    • Square Treasure
      Square Treasure 7 months ago +2

      @Games Cooky I agree if you’re to cocky then it only makes sense you’re not afraid.

  • Jak Frost
    Jak Frost 7 months ago +1276

    The Sebastian quest line felt so genuine and organic playing as a Slytherin. Sebastian really felt like your own Weasly

    • MrMusicM67
      MrMusicM67 7 months ago +7


    • Ahlmy1
      Ahlmy1 7 months ago +7


    • westenev
      westenev 7 months ago +27

      The pottermore quiz said I was a Slytherin, so I picked Slytherin, but even I could see the writing on the wall about how that story was going to end.

    • nines
      nines 7 months ago +29

      Playing as a hufflepuff I have to agree it feels incredibly organic just with the vibe of puffs and slytherins being opposite best friends. i'm yet to finish the game and seb's story but i know how this ends and it's gonna HURT

    • Jak Frost
      Jak Frost 7 months ago +2

      @Ahlmy1 I realized my error after posting and didn’t bother fixing it. I figured it may bother some people. Might just be the Slytherin in me lol

  • Matty Light
    Matty Light 7 months ago +701

    Hufflepuff doesn’t just take you to Azkaban. It gives you a wildly different perspective on Jackdaw’s backstory and is by far a much better quest than the other three for that reason. Like if you don’t care about achievements but you like stories and you’re playing as a different house, start a Hufflepuff run just for that quest if anything.

    • Domeo
      Domeo 7 months ago +13

      HufflePuff sounds like a fun boy fraternity lol. Type of dudes to take the honeybun in jail

    • Local Man
      Local Man 7 months ago +18

      @Domeo I'm not very familiar with American jail culture, but I assume this means taking a food item when offered, so therefore being in debt to the other person?

    • Tamás Kerecsényi
      Tamás Kerecsényi 7 months ago +8

      All 4 houses have different quets for Jackdaw.

    • killionaire
      killionaire 7 months ago +5

      Story isn't that great in this game if we're being honest. Just playing it for the exploration and achievements. Miss me with that Hufflepuff lmao.

    • Magets Alive
      Magets Alive 7 months ago +45

      Clearly, only the biggest-brained players will start a Hufflepuff character and then excessively use Dark Arts in combat.

  • Alex LK
    Alex LK 6 months ago +63

    I picked Slytherin as a first and I'm so glad I did, the whole quest with Sebastian and Ominis feels so natural and well written
    They have the best common room, and even the main story, it feels so organic to have ancient magic and even using forbidden spells, it's like watching a powerful wizard building up and all is so coherent

    • C4RP3T
      C4RP3T 6 months ago +1

      I picked Hufflepuff as my first, even though 80% of the online tests put me in gryffindor, and I'm glad I did. The Azkaban quest was by far the coolest of the unque quests and the only time you get to see the patronus spell in game. I have however played each house to get 100% achievements on the game. But I liked the Slytherin common room the least. It felt like I was living in a sewer (sorry).

    • Abdul Azis
      Abdul Azis 4 months ago

      yeah and the Slytherin's house chest robe is my favorite, bc it's have silver glow pattern, unlike the other that have golden glow pattern, which is makes it special

  • T00 Lay-z
    T00 Lay-z 7 months ago +458

    In one of the missions with Sebastian where you have to kill a whole bunch of spiders after one of the fights, my Hufflepuff char told Seb: "You're not a bad chap - for a Slytherin" to which Seb replies "Ah - there's that Hufflepuff loyalty you're so well-known for"
    I stuck by Sebastian the whole way and never turned him in - Hufflepuff loyalty indeed.

    • Forien
      Forien 7 months ago +111

      As Ravenclaw we had a line where Seb said "I hate these insects", my Ravenclaw character countered "Spider's aren't insects", to which, after short pause Seb said slightly annoyed "... don't start." :D I loved it

    • FlashesSoccer011
      FlashesSoccer011 7 months ago +22

      @Forien that is the same for every house. That doesn't change.

    • Forien
      Forien 7 months ago +44

      @FlashesSoccer011 oh :D It was so fitting to Ravenclaw that I assumed it was specific to the house

    • FlashesSoccer011
      FlashesSoccer011 7 months ago +5

      @Darius Cumbo no it's not. I was hufflepuff and got the exact same thing. The next play through I was ravenclaw and got the exact same line again.
      EDIT: I misunderstood your comment the first time I read it. You are correct. My apologies.

    • FlashesSoccer011
      FlashesSoccer011 7 months ago

      @Forien so the line where he refers to your house is different, but your character says the same thing regardless of which house you are in.

  • Quentin Ford
    Quentin Ford 7 months ago +62

    It would have been cool if there was more unique differences in each house, special quests, more gear and maybe special areas besides the common room rather than just dialogue details. It would encourage a lot more replayability to see everything other than just a common room and a cloak

    • Guatrau
      Guatrau 7 months ago +10

      What I would love for the next game, is that instead of following the path of the ancient magic, you would follow the path of the 4 house founders. So depending on which house you choose you would follow the footsteps and quest lines for each founder. That would make the game replayable 4 times to with 4 diffferent main quest lines. I know it would probably too ambitious to make so many different main quest lines but awesome in my mind.

  • Throrface
    Throrface 7 months ago +294

    I can't believe the Azkaban quest is Hufflepuff exclusive. I feel so lucky to have picked that house! It feels like a bummer for the other houses that they don't get to visit such an iconic location of the franchise. The scenes in Azkaban were excellent.

    • Muffinman
      Muffinman 7 months ago +34

      I started a new playthrough just to do that quest just wish we could explore it more it was too short.

    • shawn shields
      shawn shields 7 months ago +17

      I started but dropped out to restart as Slytherin. Luckily, after I already did the Hufflepuff Azkaban quest.
      I absolutely love the Slytherin common room.

    • Mrs. Alien Rope
      Mrs. Alien Rope 7 months ago +11

      i feel like its an odd choice for hufflepuff, youd think slytherin or gryfindor would go to azkaban.. but hufflepuff is a weird choice. idk im slytherin so dont know if it has to do with loyalty and love or something

    • shawn shields
      shawn shields 7 months ago +8

      @Mrs. Alien Rope If you play it, it will make sense. I don't want to spoil it.

    • Kai B
      Kai B 7 months ago +29

      @Mrs. Alien Rope maybe that's why the devs did it that way. They knew Hufflepuff would be the least picked house so they rewarded those who chose it with the best version of that quest.

  • Chainsaw Jinkins
    Chainsaw Jinkins 7 months ago +709

    You can see the squid swim by in the slytherin common room and if you attack the window , after some time it’ll slap the window back

  • Feye Fall
    Feye Fall 7 months ago +107

    I realized the map finding quest was different for each house after watching my friend play through his version of it (He was Slytherin, and I was Ravenclaw). I was so confused, wondering if there were different prompts around the world or if our choices had changed it, until I realized that the owlry was thematically aerial while the squid mural was thematically aquatic, matching our houses. I got so excited, lol

    • Chillax
      Chillax 7 months ago +1

      I wondered what that kraken mural was supposed to be for...now I know!

    • Cinedragon
      Cinedragon 7 months ago +1

      I didn't know it was different until I stumbled upon it when looking up tips for a treasure map hunt. I'm a Ravenclaw as well. but it seems hufflepuff has the most badass unique quest, which is kinda ironic XD

    • Chillax
      Chillax 7 months ago +2

      @Cinedragon I'll say Hufflepuff deserves some love so I'm fine with it. When the game optimization is fixed and I do the next playthrough(this time with all sidequests and such) I'm picking up Hufflepuff as my house.

  • Serra Sedai
    Serra Sedai 7 months ago +490

    I'm about halfway through as a Slytherin and I feel like with Sebastian especially it's all more meaningful if you're in the same house.

    • Certati
      Certati 7 months ago +1


    • Sora Is Finally Here
      Sora Is Finally Here 7 months ago +53

      Same been loving being slytherin and all the cool students besides poppy are slytherin

    • Certati
      Certati 7 months ago +9

      @Sora Is Finally Here ominus grant is voldemorts grandfather 😖

    • Christian Torres
      Christian Torres 7 months ago +26

      @Certati no he’s grandfather was Marvolo Gaunt born 1890.

    • Certati
      Certati 7 months ago +7

      @Christian Torres oh ur right i meant great-grandfather

  • Andrew Bedford
    Andrew Bedford 7 months ago +464

    I loved the part when Prof Weasley tells you about her first night as a Gryffindor and you say "you were in Gryffindor" and she replies "I am a Gryffindor".

    • James Darmody
      James Darmody 7 months ago +20

      I thought that part was really cool!

    • Kevin Rosario
      Kevin Rosario 7 months ago +50

      The Weasleys are Gryffindor by birth at this point

    • Bionickpunk
      Bionickpunk 7 months ago +9

      @Kevin Rosario Their red hair is a dead giveaway.

    • Steven Higgins
      Steven Higgins 7 months ago +7

      Yeah, it's pretty well established that Hogwarts Houses are like a fraternity or sorority, it's for life.

    • Dumowarimo
      Dumowarimo 4 months ago

      ​@Bionickpunk so malfoy is hufflepuff?

  • Rammstein0963
    Rammstein0963 7 months ago +109

    I love the Hufflepuff common room, it's so homely and warm, kinda reminds me of a Hobbit hole.

  • Derek Slivicke
    Derek Slivicke 7 months ago +79

    I wanted to pick Hufflepuff because I loved the colors and its common room, but I heard about one of the houses going to Azkaban before release which really made me want to do Slytherin just assuming that would be the house. Well I decided to go with Hufflepuff and was so excited early on after realizing that Hufflepuff was the house who gets to go to Azkaban!

  • Daniel Abbott
    Daniel Abbott 4 months ago +3

    I really wish there were more quests like the Jack Daw one. If there were more quest like this maybe the game would have hold my interest long enough for a second playthrough.

  • Elder Liddle
    Elder Liddle 7 months ago +69

    Imelda does comment on house for slytherin. When you finish her quests, she says, “you’re an asset to our house”. The reason she doesn’t comment on meeting you is because she doesn’t see you as an equal until you beat her at her own game.

  • Eternity
    Eternity 7 months ago +46

    I'm used to seeing houses sticking with their houses, but I did Ravenclaw on my 1st playthrough and I had this small interaction fighting with Sebastian and he says something like not bad for a Ravenclaw and I say not bad for a Slytherin. His quests were my favorite and I thought of him as my best friend from another house. My own little head cannon as I'm sure we all had through our own nostalgia filled playthroughs. But still planning on doing every kind of playthrough.

    • GunmetalRaven
      GunmetalRaven 7 months ago +11

      "You're not a bad guy, for a Slytherin."
      "For a Ravenclaw, you've got a lot to learn". XD
      Followed shortly by -
      "There's a few less insects in the world."
      "...Spiders aren't insects." ( officially the most Ravenclaw thing my character ever said XD)

    • Abby Meyer
      Abby Meyer 7 months ago +11

      Plus I’d say that Amit, the Ravenclaw companion, is the least active in the game. So it feels like the MCs three besties are Natty, Sebastian, and Poppy. So if you play as a Ravenclaw it’s like you have one from each house as a foursome and I love it

    • GunmetalRaven
      GunmetalRaven 7 months ago

      @Abby Meyer I think that's my favorite thing about playing ravenclaw in this game. XD

    • Count Luke
      Count Luke 7 months ago +1

      @Abby Meyer it's like they were considering making the Sebastian/Poppy/Natty questlines house-exclusive at some point but scrapped the idea before they came up with something meaningful for Amit.

    • Steven Higgins
      Steven Higgins 7 months ago +2

      ​​@Count Luke I just wish we had at least one quest with all three of them. Like when the DA breaks into the ministry in book 5.
      I mean, the game literally forces you to tell the your big secret, regardless of how long you hold out, so they should have come along for the climax.

  • The Ghost
    The Ghost 7 months ago +156

    I am a Slytherin and after Herbology class Leander Prewett spoke with me about the duel that I had with Sebastian and went on about how Gryffindors fight with pride. He then said: "Oops, no offense". And I took that personally😂

    • MassiveWorms389
      MassiveWorms389 7 months ago +1

      Me too🐍

    • D Malak
      D Malak 7 months ago +8

      He said I fight with honor despite being Ravenclaw.

    • Closer To The Edge
      Closer To The Edge 7 months ago +17

      Bruh, as a Hufflepuff he says "as Hufflepuff's do too, clearly" after talking about fighting with pride. The fact he throws you under the bus if you're a Slytherin omg 💀

    • The Ghost
      The Ghost 7 months ago +3

      @Closer To The Edge Ikr! The nerve...

    • D G
      D G 7 months ago +23

      @Closer To The Edge as a Slytherin i just looked sideways to him thinking "just wait until i learn Avada Kedavra" 😅

  • Wolfe911
    Wolfe911 7 months ago +32

    Common room secrets. As said, Griffindor and Ravenclaw have hidden rooms, not sure yet on Hufflepuff, but Slytherin has a secret with the large windows. Shoot them repeatedly with the basic attack, and something eventually does happen.

    • Kazum180
      Kazum180 7 months ago +4

      I can land on my roof and go to my room ravin claw baby lol

  • Imperf3kt
    Imperf3kt 7 months ago +9

    You actually can land on the Ravenclaw roof as any other house, its just more tricky.
    If you fly under the map and get inside the commonroom, you can even unlock the door and walk in and out at will from that point on

  • Mspi Onage
    Mspi Onage 7 months ago +29

    I went through each house because I had to for platinum and I was pretty surprised that my favorite was the one I knew about the least/never even considered for myself: Hufflepuff. They have the best house in my opinion, the best conversations, and the best sidequest (Azkaban).

    • Count Luke
      Count Luke 7 months ago +2

      And Poppy. I wonder if I'd preference more house-exclusive content. I mean except Ravenclaw not really having a companion I wonder if that was considered at some point:
      Hufflepuff: Poppy questline
      Gryffindor: Natty
      Slytherin: Sebastian
      They could all have been tied in with the main story somehow in their respective way.

    • Shaky Rob
      Shaky Rob 7 months ago

      Yeah I am going to end up doing a character for each of the other 3 houses for Platinum for myself since was already so damned close to it anyways when I finished the game. Can I have one of each or is it just limited to the two save slots?

    • Mspi Onage
      Mspi Onage 7 months ago +2

      @Shaky Rob You can have one of each house with numerous saves for each one, so you're good if you want to keep them for future DLC.

  • Orthrus Toad
    Orthrus Toad 7 months ago +55

    There's a secret entrances from outside onto Slytherin as well, go through the cliff entrances by the boathouse and theres 3 stain glass windows, pop common room

    • supamat
      supamat 7 months ago +3

      Ive seen the windows but how do i get in the common room?

  • Clay Bassed
    Clay Bassed 7 months ago +6

    The Slytherin exclusive quest is the only one that has combat. It also has a bit of relevance in the future, in the polyjuice quest, the Slytherin player can give Scrope the diary he found in the grotto.

  • FlowersForAlgernon
    FlowersForAlgernon 7 months ago +3

    As a Gryffindor I always disliked our commons rooms bc of how small and little detail they gave it based on the movie(a few scenes in Harry’s and Ron’s dorm, and a few in the main part of the common room where the fireplace was) but nothing else other than that. Now though after playing this game I love our common rooms(I’ll be honest though Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw Imo have the best common rooms) they build on them so much more and still give it that cozy, Homey, Gryffindor aesthetic just like I imagined, but it also gives little Easter eggs to the Harry Potter movies too with the Golden Snitch constantly flying around, and Nearly Headless Nick always occupying the Common room. It answered all the questions to my curiosities on how the Common Room was setup.

  • SilentSooYun
    SilentSooYun 7 months ago +261

    Ravenclaw also has a "secret" locked chest: it's at the very bottom of the boy's dorm, down with the First Years and the toilets. Don't fret if you're a Witch... girls can go into the boy's dorm, but not vice-versa. And can I say... what a rough bit of hazing for the poor firsties, having to climb *six flights* of stairs *every morning* just to get to the common room!

    • Hasiebk
      Hasiebk 7 months ago +7

      Lmao are you serious? That's actually hilarious 😂😂😂

    • ThirdEyeThriving
      ThirdEyeThriving 7 months ago +14

      Why cant i go into the girls dormitory identifying as a male? Sexist 1 way game

    • Cake
      Cake 7 months ago +48

      @ThirdEyeThrivinggame is filled with woke trash, but it’s still good to play.
      I’m on PC so I’m gonna mod all that shit out, bye bye to the freak Sirnora.

    • Destination Cube
      Destination Cube 7 months ago +19

      @Cakenot woke trash. that’s typically how it is with games like this. It was like that for an old harry potter game so it might be how it is in workd

  • Zill
    Zill 7 months ago +9

    I had an embarrassing long dilemma between choosing either Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I am personally a Slytherin but the character we play despite the dialogue choices to me feels like a Ravenclaw. I noticed that in the scene where professor Weasley brings you to your common room feels distinctely different in tone. When your a Ravenclaw your character behaves more Humble whilst when your a Slytherin you can tell that your character has an aura of confidence. Professor Weasley even seems less enthousiast in that scene when your a slyhterin.

    • Rammstein0963
      Rammstein0963 7 months ago +1

      You can always take a house placement test, pottermore and other sites have loads.

  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez 7 months ago +8

    I haven't tested it myself, but there's a way to go out of bounds and get inside any of the common rooms regardless of which house you picked. I wonder if you can steal another houses clothes by using the dadaelian crests on their chest. I know you're allowed to place a crest into them, but havent tried putting them all in

    • Kenta Kawaguchi
      Kenta Kawaguchi 7 months ago

      You only get your house gear with dadelian stuff

  • SoulEchelon
    SoulEchelon 7 months ago +8

    Oddly enough - when I got to the sorting hat for my second character, it only gave me one question - the one where you can choose to either be adventurous or excited to learn. It then immediately suggested Hufflepuff, which is the house I wanted to choose anyways for that character.

    • BlakJak206
      BlakJak206 7 months ago +7

      You probably have the game connected to your Wizarding world account. If you took the house quiz on the site then the game will ask that one question and then sort you.

    • SoulEchelon
      SoulEchelon 7 months ago

      @BlakJak206 That's weird because it didn't ask me on my first character, huh.

  • Cobra Gaming
    Cobra Gaming 6 months ago +2

    Probably well known by now, but when doing one of the Sebastian quests, as a Slytherin, your character will say “I don’t know why Gryffindors are credited with bravery, we Slytherin are teeming with it.” And Sebastian will reply “Yeah, and we’re the most fun to fight with.” Thought that was cool dialogue

  • Adam Hawks
    Adam Hawks 7 months ago +10

    So, I’m a Slytherin, and I was able to not only land on the Racenclaw roof (using HighWing) but enter the common room. Clearly not intended but hilarious nonetheless.

  • Zerose
    Zerose 7 months ago +10

    my favorite house related dialogue, was when I was doing a side quest with Sebastian as a ravenclaw, and he looks at me after the quest and says "well done for a ravenclaw ;)" and my character says "well done for a slytherin ;)" xD I love it! really shows there can be a dynamic between the houses without hate, and that house doesn't mean you can't have a humoristic dynamic between you

  • GMLegende
    GMLegende 7 months ago +3

    worth pointing out the différence in some random interraction you can have, the best exemple is the floo powder girl, as she will change her text depending on your house (for exemple if you are a ravenclaw wandering at night she'll probably say "off to another adventure, are we ?" while if you're a slytherin she's gonna suspect you of preparing something bad, it's all small thing like that that greatly affect the immersion (in a good way of course)

  • ElI Vazquez
    ElI Vazquez 7 months ago +2

    During one of Sebastian's side quest for my griffindor he does make a mention about Griffindors not having a monopoly on bravery which I thought was a nice bit of dialog.

  • Quốc Bảo
    Quốc Bảo 7 months ago +16

    I love how he goes all in on the owners and chefs but always stays respectful towards the waiters

    • MrMan Guy
      MrMan Guy 7 months ago +16

      I think your Gordon Ramse comment just teleported through the internet

    • PooeyWRLD
      PooeyWRLD 7 months ago +1

      IRL glitch

  • notorious alien
    notorious alien 7 months ago +3

    really wish we could visit all common rooms. the raven claw one is sooo pretty

  • GamerGurl
    GamerGurl 6 months ago +4

    There’s this one Slytherin dialogue that I encountered, and just really liked. It went something like:
    Player character: “I don’t know why only Gryffindors get credited for bravery, us Slytherins are pretty brave.”

  • Garland Rose
    Garland Rose 7 months ago +16

    Maybe they can allow “polyjuice” transformations to enable you to see each of the common rooms someday.

  • lambo2655
    lambo2655 7 months ago +45

    For those trophies to get to the map room as a member of all four houses I wish there was a way to skip the intro before the hat sorting scene but the game has manual saving locked out. Going through the intro is fine once or twice but four times is a bit much.

    • Gifted Visionary
      Gifted Visionary 7 months ago +12

      quit during the sorting hat part and make a cloud save.

    • JorRaptor
      JorRaptor  7 months ago +4

      @Gifted Visionary yes good one!

    • Brendan Anderson
      Brendan Anderson 7 months ago

      Damn really? I was nearing the end of my first playthrough and was planning to make a new save right before the sorting ceremony to quickly get a character from each of the other houses

    • StOnEd RhInO
      StOnEd RhInO 7 months ago

      I havnt tried it but is manual save locked in the pensive room before you start the cutseen to go to Hogwarts?

    • ThunderTK
      ThunderTK 7 months ago

      @StOnEd RhInO yeah, i just tried it expecting to be able to save right before i got to the sorting hat, needless to say i'm pretty disappointed. I don't wanna have to replay the whole intro bit just to play separate houses

  • Rory King
    Rory King 7 months ago +3

    I like the game a lot so I’m probably over time gonna play a character in each house. But my current one is one that initially got called for Slytherin, but went into Gryffindor because I have this character as a Moody type by being stoically good but is not afraid to learn the dark arts in pursuit of that good. He believes that in order to defeat evil, you have to truly understand them and best them with their own power used for good.

    • Mael Shecknael
      Mael Shecknael 7 months ago

      "Those who fight monsters long enough must be weary for they too will become monsters"

  • Matti2609
    Matti2609 3 months ago

    Let's be honest, looking at the customization opportunities you have with the Room of Requirement's lighting, Ravenclaw is the one and only house to pick

  • Randy Marsh is Lorde
    Randy Marsh is Lorde 3 months ago

    Whenever I do the quizzes I always fall almost right in the middle of ravenclaw and Slytherin (go figure, I'm sure that's pretty common amongst hardcore Harry Potter fans) though I have been placed with a couple of really unique wands before on various quizzes, and my patronus has been a phoenix, a basilisk, a wyvern, AND a Thunderbird (a lightning version of a phoenix basically but bigger and usually has more raw magical power to spare, speaking of which, I am left wondering if there is an ice equivalent to the Phoenix. It really just seems like there should be)... Though it's also been an otter and a hummingbird.... So Idk what that says...
    Anyway, I sorted Slytherin from the start of Legacy, so that's what I went and I'm glad I did. I really want to do all 4 houses so I can try every aspect of every single thing, BUT! I intend to just do Hufflepuff next because of the Azkaban quest and then I may just do the first little bit of a gryf and a claw char just to see the common rooms for now and when the inevitable DLC barrage releases, I'm hoping that it will bring a huge amount of house diversity with it, as that is one of my biggest gripes about the game as a whole (specifically, I want the wands to be more diverse in the sense that they should have potential stat differences depending on the core and wood type at least [a dragon heartstring core should deliver a more powerful bombarda cast than a unicorn hair core. And a 14 inch elder wood should deliver a slightly brighter and potentially more damaging basic cast than a 9 inch oak wood]. I think there should be a few more spells and you should be able to alter the cosmetics of your spells a little more, like maybe changing the color of your basic casts and a few other things. I think they should add self-transfiguration, Id like to see a few more potions/plants, and there should be a few variants to spells in the form of upgrades, such as Bombarda: it should be possible to either find a tome or maybe scroll, or even just level up your spells by gaining experience with spells each time you land one successfully on an enemy and like for Bombarda, maybe like after 2500 successful casts it goes from level 1 to 2, and then another 5000-10000 successful casts would get it to level 3 and unlock Bombarda Maxima) I'm ranting at this point, but my view is that I wish there was a bigger deal made of the houses. Oh I also wish that they would add a bit more to Hogwarts itself, maybe a few more cameos and let us have some more variation on dark magic too: fiendfyre would be nice, same for Reducto, not exactly dark magic, but it's essentially deconstructing a target on a molecular level, rapidly... So it's pretty dark

  • J Mace
    J Mace 7 months ago +5

    I think Ravenclaw common room should have been accessible to all since in the books it just depends on answering a logic question.

  • Celisar1
    Celisar1 7 months ago +8

    I like that the game doesn’t tell you all the consequences of your choices. That’s much more immersive.

    • Alastor255
      Alastor255 7 months ago +5

      choices is a big word, hardly anything you do affect the gameplay, it's not a choice driven game

    • Celisar1
      Celisar1 7 months ago +2

      I was talking about choosing your house . Otherwise you are right - unfortunately since a bit more rpg would have been the cherry on the top of this great game.

    • Secave
      Secave 7 months ago

      To be fair, there are no choices in general apart from 1 with Sebastian.

    • Jardex22
      Jardex22 7 months ago +1

      Most of the big decisions are laid out for you, but I appreciate that there are little choices that affect dialogue. Most of this comes from side quests where you have the option to finish normally, coerce a larger reward, or just keep the item for yourself. Other students, shopkeepers, and NPCs will treat you differently based on how you act. I've been usually nice, but there was one girl that wanted me to gather ingredients for her skin cream recipe. I didn't hesitate to ask for more money out of her.
      Enemies will also comment on how you fight. I encountered a group of ashwinders that said I'm the one that's always throwing out plant to fight.
      I think decisions also affect your characters dialogue as well. After doing a few sidequests, my character is commenting how her friends weren't there to see her victory over a group of enemies.

    • Steven Higgins
      Steven Higgins 7 months ago

      Because there are no consequences. The choice if house is almost entirely aesthetic. Literally on 1 exclusive quest per house and each is extremely short.

  • SketchTheParadigm York
    SketchTheParadigm York 7 months ago +19

    I haven’t seen a single person mention this!!! In hogsmeade youll notice more npcs in your house color I believe! Depending on whatever house you choose. It might be similar for Hogwarts as well, I definitely noticed more Slytherin piers in the halls, until I switched to ravenclaw and then I saw a lot more blue from npcs that were green before.
    Edit this actually might not be true idk

  • HelplessTeno
    HelplessTeno 7 months ago +18

    There needs to be more to the Houses. It would add replayability to the game. I just finished my first playthrough, almost everything complete except for a couple exploration challenges. Took about 40 hours and I have very little interest in doing another playthrough because it won't offer anything new.

    • OldGamer
      OldGamer 7 months ago +4

      I feel there's a missed opportunity here.

    • violetembers330
      violetembers330 3 months ago

      Man I’m only halfway through and am at around 48 hours 😅😅

  • Will Cardona
    Will Cardona 7 months ago +5

    Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are my favorites. If the game would've let me be in two houses at once, I would be in both of these.

  • Jay Racer
    Jay Racer 7 months ago

    There’s a respec mod on PC. There is also a weight limit mod for those who have a strong disdain for inventory management.

  • T.u.e.
    T.u.e. 7 months ago +2

    There is a quest with a griffindog student in the planthouse that after you finish it say “long live griffindog … and x house ofc” or something like that. I´d assume he changes it depending on your house.

  • Zwangsworkaholic
    Zwangsworkaholic 7 months ago

    i mean - those differences kind of remind me of the choice of origin in CP2077 plus the color scheme in clothing. The feeling of the game just absolutely stays the same.

  • AdveN
    AdveN 7 months ago

    I'm almost done with 100% game as a Ravenclaw and I need to choose my next house. This did help as much as it could, thanks!

  • Kristopher Johnston
    Kristopher Johnston 7 months ago +6

    I remember one interaction I had as a Slytherin was Leander Prewett saying something along the lines of "Slytherins suck, oh uh not you though" (that could have been way off but the general meaning is the same) in the Herbology class when Professor Garlick asks him to take you somewhere.

  • Xizek
    Xizek 7 months ago +15

    I feel like gryphondor quest is very underwhelming as a "house quest." Till now I didn't even realize that it was house specific and when seeing the others...gryphondor def got the shaft there

    • imakeshoes1
      imakeshoes1 7 months ago +1

      I agree but it’s no big deal because I’ll eventually play the game with all 4 houses.

    • MT K
      MT K 7 months ago +3

      I mean, at least in the other houses you get to play a quest, but people say Hufflepuff is best because of Azkaban but the whole thing it's just a cinematic, nothing more.

    • Xizek
      Xizek 7 months ago +8

      @MT K I wouldn't really consider most the house quests actual quests, more side story lore. Let's be honest, going around smashing pumpkins isn't exciting. At least with the Azkaban stuff, it's interesting and exciting.

    • MT K
      MT K 7 months ago +5

      @Xizek there isn't house quests, only that portion of the game. Also the Azkaban thing is,. Again, a cutscene, you don't do anything interesting, but still i guess it spice up things

    • TheAxhol
      TheAxhol 7 months ago +3

      Gryffindor not gryphondor 😂

  • Konstantina Valentina
    Konstantina Valentina 7 months ago +1

    There's a video that shows how to glitch into all the other house common rooms. I'm not sure if someone were to use the WeMod tool so items once picked up don't go away if the coins got for the house chests in the quest with flying keys could get repeated with a full inventory of the tokens to open each house chest this way and get a house robe for every house, but, it might be something to try for those adventurous in that way, and don't mind exploiting cheat tools and game glitches.

    • Jesse S.
      Jesse S. 7 months ago +1

      the way you write is like...talking idk its mad different

    • Konstantina Valentina
      Konstantina Valentina 7 months ago

      @Jesse S. - mmkay. I dunno what you mean, but, if you can understand, then, that's all what matters. :)

  • Raphtor13
    Raphtor13 7 months ago

    Interesting but looks like it really doesn't matter which was my experience playing through with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I think I like the looks of Hufflepuff stuff a bit better.

  • Karel Kovář
    Karel Kovář 7 months ago +5

    I have started to notice reapearing bug, I chose Griffindor at the start of the game and when I teleport to the G common room and there is Pevees messing with student, that student is never from Griffindor, so far it has always been Slitherin or Ravenclaw inside Griffindor common room, and when Peeves leaves that student alone and that student tries to leave the Common room, the portrait tells him/her to go away and doesnt let them leave

  • SavitarGod0f Speed
    SavitarGod0f Speed Month ago

    something worth mentioning is that if you have a Warner Bros/Wizarding World account and you have linked this account with Hogwarts Legacy, The 2nd question will NOT be asked (Daring, Curiosity, Loyality, Ambition) Instead the house will be the same as the one from your Wizarding World Account, OF COURSE you will still have the choice to pick an other house! Same goes for your Wand when you will go to Olivander's the Wand will be the same as in your Wizarding World Account!

  • Stephen King
    Stephen King 7 months ago +13

    I had no idea Gryffindor and Hufflepuff had secret rooms!

  • HolySmokes
    HolySmokes 7 months ago +48

    I have noticed the common rooms are pointless. I haven't been there for ages. Only ever there to place tokens or when I'm forced after a mission

    • MassOJupiter
      MassOJupiter 7 months ago +16

      I mean they pointless in Harry Potter as well. Most of the important and fun things are done outside, just like in the movies.

    • HolySmokes
      HolySmokes 7 months ago +4

      @MassOJupiter true but then maybe they should have made a wizarding game where you've finished school already and take away the choice of creating a character. Would be more linear and more story driven.

    • GM Dragon
      GM Dragon 7 months ago +2

      @HolySmokes not sure if a game can get anymore linear than this

    • Cosmo 99
      Cosmo 99 7 months ago +20

      They could’ve at least gave us a reason to sleep there, but I was disappointed when you can’t even sleep to pass the time. I feel like it would’ve been a nice bit of immersion. Had there been some kind of curfew system, they could’ve had a use.

    • HolySmokes
      HolySmokes 7 months ago +10

      @Cosmo 99 I said this to my mate. There should have been a curfew so I'd you're caught roaming the halls at night you'll get sent to your room

  • Dranil Laasrapti
    Dranil Laasrapti 3 months ago

    I wished there are small side quests that can add more points in our houses.... I want to earn that house cup

  • yuu jay
    yuu jay 7 months ago +13

    I really wanted to pick ravenclaw but I read that it didn't have a companion and basically got the short end out of all houses.. so I picked hufflepuff purely because it had that quest.

    • Ramz
      Ramz 7 months ago +12

      None of them really feel like companions just side quests, wish we could pick one to go out and explore with us

    • Samur/Aye
      Samur/Aye 7 months ago +2

      they're just side/main quests where the characters happen to appear, I wouldn't consider any of them companions since it's only ever those quests they accompany you, and it's the same no matter which house you choose (played through 2 so far)

    • Key
      Key 7 months ago

      A couple of NPC interactions or dialogues as well, but yeah that’s pretty much it tbh

    • HaveNot
      HaveNot 7 months ago

      ​@RamzYeeessss! I also wish I could actually sit in the Great Hall with them!

  • Jeff Barker
    Jeff Barker 7 months ago +5

    Old gamer here!! I've not been this blown away from a game since Mario bros!! 😂 I'm amazed and you just blown my mind again by saying how we can change classes and play more!!


    My Gryffindor house🦁 has a secret room with the door that is apparently a "giant clock". I love it ❤❤
    7:11 how's called that robe??

  • Speedor
    Speedor 7 months ago +375

    Long story short pick your house based on which color of the clothes you like more

    • TheCynicalJay
      TheCynicalJay 7 months ago +16


    • Yashas Redd
      Yashas Redd 7 months ago +4


    • James Gleason
      James Gleason 7 months ago +19

      Pretty much. I'd rank the game higher if it had any real significance. Cool clothes and some snappy dialogue is most of what I found on my journey to 100 percent.

    • DrIVnGame
      DrIVnGame 7 months ago +14

      Exactly lmaoo this dude stretched it but then again these days this dudes becoming a glorified “did u know .1 can be written as 1000x10^-5 but that’s not all” 😂

    • Stambaugh Designs
      Stambaugh Designs 7 months ago +2

      Nah I never wear the house robes anyway

  • Happy Thoughts
    Happy Thoughts 6 months ago

    Some quests around the headmaster, and perhaps a suspicious teacher and quests around that, and some school events, would be great.

  • Austin Fancher
    Austin Fancher 7 months ago

    Played through as Raven claw, almost 100% complete, cant see myself grinding out another play through for a year. After main story and leaving Hogwarts the game is empty and lonely. In my opinion...Really enjoyed the first 35 hours of gameplay though! "End Game" stuff is way to common/easy to get and there is nothing to grind for :/

  • abiean222
    abiean222 7 months ago

    me and my mom are both playing the game and we decided to split the houses. she got the tower houses and i got the underground houses, and wow do i now feel like i got the better deal lol.

  • davidc5191
    davidc5191 7 months ago +1

    If you're in Slytherin and meet Ominus for the first time, he'll say he remembers you from the Common Room.

  • Sothros
    Sothros 7 months ago +1

    i was hoping to see more of the different houses and cloaks.
    feels a bit rushed.
    i started with hufflepuff and love the common room.
    but I guess i have to make more characters to see tje different houses in detail.
    but i wont play the game 4 times until i can get the cloaks every time...

  • Lily Siagian
    Lily Siagian 7 months ago +1

    Thank you, mate! I don't know that a particular mission is differrent in the other houses. Well, untill now.... Thanks again 👍

  • Sky Martin
    Sky Martin 6 months ago

    Strange, I chose curiosity during the sorting hat ceremony and got griffindor, perhaps it was because my previous answer I said I was more excited to explore than go to class lol

  • Olle Fjällström
    Olle Fjällström 6 months ago

    Slytherin is most tempting at first, but with four char slots available might try all..Just hope this runs well on switch or I’ll have to get a PC…

  • TheMrWoody
    TheMrWoody 7 months ago +7

    Just finished the story on my first character with which I chose ravenclaw, but I haven’t completed all the side quests. I’m really struggling with not making a second character to play as another house.

    • Marco de Vries
      Marco de Vries 7 months ago

      I have the same thing with my slitherin character! 92% now and I’m still going strong not making a second 😂

    • Roving Punster
      Roving Punster 7 months ago

      Finished as a Ravenclaw. Fun, but not much replay value IMO.

  • timonuzumaki
    timonuzumaki 7 months ago +4

    I'll eventually play all the houses, but for now i'm proud to be a Ravenclaw :)

  • Robert Soto
    Robert Soto 7 months ago +2

    They could’ve made it so much cooler if they had a morality system like rdr2 but I’m sure it’s not easy

  • CozyToni
    CozyToni 6 months ago

    This was cool to see, thank you for sharing!

  • Knavenformed
    Knavenformed 7 months ago +2

    I've only played as Hufflepuff but I would've expected everyone to get to see Azkaban since it's so movie relevant, man I got the good end of the stick.

    • iMaPound420
      iMaPound420 7 months ago

      I played Hufflepuff but it’s not like people can’t make a Hufflepuff character and do the mission. Nobody is missing out on it.

  • yanuar mustika
    yanuar mustika 7 months ago +1

    Also if you like black cloth, hufflepuff regalia robe looks great.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 4 months ago

    great every game needs unique missions because of your character's decisions.

  • Kaltenzahn
    Kaltenzahn 7 months ago

    The Hat sorted me to Hufflepuff and its wing is so freaking beautiful! Regret nothing

  • W1NGM4N
    W1NGM4N 7 months ago +9

    As a Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are the Chad houses. Going all in on killer plants talents when I start my Hufflepuff playthrough. lol

  • Kenneth Clark
    Kenneth Clark 7 months ago

    Each House represents a group of high fantasy characters:
    Gryffindor: The Guild Members.
    Ravenclaw: The High Wizards.
    Hufflepuff: The Hobbits.
    Slytherin: The Nobility.

  • RetroBear
    RetroBear 7 months ago

    Damn. Now I have a reason to buy this on my Steam Deck. I was hoping for cross saves. But I can always buy it again and make a new save in a Dif house.

  • Curious H
    Curious H 7 months ago +10

    I just finished the game playing in griffindor house. My next play thru, I will play other 3 houses simultaneously creating 3 other characters. It might take awhile though LoL 😆

    • Meganlodon
      Meganlodon 7 months ago +1

      Same. But I'm starting with Hufflepuff as that's my house.

  • DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun
    DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun 7 months ago +2

    The Hufflepuffs getting Azkaban quest seems so unfair. Or was that an intentional choice by the devs to reward Hufflepuffs who are often seen as the joke house.
    I wish I had more Sebastian and Ominis interactions. I really liked their personalities the most.
    Slytherin gang!
    I finished the Sebastian storyline and I was so disappointed since I no longer have his quests to look forward to.

  • Dude MitdemHut
    Dude MitdemHut 7 months ago

    Imelda does make remarks depending on which house you are. Something along the lines "You are a Ravenclaw how can you beat me" I don't remember what she said excatly tho.

  • ItsJustMarvlus
    ItsJustMarvlus 4 months ago

    I wish they had mixed houses like HuffleClaw or RavenPuff & Grifferyn or Slythyndor. Because i fit into hufflepuff and ravenclaw when i took the test twice just to be sure and i got both houses ravenclaw then hufflepuff

  • GOATed
    GOATed 7 months ago +2

    Playing as hufflepuff i was so excited that i get to take a field trip to Azkaban, i thought all houses went there but no only hufflepuffs

  • CaptainSpalding
    CaptainSpalding 6 months ago

    Crazy you can only play Azkaban as a hufflepuff. That's a big miss.

  • Akiraman the drunk Canadian beaver

    My favorite dialogue is on one of the quest with Sebastian has a Slytherin when you're character goes why does griffindor gets the credit for being brave us in Slytherin are way braver and better

    • Mil Min
      Mil Min 7 months ago +8

      "I don't know why Griffyndors get all the credit for being brave. We have courage in spades and we're much more fun to fight with."
      FACTS 💯
      This is where Sebastian and Baron McKnight bonded.

  • Belle Gold
    Belle Gold 7 months ago +1

    Honestly, considering changing the design of my house to look like the Hufflepuff common room

  • seamonkey02
    seamonkey02 7 months ago

    Great. Now I'm going to have a harder time on which house I want to play as first.

  • NormalWinterFox
    NormalWinterFox 6 months ago

    No matter how many Harry Potter quizes I took I always got Slytherin so at this point when I get my copy for the PS4 I’m already expecting to get Slytherin lol.

  • Ethan Bast
    Ethan Bast 7 months ago +1

    Also, the fact quidditch isn’t in the game is a tragedy. I’d pay a decent amount for a good Quidditch DLC though

  • Dante Espinoza
    Dante Espinoza 7 months ago +5

    I hope in the future they will do an update where you can sell your resources

    • SoloDamon
      SoloDamon 7 months ago +2

      Why you dont need money in this game maybe at first but after nothing more to spend on it

    • Kyle White
      Kyle White 7 months ago +1

      What do you mean? You can sell stuff at any vendor now. Just go to a vendor or store location, talk to them to open the menu, and tap R1/RB to go to the Sell page. Or do you mean selling stuff like plants and potion ingredients that you find in the world? Why not just use them? Lol.

    • Dante Espinoza
      Dante Espinoza 7 months ago

      @Kyle White I have over many plants drops from wild beasts that if I sell that I can have like over 100k of money I have over 1k moonstone if they sell for 100 I have so much money

    • Jardex22
      Jardex22 7 months ago

      I thought that's what the haunted shop quest was leading to, but it's just a place to sell your gear at a better price. Hopefully they'll add more shop management options when the quest comes to other consoles.

  • Cool_Con19
    Cool_Con19 7 months ago

    If u are a slytherien on one of the unforgivable curses quests with Sebastian he says I don’t know why griffondoors are known for bravery and you character says I know we are teaming with it

  • Ryan Lininger
    Ryan Lininger 7 months ago +1

    Imelda does make a reference about being Slytheran after final broom match.

  • larry finkelstein
    larry finkelstein 7 months ago +3

    If you just want the achievements save right before the sorting hat and pick a diff one 3-4 times.

    • DreadPirate Flappy
      DreadPirate Flappy 7 months ago

      yep, thats my plan. just need to find 20 more field guide pages in hogwarts now. been walking around 20 hours trying to find these last ones.

  • unknown
    unknown 7 months ago +18

    the raven claw hood looks awesome

  • os os
    os os 7 months ago

    on pc with one mod you can wear the special clothes from this collect sidequest from every house even dlc clothes without dlc

  • Mr MaGuilcuty
    Mr MaGuilcuty 7 months ago

    I want this game. I read all the book’s multiple time years ago I am thrill about this kind of game so I can experience the wizard it world naturally