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USWNT's toughest matchups at 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup | State of the Union

  • Published on Jul 19, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • USWNT great Aly Wagner joins Alexi Lalas and David Mosse to take a sneak peek at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup a year out from squads heading to Australia and New Zealand. Who are could possibly knock off the top dogs? We have the teams that could get it done.
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    USWNT's toughest matchups at 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup | State of the Union
    • USWNT's toughest ...
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Comments • 153

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  8 months ago +3

    Who will pose the toughest challenge for the USWNT?

    • Mark Anthony Nantes
      Mark Anthony Nantes Month ago

      hope your words doesn't backfire, we will rewatch this and comment again after the group stages, 😂

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      @Jacob Ibarra He miss phrased it. What he meant was that there are 5 teams that ' could ' beat the Usa. You'll get out of your group , hopefully as winners as you have the Netherlands in your group , then the knockout stages start. If you win your group , you should have the runners up from a different group ( Its all on google ) . If you are runners up in your group ( say Holland beat you ) , then you'll face the winners from another group. You ' might ' get one of the top teams. If you get through that round , you are into the quarters , best 8 teams in the world. Three games to go , qtrs , semis, final. All against top teams. Who ever wins the world cup, will deserve it. Womens football has improved more in the last 4 years, than in any other period. Its going to be interesting , tough , competitive and i hope, entertaining. Good luck :)

    • The Goddess
      The Goddess 7 months ago

      @John Daniel Canada don't ready for this

    • John Daniel
      John Daniel 7 months ago


  • Jacob Ibarra
    Jacob Ibarra 8 months ago +23

    5. Spain (has improved a lot)
    4. Sweden (always gives USA trouble)
    3. Germany (improved from last WC)
    2. England (could have won last WC)
    1. France (equal w/ USA in my opinion)
    Honorable mentions:
    Canada, Netherlands, Brazil,

    • Franz Bieberkopf
      Franz Bieberkopf 2 months ago

      @Ian Soberano Top 4-USA, Germany, Spain England
      Possible-France, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada.
      One big unknown-injuries. At present, England, Netherlands and Spain have key players out with ACL injuries. Will they recover in time? Who else will get injured between now and July?

    • Jon Jon
      Jon Jon 8 months ago

      @Ian Soberano the problem is australia is using a 4-1-4-1 system when they should go back to the 3-4-1-2 in the Olympics and I think they would win it if they did

    • Ian Soberano
      Ian Soberano 8 months ago +1

      nice one I got Canada in between 2-5 maybe England or France maybe Australia since they are hosting the World cup...Hayley Raso's team. So don't count out Australia I would not.
      Netherlands now coached by Mark Parsons(EX PORTLAND THORNS coach) that is my opinion.

  • Maha Visnu
    Maha Visnu 8 months ago +21

    Ally nailed it. Spain. Spain are technically excellent and mentally as tough as the US. They are not intimidated. I disagree with Brazil. I would be put Sweden and Spain.

  • Maximiliano Perales
    Maximiliano Perales 8 months ago +18

    Spain is the toughest matchup for the USWNT in the WC if Alexia Putellas and Hermoso come back from injury by that time. Just watch the whole match in 2020 She Believes cup here on Clip-Share and you’ll know why.

  • Trace Jones
    Trace Jones 8 months ago +26

    It's gotta be Sweden Number 1. They are such a thorne in our side.

  • Eric VanSickle
    Eric VanSickle 8 months ago +13

    We may see the gap starting to close between the USWNT and the field. England looks tough, Canada is good, too. Brazil may miss Marta, but they are deep. France just needs to get the Cowardly Lion's courage gift to take the next step. Netherlands and Sweden are both up and comers. Don't forget Japan, who gave the USWNT some fits in the past.

    • Jon Jon
      Jon Jon 8 months ago +1

      @Cyclone Ranger they are not number 1 right now forget the rankings there are 10 teams right now who would easily dismantle them

    • Sophia M
      Sophia M 8 months ago

      @Ian Soberano Huerta is almost thirty. Not very young but we are a much younger team then we have been in the past.

    • Ian Soberano
      Ian Soberano 8 months ago +1

      @Cyclone Ranger Good point US will be underdogs next year for the 2023 women's world cup. I think Canada has a slim chance of beating us. Remember we have a young youth in Sophia Smith to Ashley Sanchez to Rodman, Huerta etc. So good luck to the USWNT it will be tough to repeat.

    • Danny Cosmos
      Danny Cosmos 8 months ago +2

      The u..s whent 16 years with out a World Cup..the gap has been their before and it’s happening again…

    • Cyclone Ranger
      Cyclone Ranger 8 months ago +2

      "Starting to close?" The US is unarguably #1 in the world until somebody displaces them, but Germany, Japan, England, France, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, etc., have all been very difficult challenges for a very long time. There is no gap in terms of skill and ability... the only gap is in terms of achievement.

  • Goro Majima
    Goro Majima 3 months ago +1

    This just shows me how competitive the World Cup is.

  • Jacob A J Taylor
    Jacob A J Taylor 8 months ago +2

    The beauty of football/soccer is the possibility that Japan, Norway, Australia can become the next World Cup Champion! This is such a lovely and great sport! Nice to see Ms Wagner and Mr. Lalas in this program. Best to all of you and thanks for sharing.

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      The beauty of football/soccer is the possibility that Germany , England and Spain can become the next World Cup Champion! Fixed it for you :)

  • Umm Muad
    Umm Muad 8 months ago +10

    How is SWEDEN not in this discussion!?
    One of the most deadly teams right now that are a joy to watch dominate. They are #1 threat to USWNT

  • Soldier f
    Soldier f 8 months ago +16

    I’ll say France, Sweden, Germany, Spain and England. I definitely like Spain style, they might not score a lot of goals, but they give watchable game..

    • Lt Chan
      Lt Chan 8 months ago

      Brazil, Germany and France had played great in recent games, especially, Germany beat France to reach the euro 2022 final.

  • Leo Taylor-Smith
    Leo Taylor-Smith 8 months ago +1

    This world cup is gonna be buzzing! Now, we’re seeing more teams improve and bringing more of a challenge for USWNT. Can’t wait to get me bevy and watch. I hope the US get a cob on abar their match against the Lionesses cuz this gonna be boss, la!

  • Ricardo Velasco
    Ricardo Velasco 7 months ago +3

    Now that the Women's European Football Championship has finished, maybe they ought to re-run this programme.

  • Eddie Chase
    Eddie Chase 6 months ago

    If only Brazil put more resources in building up their women's team and program, they'd have won a few World Cups. Now, they have a really good coach and sky's the limit. With that said, I don't think they'll win it but they could.

  • Jorge Ponce
    Jorge Ponce 8 months ago +4

    Sweden has been the toughest team for the USWNT to beat over the last 12 years.

    • Jorge Ponce
      Jorge Ponce 8 months ago

      @Lillian Boyd
      -- 2x1 win at 2011 WWC;
      -- 0-0 draw 2015 WWC;
      -- 1-1 draw in regular time, loss in penalty shootout at the 2016 Olympics.

    • Lillian Boyd
      Lillian Boyd 8 months ago +2

      Yeah, I mean they tied USWNT in a friendly in 2021 and beat them by three nil at the Olympics.

  • Glenn Kastrinos
    Glenn Kastrinos 4 months ago

    Spain is the team i fear the most. They are good in technique and tactics.

  • Toby Mesquita
    Toby Mesquita 8 months ago +8

    No way, the USWNT, as currently constituted (coach included) will do well in the WC.

    • Sophia M
      Sophia M 8 months ago

      @Ian Soberano I think we can do good. Maybe not win but at least not fail miserably. I just hope we don’t fall into another 16 year drought.

    • Ian Soberano
      Ian Soberano 8 months ago +1

      yea I agree TOBY..this is not the Jill ELLIS era with Vlatko as coach I do not see them winning it next year especially with the young youth they have in Sophia Smith(Portland Thorns FC), Trinity Rodman, Ashley Sanchez(Washington Spirit) and Sophia Huerta (OL REIGN) alot to develop with the young youth. Good luck though with our national team.

    • Cyclone Ranger
      Cyclone Ranger 8 months ago +1

      I've been hearing these sorts of comments from mediocre blowhards as long as I can remember. With regard to the USWNT specifically I remember hearing it in 2011, 2015, and 2019... and in those three tournaments they finished 2nd, 1st, and 1st. Want to guess how many of your fellow mediocre blowhards have ever admitted they were wrong with the proclamations of gloom and doom? It's the same as the number of Super Bowl's Detroit has won, the same as the number of national championships Oregon football has won, and the same as the number of women who find you sexually attractive...

  • Jon
    Jon 8 months ago

    Unfortunate Austria didn't qualify. They looked great in the Euro Cup.

  • Kristian Nelson
    Kristian Nelson 8 months ago +7

    Love me some USWNT! But they will have to find a major overhaul to even get out of the group stage in the next World Cup. Sweden, Spain, England, Germany, and France can all beat the US handily right now. And then there's the Netherlands, Japan, Canada, and Australia who will give them a run, and may even beat them as well. I hope they find that next gear!

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      @Cyclone Ranger When the US gets out of the group stage, .... Not the group stage , winning the cup is the thing that counts. There are at least 4 and up to 8 teams that could win it. Whoever does, deserves our praise.

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      @Cyclone Ranger October 2022. England and Germany 2-1, Spain 2-0.

    • David Malin
      David Malin 8 months ago

      @Kristian Nelson Crystal Dunn has rem training with the Portland Thorns for a while and is expected to be match ready in August/September. I have neither seen nor heard any news about Julie Ertz.
      Taylor Kornieck has the potential to replace Sam Mewis but not for a few years to mature.
      I still like Abby Dahlkemper as a partner for either Becky Sauerbrunn or Tierna Davidson. All that being said, we still need a substitute outside back and probably a Julie Ertz replacement, if one exists.

    • Cyclone Ranger
      Cyclone Ranger 8 months ago

      @Kristian Nelson
      All fair critiques of this VERY young USWNT.
      Not a fair critique of a USWNT with its projected 2023 WC roster (which includes half a dozen injured players)
      And none of the European sides are looking like world beaters at the moment.
      Canada is #6 in the world, and a USWNT B team beat them.

    • Kristian Nelson
      Kristian Nelson 8 months ago

      @Cyclone Ranger Point taken on the strength of Germany going way back. There have been those few European teams that have always been strong. My main take was about the European teams on a macro level, and how much better they have all become. And I did not claim the USWNT are in the toilet, those are your words, not mine. I am claiming, playing the way they are right now, they cannot stand up against the world's best. Sure, they can beat the 52nd-ranked team in the world. But as of now, they need software updates to compete against the best. And I don't want to give a dissertation here, but the reason I say this is because I am seeing the same mistakes and problems they have had since the Olympics: 1) Tikky-tak passing back and forth in the back line, allowing the defense to set up shop, 2) running the same designed plays, so any and every team know exactly what they are going to do, 3) this horrendous habit now they have of players not moving without the ball, just standing around, giving the player on the ball virtually no options to go to, 4) very little forward movement to create offense. I mean where is the Dahlkemper effect of bombing the ball forward to the front line to create offense, and put the defense on their heels?, 5) these bad habits that Smith, Purce, and Pugh to a degree, have of once they beat their defender, they just wing the ball into the box, without a plan, without a target, and if they would just look up, would usually see it's two against six in the box anyways. Which leads to what?: more turnovers, and 6) it is usually two against six in the box because for some reason, the US has stopped crashing the box when they have the opportunity. Again, more lack of movement.
      Sorry, I said I didn't want to write a dissertation, but I did. In the end, there are many valid reasons why I am saying what I am saying. And if you want real-time examples of how to do it right now, watch the Euro semifinals and finals coming up this week. I do truly hope the USWNT can find those software updates and three-peat the WC. Go USWNT!

  • Vickie Mahdavi
    Vickie Mahdavi 8 months ago +1

    I agree with her pick. Specially for Sweden, they are our most dangerous opponent.

  • smenkhare0624
    smenkhare0624 8 months ago +2

    Ali as usual gets it right and Lalas as usual is clueless

  • Bry’s Life
    Bry’s Life 8 months ago +1

    1. England 2. France 3. Canada 4. Brazil 5. Sweden. I wonder what happened to Japan cause they always use to be a threat. I think We can pull it off just not having press, heath, ertz, and dunn will hurt, but Pugh will have to really step up and we just have to convert and not waste opportunities and lavelle, Morgan and rapinoe snd Horan will have to takeover again

    • Just Tester_99
      Just Tester_99 5 months ago +1

      Sam Mewis, when she was playing in Britain after the WC was a top 3 to 5 player in that league. Could have possibly won player of the year despite growing up playing Soccer instead of Football. She would be such a strong veteran force in the middle and big plus in the offense with a long distance threat at times.

    • Jon Jon
      Jon Jon 8 months ago

      They have transitioned there group but they are really good just the goalkeeper needs to get better

  • Tom F.
    Tom F. 8 months ago +2

    I agree with England & France as 1 & 2. After that, it’s Sweden, Canada & Brazil.

  • Scott Fitch
    Scott Fitch 8 months ago +1

    How on earth does anyone overlook the hosts? Australia has enormous potential to disrupt the US. My 5 - England, France, Brazil, Australia, Germany. But honestly the list goes deeper than that if Vlatko relies on players like Rapinoe. We need a good mix of experience and youth but that experience has to be playing at the top of their game. Alex Morgan is at the top of her game. Lindsay Horan is at the top of her game. Is Lavelle considered the experienced player? Top of her game. If we can get an Ertz, Dunn, Mewis healthy and back into form great. Every game is still ours to win but it's an easy thing for the coach to lose depending on how he uses his roster.

    • Jon Jon
      Jon Jon 8 months ago

      If Australia goes back to there 3 back formation they will certainly win the World Cup I don’t see them getting to the quarters with there current formation/tactics

    • Ian Soberano
      Ian Soberano 8 months ago

      I don't think the ERTZ is playing next Wortld cup she is retiring from what I heard it would not surprise me if Jule Ertz came back and played she is on maternity leave she had a UCL injury last season when Portland romp Chicago 5-0....that was the last time Julie Ertz played. We need to get back Sam Mewis and Lynn WILLIAMS back and healthy they are a key piece to the USWNT. But don't expect that will be playing another soccer game this season or next season. Julie Ertz will be 30 in 2023. We will see.

  • Just Tester_99
    Just Tester_99 5 months ago

    Does anyone think that, in an ideal scenario, if Vlad had all the US players he wanted, and enough time to work with them that he could deliver another WC?

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      If England Germany France and Spain were not ' in ' the WC, then yes :)

  • tony locke
    tony locke 8 months ago +1

    What about Spain??? If their best strikers recover from injuries, then they will be. a handful for any team

  • jlb74a
    jlb74a 8 months ago +2

    This current USWNT would not be able to get past murderer's row (Spain, France, England, Netherlands) like the 2019 USWNT did in the elimination round on its way to winning the world cup. The US also beat 3rd place WC finisher Sweden in group play. TBH, brazil, canada or japan wouldn't beat the top 5 euro teams in a row.
    Injuries always happens and they will affect the strength of a team in 2023, but the top euro teams today are Germany, England, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands.

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      @Cyclone Ranger Will you come back and admit you were wrong if the US performs well and/or wins another World Cup? Yes, i will. If they play well, and beat some of the top European teams, then they deserve it. Any team that wins the WC deserves it. If you want to ' be ' the best, you have to ' beat ' the best. And their are several teams looking for the Usa's scalp. They lost to England , spain and Germany recently. The aura of unbeatable has gone. Good luck :)

    • Cyclone Ranger
      Cyclone Ranger 8 months ago

      I recall people saying the exact same thing in 2018 about that team... and then what happened? Will you come back and admit you were wrong if the US performs well and/or wins another World Cup? Or are you just blowing hot air?

  • JRAS Smith
    JRAS Smith 8 months ago

    Spain, Sweden, England, Germany, France (Canada right there with us) are all better than us right now. Granted we are transitioning, but the World Cup its too close for us to regain our dominance at the strength & lack of cohesion we are at right now. But it MIGHT be plausible that they REALLY are ready & cohesive by the time World Cup rolls round. Brazil, Aus, Ndr are all at the lower end of the top teams. But also, EUROS are not a total reading of England's strength b/c they had/have an easy path in that tourney, but also a lot of the top players are not partaking consistently throughout it either due to Covid or injury, It is hard to guesstimate how we fare against those teams in current comparison, but we are DEF not number one no more in terms of dominance & other teams do not fear us anymore.

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      But also, EUROS are not a total reading of England's strength b/c they had/have an easy path in that tourney, in the Euros ? England played 3 friendlies before the Euros , all 3 teams were in the top 20. Including those 3 games , England have played 15 games , up to today. W 14 and D 1. 12 of those teams are in the top 20. W 11 D 1 . GF 38 - A 5. Sarina Wiegman has them playing against previous Euro and World Cup winners. They have beaten them all. We have 3 teams in the Arnold Clarke Cup ( ACC ) in February. All 3 are in the top 20. Then Brazil 9th in April. 2 of the teams in our WC group are in the top 20. If all of those are ' easy , then i'd love to see a hard route :) We have had to play some lower teams in the WCQ group , but every game that she has arranged , has been against top 20 teams ( except czech rep , because they drew 0-0 with Usa. We also drew 0-0 with czech ). Has the Usa played 12 games in 5 months against top 20 teams?

  • Michael Donnelly
    Michael Donnelly 8 months ago +5

    1. France. 2. Sweden 3. Germany 4. Spain 5. England 6. Brazil 7. Netherlands 8. Canada

  • Patriot360
    Patriot360 8 months ago +2

    As a England supporter for both the mens and women's national teams for me it is a badge of honor for them to pick England as the number 1 toughest opponent for the next World Cup. To give a fair and honest evaluation for the USWNT Vlatko Andonovski is not a good national team manager and I do not expect much from the USWNT this time around. The USWNT in 2023 is made up of older players with tons of prior injuries and personal health related absences from playing time. Also the mentality of the team is a disaster considering they are more concerned about mixing politics in sports than winning games than championships. Overall the USWNT is in the worst shape in years probably since the 2008-2011 era.
    5. Germany
    4. France
    3. Canada
    2. Sweden
    1. England

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      @Evil, genius Only thing in USAs way is England , Germany , Spain , France etc etc :)

    • Just Tester_99
      Just Tester_99 5 months ago +1

      @Evil, genius I could give the coach credit for dealing with the many injuries of key players, and bringing in young and unproven players, but he is the one in charge and making most if not all the decisions. The big problem I have is that he was so overhyped when they hired him, and how he was so detailed oriented, and how they were going to expand their player recruitment throughout the country. Alas, very little of that has come to fruition. The current state of the team is worst than it was during the last WC, and I don't see how they should keep him around if the team fails to make any waves.

    • Evil, genius
      Evil, genius 7 months ago

      Only thing in USAs way is the USA and the coach is horrible.

    • Evil, genius
      Evil, genius 7 months ago +1

      I can agree with this. I just want to count the US out and the US in 2023 is not going to play older players. We are currently in a transition. You’re right about mixing politics in the game. That’s We will just have to wait and see. hurt us more than anything. We have a lot of young talemt. We will just have to wait and see. I watched England in the Euros. I was very impressed, and they look like a real threat to beat the US.

  • Joys Joys
    Joys Joys 8 months ago

    Filipinas will be a debutant champion🤗

  • James Kilcoyne
    James Kilcoyne 8 months ago

    With Carli Lloyd retired and Megan Rapinoe at the end of her career, the USWNT needs to find a midfield. Not sold on Horan and Sullivan is WAY over her head trying to play holding-midfielder. A healthy Ertz and Heath and Lavelle finding her attacking form again will greatly improve matters. Becky Sauerbrunn has been a rock on the backline, but age has caught up to her and she's lost a step. Need to find a replacement soon and I haven't seen anyone who instills confidence. Naeher is our best keeper, the others scare me to death.
    Our most promising sector with youngsters is up top, the strikers. Lots of good-looking young players. But World Cup titles are won on defense, possession and organization and that points to the midfield.
    So, who is the USWNT's toughest challenge? Right now I would say the US is. If we can rebuild to the level of 2015-2019 WC champions, we'll win a 5th star. If not then it won't matter to us who...England, Brazil, etc...wins the next WC because it won't be us.

  • Thanh Cuti
    Thanh Cuti 6 months ago

    If Thailand qualifies for this WC, they'll be the US toughest match up as they managed to only lost to 1 TD and 2 FG's last time.

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      Wrong sport , mate :)

  • Richard Le
    Richard Le 7 months ago

    I agree with this women ✔️✔️🏅🏅❤️

  • Lt Chan
    Lt Chan 8 months ago

    Mine top 5 picks are: Australia, Brazil, England, France and Germany, alphabetically. United States will be seeded number 1.

  • John Daniel
    John Daniel 7 months ago

    They win world cups and Olympic medals. They deserve more pay than mens team or atleast equal pay

  • john ward
    john ward 8 months ago +2

    Alexi has a guest, then proceeds to talk the whole time.

  • Ivor P.
    Ivor P. 27 days ago

    Amazing how things changed over the last 7 months…as a Canadian Soccer fan, I can sadly assure you that Aly is correct, Canada will NOT challenge the US. They just got destroyed 3-0 by Japan in the She Believes cup. The dispute they are having with Canada Soccer has left them mentally drained, they are playing like a team that is ranked 25th. And France, with Wendy Renard and two other players quitting, along with THEIR own dispute with coaching staff, is also going nowhere. I disagree with Aly about Brazil, I think the Dark Horse will be Japan…

  • MonsterChoon
    MonsterChoon 8 months ago

    State of the union listen every week

  • Ian Soberano
    Ian Soberano 8 months ago

    I totally disagree that ALY doesn't have Canada in top 5 with JANINE BECKIE and Julia Grosso they are a good team cause JANINE Is with the Portland thorns with SINCY but when SInclair retires it will be a different team next year. Brazil is #2 and maybe France at 3. Seriously, Canada can be a real threat to the USWNT they beat us in the Tokyo Olympics. As much as I like the USWNT they are not gonna win it next year there are other good teams that will get our number. GO Portland thorns thanks to the NWSL what a league full of good talented players.

  • Richard Le
    Richard Le 7 months ago

    Australia 🇦🇺 / Japan 🇯🇵

  • Hussien Alsafi
    Hussien Alsafi 8 months ago


  • DrFlippin
    DrFlippin 8 months ago +3

    So... do Americans really look down upon Canadians as their 'red headed stepchild'?!
    I thought America's red-headed stepchild was Donald J. Trump...

    • DrFlippin
      DrFlippin 8 months ago +1

      @A W Thanks for affirming this arrogant worldview. It's sad to know that Americans really do look down on Canadians.

  • Thursdayangel Gummybear
    Thursdayangel Gummybear 8 months ago +3

    USA will be lucky if they win one game against a European team😝 England will take it

  • A
    A 8 months ago +1

    the fact that aly thinks miedema would be a problem for the US is a joke 😭 the woman disappears in almost every major game

    • Just Tester_99
      Just Tester_99 5 months ago

      I've seen much better highlights from other EU women here so I don't know where that's coming from.

  • Steve Leid
    Steve Leid 8 months ago

    In no particular order Australia France Germany England Brazil

  • lum
    lum 2 months ago

    ireland definitely

  • Applepie
    Applepie 8 months ago +1

    USA All the way⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽Go USA 👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿

  • Yo
    Yo 7 months ago +2

    This world cup will be the last time the USA team is seeded as number 1. The Euro teams are just going to shoot ahead in the next few years and we won't be able to catch up.

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      That is possible. They'll still be in the top 4 or 5 , but yes, possible.

  • Endurodad Clint
    Endurodad Clint 2 months ago

    Australia lead by Sam Kerr with 50k Australian fans cheering them on will beat Canada

  • Fidel Castro
    Fidel Castro 7 months ago

    I wouldn't leave Japan out...they are never on the surface, just underneath

  • jeff domercant
    jeff domercant 8 months ago

    I Would say Spain England France Germany & Sweden. They always give 🇺🇸 difficulties. Wat bout Brazil & Japan?
    Any comments?

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      We beat japan 4 nil in spain recently , they didnt look good. Brazil we have at Wembley in April. That will show us how good they are.

  • Hussien Alsafi
    Hussien Alsafi 5 months ago


  • reyrey ladica
    reyrey ladica 2 months ago

    1) USA
    2) SPAIN
    3) SWEDEN
    4) GERMANY
    5) BRAZIL
    6) FRANCE

  • Danny Cosmos
    Danny Cosmos 8 months ago

    Don’t sweeden have the u.s number?

    • Brian H
      Brian H 3 months ago

      @Richard Ok, but this thread is about how the US has done against Sweden. So that is what I was clarifying. England's performance isn't relevant to that. You went through all that only to discover I agree with you. I think it is obvious the US has been playing well below their normal standard and certainly shouldn't be ranked #1.

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      @Brian H I looked up the Usa's last games against top 20 fifa teams since sept 2021( olympics used to be for amateur plays ). They are W4-D2-L3 = 15-8 . England over the same period are W11-D1-L0= 38-5. Please correct me if i'm wrong.In most of Englands games , they were ranked 8th and beat anyone of a higher rank , including previous Euro and WC winners. Usa are ranked 1. Nine of their goals were against teams ranked 12 and 15. Exclude those two games, and you're 2-2-3 =9-8. Thats not good.

    • Brian H
      Brian H 5 months ago

      @Just Tester_99 You are mistaken. They are 1-1 in the last two World Cup/Olympic matches. You can look these things up. I find doing so useful to make sure I'm not mistaken. 😁

    • Just Tester_99
      Just Tester_99 5 months ago

      @Brian H And the 2 last games were losses if I'm not mistaken. 😁

    • Brian H
      Brian H 8 months ago +1

      In World Cups and Olympics the US has 5 wins 2 draws and 2 losses vs Sweden.

  • 3 que tấu hài
    3 que tấu hài 8 months ago

    Fifa women s world cup 2023 vietnam

  • Paul Malazarte
    Paul Malazarte 8 months ago


  • tsocanuck
    tsocanuck 8 months ago

    Canada olympic gold medal champions dark horse OK THEN ..KEEP DREAMING

  • Xdem Geo
    Xdem Geo 8 months ago +1

    American sportscasters are super disrespectful to other international teams.

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago

      Go on soccerway and look at the last 50 teams the Usa have played. Only 6 in the top ten. And theyve recently lost to England Spain and Germany. Those sportscasters are in for a shock.

    • Yo
      Yo 7 months ago

      They're not used to international competitions. Their "world cups" are usually just played in the USA Vs other USA teams 😂😂😂😂

  • Dwayne Gregory
    Dwayne Gregory 8 months ago +3

    Get rid of rapinoe

    • Jacob Ibarra
      Jacob Ibarra 8 months ago +1

      @Danny Cosmos great player, yes…..great American, no.

    • Danny Cosmos
      Danny Cosmos 8 months ago +1

      Yes cause she’s old but not for whatever stupid reasons republicans want her out for . She was a great player and a great American

  • Paul Malazarte
    Paul Malazarte 8 months ago


  • Paul Malazarte
    Paul Malazarte 8 months ago


    • Ricardo Velasco
      Ricardo Velasco 7 months ago

      Saying it 3 times is not going to make it any more likely.