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Nike SB | Nyjah Huston | Need That

  • Published on Nov 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • YeahhDan
    YeahhDan Month ago +695

    In my humble opinion, this is one of the greatest skate parts I’ve ever seen in my life

    • Lan-Evo Torta
      Lan-Evo Torta 19 days ago

      @Mason Gregg bruh he’s, and the fact that HE WAS IN THE GAME 10 YEARS AGO! Is just ridiculous. Nyjah’s been putting in work ever since he was a baby baby. His elementality still holds weights AND HE WAS LIKE 9!!

    • Shreddy McGnar
      Shreddy McGnar 21 day ago

      this is the best part ever made its not even disputed, Thrasher Amber Hursted him on SOTY like i said

    • Someguyintown
      Someguyintown Month ago

      @BullyMaguirenyjahs part is about hammers he could skate bowls and do out the box tricks but those would be filler clips and part wouldn’t be 99.9% hammers

    • ricky tumax
      ricky tumax Month ago

      @BullyMaguireThRoWiNg hIs bOaRd aT tHe sEcUrItY gUaRd , pUsHiNg iNtO sTrAnGeRs” , what are you, sped ? Nyjah could do all the tricks tyshawn did but tyshawn could never do the tricks nyjah does

    • TBonald
      TBonald Month ago

      I disagree with your opinion, this IS the sickest part ever till now! Im waiting for eather Joslin or Giraud or Alex Midler for a next part!

  • BobscousinBob
    BobscousinBob Month ago +142

    There are at least a thousand commenters who've already said it better than I could. What a part, what a career, what a living legend. Thank you for sharing your life and body with us for all these years Nyjah.

  • Elvek Djv
    Elvek Djv Month ago +100

    You can try to find a reason to hate this guy but you can't deny that what you have seen was just unreal. Being raised with Misled Youth and Girl videos this is just insanity. 10 years ago, no skater would ever imagine to film a part with this amount of bangers.

    • Die Lit
      Die Lit 19 days ago

      @Hff Fju you can’t even hear bro

    • Hff Fju
      Hff Fju 27 days ago

      U sound zesty

    • Lil Sus
      Lil Sus Month ago

      misled youth... best skate video ever made. not the best skating, especially these days.. but the vibe of that video just made me want to skate better.

    • Zach Scott
      Zach Scott Month ago +6

      Great comment and I totally agree. No matter what you think of him, that 12 minutes is some of the most insane skating ever. End of story.

  • markfelixm
    markfelixm Month ago +53

    Incredible. I’ll remember this part longer than who won Soty in 22

    • Hff Fju
      Hff Fju 27 days ago +1

      Some undeserving kook won

  • Time. Space. Heal
    Time. Space. Heal  Month ago +11

    Not a thug, A real nice guy
    Not sketchy, but a skater with real style…
    Nyjah, you are SOTY every year, brah. Give the trophies to the lesser. You’ll live on forever in Skateboarding!
    Much love!

  • Aaron Martirano
    Aaron Martirano Month ago +340

    Completely unreal, I can’t compare any skater to him. He goes harder, faster and tries the hardest tricks out there and constantly continues to raise the bar as he gets further and further into his career. He skates at such an at ease level that he makes even the hardest moves look easy when we all know how difficult they are. SOTY, SOTD(ecade), LEGEND!

    • Tyler Pierce
      Tyler Pierce 12 days ago

      How about Rodney Mullen her daewon song

    • Guilherme Rosendo Wonsik
      Guilherme Rosendo Wonsik Month ago +1

      @TBonald SEnna*

    • TBonald
      TBonald Month ago

      Hé is the Schumacher Jordan Messi of the Skate world!

    • Aaron Martirano
      Aaron Martirano Month ago +1

      @330 wiz well said sir!!

    • 330 wiz
      330 wiz Month ago +17

      It's really impressive when you consider how good he was at such a young age. Most ppl who find success so young lose the hunger to be great. Things just get easy for them and they get lazy.
      Not Nyjah this kid is absolutely unbelievable. Driven and down to earth. Understands his gift and is gonna push it to the absolute limit.
      I have nothing but respect for it.

  • time to play the game
    time to play the game Month ago +26

    I'd be embarrassed getting soty when this part exists, this will be talked about for years as one best skate parts ever. I'm a skater I know how hard is to just kickflip, this dude is insane, how consistent he is man

    • Cash Money
      Cash Money Month ago +1

      @bippitybappity fr, thrasher a dummy for their pick though 😂 I ain’t never something like the ender he put out, not to mention all his clips look like enders

    • bippitybappity
      bippitybappity Month ago

      Tyshawn doesn’t deserve to get dogged; he didn’t have any say in the decision.

  • Richard Dalvinn
    Richard Dalvinn Month ago +24

    This is absolutely the sickest skatepart someone EVER did. So much determination, hucking, so much power and so much life-ending dangerous tricks. This is 🔥🔥

  • danny wilson
    danny wilson Month ago +41

    The greatest street skater to ever live.

  • JDM Bren
    JDM Bren Month ago +31

    tyshawn just won soty, just wanna say this may be the best part ive ever seen in my life nyjah, you are skater of this decade. 🙏

    • user2609980
      user2609980 28 days ago

      What does Tyshawn do that this did not win SOTY??? Or was Nyjah's part just out of the 2022 nominations?

  • Alex Prospect
    Alex Prospect Month ago +384

    Once the dust settles this is probably one of the best Skate parts ever. Nyjah's skating here is innovative, gnarly, stylish and versatile . SOTY for me.

    • Jason B993
      Jason B993 Month ago

      Yeah I think he deserved SOTY this year.

    • Palter187
      Palter187 Month ago

      @Aleksi Suuronen Hard tricks on big things will always be relevant. Daewon's creativity is insane on a board...but in terms of near death things? Nyjah's a type of breed that makes you feel fear when you imagine trying what he's doing and what he's doing it on.

    • Mdevlin0
      Mdevlin0 Month ago +1

      @Palter187 was going to say nearly the same thing. I don’t know what the hate is all about…that was by far, hands down the best part I’ve ever seen. Sorry to the haters.

    • Palter187
      Palter187 Month ago +1

      Idc if you hate this guy or love this guy, this is the absolute best part I've ever seen dropped. Pure face melters everywhere, and I've been watching skate vids since Transmission 7. It's going to be hard for anyone to push past this dude's limits, salute 🤙🏻

    • Aleksi Suuronen
      Aleksi Suuronen Month ago

      Yeah most likely if something drastic doesn't happen he will be seen as one of the best to do it but still... There comes new people and new things. I still feel more innovative skating like with spots you wouldn't even think is for skating and more in differend way technical skating will come into even more popularity in coming years. Ofc Nyjah is amazing but people have seen for a long time now big things skated with whatever tricks, which is impressive but lacks some aspect of creativity you know (that's kinda how vert started to lose popularity to street skating).
      Not putting Nyjah down. I just think that people will start to incorporate for example freestyle more into contemporary street skating and things like that. Do things like Daewon Song or Jaakko Ojanen etc. So it will be hard to compare what part is best after awhile and what's seen as relevant. This years best part maybe.

  • DANY
    DANY Month ago +43

    The amount of work put into this is absolutely incredible

  • Team_Sixthree
    Team_Sixthree Month ago +14

    Bro makes it look easy. He definitely earn the SOTY hands down can’t hate on his grind literally. 🔥🤙🏼

  • Rather be canceled than handled - KB so tired

    This is skateboard history . Going to leave a comment here so I can come back and reminisce in my elder years about this period of time 👍

    • DeezyMerkins
      DeezyMerkins Month ago


    • Docta Fill
      Docta Fill Month ago +2

      I didn’t even consider that, but you’re right. This has to be bigger than skating entering the Olympics and that was the biggest story since Tony’s 900. This is probably up there with that. I’m not including deaths or that kind of tragic story BTW.

  • Crypto du Jour
    Crypto du Jour Month ago +20

    I've never came back to watch a part so many times. This is history in the making right here.

  • William Kimmel
    William Kimmel 2 months ago +30

    Never been into Nyjah. I’m more of a Zero / ToyMachine guy. Been my vibe since welcome to hell days. Everyone’s got their skate steez they like. This was 12 minutes of bangers. Every single trick was an ender. Nuyjah is definitely the greatest to have ever stepped on a board I don’t think anyone could argue different after this part. There’s always been tech skaters and Hesh skaters and occasionally a little mix of the 2 but this part was the the techest shit on the gnarliest shit with 99% perfectly clean landings. Whoever takes the top spot in the next 5 or 10 years is gonna have to switch tre bs nose blunt fakie inward heel on something like an el toro rail. Fuckkkkkkk

  • Burnerprod
    Burnerprod Month ago +10

    He has reach the literal highest pinnacle in skateboarding.

  • King Triton
    King Triton Month ago +21

    Man it’s like his body is invincible. I can watch Nyjah hit rails all day and still yell in praise at him. He’s Unstoppable 👊🤘

  • PhaseSkater
    PhaseSkater Month ago +133

    remember kids, no matter how hard you go like nyjah did in this video, all you gotta do is pop some flatground tricks over trash cans and skate a long flat train track gap to become SOTY

    • Dave Stone
      Dave Stone 2 days ago

      You don’t hold a candle to Tyshawn or Nyjah though. Nyjah ain’t the only dude killing it right now. Go practice your tre flips and stop hating lol.

    • terry gucci
      terry gucci 22 days ago

      @Avon G Sorry, bud.

    • Avon G
      Avon G 22 days ago

      @terry gucci This comment would have had way more impact if you didn't fuck up the grammar ☹

    • Avon G
      Avon G 22 days ago

      @Joe C'mon Joe I believe in you! You can figure out what he means if you think REAL hard about it.

    • Danny Banegas
      Danny Banegas 23 days ago

      Fr lol

  • B
    B Month ago +8

    I haven’t skated in so long but can appreciate a quality skate part still 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 It’s amazing to see Huston holding it down with the bangers in 2022

  • Mason Gregg
    Mason Gregg Month ago +2

    I've never seen a part like this before in my life. It is a 12min video of clips that any skater 10 years ago would've used as their ender. Say what you want about Nyjah but he has pushed street skating to a level no one could've imagined. That said, the music for this one was pretty ass

    E.J. ENRIGHT MUSIC Month ago +4

    This is probably one of the best skate parts I've ever seen.

  • Jay Demon
    Jay Demon Month ago +2

    This guy man… skating takes on pure art form when he’s at his best he just gave us a masterpiece with every banger being a stroke of his brush illuminating the world of skating with color precision and expertise Nyjah brother your truly my generations Tony hawk and I applaud you for coming back from an injury with such ferocity you’re an unstoppable force

  • Juan Pablo Hurtado
    Juan Pablo Hurtado Month ago +4

    Es impresionante como cada truco encaja en el beat, mis respetos al editor del video y a Nyjah por su puesto :D

  • Jammy
    Jammy Month ago +95

    Give this guy skater of the decade ! One of the greatest skater to every live this part was really enjoyable!

  • Johnny Renkiewicz
    Johnny Renkiewicz Month ago +3

    He honestly looks like he is having a blast the whole time and with the amount of gnar that’s in this… great video. Also felt nostalgic seeing all the classic spots from flip sorry on here.

  • KillumiGnarly
    KillumiGnarly Month ago +7

    Probably the Gnarliest Over all Streat part ever Dropped!!! it was worth staying alive this long just to watch! Trmendous!!!!

  • Sid Garcia
    Sid Garcia Month ago +3

    What amazes me most watching nyjah over the years and his progression. Specifically this video is how in the world does he skate in those tiny little shorts.
    I always liked skating in shorts he taking it to whole new level.

  • Wim Veninga
    Wim Veninga Month ago +1

    Nyjah still going very strong and pushing hard. Great inspiration!

  • matt10342
    matt10342 Month ago +3

    12 and a half minutes of death-defying tricks down death-defying hand rails. I seriously think 100% of people who would try to do most of these tricks would end up in the hospital or dead. I don't know how somebody can hit this many gnarly spots and still be walking. SOTY for sure. Nobody deserves it more than him this year. Holy fucking shit. Any skater who doesn't put respect on Nyjah's name after this part is beyond reasoning with. This man might just be the greatest man to ever ride a skateboard.

  • Christian Raymond
    Christian Raymond Month ago +2

    Wow that blew me off my rocker, Nyjah far surpassed himself on that short film. Editing was on point too.

  • Dewey Tucker
    Dewey Tucker Month ago +1

    That was like living in a dream. Thank you for bringing your unique world to life for us. Unbelievable talent!

  • J- Mac
    J- Mac Month ago +2

    If Nyjah doesn't win SOTY ( although I think....we think it's his this year) the person or persons behind the camera should win filmer of the year or FOTY!!! THE footage of him when filmed from behind in his lines are freaking amazing....Also, I had the thought of how Nyjah makes his living on big boy rails. He's getting older and there are barely any pros past 40s still in the rail game.... Years go by and the attempts of continuing to out do the last trick you did on rails has the unfortunate injuries that go with skating rails. It's exactly like how young NBA players who have the ability to go hard into traffic attacking the rim night after night. Unfortunately, we all get older and for the players who get their points this way can do it for so long/ injuries and the miles put on the body effects your ability to get to rim and if that player doesn't to work on his game and change his style of play then unfortunately teams will move on leaving the player without a job. Will Nyjah be able to adapt and change his style of skating to possible skating transition and/or curbs, gaps etc... This is of course if Jah is still putting it down late into his 30s and early 40s and on...

  • Dirty Nuggets
    Dirty Nuggets 2 months ago +2349

    I respect Nyjah because he easily could have just slowed his pace and enjoyed an easy life. But he chose to put in the work and push himself to the absolute limit. He’s aware that he has a gift of talent and he’s not squandering it. This is surreal to watch. Wow.

    • Drew Baccah
      Drew Baccah 18 hours ago

      @StinkyBread I remember him on Satori!

    • Derain Zammito
      Derain Zammito 4 days ago

      Slowed down what... Hahahaha, he still fckin rockin

    • Anthony Lepera
      Anthony Lepera 5 days ago

      It doesn’t seem real when you watch him do certain tricks. Easily the most talented person to ever touch a board

    • Tyler Groves
      Tyler Groves 8 days ago

      Yeah this guy's amazing. He seems to be a lot more humble ever since that injury.

    • Qhashbba
      Qhashbba 13 days ago

      Try to stop doing what you love... Good luck.

    HYBRED Month ago +2

    So many dangerous, hard, big, technical slides, guy is a machine.

  • eSkate 360
    eSkate 360 Month ago +2

    I was in awe the whole time watching this. Impressive on a level hard to comprehend.

  • Astrid Müller
    Astrid Müller Month ago +3

    Nyjah pushing it further and further... Unbelievable! What a monster 🤩 Gnarliest street skater in the world right now 💯

  • ellisdtrails420
    ellisdtrails420 Month ago +1

    This is hands down going to be one of the best parts in skateboarding history for sure.

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago +1

    Been watching nyjah for the last 10 yrs he has never failed to impress me his skating is art

  • Rolland Seppala
    Rolland Seppala Month ago +4

    Coming off those rails its amazing how he has to change his balance so quickly, what these guys are doing is so amazing to watch, there like water. I cant believe more people aren’t watching these guys honestly the craziest stuff you can see on the internet

    • Zach Scott
      Zach Scott Month ago

      The micro foot adjustments after he exits the rail before hitting the ground (fast) are so tech it almost goes unnoticed.

    • Text mê on têlêgram 👉@Jellyjess_official
      Text mê on têlêgram 👉@Jellyjess_official Month ago

      Thanks For watching
      Expect more videos soon
      Dm on Telegram right away I have something for you 🎉🎉...

  • Kaliko Khronic
    Kaliko Khronic Month ago +2

    So much hard work and dedication. Massive respect to Houston and all skaters.

  • AlaskanHulk
    AlaskanHulk Month ago +7

    This dude skates better than I play skate 3…insane

    • ricky tumax
      ricky tumax Month ago

      Exactly like trying these combos on skate 3 would be so hard

  • Mason Gregg
    Mason Gregg Month ago +5

    Insane skating. And the amount of work it takes to create a video a video like this shouldn't be overlooked. Finding that many spots, traveling all over the country for 10 second clips, injuring yourself repeatedly, getting police called, getting yelled at. Not to mention having to make spots skateable (removing skate stoppers on rails, clearing brush, setting up ramps, breaking into places, etc) It's crazy

  • EL CID
    EL CID Month ago +1

    Easily my favorite part ever. Straight heat

  • Scott Rogers
    Scott Rogers Month ago +1

    Dude has stayed knar when he didn’t need too. True love for skating. Awesome part.

  • AnthonyPearse72
    AnthonyPearse72 Month ago +1

    So sick. Every trick is near perfection and there is so many.

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill Month ago

    WOW! I made it 1.20 into the video before reloading the whole damn thing, absolute madness on the rails!!! 🤯🥶🐐

  • Albert Quintero
    Albert Quintero Month ago +1

    Super creative, technical, ballsy, showed his whole bag. Amazing.

  • ChrisMCFC
    ChrisMCFC Month ago +1

    That is arguably one of the top 5 video parts of all time. I say top 5 bc that subjective but still, absolutely unreal

  • Felix Matrana
    Felix Matrana Month ago

    How many more years of this do we have?
    Incredible nyjah. Thanks for continuing to push it.

  • wavyFP
    wavyFP Month ago +8

    The Real SOTY22 👑💐💪🏾

  • Raphael Rocha
    Raphael Rocha Month ago +1

    the best skater ever, the best video part ever. a level of street skate impossible to reach for anyone. this guy is not human.

  • Ricky
    Ricky Month ago

    The fact that he’s gone through surgery injury after injury and still brought this 3 in 1 Video for Nike SB should tell you something that he’s still trying his best, in my book G.O.A.T

  • John Alex Dias
    John Alex Dias Month ago

    Basicamente de outro mundo, maravilhoso o skate desse humano slc

  • T
    T Month ago

    Very cool! But it would be nice to see more variation in tricks like other skaters do.
    Keep up the good work :)

  • Kyle Kilborn
    Kyle Kilborn Month ago +2

    7:33 that 360 flip Noseblunt was the sickest thing

  • GoodFella Recordings
    GoodFella Recordings Month ago +1

    This guy doing tricksI thought was only possible on Tony hawk underground 🔥🔥

  • Vortr8 C.
    Vortr8 C. Month ago +1

    Nothing but massive sends! Nyjah living in the gnar!

  • DevonsTooMuch
    DevonsTooMuch Month ago +1

    i was thinking that his skating is so perfect, almost video game like. it reminded me of skate 3, but then i thought maybe it just reminded me of skate 3 because they programmed the games animations to be super realistic. i cant wait for skate 4 its going to be perfect.

  • Puxto
    Puxto Month ago +5

    He may not have won thrashers popularity contest, but he's probably more popular than thrasher right now.

  • B J
    B J Month ago +1

    A living legend.

  • Andrew Gradziel
    Andrew Gradziel Month ago +3

    I have no idea why Nyjah didn't win SOTY!! that's just so insane!! and just rigged!! Tyshawn is incredibly good but to be fair his clips didn't stand a chance against Nyjahs parts this year. Not even if Nyjah just dropped one part instead of multiple banger parts this year. At this point i feel like the skate industry/Thrasher just hates Nyjah and would never let him win SOTY no matter what kind of crazy parts he put out!! iI almost think its just rigged somehow because in my opinion louie Lopez and Alex Middler both had far better content that Tyshawn by far!

  • Jayden Spick
    Jayden Spick Month ago

    Bruh every single trick was an ending clip from right out the gate also really sick to see some failed attempts just shows your commitment and perseverance throughout it all keep going keep pushing

  • Steven Skates
    Steven Skates Month ago +1

    I like tyshawn but you can’t deny this is one of the most insane parts in a while besides Godspeed etc

  • Bennett Q
    Bennett Q Month ago

    Insane. One of my favourite finishers ever. 😈

    • Bennett Q
      Bennett Q Month ago

      clip-share.net/video/-UVplmTIN40/video.html This song pairs perfectly with the video, unplanned!! #destiny

  • Carat
    Carat Month ago

    This man a whole a SKATE character 🔥🔥

  • Levi Irmãozinho
    Levi Irmãozinho Month ago

    Muito brabo!!!

  • Matthew Curry
    Matthew Curry Month ago

    His street game is above anyone right now! Go’s big and then goes home! Mad respect!

  • Joey Anson
    Joey Anson Month ago

    Nyjah Huston is a magician with a board. Really cool too, seen him downtown Des Moines, IA. Humble and all around cool. Respect!

  • Alexander S.
    Alexander S. Month ago

    I love how this vid is entirely for people interested in skateboarding. right to the chase, a shitload of real badass trick which I had to pause at times in order to check the stance.
    Crazy hard stuff.

  • Malcolm Moore
    Malcolm Moore Month ago +20

    The SOTY discussion has to be over, this is one of the all time greatest parts. It was insane. So many of those tricks could have been enders.

    • Deryck barker
      Deryck barker Month ago

      Check out AKA FUTURE Ryan Barker on Instagram he's 12🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Utica New York seen him in Syracuse @ Black MAMBA

    • Zach Scott
      Zach Scott Month ago +1

      Well said. Every one is so gnar I thought it was going to end there but no.

  • Sunny8489 Klein
    Sunny8489 Klein Month ago

    Easily the greatest skater of all time and I came up with Arto, Koston, Jeff rally, to many to list and that’s not even counting the very skater’s and I’m sure they would say the same thing and a few have and then how he has kept his head straight…amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Andy King
    Andy King Month ago

    This is sooo good!!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Dark Black
    Dark Black Month ago

    if bravery and skill level has anything to do with winning SOTY then this dude's got it in the bag

  • Elijah Neria
    Elijah Neria Month ago

    This Is History Right Here. One Of The Best To Ever Do It. Nyjah Huston. 🛹💯

  • Renatiwis
    Renatiwis Month ago +1

    Definitivamente Nyjah ya se paso el juego

  • Dave Jackowski
    Dave Jackowski Month ago

    Absolutly epic!

  • Bryn Jenkins
    Bryn Jenkins Month ago

    When the lands start syncing with the music from 4:55 is beautiful

  • TrynxSHORTS
    TrynxSHORTS Month ago +1

    Love him or hate him he’s the 🐐

  • Jez Orbe
    Jez Orbe 2 months ago +6

    Okay.... give him SOTY this time T_T we won't complain! damn, can't deny he's one of the G.O.A.T.s!

  • crying jordan
    crying jordan Month ago

    This guy is an absolute freak of nature. It’s easy miss how hard every one of these tricks is because how effortless he makes it look.

  • Nicolas Leblanc
    Nicolas Leblanc Month ago +1

    my friend recently called nijah the villain of skateboarding and I can't use a better expression to describe him. This man is straigh up villainous

  • Kur
    Kur Month ago +1

    It's a pitty his effort is put in only 12 mins. Could watch this easily for hours👏🏻


    OH MY! Hands are sweaty watching this. Too good!

  • Ekoh
    Ekoh 2 months ago +51

    can't deny he's one of the best to ever do it. Where he's at in his career there's no reason he had to go this hard. 12 minutes of heat and that ender? crazy man. 🔥

    • Alex Nelson
      Alex Nelson 2 months ago

      @Emmé k and the Disorder part that came out last month, and I heard he has another part coming out soon…

    • Emmé k
      Emmé k 2 months ago

      3 part footage smh I can’t

    • Emmé k
      Emmé k 2 months ago +1

      3 part footage smh I can’t

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke Month ago

    He convinced me with this one. I don’t even skate anymore, but I’m thinking about buying a new complete.
    Literally ordered a pair of 3s after watching this

  • Realkairos 1
    Realkairos 1 Month ago

    Este pana es de otro planeta 🔥🔥🔥

  • Steak_Lord
    Steak_Lord Month ago +2

    Apparently this banger of a part is not SOTY worthy 🤯 insane that this guy didn’t win.

  • King Dingaling
    King Dingaling Month ago

    Whole thing is obviously Dope AF
    But I Love the way He Freaks this
    Looks,So,Dope the spin

  • VladOS
    VladOS 2 months ago +22

    Nyjah is SOTY! It's amazing! Incredible skateboarding!

  • perfduck
    perfduck Month ago

    Amazingly talented. What a legend

  • Un4givin
    Un4givin Month ago

    That wasn’t even real watching it with my own eyes felt like I was playin skate 2 all over again watching nyjah rip it my boy is a god amongst peasants on the board fr this prally the best skate part out this year hands down he should get SOTY

  • Patrick Bourke
    Patrick Bourke Month ago +1

    It's not even fair he's just one of the best right now

    JAIR LOPES Month ago


  • Eric Byrom
    Eric Byrom Month ago +180

    I have never seen a better part, in my 47 years. This is unreal. Nyjah is on another plane of existence.

    • Joe  Knowitall
      Joe Knowitall 5 days ago +1

      He has no limits

    • Vol Tron
      Vol Tron 6 days ago +1

      @Val Russo Dude, we all respect The Mutt here, but come on. This part is seriously in a league of its own.

    • Mr Vapor
      Mr Vapor 16 days ago

      i guess all that practice paid off

    • jdmresearch
      jdmresearch Month ago +4

      @Val Russo I'm 49, did watch him in the 90s... and 80s. Rodney was/is way more influential than NH, but this part is really from another planet.

    • Val Russo
      Val Russo Month ago +2

      except Rodney Mullen scratching his ass on a day he didnt even want to skate is better. Were you even skating or watching it in the 90s?

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago +2

    Skating + style = legend status
    Music + apparel = cheese factory

  • v_ita0
    v_ita0 Month ago

    definitivamente o nyjah n tem medo de morrer

  • Mounir Chibani
    Mounir Chibani Month ago +1

    Best skateboarding part ever !

  • w m
    w m 2 months ago +8

    Can't imagine how good it feels to be able to skate this good...

  • Matt Mancini
    Matt Mancini Month ago

    Mind blowing 🤯