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Why I’m Buying an M2 iPad Pro. AGAIN.

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Last year, I decided to send back my 12.9-inch M2 iPad Pro without even opening the box. But now, I need to buy one for a very specific reason. And I need your help, please!
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    00:00 - Intro
    01:33 - Casekoo
    02:40 - My iPad conundrum
    04:25 - Why I need the M2 iPad Pro

Comments • 209

  • Mark Ellis Reviews
    Mark Ellis Reviews  2 months ago +7

    Got an M1 or M2 iPad Pro? Tell me how you put it to use beyond 'normal' iPad stuff, please!

    • Hunter
      Hunter 2 months ago

      You might be surprised by how normal stage manager feels on the 12.9". On an 11" it feels mostly pointless because the screen is so small. On an external monitor you run into the limitations of iPadOS a lot. But on the 12.9" it feels really natural and I just left it on, to my surprise.
      Universal control is great paired up with a 14" MacBook Pro since it's about the same height, and the display tech is the same so they're very natural side by side. It's about the coolest way to get a dual screen setup on the go, though not a setup you'd necessarily carry around on a daily commute due to the weight.

    • Steve S
      Steve S 2 months ago

      M2 128 GB ONLY

    • Si Effen
      Si Effen 2 months ago

      I actually do all my music production on mine. Currently on M1 11" Pro but have been using previous ones for same purpose. Whether it's a profitable juncture for your channel is another matter though as it's quite a niche area.

    • Anthony DiMauro
      Anthony DiMauro 2 months ago

      @Si Effen What daw do you use?

    • Si Effen
      Si Effen 2 months ago

      @Anthony DiMauro predominantly Cubasis 3, occasionally NanoStudio 2.

  • ZC_Playz
    ZC_Playz 2 months ago +25

    Try to use it as a Mac replacement for a few days as a fun challenge, and at the end of the video, explain your experience with it, its advantages and disadvantages, and if you prefer certain tasks on the iPad Pro M2 rather than a Mac. More Suggestions for tasks:
    Try to edit a few shorts, or a whole review on the iPad, this is a weird one: Try to run virtual machines on the iPad. There are certain ways to do it, for anyone looking how here is a video from Snazzy Labs who has already tested it: clip-share.net/video/LrLDKYFyLMM/video.html
    Another thing is that try to bring it almost everywhere you go. Treat it as your iPad Mini, you don't have to bring it EVERYWHERE.

  • Digitalguy
    Digitalguy 2 months ago +16

    I would try using it with external monitors (via stage manager). Also I would compare it with the 2018 pro when it comes to stage manager on the device. I have done the comparison myself (M1 vs 2018) and it's interesting to open many apps and tabs and see that at some point things start to reload on the 2018, but not on the M1/M2. I think a comparion of RAM would be even more interesting than comparin CPU power.

    • Brian Watkins
      Brian Watkins 6 days ago

      Nice, yeah I'd watch that video for sure!

  • Jeff Pom
    Jeff Pom 2 months ago +9

    I see three main strong areas for having an iPad.
    1 - Artists. For drawing in particular. Though photography is awesome too.
    2 - Entertainment. Watching movies, playing games.
    3 - But here’s mine - besides things like note taking, which you mentioned: Viability as a laptop replacement. Especially with the new external display support. (Which still has issues - app developers NEED to update and become compatible or more compatible with it.)
    I firmly believe that the average computer user can use an iPad instead, and then perhaps even get MORE out of it with the features that a laptop doesn’t offer. It can push them to cloud comp. Use of the pencil more. Use of the apps like Notepad, Reminders, Freeform. And then it also makes a fantastic camera with extra features (center stage, voice isolation) for video calls.
    I use mine as my home computer. That I can also easily hold instead of a laptop - to watch movies and videos, or read with…

  • Jakub Jirák
    Jakub Jirák 2 months ago +6

    Hi Mark, I think that the best niche for iPad With M2 will be focused on things you can do only with it. Otherwise, it's only a more powerful device without innovations which are visible to people.
    So here are a few ideas which come to my mind:
    iPad Pro with M2 as little podcast studio -> podcast to go
    iPad Pro with M2 as portable youtube studio -> take it to the coffee shop and try to edit the videos I DaVinci resolve. You can then share the cons, pros, results, time it takes, information about battery drain if you use it as a professional portable device, etc. I think content then will generate, and we know that you are a master of content repurposing.

  • SHACK Film Productions
    SHACK Film Productions 2 months ago +6

    I've always wondered if an Ipad and Mac Mini combo was a good idea instead of going out and getting a Macbook pro 14 inch. It's less money, but you get a mac and have the flexibility to take notes and draw then come back to the Mac Mini for the more serious tasks. Perhaps a video where you test the Mac Mini stationed at home and then using the Ipad Pro when you leave the house would be a cool idea!

    • Brian Eliel
      Brian Eliel Month ago

      I was looking at the same, here is what I found you can use the iPad as an external monitor with Luna display dongle.

    • DAMR
      DAMR 10 days ago

      The Mac mini with a iPad will always be the best option over any MacBook.
      Use Mac mini for heavier task comfortably at a desk with a large display and use the iPad to comfortably read books away from the desk.
      If you had a MacBook, yes you can connect a large display but what happens in the event you take it out in Public and drop it or accidentally gets water damage? There goes all of your important hard work or have to get it repaired for the price of a iPad Pro.

  • Isaia Taotua
    Isaia Taotua 2 months ago +2

    Moved from an Air 4 to a Mini 6 due to content like yours. I’d be interested in seeing how Mini (or Air or 9th/10th gen) users could benefit from pairing the IPP with M2 into their setup for productivity and pseudo laptop replacement, if possible. I gave up on that idea with the Air 4 but maybe there’s a gaming angle or a future MacOS lite scenario in which iPad Pros will finally not be this confused spec bump race with no real use for the SoC it’s equipped with.
    A redesign and new iPadOS could make the Pros a worthwhile purchase but at this time, i just don’t see it for me. In my use, an M2 IPP would realistically be a portable 2nd display and/or extra display at my desk. Nicer for videos and games than my iPad mini but wouldn’t really move the needle. That kind of money could be better spent on an actual second monitor for my desk or peripherals. Idk, bit of a ramble but as an average user who works with a MacBook Air(M1 16gb) and personal tasks with an M2 Mac Mini base model - iPad mini works exceptionally well in that setup and the iPad Pro is just looking for a problem to solve.
    This could be one of those future-proofing purchases that makes sure you have a device capable of receiving future features that will make iPad even more awesome. I see the value of that but since we don’t have any concrete details to rely on about future improvements, I don’t see a reason to fork over that money just yet. I’d love to hear any video showing otherwise if possible. Love your work!

  • Kevin Nolan
    Kevin Nolan 2 months ago +3

    I recently got a 12.9” M2 1TB model. I use it for teaching engineering and the large size is great for easily sketching on during lectures. I also use the LiDAR for scanning spaces as part of my research.
    The hope is that it will augment my Mac as a collaborative device when interacting with students.

  • Abraham J. Roberts
    Abraham J. Roberts 2 months ago +9

    I have the 12.9 m2 iPad. I'm just a normal user so it's overkill for me - but I love it! 😊

    • John Wallace
      John Wallace 28 days ago +1

      Yep! The screen is absolutely stunning, even just for browsing and watching videos±

  • Maxwell Cole
    Maxwell Cole Month ago +2

    Cool video. Had the same issue and ended up returning my M2 iPad Pro that was fully specked out because I couldn’t basically use it or justify using it for anything that I couldn’t do on my M1 iPad Pro, and my new iPad mini, which I’m so glad you mentioned because it is The most used iPad I have ever touched

  • Phil
    Phil 2 months ago +7

    Nobody seems to be mentioning that the M2 iPad 12.9 is the only iPad which has an XDR display. This is noticeable improvement when comparing side by side to any other iPad.

    • Richard Young
      Richard Young 8 days ago +1

      The M1 and M2 Pro 12.9 have the same screen - no?

    • Brian Watkins
      Brian Watkins 6 days ago

      @Richard Young Yes. 👍🏻 There seems a bigger difference between the 11" and 12.9" in that way than there is between M1 and M2. That's been my take anyway.

  • Peter Scott
    Peter Scott 2 months ago +1

    I spent over 6 months using my M1 iPad Pro as a MacBook replacement but ultimately found it really frustrating. It did everything very well but it was the little things I found irritating, using the files app, quickly moving and copying between apps and needing more than 2 apps open at once. I now have a M2 MacBook Air. Since then stage manager has happened but it have not used it on the iPad yet, but I do use it on my Mac all the time.

  • Justin Yadao
    Justin Yadao Month ago

    The iPad pros are perfected for photoshop because of how intuitive it is. Also for artists on pro create, animators, note taking, and digital art. Mkbhd also uses it to key frame arri Alexa robots to tell it how to maneuver throughout a room by taking LiDAR photos around a scanned object. Other than that, the iPad Pro is just specialized artist tool with some specialized features that not a lot of people use, but when they use it, it works greatly. I’d say just downgrade to the m1 11 inch iPad Pro and save yourself 700 or so dollars if u truly can’t justify having it. Ask yourself: how much would I lose if I lost this today? Would ur productivity go down? If not, then absolutely no need for it.

  • That Mark Gilroy
    That Mark Gilroy 2 months ago

    I'd be keen to see a side by side of that vs the Mini. The smallest vs the largest iPad; is paying all that money for the 12.9" really making you more 'pro' than the stuff that the Mini can handle?

  • Davester45
    Davester45 2 months ago +1

    The m2 is really good for those who don’t have the 2018 or later. And besides, I’ve seen people buy expensive iPads only for them to use garageband haha, so don’t feel too bad. Imo, those who have a latter versions should wait for the m3 iPad pro until wwdc, since maybe the m2 will get exclusive features at that time, and because the upgrade to the 3nm chips/oled screens will be heavily satisfying.

  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 months ago +1

    It's hard to justify, especially if you have a 14" MacBook Pro. When I tried to make the M2 12.9" fit, especially with the Magic Keyboard, there was just no scenario where the 12.9" made sense but the 14" MBP didn't. They're so close in size and weight, it just didn't ever make sense to use the 12.9" iPad when the 14" had a better display, better aspect ratio (black bars are huuuge on the 12.9"), better speakers, keyboard, battery life, etc. In every single scenario, the 14" was just the obvious choice.
    The only place it really shone was using it with universal control as a second display for the MacBook. Since it's around the same height as the 14" MBP display, and the same display tech, it's a very handsome second display.
    The thing is just heavy. Heavier than a MacBook Air once you've got it in the Magic Keyboard, and that extra size and weight puts it in an awkward spot. Such an awkward spot that I couldn't make it fit.

  • Russell Edmonds
    Russell Edmonds 2 months ago +4

    I love my 11" iPad Pro, and I have just ordered an M2 version to replace my 2020 model as the battery life is getting to a point where I am having to charge it after a couple of hours!
    I'm completely not the target market for the Pro, as I only really use it for sofa surfing, using it as an expensive cookbook in the kitchen and reading comics on it. I would have gone for the iPad Air, but much prefer FaceID over TouchID and was happy to pay a bit more for the convenience factor. For me, it's the perfect screen size for media consumption vs the iPad mini (which I also have, and use mainly for note taking and when travelling/commuting).
    I've had an iPad since the first retina version, and am just so used to using it now as my general device whilst at home - it's just so convenient compared to my MacBook.
    Can't really comment on the 12.9" version as never used one for any length of time, other than having a play with one in the Apple Store.

    • DAMR
      DAMR 2 months ago +1

      Just take your iPad 11” 2020 to Apple to get the battery replaced for $150. Save yourself $650.

  • KleemyBerlin
    KleemyBerlin 2 months ago +1

    Hello Mark, I was hesitating a lot as well before buying the 2022 iPad Pro (12,9 inch). But since I found out how great photo- and video-editing works with the Apple Pencil (on my old iPad 11 inch 2018), I gave up my resistance. Now I'm using my 11 inch iPad for reading and note taking on the go (a "Monster-Kindle" so to say), while my 2022 iPad Pro is THE machine for all creative stuff, typing, consuming and .. nearly everything. Even thinking about using it as my main workstation and giving my old iMac a break. So creative as you obviously are, I have no doubt you gonna enjoy it. Best regards from Berlin, Olaf

  • Bob Taylor
    Bob Taylor 2 months ago +1

    I use both the M1 iPad Pro and iPad Mini in my daily work as a personal trainer, and for downtime entertainment. I make heavy use of the external monitor option, and I would suggest that you do a video with a deep dive in that area. I use the m1 iPad Pro as my “mainframe “ computer. It remains attached to my LG 32-inch 4k monitor. When I work out with clients, I use the iPad mini to record sets and reps on OneNote, and then I prepare a more complete session report using the synced data on my desktop iPad Pro. I also do all my business accounting, taxes, photos and videos on the desktop iPad through the external monitor. I happen to have an older model Mac mini that I crank up from time to time to keep it up to date. I find its interface and file system rather stodgy and antiquated compared to the streamlined versions on the iPads. Everything is just so much quicker and more responsive on the iPads, and just a lot more fun to use. I think your viewers would really enjoy it if you were to do a fairly in-depth review of working with the M2 iPad Pro on an external monitor. Who knows, you might find that you permanently move some of your daily tasks to that platform.

  • Richard Llewellyn
    Richard Llewellyn 2 months ago +3

    I've bought and returned the larger iPad twice in the last couple of years because I've ended up feeling exactly the same way - I feel like I should be able to use it but no. The only regular use I had for the larger one was as a second screen for my MacBook Pro. But even then, the difference between the larger one and my trusty 2018 11 inch isn't worth it. I won't ever get rid of the 2018 - it was built so well for the time.
    Not helpful I know but this is the whole problem with these overpowered iPad Pros.

    • Mark Ellis Reviews
      Mark Ellis Reviews  2 months ago +1

      It is helpful, Richard - and it illustrates the challenge perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

  • Will Ramsey
    Will Ramsey Month ago

    A description of its speaker's sound and how impressive the video quality of its mini-LED screen would be interesting.

  • Kane Clements
    Kane Clements 2 months ago

    Hi Mark. I had an early 12 inch Pro iPad and upgraded to an 11 inch Pro a while before lock down.
    In the first couple of months of lockdown I was on our patio doing a Zoom session with my personal trainer.
    The bloody thing dropped to the ground and it was damaged. It is still working as normal to this day. Just looking a bit rough around the edges. Rather like me.
    I was in line at the Exeter Apple Store on the day the first iPad came out. And it and subsequent models have always been a disappointment.
    Don't get me wrong, the concept is brilliant. There is just something that doesn't add up for me.

  • MadMaxx
    MadMaxx 2 months ago +1

    Always an interesting perspective from your videos, mate! I've been using my M1 iPad Pro 12.9" + magic keyboard for almost 2 years. It's been a very good package that does a lot of things pretty well, but not so much on some important tasks for it to be a true laptop replacement. As a writer who works with documents/manuscripts that can be hundreds of pages in length, I found Word and other such apps to be inadequate at best on my iPad. I still need my desktop PC to do my job properly. I'll be buying an M2/M3 Air or maybe the M1 MBP 14" for my mobile work device in 2023.

    • DAMR
      DAMR 10 days ago

      If you are working with documents/manuscripts at home most of the time, stay with the iPad Pro and get a Mac mini. Work on manuscripts comfortably at a desk with a Mac mini and use your iPad pro to review those documents comfortably at a couch or bed and browse the web/watch videos on hand.

  • Handy Historian
    Handy Historian Month ago

    It's obviously not going to be your main machine, so I'd suggest you use it as an auxiliary device with universal control, continuity features and as a second display. Since it's arguably much more like an iPhone than a Mac you can experiment with using it as a substitute for many things you'd normally do on your iPhone. You can also use it with a widget-heavy/only desktop as a replacement for the dashboard that Apple axed from MacOS. The lack of desktop widgets in MacOS is still a glaring omission, the extra step of going to Notification Center and looking at widgets that are forced into one space with little flexibility means you just don't use them as much.

  • 1989gem
    1989gem 2 months ago

    I’ve got a Mac Mini M1 and I’m considering getting the m2 iPad Pro to use as a 2nd screen/instead of a MacBook Air/general day to day stuff. I do wonder if it’s still a bit overkill though.

  • Christian Hotter
    Christian Hotter 2 months ago +3

    The big iPad makes a good 2nd monitor if you work on a laptop. I use my mini as a 3rd monitor for my Mac Mini, but it’s better suited for my waveform monitor than a preview monitor.

  • Nayib González
    Nayib González 2 months ago

    The iPad Pros are just at that point of potential where they can basically overlap in so many areas with a MacBook. I think Apple wants to keep the iPad Pro being a very capable tablet with an emphasis on the “very”.

  • Matthew Bachelier
    Matthew Bachelier 2 months ago +1

    Mark, always love your videos - rarely comment on Clip-Share, but I think I may have a couple somewhat niche use cases - I'm probably one of the only people on the planet that wants an even larger iPad screen.
    Beyond the obvious uses (side monitor, video content consumption) my #1 use for large scale tablets is as a gigantic reader for comics, manga, and magazines. For those, it's actually not quite large enough! Screen dimensions on the 12.9 ipad are roughly 10.3in x 7.7in, a perfect fit for a standard fully opened manga volume (~10 x 7.5) but woefully smaller than a fully opened magazine (~17 x 11) or a fully opened large release comic/manga (~14 x 10).
    But in terms of pushing the iPad to its computational limits - the only thing I'd like to see that's going to get even close to tapping into the M2 full potential is some kind of side-loaded emulator. I'd love to see how the M2 iPad handles dolphin and Wii/GameCube games.
    Hopefully that helps a little. The iPad Pro feels like Superman stuck on Pluto haha - it's so hamstrung. I wish Apple would just allow users to sideload or install MacOS, I think you'd see an explosion in iPad adoption.

  • Kwamé Ryan
    Kwamé Ryan 2 months ago +1

    I watched your original non-review of the M2 Ipad Pro with interest as I'd been using an M112.9 inch Ipad Pro since the beginning of Covid having previously sworn I would never use an ios device and unfortunately I absolutely love it and have fully integrated it into my life as a travelling musician running a freelance business. Your video made me NOT upgrade! But even with the M1, what makes it viable for me is the magic keyboard (which makes it a great general purpose typing device) and touch control (which makes it a spectacular browsing, shopping and entertainment device). That's a combination of functionality I would miss if I had to daily just a laptop. Sure, there are a few things I can't do on the iPad for which I need a proper computer, but when at home with access to the studio, I do those things on my M1 Mini. Given how much of my day the iPad serves beautifully, it's been hard for me to justify the expense of a separate Macbook, but I recently realised, I am eventually gonna have to bite that bullet for long tours when I have no access to my studio. And to not duplicate the Ipad screen size, that'll be have to be an M3 Macbook Pro 16 (yeah, I'm waiting 😊). Bottom line... Give the Ipad Pro ON the Magic Keyboard a try!

  • C. Garison
    C. Garison 2 months ago +1

    Great Video on the ultimate Apple conundrum, the 12.9" M2 iPad pro.... The absolute toughest money I have spent on an Apple product. The 11" M1 iPad Pro has been and continues to be the best tool that I have purchased for my daily work flow. It handles my email like a champ. It is the best tool that I have used for my Teams meetings. It even is the best document reader to walk away from my workstation and relax on the couch while catching up on all the documentation that I need to approve. But the 12.9" M2 iPad pro does everything just as well, but the size really gets in the way of the tool being an amazing device. So what was the real reason for the "too large for normal use" iPad??? The 12.9" iPad Pro is used as my drawing tool on a workspace like Mural, Miro, and Figma. I can use the iPad as my display to write in the shared space and collaborate in creating process maps using this tool as a digital white board that everyone on the session can see. With the Apple Pencil, it has a great use case in my workflow, but was it worth the price? I am still not sure if this a wise way to spend that much money. I like the extra pixels for my drawings. It has been a fun tool for teams meetings. But, it just has not had the wow factor that I got from the M1 iPad Pro. The only redeeming value is I did get the 12.9" M2 Pro for $200 bucks off on a great Black Friday sale so I have that deal to make me feel better about the purchase.

  • Steve Bachochin
    Steve Bachochin 2 months ago +4

    As an M2 iPad pro 11 in user, love it. My dream is to keep my iphone at home and have an m1 ipad mini … with it using better external display support

  • Outtasight
    Outtasight 2 months ago

    Hi Mark, not that me personally would ever consider buying an ipad Pro M2, however I would be very much interested in it’s battery life in regards simple dayli life - such as youtube or other video consumption, games - I know you’re not a huge player but still, if it’s a Pro, then I’d love to see it having Pro features from every angle of it

  • Lucas Lahlum
    Lucas Lahlum 2 months ago +2

    Maybe do a web client that makes it a remote desktop so you can emulate programs on it and use that stand to make the iPad into a smart hub for automating processes, especially processes in your home. You could also use that vesa mount to mount it to your home front door to make it into a smart lock and automation center. That is the best use i have found for an iPad that you have lying around and don't know what to do with it.

    • Andy Gray
      Andy Gray 2 months ago +1

      The 12.9 is also really awesome for Microsoft RDP uses. It’s pretty niche, but I think it works amazing.

  • Mos Chowdhury
    Mos Chowdhury 22 days ago

    I guess the announcement of Final Cut Pro on the iPad today might change things :) I know it will for me!

  • Ty Ron
    Ty Ron 2 months ago +1

    I have the M1 and M2 ipad pros fully specked out and the M2 iPad Pro is much better for video editing, before resolve came along, LumaFusion is a very good pro app, just because you don’t consider an app “pro” does not make it true. My Ipad pros are my only computing devices and have been using procreate and LumaFusion along with a few other apps for years to do all my professional work and I make a very very good living with all the pro apps that are already available. I’ll be getting a M3 iPad Pro when it becomes available.

  • Richard Schembri
    Richard Schembri 2 months ago +1

    I upgraded from my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 to the M1 iPad Pro 12.9 , because I wanted to use Stage Manager. Was really annoyed when Apple released Stage Manager to the older iPad Pros.
    Have tried to use the iPad for business but it takes so much longer to do anything that I find myself reaching for my MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, the iPad has basically turned into a content device, which is annoying considering how much it cost. Apple need to get their act together and make the iPad OS more useful and business like, other wise there is not much point in buying an iPad.

    • Steve Bachochin
      Steve Bachochin 2 months ago

      I didn’t like that I had to sell my iPad 6 to get an M2 iPad Pro… I really needed the external monitor support. 12.9 is too big. The mini was great portable device that can fit in a backpack etc

  • Rafael Domenikos
    Rafael Domenikos 2 months ago +1

    I get that the iPad is not ideal to run heavy workloads on, but with the M1 and M2 processors it can. And people need to realise that stuff other than video editing exist!! I use python everyday, and yes I run it on my Mac, but I it is really cool to be able to run script on the iPad as well, when I don't want to carry my Mac with me. And it can run heavy scripts! It's a programming language so you can make it as complex as you want, and with the M1 that I have, I can getting it pretty heavy before the iPad breaks a sweat.
    Also that mini LED display is to die for and it is the main reason that I suggest to people to buy the 12.9 or upgrade from their 2018s.

  • heyjoe23
    heyjoe23 Month ago +1

    I use my M1 12.9” with Apple Pencil for work. My job is to go through Profit & Loss statements and Operating Statements and doing markup for businesses. Since I receive these digitally as pdfs, I used to have to print them off, use a lead pencil to do the markup, and then scan them back into the computer. Now, marking them up in Notability, I save myself TONS of paper and time of printing and scanning. I do hundreds of these a year. Our company has saved so much money on paper and time that they loved my idea and proposal and went with purchasing my team these iPads! Plus, I do love the 120mhz and miniLED screens for watching your channel and other Clip-Share videos and streaming sites!

    • Mark Ellis Reviews
      Mark Ellis Reviews  Month ago

      Great use case 😊

    • Henry
      Henry Month ago

      Do you use a Screenprotector like Paperlike? Just wondering if a protector works with such a heavy usage.

    • heyjoe23
      heyjoe23 Month ago

      @Henry I had one, but took it off because I did not like the matte look when I would watch videos and stream. It was not clear. I don’t mind using the pencil without a paperlike screen cover.

  • Music Factory Studios
    Music Factory Studios 2 months ago

    I use my iPad Pro in 2 ways one is for a live guitar amp simulator. I am too old to carry around a 200 pound guitar amp to a club gig. The second way I use it is as a specialized keyboard rig. Their are some synths that are iPad only that I like to incorporate into Logic Pro and you can use them by just plugging your iPad into your mac and then Logic can route audio out to the iPad and record the synth over USB-C with near zero latency while using a Midi keyboard attached to your Mac! Also the Free Logic Remote app from Apple is nice as well!! Cheers!

  • Andy Gray
    Andy Gray 2 months ago +1

    I have the M1 iPad Pro 12.9 and love it for notes and reading content while troubleshooting things on a laptop or similar,
    I probably use it a lot like you use the mini.

  • Conival
    Conival 2 months ago

    If you figure out a use for it, please let me know.
    I got one for the office to evaluate it as a laptop replacement - it isn’t. Just too many compromises.
    When you compare what it costs compared to a proper office grade laptop, there’s no comparison.
    Perhaps once we finally migrate all our systems to the cloud and everything is browser based, maybe…
    It’s a lovely device, but it’s also too heavy as a tablet. Much prefer my iPad mini.

  • transitengineer
    transitengineer 2 months ago

    Thank you, for sharing your very honest comments. Please highlight mainly the functions that, only work with either an M1/M2 iPad Pro model and also show how it works as a second monitor (smile...smile).

  • Allan Oas
    Allan Oas 2 months ago +1

    Do a battery life comparison with your older iPad and any other tablet or device you think would be useful. Battery life of iPads isn’t often talked about on Clip-Share. Is it because they are so bad compared to all the MacBooks… or competition ? The M1 Pro 11 I’m using has poor battery life doing just normal stuff. An hour our or two watching Clip-Share takes a huge chunk of my battery capacity, for example.

  • Google User
    Google User 2 months ago +1

    I still got the 12.9” 2018 iPad Pro 256GB I have had it for almost 5 years got it on Christmas 2018 best iPad I have gotten I will keep it until a new version is released. Love your video content keep up great work!

  • blue43921
    blue43921 2 months ago

    Looks like I’m downgrading from my iPad 11 inch to the Mac mini.
    I’m thinking of using the pencil with pages, mostly for doodling and writing or should I just stick to notes ?

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S 2 months ago +2

    I have the same dilemma. I have the iPad Mini 6 and can't justify going for a larger iPad.

  • Skylar Steel
    Skylar Steel 2 months ago

    I have wanted to buy a 12.9 inch iPad Pro for almost 5 years and have yet to pull that trigger because I can’t find a justifiable use for it. I worry about bringing it to meetings and it feeling too big. Or having it sit on my desk while I use my 16” M1 Pro

  • Amy
    Amy 2 months ago

    Buy it, get your collaboration and then sell it. It is too difficult to force a piece of tech in your daily routine if you don't want or need it. The pro is an expensive second screen if you already have other cheaper models available. The mini is a keeper.

  • Harvey Trevino
    Harvey Trevino 2 months ago

    Just one more proof Apple needs to release an iPad Mini Pro. Same size, but with M2, FaceID and Thunderbolt USB-C.

  • Roving Cyclops
    Roving Cyclops 2 months ago

    The best way to put it to use is to do the sponsor spot and then return it to the Apple store.

  • Louise Findlay
    Louise Findlay 2 months ago

    It has to be DaVinci Resolve. Would be a great follow up to your Logic Pro music test with Mac Mini.

  • eduitguy
    eduitguy 2 months ago

    With that fancy stand. I would love to see you using it as a editing replacement!

  • Scootro Dellabutro
    Scootro Dellabutro 7 days ago +1

    i enjoy your videos! you do a great job! we need more content than once a month! hahaha

  • Bella Saward
    Bella Saward 2 months ago

    Use it for gaming, media consumption and as a second screen for your workflow.

  • Andrew Cleaton
    Andrew Cleaton Month ago

    It makes a fantastic control surface for Logic Pro on the Mac!

  • andrus54
    andrus54 2 months ago

    replaced my mac pro with ipad pro 2 years ago and would not go back. I do have m1 mac mini sitting at homeoffice when really needed but ipad is my daily. Keynote presentations, excel work, huge nottaking and processing and daily ipad stuff. Would not go back to mac just because of ipads modularity and pencil support. Shortcuts have been built to help with workflow and lot of else. Only thing that I want to complain about and not many reviews mention it, but battery life is about 4 hours compared to 18 hours on m1 mac air. Do a video about that, but that would need you to actually learn how to use ipad os properly, most youtubers and actually other people never will and then complain that its not more like mac.

  • Mark Roffey
    Mark Roffey 2 months ago +1

    Love to see capture One pro on the IPAD Pro. Love all the videos by the way. Cheers from Canada. Thanks AEH

  • C C 1984
    C C 1984 2 months ago

    My m1 12.9 inch 1tb cellular iPad Pro has been sitting untouched for months😅I actually use my m1 air and mini 6 more. All the time really. I don’t really have a use for the pro anymore but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it😩

  • Tech In RL
    Tech In RL 2 months ago

    There’s nothing that says you have to use it for work. People have an obsession with comparing iPads to MacBooks when Apple, themselves, have never done so. They only called it a computer, not a laptop replacement. Use it for content consumption, for one thing. It’s way better than a mini with its mini-LED screen and its inky blacks. If you absolutely insist on using it for work, you could probably use it to write your Clip-Share scripts. Try editing videos on it. You might enjoy it. You can use it to track spending. Granted you already do it on the Mac, but give it a shot. Watch a few Chris Lawley videos for how he uses the iPad in his workflow. He’s considered the iPad guy.

  • Applecompuser
    Applecompuser 2 months ago

    I was able to get an iPad pro from my cell carrier for $100. My daughter ended up acquiring it and the deal went away. Now I have a new ipad pro and I also have not figured out what to with it. I did set it up to read some text books for law school. I need an adaptor to charge the pencil which feels annoying, but taking notes might be helpful. But, by and large, most work Id rather use a keyboard and mouse.

  • Larry Thomas
    Larry Thomas 2 months ago

    Why not do a video showing continuity and hook it up to your Mac as either a second display or a second source of information while you’re working

  • courtney higham
    courtney higham 2 months ago

    Each to their own. For me I’m iPad Pro all the way as I can’t afford an iPad and a Mac at the same time. So my iPad is my computer and tablet all in one. Windows is not an option as I hate it.
    For the iPad Pro is the perfect all around device. Sure it won’t be for everyone.

  • A F
    A F Month ago

    That made me smile because I upgraded my iPad mini to the 12.9 and other than watching films on it and emails nope I don’t use it to its full potential

  • Patrick Quirke
    Patrick Quirke 2 months ago

    I just returned the M2 iPad Pro 12.9 back to Vodafone. I bought it because I am about to go on holiday and I didn't want to take my MBP 16" with me. I am a web developer and I also manage my wife's website. She wants me to make a few edits and add her products on holiday as she writes some content and makes her Audio files to sell. However, when testing the iPad Pro and editing my wife's Squarespace site there was no way of editing it fully, I couldn't drag blocks around, I couldn't edit content easily, the Squarespace app on the iPad is useless and using it in Safari was just as bad, so I returned the iPad and I am taking my MBP instead despite it's heft.

  • Sylvain Alain
    Sylvain Alain 2 months ago +1

    Buy it , do the sponsor and return it to Apple . Simple as that.

  • Somtric
    Somtric 17 days ago

    I think you need to remember the group it's meant for. As an artist.. the iPad pro 12.9 is just... the best choice out there, unfortunately.. extremely expensive, but ye.

  • Andy Gray
    Andy Gray 2 months ago

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying, Meta Mark is my favorite Mark

  • Artem Kalachian
    Artem Kalachian 2 months ago +4

    Just grabbed refurbished 11" Pro with M1. Nothing beats iPads 🤷‍♂️

    • Mark Ellis Reviews
      Mark Ellis Reviews  2 months ago +1

      What are you doing with yours?

    • Artem Kalachian
      Artem Kalachian 2 months ago +3

      @Mark Ellis Reviews honestly, just web surfing, watching Clip-Share and reading 😄 Pro iPads just have better screen. I had iPad mini, but it’s too small for my taste, especially now that I have Galaxy Fold 4.
      Also, sometimes on the go I use my iPad as an extension monitor for a MacBook. And a bit of note-taking, having more or less adequate keyboard helps.

  • tux4tosh
    tux4tosh 2 months ago +1

    Surly the product you need to review would work on an M1 iPad Pro? As you have said yourself, there is little difference between the M1 iPad Pro and the M2 version. So with that in mind, why not purchase an M1 12.9 inch iPad Pro from Apples refurbished store for £849 and save yourself £400? They are readily available at the minute.

  • yo yo
    yo yo 2 months ago

    Heyy, should i get the ipad pro m1 12.9inch 256gb or go for the ipad pro m2 11inch 128gb i am so confused the price is a 100$ extra on m1?

  • Deon Main
    Deon Main 2 months ago

    Do this “new” M2 iPad Pro still has that LDDR4X RAM module that the M1 iPad Pro has?

  • JustinFYI
    JustinFYI 2 months ago +1

    Don't laugh, but I often use my 12.9 inch iPad Pro as a Windows tablet. I use Windows Remote Desktop to log in to my PC and I get to enjoy it on a large, beautiful Retina display and the Magic Pencil works with Windows Tablet Mode. Gives me the benefit of additional apps the iPad doesn't have without switching devices, so I get two computers inside one screen. I can remote into my Mac as well, but MacOS doesn't have a "tablet mode" option for that pen/pencil experience.

  • blaa
    blaa Month ago

    My 2018 one recently had its mother board completely fried so I had to get a new iPad and since I use them for 5+ years I decided to get the new m2 one

  • Bruce Neuman
    Bruce Neuman 2 months ago

    Easy answer is if you do not know how to use a product in your business, I certainly don’t. One place to start is with Apple. If they can’t sell it then we should not buy it. I always thought of this very large iPad as a specialty device, perhaps for architects, engineers and those who work with large spreadsheets. I have certainly never needed one. I hope your sponsorship is profitable for you. Frankly, they should have provided you with the iPad they want you to use.

  • Daniel Vargo
    Daniel Vargo 18 days ago

    I just got back from apple I traded in my m1 ipad pro for the m2 ipad pro and even tho it's not much different I atleast know its more powerful now 😂

  • Todd Castaldi
    Todd Castaldi 2 months ago

    Hey at least you’re buying it now for a good reason!

  • YouGazzaa
    YouGazzaa 2 months ago

    How about Logic Remote? personally I wouldn't be interested in a Logic Pro app for the iPad because I need to connect interfaces, midi keyboards and sample libraries on external disks which just won't be fun on an iPad. Logic Remote however means I can sit on my couch and control Logic on my Mac.

    • Mark Ellis Reviews
      Mark Ellis Reviews  2 months ago

      I've played with the Remote app a fair bit in the past. It's super cool... but always felt like it was trying to solve a problem that didn't exist.

  • Drax68
    Drax68 2 months ago

    I’m hoping for an M2 iPad mini

  • Richard Young
    Richard Young 8 days ago

    I know it is about a month after this dropped, but now you have Final Cut Pro

  • JKayser
    JKayser 2 months ago +21

    If I buy an iPad Pro it’s gonna be for its gaming potential

    • player
      player 2 months ago +5

      Man get a PS5 you won't be disappointed

    • JKayser
      JKayser 2 months ago +1

      @player was planning on that as well

    • Quchi
      Quchi 2 months ago +1

      Yeah and productivity too, if I had the money back then then I would've bought an iPad pro or Air m1 over my current Samsung tab s7 fe.
      iPads are freaking awesome

    • JKayser
      JKayser 2 months ago +1

      @Quchi I’m currently saving up for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Doing this the long haul way. And if a newer and better pro model than the m2 comes out when I’m finally for it, we’ll then I know what I might go for.

    • Poliarinis
      Poliarinis 2 months ago +2

      It's a Stupidity to get ipad pro for gaming.

  • Mr DejavuKing
    Mr DejavuKing 2 months ago

    Use it to learn and use davinci resolve. I can almost guarantee you’ll completely drop Final Cut Pro once you learn the ropes of it. In my opinion it’s night and day davinci kills Final Cut Pro in pretty much every aspect. That iPad of course supports davinci resolve!. Of course it has a free version but without some features the big pain the butt one is the free version doesn’t support 10bit video files!. But I and many many many argue the cost of davinci is far more worth it than Final Cut.

    • Mark Ellis Reviews
      Mark Ellis Reviews  2 months ago

      Where do you think it beats FCP specifically? I'm genuinely interested because I know nothing about Davinci.

    • Mr DejavuKing
      Mr DejavuKing 2 months ago +2

      @Mark Ellis Reviews hey I mean there is people way way more experienced and knowledgeable than me. The main points I’ve found with FCP is that it’s “easier” to get up and running with and is powerful in its own right. But davinci is a really really full on video editing suite, it has an insanely powerful professional grade audio production editing section, the fusion section is very complicated but omg it’s unbelievably powerful for cgi, 2D, 3D tools for motion effects and motion graphics just to touch the surface. The Ai tracking tools are unbelievable, now you can say click a person or object you want to track to add a title too and it just does it without having to add endless tracking points. The colour grading tools is what I love it’s very very in-depth. The editing itself is a change if your used to the magnetic timeline of FCP but I personally found I was able to learn davinci from 0 as my first video editing program!.
      I’m not doing it justice with my dyslexic explanation lol. But search creators swapping from FCP to davinci resolve you’ll see a huge list of big big Clip-Share channels that have switched. They go into much greater depth as to why their swapping over. Some admit they still use both FCP and davinci, FCP for some task but mainly now use DV. I highly checking out some of those creators. Like Sarah Dietchi I can’t spell her name she has a 30-40min video explaining why she swapped.
      If you can download the free version on iPad I’d 100% recommend trying it just with 8bit 4K footage to see how you find it before having to invest any money.

  • MTR
    MTR 2 months ago +1

    I see alot of comments already saying get it do your vid. I watched your vid twice before posting a comment. If the sponsor can justify the purchase why not. But don't force using apps that you will never use. Keep it a buck. But the thing I get out of this vid is that I should go for the mini instead of upgrading. I was looking for a ipad to use as a homekit hub and wanted to buy a new iPad for my daughter so I can use her old ipad. But I'm just gonna buy the mini for my self and give here the ipad pro. So thanks vor the vid 😂😂

  • IAmConorr
    IAmConorr 2 months ago

    I think Apple should drop the “Pro” naming from non-MacBook devices and follow the Watch “Ultra” naming, the phones aren’t “Pro” and either are the iPads imo…

    • Hassan Ullah
      Hassan Ullah 2 months ago

      Nowadays the iPad can be a full on Pro device. Especially with universal control pairing to Macs. Before I got a Mac mini I ran a successful self employed online business with great revenue all of iPad, I just got Mac mini to boost production but they’ve really vamped them up nowadays

    • IAmConorr
      IAmConorr 2 months ago

      @Hassan Ullah I agree you can get by, but for the price Apple are charging for a “Pro” device, it can’t even do everything that the MacBook Air can do… What’s specifically “Pro” about it?

  • Steve S
    Steve S 2 months ago

    I have a iPad Pro 12.9 6 Gen and with AT-T cellular best thing I ever did! Plus I have a iPhone 13 Pro Max and Mac Mini M2 just a plain Janet Model! Skip on the iPhone 14 Pro max nothing too exciting about it. I’ll wait for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 🍎☘️🙏

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson 2 months ago

    I don’t understand why you are having a dilemma. The iPad Pro combined with a nice keyboard/trackpad can do anything a MacBook can do, from addministrative and writing work, to photo & video editing as well as illistrative design work, All the apps are there in the App Store. You just need to make the decision to only use the Mac when you need to render and upload multiple videos at the same time, and use the iPad for everything else.

    • Mark Ellis Reviews
      Mark Ellis Reviews  2 months ago

      Where’s Final Cut Pro?

    • Thomas Johnson
      Thomas Johnson 2 months ago

      @Mark Ellis ReviewsWhy do you need it, when Davinci Resolve and LumaFusion are there?

    • Mark Ellis Reviews
      Mark Ellis Reviews  2 months ago

      @Thomas Johnson because switching video editing platforms is a huge lift for my business.

    • Thomas Johnson
      Thomas Johnson 2 months ago

      @Mark Ellis ReviewsI can understand your concern if that's the only software you ever used and don't want to learn another. Eventually, Apple will have to bring FCP to the iPad Pro’s, but for me who has never had a Mac and has DR and LF on hand if ever need to edit a video, it seems like a non-issue.

  • Georgios Tsiokris
    Georgios Tsiokris 2 months ago

    hey dude! you could compare several keyboards for the pro m2

  • John Wade
    John Wade 2 months ago

    As a teacher her, I use my iPad Pro (2018 vers) practically every day…

  • David Bell
    David Bell 3 days ago

    Think i’m going to stick with ipad mini and get new macbook air

  • andrew illingworth
    andrew illingworth 2 months ago

    Are you able to buy the iPad renewed or refurbished?

  • garry Etheridge
    garry Etheridge 2 months ago +2

    How about a 2 meter drop test, I would be very keen to see that video

  • Sheepish Lord
    Sheepish Lord 2 months ago

    If it’s me, I’m either returning it after the sponsorship or just borrowing someone’s ha.

  • Esther Eley
    Esther Eley 2 months ago

    Using it to extend your monitor with Universal Control.

  • Yeshayahu Estling
    Yeshayahu Estling 2 months ago +1

    A good reason to try davinci resolve for ipad

  • Lee Sutton
    Lee Sutton 2 months ago +1

    Use it as a chance to try switching to DaVinci ;-)

  • Brian T Morin
    Brian T Morin 2 months ago

    How about videos on Davinci resolve for the iPad Pro?

  • Self Stylez
    Self Stylez Month ago

    Genius !!!! Maken content without saying absolutely nothing !!! Yes it worked Buddy ….. 🤷🏽‍♂️👍🏽

    • Mark Ellis Reviews
      Mark Ellis Reviews  Month ago

      Glad you enjoyed it 👍

    • Mark Ellis Reviews
      Mark Ellis Reviews  Month ago

      That’s a double negative there by the way, fella. Which means, technically, you haven’t said anything either. Bosh! As they say.

  • player
    player 2 months ago

    I'm interested in how you use your iPad mini, please make a video on that , I've subscribed !
    Thumbs up if anyone else wants to know?

    • Mark Ellis Reviews
      Mark Ellis Reviews  2 months ago +2

      Haha - welcome onboard! I’ve made a tonne of iPad mini content, but there’s more on the way!

  • Mads Villadsen
    Mads Villadsen 2 months ago +1

    It could be nice if you could test some Adobe Software on it

  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M. 2 months ago

    Thats the exact reason why i am sending back my iPad Pro 11 M2 today. I found no no real usecase where i could Not just use the iphone. Also when editing photos or Videos, i rather use my MacBook Pro. And spending 1000 bucks just for a bigger Screen? Not for me.