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The Grand Tour Season 3 - Official Trailer | Prime Video

  • Published on Nov 26, 2018 veröffentlicht
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    About The Grand Tour:
    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back with The Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship... as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it's even a show about cars. Follow them on their global adventure.
    About The Grand Tour Season 2:
    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return for a new season of the world's greatest show about three middle-aged men rampaging around the world having unusual adventures, driving amazing cars, and engaging in a constant argument about which of them is the biggest idiot. Although it's also the only show that combines these things so the 'greatest' title is pretty much uncontested..
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    The Grand Tour Season 3 - Official Trailer | Prime Video
    Prime Video
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Comments • 413

  • DashCam UK
    DashCam UK 3 years ago +81

    Can't wait. Its not the show, it's the people that make it and these 3 do just that. Legends. Please please never retire.

    • DashCam UK
      DashCam UK 3 years ago

      @Indo Deze what's your point

    • Indo Deze
      Indo Deze 3 years ago

      Everybody knows Top Gear as the name is so populair, despite to the people who were in it, BBC owns the rights to the name Top Gear so it's not only these 3 ppl who make the show, it's the BBC as well that came up with the name and aired it on their platform. That is why these 3 amazing gents have to go their own way by the name of ''The Grand Tour'' to not deal with the ''Top Gear'' copywrites

  • Mr Who Annon
    Mr Who Annon 3 years ago +4

    You know everything from the small jokes about Hammond to James May being boring but funny all the way to Jeremy’s emotional tributes and background stories, eg. The Shelby Tribute and the tribute to his Porsche on Top Gear completely make these 3, they are easily the most controversial 3 people in TV and I love it. I love these guy’s what a legacy over 10 years of work and I get to watch these guys start what was easily the best show on the BBC to leaving and going to a multi-billion dollar company. What a journey I would hope to god it never ends but unfortunately it’s not possible 😪

  • TheFairyGodfather
    TheFairyGodfather 3 years ago +529

    This is the greatest car show............in the world

  • Dan Bailey
    Dan Bailey 3 years ago

    Looking forward to the new series. It'll be interesting to see how the fourth series unfolds if the rumours about them just being 'specials' without the tent or any guests, or any news. I'm guessing Amazon see news as something that will eventually make the show look dated, whereas beautifully shot specials featuring classic (and future classic) cars will stand the test of time much better.

  • We Are The People
    We Are The People 3 years ago

    Planning on joining Amazon Prime just for this show! Love it!

  • utpal khakhalary
    utpal khakhalary 3 years ago +320

    I am about to re-subscribe prime because of this show :-D

    • the undead1
      the undead1 3 years ago

      I take 6months every year off prime, the November I start back for xmas, and grand tour.

    • cerealkiller
      cerealkiller 3 years ago

      I already did.

    • IcH Daljin
      IcH Daljin 3 years ago

      Oh... so thats why it airs in january...

    • Marsel Vitti
      Marsel Vitti 3 years ago +3

      Why pay 80$ if you can watch it for free, either by getting a trial and cancelling it, or by watching it illegally

    • utpal khakhalary
      utpal khakhalary 3 years ago +2

      @J-C. T :-) It is mentioned there bud :-) 18th January 2019.

  • Sammy J
    Sammy J 3 years ago

    no matter what life throws at me, these 3 really help me through it

  • Luke
    Luke 3 years ago +1

    Great show! So excited. Been a fan for over ten years. Even my wife enjoys watching

  • Jason North
    Jason North 3 years ago

    I cherish the fact that I got to watch them as a kid and a teen and that those memories will stay with me forever.

  • Phil B
    Phil B 3 years ago +10

    Ah like an old friend returning. Makes me smile for no apparent reason. Keep up the good work chaps

  • jabetsgi
    jabetsgi 3 years ago

    Long have we waited, love this trio. they make the show. Can't wait.

  • wayne barnes
    wayne barnes 3 years ago

    I think these guys are the greatest tv personalities that have ever been to date there silly ways put a smile on my face almost every time I watch. they are a group that should never stop until the absolutely have to.

  • KB Motorsports
    KB Motorsports 3 years ago

    I'm looking forward to Grand Tour! The absolute best show in the Prime!

  • Judah K
    Judah K 3 years ago +1

    This is honestly far and away the best season out of the 3. It has so many gems. The Detroit episode, the Mongolia special, the Motorhome special, the China episode, and many more.
    They've really hit their stride.

    • Bath city tv
      Bath city tv Year ago

      This for me is better than a lot of there top gear ones

    SLOWSLOTH TURBOS 3 years ago

    You know when I heard about the new show I thought it would be just like the old one but somehow they've made it
    Better amazing

  • Dr Anooj
    Dr Anooj 3 years ago

    Easily the best show on Amazon Prime...!
    Come on amazon you have to give us a season 4.!

  • Farid Amin
    Farid Amin 3 years ago

    I'm gladly gonna join Amazon Prime again on 18 January just to watch these legendary trios.

  • Diana Boley
    Diana Boley 3 years ago +7

    And I teared up a little...This just made my year!

  • filipo rodriguez
    filipo rodriguez 3 years ago

    the chemistry between them is once in a million of there success hated envied but never ignored

  • Joshua Ayer
    Joshua Ayer 3 years ago

    Words cannot express how excited I am for this.

  • svtrs
    svtrs 3 years ago

    I cannot wait for this though I can see why Top Gear fans might not like this because it's becoming more comedy than cars, but I love it

  • Ricardo Salas-Bonilla
    Ricardo Salas-Bonilla 3 years ago +44

    Maybe the only reason to have Amazon Prime Video!... The Grand Tour is back on Jan 18th 2019!! So excited!!!

    • David
      David 3 years ago

      Apart from all the other brilliant shows they create and all the other shows and films that are available to watch and the fact that you get a music service to rival spotify and free next day delivery on pretty much anything you could possibly want. Yeah, I think there are plenty of good reasons besides The Grand Tour.

  • Diman776
    Diman776 3 years ago +1

    Подпишусь на Amazon Prime только ради этого)) Прошлый сезон смотрел в расках бесплатного первого месяца

  • Álvaro Muñoz
    Álvaro Muñoz 3 years ago

    Que buenos recuerdos me trae top gear

  • pranav pm
    pranav pm 3 years ago

    The greatest show ever made!

  • S J
    S J 3 years ago +1

    I remember when i watched the last episode of 'How i Met your Mother' man i had never felt so empty
    I am going to cry so hard after this series ends

  • Gunnar DeRoss
    Gunnar DeRoss 3 years ago

    Season 3 releases on my birthday! Watching this and playing The Grand Tour Game will be the absolute best!

  • Marcin Cybula
    Marcin Cybula 3 years ago


  • M S
    M S 3 years ago

    OMG @amazonprimevideo I cannot wait for this new series of the three muppets back together 🔥🔥 Thx so much for making it happen!!!

  • Vlad Aleksandrovich
    Vlad Aleksandrovich 3 years ago

    Ждём премьеру!

  • Srinivas vundavalli
    Srinivas vundavalli 3 years ago

    i love it absolute fun nailed it

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack 3 years ago

    Best Ever Trio Moto show EVER EVER! When you thought that you know any crazy guys... Cool than watch these crazy 50 years old guys 😂👍

  • shieldzy
    shieldzy 3 years ago

    Can't wait this will always be top gear for me

  • Quinn K
    Quinn K 3 years ago

    i hope this show lasts forever

  • irma iniguez
    irma iniguez 3 years ago +5

    That song on the background (With a little help from my friends) really
    Made me feel nostalgic I whish I had a friendship like the one those Looneys have. 😞😞😞😞😊😊

    • Acne Man
      Acne Man 3 years ago

      QuicklyINSIDER a letra vc pesquisa dps, o nome da musica é “with a little help from my friends” do joe cocker

    • José Carlos cell
      José Carlos cell 3 years ago +1

      hey, i don't speak english, say for my the letter of the music in the trailer, pls i am Brazilian.

    • Lissett Mesa
      Lissett Mesa 3 years ago

      irma iniguez reru

    • Loowee
      Loowee 3 years ago

      Joe cocker - lend a little help

  • BRENDAN copster
    BRENDAN copster 3 years ago

    woohoo 2 days to go and this is me finding out about 3rd season for first time

  • Brian Pacos
    Brian Pacos 3 years ago

    It's taken so long for season 3 to come out I literally forgot about it until now

  • John Curiel
    John Curiel 3 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant

  • Koshy George
    Koshy George 3 years ago +22

    Can't wait.

  • Gabrikenshin
    Gabrikenshin 3 years ago

    Gracias..sois los mejores 👏👏🤘

  • GPigTV
    GPigTV 3 years ago +2

    These guys are the reason I joined Prime back when they left the old establishment

  • Betty Swallox
    Betty Swallox 3 years ago +133

    What were the BBC thinking they could recreate this! They've tried TWO reboots! Both have failed, now they are having a THIRD reboot! Presuming the Amazon contract ends after this, and the guys are up for it, just get them back, and watch the audience DOUBLE!

    • Marcello Hunziker
      Marcello Hunziker 3 years ago

      @Indo Deze "even thoug people didnt like it" dude are u srs? So u think the bbc dont care at all that their most watched show they had isnt it anymore? Oh dude

    • Indo Deze
      Indo Deze 3 years ago

      What are they ''BBC'' thinking? They think they can do anything whatever they want with ''Top Gear'' as they please, since they ''The BBC'' own the rights to the name ''Top Gear''. That is the main reason why these 3 gentleman go their own way by the name of ''The Grand Tour'' (GT) to not deal with the copywrites of BBC's ''Top Gear''. So basicly BBC can do whatever they want to with the name Top Gear and who they want to present the shows even though people don't like it that's not their problem aslong nobody else is using the name Top Gear

    • 1313e
      1313e 3 years ago

      They already signed up for Season 4.

    • Marcello Hunziker
      Marcello Hunziker 3 years ago

      They already have a new contract with amazon u didnt know that? Tgt as we know is dead but they are going two make 8 bigger road trips over thd next 2 years so 4 a year. Also every presenter will get his own show on amazon.

    • Universeal13
      Universeal13 3 years ago

      It was said i think if the show does good after 3 seasons it may continue on amazon

    BASITH PH 3 years ago

    The Grand Tour is just as fun as the old Top Gear

  • Maclad1888
    Maclad1888 3 years ago +108

    If the rumours are true and this is amazons last season with the show some tv company has to pick up this Gem cmon

    • José Carlos cell
      José Carlos cell 3 years ago

      hey, i don't speak english, say for my the letter of the music in the trailer, pls i am Brazilian.

    • The Raging Storm
      The Raging Storm 3 years ago

      It's the last season if the show as we have always known it. It is going to continue but it will be specials like they used to do. Which I think will be better because they have more freedom that way they can turn into a movie almost with only doing specials

    • lotus
      lotus 3 years ago +1

      Jeremy Clarkson just announced this will be their last season in this current format

    • Marcello Hunziker
      Marcello Hunziker 3 years ago +1

      They have a new contract for 8 big road trips over the next 2 years.

    • Matthew Boothman
      Matthew Boothman 3 years ago

      Maclad1888 if you think on what these 3 do and how old they are I think it's them may be stopping the show, they may be getting to old for the stuff they do:(((

  • Luis Miguel Rodríguez Piña

    Well done lads!!!

  • StigMcGamer
    StigMcGamer 3 years ago

    Lo mejor que hay en tele a día de hoy

  • Chris R
    Chris R 3 years ago

    oh my gosh the wait is nearly over!!!

  • Farmer
    Farmer 3 years ago +2

    These three will never be replaced

    AdzSONLINE 3 years ago

    I'm so excited!

  • Rohit Varghese
    Rohit Varghese 3 years ago +265

    The only reason I have a prime account

    • M T Muluk
      M T Muluk 2 years ago

      Rohit Varghese yes

    • José Carlos cell
      José Carlos cell 3 years ago

      @Nexus2126 hey, i don't speak english, say for my the letter of the music in the trailer, pls i am Brazilian.

    • José Carlos cell
      José Carlos cell 3 years ago

      hey, i don't speak english, say for my the letter of the music in the trailer, pls i am Brazilian.

    • Rene Diaz
      Rene Diaz 3 years ago

      Makai MartinB

    • RevHead
      RevHead 3 years ago


  • TheTarrMan
    TheTarrMan 3 years ago

    Can't wait!

  • Mike Ross
    Mike Ross 3 years ago +3

    Havent seen season 3 yet and already want seasons 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 please 🙏🇨🇦

  • RaptorHunter57
    RaptorHunter57 3 years ago

    Freaking awesome

  • gans12345y
    gans12345y 3 years ago +4

    Ура вам парни, так держать, больше видео, больше драйва, Россия с вами😜

    • NUE N
      NUE N 3 years ago +1

      I wrote that because I didn't understand nothing. hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Brian Barthelmess
    Brian Barthelmess 3 years ago

    I’m so happy 😍😍

  • UnicornGamer96
    UnicornGamer96 3 years ago +4

    Hard to believe Hammond is almost 50
    I wish this was on Netflix instead

  • Hernando Fonseca
    Hernando Fonseca 3 years ago

    This is the only reason I pay for Amazon Prime

  • Roaming Fulani
    Roaming Fulani 3 years ago

    Hopefully this is like the first season. Last season was a bit underwhelming.

  • Alex Cmil
    Alex Cmil 3 years ago

    low key the only TV show I like to watch

  • André Appelgren
    André Appelgren 3 years ago

    Thank you Amazon for doin this and the Expanse!

  • Marc Maier
    Marc Maier 3 years ago +1

    Top Gear has always been my favourite show of all time, the 2 first seasons of The Grand Tour sucked, a lot of talking and not enough car content at all. I REALLY HOPE this 3rd seasons things change..

    • Speedwelltuning
      Speedwelltuning 3 years ago +1

      Marc Maier I agree and hope for less American content!

  • Stephen
    Stephen 3 years ago

    I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lindon Zeqaj
    Lindon Zeqaj 3 years ago

    Please god let them have as meany seasons of the Grand Tour and the trio did on Top Gear. This is my Christmas wish for the next ten years. P.S I’ll pay Amazon myself if I need to in order to get more seasons

  • Theodoros Xanthopoulos

    0:12 the plants are 5+ meters away from the car since he is on the bridge and we only see the back side of his head.
    0:13 When we see a take from inside the car with his face clearly shown suddenly the plants are less than a meter away and there is even a tree branch.
    Gotta the doubles better.

  • Catalina
    Catalina 3 years ago

    The Grand Tour is like Top Gear Special only, quite entertaining but i miss the time when the 3 boys were sitting down together and chatting away about cars on Top Gear news...

  • Jaime7188
    Jaime7188 3 years ago

    Looks like it will be a good one

  • victor gitonga
    victor gitonga 3 years ago +1


  • LT Gaming
    LT Gaming 3 years ago

    Hope they use a Cayenne this season

  • SolaraPacifica
    SolaraPacifica 3 years ago +1

    ! been waiting for so long for this!

  • Deco Dolly
    Deco Dolly 3 years ago

    Doesn't James May know that the definition of a gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes, but doesn't do so?

  • e1337prodigy
    e1337prodigy 3 years ago +8

    That's so much later than what it normally is... oh wait this is Hamster, Jezza and captain slow; they probably only just started filming

    • ron bodo
      ron bodo 3 years ago +1

      And Wait for one or more to heel. Hammond on crutches again ? Slow have his arm in a sling again? Did Clarkson have another bout of " pneumonia " ?

  • M1089 A2
    M1089 A2 3 years ago

    Such a wonderful song to listen to while watching my favorite 3 dudes raising hell!

  • Sean O'Reilly
    Sean O'Reilly 3 years ago +1

    Can't wait

  • The Entity
    The Entity 3 years ago

    Please make DVD of this show

    MIKE BOY 3 years ago

    Hammond t'as sauté une étape, c'est Clarkson le fou!!!

  • Limb0
    Limb0 3 years ago

    It's so sad that this is the last season

  • Moishe
    Moishe 3 years ago

    The like to dislike ratio on this video really shows how popular they are

  • Patrizia Di Marco
    Patrizia Di Marco 3 years ago +4


  • Abhijit Baruah
    Abhijit Baruah 3 years ago

    The real reason why Top Gear failed so miserably after JC, RH and JM left is because the new hosts could never hope to repeat the sardonic camaraderie between the three of them. Let's be honest, Top Gear was never really only about the cars. It was about the three of them playing about in some cars. The sight of three elderly gentlemen (with the mental age of 20 collectively) going crazy with cars and stunts and what-not...how could BBC even hope to recreate that??
    Thank god for Amazon.

  • Medicuss
    Medicuss 3 years ago

    i love those three

  • Ericrollers
    Ericrollers 3 years ago

    I missed hammond and his brains since the last season haha

  • Saravanan V
    Saravanan V 3 years ago

    Best show ever

  • MysticStrike Force
    MysticStrike Force 3 years ago

    its coming in just 3 days i can't wait :)

  • Rajendra Kumar Sinku
    Rajendra Kumar Sinku 3 years ago

    2 more days. Cant wait

  • Guiuliano Cruz
    Guiuliano Cruz 3 years ago +1


  • Ordie 79
    Ordie 79 3 years ago

    Thank you God!! My 3 heroes are back!!! Jan 18th can't get here soon enough

  • B43L
    B43L 3 years ago

    Is Giovanni going to come back ? 😂

  • Kriss Rider
    Kriss Rider 3 years ago

    Can't wait

  • Live Jones
    Live Jones 3 years ago

    Better be 20 episodes long...

  • Ryder
    Ryder 3 years ago

    I can’t wait

  • T L
    T L 3 years ago


  • Eric G
    Eric G 3 years ago

    Can't wait

  • Ime Prezime
    Ime Prezime 3 years ago +1

    Will there be a series on a TV?

    PRINCE THAKUR 3 years ago

    Releasing after 1 day from my bday... Best bday present ever

  • Seasonal-name-generator.exe

    I’ve only seen still photos of the McLaren Senna before, they don’t do it justice wow 😮

  • Valter P
    Valter P 3 years ago

    cant wait

  • B43L
    B43L 3 years ago +2

    Well, Its safe to say they're coming on then.

  • MK- Daysai
    MK- Daysai 3 years ago

    Hell yeah !

  • Axel A
    Axel A 3 years ago

    1 more week. who else is excited?

    IZH YOUPITER 3 years ago +1

    гранд тур скор, очень жду!!!)