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Adin Ross Is Fighting For His Life 😂

  • Published on Sep 14, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Official__quotes

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  • nobraincellsleft

    Adin: " Damn, that wall looking mad wally today."


    Adian. “That air is behind me might be more breathable”

  • Zach Garcia

    "Wow, this ceiling sure looks like a ceiling right now"

  • Icy water

    “Did the walls always have this much detail?”

  • Christian Shinn

    Adin: “wait what color was that wall again”

  • Lester The Local Fatty

    My man tried his best not to fail NNN.

  • Touch grass

    “We must stay focused brothers, we must stay focused”

  • ChipatarTheLastChipBender

    Adin: "Damn, ain't that wall lookin fine? GOD DAMN THAT WALL IS HANDSOME TODAY!"

  • Lunesto G
    Lunesto G  +47

    those head phones are awesome he was able to tell the difference between the sound of her voice facing the mic vs not facing the mic

  • Jxyden
    Jxyden  +9

    “We must stay focused brothers, we must stay focused.”


    "We must stay focused brothers, we must stay focus just turn and stare at a wall"

  • Faded Mugen The sleep god

    ayo that Abella danger?! vro bout to get head from a OG pormstar 💀😭

  • Chill_jello

    when your watching a movie with your parents and there’s a kissing scene:

  • Davy BG
    Davy BG 21 day ago +3

    Adin: "The wall been looking kinda closer lately."

  • giga-chad-luigi
    giga-chad-luigi 14 days ago +1

    "Oh hell naw I'm failing NNN to a wall" 🗿

  • Fallout
    Fallout  +17

    me when im watching a movie with my parents:

  • gomes
    gomes 21 day ago +5

    That time when you miss a big hint but think you being followed by a ghost lol

  • Tyler Paulson

    Adins life flashed before his eyes when ms. Danger said “what can I do to make it up to you”

  • Assedio
    Assedio  +7

    Adin slowly becoming a G