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You've NEVER Heard About This | Joey Diaz

  • Published on Sep 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • specUVdust
    specUVdust  +168

    He left out a key part of this story. His smoothie consisted of one banana, one strawberry, and four pepperoni pizzas

  • DatsRandom
    DatsRandom 21 day ago +3

    “I gained weight that week”

  • A Confused Shoe
    A Confused Shoe Day ago +881

    Joey's body was so desperate for something healthy that it held onto the bananas that whole week 💀

  • Matt's Saltwater Fishing

    If "trust me bro" was a person.

  • NotMorganFreeman
    NotMorganFreeman Day ago +211

    Joe's mind: Bullshit

  • John Love
    John Love 21 day ago +225

    These comments are wild af! 😂 I’m high af laughing non stop

  • Phi Non Chill

    I don't eat ice

  • Jason Galuten
    Jason Galuten 14 days ago +361

    “When you eat a banana, it’s OOGATZ!” 😂🤣😂

  • Dead Giveaway
    Dead Giveaway 21 day ago +104

    don't forget he's high, he probably heard this story but remembers it wrong

  • A Drooling Box

    As someone who breathes for a living, this is incredibly breathtaking.

  • Philosophy Bro
    Philosophy Bro 14 days ago +378

    My favorite part is when it’s explained how drinking bananas relate to weight gain….

  • Adarsh Tiwari
    Adarsh Tiwari Day ago +15

    Sugar left the chat

  • Lonely Sandwich

    "When you blend the banana, it's 8 points. When you eat a banana, it's 0."

  • Jennie👑
    Jennie👑 14 hours ago +2

    Me who has açaí bowls every weekend: …

  • Sam Joel
    Sam Joel Day ago +24

    it's time to blend pizza and kfc for my bulking phase

  • prod. gr
    prod. gr  +10

    mother: smoking wont affect my child

  • Chicane
    Chicane 19 hours ago +6

    I've been trying to gain weight all my life as a hard gainer. I guess I should start blending my fruits

  • Linile Feza
    Linile Feza 21 day ago +37

    these Minecraft sound effects are killing me 😂😭😭

  • Una Lata De Jalapeños

    "I gained weight that week"

  • Vangelis Topalidis
    Vangelis Topalidis 14 days ago +39

    I nearly died from a banana smoothie overdose