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Comedy Actress Roundtable: Jenna Ortega, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Elle Fanning, Ayo Edebiri & More

  • Published on Jun 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Ayo Edebiri ('The Bear'), Elle Fanning ('The Great'), Devery Jacobs ('Reservation Dogs'), Natasha Lyonne ('Poker Face'), Jenna Ortega ('Wednesday'), and Sheryl Lee Ralph ('Abbott Elementary') join The Hollywood Reporter for our Comedy Actress Roundtable.
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    Comedy Actress Roundtable: Jenna Ortega, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Elle Fanning, Ayo Edebiri & More
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  • Nancy
    Nancy 3 months ago +4497

    Elle Fanning has been in Hollywood for so long and I’m so glad that she’s at a place now where she feels comfortable sharing the horrible experiences that she has had. Love her

    • Deer Heart
      Deer Heart 3 months ago +38

      I really ❤ her and she’s super talented

    • Sharon Shade
      Sharon Shade 3 months ago +21

      Ditto. I am a huge fan of her in The Great. She’s amazing!

    • Diana A
      Diana A 3 months ago +22

      She’s sooo amazing!! Love her and her sister Dakota.

    • lolsaXx
      lolsaXx 3 months ago +7

      "The Great" was incredible!

  • ArtlessCalamity
    ArtlessCalamity 3 months ago +4661

    So much admiration for Devery Jacobs for correcting Sheryl about the language used to talk about indigenous peoples. It took guts to call that out on someone older and on a big public platform, and she did it with kindness and in service to education.

    • HarleQueen
      HarleQueen 3 months ago +1232

      And Sheryl taking it in stride and completely understanding

    • bambi
      bambi 3 months ago +205

      @HarleQueen seriously! i loved everything about that interaction

    • WeAreTheRumerz
      WeAreTheRumerz 3 months ago +125

      @HarleQueen Exactly! Out of all the gems dropped here, that was the biggest one...this was amazing!

    • Mimi Pinkdot
      Mimi Pinkdot 3 months ago +360

      I know she felt uncomfortable about it though. I saw her try to sip some water and calm herself down after! Those kind of interactions are panic inducing and they both handled it very well.

    • Andrew_ASMR
      Andrew_ASMR 3 months ago +216

      This part of the conversation is around 43:56 if anyone is curious.

  • Screen Favorites
    Screen Favorites 3 months ago +4449

    More ACTRESS roundtables plz. Natasha sayin you dont have to live like this to Ayo is Everything.

    • Corrie Cron
      Corrie Cron 3 months ago +186

      this was my favorite. It was like Azalea Banks' message to Taylor on Matt Healy. Like no. Aim higher.

    • Screen Favorites
      Screen Favorites 3 months ago +68

      @Corrie Cron This. You can do so much better. The Bar is on the floor.

    • min min
      min min 3 months ago +7

      ​@Corrie Cron what did azalea banks say to Taylor about matt healy?

    • Yasin M.
      Yasin M. 3 months ago +74

      @min min that he smells like cheese and to dump him.

    • Gab19
      Gab19 3 months ago +10

      @min min nothing she shouldn’t know (or didn’t know) already. Tay Tay just didn’t care

  • Allison Atwell
    Allison Atwell 3 months ago +1098

    the fact that jenna looked up to elle’s sister for years and years and now jenna and elle are doing incredible things together is so heartwarming

  • 1bwash
    1bwash 3 months ago +2702

    Of course it's cool to have the new young celebs on these panels, but wow, do the older ones have amazing wisdom! Just hearing Sheryl and Natasha talk so honestly and with such gratitude is really inspiring.

    • Peter
      Peter 3 months ago +121

      the comination of young and the experienced ones is perfect at this table

    • NinjaGamer13
      NinjaGamer13 3 months ago +9

      Sheryl was absolutely the best, but I found Natasha a bit annoying, though, tbh. She came across kind of full of herself and just spoke without end, but without any of the substance of charm or insight that Sheryl had.

    • niyjah rose
      niyjah rose 3 months ago +5

      I really love when there’s a mix like this. Love the variety of experiences and viewpoints!

    • Purushottam Kumar Sharma
      Purushottam Kumar Sharma 3 months ago

      Waah super

  • Ron Ne
    Ron Ne 3 months ago +1522

    These conversations are so important. Shout out to Devery Jacobs for speaking up and correcting people. Such a huge fan of Sheryl lee Ralph, and her response is exactly why!!!

    • NinjaGamer13
      NinjaGamer13 3 months ago +9

      No, what Devery did was awful. Going out of her way to disrespectfully “correct” a much older, more experienced, wiser actress who is clearly very sweet and intelligent out of an arrogant sense of entitlement is nothing to be proud of. Sheryl did indeed handle it with incredible grace, though, so props to her.

    • Ron Ne
      Ron Ne 3 months ago +123

      @NinjaGamer13 what would of been a respectful way to word it?

    • ew
      ew 3 months ago +69

      @NinjaGamer13 get real boomer

    • NinjaGamer13
      NinjaGamer13 3 months ago +1

      @ew I’m younger than Devery is bro 😂 I’m just not an idiot who can’t tell the difference between haughty disrespect and productive communication

    • NinjaGamer13
      NinjaGamer13 3 months ago +6

      @Ron Ne She could start by not needlessly going to the extreme lengths she did just to try to excessively and publicly embarrass Sheryl as much as possible with it. But first of all, to make an issue out of the use of that term in this context in the first place is petty and pedantic, especially considering the generational difference between the two that should be graciously accepted with understanding
      But if she absolutely had to “correct” Sheryl, the polite way to have done it would have been to quite simply use her preferred term a couple times in direct reply to Sheryl, perhaps even quoting Sheryl but with her preferred term in place of “Indians,” and then, if she really felt the need and had the boldness to do more than that, she could have spoken with Sheryl privately about it after they were done filming more directly.
      What Devery instead decided to do was be a perfect stereotype of an arrogant, hypersensitive millennial.

  • Briana McGinty
    Briana McGinty 3 months ago +2600

    Props to Ayo for saying she was “looking for a check.” I feel like so many people would look down on her for saying that because acting is looked at as an art instead of a job. But at the end of the day acting is her JOB. And what she said about if the pilot was to not be picked up, how was she going to return to the writers room, was so true. Because as we all know, writers don’t get paid enough.

    • T
      T 3 months ago +115

      ESPECIALLY being a writer and stand up AND MINORITY

    • Booms35
      Booms35 3 months ago +62

      It's typically the celebrities who already have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives that are the ones who worry more about the artistic side of acting. It makes sense for actors like Ayo who are recently successful to be more worried about the paycheck.

    • Z3RO
      Z3RO 3 months ago +7

      ​@Booms35 I think both groups, especially the young and upcoming actors so care about the artistic value of acting imo.

    • VoodooMcVee
      VoodooMcVee 3 months ago +11

      Of course, making art is always a job. Painting was van Gogh's job, carving sculptures was Michelangelo's job, writing music was Mozart's job. It's what they did to put food on their tables (very little food in van Gogh's case).

    • Hallåja
      Hallåja 3 months ago +1

      Yes! It was so refreshing to hear!

  • barbiquearea
    barbiquearea 3 months ago +1322

    Glad Elle is finally getting the attention she so deserves.

    • Yusef Murray
      Yusef Murray 3 months ago +22

      She is amazing and so is her sister

    • Deer Heart
      Deer Heart 3 months ago +3

      So so talented and beautiful

    • Hannah HBIC
      Hannah HBIC 3 months ago +22

      She is so underrated in The Great. Want her to win some awards for that.

    • Ogone
      Ogone 3 months ago

      What happened to her older sister

  • Shawn Carter
    Shawn Carter 3 months ago +1737

    Nice to see Sheryl finally get her recognition she deserves

    • Yusef Murray
      Yusef Murray 3 months ago +30

      It’s about damn time

    • giang kim
      giang kim 3 months ago


    • DA !
      DA ! 3 months ago +1

      just cuz shes black.

    • Angelic Annihilator
      Angelic Annihilator 3 months ago +2

      Bruh she hasn't done anything besides one show, calm down 😂

    • Shawn Carter
      Shawn Carter 3 months ago +13

      @Angelic Annihilator I mean she has y’all just haven’t been paying attention

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 3 months ago +1085

    Sheryl finally get her recognition she deserves

  • pasta lover
    pasta lover 3 months ago +439

    As a teenage indigenous girl, I could not admire Devery more. Reservation Dogs holds such a deep, important place in my heart not only because it is filmed in my hometown and recognizes the way I and many of my friends grew up, but because it's not often the reality of our culture is presented in such a large way. I think it's so inspiring to watch Devery and the rest of the cast shed light on not only my experiences but many, many other indigenous teens across the world. Because of Rez Dogs, it reminds me that I am not defined by where I came from and how I look.

    • Yes Sirree
      Yes Sirree 3 months ago +1

      That is why as indigenous ppl, you should stop expecting hollywood or whyte ppl to make these types of shows/movies for you or expect race-swapping for diversity points. We are aching for originality. And if you want ppl to watch your culture on screen, then make it. =)

    • Brynn Cameron
      Brynn Cameron 3 months ago +21

      @Yes Sirree that’s exactly why reservation dogs was made, us as natives had to create that representation for ourselves. hence why there’s all indigenous actors, writers, producers working on that show, not to mention the several other projects by other native film makers currently in the works :)

    • Yes Sirree
      Yes Sirree 3 months ago

      @Brynn Cameron That is fantastic. =)

    • Aushim Das
      Aushim Das Month ago +4

      i don't even live in the US and even i loved it. such a well-made show, really deserves all the attention it's getting

  • kalei watwood
    kalei watwood 3 months ago +418

    It’s so fascinating to observe the difference between actor roundtables and actress roundtables. Both are extremely respectful and intelligent but I can’t help but notice the pure joy that emits from a group of women who are there to share stories and passion for their craft. The random jokes that make the entire table erupt with laughter reminds me I’m grateful to be a woman.
    There’s something about women of all different backgrounds getting to praise each other while also receiving praise for their outstanding work that warms my heart.

  • x
    x 3 months ago +687

    I need Sheryl to be my life coach 😂 That woman was spitting gems

    • JeJe Palmer
      JeJe Palmer 3 months ago +11

      i thought u said spittin germs i was like hold up😭

    • JA
      JA Month ago


  • Emma Marshall
    Emma Marshall 3 months ago +412

    I feel like Elle Fanning is still underrated. Her performance in The Great is one of the best I've ever seen. That whole cast is amazing. I wish more people in my life would watch it!

    • Janaya Webb
      Janaya Webb 3 months ago +1


    • Kylie Dee
      Kylie Dee 3 months ago +9

      Such an underrated gem of a show.

    • lekatelyn
      lekatelyn 3 months ago +4

      It's definitely very well written and hilarious, somehow manages to shock me at every turn.

    • Fiona Mayfield
      Fiona Mayfield 3 months ago +1

      How exceptional are they in that show!?

  • Cine Fiend40
    Cine Fiend40 3 months ago +591

    Truly one of the best roundtables I’ve seen thus far. It’s always an interesting watch when it’s the women’s roundtable because their issues and struggles are completely different from the men’s: Natasha’s account of how people find it shocking that she can do it all but would not bat an eye if it was a Harvey Keitel or how Jenna’s assertiveness could be misconstrued as problematic. But each of these women have such great wisdom and knowledge and self-awareness about the industry that is so inspiring and powerful to watch. And I love the addition of Indigenous American actress Devery Jacobs whose presence and knowledge is powerful in itself.

    • starryxblue
      starryxblue 3 months ago +16

      @C3 girl no one said that

    • Claudia
      Claudia 3 months ago +15

      @C3quite a leap in logic you made there

    • bennett!
      bennett! 3 months ago +5

      @C3 the lack of critical thinking skills is insane

    • Hannah HBIC
      Hannah HBIC 3 months ago +3

      Agreed that this is one of the best roundtables yet. Well done to all ladies.

  • coooolio
    coooolio 3 months ago +819

    It’s great seeing young gen Z actresses like Jenna, Elle, and Ayo on here!

    • Kimberly F
      Kimberly F 3 months ago +19

      Elle is 25 a millennial

    • Kimberly F
      Kimberly F 3 months ago +45

      The only Gen z here is Jenna who is 20 ayo is also 27 LMAO

    • coooolio
      coooolio 3 months ago +18

      @Kimberly F nope. Elle just turned 25. They’re both gen Z. Ayo is gen Z depending on who you ask.

    • Kimberly F
      Kimberly F 3 months ago +6

      @coooolio well I’m just speaking FACTUALLY lol if you search up Gen Z it’s from age 8-23. They’re millennials period lol

    • coooolio
      coooolio 3 months ago +12

      @Kimberly F no they are not. The start date for gen Z is 95-late 96. The two are gen Z. I’m sorry but I can personally send you factual sources from Pew and other websites.

  • NinjaGamer13
    NinjaGamer13 3 months ago +957

    Jenna was too polite and introverted to speak much 🥺🫶🏻 but Sheryl kept me entertained 😆 Loved her and now I need to watch Abbott Elementary

    • Freddy Feliciano
      Freddy Feliciano 3 months ago +255

      Jenna was too busy listening to speak much but when she does speak, she makes a lot of great points, especially about being heard in the industry, which if she did not put her foot down, the show "Wednesday" would not be as successful as it was.

    • ebbyking123
      ebbyking123 3 months ago +11

      @Freddy Feliciano yes I agree too.

    • CJ Stryder
      CJ Stryder 3 months ago +33

      As Sheryl said "she's a grown @$$ woman" she's lived and seen it all.

    • AminYapussi
      AminYapussi 3 months ago +48

      She is also by far the biggest one(in terms of commercial success) so I am pretty sure she is worried about taking too much of the spotlight.

    • ebbyking123
      ebbyking123 3 months ago +39

      @AminYapussi yes I agree like recently she’s a the most popular one. But Elle fanning is popular too. One of the things about Jenna is that she is a humble person and that she treats people with respect.

  • Sandy J.
    Sandy J. 3 months ago +207

    I love Natasha for noticing that the moderator cut Sheryl off while she speaking and made sure she was able to regain the floor to finish her thought.

  • Tiona K
    Tiona K 3 months ago +148

    Sheryl is just a beam of light and I love how she celebrates the others in real time. That “yay you” was so cute. I know that was felt.

  • Visitor Zeta
    Visitor Zeta 3 months ago +687

    Glad to see Elle Fanning here. I am really enjoying her work. The Great is a fantastic show.

    • Nancy
      Nancy 3 months ago +24

      She has been getting booked in so many promising new projects too. I definitely see her career reaching new heights in the next few years

    • barbiquearea
      barbiquearea 3 months ago +15

      @Nancy I know. She's got that upcoming Bob Dylan biopic with Timothee Chalamet, which I am especially excited for. She is certainly going places.

    • Theo aire
      Theo aire 3 months ago +9

      Yes , finally , she has been working in the industry since she was a child but it seems like now she’s pivoting her career to a whole new direction

    • Isabella G. Colsa
      Isabella G. Colsa 3 months ago +4

      she's so sweet🥺

    • Nikita Mohan
      Nikita Mohan 3 months ago +4

      @Theo aire She said in an interview she got rejected for a big blockbuster movie cuz she didn't have enough "insta" followers or at least that's what she heard. Ridiculous.

  • M. A.
    M. A. 3 months ago +62

    Ayo is so effortlessly hilarious, she truly is a comedic talent ❤

  • Czechbound
    Czechbound 3 months ago +419

    Natasha is so cool. The End. And notice how she searches out others opinions, and brings Jenna into the conversation. She is a great co-moderator her. Subtly helping the group dynamic. Is she single ? Not asking for a friend

    • memegirl
      memegirl 3 months ago +38

      her and fred armisen broke up not too long ago. shoot your shot 🫡

  • diddo
    diddo 3 months ago +79

    About to cry when Natasha started being real after the "are you having fun?" conversation, its such an overlooked thing thats so honest.

  • Melissa Ngai
    Melissa Ngai 3 months ago +41

    The conversation about Devery battling with trying to represent Native Americans a "right" way but also reminding herself that she herself *is* the accurate representation is so relatable to me. Like even as people who aren't actors, it's so easy to doubt yourself in a job or position and think you have to fit a certain mold even when no one's necessarily told you that.

  • Noah Song
    Noah Song 2 months ago +40

    "Fame frees people up to be exactly who they are. EXACTLY who they are!'
    - Sheryl Lee Ralph.
    So profound.

  • LordeFlocka Tee
    LordeFlocka Tee 3 months ago +504

    This is genuinely making me emotional. I’m so proud of all of them 🥹🌻

    • Emy🌌
      Emy🌌 3 months ago +3


    • Girl Strong
      Girl Strong 3 months ago +2

      @Emy🌌are you sigma .

    • Emy🌌
      Emy🌌 3 months ago +1

      @Girl Strong 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    • Sara
      Sara 3 months ago

      Riiight ♥️ amazing ladies

    • LordeFlocka Tee
      LordeFlocka Tee 3 months ago +3

      @Emy🌌 idk…. Normal human emotion🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Pokhraj Roy
    Pokhraj Roy 3 months ago +217

    Congratulations to Devery Jacobs on all their achievements and congratulations on directing an episode of television.

    • Krimson Rose
      Krimson Rose 3 months ago

      Her* Devery identifies as a she/her

    • Pokhraj Roy
      Pokhraj Roy 3 months ago +4

      @Krimson Rose Their is a gender non-specific pronoun.

  • x
    x 3 months ago +177

    Ayo kills me 😂 Anytime I watch any interview of hers I just think of how much I want her to be my friend

  • Christian R
    Christian R 3 months ago +48

    Jenna really surprised me. She didn’t give into anything anyone tried to feed her. She’s just playing what fits her and giving it her all. She’s going to have a bright future

  • Malik Nauman Feroz
    Malik Nauman Feroz 3 months ago +127

    Elle Fanning (and Nicholas Hoult) is so underrated for her performance as Catherine the Great in The Great. Not only is the show well-made, all the performances are top-class. I wish she and the show got some well-deserved love.

    • Jamie Disu
      Jamie Disu 3 months ago

      They’ve both been nominated for Emmys, Golden Globes and SAG’s for their performances so I’d hardly say they’re underrated.

    • bébé boudeur
      bébé boudeur 2 months ago

      maybe it's a platform thing cause i would love to see it but i can't afford to pay for all streaming services

  • Elena Mazzoni
    Elena Mazzoni 3 months ago +429

    So happy Sheryl and Elle are in this ☺️

    • Tiger204
      Tiger204 3 months ago

      Just here for Jenna and Natasha

  • slasher
    slasher 3 months ago +406

    ayo and jenna being in the same room makes me soo happy 💗

    • karla veronika
      karla veronika 3 months ago +2

      saaaame fr

    • ess
      ess 2 months ago +1

      lol i was just gonna say that

  • Basicallyabush
    Basicallyabush 3 months ago +182

    You can tell how much love and how passionate Jenna has when talking about acting she's definitely going to go very far in her career and she’s very intelligent and not to mention incredibly Beautiful, I Think she’ll win a Oscar and many more awards in the future for sure she’s such an amazing actress already, And I’m rooting for her, and can’t wait to see what she does next. :)

  • Jules Simma
    Jules Simma 3 months ago +220

    I love that Elle was in this she’s so underrated. So is Dakota Her sister. So was one of the best child actresses.

  • Tanisha F
    Tanisha F 3 months ago +199

    Love hearing Natasha & Sheryl speak. Two powerhouses

  • Ocean Sage
    Ocean Sage 3 months ago +165

    Elle Fanning has been underrated ever since Somewhere & The Beguiled. Appreciate all these actresses being honest about their careers

    • Hannah HBIC
      Hannah HBIC 3 months ago +8

      Somewhere! That is such an underrated film. Probably Sofia's most sincere film.

  • Dai1lest
    Dai1lest 3 months ago +103

    This whole things was just so wholesome as a whole and seeing/hearing everyone speak and their experiences is always a great to hear, with that said I just love Jenna's whole demeanor, like she just gives a natural shyness to her yet she knows when to be herself and finally let her voice be heard not just for her sake but for the future people coming up especially with her age, I just truly find her amazing

  • mellan edits
    mellan edits 3 months ago +77

    HUGE fan of Ayo, her comedic timing is so perfect!!!!

  • JA
    JA Month ago +3

    To see how far Jenna has come and just seeing her receive credits for her work makes me so proud and she is someone that many of us look up to so much....she basically is someone that most of us grew up with and someone that is relatable to youths, genzs

  • Basicallyabush
    Basicallyabush 3 months ago +134

    As a long time fan of Jenna I’m so happy seeing all the success she’s been getting she’s so humble, down to earth, intelligent, talented, witty, Caring, and not to mention one of the most beautiful women in the world with a beautiful soul, I can’t think of anyone else who deserves it more than her, She is such and amazing person and actress and when you hear her talk about acting you can see how much love and passion she has for it and making films in general, And I can guarantee you 100% Jenna Ortega will be one of the biggest Names and actors in the world and industry In the future and she will win a Academy Award or multiple of them and many many more other prestigious awards, She is already so incredibly talented and I can’t wait to see her career blossom and grow and she what she dose in the future, Maybe producing and Directing Films and TV and I’ll be rooting for her and watching whatever she’s in or a part of in anyway and supporting her. ❤️

    • Miranda Benavides
      Miranda Benavides 3 months ago +7

      Totally right, btw I think she's already one of the biggest names in the Industry and a phenomenal queen in Hollywood🥰

  • BookishWeirdo
    BookishWeirdo 3 months ago +124

    Natasha, if you see this, write something where everyone at this table comes together and collaborates on an epic piece. This was a fantastic table full of chemistry and love and support for each other.

    • Sara
      Sara 3 months ago +3

      🤣 Natasha is so fantastic. She totally could. ❤❤ sign me uuup🎉😊

    • Hannah HBIC
      Hannah HBIC 3 months ago +5

      Righ? All of them worked so well together. Come on, Natasha, make it happen.

  • edie
    edie 3 months ago +224

    jenna talks really fast at the start almost as if she thinks she shouldn’t be taking up time, it’s nice to see the older actors like natasha speaking to and involving her

  • cinnamon girl
    cinnamon girl 3 months ago +128

    Elle Fanning is so underrated. Her acting in The Great is perfect!!!

    • pelemaga
      pelemaga 3 months ago +3

      Yesss! She has her own wonderful vibe🌸✨🧁💗🍨

    • Sharon Shade
      Sharon Shade 3 months ago

      Perfect indeed.

    • Hannah HBIC
      Hannah HBIC 3 months ago


    • Moon Paradise
      Moon Paradise Month ago

      Yessss and she was phenomenal “The Girl From Plainville”. I hate how no one talks about her performance in that show. She was literally killer!

  • Melissa
    Melissa 3 months ago +72

    Sheryl is amazing. The way she reacted to being politely corrected showed off her grace

  • Dreaa
    Dreaa 3 months ago +29

    so glad Devery Jacobs is in this and getting the recognition she deserves!! She was amazing in both seasons of Reservation Dogs

  • Sara
    Sara 3 months ago +80

    Natasha Lyonne saying she’s playing an ageless character…. Honestly so fits. Poker face is so fantastic, I never ever wondered what age her character is. I was just fascinated by the character and wanted to hang out with her 😂

  • Maddie Bee
    Maddie Bee Month ago +11

    Jenna is the most mature 20 year old ever. She is so kind and humble. I’ve never heard her be selfish or over the top. Adore her, she’s doing such beautiful things.

  • Basicallyabush
    Basicallyabush 3 months ago +150

    I love Jenna’s personality, and she’s also incredibly beautiful, talented and intelligent.

  • ItsYaBoi34
    ItsYaBoi34 3 months ago +44

    I love how when Sheryl Lee spoke, everybody gave full attention and respected the OG in the room. Everybody came and dropped gems. And I’m a huge fan of Jenna so this was a treat for me.

  • Wouldn'tYouLikeToKnowWeatherBoy

    just love to see such a healthy conversation between such strong women about their experiences. you can feel all the love and support. plz do more women round tables !!

  • palemoonlight96
    palemoonlight96 3 months ago +64

    Elle Fanning: a flower garden
    Jenna Ortega: a dark night sky
    Seriously it's so cool seeing these two icons interact with each other

    • David Sinnott
      David Sinnott 3 months ago +3

      If you haven’t caught it yet, their actors on actors interview dropped on Wednesday

    • bébé boudeur
      bébé boudeur 2 months ago

      @David Sinnott on wednesday eheheh

  • Charlie Flickinger
    Charlie Flickinger 3 months ago +6

    "Fame frees people up to be exactly who they are. EXACTLY who they are." Sheryl Lee Ralph really is an icon. And she is 100% correct.

  • Tommy Jones
    Tommy Jones 3 months ago +35

    so happy for Ayo, finally getting the recognition she deserves

  • Jackie Delia
    Jackie Delia 3 months ago +94

    What a great table of wonderful empowering women. Natasha is genuinely an amazing actor and I hadn't realized how much she had been in. What a career! Also Tim Burton has found his new Johnny Depp in Jenna Ortega. You go warrior woman!

    • D
      D 3 months ago +1

      Love your comment :)

    • TheUndeclaredNation
      TheUndeclaredNation 3 months ago

      Please don't refer to Jenna as a 'warrior woman' - it's so disrespectful to actual warriors.

  • Christopher Sancho
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    My one last takeaway from all of this is that I'm missing out on a Larry David Marvel film. That idea of him being continually annoyed and inconvenienced by the existence and intervention of superheroes and villains would be hilarious to watch. Feige! Get on it!

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    • Lydia <3
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      @NinjaGamer13 I'm sorry.. What? Entitled? Petty? You could not be any more incorrect, especially going out of your way to hate on Devery on every single comment applauding the interaction between Sheryl and Devery. So I think you, my friend, are the one who is being Entitled, Petty, and Disrespectful.

    • bruh vibes
      bruh vibes 3 months ago


    • Lydia <3
      Lydia <3 3 months ago

      @bruh vibes Yes, exactly? Although indigenous is a broad term she made it clear she was talking about Native American’s. Jenna is Puerto Rican and Latina, so what Devery was specifically talking about did not apply to her. Also? Jenna is completely capable of talking about her own Culture, Ethnicity, etc and everybody knows that. She takes every chance she can to advocate for Latin people, and people of all colors. It’s not just about Jenna here. Sheryl should be corrected, and it’s not her fault because she didn’t know. She probably grew up learning the term was okay, because at one point it was but things have changed. Devery did the best thing possible.

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