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The best fan moments in sports history 🔥

  • Published on Nov 27, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Llama
    Llama  +28

    That kid was waiting for that moment all his life

  • justanotherprospector

    “Drugs won’t affect my child.”

  • Daisy Giraffes.99

    The fact that the kid wasn't upset that he didn't catch the ball and jus looked at the man in awe warms my heart so much

  • Seth Yaiko

    For all who haven’t seen the last one the guy goes on for about 5 more minutes

  • Cartcazio!

    Their chicken tenders were so dry she had to dip them in her drink 💀

  • jill
    jill  +232

    that last one was like the quiet kid 💀💀

  • Ron Nas
    Ron Nas  +8

    I feel so bad for the people trying to propose

  • Blue_Ph()enix

    She reacted pretty well for being caught on camera like that 😅

  • Kureomi-ko

    The girl after Selena let her impulsive thoughts win

  • The_Human _Voice

    Can't figure out the kid in green top is a kid or an adult lol

  • ProvenMaster

    That kid was watching too many mommy and daddy wrestling matches 💀

  • Azrael
    Azrael  +38

    In that last clip, that man poured his heart and soul out

  • Joudy elghannam

    I bet you the last guy just had his first drink…

  • Koixruu
    Koixruu  +78

    Dude was confident asf. That MUST be his favourite song

  • Ashes
    Ashes  +47

    that guy at the last was having his own personal concert

  • Master Doog-de-gay

    I met Selena in person and she is so humble and down to earth girl, like she offered me her cake.

  • Puneet Gupta

    Green bro crossed puberty in an instant.

  • Colorful tree🎄

    The kid was waiting for that moment his entire life

  • ZYA_dabest

    Yooo the kid in the green shorts😂

  • Dreadful2Savior1

    That kid in the green grew up to fast🤣