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How this mortgage scam is putting seniors at risk of losing their homes (Marketplace)

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Some seniors across Ontario are at risk of losing their homes in an elaborate scam that involves door-to-door equipment rental contracts, low quality renovations and unaffordable high-interest mortgages. Marketplace speaks to people who feel they've been scammed, some on the brink of losing their homes and someone who already has.
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    #Scam #Mortgage #CBCMarketplace
    0:00 Intro
    1:21 Investigation begins with Karl Hoffmann and his family
    5:48 Meeting Danila Lim and her family
    11:03 Speaking to the OPP Serious Fraud Office about the scam
    15:33 Looking into mortgage brokerages
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Comments • 675

  • Vicgames Vt
    Vicgames Vt 2 months ago +408

    The police should make a big example out of these fraudsters by charging heavy fines and jail time

      MEGIDIOT Month ago +17

      Not in ✨Canada✨ 🇨🇦

    • Decadence
      Decadence Month ago +5

      The police do not charge anything, it's not their job.

    • Sir Paddlesworth III
      Sir Paddlesworth III Month ago +9

      nah keep voting trudopia, criminal just needs a cuddle and love 🥺

    • JackHoff
      JackHoff Month ago +8

      Police have nothing to do with fines or jail time. That's the judge and justice system that needs to change

    MEGIDIOT Month ago +264


    • mg79277
      mg79277 Month ago +11

      Yes to both comments. It’s terribly sad it’s come to this.

    • NONSENSEchannel
      NONSENSEchannel Month ago +1

      @megidiot Tell that to the guy who opened the door for Darrell Brooks 😂

    • C.R M
      C.R M Month ago +16

      Hell I don't even answer my phone if you're not in my contacts,

    • Sola
      Sola Month ago +2

      @C.R M lol I was going to say that too. I just let it ring, don't even touch it, otherwise they know that phone number has someone on the other side.

  • N F
    N F Month ago +19

    Are we living in Canada? How could this be happening and no serious action is being taken against these fraudsters???????

    • Pamela Yaky
      Pamela Yaky Month ago +2

      I'm still shaking. I hope they will catch them all.

  • Lucious Pontorro
    Lucious Pontorro Month ago +83

    This is one of the few times the government needs to step in and void any and all of the contracts in these scams. Banks and other other companies involved should have no ability to stop the governments intervention. Our top national security agencies should be used to identify, track, and convict all those involved.

    • Muhammad Babar
      Muhammad Babar Month ago +5

      But these people pay bribes in advance before scamming people that they will not be touched.

    • JB11
      JB11 Month ago +4

      They'll never do that to a organization that is largely from one ethnic group, unless that group is British or German.

    • Robert Dobie
      Robert Dobie 26 days ago

      Yes, absolutely!

    • Robert Dobie
      Robert Dobie 26 days ago

      After all, isn’t it just a form of theft?

  • abby26
    abby26 Month ago +64

    These people were forced to pay 25% interest rate....catch the lawyer and mortgage broker and jail them forever. These guys are criminals.

    • Globaler
      Globaler Month ago +1

      They also forget the document. This is a crime. No one would sign a 25% mortgage.

  • jessy cajilus
    jessy cajilus 2 months ago +244

    I'm so grateful for Market Place. Thank you for looking out for all of us 💟 I'm not a victim, but I understand their pains

  • Blur Tam
    Blur Tam Month ago +34

    People did this to my mom before I moved in to help her. They charged her $30, 000. They came back to try to get her to sign a mortgage - but I was home and after I grabbed my ax and chased the bastard away they never came back!! I'm sure there is some politician involved for them to keep getting away with this sh!t!!!! Greg helped us out a lot - he's a great lawyer!!

  • bobinabuddy
    bobinabuddy 2 months ago +208

    These people need to be prosecuted and go to jail for a very long time

    • Nicky Furlano
      Nicky Furlano Month ago +4

      They're not doing anything illegal. This is just an offshoot of a reverse mortgage. Basically the same thing just the interest rate is a lot higher.

    • C C
      C C Month ago +13

      @Nicky Furlano found the scammer 😂

    • Charles Hines
      Charles Hines Month ago +3

      That is 100% true! They trick them into a loan or mortgage to pay for their shoddy work. Not only that but these repairs were likely to not be needed. These were just upsells to sell inferior work and have it somehow lead into this situation. Do they do any of those things here in the USA? I live in the USA and we don't get people like these coming to our door and doing this stuff. Not only that but I would not let some stranger in to use my bathroom. If someone did come in and I found them doing things I did not agree to, they will leave. They can do it voluntarily or involuntarily get the police called or removed from the premises one way or another regardless of how unfavorable it may be.

  • Bella D
    Bella D Month ago +21

    A judge should just void every single contract for duress, undue influence and fraud.

  • Felle
    Felle Month ago +13

    These scammers should be punished severely. It is so inhumane to target our vulnerable populations.

  • Sylvester
    Sylvester Month ago +6

    Carl shouldn’t have to pay one cent and should even be paid for the stress he has gone through. Scammers are despicable. Older seniors are from an era when people were a lot nicer and they don’t expect to be cheated. Scammers have no scruples, they have no heart. You can’t trust anyone these days.

  • S Chaitram
    S Chaitram Month ago +49

    Thank you Marketplace for making us all aware of the dangers we all face. I hope these criminals are caught and put away for life.

  • JaggyB
    JaggyB 2 months ago +123

    How can someone target seniors and disabled , they should all be given a punishment that they will remember all their life. Shame and such a disgrace on man kind .
    Thanks market place

    • Pj K
      Pj K 2 months ago +9

      Life in prison is a good start

    • Jade Paulsen
      Jade Paulsen 2 months ago +1

      It's a lein. A tale as old as time.

    • Jade Paulsen
      Jade Paulsen Month ago +1

      @Mike W. thank you for clearing that up for me. I spoke in ignorance.

  • Chris Laidlaw
    Chris Laidlaw Month ago +46

    CBC Marketplace creating awareness and motivating change for problems affecting all of us in Canada. Thank you!

  • kranthi kumar
    kranthi kumar 2 months ago +74

    Absolutely pathetic using seniors into these kinds of financial frauds. Need strict laws and jail times for those doing it.

    • scaerverie
      scaerverie Month ago +8

      Honestly bro. I'd be really happy if CBC started to name these scammers.

  • David Cook, MFS
    David Cook, MFS Month ago +31

    I am a private detective in New Orleans and have worked on some title and mortgage fraud cases, but this mechanism is truly bizarre and convoluted.

  • Sukhmanjeet Singh
    Sukhmanjeet Singh Month ago +11

    my heart melted after seeing Karl, how can people be so heartless

  • We The North
    We The North Month ago +3

    This is predatory and these people that committed these crimes need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Nadia
    Nadia Month ago +13

    So sad for these vulnerable elders. But why would they even open doors to strangers? And why didn’t they called their kids and tell them right away

    • Annabella dragonlady
      Annabella dragonlady Month ago +3

      It's a complicated situation. Older ppl fiercely protect their independence and who can blame them? And like most scam victims their embarrassed that they fell for it and so keep it to themselves. Laws need to be modified so these scammers can be charged and convicted if they do this type of thing. I agree they shouldn't answer the door but many older ppl are lonely, they've been isolated for years bc of covid. Also, many ppl have no family. Education for prevention and law reform need to happen to help stop these vultures.

  • Daddo!
    Daddo! 2 months ago +60

    These scammers must be put in jail without parole!

  • santa closed
    santa closed Month ago +31

    Kudos for this example of genuinely good journalism! Housing should be a very basic right for people above all for the climate condition we have in Canada. If this is not possible, at least we have to protect people form this kind of fraudsters in usury who exploit legal loopholes to extort money from vulnerabilities of people.

  • Ship Head
    Ship Head Month ago +30

    Preying on our most vulnerable in their most vulnerable time of life is the lowest of the low one can ever go with this kind of fraud. I hope they get them all and make an example of them all.

    • Kunal
      Kunal Month ago +4

      Really sad to see people at this age being targeted. Everyday humanity keeps hitting a new low.

  • Mr. Quinlan
    Mr. Quinlan Month ago +15

    I'm not Canadian, but I'd be going to the scammers' homes and confronting them personally, especially the lawyers.

    • dennis dragomir
      dennis dragomir Month ago

      good luck in finding them.. If you do, you need good friends in legal..

  • We The North
    We The North Month ago +11

    How is this legal? Whoever the "lender" is, they should be investigated immediately for fraud and have their lending licenses revoked. Whoever the CEO is, he or she need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Leah HY
    Leah HY Month ago +6

    This is completely inhumane to take advantage of seniors like this!! The police needs to get to the bottom of this and arrest these scumbags!!

  • DataWaveTaGo
    DataWaveTaGo Month ago +3

    If you have elderly relatives put a security system in their house that calls your phone whenever someone is at the door, with cameras & audio outside & inside so you can hear and speak back.

  • Herman Rogers
    Herman Rogers Month ago +8

    Never let anyone work on your house until they produce a contract of what they are going to do and the cost and have your own money or financing in place to do the job and never talk to strangers who show up at your door

  • Shadownix Tucker
    Shadownix Tucker Month ago +13

    can't believe this is the world we live in. and even big companies scam too, i got scammed twice by phone a company when i lived in Canada for 2 years. couldn't believe it. Thank you Marketplace for what you do

    • Pierre
      Pierre Month ago +1

      It's not the world we live in. It's the country we live in

  • Hunnie B
    Hunnie B Month ago +1

    For the love of gawd people, PLEASE tell the elders in your family to NEVER NEVER EVER open their door to anyone unless it is someone they know or are expecting. SCAMMERS are ORGANIZED CRIME, and it needs to stop!

  • B A R B I E   R O C K S
    B A R B I E R O C K S Month ago +8

    The same thing happened to my mentally ill vulnerable sister she had 4 mortgages she wasn’t aware if….she was preyed upon…honest journalism!

  • Pritesh Patel
    Pritesh Patel Month ago +23

    This is utterly shocking, and not surprising because the government has been too lenient by NOT taking any action against various forms of FINANCIAL CRIMES! This has embolden these fools! 😢

    • Dashcan
      Dashcan Month ago


    • Annabella dragonlady
      Annabella dragonlady Month ago

      100% agreed !!!

  • Liza Lee
    Liza Lee Month ago +35

    So many sick scammer’s preying on the innocent these days and they come in so many ways. I’m so glad we have this type of investigators looking into these situations. Thank you! I hope the victims find peace.

  • Kirsten Spencer
    Kirsten Spencer Month ago +2

    This happens in the states, from walk in tubs ( way overpriced ) to carpets ( just sign here ). Surprisingly common and under reported. Thanks for this story, folks talk to you older relative's and have them call you before they sign anything.

    • Kirsten Spencer
      Kirsten Spencer Month ago +1

      I forgot to add, many times " sales person " may pose as government officials in some capacity.

  • eelamre
    eelamre Month ago +7

    Thanks CBC FOR showing these scams! It's an eye opening to every Canadians

  • Michee's playhouse
    Michee's playhouse Month ago +20

    These criminal scam businesses need to be shut down immediately. And never allow those criminals to open another one EVER. And these people should be prosecuted in a court of law. The families of these older people need to get Power of Attorney over them. They're vulnerable and should be protected

    • Dashcan
      Dashcan Month ago


  • Vibhor Bahl
    Vibhor Bahl 2 months ago +31

    Market place is initself the best example for funding public broadcasting and news . Thank you

  • Hassina Gacem
    Hassina Gacem Month ago +20

    Les aînés et les enfants sont la victime facile , c’est triste et malheureux de voir qu’il y’a des gens aussi cruels et lâches dans le monde …. C’est juste triste .

  • Tira Suchorab
    Tira Suchorab Month ago +32

    Oh my dear Lord. As a retired mortgage advisor of over 20 years I am just appalled livid upon these fraudsters to take advantage and my compassionate tears goes out with prayers and justice for these home owners 🙏🕯️

  • kayn giggon
    kayn giggon 2 months ago +37

    The punishment they may receive is very minimal when compare with what they got. The risk is being catch is so low compare with the money the earn. Sometimes I think the law and judge is helping them too.

  • Sunny Choi
    Sunny Choi Month ago +1

    I am so sorry for the victims and it is so painful situation.

  • Jivan Grewal
    Jivan Grewal 2 months ago +73

    Centum mortgages branch owner Ranjit Dhillon and lawyer Anant Jain should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Mathew Scott
      Mathew Scott Month ago +28

      Those sound like some really Canadian names too, why are we letting scammers into our country?

    • Grand Admiral
      Grand Admiral Month ago +7

      ​@Mathew Scott Canadian? How those names feels Canadian ? it is more of Indian

    • Shirjeel Alam
      Shirjeel Alam Month ago +15

      @Grand Admiral The sarcasm is lost on you

    • Grand Admiral
      Grand Admiral Month ago

      @Shirjeel Alam sorry no inglish

    • John Cam
      John Cam Month ago +6

      @Mathew Scott those names are brampton, not indian.

  • grml123
    grml123 Month ago +4

    I think CBC is not going far enough. The real question is, what law(s) need to be put in place to quickly strike down scams like that

  • Manmeet Singh Nagra
    Manmeet Singh Nagra Month ago +18

    I am looking forward to a follow up of this investigation. The municipal, provincial, and federal governments should collectively look out for the interests of our seniors. The homes that have been snatched away should be returned back to their rightful owners along with a substantial compensation. Unfortunately, I see an outcome where the criminals will walk away without significant penalties.

    • Jenkins
      Jenkins 2 days ago

      The problem is they signed the document and contract law is very strong in Canada. The lawyer involved in this def needs to go to jail. Same with banks. How do you approve paperwork if the person isn’t physically there! Where’s the ID identification process?

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 2 months ago +16

    Wait, aren't contracts signed under false pretences or under duress automatically null and void? Why would these people be on the hook for these bills when what really happened was people broke in, vandalised the home, then left a pretend bill as part of a scam? How is it possible for a lien to be taken out against a home over a fraudulent charge the homeowner doesn't know anything about? Wouldn't that mean I can just take liens out on Trudeau or Ford's home and they'd actually have to pay?

    • Meow Meow
      Meow Meow Month ago +4

      @Mike W. So if I write someone else's signature onto a contract they've never once seen, a court will uphold the conditions of that contract because the other person can't prove they didn't read then sign it??? Brb, signing Trudeau up for a mortgage

    • Katie Rose
      Katie Rose Month ago +2

      You're assuming Canada actually protects its citizens and doesn't allow for bureaucratic loopholes like this to exist.

  • MR F
    MR F Month ago +12

    Please help them by all means! Put those crooks to jail!

  • Havi Preetsingh
    Havi Preetsingh Month ago +5

    The lawyers should be disbarred for their participation in an obvious criminal enterprise and likewise the mortgage companies should lose their license to practice. The victims should band together and sue for restitution to claw back any money paid. I'm sure almost none of these signed contracts would be legally upheld if they were challenged.

    • frankvonfrauner
      frankvonfrauner Month ago +1

      I'm sure the lawyer sat them down and said it was a bad mortgage and they shouldn't sign it, then pushed the paper in front of their face with the "Sign here" tab next to it.

    • Havi Preetsingh
      Havi Preetsingh Month ago

      @frankvonfrauner Several of the people in this segment are legally incapable of even signing contracts like these due to their mental state. They'd be voided if challenged. This sort of lender risk is why no intelligent mortgage company would ever partner with a criminal enterprise to lend money like this.

    • dennis dragomir
      dennis dragomir Month ago

      I think you may find it wasn't really them that went to law school, simply a similar looking relative.

  • bobinabuddy
    bobinabuddy 2 months ago +38

    My elderly father put his house in both our names (only child) so any mortgage registered would be sent to both owners….just saying it’s a safe guard and crooks like this could not get away with this 💩

    • Annabella dragonlady
      Annabella dragonlady Month ago +1

      Do you own your own home? The reason I ask is if you do, that would put you as partial owner of a second property and therefore are subjected to extra taxes. (I think so anyway). Thst s the only reason we haven't done this already. My mom and I were just talking about this the other day.

  • One of Everything
    One of Everything 26 days ago

    Ahh, this brings me to tears. These poor people, they had no idea.

  • Michee's playhouse
    Michee's playhouse Month ago +19

    Some of these old people need to start trusting their family members to assist them. They would prefer to trust some stranger who knocks at their door, more than their families.

  • Kunal
    Kunal Month ago

    So sad that after contributing to society all your life, this is what happens to you in your most vulnerable age. I feel after certain age, doctors should also advice that people should have an additional family member they trust to co-sign on their agreements. I understand people like to be independent but with these scammers, an extra layer of security like this will keep some of these scams away.

  • Matt K.
    Matt K. Month ago +1

    If someone you don't know approaches you out of the blue, especially at your home, with a smile on their face, you know they want something from you that you probably shouldn't give them.

    • dennis dragomir
      dennis dragomir Month ago

      Invite them in, and call your grandson and his friends to hear the pitch.. They will know what to do

  • AmandaHugandKiss411
    AmandaHugandKiss411 2 months ago +30

    Don't they need to get the loans, then the mortgages approved first.?
    Wouldn't the banks not approve such loans or 2nd mortgage?
    I am confused how this could happen.
    Aren't there safeguards?
    Also, shouldn't fraudulent loans or contractors' agreements be deemed invalid and these seniors be off the hook.
    This just doesn't make any sense.
    Horrible absolutely horrible 🤬

    • Derrick
      Derrick 2 months ago +7

      They have a shady lawyer who's drawing up the documentation and once signed they take out loan on the mortgage through a private lender. Homeowners lose the house. At 25% you couldn’t cover the payments and thus an eviction notice. I’d call your bank and ask for a copy of the deed or go the land registry office and get a copy. Once the documents are signed it’s legally binding.

    • Salina Vucic
      Salina Vucic 2 months ago +3

      You are confused - so do I ! Anything can happen nowadays !!! Every time they " scammers" knock at my door i just ignore them😊😊

    • NONSENSEchannel
      NONSENSEchannel Month ago +2

      I think these houses were already paid for

    • Ditto Head
      Ditto Head Month ago

      @NONSENSEchannel That makes it even sadder. Poor man

    • Annabella dragonlady
      Annabella dragonlady Month ago +1

      They would qualify if a good percentage of the home is already paid off. They don't care about it being approved bc when the victim can't make the payments, the thieves can take possession of the home.

  • We are all God's Children Love from Canada

    The Governments should protect all of us by having tougher regulations especially involving elderly. They should shut down these small shady mortgage companies, disbarred unscrupulous lawyers and jail the scammers! The white collar crime punishment is laughable! 😡😡😡👎👎👎

    • Atul soma
      Atul soma Month ago

      What and which Government you talking about????????/ Banana Republic ????

    • We are all God's Children Love from Canada
      We are all God's Children Love from Canada Month ago +2

      @Mike W. You are correct because you are still healthy enough to think logically but wait until you are old then people will take advantage of you. These people may include members of your family or friends. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Yilmaz Kaya
    Yilmaz Kaya 2 months ago +28

    Put the scammer to jail for life.

    • Ditto Head
      Ditto Head Month ago +4

      And seize all their assets. Money talks

  • JAGDEEP singh
    JAGDEEP singh Month ago +17

    True journalism CBC you are a hero and I hope the fraudsters get caught

  • Cris G
    Cris G Month ago +1

    If this happened to loved ones then vigilante justice would have to reign over those responsible. Life would be wasted and the rage and sickness would take over and culminate with a bullet in the scammers head, with no remorse. I apologize for this detail but my granny got scammed by a few times. My heart goes out to these people. May these scumbags feel infinite pain for doing this to vulnerable people.

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne Month ago +10

    There is a special place in hell for the criminal who are stealing from these poor elderly people

  • Edwin Solorio
    Edwin Solorio Month ago


  • Abhishek Tiwari
    Abhishek Tiwari 2 months ago +14

    Less than 15 years jail, for scammers will be justice denied. 😡

  • Joseph Yeo
    Joseph Yeo Month ago

    Surely there must be a way to legally assign your loved ones' financial assets to a Public Trustee or a family trust to prevent these fraudulent financial committments being made.

  • LeCutter
    LeCutter Month ago +2

    Anyone fleecing anyone - seniors especially - with any sort of scam should get an automatic 20 years in prison with hard labor and no possibility of parole. That put and end to it all PDQ.

  • Moon embrace the sun

    It make me sick to see how these people can do such thing to another human being. By ripping them off of their savings .

  • Shahila Nathan
    Shahila Nathan 2 months ago +20

    Sounds similar to what Kurt Browning advertises … reverse mortgages. You may think you’ll never fall prey to this, but you never know. We should protect the vulnerable members of our community - may be us one day.

    • DC
      DC 2 months ago +1

      This is not the same as a reverse mortgage. I do not know who Kurt Browning is or what he advertises, so maybe he is advertising a scan, I have no idea. But a real reverse mortgage from a reputable mortgage company is not a scam.

    • DC
      DC Month ago +1

      @Mike W. A reverse mortgage isn't much different than a home equity loan except you don't make monthly payments. Because no payments are made, interest compounds, just like unpaid credit cards. So you have to be aware of how the principal balance increases. You also have to know what the other restrictions are, such as continuing to live in the home, etc. It can be a great way to get equity out of a home without having to sell your house as long as you are aware of what the restrictions are and how quickly the balance escalates.

  • Cameron Salazar
    Cameron Salazar 2 months ago +7

    I feel for them this is horrible it is just as bad as those call scammers taking money from the elderly, but this is worse because they design it to take there home and all their assets also because what do your do get a foreclosures lose your house and then file bankruptcy because you dont have money to afford payments. I hope by the end this can get fixed and help the ones in this video and the ones that have been taken advantage of that aren't on video I bet there is a lot. They should be put in jail!

  • burntearth
    burntearth Month ago +1

    That's the best part of my grandma being in a home, none of these guys to worry about

  • sahibpreetsingh nagra
    sahibpreetsingh nagra Month ago +2

    This is heart breaking.

  • Tyneil McNally
    Tyneil McNally 2 months ago +17

    I hope they find how did this and all of them go to jail for the life this so sad.

    • frankvonfrauner
      frankvonfrauner Month ago

      Go to jail for what?
      They offered a contract to a person, and the person signed it.
      They know who did it, the paperwork is legal. The victims went to the lawyer of their own free will, signed mortgage documents that had all this information on them.
      When you try to tell some of these people that they're being scammed, the get belligerent and double down on it. They decide you're the problem and they trust the scammer.
      If you want to stop things like this from happening, you need to make it easier to take away signing power from incompetent people, and it's pretty obvious what would happen if you did that.

  • don684
    don684 Month ago +1

    There are just so many scams these days . The latest one is a short-term loan and if a payment is missed they sieze your vehicle and then want to charge you $5000. storage fees to get it back. This one with elderly trusting people or people with poor business acumen is pure greed. Laws must be changed to not allow this kind of predatory practice. A mortgage at
    a 25% interest rate!

  • zrk9a
    zrk9a 2 months ago +30

    We should form an agreement with North Korea. Scammers should be arrested and sent to North Korea labour camps.

  • Claire Willow
    Claire Willow Month ago +1

    Centum mortgage smart better lose in court! A lawyer should find all the victims and make a class action lawsuit. We need an Erin Brockovich on this case.

  • k hulse
    k hulse Month ago

    Time to throw the book at these crooks that go door to door and scam people/pressure people to sign up for this, especially our most vulnerable. Mortgage brokers and lawyers that sign off on this should also be on the hook.

  • Shelley Sheaves
    Shelley Sheaves Month ago

    Why on earth should they even have to pay at all? It was clearly fraud, these poor people were clearly misled, and whatever documents they were coerced in to signing need to be thrown out immediately! Unbelievable!

  • Mohammad Faaiz
    Mohammad Faaiz Month ago

    Its heartbreaking to see people using evil tactics to target seniors and disables. Nobody should ever go thru this. I hope govt do something and dismisses those mortages.
    May the wrongdoers be severely punished.

  • Pradeep Naidu
    Pradeep Naidu 2 months ago +48

    When I started watching it, I had an instinctive feeling that Indians would be involved in this. And I am not wrong. Btw, I am an Indian and it's ok to use the community's name... These people should be sued and stripped of every penny they own and then put in jail forever

    • kranthi kumar
      kranthi kumar 2 months ago +4

      I agree, financial fraud and definitely one of our ethnic group is there. Especially from Gujarati business men

    • Alan McClelland
      Alan McClelland Month ago +4

      Mr Naidu I applaud your comment, I imagine your are disgusted that this minority continues to disgrace the majority of your community. In cases where it is possible, after paying fines and serving prison time, loss of citizenship and deportation should then be reviewed. I was informed and warned that this could be the case when I immigrated many years ago. There needs to be a heavy deterant for anyone involved in crime especially on the most vunerable.

    • Pradeep Naidu
      Pradeep Naidu Month ago +5

      @Alan McClelland agree. The Canadian system is too kind on financial crimes and these crooks take advantage of it. I deliberately avoid agents/brokers/salesmen from my community. Not everyone is a crook but there are just too many to take a chance.

    • Pritesh Patel
      Pritesh Patel Month ago +5

      @kranthi kumar What data do you have to suggest it is ‘Gujarati’ businessmen? It is ONE thing to call out the individuals who perpetrated the crime (e.g., Ranjit Dhillon/Anant Jain) vs. targeting the entire community. Be very careful with such labeling, because there are MANY that are honest in their day to day engagements/operations vis-a-vis their business dealings!
      Having said that, I have NO mercy for these scamsters! They should face the WRATH of the law and rot in jail with huge FINES! 😢

    • Steve Marshall
      Steve Marshall Month ago +4

      I had the same feeling. It's unfortunate that that's people's first instinct to think that. That being said that's not the only community scamming people. Our current prime Minister is a perfect example.

  • pafcaf
    pafcaf Month ago +1

    Rules to live by: 1, do not answer the door. 2, do not answer the phone. 3, do not be polite to strangers. I'm gonna be the meanest old lady you ever met. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

  • Alek Sander Productions

    Whether its legal or not, always record (audio/visual) the people you are doing business with. Defamation is not as grave as being scammed like these people have been. Get their ID cards not business cards. Or cancel the deal.

  • Alim Uyghur
    Alim Uyghur Month ago +7

    I hope these scammers burn in hell !!

  • Notty Potvin
    Notty Potvin Month ago +5

    Make a law that requires lenders to independently contact the homeowners and verify that the mortgage is what they wanted. Give the homeowner time to consult with his/her representative. If the mortgage is being obtained under false pretenses, then no mortgage.

  • Sally Lo
    Sally Lo Month ago +2

    I always say that don’t open the door, and let strangers come in your house😢

  • 0verload
    0verload Month ago

    CBC Market place is great. If they were only this honest and transparent with everything they did we'd be in much better shape.

  • Levi Schmidt (9LivesLevi)

    I hope there's a special place for the cockroaches who pull this evil on anyone, not just the vulnerable.

  • Kate Laloba
    Kate Laloba Month ago +3

    What vile soulless creatures scam people, especially the vulnerable!

  • HC
    HC Month ago +6

    This is absolutely heartbreaking and gut wrenching. I literally felt nauseous looking at the pain and suffering that people had to endure. Shame on the law enforcement, shame on the justice system and shame on the politicians.

  • Brenton
    Brenton Month ago

    This is the Canada I have become accustomed to. If the government can screw generation after generation out of owning a home what kind of example is being set for these scammers.

  • jbmop
    jbmop Month ago

    It pains me to see this is happening.

  • Paul Garden
    Paul Garden Month ago +19

    My Mom fell prey to a similar scam. Checking up on her one day she had papers on her kitchen table with a new home insurance policy and congratulations on her new home purchase. I intervened and we managed to rally the police, provincial land titles, and our lawyer to get a $365,000 mortgage lien removed from her land title. Turns out we helped bust a larger fraud ring that had preyed on many others. The root cause I see is the lack of rigour by the provinces who hold your land title. Any lawyer can have any lien applied against your title and the province has no obligation to inform the land owner on record. Those with a free title (no mortgage or lines of credit) are at the most risk.

    • Patricia Brant
      Patricia Brant Month ago

      Is there a service that the average person can use to make sure there are no liens on the house you live in?

    • Paul Garden
      Paul Garden Month ago

      @Patricia Brant You can sign up with Equifax and get a title report. I did it for my Mom and it was $15 at the time. You may be able to contact your province's land title office directly as well.

    • Paul Garden
      Paul Garden Month ago

      @Patricia Brant Correction, I believe I got the land title report directly from the provincial land titles organization.

  • matt ematics
    matt ematics 2 months ago +51

    Why am I not surprised about the Brampton connection😂

    • JaggyB
      JaggyB 2 months ago +7

      I am ashamed to be an Indian 😢

    • Wonder Gee
      Wonder Gee 2 months ago +2

      @JaggyB you guys are getting bad vibes in Canada

    • Randy
      Randy Month ago +2

      the people whom are known for call centres scams targeting seniors

    • Ditto Head
      Ditto Head Month ago +1

      @JaggyB I don’t think you should be ashamed. Maybe you can do something about it to help redeem the image. You need to fight these people publicly

  • James Ndichu
    James Ndichu Month ago +7

    C'mon these vultures should be prosecuted.

  • Andre Rogers
    Andre Rogers Month ago

    Never deal with a mortgage broker that parks a boat in front of the office door. Some things are instinctive.

  • bobinabuddy
    bobinabuddy 2 months ago +6

    Would it have helped if the property was in both the mom’s and daughter’s name….so sad to hear this story

  • Collector Guy
    Collector Guy Month ago

    Prosecuting the perpetrators is a must, but that's after harm is done. Loneliness is the root cause. Scumbags can easily prey on isolated people, because "community" is too sparse to notice. Canadians don't know their neighbours. We need trustworthy friends within walking distance, and common places to begin new friendships. People are suffering from a lack of regular human contact.

  • Andi Andrea
    Andi Andrea Month ago +2

    Holy hell. I *NEVER* sign anything without having a lawyer read it first.

    • Pure Ahabah
      Pure Ahabah Month ago +3

      Definitely. Unfortunately, many of these seniors live alone and may not have the same level of awareness/mental capacity. Hopefully everyone involved in this scam are charged.

  • niña bonita
    niña bonita Month ago +1

    I sincerely believe that theres a special place in hell for scammers like this🤬🤬

  • mccalejk
    mccalejk 2 months ago +4

    I like how they blocked out the license plate and pops back in at 15:40

  • Ron M
    Ron M 2 months ago +8

    Sick scammers preying on these elderly people.

  • Nadia
    Nadia Month ago +1

    It’s very unfortunate that these elders had to go through this on their old age. I don’t understand why they open the doors to strangers, and why didn’t they call their kids? And why sign any documents without anyone in their corner present. Remind me of romance scams

  • Hunters laptop
    Hunters laptop 2 months ago +11

    Something in common with a lot of these mortgage scams. By demographic ratio when you read the papers from coast to coast theres is a correlation and its not Smith & Smith or Douglas & Wilson hint hint nudge nudge. Sad too as it ruins the reputation of many that do work hard, add value via merit. Not like the ole days of F'around and F'out.

  • jeff labatt
    jeff labatt 2 months ago +6

    The government should go after those people and those people come up with criminal charges and jail time.pure greed towards seniors.

    • Wildman Wild
      Wildman Wild Month ago

      A new federal government maybe that actually cares about people instead of criminals the get let out as fast as they get arrested.

    • burntearth
      burntearth Month ago

      They are, it literally says it in the video

  • Dai Nguyen
    Dai Nguyen Month ago +1

    The 2 lady investigators just made me think of the 2 detectives in the Netflix unbelievable series. Maybe they'll get a movie or TV series too. I'm starting to only trust female police to do their job lol...

  • Yovana Villar
    Yovana Villar Month ago +3

    The question is how this scammers get that information that these people are easy target and own a house ? Someone who has this information is helping them to get to them.they are not knocking doors and they find a victim , it got to have some social worker or someone that knew their condition. Hope they get to the bottom of this , it is unacceptable that people loose their house that easy !

    • Mary J
      Mary J Month ago +1

      Could also be someone hired by public health who looks in on these folks on a weekly basis.