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  • Published on Mar 17, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The Beta Squad Play Weakest Link but with a Friendship Test as a twist! ft @YungFilly @darkestman2128 @HarryPineroTV
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Comments • 3 079

  • Rell Jones
    Rell Jones 2 months ago +1223

    SHARKY is so intelligent and FILLY genuinely loves his bros, no shock here

  • Matthew Cohen
    Matthew Cohen 2 months ago +5830

    filly casually taking 20 seconds to answer each question and nobody mentioning it is funny 😂

    • Zak
      Zak 2 months ago +38

      Center of attention

    • D
      D 2 months ago +1

      Finally it's here the clip you all wanted. clip-share.net/video/vIGLTv2Y4-U/video.html

    • R Roy
      R Roy 2 months ago +45

      @Zak damn you hate filly with a passion😂😂

    • mrsafi.m
      mrsafi.m 2 months ago +13

      He has 3 GCSE's allow the guy

    • Officer Pavati Deshmukh
      Officer Pavati Deshmukh 2 months ago

      @R Roy Cc

  • 2isAverage
    2isAverage 2 months ago +3155

    The way Filly’s eyes widen every question kills me 😂🤣

  • Nancy Kosmidis
    Nancy Kosmidis Month ago +377

    im sorry but "who is ajs celebrity idol" "lil uzi vert?" "no, god", CUT TO AJ POINTING UP TO THE HEAVENS WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT IVE EVER SEEN

    • Wh0s.samara
      Wh0s.samara Month ago +4

      Why was it funny?

    • O K
      O K 3 days ago +3

      @Wh0s.samara Cos referring to God as a "celebrity idol" is crazy

  • Hanna Insyirah
    Hanna Insyirah 2 months ago +875

    “Who TF is afraid of cows?” Aj’s not wrong HAHAHA

    • DendroDaddy
      DendroDaddy Month ago +3

      TBF there are people who are afraid of olives lmao.

    • Aunt Missedperiod
      Aunt Missedperiod Month ago +4

      cows are dangerous

    • Shadow Cat
      Shadow Cat Month ago +1

      Cows freak me out

    • Babyman
      Babyman Month ago +1

      AJ mad because they said he lied bout his height😂😅

  • Mekayla Whaley
    Mekayla Whaley 2 months ago +515

    aj not being someone who likes touch but comforting filly so he isn’t left out is the sweetest thing. bless him❤

  • TerminaQ
    TerminaQ 2 months ago +8779

    You know that nobody expected Filly to be that far, he’s literally failing every question related to date 😂

    • ArmorMaciek
      ArmorMaciek 2 months ago +169

      And not only that but takes a minute to say the wrong answer

    • Bushra Ali
      Bushra Ali 2 months ago +3

      Hi 👋

    • Alex Knox
      Alex Knox 2 months ago +1


  • Kay Ayy
    Kay Ayy 2 months ago +1733

    George looks stressed the whole game 😂

    • Cloe Diamond x
      Cloe Diamond x 2 months ago +39

      Who tf is George

    • Bifta
      Bifta 2 months ago +82

      ​@Cloe Diamond x nikos camera man

    • Nuve
      Nuve 2 months ago +1


    • DutchGamerBawz
      DutchGamerBawz 2 months ago +40

      He looks like kevin de bruyne hahaha

  • vivian njoki
    vivian njoki 2 months ago +3680

    Sharky scoring the lowest in Come Dine With Me only to redeem himself TWICE in the last two episodes is the character development I like to see 😂

    • Alphoric
      Alphoric 2 months ago +19

      Saloni 💖 even if they did (which they didn’t) why would anyone on the planet care
      Bots these days get weirder and weirder

    • Hunter Hawkins
      Hunter Hawkins 2 months ago +27

      this being top comment is a crazy spoiler holy shit lmao

    • Yusuf Ash
      Yusuf Ash 2 months ago

      @Hunter Hawkins init

  • Ralph
    Ralph 2 months ago +202

    Sharky is such a loveable character man, he’s too funny as well

  • Mr.strange
    Mr.strange 2 months ago +1252

    The way darkest is clapping at 35:37 is killing me 😂😂😂😂😂 he was so over it 🤣

  • Violates
    Violates 2 months ago +128

    Chunkz being out that early is tragic. He brings these videos together 😂

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn 2 months ago +6372

    Niko correcting Harry is the funniest part 😭😭💀

    • Tupac Shakur
      Tupac Shakur 2 months ago +1

      Okay w

    • Project Mint
      Project Mint 2 months ago

      Saloni 💖 it’s fake don’t be silllyy sniperwolf has more subscribers

    • Bushra Ali
      Bushra Ali 2 months ago

      Hi 👋

    • sydz
      sydz 2 months ago +5

      @Project Mint that comment u replied to is also fake and made you watch their video...

    • xo_aiz_xo
      xo_aiz_xo 2 months ago +2

      time stamp?

  • Sandra Fynn
    Sandra Fynn 2 months ago +458

    Why does Sharky’s win mean so much to me 😂😂. Harry never fails to make me laugh and Shark’s character development is exciting !

  • Sebastian El Droubi
    Sebastian El Droubi 2 months ago +188

    the amount of time Filly wasted whenever he was asked a question is actually mad!

  •   Natalia's Ways
    Natalia's Ways 2 months ago +74

    Kenny is that one good friend that quietly pays attention to every detail, but he doesn’t have to be loud but very observant.. king Kenny 👑

  • Bqrnie
    Bqrnie 2 months ago +141

    Can we appreciate in the last two videos Niko has predicted everything correctly

  • Lololowey
    Lololowey 2 months ago +59

    I get so excited when Darkest is in a video, he’s so effortlessly funny

  • Maria P
    Maria P 2 months ago +6781

    Aj not leaving Filly out is so wholesome

    • Yorihi-Itsuki!
      Yorihi-Itsuki! 2 months ago +90

      FRR it was so considerate of him to console filly

    • LocalNoob
      LocalNoob 2 months ago +31

      why do you lot find everything wholesome?

    • Jdjdj Jsjsj
      Jdjdj Jsjsj 2 months ago +125

      @LocalNoobwdym??? If it's wholesome then it's wholesome. Stop deepening things 😭😭

    • Steven James
      Steven James 2 months ago +4

      ​Priya Gaming that's not the real sniperwolf....... LMAO 🤣😂

  • M
    M 2 months ago +197

    Chunks doesn’t seem to last long in these challenges anymore 😂

    • Ben Wang
      Ben Wang 2 months ago +14

      Don't think he really cares

  • Itz-EtErNaLz
    Itz-EtErNaLz 2 months ago +151

    The amount of times Harry got it wrong just made it more funny 😂😂

  • Cynthia Means
    Cynthia Means 2 months ago +88

    Sharky and Nico knowing the answers to each other's questions is so freaking cute

  • Ty Gz
    Ty Gz 2 months ago +193

    darkest is actually hilarious have him in more videos his energy is out the park

  • Rashiqa
    Rashiqa 24 days ago +9

    The way darkest just carelessly said Kenny while everyone literally told him how important he was in the moment 😂

  • boiwhatdahellboi
    boiwhatdahellboi 2 months ago +1525

    The way George lasted this long in the game is so funny to me

    • YoutubeRB91
      YoutubeRB91 2 months ago +91

      His privilege came through clutch lol

    • Chief Panda
      Chief Panda 2 months ago +73

      It’s cause bro hosting forgot George was there

    • jjayy19
      jjayy19 2 months ago +13

      @Chief Panda you dk harry pinero?

    • Chief Panda
      Chief Panda 2 months ago +3

      @jjayy19 nah im not into yt like that

    • Zog
      Zog 2 months ago +2

      @Clip-ShareRB91 what privilege

  • Mayowa
    Mayowa 2 months ago +90

    That was a genuine smile on Filly’s face when they talked about him retiring his mum 🙌🏾

  • Shanti s
    Shanti s 2 months ago +89

    The banter between Harry and Niko and Darkest is just too funny.

  • spudboy
    spudboy Month ago +10

    Niko saying he hates lying but his entire channel revolves around lying to people😂

  • Calix
    Calix 2 months ago +425

    Timestamps Recap when I watch it again :
    2:01 Niko is allergic to girls
    3:30 Darkestman has all that real estate on his head but no space for a brain 🤣
    6:30 OBIFEMI
    9:44 *asks a question*
    Honestly couldn’t care less
    10:53 The old Testament
    11:10 FOIVEE?
    13:20 He is my brother but blood’s not thicker than the weakest friend
    16:21 uhm…Shave heads
    16:45 Filly went mental here 😂
    18:38 It’s a disrespect to what you don’t have which is hair
    24:27 That demonic laugh tho
    25:48 Darkest saying Kenny’s hairline is bad while he got none is the funniest thing 🤣
    29:09 Filly randomly picking his nose
    34:57 Niko clapping in advance
    35:14 That’s so sweet of AJ

    • Hecho Levi
      Hecho Levi 2 months ago +3

      25:31 as well... 😭

    • Reema.
      Reema. 2 months ago


    • Rida Rasalie
      Rida Rasalie 2 months ago +7

      Also from sharky 15:16 im so rich
      6:48 - sharky in the background shouting Brazil 😂
      24:00 - sharks lil dance

    • victoria💕
      victoria💕 2 months ago +1

      braziowl, braziouu !!!!!

  • Qwerade
    Qwerade 2 months ago +1705

    Niko saying The Old Testament was HPs favourite song had me rolling 😂

    • Bruh
      Bruh 2 months ago


    • kazu !!
      kazu !! Month ago


    • Alex
      Alex Month ago

      At what minute was this?😂

  • Ditebogo Mailula
    Ditebogo Mailula 5 hours ago

    Can I just say, I’m so proud of Filly for making it that far 😭😭😭❤️

  • Jack Field
    Jack Field 2 months ago +68

    Nice to see someone apart from Niko win one of these challenges for once

  • Kito
    Kito Month ago +8

    I don’t like commenting like this, but you guys are getting me through one of the toughest periods in my life. Thank you.

  • infexious Boiii
    infexious Boiii 18 days ago +1

    filly taking 20 seconds to answer each question and no one pointing it out is madness

  • the tonk
    the tonk 2 months ago +13

    I'm so happy to actually see darkest man to join in with a game instead of being a host and sitting out.

  • _ok_ema_
    _ok_ema_ 2 months ago +2388

    everyone needs a friend like Sharky

    • Ahmed ;)
      Ahmed ;) 2 months ago +27

      ​Saloni 💖 shush

    • Have a good day
      Have a good day 2 months ago +37

      he’s so fine ong

    • Naomi Person
      Naomi Person 2 months ago +24

      you mean a bf😩😩

    • Bushra Ali
      Bushra Ali 2 months ago


    • D
      D 2 months ago

      Finally it's here the clip you all wanted. clip-share.net/video/vIGLTv2Y4-U/video.html

  • Jolique Taylor
    Jolique Taylor 2 months ago +56

    Can I just say I’m extremely proud of Filly for making it to the end! YEEEEAAAAHH MAAAAN! ❤❤❤

  • ash
    ash Month ago +5

    im shocked George made it as far as he did😭

  • Yyd Ydydy
    Yyd Ydydy 2 months ago +20

    24:25 killed me😂😭 its his laugh and filly's facial expression

  • Danielle Reid
    Danielle Reid 2 months ago +20

    Filly's eyes every time he gets a question 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wembanyawa
    Wembanyawa 2 months ago +2057

    I love how chaotic it is in the beginning that slowly transitions into a very wholesome moment for all the guys

  • nana osei-duker i
    nana osei-duker i 2 months ago +57

    Filly in the final round was literally like “They didn’t believe in us!”😂

  • Kabrina O
    Kabrina O 2 months ago +11

    Sharky, Darkest and Niko are the good friends in this circle it seems like lol. Congrats to Sharky he did really good !! He actually knows alot about all of them.

  • Henry Gagi
    Henry Gagi 8 days ago

    The Harry and Niko beef is something else😂😂😂

  • tokyokaisen
    tokyokaisen Month ago +4

    Niko's background voice got me cracking😂😂

  • bsmala :)
    bsmala :) 2 months ago +7

    I just love how filly is having it all together, he's a great friend and I get a GREAT energy whenever I see him on the screen.

  • GhostFace
    GhostFace 2 months ago +4242

    I can tell this video is going to be hilarious. Filly, darkest, and harry are basically members 🤣

    • Hanan 🇸🇴
      Hanan 🇸🇴 2 months ago +42

      The vid isn’t even done

    • Yulds 360
      Yulds 360 2 months ago +4

      Here is when I met Beta Squad

    • Jude_the_dewd cheesecake
      Jude_the_dewd cheesecake 2 months ago +37

      bro the vid came out 17 seconds ago

    • Taylor
      Taylor 2 months ago +6

      You haven't even watched a minute of this video

    • kaido a
      kaido a 2 months ago +3

      Vid just came out bro 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • GamingUsher.K
    GamingUsher.K 2 months ago +6

    I’ve been watching beta squad for a while and these guys have stepping up their production. Fair play !

  • Shanti s
    Shanti s 2 months ago +22

    Darkest voting himself out had me WHEEZING 😂😂😂

  • tk
    tk 2 months ago +8

    Sharky is genuine so compassionate and attentive to people

  • Shawty83
    Shawty83 2 days ago

    Aj being a Virgo is so on brand with his bluntness💯

  • Devontay Blair
    Devontay Blair 2 months ago +6

    7:40 Filly saying Pepperoni in the funniest way possible gets me every time🤣🤣

  • R4JVEER0
    R4JVEER0 2 months ago +2449

    16:32 Darkest wanted to be a detective, but he couldn't even find his own hairline 😂

    • AllAccordingToPlan
      AllAccordingToPlan 2 months ago +87

      @okpok-sg9qh who the hell cares tho

    • chaeryeong
      chaeryeong 2 months ago +33

      too far 😭😭😭😭

    • Quriline
      Quriline 2 months ago +39

      @chaeryeong just like his (nonexistent) hairline

    • AZNKujo
      AZNKujo 2 months ago +12

      VIOLATION 💀💀

  • Rahma ABdi
    Rahma ABdi 2 months ago +5

    as hilarious as this video was i actually learnt soo much new stuff about each of them.I love how much sharky pays attention to his friends when they talk and literally could answer almost all of his questions correctly.Fillys face at the end when he didnt win man broke my heart he looked like he wanted to cry thats genuine disapointment but he still made it soo far im prada him.😀💖

  • UpfrontMotivation
    UpfrontMotivation 2 months ago +4

    darkest insulting Kenny then immediately apologising is absolute jokes hahahahaha

  • ASMR Station
    ASMR Station 2 months ago +9

    love how Niko always has to correct Harry Pinero

  • DeclinedZero
    DeclinedZero 2 months ago +10

    Niko is so damn funny bro 😂💀

  • Monique Tigere
    Monique Tigere 2 months ago +6

    How did George last that long 😭

  • Klyo Keanita
    Klyo Keanita 2 months ago +1251

    i love the bond that neeko and chunks have so wholesome fr

    • Guffinater
      Guffinater 2 months ago +8

      YeaMan Good job

    • Yulds 360
      Yulds 360 2 months ago +3

      Here is when I met Beta Squad

    • Marquez Hall
      Marquez Hall 2 months ago +11

      neeko ha

    • Yxsuf
      Yxsuf 2 months ago +9

      Niko n Kenny*

    • -shayldn
      -shayldn 2 months ago +2


  • ParadigmShiftz
    ParadigmShiftz 2 months ago +4

    One thing I’ve learned from this vid is that all of these guys are wholesome af

  • Milla Aurora van Niekerk

    The fact that George got so sad after voting for Niko🥺Im sorry but that is so cute

  • bsmala :)
    bsmala :) 2 months ago +4

    Filly is just EVERYTHING.

  • Kani Ou
    Kani Ou 2 months ago

    Aj comforting Filly is so wholesome

  • Rishabh
    Rishabh 2 months ago +10

    25:00 filly being shocked Sharky was 6 days off his birthday while he was like 6 months off Sharky’s is crazy

  • Get Litt With Bluu
    Get Litt With Bluu 2 months ago +8

    It went from chaos to it being completely wholesome this is brotherhood ❤️

  • Ben Dri
    Ben Dri 2 months ago +4

    “Making his Mum his personal manager”
    “So retiring his Mum?”
    “Yeah that’s right”
    Filly got so robbed Sharky absolutely did not answer the question right 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chokyo
    Chokyo 2 months ago +2

    Beta Squad are absolutely killing it lately. You love to see it

  • donbrga786
    donbrga786 2 months ago +2

    Young filly is so unbelievably entertaining

  • Thato Refilwe
    Thato Refilwe  2 months ago +8

    Sharky is such a good friend …I thought it was a beautiful moment to see him win ❤️go sharky!!!!!!🥺💃🏿
    I was crossing my fingers for him
    Almost every challenge
    His always on the 3rd or 2nd place …he’ll always be so close to victory 😭

  • Abdirahman Abdirashid
    Abdirahman Abdirashid 2 months ago +5

    The funny moment was when Kenny said darkest started being bold at the age of 5 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago +2

    Honestly didn't think Filly would last that long .

  • Charmz
    Charmz 2 months ago +13

    fave part is AJ comforting Filly at the end 😂

  • Cynical Person
    Cynical Person 2 months ago +520

    Not me actually celebrating along with everyone for Sharky's win 😂

    • Berie007
      Berie007 2 months ago +4

      Nahh i wanted yung filly to win 😢😅

    • Lyla
      Lyla 2 months ago +2

      @Saloni-dp4ktthe fact that no one asked or cares

    • Insanistic
      Insanistic  2 months ago +1

      Saloni 💖 i never cringed harder

  • Thijs de Bekker
    Thijs de Bekker 2 months ago +17

    Nobody’s going to talk about the fact Kenny has 13 siblings💀

  • Budget_Recipes
    Budget_Recipes 2 months ago +2

    I am so happy to finally see Chunkz and Filly in the same video ! Its been a while 🥺❤️

  • ماعرف
    ماعرف 2 months ago +14

    19:27 it’s weird to see niko losing

  • أميراة💓
    أميراة💓 2 months ago +334

    Loving George being included, real one fr

    • Yulds 360
      Yulds 360 2 months ago +1

      Here is when I met Beta Squad

    • CrystalL3a
      CrystalL3a 2 months ago +9

      Fr, I honestly feel had for him sometimes

    • HOTCAT
      HOTCAT 2 months ago +2

      @CrystalL3a well he a camera man so

    • Bushra Ali
      Bushra Ali 2 months ago


  • Ipran
    Ipran Month ago +2

    16:25 harry laughing have to be funniest part😂

  • Miss Curvelicious 😏
    Miss Curvelicious 😏 2 months ago +1

    24:27 best laugh ever😂😭

  • Goated Gods
    Goated Gods 2 months ago +1

    14:05 100% funniest moment 🤣🤣🤣

  • Grace .B
    Grace .B Month ago

    19:16 the excitement 😂

  • abby pinkerton
    abby pinkerton 2 months ago +1

    Kenny is so innocent always been my favourite in the beta squad

  • Mahad Qamar
    Mahad Qamar 2 months ago +262

    When filly is in trivia you know it’s about to hit 😂😂😂😂

    • Larry Bird
      Larry Bird 2 months ago +16

      Filly needs be a member he’s actually so enjoyable

    • Nuve
      Nuve 2 months ago


    • Bushra Ali
      Bushra Ali 2 months ago


  • LoneWolf
    LoneWolf 2 months ago +2

    We're proud of you filly😂💜

  • Haniya
    Haniya 2 months ago +1

    Filly is such an underrated guy ❤and AJ is so supportive man the love they have for each other is amazing 🤩

  • Chrizz
    Chrizz 7 days ago

    Sharky was about to cry after he won what a guy

  • flamefella
    flamefella 29 days ago +3

    I feel like George got the single hardest questions

  • fizzys edits
    fizzys edits 2 months ago +4

    Is it just me or did George just get asked a lot of impossible questions??

  • ivysstreetherolifestyle
    ivysstreetherolifestyle 2 months ago +200

    Filly, darkest, and harry is a crazy duo 😂😂

  • Sindiswa Nkosi
    Sindiswa Nkosi 2 months ago +8

    Harry: what job did Darkest want to do when he was younger
    Niko: Shave heads

  • Sammy Obazuaye
    Sammy Obazuaye 2 months ago +2

    Fair play to Beta Squad for getting Lukaku and De Bruyne in the same video, big moves

  • Life with dorcas
    Life with dorcas 2 months ago

    I love how wholesome they are makes me apart of them 🤭

  • Khiladi Gamer
    Khiladi Gamer 2 months ago +1

    I love the way Filly pops his eyes out in every question 😂😂

  • Follow-The-White-Rabbit
    Follow-The-White-Rabbit 2 months ago +1

    George had the hardest questions by far. Some of those questions were mad. No wonder he didn't get a lot right lol.

  • it's_a
    it's_a 2 months ago +244

    32 secs beta squad never fail to put a smile on our faces

    • Taylor
      Taylor 2 months ago +1

      0-50 seconds was the intro.

    • Bushra Ali
      Bushra Ali 2 months ago


  • Joel 795
    Joel 795 2 months ago +1

    The boys really stepping up the game...I like it ❤

    ESTHER 2 months ago +5

    this video was so chaotic🤣 but the ending is so wholesome ❤

  • ka$Hkay!
    ka$Hkay! Month ago

    bro niko never misses with his predictions😭💀

  • ImJustAmberE
    ImJustAmberE Month ago

    Niko is honestly hilarious 3:30 😂😂😂😂

  • Naomi Alene
    Naomi Alene 2 months ago

    AJ trying to keep chunkz in then being the only one to comfort filly at the end….what a man 🥰