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The sleepy bois simping for Grian for 8 minutes

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
    I compiled clips of The Sleepy Bois (Technoblade, Tommyinnit, Wilbur Soot, and Philza Minecraft) along with others like, Fundy and Tubbo, simping for Grian. This is all thanks to Minecraft Championships. Without them, our favorite creators wouldn’t have been able to interact with each other.
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    #teamgroin #sleepybois #compilation #grian #simping
    Minecraft OST - Pigstep (FlyxTheKid Remix)
    • Minecraft OST - P...
    (with permission from FlyxTheKid)
    Music: Pancakes
    Musician: Jeff Kaale
    I do not own any of the clips from this video. The creators below deserve all the credit. These videos are made to help the creators’ channels grow and provide entertainment for fans.
    •Grian: / xelqua
    •Technoblade: / technothepig
    •WilburSoot: / @wilburplays
    •Philza: / ph1lza
    •Tommyinnit: / @tommyinnit
    •Tubbo: / @tubbo
    •Fundy: / @fundy
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    0:00 - Intro
    0:12 - Tommy & Tubbo Are Reunited For One Night...
    1:05 - (I couldn’t find this video anymore)
    1:36 - MCC FINALE OF SEASON 1 WITH WilburSoot, Fundy, and Quackity
    1:51 - Tommy & Tubbo Are Reunited For One Night...
    2:52 - [MCC] Last ever office stream 2
    3:31 - Tommy & Tubbo Are Reunited For One Night...
    4:49 - Tommy & Tubbo Are Reunited For One Night...
    5:34 - MCC FINALE OF SEASON 1 WITH WilburSoot, Fundy, and Quackity
    6:16 - Tommy & Tubbo Are Reunited For One Night...
    7:13 - MCC FINALE OF SEASON 1 WITH WilburSoot, Fundy, and Quackity
    7:43 - Outro
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  • Pink Tulip
    Pink Tulip  2 years ago +3360

    🌷Timestamps & Video Links:
    0:12 | clip-share.net/video/wSAlbtO6zr8/video.html
    0:39 | clip-share.net/video/nA_CENqKWQg/video.html
    1:05 | (I couldn’t find this video anymore)
    1:36 | clips.twitch.tv/HyperCourteousDillOMGScoots
    1:51 | clip-share.net/video/wSAlbtO6zr8/video.html
    2:18 | clip-share.net/video/nA_CENqKWQg/video.html
    2:52 | clips.twitch.tv/BlazingRudePhoneKappaClaus
    3:16 | clip-share.net/video/_lDpzZu4tgQ/video.html
    3:31 | clip-share.net/video/wSAlbtO6zr8/video.html
    4:00 | clip-share.net/video/_lDpzZu4tgQ/video.html
    4:19 | clip-share.net/video/nA_CENqKWQg/video.html
    4:49 | clip-share.net/video/wSAlbtO6zr8/video.html
    5:10 | clip-share.net/video/nA_CENqKWQg/video.html
    5:34 | clips.twitch.tv/HyperCourteousDillOMGScoots
    6:16 | clip-share.net/video/wSAlbtO6zr8/video.html
    7:13 | clips.twitch.tv/HyperCourteousDillOMGScoots
    (in case you wanna know where a clip is from or if you just wanna rewatch those vids again)

    • Skya Marie
      Skya Marie 2 years ago +28

      36k my dude

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +44

      @Skya Marie i know thats crazy. i was so happy when this video reached 1k and now it has 40k views

    • Ni
      Ni 2 years ago +21

      @Pink Tulip the true potential of myct and hermitcraft combined...

    • Bucket!!
      Bucket!! 2 years ago +3

      Alright now bring in 48k

    • MrTester
      MrTester 2 years ago

      67 000*

  • Makayla Childs
    Makayla Childs 2 years ago +10399

    The fact that Wilbur actually knows what’s happening in hermit craft makes this 5 times better

    • Maderey 24
      Maderey 24 2 years ago +763

      yeah i laughed when he talked about the back of the mansion

    • ow ye men
      ow ye men 2 years ago +326

      @Maderey 24 or at a better term lack there of

    • Watcherbunny
      Watcherbunny Year ago +155

      @ow ye men can’t forget about the turf war

    • Toby G
      Toby G Year ago +174

      I love that he watches it. Like he straight up said “Gian I watched you make a hole” he keeps himself up to date on the episodes and it’s a great thing to know

    • Unsettling Riyuki
      Unsettling Riyuki Year ago +56

      Yeah and Here I Thought Grian's one of those OG Minecraft YTber's that's just Deflated, Nope, Everyone Simps for Grian, And I'm Hoping that Season 8 will be 10x Better than Seasom 7

  • Poof a
    Poof a 2 years ago +7922

    I love that Grian has slowly but surely gone from being "That one really good builder guy," to being an old legend to now just straight up Jesus. He deserves all of it.

    • Summe3r.c0m
      Summe3r.c0m Year ago +77

      YES IKR

    • Taco_XD
      Taco_XD Year ago +12

      Julian Hardin lmao XD

    • Marito Fuentes
      Marito Fuentes Year ago +171

      Well at least outside of hermitcraft
      He is an absolute gremlin in the server

    • Justm1zn
      Justm1zn Year ago +49

      "straight up Jesus" Lmao XDDD

    • CubicBezier
      CubicBezier Year ago +85

      “I’m not the hero this server wants.
      I’m not the hero this server needs.
      I an NOT the hero this server deserves.…
      But I’m the only one that’s god”
      -some Hermitcraft video

  • Nyanko izumi
    Nyanko izumi 2 years ago +3279

    SBI with Grian:
    Tommy and Tjubbo: The young, enthusiastic stans
    Philza: The old and still very enthusiastic stan
    Wilbur: Fanboy
    Technoblade: Simps intentionally for profit.

  • Shade
    Shade Year ago +4418

    Grian on hermitcraft: dies to every mob
    Grian not on Hermitcraft: *kills dream and technoblade*

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh Year ago +132

      wdym? The guy has the most kills on hmc

    • shilpi Sirvaiya
      shilpi Sirvaiya Year ago +56

      bro wdym dies to every mob. BRUH!

    • Tender Juicy
      Tender Juicy Year ago +166

      I think you're referring to Scar

    • Ziv
      Ziv Year ago +43

      Im pretty sure he killed every mob on season 6 or 7 in hermitcraft

    • IEatChildren
      IEatChildren 10 months ago +5

      @Tender Juicy can’t ruin the 69

  • JerryJones
    JerryJones 2 years ago +4034

    I love how Grian is known as the HermitCraft person even though he has only been a part of it for a few years but has made the most wars and changes

    • Cobra King
      Cobra King Year ago +233

      He joined 2 seasons ago and Hermitcraft exploded BIG TIME, with many joining it in S6 and continuing for S7 and S8 rn

    • IndependentOreo PYC
      IndependentOreo PYC Year ago +154

      Yeah, When I found his channel around 5 years ago all he really did was building videos and build battle, so it’s kinda crazy to see how his channel is mostly known for Hermitcraft now

    • Homophobait🏳️‍🌈
      Homophobait🏳️‍🌈 Year ago +41

      I can still remember him posting videos about evo server which I never actually watched

    • Cobra King
      Cobra King Year ago +20

      @Homophobait🏳️‍🌈 dat old huh? same here, only I watched 'em

    • JerryJones
      JerryJones Year ago +12

      @Homophobait🏳️‍🌈 dude I did the same, I only watched Grian’s build videos and I also watched Mumbo’s second season of hermitcraft and then when Grian joined Hermitcraft I started watching every time he uploaded

  • Hannah Crenshaw
    Hannah Crenshaw 2 years ago +1499

    I love the strange dynamic between DSMP and Hermitcraft, like they know they’re two different planets of MC gaming but are still more closely related than any other communities of players.

    • HotdogzAndCheese
      HotdogzAndCheese Year ago +73

      And I love how the Hermitcraft Community and Dsmp community get along well like they're Idols,It's honestly wholesome and that's why I love being in the Minecraft community

    • Galaxy_Genderfluid
      Galaxy_Genderfluid Year ago +48

      They have two thing in common:wars and chaos

  • What the What the 911
    What the What the 911 2 years ago +5041

    Grian is a married god of building and pranks who has the ability to consistently kill technoblade. His only weakness is doors

  • Happiee
    Happiee 2 years ago +7933

    So funny how everyone simps for Grian and he has literally no clue.

    • cawmellian
      cawmellian Year ago +683

      Yeah!! After watching the part where tommy and tubbo follow him around, I wanted to see what it looked like from grian's perspective and he legitimately had no clue.

    • Anna The Girlboss
      Anna The Girlboss Year ago +56

      Ye lol

    • Rodrick Heffley
      Rodrick Heffley Year ago +49

      it's fantastic oh my g-

    • NoneKnows
      NoneKnows Year ago +265

      Grian: im just the good builder guy
      Wilbur, mid-fanfic writing: NO

    • Magsaysay Andres
      Magsaysay Andres Year ago +7

      @cawmellian Qqàa

  • ElectroGun
    ElectroGun 2 years ago +5576

    Grian: I am not the Messiah
    Tommy, Tubbo, Wilbur and Techno: *HE IS THE MESSIAH!!*

    • Emma S.
      Emma S. 2 years ago +109

      He has no idea he is the Messiah XD

    • Panek
      Panek Year ago +142

      @Emma S. He doesn't even know they _think_ he's the messiah.

    • Phonz
      Phonz Year ago +20

      Life of Brian reference

    • Shaegrin
      Shaegrin Year ago +22

      Mumbo, probably: “He is not the messiah, he is a vERY NAUGHTY BOY”

    • SmileFlame
      SmileFlame Year ago +5

      @Shaegrin Mumbo C’MON!

  • Beloved
    Beloved 2 years ago +5177

    As a massive Grian fan before I found everyone else, this has made me extremely happy

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +293

      I used to watch Grian before I found them too

    • Pancake Kat
      Pancake Kat 2 years ago +25

      Yeah same :) I am a really big Grian fan

    • Maggie Anne
      Maggie Anne Year ago +9

      aww same!!

    • Panek
      Panek Year ago +12

      @Pink Tulip Implying you don't anymore?

    • creativehen
      creativehen Year ago +6

      Same here, started watching at the end of season 6
      I know I could have done better
      But I only started watching dream smp in January

  • KirbyStuff
    KirbyStuff 2 years ago +4837

    How each Sleep Boy simps:
    Tommy: Groin Pogchamp
    Wilbur: * Fanfic Intensifies *
    Technoblade: Clout
    Philza: "Not Bad Kid"

  • Vozzy
    Vozzy 2 years ago +1447

    Grian in cam: hello everyone
    Grian off cam: *RIP AND TEARS UNTIL ITS DONE*

  • Ack Pyjamas
    Ack Pyjamas 2 years ago +17422

    I think it’s adorable that the dream smp watches hermitcraft

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +2252

      exactly. i think they should collab more in the future

    • Auiak
      Auiak 2 years ago +225

      @Pink Tulip same

    • Charli See Charli Du
      Charli See Charli Du 2 years ago +1437

      @Pink Tulip last time they did Iskall roasted the fuck out of their server🤣🤣🤣

    • bluehuman :
      bluehuman : 2 years ago +347

      @Charli See Charli Du I forgot he was a guest on the server-

    • The Naartjie God
      The Naartjie God 2 years ago +90

      My fucking heart

  • Corporal Anonymous
    Corporal Anonymous 2 years ago +1088

    Wilbur: *writes a fanfiction about how Grian doesn't finish the back of his mansion*
    Tommy: *writes a fanfiction about how he saw Groin fighting*
    Technoblade: *writes a fanfiction about how Grian doesn't have a pity about bad pvpers and simps for his clout*

    • Taco Thursday
      Taco Thursday Year ago +8

      Now we just need Philza's

    • Sleepy_Fox
      Sleepy_Fox Year ago +25

      @Taco Thursday Phil: Just watches as Grian stares into the vast void and gets better at battle while everyone worships him

  • Greta Blackwell
    Greta Blackwell 2 years ago +248

    To those of you who haven’t seen Grian’s perspective on the part where he just goes on a rampage: he’s just as surprised as they are

  • Lord Snow
    Lord Snow 2 years ago +446

    I’m happy to see grian getting the respect he deserves.

  • Maisie Averie
    Maisie Averie 2 years ago +437

    The fact that they all made multiple up to date hermit craft references fills me with joy,, this is the best crossover ever
    Hermit craft raised me and this fills me with joy

  • Maderey 24
    Maderey 24 2 years ago +268

    Grian during an argument:
    "I killed Dream though"

  • brr idk
    brr idk 2 years ago +4115

    i love how wilbur actually has all the references to hermitcraft lmaoo

    • Madeline Carroll
      Madeline Carroll 2 years ago +222

      He seems like the kind of person to watch hermitcraft ngl

    • Joe
      Joe 2 years ago +14

      @Madeline Carroll How can you tell?

    • STN4D (Zaya)
      STN4D (Zaya) 2 years ago +170

      @Joe The back of the mansion reference is enough evidence

    • Joe
      Joe 2 years ago +33

      @STN4D (Zaya) I thought he meant he could tell Wilbur was a viewer of hermitcraft even without the references

    • Madeline Carroll
      Madeline Carroll 2 years ago +75

      @Xor he seems to enjoy their style of videos (more calm) and also the building aspect of minecraft, also their humor is a little more acquired and less direct unlike someone like tommy [food for thought idk what wilbur is thinkin]

  • Megan
    Megan Year ago +411

    Had to come back and appreciate this after a Grain/Solidarity/Techno/Wilbur team was announced for MCCP

    • marshall jarnagin
      marshall jarnagin Year ago +22

      Who is this Grain character?!?!

    • Magikarp
      Magikarp Year ago +4

      @marshall jarnagin Hey I was gonna do that!

    • ¿!S1lbur_W0ot?¡
      ¿!S1lbur_W0ot?¡ Year ago +3

      @marshall jarnagin Who is he? :>

    • FireFoxie1345
      FireFoxie1345 11 months ago +7

      @¿!S1lbur_W0ot?¡ Probably some type of wheat. Don’t know why Techno would be in the same team as bread though.

  • Deniedprawn422
    Deniedprawn422 10 months ago +75

    Sadly the Sleepy Bois are now down a member… but his place shall be kept marked in stone for eternity.. For he Never Dies

    • CL Williams
      CL Williams 8 months ago +8

      I was scrolling through the comments to see if there were any recent ones. U can recognise the recent ones without looking at the amount of time passed thing by the words said. This just made me so sad. To know just how much techno loved Grian makes it hurt all the more. Techno never dies.

  • schnitzel
    schnitzel 2 years ago +172

    i love how almost all the mcyts know who grian is- he's literally THAT iconic

  • makomuru
    makomuru Year ago +136

    It’s funny that Wilbur watches Hermitcraft and that he knows “the back of the mansion”...

  • Moth Man
    Moth Man Year ago +42

    Everyone loves Grian, he is so well loved. I can't imagine he has haters, EVERYONE loves Grian. He is just so wholesome.

  • Ewe
    Ewe 2 years ago +2546

    "I was watching you dig a hole on Hermitcraft"
    Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down

    • Jazmin Montey
      Jazmin Montey 2 years ago +47

      I think it was the one for his mini game based off of context

    • strudel
      strudel Year ago +29

      botem pole hole wasn’t a thing, was it?

    • mac :D
      mac :D Year ago +13

      @strudel no that’s season 8 it was season 7 I think they were talking about

    • mnia
      mnia Year ago +16

      I think he was referring to the hole in front of his mansion that he dug in a later episode

    • shilpi Sirvaiya
      shilpi Sirvaiya Year ago +12

      @mnia or the huge hole in the turf war minigame

  • Unpug
    Unpug 2 years ago +107

    "Grian feels no pity for bad pvpers like me :("

  • JohnRouseMerriotChard
    JohnRouseMerriotChard 10 months ago +33

    Grian has 52 million subs now if you go by techno’s standards. I miss him…

  • charlestonian builder
    charlestonian builder 2 years ago +762

    wilbur: Ohh grian
    Grian: *Confused stare*
    wilbur: *starts to write fanfiction*

    • Liliann Ender
      Liliann Ender Year ago +47

      *_Grian grabs you and pulls you in by the waist._*

    • Lance the Penguin
      Lance the Penguin Year ago +45

      *He whispers into your ear-*

    • Thadd
      Thadd Year ago +48

      And says...."hey guys welcome back to hermit craft episode 312 i still haven't finished the back of my mansion"

    • Da.nielle
      Da.nielle Year ago +23

      *fanfiction intensifies*

    • Soup
      Soup Year ago +16

      It was so funny how he just slightly moved his head looking so confused

  • AngelicDream708
    AngelicDream708 2 years ago +111

    The sleepy bois : simping for grian
    Fanfic writers : *interesting....*

  • RobotRamen
    RobotRamen Year ago +51

    I would just like to say we are gonna get so many more moments for this in mcc pride
    Wilbur, techno and grian in a team together is gonna be hilarious to watch

    • ashie
      ashie Year ago +3


    • Snowowlmv3
      Snowowlmv3 10 months ago +4

      Hi, someone from the future here: I can confirm

  • Katerina Laubengayer
    Katerina Laubengayer 2 years ago +11944

    Grian is just to powerful, and it’s enhanced when he’s competitive.

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +453

      yass Grian really popped off last mcc

    • Gh0stk!ng_official
      Gh0stk!ng_official 2 years ago +125

      @Pink Tulip Right now im just waiting for that notification that says MCC from Grian's YT channel

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +164

      @Gh0stk!ng_official yes i really hope he uploads MCC highlights on his main channel

    • Noahm6206
      Noahm6206 2 years ago +37

      @Pink Tulip he uploads them on his second channel

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +32

      @Noahm6206 yes i saw it recently

  • ashstruck
    ashstruck 11 months ago +19

    "He whispers in your ear, 'Hey guys, welcome back to Hermitcraft episode 312, and today I still haven't finished the back of my mansion'"

  • Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H Year ago +51

    so excited for techno, wilbur, and grian to all be on the same team this upcoming mcc, omg

  • Wotseirname
    Wotseirname 10 months ago +15

    As someone who only knows Grian exists because of a fanfiction, I can just say that this is beautiful to watch.

  • The Other 51
    The Other 51 2 years ago +37

    Normal players: I think we need aim bot to win the duel
    Grian: Dude, I am the aimbot

  • Von
    Von 11 months ago +15

    I’m sad just hearing Technos voice

  • CrayRT
    CrayRT 2 years ago +3192

    If grian ever collabs more, I want his to collab with the dreamsmp guys especially wilbur and fundy cause they actually watch hermitcraft and collab with techno cause of clout. Maybe even bbh and ranboo because wholesome. Like maybe they play in among us or a minecraft tournament/event that has proximity chat.

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +156

      omg that would be great. also imagine their chemistry if they were teamed with Grian in minecraft championships

    • CrayRT
      CrayRT 2 years ago +86

      @Pink Tulip oooo. Id love to see the dynamic. If he gets teamed with wilbur, fundy and techno, the dynamic would be fun. Techno and Wilbur being teamed together is already good. But with grian involved, the conversation will be great. As long as wilbur and fundy dont swear, there shouldnt be a reason why they cant team. Iskall was even on fundys stream so maybe iskall might introduce fundy to grian. Then the ball could roll from there.

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +75

      @CrayRT the question is: Would Techno simp? Or would he cyberbully Grian just like everyone else?

    • CrayRT
      CrayRT 2 years ago +70

      @Pink Tulip He would definitely simp. It would be a great shift of character for him to go on a simping route for one stream and maybe he defends grian from the bullying from wilbur and fundy. Like people would love that and techno would simp for grian more if grian gets to show off his skills at build mart and the flying part of tgttos. And the climax of the stream would be techno, fundy, wilbur and grian all working together in survival games to fight dream. And grian gets his 3rd dream kill which means he keeps his crown as lord dream slayer.

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +46

      @CrayRT damn u could be a script writer for the dream smp

  • Malayna R
    Malayna R 2 years ago +15

    It makes me so incredibly happy that Wilbur genuinely watches Grians videos

  • NerfProNeverDies
    NerfProNeverDies 2 years ago +17

    0:51 I laughed so much when Techno said "Please pass some of that hermit cloud"

  • Umb and Lycan moonlight
    Umb and Lycan moonlight 2 years ago +39

    I can just image the sleepy bois throwing a party for Grian when we finally wins
    (We all know he deserved it last time)

    • Cream
      Cream Year ago +1

      He won- i was watching live prayin that he will win + he was the last one standing

  • Pebble Browser
    Pebble Browser 2 years ago +13

    I've kind of thought of the two sides, Hermitcraft and Dream SMP kinda opposite, but I'm glad to see that they actually watch each other and are friends- really wholesome

    SPECIFICAL Year ago +9

    7:17 Phil: Wow tommy and tubbo are BMing grian for losing
    What they where actually doing: *SAVE LMANBERG GROIN*

  • Ally_ Voe_
    Ally_ Voe_ 2 years ago +2981

    Ok but the fact that Wilbur and Fundy both at least watch some of hermitcraft surprised me and I don’t know why

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +324

      Hermitcraft and DreamSMP are complete opposites so I can see why that would be surprising

    • CrayRT
      CrayRT 2 years ago +128

      Yeah. Fundy even had iskall in one of his streams

    • omer ofek
      omer ofek 2 years ago +38

      @Pink Tulip that's not true, they are two sides of the same coin

    • Ruiwei Sui
      Ruiwei Sui 2 years ago +61

      @CrayRT I also saw another clip where fundy said he was a tier 3 etho stan and watched every single etho's episode 😂

    • Tom Makes Things
      Tom Makes Things 2 years ago +20

      @Ruiwei Sui this makes me love Fundy even more.

  • Charlotte Paige
    Charlotte Paige 11 months ago +13

    Ironically this is the first video I’ve seen that has had techno in it since what happened

  • FBI
    FBI 10 months ago +4

    grians ability to guess how people are going to move to evade his projectiles is too powerful

  • Cherry Android Ch.
    Cherry Android Ch. Year ago +17

    Grian is way more powerful than I thought he was.

  • Ella Tilley
    Ella Tilley 2 years ago +4

    wilbur being a lowkey hermit craft fan is ✨immaculate ✨

  • Sacred Secret
    Sacred Secret Year ago +52

    Yes! Techno and Wilbur teaming with Timmy and Grian in MCC Pride. Let’s Go!!!

    • Cyan Roads
      Cyan Roads Year ago +8

      I'm almost certain Wilbur and Techno are gonna call Jimmy "Timmy" and that's gonna be hilarious

    • dpage
      dpage Year ago +9

      @Cyan Roads i bet they aren't even gonna do it on purpose, they hear grian calling him timmy and they just think that's his actual name

  • mads
    mads 2 years ago +3119

    Grian rep of not finishing the back of his mansion has spread to other Clip-Sharer who are not on Hermitcraft. Grian better get on that or that will forever be known to him.

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +158

      we all know thats never gonna happen

    • mads
      mads 2 years ago +19

      @Pink Tulip true true

    • Kiyuu 16
      Kiyuu 16 2 years ago +35

      @Pink Tulip unless scar.... 👀

    • mads
      mads 2 years ago +3

      @Kiyuu 16 oop

    • REXBII
      REXBII 2 years ago +4

      Too late

  • Lost Ripple
    Lost Ripple 10 months ago +5

    The fact Wilbur know of the long-going joke of never finishing the back of his base

  • Panic
    Panic 11 months ago +9

    Clip-Share recommending this after Techno's dead is making me cry so much

  • Da Epic
    Da Epic Year ago +3

    Honestly, it's surprising how well-versed they are with Hermitcraft

  • Chiasma Lee Shong
    Chiasma Lee Shong Year ago +5

    It makes me so happy to see Grian be so popular especially with the SBIs. I remember back in the day when he used to collab with Einshein and not many people knew about him.

  • Angelica Espitia
    Angelica Espitia 2 years ago +19

    Grian can 1v30 Dream SMP and come out victorious. Think about it, he has the ability to weild the infinity gauntlet with no pain.

  • Essie
    Essie 2 years ago +4380

    the fact that he knew the back of the mansion still isn't finished XD edit: apparently they know about the barge and the mycelium war XD

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +484

      The Sleepy Bois is just a Grian fan club in disguise

    • Revoir - Draws
      Revoir - Draws 2 years ago +65

      @Pink Tulip yes, this makes me happy

    • Auiak
      Auiak 2 years ago +22

      @Pink Tulip yep

    • Auiak
      Auiak 2 years ago +10

      Juliana Lemin me neither

    • Daylee dose o'Depresso
      Daylee dose o'Depresso 2 years ago +2

      the interior was built th

  • SkSkNutella
    SkSkNutella 11 months ago +13

    Gosh this hurts to watch now… #FlyHighTechno 🕊💔🌹
    But if it wasn’t for Grian I wouldn’t know who Techno was. Thank you for this video even if it’s hard to watch now

  • Ellie Hunt
    Ellie Hunt 2 years ago +25

    I didn’t know I needed this and I’m loving every second

  • Trace Koedam
    Trace Koedam 2 years ago +17

    I could so see Techno just being invited to hermit craft and be like "I'm better than all of you now, no need for the dream smp!".

  • muffinpandas
    muffinpandas 2 years ago +73

    Omg a Hermitcraft x Dream SMP filler episode for both series would be HILARIOUS and I just realized it’s not only something I wanted...but something I NEEDED
    Grian notably being the villain during every season he’s been in:
    Tommy and Tubbo(hero’s of dsmp): me gusta!!

    • AKNinja
      AKNinja Year ago +1

      Who said he's the villain?

    • the_Lena _girl
      the_Lena _girl Year ago +1

      So you're saying that Scar, who built a freaking laser thing to go to the core of the world, which may have been powered through the sun, was in your opinion NOT the villain of the turf war?

    • muffinpandas
      muffinpandas Year ago

      @the_Lena _girl …how did you get that from that

    • the_Lena _girl
      the_Lena _girl Year ago +2

      @muffinpandas well in season 7 he was practically the leader of the ones who Grian was practically the leader of and if you say that Grian in the villain then you must theoretically think that Scar wasn't-
      Alright I've now been able to confuse myself-

    • muffinpandas
      muffinpandas Year ago +1

      @the_Lena _girl I saw it more as an anarchy type thing rather than villain vs. hero if that answers your question

  • Winter
    Winter Year ago +2

    Can we just think about how everyone loves Grian but he never boosts about it? This guy is so nice and encouragong

  • Gh0stk!ng_official
    Gh0stk!ng_official 2 years ago +5601

    things grian is good at
    1. building (duh)
    2. PVP (HOLY SH!T)
    3. flying
    4. pranks
    5. singing
    6. Chaos
    7. humility
    8. Making us nobodies feel like crap at the stuff we do (okay mostly me)
    9. Starting wars
    10. Having simps

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +289

      lol true! Grian absolutely destroyed Dream’s team in SG during MCC 9

    • Auiak
      Auiak 2 years ago +19

      @Pink Tulip yep

    • ineedsleepplssendhelp
      ineedsleepplssendhelp 2 years ago +74

      3. Flying

    • Gh0stk!ng_official
      Gh0stk!ng_official 2 years ago +20

      @ineedsleepplssendhelp ohhh righhht i comepletely forgot

    • Kiyuu 16
      Kiyuu 16 2 years ago +71

      I just remembered I watched one of grian's build swap with mumbo. Both of em are playing in a skywars? (I forgot) tournament on minecon and grian got 2nd overall and he still said "I'm not good at pvp"

  • Thành Hoàng
    Thành Hoàng 2 years ago +8

    Having watched grian's latest video, i finally understood why he has earned even the blood god's respect and admiration. This man has got ,perhaps, the highest body count on a server even with pvp disabled.

    • Naneomi Yu
      Naneomi Yu Year ago

      what vid was it?

    • Thành Hoàng
      Thành Hoàng Year ago

      @Naneomi Yu it's the minecraft series 3rd life, i think grian made 7-8 episodes about it. Really recommend watching it

    • Naneomi Yu
      Naneomi Yu Year ago

      @Thành Hoàng thanks! Also who's the blood God?

    • Muk
      Muk Year ago

      @Naneomi Yu too late comment, but blood God is techno

  • Elena Sullivan
    Elena Sullivan 10 months ago +4

    The specific references from Wilbur get me every time, the back of the mansion, the barge, the mycelium war, etc
    Techno is just, #simp, with Grian’s the best at pvp and will be taking all my viewers
    Phil is wholesome as always
    And then there’s Tommy, who is just an absolute creep, I will never understand that kid lmao

  • Summe3r.c0m
    Summe3r.c0m Year ago +18

    I remember my friend who watches dream smp only told me "no one watches hermitcraft annymore' and then it turns out- the dream smp members watch hermitcraft

  • Yael Fibich
    Yael Fibich 2 years ago +4

    I like that they actually know enough about Grian's content to make references and jokes about it

  • PixNyx
    PixNyx 11 months ago +17

    Hearing his voice hurts so much

  • Dinodog
    Dinodog 2 years ago +2659

    SBI simping for Grian is something i never knew i needed.

  • Keikyy
    Keikyy Month ago +6

    Heard Techno’s voice again and im not crying youre crying

  • Alice Beilshmidt
    Alice Beilshmidt Year ago +4

    5:07 i laughed out loud at this part, omfg Tommy's reaction is hilarious XD

  • Nickel Bransen
    Nickel Bransen Year ago +13

    Finally, we get Wilbur+Techno on a team with Grian

  • Sophia Franchesca Cabalan

    Guys, Sleepy bois Inc finally has the chance to simp as much as they want. Grian, Wilbur and Techno are Pink Parrots next mcc

  • Dibs Art
    Dibs Art 2 years ago +5

    watching some of my favorite minecraft players that would normally never see each other interact is beautiful

  • 🫧 Aquaxii Axolotl 🫧
    🫧 Aquaxii Axolotl 🫧 2 years ago +1463

    "Here we see real footage of extreme pvps simping for a piece of bread"

  • Katie Jewell
    Katie Jewell 2 years ago +2

    i love how wilbur always makes references cause he actually watches hermitcraft and no one understands

  • Game Shark
    Game Shark 2 months ago +2

    Techno saying he loved Grian was unexpected.

  • Cail Sullivan
    Cail Sullivan 10 months ago +10

    The king of Minecraft will live on in our hearts 🐷

  • setnect
    setnect Year ago

    It’s so wholesome how they all know what he does and the hermit craft memes

  • Skeptic
    Skeptic Year ago

    Wilbur constantly referencing the stuff that happened in hermitcraft actually brings me life

  • Crescent
    Crescent 2 years ago +2650

    This is why we can’t have hermits on the dream SMP

    • Madeline Carroll
      Madeline Carroll 2 years ago +416

      Their pg rating would be gone so fast 😀

    • DenaliAP
      DenaliAP 2 years ago +18

      What do you mean by that lmao

    • Pancake Kat
      Pancake Kat 2 years ago +98

      @Madeline Carroll yeah but I would still watch it.

    • Ameer
      Ameer 2 years ago +32


    • AlexTheConfuddled
      AlexTheConfuddled 2 years ago +232

      @Ameer I watch both DSMP and hermitcraft. Both great series, just that DSMP is an older target audience

  • Kyrel
    Kyrel 2 years ago +5

    I never knew watching other yourubers root for Grian would be so satisfying

  • Dragon_Wolf
    Dragon_Wolf 2 years ago

    I love that this exists and Wilbur actually knowing his HC references was beautiful

  • Eli Ripley
    Eli Ripley 2 years ago +1

    I love how they watch Hermitcraft, it really shows how much the Minecraft community cares about each other and like this is incredibly wholesome 🥺🥰

  • Nathan Goodman
    Nathan Goodman 2 years ago +10

    I love how irl tommyinnit in these clips is accidentally cosplaying as grian

  • Dan_the_talentless
    Dan_the_talentless 2 years ago +1798

    ..did we just witness a fanfic written by Wilbur soot himself O_O

  • Suzanne
    Suzanne 2 years ago

    Watching this, after watching the dream smp for 2 months never knowing of it, but watching the hermits for over 3 years, is so so awesome

  • Reese August
    Reese August 2 years ago +2

    "Hey guys, it's Hermitcraft Episode 312, Today I still haven't finished the back of my mansion." is one the truest, funniest things I've ever heard.

  • Vikki Chen
    Vikki Chen 2 years ago

    I find it wholesome that they all know what's happened in Hermitcraft too (like the back of the mansion, the barge)

  • ssun
    ssun 2 years ago +4

    2:40 A few months later and Techno pulls 700k live viewers for a lore stream... you love to see it

  • Aleksander Troszczynski

    For some reason I never would've expected for people from the dream smp to be avid watchers of Hermitcraft, but it makes sense

  • menliker2763
    menliker2763 2 years ago +2969

    Normal people: Gree-an
    Tommy: GROIN

  • Carys Eynon
    Carys Eynon Year ago +1

    I seriously can't wait for mcc 15 because Techno and Wilbur are on a team with Grian. I can't wait!

  • Abe Peyton
    Abe Peyton 2 years ago +1

    I like that you can tell that Wilbur actually watches hermitcraft.

  • Sticss
    Sticss 2 years ago +20

    “Grian ur views,
    *give em to me”*
    Idk why but i found that funny

  • Elliot Holt
    Elliot Holt 2 years ago

    I love how you can tell that Wilbur actually watches grian's heemitcraft videos somewhat consistently. It's pretty cool

  • Gh-st
    Gh-st 2 years ago +1

    God I love Dream SMP & the hermits so much and to see them loving the series too makes me really happy

  • Jonah Scott’s fat Bussy
    Jonah Scott’s fat Bussy 2 years ago +1825

    They should bring grian on dream smp as an architect for lmanburg three

    • Jonah Scott’s fat Bussy
      Jonah Scott’s fat Bussy 2 years ago +50

      Ella Scott you got a point there

    • Pink Tulip
      Pink Tulip  2 years ago +253

      imagine if he joins the anarchists tho

    • scarlet.leaves
      scarlet.leaves 2 years ago +217

      I would love seeing Grian on Dream SMP, however-
      He would probably end up joining the anarchists because he *loves* blowing shit up-
      Or he might end up playing a role that people actually expect-

    • Kiyuu 16
      Kiyuu 16 2 years ago +55

      Me who watched grian's Evo SMP and Hermitcraft know that he likes to blow up stuff : *sweats*

    • Samui Yoru
      Samui Yoru 2 years ago +19

      @Pink Tulip I will not be surprised. I mean.. Look at Evo Smp. He did blow up someone's base (and rebuild it because it was an accident, even it is not him to lit it I think...)

  • Xeroph-5
    Xeroph-5 Year ago

    Grian's like the family puppy, everyone loves him and wants him happy

  • MadGoat212
    MadGoat212 Year ago +2

    Everybody simps for Grian and he never notices it gives me chaotic ace vibes

  • Mully Bagguire
    Mully Bagguire Year ago

    Watching the DSMP members mentioning the hermitcraft references really makes this better