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201 Secrets About Minecraft

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Vaal
    Vaal Month ago +220

    My wife actually did that flower forest thing on a server. Flattened everything, got the flower patern then made different elevations for each flower type. It looks amazing :)

    • Spooky YT
      Spooky YT 12 days ago

      @Gustavo Naka cuz its funny
      my humor is broken

    • Aerialist journey
      Aerialist journey 14 days ago

      @Gustavo Naka because it’s funny have some humer

    • Gustavo Naka
      Gustavo Naka 18 days ago

      @Snxwly why

    • Izer Kun
      Izer Kun Month ago +3

      must be a sight to see:o

    • Vaal
      Vaal Month ago +14

      @Snxwly alright. And a good day to you too XD

  • TheGamingWolf
    TheGamingWolf 2 months ago +607

    Putting leads on boats is actually useful for carrying villagers up blocks

    • TheGamingWolf
      TheGamingWolf 4 days ago

      @Kane Hicks sure if you can manage to land in water

    • John Slone
      John Slone 4 days ago

      couldnt you just put something down to give them a job seeing as they will run to it from 32 blocks away and just keep doing that until they get where u want them

    • Animal Vids2
      Animal Vids2 14 days ago

      You can use a horse and jump with the leaded boat to go even faster

    • Patty Carranza
      Patty Carranza 15 days ago

      Yeah i know that

    • Neki McCornfield
      Neki McCornfield 16 days ago

      @0dark0 Really? Because I play bedrock and I couldn't get this to work.

  • PhieroPhreek
    PhieroPhreek Month ago +261

    Dragging a boat with a lead is very useful! You can move faster pulling the boat instead of paddling it, plus you can put 2 villagers (or any other mob(s)) into the boat and pull them along. Doubling the number of mobs you transport at once means half the number of transport trips, and half the time!

    • Mystified
      Mystified 29 days ago +1

      Me having sleep insomnia so skip the tutorial is perfect for me

    • Your Local Ikejou
      Your Local Ikejou Month ago +3

      @PhieroPhreek true true :)
      i’ve barely met nice ppl in the comments oml this reply section is precious

    • Dylan Wright
      Dylan Wright Month ago +1


    • Raiden Ei
      Raiden Ei Month ago +1

      Yea I’ve done that before while transporting cats it’s pretty fun ;)

    • Fuji Marcus
      Fuji Marcus Month ago +1

      unless your making an iron farm

  • Miia Wolf
    Miia Wolf Month ago +103

    on the water-firework thing, that reminds me of the time I used that to make tanks that actually fired projectiles from the barrel. it didn't look good on the tank end, but the functionality is pretty neat

    • Gaming With Blueberry
      Gaming With Blueberry 15 days ago

      @gladis chinchilla Those are pokémon not foxes, but they are probably partially based on foxes

    • Miia Wolf
      Miia Wolf Month ago +1

      you don't have a discord or something I can actually send screenshots with?

    • gladis chinchilla
      gladis chinchilla Month ago +1

      @Miia Wolf And my name is of course Levi

    • gladis chinchilla
      gladis chinchilla Month ago +1

      @Miia Wolf So this is my other account I have a Clip-Share Channel TheOnlyLevi you'll see it the profile is two foxes one pink and one black

    • Miia Wolf
      Miia Wolf Month ago +1

      @gladis chinchilla uh sure

  • Kostynha
    Kostynha Month ago +47

    8:29 - 1 block moving inside water slows you a bit more than not moving inside 1 block of water.

  • Lukeario797 ThoseTimes
    Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Month ago +27

    The 142nd one reminded me of a world I had with my brother. We lived in a mountain and sometimes, instead of leaving through the front door, we would jump into the sweet berry farm.

  • BluePearl22
    BluePearl22 Month ago +21

    Or you could use the Lt Burton on bedrock (for 79) and it turns into a moonlight sensor. Dunno if it works for java but it defo works for bedrock:)

  • CayBean Gamer
    CayBean Gamer Month ago +11

    Because no matter how much water you are standing in you get the same boost but water increases drag, and that stacks, meaning multiple blocks of water have the same boost as one, but more drag thus decreasing your upward thrust. This is also why people use chests, slabs or other non full block because then drag because minimal from the water.

  • Earthenfist
    Earthenfist Month ago +24

    Thing 23- Camels will also be 'mob safe'... mostly. Due to their height.

  • Alexbobeffin
    Alexbobeffin Month ago +336

    Just an FYI some of the Bedrock glitches no longer work, like Strays dropping Wither Skelebone Heads 😭

    • kylenimmrichter
      kylenimmrichter 6 days ago

      @Simon Miller Mmmmm 😊 😊 😊. 😊. 😊

    • kylenimmrichter
      kylenimmrichter 6 days ago

      @Simon Miller
      O O o o

    • MartyOof
      MartyOof 8 days ago

      @Frowner & Co. F starts with a vowel and you say "An" every after vowel. So it does not matter if they are consonants, but their pronunciations if they start with vowels or not.

    • ekkofox
      ekkofox 10 days ago

      @Frogge yes

    • Frogge
      Frogge 10 days ago

      Wait don't we use "an" before an acronym

  • James Lumontad
    James Lumontad Month ago +4

    the snow with flame bow is a game breaking because powder snow traps wont work if the player traped has a flame bow

  • Level Crossings 2023
    Level Crossings 2023 Month ago +10

    7:38 F3+N for creative mode (if you try to delete a block, it will regen immediately!)

  • Aydann Nnoffsinger
    Aydann Nnoffsinger Month ago +6

    On the 360 Minecraft version you can put a potion effect in a cauldron with a potion put it on arrow to get tipped arrows no dragon needed.

  • Robert Wily
    Robert Wily Month ago +9

    and on the enderman staring contest thing, you can look BACK AT THEM in the middle of a fight and they can't teleport, so you can regen and get ready.

  • Prince Lorenz Rivera
    Prince Lorenz Rivera Month ago +2

    its because if youre on under water it reduce youre speed so using a riptide trident wont go as much far.

  • Moses Ugarte
    Moses Ugarte Month ago +18

    the crouch right before you hit the ground reminds me of mario 64 where u ground pound and negate all fall damage

  • phantombiscuit
    phantombiscuit Month ago +1

    the shallow trident thing its because the water drags you and slows you down

  • Ch-Ah: Hand edition
    Ch-Ah: Hand edition 28 days ago +1

    He didint realize on the iron door , it was missing a 3rd line of squares

  • Jessica Shipman
    Jessica Shipman Month ago +1

    Did you know that if place 4 of the same item under water it makes its picture on the water you can use sea pickles o r any other item that's not a block

  • Austin Lester
    Austin Lester Month ago +5

    on the whole "holding q" thing... you can just hold ctrl and press q to drop a stack

  • Tatm Evdor
    Tatm Evdor Month ago

    Tying a lead to a boat helps transport animals through water since a player can’t sit in the boat with something like a horse

  • DestroyerAG
    DestroyerAG Month ago +1

    10:17 or use a trap door cause that works too

  • Gustavo Pagan
    Gustavo Pagan Month ago +6

    For 21: it’s because your propulsion is fighting the drag of the water

  • Dennis Hall
    Dennis Hall Month ago

    You can also launch rockets in strange directions using slime blocks

  • Kalin Krosch
    Kalin Krosch Month ago +3

    Llamas are not the only mob in peaceful that will attack you, if you accidentely hook a dolphin with your lure, all near by dolphins will begin to attack you

    • Neki McCornfield
      Neki McCornfield 16 days ago

      Are wolves not a thing in peaceful? I never use it, but I know wolves attack you if you hit them.

  • Creepalius
    Creepalius Month ago +4

    I have one for bedrock pe, if you switch an elytra to a chest plate it will negate all fall damage

    • Creepalius
      Creepalius 14 days ago +2

      @Aerialist journey no I think it's the exact second you hit the ground

    • Aerialist journey
      Aerialist journey 14 days ago +1

      Like while your in air?

  • RunaTheRabbit928
    RunaTheRabbit928 Month ago +3

    56:56 about the endermen, in the minecraft-themed adventure time episode, finn survives after looking at an enderman because he stares it in the face for hours

  • D-ray
    D-ray Month ago

    If there's something I learned from this 1+ long video, is that Bedrock Edition is very buggy.

  • A Thirsty B0i
    A Thirsty B0i Month ago +4

    The armor trick on Bedrock doesn't work anymore.

    MEAKMAN 2 months ago

    46:44 you could fill the chests with books

  • 5tarLigh7Dawn9n 0PenS-4-L1ghT

    (1) [stone to moss] {using moss}
    (2) [moss to podzol] {using two by two spruce tree}
    (3) [podzol to pathland] {using shovel}
    (4) [pathland to dirt] {using any block}
    (5) [dirt to mud] {using water bottle}
    (6) [mud to clay] {using any method to remove water block blah blah blah}
    (7) [clay to terracotta] {furnacing}
    (8) [terracotta to glazed terracotta] {furnacing again}
    there comes an instance to do fricking EIGHT STEPS TO CONVERT WOOD SOURCE(that uses axe) to SUPER SOURCE(that's kinda 'super' as is using PICKAXE)

  • Omori
    Omori Month ago +2

    11:00 Now you can make battle ships with very little effort

  • Pearl Worth
    Pearl Worth Month ago +1

    Use emerald blocks to lure villagers

  • Ombration
    Ombration Month ago +129

    Number 21.
    It actually makes sense that the deep one is lower and the shallow one goes higher because, if its deep, you have to swim a little to launch so that slows down the player. But if its shallow, the player can get 100% momentum to launch. So yeah, it now makes sense

    • Shroove
      Shroove Month ago

      not 100% because the player still has to swim 1 block so a waterlogged chest can work the best

    • KayPlaya
      KayPlaya Month ago

      It made sense the whole time, even without that, if it's shallower it's at a higher altitude so the end result is higher than the lower altitude when it's deeper

    • Rhold Vincent Marcera
      Rhold Vincent Marcera Month ago

      Nice... cool 69 likes

    • Elliot Mckee
      Elliot Mckee Month ago

      when you're in 2 deep hole it thinks you're swimming but our awnsers are both correct

    • Alexander122k
      Alexander122k Month ago

      Number 22.

  • richard harrel
    richard harrel Month ago

    Never use a sea lantern with the mangrove trapdoor or else you will get the imposter of ඩා

  • Marie Park
    Marie Park Month ago

    also you can make a working chair with minecarts to put a minecart where u want your chair and push a stair slab or anything you want into it and u have a chair

  • Jack Gibson
    Jack Gibson Month ago

    28:53 I always thought the saddle hearts were light bulbs

  • Frostbite
    Frostbite Month ago +1

    A good thing about bedrock and its Leadable boats is VILLAGERS

  • cupcake king
    cupcake king Month ago +1

    instead of using torches you could use flint and steel and put it out later

  • DilophosaurusPlayz
    DilophosaurusPlayz Month ago

    Granite has lots of quartz in it

  • CoolllamaTMM
    CoolllamaTMM Month ago +1

    or you could name name tag "name ta" then put its name back to "name tag" it works every time for me

  • Delaware State Archives

    The reason a shallow pool is better than a deep pool for tridents is because the extra water will negate your speeed :)

    • Jeremonkey
      Jeremonkey Month ago +5

      1:02:02 i use it to move villagers

    • Noah Ezekiel Malong
      Noah Ezekiel Malong Month ago +4

      That doesnt explain why your floating on top of deep water then use riptide and still your speed is less

  • GatheredStorm
    GatheredStorm Month ago +1

    3:00 Dream is probably already practicing this for his next manhunt

  • not here
    not here Month ago

    We need Mojang to make a gun in Minecraft please

  • R7VET
    R7VET Month ago

    ok so idk if youve covered this but chests cant be burnt even though they are wood

  • Mei L
    Mei L Month ago

    On number 21 the water is deeper so the water resistance takes away speed

  • roblox person 69
    roblox person 69 Month ago +1

    On 82 the iron door has 6 bump things but the item only has 4 bump things

  • Kristian Marx Tienes

    Now i know why the video seemed awfully long it lasts for 1 hour

  • Spartanwall
    Spartanwall Month ago +1

    Name one person who actually fell for the renamed stone tools

  • Dederter30
    Dederter30 Month ago +1

    47:19 why no one just clicks ctrl + q to just drop the whole thing?
    much better then holding q


    You can also see ocelots as tue animal hearts

  • Unimaginative Jack
    Unimaginative Jack Month ago

    1:19:38 We can squeeze ourselves into place and then shut the box for safety, (gets hit by husk through composter 1 second later)

  • Joshua Plays
    Joshua Plays Month ago

    You forgot ctrl + Q it throws the entire stack

  • Chaos Man 666
    Chaos Man 666 Month ago

    2:35 Oh wow, how did it survive the fall damage?

  • that one IA overseer
    that one IA overseer 2 months ago +2

    2:52 I pulled that off in a gaming camp and the moderators were confused when they seen me do it

  • memer man
    memer man Month ago +2

    28:14 "the glitch doesnt allow you to *eat* or place BLOCKS...." i hope not i dont think eating blocks is healthy

  • Jacob [MIMOGUTZ]
    Jacob [MIMOGUTZ] Month ago +1

    i always thought horse health bars were light bulbs 😭

  • anthony gamer9000
    anthony gamer9000 Month ago +2

    38:25 it woulda been cool to see siren head in minecraft

  • Mister McChicken
    Mister McChicken Month ago +1

    8:20 Simplem the more blocks of water, the more water that's in your way mesningnfoe water resistant yielding less height.

  • Bee's reading nook
    Bee's reading nook Month ago

    Well in 1.20 there will be chiseled bookshelves.

  • Cats4evr
    Cats4evr Month ago

    did you know that Block of red mushroom is retextured wood planks

  • Your Local Ikejou
    Your Local Ikejou Month ago +1

    fun fact: in japan, black cats are considered lucky.
    i am so sorry if i got it wrong i haven’t studied a lot about japanese in a while.

  • Jeremonkey
    Jeremonkey Month ago +1

    1:02:02 i use it to move villagers

  • Phonicnotestudio 2
    Phonicnotestudio 2 Month ago +10

    #24 9:41
    Oh my gosh, that opens up so much more lore into why the temples were designed like that in the first place. I've always wondered why they had that large area, and how it felt out of place. Now after seeing the beacon setup It makes me wonder if that was the intent all along.

    • Phonicnotestudio 2
      Phonicnotestudio 2 Month ago +1

      AH You forgot that tip about holding down Q to toss items out. That really got me.

  • Jess 4126
    Jess 4126 2 months ago +40

    Something I just noticed with the llama carpets is that not only do they have unique patterns, but light gray, gray, black, cyan, blue, magenta, and trader have unique elements. Light gray has a bandana around the neck, gray looks like a bandit with the bandana and a mask around the eyes, black has a unique design for the carpet on its back, cyan has unique neck accessory and shorter things on the side of the head (idk what they're called), blue and magenta have a unique design for theirs plus have unique neck accessories but blue has a unique design for its back carpet similar to black while magenta has the regular design, and the trader carpet has a unique design for the back that isn't used by any other llama

  • Ruth Gorman
    Ruth Gorman 2 months ago +31

    The lead on a boat trick is actually handy for moving villagers 👍

    ARES ARCTIC Month ago +13

    8:10 The reason why using riptide in shallow water propel you farther than it will eat deeper water is because you can fly more easily to air in the camper water. So if you need me for water that’s one more block that you have to fly through. But once you make it through that block then you can soar through the air like you would normally.

  • Harry Hackmann
    Harry Hackmann Month ago +1

    Did you now you can eat cornfood to teleport out of a bedrock trap

    SUPGIGELLL XDD Month ago +3

    12:41 Camman be like : Now i can sleep peacefully , i've got my answers

  • qwe rfv
    qwe rfv Month ago

    the boat: shoots me into the space
    also the boat: press space to exit

  • Leah Leopold
    Leah Leopold Month ago +1

    I think he forgot about slow falling potions at 45:20

  • ProDummkopf
    ProDummkopf Month ago

    Skip: You can have invisible armor in vanilla Minecraft!
    Also skip: Using this command block...

    • crackDog
      crackDog Month ago

      but that is in vanilla minecraft. commands are vanilla

  • TheNetherKing of Everything

    Levitation arrow?
    You mean Slow-Falling arrow?

  • Loomian Legacy Sam
    Loomian Legacy Sam Month ago

    On switch you can fly infinitely with the elytra

  • Mitch Ratka
    Mitch Ratka 27 days ago +1

    Having mending and unbreaking on flint and steel is actually really handy, best way to clear items and is good for quick nether portal setups

  • Sulaiman Abdulrahman

    Actually you can play in creative on debug worlds by opening to lan then activating cheats😎😎😎

  • Myrtje _
    Myrtje _ 2 months ago +96

    About the throwing stuff out while holding the q-button, there is something better. 47:32
    If you holf the q and the ctrl buttons at the same time, you can throw out the entire inventory slot. This helped me a lot in enderman farms. I would just have to open my inventory, hold q and ctrl, and then move my mouse over my inventory. Just be carefull not to accidently go over the slots where things are you dont want gone. A lot of my netherite swords have gone into the void this way...

    • DISnut
      DISnut Month ago

      What's the analogue for ctrl on Macs?

    • poppyseed799
      poppyseed799 2 months ago

      Okay the fact that you can do this is pretty well known, but I didn’t know what the buttons were for it, so thanks

    • Atelier
      Atelier 2 months ago

      How can I customize a firework?

    • Your Local Ikejou
      Your Local Ikejou 2 months ago +2

      I didnt know abt this, dont know why everyone just assumed everyone knows this-

    • RareWubbox⚡️
      RareWubbox⚡️ 2 months ago

      I’m useful finally

  • Christian Adrian P. Dizon

    16:24 is awesome!

  • KapputKat
    KapputKat Month ago

    Why doesn't the command for invisible armor work ? It's exclusive to the last version ?

  • OgloTheNerd
    OgloTheNerd Month ago +1

    [33:28] I use Linux on all my devices! Haven't used Windows in 3 years. And never used Mac. I love my life!

  • -Emmber-
    -Emmber- Month ago +46

    Throughout these videos, I sit and enjoy each and every fact, pretty much doing my best to remember them so I myself can impress my few friends someday. But, I also enjoy hearing the music in the background, makes it easier for me to focus on stuff in the video, and even assists in helping me memorise some of the facts. Your voice is also very nice :) Have a nice day!

  • Norah Pines
    Norah Pines 3 days ago +1

    Actually, baby piglins are pretty cool, in my opinion. If you just notice them beforehand, they'll pick up any item you drop and then never despawn, so you won't have other pesky mobs like ghasts and hoglins spawning.

  • Jet_Bit
    Jet_Bit Month ago +9

    47:23 for droping items just hold control to drop the hole stack (from your hand or from your inventory)

  • Ainslie Arnell
    Ainslie Arnell Month ago +1

    An hour of facts? Damn 0-0

  • UnknownX
    UnknownX Month ago +3

    on 187, reinforced deepslate is minable, right?, it just takes a while no matter what you're using

    • Gamma
      Gamma 8 days ago

      @Your Local Ikejou *they are very helpful*

    • Your Local Ikejou
      Your Local Ikejou 13 days ago +1

      @Gamma oh god
      *i need one of those basements*

    • Gamma
      Gamma 26 days ago +1

      @Your Local Ikejou now no one can get to my basement to find the bodies because i have... Reinfored deepslate 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    • Your Local Ikejou
      Your Local Ikejou Month ago +1

      yeh, it is breakable, just takes…. ages

  • Founts Gaming
    Founts Gaming Month ago

    That bedrock breaking glitch doesn’t work on bedrock 58:19

  • HBalint
    HBalint Month ago

    the "safety boxes" look like toilets 🤣

  • Faafoialofa Aieti
    Faafoialofa Aieti Month ago

    I thought that the hearts for animals in minecraft were foxes

  • Cody Animation
    Cody Animation Month ago

    on the water-firework thing, that reminds me of the time I used that to make tanks that actually fired projectiles from the barrel. it didn't look good on the tank end, but the functionality is pretty neat

  • Link_Is_Here22
    Link_Is_Here22 2 months ago +328

    I think the shallow riptide thing might be like that because a waterlogged chest has you travel in water for less time than a full pool. My theory is that after launch, coming in contact with more water slows you down, and thus lowers your max height

    • Totally Not A Minecraft Channel
      Totally Not A Minecraft Channel Month ago

      Yeah I think that’s how it works

    • Wario The Legend
      Wario The Legend Month ago

      Along with the fact that the 2 blocks of water is buried 2 blocks more than the chest

    • Human Being
      Human Being 2 months ago

      Exactly, while submerged, riptide carries you around about 15 blocks due to Minecraft water's molasses-like viscosity.

    • wessley gombard
      wessley gombard 2 months ago


    • GIOGIO
      GIOGIO 2 months ago

      I was gonna comment the same thing LMAO

  • ☁️Spice ☁️
    ☁️Spice ☁️ 9 days ago

    I’m so glad that Skip The Tutorial doesn’t just say “naming a mob dinner bone makes it upside own” he actually gives interesting facts that I wanna try rn

  • PowerSerge
    PowerSerge 2 months ago

    8:07 it’s the thing that will stare into your soul at night or it’s just dad when you missed the bus

  • MrJoeMaster13
    MrJoeMaster13 Month ago

    ctrl+q will drop the whole stack of items 👍🏼

  • NAther Jayyynes
    NAther Jayyynes Month ago

    Granite in real life has more quartz than diorite.

  • MilkyWay!👒
    MilkyWay!👒 18 days ago

    Hey Skip! Thanks for all the tips me and my friends are now improving our Minecraft server!!!❤❤❤

  • VoidedDev
    VoidedDev Month ago

    Did anybody notice when he said one peice of information. Luffys hat appeard on the text😅

  • Human Being
    Human Being 2 months ago +3

    The gold nugget fuel reminds me; It is possible to ignite a gold pellet and sustain nuclear fusion for a short period, but it uses electromagnetic lasers at a few million watts per meter. Not exactly sustainable without hydrogen and supercooled magnets.

    • Shilka
      Shilka Month ago

      FOund the science nerd

  • zekromfan1
    zekromfan1 Month ago

    I get it was a joke, but 1 and a half seconds is 1:30 not 1:50, it’s a simple error I find myself making sometimes, it’s just funny when I see someone else do it by accident after going through and making sure they didn’t make any mistakes. The simplest mistakes always seem to slip past us don’t they.

  • Soviet Onion
    Soviet Onion 2 months ago +927

    In all my years of playing Minecraft, I never realized that the horse's hearts were saddles. That just blew my mind!

  • Lasanga
    Lasanga Month ago +1

    Why do these videos put me to sleep better than Amsr videos 💀