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Dara Reneé - Let It Go (From Frozen | HSMTMTS)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • What time is it? Time to show who’s best in 𝐬𝐧𝐨𝐰 in this unforgettable summer camp experience. Season 3 of is out now with new episodes premiering every week!
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    Music video by Dara Reneé performing Let It Go (From Frozen | HSMTMTS). © 2022 Walt Disney Records

Comments • 574

  • DisneyMusicVEVO

    Watch all your favorite HSMTMTS official videos now 🎶

  • Growing Up With Disney

    I’m SO GLAD that Dara/Kourney finally got her moment. She always had the potential ever since season one

  • Bel Marshall

    The way they did this was simply perfect. The lights going out and then her singing a capella on the words “the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all” I nearly cried. This anxiety storyline has been so relatable, and that part was so empowering.

  • camilla ziliotto

    she went from the sidekick to the main hero. she proves that all of us can be the main protagonist in our own stories. thank you Dara. Just thank you. Cant wait to see you as chloe in D4

  • Kiley Allen
    Kiley Allen 28 days ago +6

    I'm actually obsessed with Dara's voice and I love how she kept going, Amazing Job

  • Henrique Silva

    They can say what they want, but they can never say that Kourtney didn't deliver everything in Let It Go. This performance was the most beautiful and emotional of the entire series, so happy to see her getting over her anxiety and finally being able to scream: Let It Go! Kourtney I love you my girl💙❄️

  • Gilang Setyawibawa

    I love Kourney's character arc in this season. Her overcoming anxiety is similar to Elsa's entire character arc in the first Frozen movie!

  • Shris Shree

    Literal chills when she transforms.

  • E!GeeGee
    E!GeeGee  +194

    That change between the queen's dress and the ice one has to be one of the most precious ones I've ever seen. I also love how Miss Jenn is the first to turn on her cellphone's flashlight; she really is the mother of the cast 😭

  • Oscar Julian Gonzalez Carreño

    Nini A.K.A Olivia Rodrigo being present during the performances supporting her friends was the perfect goodbye for her character.

  • BlueFood.Half-Blood

    This song fits Kourtney's perspective so well! She needs to let all that fear go. And also, she absolutely killed this song!

  • ella
    ella  +61

    Dara Renee slayed this performance! I'm a little sad, though, that the camera cut away from her during her last big belt to focus on Nini's reaction. Dara deserved the spotlight all the way through! Great job HSMTMTS cast!

  • DeAngelo The Prince

    The fact that she did both Indina and Demi’s ending versions. Talent.

  • FantasyFan

    Her deep voice is so beautiful! It gave me chills.

  • Olivia O
    Olivia O  +83

    i get literal chills hearing her sing this song especially with how it ties to kourtney’s anxiety storyline. dara is incredible and i can’t wait for many more spotlight moments for her on and off screen

  • JJ Castillo

    Dara/Kourtney did an outstanding job playing as Elsa!! Her voice is the reason why she deserves the main role!! Props to her!!

  • Ana GdO
    Ana GdO  +67

    Kourtney’s anxiety arc was definitely the best arc of the season. I was all very delicate but also talked seriously with a slowly development through the season. Dara is such a Queen, she killed it in all possible ways.

  • nick v
    nick v  +68

    i think the most powerful thing is that she didn’t immediately bounce back after everyone shone their camera lights/flashlights onto her it shows a more realistic take on what it means to find your voice

  • Jacob McCain

    Dara just ate that song! So much control. She mixes her belt so well! It’s impressive! I hope she gets more ballads like this. She deserves it!

  • Sophie Lem
    Sophie Lem  +130

    Dara was amazing. I loved how they treat anxiety! Her voice is beautiful, she was indeed perfect for Elsa!!