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I destroyed 10,000 people in chess

  • Published on Jan 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 1 930

  • diamond_burger
    diamond_burger 2 months ago +51603

    Average chat elo was 300, while all the 1000+ elo players were screaming at them

    • New Meta
      New Meta 12 days ago

      @Moonsu Choi even martin sees mate in 1, and he's only 250 elo

    • FIREY
      FIREY 17 days ago

      whats an elo?

    • Zak Mcnicholas
      Zak Mcnicholas 23 days ago

      nailed it

    • Midwinter
      Midwinter 23 days ago

      Ludwig: "I love democracy."

  • William B
    William B Month ago +2000

    "The larger the crowd, the lower the IQ"
    -Rick Maybury

    • aug
      aug 14 days ago +4

      @Dargofinally someone who realises IQ doesn’t directly tell u how “smart” u are

    • Dargo
      Dargo 20 days ago +3

      @Klodi Qoshku being a fool has nothing to do with IQ. There are many people that are "fools" but have IQ's of 105-120. Normal range is between 80-120. It's the same as the male/female ratio; nature tends to balance it out, that's why it's always close to 50%

    • Klodi Qoshku
      Klodi Qoshku 20 days ago

      ​@Dargo not really because there are more fools and then genius people.

    • Dargo
      Dargo 22 days ago +8

      @dnw009 no, it's not lower. It's more average. It closes to 100 as that is the average

    • dnw009
      dnw009 22 days ago +7

      @Dargo So the lower the IQ, since that is the result.

  • The Confused Llama
    The Confused Llama Month ago +6849

    It's a good analogy for "A person is smart, society is stupid"

    • HuchiaZ
      HuchiaZ 10 days ago

      @ultru the assumption with society is certainly so, but that's also because society has the connotation of society /at large./ Though denotatively society is still any mass of people, just as mob could be used. Mobs however are comparatively referring to a group that might take up significant space but certainly smaller than the world, nation, or religion. If I were to point to a battalion of soldiers and say "look at that mob" you wouldn't suddenly think they are disorganized because the recognition that soldiers are organized. In my previous post I used the qualifiers because they are types of each, just any any other of the many versions, that I needed to differentiate since they didn't seem to recognize various forms that the technical terms could take or the denotative use of the words themselves.

    • ultru
      ultru 11 days ago

      @HuchiaZthere’s a reason why you need to use qualifiers there. No one says “disorganized mob” because that’s the implicit assumption. No one says “organized society” because that too is the implicit assumption. You had to add the qualifiers to indicate they’re exceptions to the rule.

    • Tevin O'Bannana
      Tevin O'Bannana 22 days ago

      bro your pfp confused the hell out of me

  • GothamChess
    GothamChess 2 months ago +8178

    I didn't help him this time :)

  • Seal
    Seal Month ago +391

    Imagine one dude perfectly countering his every move but getting drowned out

    • Sam Gomez
      Sam Gomez 21 day ago +1

      Id imagine there were at least a a few people that was happening to

    • Matt C
      Matt C 22 days ago +10

      Yeah, take a random group of people plus Magnus Carlsen and I could beat the most popular moves they came up with, So I'm clearly better than Magnus.

    • The Ultraconservative
      The Ultraconservative 22 days ago +17

      thats most likely what happened

    • Midwinter
      Midwinter 23 days ago +15

      Ludwig: "I love democracy."

  • Remoralisation
    Remoralisation Month ago +180

    This was no contest, even a fool knows an organised minority can beat a disorganised rabble.

    • Aayush Patel
      Aayush Patel 14 days ago

      @Sam Gomez it’s British English

    • Sam Gomez
      Sam Gomez 21 day ago +1

      Organized*, disorganized*

  • joshxmen
    joshxmen 2 months ago +5471

    10k deciding one move, i feel bad for the 2% of pros dying inside seeing the 98% of player that are new.

    • Char Luu
      Char Luu 25 days ago

      ​@J acked The pros are the evil here.They almost control everything,make horrible desicions for their own good and the noobs are the one who suffers.

    • Ali Alahmad
      Ali Alahmad Month ago

      Man any decent player can beat an average of that many players
      Ludwig knew what he was doing in that challenge

    • Wolvien
      Wolvien Month ago

      'Tis true pain

    • Logan Bai
      Logan Bai Month ago

      that perfectly describes democracy

    • KillaTundant
      KillaTundant Month ago

      @abhiram yanamandra You think they care? and wont? if they are there they are going to participate , you dont know how the internet work?

  • KaLoNeZ
    KaLoNeZ Month ago +3

    I’m smarter than you
    Hikaru and Magnus watching be like:

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun Month ago +28

    That was an insanely smooth loop. Didn’t even notice it

  • Kevin Bacon
    Kevin Bacon 2 months ago +16338

    Everybody: “ 2 heads are better than 1”
    Ludwig: “ *no* “

    • Remoralisation
      Remoralisation Month ago

      @idk I am confident I can out match most two and three headers singlehandedly. There are disadvantages to numbers you are ignoring due to a liberal bias.

    • idk
      idk Month ago +1

      @Remoralisation sounds like something a one header would say

    • Remoralisation
      Remoralisation Month ago

      ​@Bongo Knight no.

  • Boofington
    Boofington Month ago +11

    Honestly half those guys in chat are probably just plugging the game into stockfish and pretending they know what the next move should be

  • Nako
    Nako Month ago +192

    Happy ends do exist!

  • Waffle Man
    Waffle Man 2 months ago +18951

    Common clip of Ludwig beating children and celebrating:

    • Cryptic Raps
      Cryptic Raps 25 days ago


    • Tdan
      Tdan Month ago

      @Nitro opzno you 🗿

    • juiceistan1
      juiceistan1 Month ago

      Dawg its 10,000 people

    • Tea Addict
      Tea Addict Month ago

      *10 thousand children, mind you.
      That is impressive as fk

    • Fungi
      Fungi Month ago

      Kevdog approve

  • Midwinter
    Midwinter 23 days ago +9

    Ludwig: "I love democracy."

  • Nes Concen
    Nes Concen Month ago +4

    I really want a full length video of this.
    For the comments.

  • Adam
    Adam 2 months ago +6964

    This comment section is full of the 10k people that got clapped

    • abhiram yanamandra
      abhiram yanamandra 23 days ago

      @Bok Choy literally the comment? 💀

    • Bok Choy
      Bok Choy 23 days ago

      ​@abhiram yanamandra who tf asked

    • Xterminator
      Xterminator Month ago +1

      They're so b*** hurt right now. If they were smart in the first place they wouldn't bud in a streamer trying to play 1 on 1.

    • DeathAngel
      DeathAngel Month ago

      Nope because I never joined the stream

    • abhiram yanamandra
      abhiram yanamandra Month ago

      not really, im an 1800 rapid and I was in the chat too, its just that 300 elo noobs were the majority and lost the game lmfoa

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight Month ago +2

    the amount of stuff otto makes for ludwig is infinited

  • Beezid30
    Beezid30 2 months ago +9518

    he did not even mention that he got that same checkmate twice

  • DBZ4O
    DBZ4O Month ago +2

    Bet half the chat picked the right move and your ai trolled u

  • PsychoMoFoGaming
    PsychoMoFoGaming Month ago +1

    This was the most massive fucking dub I have ever seen in my life. Ive never seen a man, single handedly and in real time, absolutely demolish so many people at once. This deserves of the upmost respect.

  • Screaming cat
    Screaming cat 2 months ago +1179

    Bro the 1000+ elo were dying. Their soul just left when chat took the rook.

    • Sam Siggers
      Sam Siggers 23 days ago

      I fucking bet they would have. I would of been crying too and my elo isn't anywhere near 1000. Last time i checked when i was like 13 and had a low elo of like 150 or something. I honestly can't remember what mine was and now i dont think it would be that high either.

    • Aryan Gupta
      Aryan Gupta Month ago +1

      ​@Mugetsu no that's his fide rating , fide rating and elo are 2 different things his elo is above 3000 most super GM's have near 2800 plus elo

    • GreyPunkWolf
      GreyPunkWolf Month ago +2

      ​@mugetsu9393 It's used in nearly all competitive games with online rankings, nowadays. I'm amazed people still discover what elo means tbh

    • Ow
      Ow Month ago

      ​@Mugetsu i didn't think you were supposed to answer that but you did have to

    • Esskroe
      Esskroe Month ago +1

      @Mugetsu thanks buddy

  • banboo
    banboo Month ago +13

    “I have a problem.”
    “A gambling problem”

    COSMIC Month ago +2

    Plot twist: it was the average IQ of chat, that he is smarter then.

  • izzie
    izzie 2 months ago +2892

    lud’s in his yt shorts era

  • Shadow Woods
    Shadow Woods Month ago +2

    Bro fooled the entire stream 🤣

  • MiguelSD
    MiguelSD Month ago +4

    ngl this was incredibly genius

  • Eli Yarrows
    Eli Yarrows 2 months ago +940

    Damn that’s actually a very clean loop

    • malykye
      malykye Month ago

      His full time job, he puts in the work

    • skippi 99r
      skippi 99r Month ago +2

      people still don't know how this shits made? its not hard to make it loop like that

    • Balance 404
      Balance 404 Month ago +2


    • Sidb
      Sidb 2 months ago


  • Joaquin Rodriguez
    Joaquin Rodriguez Month ago +14

    If it was the smartest person in that chat then Ludwig would probably lose

  • jakin lee
    jakin lee Month ago +3

    Imagine if Garry Kasparov was watching the stream but the chat was making the dumb discussions and he was just raging silently

  • NiceHyper
    NiceHyper 2 months ago +1659

    ludwig is a total ludwig

    • SєηKι
      SєηKι Month ago

      I mean you aren't wrong

    • Best
      Best Month ago

      Who's Ludwig Larry potters pet owl?

    • Views
      Views Month ago

      Bro i think he copying dougdoug, even the i fooled you,

    • null void
      null void 2 months ago +4

      Ludwig is A total Clip-Share.

    • The Space Place
      The Space Place 2 months ago +2

      You missed the incredibly obvious opportunity that would have actually made your comment make sense. "Ludwig is a total Ludwin."

  • The Entertainer
    The Entertainer Month ago +1

    This video loops perfectly

  • Can of beans
    Can of beans Month ago +1

    "I'm smarter than you"
    No shit I can't even solve calculus

  • Aiden van Dijk
    Aiden van Dijk 2 months ago +670

    he proved he's somewhat better than a mob of people

    • Мади Ернар
      Мади Ернар 22 days ago

      @Matt C no, he said "most" in the video

    • Matt C
      Matt C 22 days ago

      @Мади Ернар Yeah, he said he wanted to prove he was better than everyone in his chat, actually proved he was better than the average person in his chat.
      Let's be real, if Magnus Carlsen was in his chat Ludwig still would have won as none of Magnus's strong moves would have been picked over the crowd consensus move.

    • Мади Ернар
      Мади Ернар 24 days ago

      he wanted to do exactly that, he was annoyed by suggestions from chat so he did this

    • Happyfoam 9000
      Happyfoam 9000 29 days ago

      Yeah, that's the point he was trying to make.

    • Nightwing1307
      Nightwing1307 Month ago +1

      I know a mob can't be organized, however you all know exactly what I mean. Organized group of people doesn't have the same ring to it.

  • Dark Zhiro
    Dark Zhiro 22 days ago

    Damn, that transition at the end.

  • Pundi
    Pundi 26 days ago +1

    "Nothing can beat stupidity, than the stupidity itself"

  • Game Sparky
    Game Sparky 2 months ago +1087

    bros havin way too much fun clowning a collective group of children..

    • Swordz Anderson
      Swordz Anderson Month ago +1

      @abhiram yanamandra The thing is, if you really are a mature person, you would already know the outcome and wouldn't give a damn, you wouldn't even be backseating in the first place. Those who are mad and those who got clowned, they are all immature, just different levels

    • Big Brain
      Big Brain Month ago

      Too much fun? No such thing

    • abhiram yanamandra
      abhiram yanamandra Month ago

      @Alex Martinez thats the dumbest argument, just cause anyone was in the chat doesnt mean they were bad, even a 2000 player might be present but just cause 300 elo players were more the 2000s move didnt get picked

    • Hey Lined Gear
      Hey Lined Gear Month ago

      Children are top tier clowning candidates

    • Swordz Anderson
      Swordz Anderson Month ago +2

      When those 'kids' are the ones being annoying backseaters, why shouldn't you shut them up once and for all?

  • crlz
    crlz Month ago

    gah dang that loop is perfect

  • Kennylivesmatter
    Kennylivesmatter Month ago +2

    Bro shattered my ego in a second

  • Adam Nielson
    Adam Nielson 2 months ago +345

    This is a perfect Eric Rosen "oh no, my rook" moment.

  • rushi bohra
    rushi bohra Month ago

    Bro turned into a Werewolf at the end 💀

  • Whatareu Gay
    Whatareu Gay Month ago

    I was like there is no way so eone would fall for that but his chat did💀

  • Lion King Zakary
    Lion King Zakary Month ago

    Damn perfect loop. Mad respect for the edits on that short.

  • Axiommmm
    Axiommmm 2 months ago +4

    I can imagine 1500 plus rated players typing while the 600 ones spam to do stuff

  • Mythical Gaming
    Mythical Gaming Month ago +2

    GMs have left the chat

  • Joe Blo
    Joe Blo Month ago

    I'm off to find the full version! 👏

  • ethan bloom
    ethan bloom 2 months ago +143

    Ludwig is so effortlessly uncool

  • Bappo
    Bappo Month ago +1

    imagine being the people in chat who saw the mate coming and how pissed they would be

  • Chilled Burrito
    Chilled Burrito Month ago

    "check this out!" got me dead.

  • meatsauce
    meatsauce 2 months ago +12

    Would love to see this in a long video

  • BigDozza
    BigDozza Month ago +1

    LMAO Ludwig actually gaslight his entire chat

  • Mudit Bansal
    Mudit Bansal Month ago +3

    this felt good ludwig putting the screaming kids in their place who have superiority complex

  • KestreLynn
    KestreLynn 2 months ago +34

    Surprised most of chat wasn't cheating

  • Bernald Ash
    Bernald Ash 23 days ago +1

    Its easier to predict the crowd than an individual.

  • nekuwu
    nekuwu 22 days ago

    “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”

  • Long Face
    Long Face 2 months ago +22

    He said "Twitch Chat" during stream, real ones remember

    • Long Face
      Long Face 2 months ago +1

      I remember thinking, "ohhh, he hates doing multiple takes, he's gonna have to do another after the stream"

  • Luna Ponta
    Luna Ponta Month ago

    that is the second loop i literally didn't notice happening

  • Ashu_
    Ashu_ Month ago

    oh my god the loop is genius

  • Noah Lee
    Noah Lee 2 months ago +12

    Bro really jebaited them

  • Dr0id tuftymoon
    Dr0id tuftymoon Month ago +1

    Damn I feel bad for the 1 other chest player in those 10k people

  • Mark Cardy
    Mark Cardy Month ago +13

    Shows how stupid a democracy is without a republic.

  • Eltest
    Eltest 2 months ago +18

    That loop was so clean I'm crying bro

    • skippi 99r
      skippi 99r Month ago

      this loop is everywhere its rarer for people not to cut a clip in half then put them at the beginning and end of a video

  • Law Man
    Law Man Month ago

    It’s so much easier to see best moves while watching then playing idk if it’s because of pressure or because of deflection in focus but I’ve seen great alternatives to plays that I would never be able to make in a real match

  • Kakarotto loves carrots

    The loop so smooth

  • Corbin Fritch
    Corbin Fritch 2 months ago +18

    And he sacrifices THE ROOOOKKK!!

  • FireDoctor
    FireDoctor Month ago

    Streamer has a large influence on what chat does when it comes to numbers games, so ofc he can just say things and guide them along a path of failure/victory for himself. Would've been more interesting to see a a match where he kept quiet about moves

  • Vexnatos 0zymandias

    Rosen Gambit: "Oh no, my rook" variation

  • Walshar
    Walshar Month ago +12

    that one gm trying to make chat not take rook

  • Romil
    Romil Month ago

    This was unbelievably satisfying to watch

  • Nathan sus
    Nathan sus Month ago +1

    Dude gave chat a handicap and then celebrated 💀

  • Alan
    Alan 2 months ago +3

    Ludwig making the smoothest short is something his chat can't do.

  • Brew City Boat Club
    Brew City Boat Club Month ago +1

    "A person is smart. People are dumb"

  • 5 angel
    5 angel Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣good one bro said “hold this L🤡”

  • Shira
    Shira 2 months ago +3

    Cleanest loop in the west

  • hugo d.c
    hugo d.c Month ago

    You went full Dougdoug on your chat, would be fun to add some rules for your side to spice things up like, horse have to move backwards one time or bishops limited to 4. Great video!

  • marcus vinicius
    marcus vinicius Month ago

    the video loops seamlessly and I am trapped watching this video for over 16 hours straight, help!!!

  • LarrytheCucumber
    LarrytheCucumber 23 days ago +3

    Congratulations, you proved that you are smarter than 10 year olds

  • Yuu n Mi
    Yuu n Mi Month ago

    that was a pretty good loop, DougDoug did one of these but they just vote on the screen where they will move

  • LessOfficial
    LessOfficial Month ago

    That loop is sick

  • Theo Robinson
    Theo Robinson 2 months ago +4

    Anyone got a link to this vod?

  • hìšpáńíć ďõĺphíñ

    Got those ai eyes going on

  • QGD
    QGD Month ago

    Damn this guy seems fun. Am subscribing

  • Christian Vettraino
    Christian Vettraino 2 months ago +4

    boutta get to 5 mil real quick with these shorts

  • Hiro Khai
    Hiro Khai Month ago

    "I'm smarter than you-"
    Yeah, yeah probably.

  • AlphaCentauri
    AlphaCentauri Month ago

    Can you start putting a link to the stream these clips are from in the description?

  • Supercoolmoh
    Supercoolmoh Month ago +3

    “And that’s how I proved I’m smarter than you, or at least that’s what I’m trying to prove” 💀

  • HBVG
    HBVG Month ago

    Hit chat with the “oh no my Queen…”

  • Vinca
    Vinca 12 days ago

    If this was twitch chat he would have been curb stomped

  • Dark Photon
    Dark Photon 2 months ago +8

    that's how he proved what???

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    the loop is literally flawless

  • a Youtube channel -chess-

    Bros hair is speaking for itself💀💀

  • Lennert De Voldere
    Lennert De Voldere 2 months ago +3

    I was the 1800 screaming at my screen not to play that move...

    • DarkErebus13
      DarkErebus13 Month ago

      ​@Abood Atiyatthe bishop on the right

    • Dave
      Dave Month ago

      @Abood Atiyat ever heard of a battery?

    • Lennert De Voldere
      Lennert De Voldere Month ago

      ​@Abood Atiyat the queen is defended

    • Abood Atiyat
      Abood Atiyat Month ago

      Since u are 1800, why it’s checkmate? There is nth defending the queen and the king can take out the queen

  • Vier
    Vier Month ago

    bro really make a the shaggy laugh 💀💀💀

  • Niksan_GG
    Niksan_GG Month ago

    Bro went full homelander on chat

  • The Squeaking Gamer
    The Squeaking Gamer 2 months ago +6

    This sounds like a Doug Doug thing

  • The Warped Gasket
    The Warped Gasket Month ago

    Be glad you still play. at least random people don't call you a liar for recalling a memory lol

  • Tim Eriksson
    Tim Eriksson Month ago

    Yooo. Wanna share that program to the rest of us?

  • dorlamin
    dorlamin 2 months ago +5

    bro thinks he’s hikaru 😂😂😂

  • Firecat 1910
    Firecat 1910 Month ago

    "And that's how I proved, I'm smarter than you, atleast that's what I'm trying to prove"

  • Daniel Buzdugan
    Daniel Buzdugan Month ago

    This loops so hard

  • Robbie Preble
    Robbie Preble 6 days ago

    That loop though… it’s becoming a norm and that scares me