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Olympique Lyonnais vs. Arsenal | UEFA Women's Champions League 2022-23 Matchday 1 Livestream

  • Published on Oct 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • SQAF
    SQAF 11 months ago +113

    This match really shows what Arsenal can do when they put their mind to it

    • Shuhada Al-Rahman
      Shuhada Al-Rahman 11 months ago +3

      Theyre lacking strong mentality since last season. Jonas + Euro and Copa America wins really fuel their gear after losing the league by 1 point. It amazing to see, its like their men's team. This is refreshing to see

    • Zamoluhle Shabalala
      Zamoluhle Shabalala 11 months ago

      @Shuhada Al-Rahman 0

  • Sha Grrr
    Sha Grrr 11 months ago +24

    Arsenal moving mad as a club in general at the moment, the men’s team are starting to perform and the ladies are reaching elite European status….. very impressive

  • Uda
    Uda 11 months ago +8

    One thing I see Arsenal played differently today is that we were so energetic and motivated. We press and press every Lyon player when they receive the ball. And we moved fast forward, especially the final two third, and the best I haven't seen us play like it was we were very aggressive. I was laughing we pushed many times the Lyon players down to the ground when both were running side by side going for the ball. This is what I want from Arsenal since last season. I don't like we were soft when playing in the Champions League. We got to be tough. Let the opponent scare us. What do these girls eat in France???? They keep running for 90 minutes without being tired.

  • Eaint Ko Ko Moe
    Eaint Ko Ko Moe 11 months ago +7

    Our Super Arsenal team. So proud of this team ❤🔥

  • Uda
    Uda 11 months ago +3

    Kim, Mead and Leah are the players that always lift up this Arsenal team from last season. Without one of them, we will crumble. Other players have on-and-off performances but these 3 players always play above average. Especially Viv... she is not the same player she used to be when under Montemurro. But we need her because she is special. She can make a difference when things are getting tough.

    KRISCRIS KRACKER 11 months ago +39

    Fantastic game, the best we have played this season. Looking great. Thanks Ladies ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • Rønii Owens
    Rønii Owens 11 months ago +13

    so so so proud of this team!!

  • truegunner
    truegunner 11 months ago +5

    So many times in recent history Arsenal were not allowed to play their game by opponents. But kudos to Jonas to strengthen our spine to enable the team to wrestle possession back for us to go forward. Lyon could not knock us out for any length of time to stop us play our game even though they tired their best.

  • Lee Butcher
    Lee Butcher 10 months ago +7

    I'm a Chelsea fan but but I love watching Beth Mead play and I think she should of won the Ballon d'or

  • Tommy Vohs
    Tommy Vohs 11 months ago +5

    Well deserved and what a huge win.

  • Runintheabyss Z.A
    Runintheabyss Z.A 11 months ago +2

    Love seeing them having fun in this match 💃💃 #COYG

  • Patrice FORT
    Patrice FORT 11 months ago +4

    Match difficile pour notre equipe tenante du titre ! Trop de blessées (9 !!) pour etre compétitives, mais rien n'est fini

    • Dytirambik
      Dytirambik 11 months ago +2

      C'est clair, c'est carrément toute une équipe de titulaires qui est à l'infirmerie, tu peux pas rivaliser en LDC en bricolant à chaque poste.

  • M M
    M M 11 months ago +50

    You know Mead was making a point about that Ballon d'or.

    • Man Walks Dogs
      Man Walks Dogs 11 months ago +4

      They ought to know her name now...😏

    • Man Walks Dogs
      Man Walks Dogs 11 months ago +6

      @Crestfallen Putellas was unlucky with that injury, yes, and I was gutted as one of the games we went to was one of their group games, so I didn't get to see her play in it (though she did play in the warm-up cup game at my local ground, which I was also at).
      But you shouldn't discredit what Beth achieved in the Euros. Bleedin' French sports paps/journos couldn't even identify her next to Miedema on the red carpet. Well, they ought to now after this game...

    • Man Walks Dogs
      Man Walks Dogs 11 months ago +1

      @Crestfallen I'm not knocking Putellas' achievements either, I'm more interested in the delicious response to getting "& guest"-ed after coming runner-up to Putellas. Stuff the biggest & most successful French team in their own back yard. Nice one, Beth!

    • Les Pearson
      Les Pearson 11 months ago +6

      English League players both men and women have been overlooked for years and will continue to be! Europe does not like our leagues. Hardest in the world and they choose to ignore that fact. Look at Mead...and Saka ignored

    • Man Walks Dogs
      Man Walks Dogs 11 months ago +1

      @Les Pearson ha yes, the chances of continental Europe paying Britain any credit for anything is slim to none! They don't like that we have the most internationally marketable top divisions for men & women. I've never paid the balloon d'Or much notice as it had always been a wankfest for Barca Vs real, Messi vs Ronaldo fanbois, ignoring worthy would-be winners like lewandowski along the way.

  • Sandra Salazar
    Sandra Salazar 2 months ago

    As a mexican i feel a great love for Arsenal❤❤❤❤

  • B D
    B D 11 months ago +2

    1:32:58 What a goal that is by Foord

  • Alfred Winston
    Alfred Winston 11 months ago +18

    Both Arsenal men and feminine 🔥🔥

  • Tiziana Armson
    Tiziana Armson 11 months ago +3

    Great game!

  • Jose Luis Alvarez
    Jose Luis Alvarez 11 months ago +1

    Pues la próxima jornada es Juventus vs Lyon, como el equipo francés pierda, está practicamente fuera de la siguiente ronda.
    Forza Juve !!
    Edito: Gran partido del Arsenal, enhorabuena !!

    • Shuhada Al-Rahman
      Shuhada Al-Rahman 11 months ago +1

      I think they needed to lose 3 games to be out, considering if they able to keep the GD low

  • Hannah Declerck
    Hannah Declerck 11 months ago +3

    Thank you for bringing this content!

  • bud ekins
    bud ekins 11 months ago +6

    It is a very distressing sight seeing Lyon losing a football match.

  • Robert Craig
    Robert Craig 11 months ago +2


  • KAY
    KAY 11 months ago +2

    Lyons should use Bacha as an attacking midfielder or a winger.she will do amazing there

  • Jim Masieka
    Jim Masieka 10 months ago +1

    Now both the men and women arsenal team on fire this season

  • conillet
    conillet 11 months ago +2

    In Barcelona we're already looking forward to a certain opponent in quarters (dishes served cold and stuff).

    • Teachr Beast
      Teachr Beast 11 months ago


    • Mike Chirwa
      Mike Chirwa 11 months ago +1

      Yeah ... We are really looking forward to facing ... This arsenal side

    • conillet
      conillet 11 months ago +1

      @Mike Chirwa Arsenal are gonna win the group, and so are we - so I'm afraid not.

    • Mike Chirwa
      Mike Chirwa 11 months ago +1

      Okay 😂😂😂😂😂😂 lets wait and seee

    • Anna
      Anna 10 months ago

      You gonna cry again like last time? 😂

  • conillet
    conillet 11 months ago +2

    1:33:00 and 1:34:10 : Double knock-out!

  • Jan Boublik
    Jan Boublik 11 months ago +2

    sehr gut arsenal 🎉

  • michel hadjali
    michel hadjali 11 months ago +2

    Quelle deception ! 5 à 1 pour Arsenal contre la meilleure équipe d'Europe, je suis dégouté !!!

  • LinnYC
    LinnYC 11 months ago +3

    Come on Arsenal!

  • Dytirambik
    Dytirambik 11 months ago +8

    Too many important players are missing from the OL team and Renard has just returned from injury. Bad evening.

    • Jamal
      Jamal 11 months ago +9

      Arsenal had their first two cbs out

    • Dytirambik
      Dytirambik 11 months ago +2

      @Jamal OL has eight starting players in the infirmary.

    • Pete Rider
      Pete Rider 11 months ago

      @Dytirambik Can you name them all?

    • Man Walks Dogs
      Man Walks Dogs 11 months ago

      @Pete Rider The BBC list six of them:-
      "Ada Hegerberg, Catarina Macario, Dzenifer Marozsan, Sara Dabritz, Ellie Carpenter and Griedge Mbock were all missing, but it was still an impressive squad, with Eugenie Le Sommer, Lindsey Horan and Wendie Renard among the starters.
      They rarely made that quality tell though, and even their goal was fortunate as Horan deflected Selma Bacha's corner on to the crossbar and Malard tucked in the rebound."

    • Dytirambik
      Dytirambik 11 months ago +1

      @Man Walks Dogs You can add Cascarino & Majri to the list, it's almost a whole starter team.

  • SaraxAdam
    SaraxAdam 11 months ago +7

    Wienroither is improving

  • sylvester 123
    sylvester 123 11 months ago +1

    nice that 12 people turned up to watch the match !

  • Archduchy of Austria
    Archduchy of Austria 11 months ago +13

    They played better without Miedema moaning, throwing her hands up in the air constantly and demanding the ball all the time.

    • Jamal
      Jamal 10 months ago

      Some truth here

  • Wayne Krumbach
    Wayne Krumbach 11 months ago +2

    The Lady Gunners of Arsenal just blow out Olympique Lyonnais.

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 11 months ago +5

    1:36:53 🔥🔥

    • conillet
      conillet 11 months ago

      ? Barça players do this kind of thing all the time...

    • Harley Quinn
      Harley Quinn 11 months ago

      @conillet i'm new to womens football and haven't seen many matches. guess i have to see a barca game then

  • Trâm Anh 05 Phạm Thái
    Trâm Anh 05 Phạm Thái 11 months ago +2

    Yesssssss Arsenal

    JLEEROMEO 11 months ago +2

    Excellent 😊

    SOUTH WEST KINEMA 11 months ago +5

    Maanum, Little, Mead, Foord ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nathan Nix
    Nathan Nix 11 months ago +3

    Tried to watch the replay of this, but there’s an ad literally every 5 minutes. Made it to the 35-minute mark before giving up.

  • alsunpilsut
    alsunpilsut 11 months ago +4

    Meadooo 😍!!

  • Victoria Connolly
    Victoria Connolly 11 months ago +1


  • Superfly Samurai
    Superfly Samurai 11 months ago +2

    Barcelona, Champion League Winners 2022-23!

  • Styna_Valentina
    Styna_Valentina 11 months ago +1


  • Stephen Nwachukwu
    Stephen Nwachukwu 11 months ago +8

    European champion fall like a pack of cards

  • Jocelin Villanueva
    Jocelin Villanueva 11 months ago +1

    Sorry, pero debo decir que la defensa del Olympique debe mejorar!!

  • Running on emty
    Running on emty 11 months ago +1

    Friiiiida 🌟

  • carol perry
    carol perry 11 months ago +3

    i can see ford taking over for little should she retire

  • Thomas Tyler
    Thomas Tyler 11 months ago +1


  • S C
    S C 17 days ago

    Tell me the 1st goal wasn't offside

  • mdiaz180
    mdiaz180 11 months ago +3

    Who were the commentators for this game?

  • Paola delirio
    Paola delirio 11 months ago +2

    Arsenal!!! Arsenal!!! Arsenal!!! Arsenal!!! Arsenal!!! Arsenal!!! Arsenal!!! Arsenal!!!

  • Michael Levitschnig
    Michael Levitschnig 11 months ago +2

    Hello Manuela Zinsberger parabens happy Birthday ❤️ herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag war gestern wird aber auch heute gefeiert...glg Michel

  • goalforthegunners
    goalforthegunners 11 months ago +5

    (please come back please)

  • James male
    James male 6 months ago +2

    arsenal the best

  • TheyCallHimShaddow
    TheyCallHimShaddow 11 months ago +2


  • agus jimi
    agus jimi 11 months ago +1

    why didn't the referee help lyon because the opponent wasn't barca, so he wasn't helped🤣🤣

    • Anna
      Anna 11 months ago

      Lyon battered Barca 😂

    • agus jimi
      agus jimi 11 months ago

      @Anna the referee doesn't want to defend lyon anymore, what if it's just against barca🤣🤣

  • hasini jayasekara
    hasini jayasekara 11 months ago +2


  • Pad Huawei
    Pad Huawei 11 months ago

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  • Barend Ververs
    Barend Ververs 11 months ago

    the tol women is no women.

  • Hans Joachim Bergmann
    Hans Joachim Bergmann 11 months ago

    To blackstenius only: tänk på Teamwork inte one show

  • stellen11
    stellen11 11 months ago

    Makes me sick to see an english teams employing ira supporters and england haters like mccabe. Please get rid of her.

    • Anna
      Anna 11 months ago +2

      Cry 😭😭😭😭

    • Llwyd E
      Llwyd E 11 months ago +2

      Come off it with that need...positive result