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Horrible Streamer Deepfake Situation

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest awful faking of All Time
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  • Sweet Anita
    Sweet Anita Month ago +14954

    I discovered I was deepfaked from this whole situation, and honestly even though I'm hurt I also feel for the sex workers who had their work stolen too. Both me and those SW who they put my face onto were sexually exploited and sold without our consent by someone we don't even know. Thanks for covering the situation, hopefully more people with be careful to make sure all of the sexual material they use was consensual.

    • A Random Stormtrooper
      A Random Stormtrooper 2 days ago

      Sex workers don't deserve mercy
      That is not a work

    • Hund Kebab
      Hund Kebab Month ago

      thanks for sharing, I know what I'm gonna do tonight

    • Anthony Marocco
      Anthony Marocco Month ago

      Imagine living in a society that cares more about sex workers than the young minds that could have been exposed to nudity and sex........

  • Esketxd
    Esketxd Month ago +5600

    It's actually scary how many people don't understand the simple concept of consent

    • Indio Moustafa
      Indio Moustafa Day ago +1

      @king yoloman To be fair the rules on youtube are deliberately vague. Ive been temp banned for saying that women are equally as disgusting as men in regards to their sexuality, so in that case even promoting equality is against the ToS.

    • Indio Moustafa
      Indio Moustafa Day ago

      Its actually scary how many people don't understand the difference between rape and "other"

    • mydogeatspuke
      mydogeatspuke 5 days ago

      @Pessimist it's not up to you what someone else does with something you give to them. If you want to be able to control what is done with something, don't give it to someone else. You can't control what anyone else does.

    • Pessimist
      Pessimist 5 days ago

      @mydogeatspuke also also, just because you give a stranger a picture of your face doesn’t mean you’re telling them “alright, now put it in a porn video, I’d love that.”

  • Joseph Schultz
    Joseph Schultz Month ago +1490

    Aside from the tremendously creepy aspect, it's good that you brought up how deepfake porn could potentially be damaging to the careers of the people being deepfaked. Think about it; the wrong people see something like that, like advertisers or investors, they might get fooled by it and decide to cut business ties with the people getting deepfaked. In short, just imagine your favorite content creators getting blacklisted due to sexual content that they never even produced; that's horrible.

    • Due What?
      Due What? 7 days ago

      @ImpishlyIt It's about reputation, they care because people care...PBS Kids isn't going to star a famous pornstar in a new children's show, even if it has nothing to do with pornography because at least 9/10 parents who find out who that is (which they will, a news agency or social media influencer or somebody is going to make that information go viral) are no longer going to allow their kids to watch the show anymore, the majority of them might not even trust PBS in general after something like that.

    • Bryan Ribey
      Bryan Ribey 7 days ago

      Companies care about making sure they hire people who have a “clean” background simply because they want to preserve their image as a company. If they were to hire a few ex pornstars for example, and the public found out and it became widespread, that company could lose their good reputation and their income. It’s a risk that companies will not take.

    • Joseph Schultz
      Joseph Schultz 24 days ago

      @Account Database Elaborate. I've been drinking (legit on my third 4Loko now) and it sounds like you could go in two completely different directions with a statement like that.

    • Account Database
      Account Database 24 days ago

      It sounds like the perfect way to shut these narcissists down

    • Ellie  #PutinsMommyNeverHuggedHim
      Ellie #PutinsMommyNeverHuggedHim 24 days ago

      @Can't Say what’s the motive!?

  • in my opinion
    in my opinion Month ago +3435

    this shouldn't be a 'ugh this is so weird' situation
    publishing or selling ai deepfake porn should be illegal, a legitimate punishable offense

    • 111RiSiNG
      111RiSiNG 5 days ago

      @WonderfulChaos being anti porn isn't "purity culture" it's being anti exploitation, misogyny & homophobia.

    • PurpleChalk
      PurpleChalk 6 days ago

      @alexa o Don't project so much.

    • PurpleChalk
      PurpleChalk 6 days ago

      ​@Lizard King Definition of "literally" is so watered down it seems. But honestly, it's wrong and gross for sure, but I think "rape this rape that all is rape" is pretty counterproductive in these kind of cases. Rape is rape, sexual harrasment is another thing, watering these down makes extremes only but more extreme.
      But for sure we need some kind of law in place for these things. Very real looking pictures of anything can spread like a wildfire and in extreme cases lead to death.

  • Nick Bensema
    Nick Bensema Month ago +1478

    HealthyGamer_GG did a deep dive on this today that goes into some science about how nonconsensual porn affects not just the victims, but the consumers, and one of the chilling parts of it was that the deepfake stuff is behind paywalls because it's more addicting, because they're attached to an existing powerful parasocial relationship. It was a powerful take and I hope everyone sees it.

    • Taxtro
      Taxtro Month ago

      Yeah, I think it's important to make an active effort not to become too attached to others. Not just people you know, but also entertainers.
      Paying for porn of a specific person could be an indication of too much attachment.
      The rescue is hatred, shame, envy, etc. They help you to distance yourself from others.

  • Chloe Selvey
    Chloe Selvey Month ago +605

    the biggest shock for me with this whole situation is that this wasn’t already illegal. there’s already laws and defamation lawsuits surrounding using someone’s likeness in anything without their consent, but for this kind of material is sickening.

    • Young Hong
      Young Hong Month ago +1

      @A Cd gotta remember celebrities get sued for using photographs they didn’t take .

    • Zones
      Zones Month ago +1

      @A Cd a suit is only viable if you can prove monetary loss is involved. People using it for sexual fantasies isn’t a law.

    • C R R
      C R R Month ago +3

      @lacuNa That is an awful argument, even if you are just playing devil's advocate. The consequences and intent behind a meme and porn are so vastly different that they can't really be compared.

    • Audra McDonald Apologist
      Audra McDonald Apologist Month ago +1

      It’s actually illegal in some states and in the United Kingdom

    • Exton
      Exton Month ago

      It’s like saying why don’t we sue TikTok for copyright music being used on others content videos?

  • -deimos-sensei-
    -deimos-sensei- Month ago +38091

    Charlie is slowly transitioning into a being of pure black shirt energy

    • italian buffoon
      italian buffoon Month ago

      i don't think you know what black shirt means

    • Michael Wright Racugno
      Michael Wright Racugno Month ago

      Its the new era of dark Jesus

    • TheRussianCarMan
      TheRussianCarMan Month ago

      @Red Star 🅥 shut. No one is better than Charlie

      OEDODRAGON Month ago

      I was sure he was wearing a white top so I scrolled up to check, but no it's black.

    • Gabe
      Gabe Month ago

      @Red Star 🅥 🧢

  • Mlightning
    Mlightning Month ago +362

    Even if he found the website randomly which is very unlikely, the fact that he didn't notify his fellow coworkers and kept it to himself is pretty stupid of an excuse.

    • Mezdemundi
      Mezdemundi Month ago +5

      @knockout Well in order for him to know it was a deepfake site, it would have to be advertised as such, and presumably it would also advertise being able to fake his coworkers. Also I'm pretty sure the hub doesn't allow deepfake content so it makes no sense they would allow those kinds of ads.

    • knockout
      knockout Month ago +1

      @Mlightning As someone who is not into porn, I am not sure how it is obvious. Can you explain ?

    • Mlightning
      Mlightning Month ago +13

      @Bonobo Boy ofc, I mean that's way too obvious anyway

    • Bonobo Boy
      Bonobo Boy Month ago +45

      Let’s be real, It 100% wasn’t an ad at all.

  • gia
    gia Month ago +444

    it’s sad that it has to be pointed out that this type of technology can be also used to frame people for sexual assault or other heinous crimes for people to actually see an issue with AI being used in such a way.

      NOT NOT ALWEN Month ago

      @Nemu Nemu umm you are describing exactly how deep fakes work yes

    • Nemu Nemu
      Nemu Nemu Month ago +1

      @NOT NOT ALWEN ...just hire an actor, or get a trusted someone to play it out and slap the victim's face on it?

      NOT NOT ALWEN Month ago +3

      @thewhyzer It could possibly detect it but only in a lower accuracy or dependency rate. its like ai in chess yes stockfish 7 can play against stockfish 13 but the quality of 7 is lower than 13 but can still kinda go toe to toe

  • Alice H
    Alice H Month ago +474

    Human brains aren't adapted to seeing ourselves doing sexual things that we don't remember doing. In this case it's because we didn't actually do it, but the point stands. It's deeply psychologically disturbing. Dr. K on HealthyGamerGG did a video on this situation as well, it's really insightful.

    • Alice H
      Alice H Month ago +17

      Also my friend just brought up fake revenge porn, which leads to "evidence" of cheating to break up relationships, or maybe non-sexual content that becomes "evidence" that you should be written out of your parents' will, for example.

    • Alice H
      Alice H Month ago +42

      @Akira2234 We're not adapted to that either, but it's one frame and we can, over time, convince ourselves that it's fake and we didn't do that. I'm not saying it's no big deal - editing anyone into sexual stuff that they didn't consent to is wrong.
      But video is a new level that we're not adapted to as a culture, let alone as a species. Our culture still considers video to be a standard of evidence. Even leaving alone that seeing yourself do something you'd never do is damaging to your mental health, it's still damaging to professional reputation and personal relationships, not to mention potential criminal investigations.
      The CIA & FBI have already used slander and framing to take down people they decided to, people that we now consider to be on the right side of history. I have no doubts they'll do it again and worse.

    • Akira2234
      Akira2234 Month ago +2

      What about Photoshop?

  • thebasquez
    thebasquez Month ago +443

    Damn, felt it when he had to call someone he used to be friends with a porn addicted loser. He almost held back a little bit but he came in strong and fought his own urge to sugar coat someone he wishes didnt make such a horrible mistake.

    • Lasair
      Lasair Month ago +1

      @generic femboy That could be, this video is my only exposure to the streamer in question, I was just commenting about language.

    • generic femboy
      generic femboy  Month ago +31

      @Lasair he's only sorry he got caught

    • Lasair
      Lasair Month ago +11

      @Dawn A mistake can be something you've done deliberately, saying that it was a mistake does not on its own minimize the seriousness of the act.

    • Dawn
      Dawn Month ago +48

      It's not a mistake. It's not like be happened upon it, he deliberately bought these videos of his friends and peers

  • The1920sChannel
    The1920sChannel Month ago +96

    The ethics of AI technology and deep faking is very concerning, and not just this particular situation. Not being able to distinguish reality versus fake reality is a slippery and dangerous slope.

  • Nathan Mortensen
    Nathan Mortensen Month ago +11948

    We did it, guys. We have lived to see man-made horrors beyond our comprehension.

    • Jed Eye
      Jed Eye Month ago

      Humanity has always had the capacity and will for horrors. This is nothing new

    • Edward
      Edward Month ago

      @Sama Lass When was this? People have realized the horrors of technology for at least the last 80 years since the atomic bomb and the weapons invented for that war.

    • Sama Lass
      Sama Lass Month ago

      I just remember the days when we all laughed at sci fi movies for thinking their messages of technology going beyond our comprehension was ridiculous and far beyond our current generations.

  • Els
    Els Month ago +624

    Common Charlie W. I'm so glad he uses his platform for good and is a good person. This situation is absolutely fucking disgusting I hope everyone affected is okay and getting the justice they deserve.

    • MuddaShucka
      MuddaShucka Month ago

      @Els *not most. Some. You just tend to notice the blokes that are like that more.

    • MuddaShucka
      MuddaShucka Month ago +1

      @Els Amen.

    • Els
      Els Month ago +9

      @MuddaShucka need all AI to be shut down fr

    • Els
      Els Month ago +9

      @Bob Griffin damn just admitting it at this point. Cringe comment tbh not every bloke is like it most but not all. Imagine thinking like that lmao

  • Faglerwagen
    Faglerwagen Month ago +383

    The weirdest part about this whole thing is that a living person with a functional brain actually clicked a porn site ad on purpose

    • weenus deletus
      weenus deletus 18 days ago

      @Marco No Can confirm, I do too and I'm going through a divorce

    • Stan
      Stan Month ago +1

      Curiosity is a powerful emotion.

    • Incey Wincey
      Incey Wincey Month ago +2

      Addiction causes people to make some extremely bad decisions. It’s quite possible that the majority of people in prison are there because they made terrible decisions thanks to their addictions.

    • Marco No
      Marco No Month ago +1

      Had a school buddy who clicked on one those ads and a cousin who did the same. But they have poor decisions choices.

  • Susan Dowd
    Susan Dowd Month ago +141

    If you're still trying to defend it, just imagine if it was someone you loved.

    • Kiabellie
      Kiabellie Month ago

      @Exton What words would they search for?

    • Exton
      Exton Month ago

      @James Smith well shouldn’t the person be more famous to deep fake? Like streamers? Since it’s easier to use video footage of the person? And isn’t it hard to deepfake?

  • Majestic Genes
    Majestic Genes Month ago +243

    I also think that not only just not having consented to being deep-faked (which is still extremely horrible), someone that these women thought was their friend paid for that content and imagined about having s3x with them. Personally, that would make me extremely uncomfortable.

    • juno
      juno 26 days ago +2

      @Jordan the point of discussion is that they were his friends. it’s messed up in general to make/buy something like that without someone’s consent, but the fact that he knew them is another level of disturbing. i can’t see how anyone could consume that kind of context when it’s literally their friends being exploited. weird is an understatement.
      i don’t expect everyone to understand the depth of human rights and respect, especially if you’re not an adult, but this shows a lot about how someone views other people. there’s some kind of disconnect there that isn’t normal. i’m in school for criminal psychology and this is one of the more disturbing things i’ve seen someone on the internet do.
      whoever made it was definitely an asshole, but they had no connection to the victims and were doing it for money, it’s a lot easier to compartmentalize. i forgot his name already but the mf that got caught is even more disturbed imo because he knew the women, and still didn’t see them as humans that deserve to basic human decency. if he thinks that way of ppl he knows imagine what he thinks of strangers?
      if you’re a well rounded human with empathy and critical thinking skills, this should be horrifying to you. when someone that well liked and respected does something fucked up, it’s always a reminder of how little you truly know about people.

    • Jordan
      Jordan 27 days ago +1

      @juno I mean honestly I wouldn't do it and its a little messed up but not sure it was all that big of a deal. The dude selling the stuff is the actual issue not so much Atrioc looking at it and the reaction against him feels a bit exaggerated since he's the only real face to put to it and people are angry it could happen. Also not sure it was so clear he was there looking up people he knew even if they were on the site, I could easily buy he was going to do a segment about AI/deep fakes soon and went down a weird rabbit hole and got caught with it on his computer because he never closes tabs. Still weird just not sure he needs to quit streaming over it.

  • GZA
    GZA Month ago +161

    I mean… the idea of even having those kinda of tabs open while streaming is mind blowing, it’s like going to a public bathroom without locking the door.

    • Myxi
      Myxi 17 days ago

      @Dustin is it that hard to create another user account in your operating system? damn.

    • Dustin
      Dustin Month ago +6

      When I do stream (rarely), I make sure every bit of software that isnt related to streaming is closed, not minimized. I'm not ashamed or into anything illegal, just like, even accidentally flashing OBS bothers me. then after stream I do a full restart to make sure obs itself is off. Too safe? maybe, but better than this guy

    • Viral Crow
      Viral Crow Month ago +1

      Those doors usually don't have working locks

    • Cruz
      Cruz Month ago +8

      Ikr!! Dude has a serious problem lmao.

  • molten dog
    molten dog Month ago +6924

    When moist barely uses any metaphors to explain the situation, you know he's completely serious.

    • Auracle
      Auracle Month ago

      ​@Jackster101 Dude he didn't share it intentionally, im speaking about those who dont share those kind of stuff. Someone could have a photo of you naked which is photoshop and yet no one knows about it? Same for him, i mean yeah ofc its bad he leaked it the dummy put it on stream

    • Jackster101
      Jackster101 Month ago

      @Auracle i don’t know how you don’t see how it could effect her work life like seriously

    • Jackster101
      Jackster101 Month ago

      @Auracle yes

    • Auracle
      Auracle Month ago

      @Jackster101 No

    • Jackster101
      Jackster101 Month ago

      @Auracle yes it won’t change yours but it could effect the woman’s life negatively

  • Luke Glanton
    Luke Glanton Month ago +198

    It's scary because anyone could suffer from this, imagine you have a crazy ex who wants to ruin your life and deepfakes you in that type of scenario and sends It to everyone who knows you

    • UltiMaxKom
      UltiMaxKom 8 days ago

      @alyssa reed The misandry is strong with this one.

  • Roland Wright
    Roland Wright Month ago +160

    thanks for speaking up about this. the fact that people disregard this is insane.

    • not straw
      not straw Month ago +7

      @Edward whomp whomp

    • Edward
      Edward Month ago

      @not straw Nobody is 'pissy' or your 'bro'. Grow up.

    • not straw
      not straw Month ago +5

      @Edward bro got pissy cuz i boo’d him 💀

    • Higgs
      Higgs Month ago

      Because it's hard to care about people who speak of morality when their community is rather depraved.

    • Edward
      Edward Month ago +1

      @not straw You have an anime pic. Your opinion doesn't matter child.

  • Random pengu with a YouTube account

    You've gained quite a bit of respect from me, for calling out someone even though you consider them a friend. Takes guts

  • Bree W
    Bree W Month ago +70

    The thing lots of folks don't comprehend is that it doesn't matter that it's fake. What matters is that if a completely unbiased person saw that content, they wouldn't be able to distinguish whether or not it was real, and if they didn't know the person, they'd have absolutely no reason NOT to believe it. Then they have a completely inaccurate perception of that person, the content gets shared again, rinse and repeat a million times.

    • Revi M Fadli
      Revi M Fadli Month ago

      Unbiased isn't the opposite of knowledgeable though?

    • Christina Guldner
      Christina Guldner Month ago +18

      exactly lmao. and when this is inevitably used on non-famous people as revenge porn or to get back at/humiliate an ex or something, it will have horrible ramifications for them. people who have their past as a stripper/porn actor made public often lose jobs and close relationships. now that can be the outcome for a person who never even engaged in that industry at all. the people justifying this do not understand that they could easily be in the same boat if they upset the wrong asshole.

  • Hell Delta
    Hell Delta Month ago +30

    This comment section is making me both enraged and dissapointed by the second. There’s plenty of sane people here, sure, but why can’t everyone understand that other people don’t want to be depicted in sexual situations? These kinds of disgusting slime are better off dead, along with pedophiles and other kinds of non-human filth that think consent is just a suggestion.

  • KidNamedFinger
    KidNamedFinger Month ago +17331

    Deep fakes in general are a very scary concept because they have gotten so realistic. Even getting away from the sexual stuff, deep fakes can still ruin someone’s mental and reputation with how real they have gotten. What is extra scary is how good some private tts companies have gotten at copying peoples voices

    • DutBud
      DutBud Month ago

      @Sebastian Burger Deep fakes are a blend of the actual model's face and the face they're using. That's why it almost always looks terrible.

    • blueboy
      blueboy Month ago +2

      @king of cards Source?

    • Sebastian Burger
      Sebastian Burger Month ago

      @DutBud It literally is their face what are you smoking my G

    • king of cards
      king of cards Month ago +1

      @blueboy porn is bad for you though, stigmatizing things that damage your mental health and perception is a good thing.

  • Avery Stanley
    Avery Stanley Month ago +111

    This whole situation sucks for everyone involved, to have that trust broken between a friend or coworker is very creepy and gross. Being sexualized without consent will never be okay. Was a longtime atrioc fan and it really hurts that he would do something like that while in the twitch space

    • pasi123567
      pasi123567 26 days ago

      @FearMonger In my opinion yes also sexual fantasies about your friends would be against their consent. but since it's "just in your mind" people downplay it a lot of the time. I think it is just as bad even though many people would disagree with that.

    • FearMonger
      FearMonger Month ago +1

      @The RedFox I want to know, and I'm asking this as a genuine question I'm not trying to do a gotcha or anything, what about my comments themselves do you disagree with or is it the context of this whole situation that makes you immediately repulsed to my opinions?

    • FearMonger
      FearMonger Month ago +2

      @Jealous I think you've unintentionally misinterpreted my comment. If you read my og comment, I agree that making deepfake 🌽 without the persons consent is horrible. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough- I agree that the production and distribution of deepfake 🌽 without the persons consent is immoral (the act of watching however is a different matter.)
      My argument was with the og commenters statement "Being sexualized without consent will never be okay" and only that one statement. The reason I hate this idea is because it's such a broad, absolutist statement that, if it becomes incorporated into the social zeitgeist, makes getting into the nuances of consent and sexualization difficult to do without looking like a creep or potential r@pist as I'm sure you see me.

    • The RedFox
      The RedFox Month ago +2

      @FearMonger You didn't actually watch Charlie;s video, did you?

    • Jealous
      Jealous Month ago +6

      @FearMonger cause there is a difference between being attracted to someone (which means you also like their body ect) and making a deep fake of your crush by taking their face and putting it on a porn video to beat to it. Creating fake porn of your crush is not only immoral but imo it should be illegal. They didn’t consent to something that can ruin their life even though they didn’t even film/do/post it

    BOYGOS Month ago +107

    Dear Charlie, thank you for being what I consider to be “a responsible goofball”
    Someone who knows when to be responsible tonally, but is still willing to russle Jimmies

    • Abigail Monteith
      Abigail Monteith Month ago

      I think you mean, "wrestle with jimmy" _Weezer riff_

  • BasedRocky _
    BasedRocky _ Month ago +59

    Really appreciate your language use here because it feels intentional and important; referring to the women he looked at as "colleagues" and "coworkers".
    I think something that seems a bit lost in this discussion due to it being on Twitch is that this is a man who fully looked at porn of the people he works with. In any other "real world" scenario, if your coworker got caught with porn of you and your colleagues (regardless of the gender) on his work computer there would be an immediate understanding about how absolutely disgusting and straight up creepy that is, and how rightfully so in that situation, that colleague would most likely lose their job because of sexual harassment.
    I hope the women who are victims of this really have more support not just from their user base, but from Twitch directly, because this is just unacceptable behavior that's eerily being described as "normative".

    • Eli Gedzelman
      Eli Gedzelman Month ago +1

      @Liore Ubm Yes and no. (Basically) all men have a sex drive wired like this, not all men act on it. Many men are good people and dont indulge in their darker side like this

    • Liore Ubm
      Liore Ubm Month ago +6

      Starting to understand why my dad would tell me it really is all men

    • Cruz
      Cruz Month ago +1

      TL;DR, close your porn tabs at work.

  • Wendiloon
    Wendiloon Month ago +72

    Thank you for explaining the relationship between none sexual content creators and how hard they’ve tried to stray away from that. I feel like a lot of people are just blind to this and confused on why people like pokimane cheers her only fans friends on yet she’s upset about this. Their takes are sooo wrong and I hope they listen to you and understand this. You explained it well.

  • Aiyanna Wade
    Aiyanna Wade Month ago +192

    Thank you for your great breakdown of the situation, Charlie. It’s the weirdest energy for people to have such a strong stance against Only Fans creators to also have the take of “it’s not your real body so why do you care?” Seems like some consumers will only enjoy sex work so long as the sex worker can’t consent and/or profit. 🙃 Yikes.

    • batsbatsghost
      batsbatsghost 15 days ago +2

      This. I just read a comment section full of people who dismissed this situation as "it isn't real, so it's okay". The feelings that these streamers have after seeing porn created using their faces without their consent are ABSOLUTELY real. This extends to your family, friends, and colleagues believing you did something you didn't do, which is so defamatory at best and traumatizing at worst.

    • MrYounis26
      MrYounis26 Month ago

      @Kerry s if you are a girl saying this, i feel sorry for you

    • MrYounis26
      MrYounis26 Month ago +1

      @Kerry s you dont get it do you?

  • AU_TRL
    AU_TRL Month ago +6799

    I can only hope deepfake detection evolves as rapidly as deepfakes are

    • conservat1vepatr1ot DL
      conservat1vepatr1ot DL Month ago

      @Blan_K common sense, is no longer common.
      I really enjoyed reading your comment. It makes me hope that there are more people like you, out there, than I personally believe there are.
      We need people like you to reproduce and raise your children with basic values and judgement.

    • Blan_K
      Blan_K Month ago

      @conservat1vepatr1ot DL i mean isnt that how u are supposed to be using the internet in the first place?? Anything u post will always be up for anyone to see, anything u said or did can and will be used against you if the other party specifically targets you. It just commonsense to be on the safe side in my opinion.

    • Cruz
      Cruz Month ago

      This isn't specific to deepfakes. Everything is going to get extremely blurry soon. Were fucked.

    • RAAM855
      RAAM855 Month ago

      @Mikonson Not really m8.
      its the same type of problem with the same type of solution and looking into the past gives insight to the future.

    • Mikonson
      Mikonson Month ago

      @RAAM855 Apples n oranges bro. You're talking about back in the day, I'm talking what's to come in the future.

  • Juni Hanna
    Juni Hanna Month ago +25

    even if the person faked does make there own sexual content, there own business gets undermined by bootleggers basically, and even if someone consents to be photographed nude in there own content, that doesnt mean they consent to being deepfaked. thanks for talking about this charlie, ur a stand up guy

    • Giggoty
      Giggoty 9 days ago

      ​@Amateur at Everything if the women are not product they shouldnt sell themselves. If they sell themselves they are product

    • Giggoty
      Giggoty 9 days ago

      ​@Amateur at Everything where do you live where its illegal to sell knockoff product lol

    • Giggoty
      Giggoty 9 days ago

      Its not work, its not business

  • Michael Levis
    Michael Levis Month ago +5

    Sorta off topic but Charlie seems like one of those friends who would tell you your screwing up before it’s too late. It’s honestly refreshing to see someone be so blunt and honest about something when it’s about a friend. I’m sure it’s a very difficult situation but I think that it’s pretty inspiring to see that how he’s willing to stand by his morals and say it’s wrong despite having reservations, not wanting to add negativity to the situation and caring about the other person.

  • LennyFace 53
    LennyFace 53 Month ago +24

    When I was younger, I wanted to become a programmer and create stuff that's exactly like deepfake. Now that people have done it before I even had a chance, and I've seen what people have and maybe will use it for, I wish that it never had existed. Man, I sure love technology.

  • Dire
    Dire Month ago +8

    I was wondering when Charlie would cover this topic, and I’m very glad that he did so in the way he did. He was respectful and did his best to make everyone aware of what was going on without making a huge deal out of it in a way that would draw even more attention to it.

  • John Kendel
    John Kendel 8 days ago +2

    This is legitimately very creepy. This instance is terrible enough, but just think what else deepfaking can do in your likeness as AI generation continues to progress. We've already reached a point where it can legitimately be impossible to discern an artist from an AI generated picture. And with peoples faces being everywhere on the internet these days, people could be exploited in so many different ways.

  • Army forever
    Army forever Month ago +4534

    It’s scary how much Al has progressed. If people can do this, I don’t want to imagine what we can do in 20 years. You could frame someone for terrible things without taking a step out from your home.

    • AoMizu
      AoMizu Month ago

      Said this a while ago when the AI art was so popular and normalized in their usage, and here people were saying we were overreacting when we artist were against the AI art being used (since people steal our art for AI Art) just wish that it was the talk when AI fucked over the art industries.

    • Kevin Barrett
      Kevin Barrett Month ago

      @Arboleda see amber heard Johnny Depp case to see how a court understands meta data. They don't.

    • Bodangers
      Bodangers Month ago

      Frame someone for anything with fake security footage

    • Hughmen
      Hughmen Month ago

      We already know, cgi movies without the need for studios worth of people to create it, someone on tiktok has already started to recreate tiktok dances with AI

    • forged in print
      forged in print Month ago

      @Xvladin It is incredible, that is true. However it is a tool used by both good and bad people. The problem is it is in the hands of people who would benefit from harming others and have no issues with that.

  • MrOhShit
    MrOhShit 7 days ago

    guess i'm a little late but it's such a disgusting freaking accident i just found out about...i send my thoughts out to all the women affected by all of this, and/or anyone implicated/impacted negatively: what a truly creepy situation!!
    on a side note tho: anyone got a link? (asking for a friend's social study project 👀)

  • Briggsby
    Briggsby Month ago +5

    Charlie, your videos are literally how I keep up with drama these days. It's hilarious. Haven't touched Twitter cause you nicely sum up the insanity.
    And now I want to do a stream where I send takedown requests for deepfakes on porn sights.

  • JayTheFennec
    JayTheFennec 14 days ago +3

    You see this could be even worse in the case of what if someone tried to deepfake an underage person

  • Харли Крутош

    I am paranoiac so I don't post my face on the internet, and the fact that's with each day the obvious insanity becomes the only way to coexist with the internet is disturbing.

    • Revi M Fadli
      Revi M Fadli Month ago

      Obvious vtubing or faceless voiceovers/subtitles?

    • relax
      relax Month ago


  • hollymay123
    hollymay123 Month ago +4

    it can be used for really bad manipulative situations as well.. i had a really nasty friend in the past and she once photoshoped a girl's face on a porno and told her boyfriend she was cheating... she would totally make a deep fake of someone to show their partner and say they are cheating etc... it's not just for sexual purposes...

  • Saffron Jones
    Saffron Jones Month ago +1929

    someone made a deepfake of my cousin committing sexual acts on a minor and it almost completely ruined his life, it was sent from his facebook to all of his friends it was awful

    • a Clown Baby
      a Clown Baby Month ago +2

      @Judged Mental What’re you even saying lilbro. That AI pron defenders would rationalise the making and/or consuming of AI child pron etc by claiming it doesn’t exist? That’s not rationalisation, that’s denial. That’s different

    • a Clown Baby
      a Clown Baby Month ago +2

      @Judged Mental The lgbt community rationalises what? Idk what you mean lmao

    • Judged Mental
      Judged Mental Month ago

      @a Clown Baby probably the same way the lgbt community does….. say it doesn’t exist

    • Farbfilmstudio
      Farbfilmstudio Month ago +1

      First of all. They don't look sooo real. And second do you also beleave dragons are real because they look real in movies... when a friends say a video is fake. What kind of frind don't trust the frind?

  • Z-bone Bill
    Z-bone Bill Month ago +10

    The scariest part is that this is only the beginning of stuff like this. It’s only going to get worse as the technology improves at a startling rate.

  • Imaproshaman
    Imaproshaman Month ago +7

    This is very well said. Thank you for covering this so well. People need to understand this but I know that some people won't understand it and it sucks.
    I think people really don't see streamers as people and it's scary. Someone could make something fake about you that's hard to disprove, and it could ruin your whole life. I feel like there's going to be court cases about this in the future.
    People shame people for having OnlyFans but then seek out this? I think they don't want to admit that they want things like this. And much less admit that they have a problem. Time will tell.

  • Eyck
    Eyck Month ago +92

    Thanks so much for weighing in on this, Charlie. The only way this sort of thing changes is by men calling out other men on their bad behaviour. There's absolutely nothing that women can do to prevent this from happening or to change those in society who think that this is okay, because those types of men have no empathy. They will choose their own sexual gratification every time and the only thing that will influence their belief that it's totally okay.. and result in actual real-life change.... is when other men call them out on it. So thankyou.

    • Eyck
      Eyck 28 days ago

      @Xero Cry harder, bruv

  • Patricia Fuller
    Patricia Fuller Month ago +2

    Huge amount of respect to you for calling this out the way you did ❤

  • GlitterC8k
    GlitterC8k Month ago +7017

    I was very innocent in high school. I never taken a nude or even made out with anyone. Never sexted. Yet, there were multiple people that were convinced I sent someone a nude. Turns out, it was some other girl that looked similar to me. The guy lied about who sent it. I have no idea why. It is an awful feeling to be judged for sending out sexual content when you never have. It is such a violation. I couldn't imagine being in the situation as the streamers. What they are going through is in a much larger scale. Truly horrific.

    • Marty
      Marty Month ago

      Not for me. Men are different. 🤔

    • GlitterC8k
      GlitterC8k Month ago +3

      @Arsi Arskila I could say the same thing to you. Nice one.

    • Arsi Arskila
      Arsi Arskila Month ago +1

      no one asked though so why bother posting to internet?

  • PistolMoth
    PistolMoth Month ago +12

    Off topic but relating to deep fakes I remember seeing a video on iFunny where somebody used an AI voice program to copy your (Critikal's) voice to make you say horrible things about killing "n-words," "n-word" babies, and other vile things. I knew immediately it wasn't legit but the voice itself was amazingly convincing with none of those little jitters or awkward pronunciations you usually hear with AI voices.
    It's scary to think of how this technology could be used in the future, especially as it gets more reliable and prevalent. Someone could very easily ruin another person's reputation with little in the way of defending yourself besides your word vs theirs.

  • Raigaara
    Raigaara Month ago +12

    Glad Charlie's here to tell me all the tea about these streaming personalities I don't follow. Keeps me in the know with the hip young kids. Keep the news videos flowing charles my boy

    • Blan_K
      Blan_K Month ago

      Couldnt have said it any better.
      News in news out

  • SimplyCheryl
    SimplyCheryl Month ago +5

    You're exactly right Charlie, this is disgusting!!

  • ZebraOnYourNose
    ZebraOnYourNose Month ago +6

    I know how awful this is and I agree this is a horrible situation, but I can't get over that technology has become this advanced. I used VHS tapes when I was a child, and now people can do things like this. It blows my mind that this is possible.

  • Robert Fialkowski
    Robert Fialkowski Month ago

    I gotta say, as someone who was not aware of this until just now watching this, a sincere thank you for breaking it down. My initial thought was something akin to a drawing or animation, something that's more of a fan-made thing and accredited to the person who made like exists abundantly for fictional characters. Obviously when it's a real person it's different, not arguing that, but at least if it was clearly identified as being made by someone else, not the real person, etc it wouldn't be damning. This deepfake stuff just blows my mind on how people could get behind it and it can and will only cause problems, especially when it's being pawned off as 'leaks' and 'real' holy fucking hell.

  • Gibbo
    Gibbo Month ago +3331

    What scares me the most is the potential for cyber bullying and the fact that I can predict with great certainty, that this will be used by school students to bully other kids

    • Burning Sexuality
      Burning Sexuality 23 days ago

      Wont that also create a wave of AI CP. that’s legit terrifying

    • Samuel
      Samuel Month ago

      @Screaming Person now that its public i give it a few weeks

  • Kimani
    Kimani  Month ago +2

    I said that this would be an issue a long time ago when the Jim Carrey/Robert De Niro deep fake videos started making the rounds. I remember thinking "it's only a matter of time before they incriminate someone innocent with this". This is one time I hate being right

  • Adele Dinkush
    Adele Dinkush Month ago +18

    dude I didn't think about male streamers tbh. breaks my heart bc i bet some sickos did that on wholesome male streamers as well (I don't even wanna name just in case) its such a sad situation and a lot of people really down play it. this could easily become normalised and used on avrege people as well its pretty scary too

    • Giggoty
      Giggoty 9 days ago

      Men usually dont care about this, charlie didnt i wouldnt

  • Darkeater Filip
    Darkeater Filip Month ago +3

    There should be lawsuits against people who do this, its not only copyright but also defamation

  • Unicorn-Town-Going-Down

    Something I don't see people talking about very often is the sex workers who literally had their bodies stolen. I can't imagine what that must feel like! And the financial aspect of also having their work stolen is just the cherry on top.

    • adilliah
      adilliah 4 days ago

      @Me people with empathy probably

    • Taxtro
      Taxtro Month ago

      @lorenzo romano
      No, it's worse for them.
      When you're not even doing porn, you're not losing money by fake porn being made of you. But if you're selling porn, the fake you is stealing customers.

    • Alex Vasquez
      Alex Vasquez Month ago +3

      @lorenzo romano false. They sign up to do a video with specific rights. They do not sign up to have their likeness used with impunity by complete randos. Educate yourself.

  • Chum Bucket
    Chum Bucket Month ago +1

    Talking about this is a great thing for victims! Because now, more people should be aware that you CAN'T trust videos or photos

  • HelloImSpida
    HelloImSpida Month ago +2998

    Charlie with a black shirt really has the energy of a dad explaining why something is wrong.

  • Annie Craton
    Annie Craton Month ago +11

    The people (men) who don't understand how disgusting, disturbing, depraved, and dehumanizing this type of porn is and are like "whatever not that big a deal" need SERIOUS help

    • How Dare You Exist
      How Dare You Exist Month ago +2

      @you mad💀 femcel that is why

    • Bolg
      Bolg Month ago

      @you mad💀 Because apparently misandry is the solution to everything.

    • you mad💀
      you mad💀 Month ago +4

      Why did you go out of your way to specify men?

  • Jerdua
    Jerdua Month ago +3

    I’m so glad you covered this in a respectful way and actually calling out the real problem

  • Jimmy Robot
    Jimmy Robot Month ago +1

    Imagine if Charlie revealed he was actually a deepfake the entire time

  • Dark Knight Skies
    Dark Knight Skies Month ago +4

    Thank you, Charlie for bringing awareness to people on this. Man, this is fucked up. 👀

  • Some kid on the internet 47

    Porn shouldn’t exist at all.

  • Silent Song
    Silent Song Month ago +4385

    you know as a woman i’m so glad to see such a prominent male figure in the community speaking out against this. i’ve seen a lot of women being disregarded and belittled for saying the exact same thing and as shitty as it is, it’s nice to have someone to back us up.

    • Taxtro
      Taxtro Month ago

      @king yoloman
      It depends on whether you PAY for the deep faked porn.
      Of course if you watch it for free without getting any ads that's ok, like stealing meat out of the garbage is still vegan.

    • Taxtro
      Taxtro Month ago +2

      It's kinda hard to get super upset over a problem that only affects popular rich people.

    • king yoloman
      king yoloman Month ago +1

      @Tatherva except for the fact that your comment was deleted, R.I.P.

    • king yoloman
      king yoloman Month ago +1

      @My Dragon Hoard Is Yarn yeah just like drawing p****graphic pictures of your coworkers with a pen/pencil and storing them is not an “ok thing to do” (although it still doesn’t become illegal until the point of s***xual harassment, assuming he showed them to her or other co-workers etc)…
      The moral conversation here has nothing to do with AI fakes, nor strangers online who want to watch them of celebrities. No, co-workers shouldn’t be tuning in to that type of content about one another; however I’m free to watch as many Pokimane AI fakes as I want, as someone who doesn’t maintain any business relationships with her. I don’t work with her, she’s a celebrity who’s face is on the internet publicly, and I’m a citizen in the United States of America, and our laws protect the ability to use various technologies as mediums for p*****graphic artwork depicting celebrities WITHOUT needing any consent from the supposed featured subject of such artworks. Cancel the streamer if you want, you will not cancel away our AI fakes.

  • ParagonFusion
    ParagonFusion Month ago +157

    This should be classified as revenge porn and should be held accountable legally.
    Edit: I want to address a misunderstanding with my comment, I believe creating and distributing deepfakes should be a crime, under what specific law is to be determined.

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith Month ago

      @Prey R So... you think you could ban something that has been around as long as cave painting? Ok... well define porn. Are you going to call jt anything with graphic penetration? What about soft core porn? Are you going to try and ban nudity in thay case? Then what does your ban include? Just videos but what about photo realistic drawings? How are you planning on policing this policy? Since I'm dumb maybe you can spell out your answers to these, the most basic of questions. We won't even consider that every time someone tried to ban porn the courts told them to screw off.

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith Month ago

      @Prey R Well... that's a stupid idea.

  • Jesse Kautz
    Jesse Kautz Month ago +1

    Great video man! Stuck to the point and made sure to elevate the things that need to be talked about

  • Trash Mammal
    Trash Mammal Month ago +8

    Someone should make a counter-AI which could figure out which video is real and which one is fake. That wouldn't solve the problem entirely, but it could at least save a lot of careers.

    • Narkle
      Narkle Month ago +1

      The issue is challenging the internet when it comes to porn, no matter how unethical said porn is, would be the equivalent of fighting the sun with a water pistol. You should know the lengths people will go to, especially since it has a huge market :/

    • 1800stfu
      1800stfu Month ago +1

      We can only hope that gets developed but I imagine it will quickly become obsolete with the rapid development of AI today.

  • Her0z21
    Her0z21 Month ago +12

    i haven’t ever seen a single porn ad like the one he described, sure it could exist but i don’t know that i believe his story about what happened especially given how absolutely stupid you’d have to be to click a porn ad as an adult

  • Will Thomas
    Will Thomas Month ago +4

    I really hope the punishment for doing these kinds of things should increase in severity. Nobody deserves to be used in this way to humiliate and shame them.

  • JJ5x5
    JJ5x5 Month ago +4016

    The depressing truth to all of this AI deepfaking is that there’s creeps on the internet that can easily make porn of popular minor celebrities and that alone sends chills down my spine

    • Taxtro
      Taxtro Month ago

      If that's true, I see it as a positive. That should lower the demand and therefore prices for CP. They can get more out of one video and therefore make fewer.

    • Taxtro
      Taxtro Month ago

      That's a very minor problem compared to spreading false information for political gain.

    • Michael Henry
      Michael Henry Month ago

      @Bonfist To make it clear, I acknowledge it is an issue, I just don't understand it. I don't mean any offense, so I'll just shut up and nod my head from now on.

  • Super Roblox
    Super Roblox Month ago +1

    I'm glad your content is really creative, keep it up!

    • Paloma elegante
      Paloma elegante Month ago

      this is the kind of positivity we need. I like you

  • Colton Wooten
    Colton Wooten Month ago +8

    AI is just another example of technology that we are nowhere near mature enough as a society to be trusted with.

    • Blan_K
      Blan_K Month ago +2

      Bold of u to assume humanity can be trusted with any technology in general.

  • Harvey Birdman
    Harvey Birdman Month ago +11

    He didn’t click on an ad he didn’t only look at it once. You don’t get caught watching porn after just one time.

  • Brad Besus Francisco
    Brad Besus Francisco Month ago +2

    People should be angry, rightfully so. It's really sad that the rise of technology is also supporting our downfall and is spawning horrible people still with bad opinions. Sad to see Atrioc fall this bad. Hoping for the best to all.

  • Tohotmoss
    Tohotmoss Month ago +11

    sounds like when you break into a serial killers room and they've stuck a picture of your face on the body of a magazine model in crime dramas

  • The Other Jared
    The Other Jared Month ago +1676

    The worst part is that the people being deep faked were personal friends. That is a level of down bad I never wish to witness, let alone experience.

    • Mon the well
      Mon the well Month ago +2

      @jecsibeth guevara Even if the streamers deepfaked did do sexual content like having an onlyfans someone making fake shit of them is still wrong

    • Cruz
      Cruz Month ago

      @dino I don't think its creepy as long as he was private about it. Absolutely down horrendous though.

    • Hat
      Hat Month ago

      @Mammal Not all of them maybe, but it will be more likely if you are an attractive/popular lady for obvious reasons

  • Sydney
    Sydney Month ago +2

    I was once recorded without my consent in a sexual manner and was blackmailed. Even though it was my body I completely empathize with all of these streamers. Because I was never physically hurt, but just the act of seeing me (and in their case, their likeness) being shown without my consent was the most damaging shit ever.

    • Cruz
      Cruz Month ago +1

      Ya thats messed up, hopefully you got away from that person.

  • JaceAce
    JaceAce Month ago +11

    This might be the loudest that Charlie has raised his voice. The topic at hand is about consent.
    I appreciate this message.

  • Fran A
    Fran A Month ago +1

    I feel bad for the wife and the streamers that were sexualized

  • Jenna Embers
    Jenna Embers Month ago +1

    Thank you Charlie, I know some guys will listen to you.

  • Surf’n’Turf
    Surf’n’Turf Month ago +2

    that's such a good point about the possibility of the victim losing career opportunities. so not fair and it makes me mad.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +1165

    Remember back in high school when rumors would spread about people? This is the ungodly, coked-out, and roided-up evolution of that concept. This is fucking terrifying beyond comprehension.

    • Luckyoshi
      Luckyoshi  Month ago +1

      @jibberwocky I have in middle school a lot but not anymore

    • Jack Lant
      Jack Lant Month ago +1

      @Darian Pothitay People can be born after the year 2000 mate.

    • Darian Pothitay
      Darian Pothitay Month ago

      @Luckyoshi bro is a freshmen in 2023😭

    • show sister
      show sister Month ago

      @Luckyoshi you have no friends or you believe everything is true lol

    • Nom
      Nom Month ago

      @m just like your personal distrust of their anecdote doesnt make their experience less real.

  • ZeroKami
    ZeroKami 3 days ago

    Subbed for this, 100% agree. I heard China has a law that requires watermarking it as a deepfake no matter what content is contained. I agree with this approach as well, as it doesn't detract from the content as a whole - which when used "correctly" can be quite entertaining. It should be illegal everywhere to make deepfake porn; I can however, see a market for those who do not want to make sexual content to deepfake themselves (with proper licensing/consent from the original actors of course). But even that market becomes a problem as it is the crack in the door to a blurred line of who did and did not consent for any particular piece of "content" - so best to just keep it as far away from becoming a legitimate market altogether.
    Real people have killed themselves over leaks and revenge porn, making it that much more scarier if this kind of thing is so readily available and not yet illegal everywhere. It ruins real lives. Get rid of it. Period.

  • The Gamers State
    The Gamers State Month ago

    You know, when you think about it, this is genuinely concerning because what if you could deepfake someone commiting a crime and it went so far as to make it to court? That could really mess up someone's life.

  • Mr. Snicks
    Mr. Snicks 10 days ago

    I Ai Pokimane though 😳 this entire situation is hilarious. Imagine losing it all to deepfake slip up LMFAOOOOOOO

  • jnnyy
    jnnyy Month ago +5

    im so sorry that you and those women who i wont name had to go thru that. you have all my love and support

  • TheTwistedSavant
    TheTwistedSavant Month ago +2

    You know a situation is bad when serious Charlie comes out.

  • Jean The Machine
    Jean The Machine Month ago +2355

    The sheer embarrassment of this situation feels so tangible, I don't know how one could live with that

    • Cruz
      Cruz Month ago +1

      Just own up to being down horrendous and making questionable choices. I think we can all relate? Don't do it again obviously, get help. I can forgive.

    • ordinary name
      ordinary name Month ago

      @Jack Lant You seem to know it all. Tell me more lol

    • ordinary name
      ordinary name Month ago

      @Jack Lant Bruh it's survival of the fittest. We are animals

    • Jack Lant
      Jack Lant Month ago

      @ordinary name Ironic that an advanced society heading for the future still relies on the old methods of "adapt or die", instead of trying to come up with a way to prepare its people for that future.

  • Parking_lot182
    Parking_lot182 Month ago +1

    Charlie's mediphors are always so uniquely insane but so fucking accurate, it's incredible

  • Staarren
    Staarren Month ago +15

    pretty sure if charlie quit youtube he could be a professional metaphor writer

  • owab fudol
    owab fudol 4 days ago +1

    You know it's serious when Charlie wears a black t-shirt

  • I feel like Pablo
    I feel like Pablo Month ago +1

    This is really scary honestly I don't see a good way out of this, and I had a feeling this would be bad, but we should have really seen this coming.
    If we control the technology, then inevitably someone will have control and therefore it's power. If we don't control it, an entire industry could collapse, or the results could pump so much damaging material out to the public that the ramifications will never end.
    Any last bit of trust that anyone had for information on the internet is about to disappear, and I'm not sure what navigating super addicting chaos will do to our minds, especially when we can't even moderate our tech use as it stands right now.
    All of this and then of course we have pockets of society that are rising up to defend all of this and claim that resistance is an outdated way of thinking. We are truly approaching a singularity, we could easily see it all fall apart in our lifetimes.

  • hey hey
    hey hey Month ago +1

    This phenomenon is so gross and should probably be treated legally as revenge porn. I don't think we can fully understand the full force of devastating effects this will have even if we rush to regulate it.

  • твой БАТЯ
    твой БАТЯ Month ago +2417

    Was just talking about this with my boyfriend. I can’t imagine finding P of myself online without consent, or how it would make me feel. Everyone calling these women sensitive for being in this situation is heartless.

    • RolyPoly04
      RolyPoly04 Month ago

      Hughe Killing another person simply because the existence is inconvenient to you most certainly is evil...

    • just a smøl tøwn gir
      just a smøl tøwn gir Month ago

      @Lap TV agreed up until the last sentence

    • Jiminy Crickets
      Jiminy Crickets Month ago

      @Paul Hughes and as catholic schools have proven , preaching the prude mantra will lead to results that are the complete opposite the desired effect.

  • Wanton_Chips
    Wanton_Chips Month ago +2

    imagine the level of cyberbulling empowered by this kinda technology

  • Ethan Abel
    Ethan Abel Month ago

    Based Charlie, once again, always keeps it fucking real. Smartest Clip-Sharer Ive ever heard from

  • [Secret Name]
    [Secret Name] Month ago +1

    Honor, dignity and trust need to make a comback in this bound by words, apologies and contracts world

    • Prey R
      Prey R Month ago +1

      let’s end the rampant sexuality that causes these issues in the first place.

  • Neph!
    Neph! Month ago

    charlie seems to know a lot about this deep faking lore😂