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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 14 - THE BROKEN BRIDGE

  • Published on Jun 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft 9: Episode 14 - Grian has been dared... also doing some minecraft hermitcraft stuff!

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  • Casey Daniels

    Every time someone says a system is "Grian-proof," the universe goes and invents a better Grian.

  • AbyssalRook

    Grian: "I'll really have to think about how to make up a fake word."

  • Ashton O'Brien

    Iskal: "Complete this dare in the next episode"

  • Andy Millikan

    You should put pink/purple “rift energy” between the rocks of the bridge like the rift is holding them together

  • jill ak
    jill ak  +2

    The fact that chobblesome semi-legitimately exists now is my favorite thing ever. Best origin story for a new word in awhile.

  • pisodart
    pisodart  +405

    Can we just appreciate how grian and scar are in almost every single of each other's hermitcraft episodes now or atleast mentioned in every ep, I love their friendship :D

  • DBass
    DBass  +14

    You should dare Zedaph; he’s been killing it this season with this “Zedvancements”. He’s someone who will give 120% to whatever ridiculous task you give him.

  • MisteryMo
    MisteryMo  +149

    I got diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year and Grian starting a thousand projects at once without finishing a single one is such a mood

  • LittleRed 1207

    They turned Chobblesome into an actual word with the description of;

  • Rita Enwere

    "I have an overwhelming amount of things to do, which means I've done none of them"

  • Kittycraft 101

    Grian: "I'm gonna be so productive this episode, we are going to get this project done."

  • Marcus Lewitzki

    I must say, this is probably the most chobblesome episode this season.

  • Mash
    Mash  +5

    Grian: “I love your base, it’s very chobblesome”

  • Kavya Selvakumar


  • TanisshiA Agarwaal

    Grian: some determination to stop procrastinating

  • maidoesdumbshit

    Whoever put that creeper there should just put them in everyone's bases and stuff to freak them out

  • SpittinCobra Gaming

    The power of Grian's fanbase is real lol. If u look up chobblesome now, it actually shows Grian's meaning for it XD(cuz Urban Dictionary). Grian literally invented a new word :)

  • T B
    T B  +29

    In all honesty I would like to hear Grian’s kelp science because I need to make a keep farm for my survival world. And I’d be great to expand upon my kelp knowledge

  • PotatoFish7

    Grian at the start of each episode: "I'm gonna make so much progress today"

  • Patrick Reilly

    "If you're ever in trouble, just run" thats a quite chobblesome idea grian