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Why Did LG Phones Really Die?


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  • Bogdan Bogdan
    Bogdan Bogdan Year ago +1648

    The saddest thing about this whole thing is, LG was the only OEM that took mobile audio seriously. RIP LG.

    • OneEyedMac
      OneEyedMac Month ago

      @Kizaragi Ren and that's where the zenfones come in, despite being compact.

    • Interstat
      Interstat 11 months ago

      @Fredi Garcia Sony doesn't understand long term pricing strategies. I'm not sure it ever has.

    • Bichael Stevens
      Bichael Stevens 11 months ago

      @Tao Ronaldo Audiophile? Bro you want to argue that with every person I've seen on the bus using 5$ EARBUDS to listen to music or Clip-Share? Coz there's so many people like that

    • New Mateo
      New Mateo Year ago +5

      I know! As a music producer having a quad dac and proper headphone jack was incredible.
      Not a single reviewer mentioned this :(

    • Muhamad Rizky Ananda
      Muhamad Rizky Ananda Year ago

      @CH Kiranmai yep
      I even bought my Xperia Z5 that been sold in Japan

  • Bindu Singhal
    Bindu Singhal Month ago +34

    I'm using LG G7+thinq....it's a beast in terms of camera ..music..built quality...screen but not battery.. still loving it and I'm gonna keep it for lifetime as it is one of the last phones from LG as a memory. Love you LG.

    • ᏔᎡᏆͲᎬ ᎷᎬ ᎪͲ ͲᎬᏞᎬ-ᏀᎡᎪᎷ 👉Official_JustinGuitar
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    • Andy Richardson
      Andy Richardson 25 days ago +1

      @Rein I know but for me I love Android 10 and lower I don't care for the updates, example 12 with the stupid ass annoying green security dots etc...

    • Rein
      Rein 25 days ago

      @Andy Richardson He said don't buy an LG since you won't be getting updates.

    • Andy Richardson
      Andy Richardson Month ago +5

      I know right, I have two V60's one V50 and I will buy more and more of them... He said don't buy an Lg lol... Lg are best phones ever, I will never give up expandable storage quad dac all the features that LG has without even needing to root your phone the fact that you can use knock-on up at the top corner of the screen even when the phone is sideways during a video and not just like other phone companies that have it only whenever the phone's off and they can't have it to where you can use it up at the top of the screen and or basically anywhere like I said even with a video playing I use that feature all the time, I love LG I'm just going to keep buying them and I hope they release the V70 hopefully if and when they come back.

  • Neomic
    Neomic Year ago +331

    My LG V20 just died on me last week. I had that bad boy for five years, and while it certainly was no where near the fastest phone on the market now, the fact that it had a modern CPU, a replaceable battery, built-in condenser mic, and a headphone jack (with a very high quality DAC) made it unbeatable for me. Coupled by the fact that once you rooted it, put on LineageOS and the Google Camera app, it was a multimedia monster.

    • Wiktor Jachyra
      Wiktor Jachyra Month ago

      I had the v20 too....when it came out it had the best camera on the market. I absolutely loved that phone and I'm sad to see lg go

    • IronBarrel
      IronBarrel Month ago

      @John D I still use my v30, 5yrs so far, on the edge of getting an s22

    • Jesus and Aharon's healing Art Gallery
      Jesus and Aharon's healing Art Gallery 2 months ago

      @Neomic bummer!

    • Neomic
      Neomic 2 months ago +1

      @Jesus and Aharon's healing Art Gallery Nah, the dying was my fault. I made an error while trying to install a new ROM and couldn't figure out how to fix it, even with help from people at XDA Forums.

    • Jesus and Aharon's healing Art Gallery
      Jesus and Aharon's healing Art Gallery 2 months ago

      this is a common story, an LG phone randomly dieing, never to come back on again.

  • Wayne Nathaniel The Yellow Pink Cyan

    4:48 So this was the first phone to include the dual cameras that we seen on Modern Smartphones

  • Monsieur Cat
    Monsieur Cat Year ago +147

    I owned a G2 and a G3, they were awesome phones. The G2's knock-knock feature was especially practical at the time, and it made a lot of sense since the G2's control buttons were on its back (which is a design choice I also find pretty neat).

    • Henrik Rónai
      Henrik Rónai 2 months ago

      My favourite phone. Had a character. All my other phones before and after never managed to quite seep into my heart, they were just practical gadgets. I actually was fond of my G2 and was sad when it had to go. I gave it to my gf so it stayed in the family :)

    • ThePjay91
      ThePjay91 2 months ago +1

      Most people miss, that the knock-knock code, could unlock your phone, with a secret pattern - while the screen was turned off! No need to have a fingerprint scanner. Loved that feature on my perfect sized G3S back then. The back buttons were awesome, i aggree.

    • Shteve
      Shteve 3 months ago

      Loved my G2 (IIRC it was the same hardware as the current Nexus), and then bought a G4 a few years later. They dropped software support for it about 6 months after, having not done any anyway, so I went to Pixels since then. LG made good phones, but their poor support is what killed them for me.

    • BrotherHanan - TaleSpire Battlemaps
      BrotherHanan - TaleSpire Battlemaps 6 months ago +5

      I agree 100%. The back buttons were a game changing innovation-- I really wish they caught on. The G2 and G3 really were great phones, as long as you could get past the awkward boys choir ringtone.

    • TheRailroad99
      TheRailroad99 10 months ago +6

      G2 was an amazing phone. I loved the size, it was just perfect.

  • Dibyam Bhardwaj
    Dibyam Bhardwaj Year ago +16448

    While LG died a hero, OnePlus lived long enough to see themselves become a villain.

    • Aayaan
      Aayaan 17 days ago

      And Sony is in the corner doing their own thing in their own little universe

    • KuilowKey
      KuilowKey 23 days ago

      @No. That comment didn't age well, both are the cheapest and best flagship/budget phones for the price lol the N20 slaps

    • KuilowKey
      KuilowKey 23 days ago

      Nah, they are still banger tbh. Only thing that is in line with the pricing and performance is the pixel. They are also best in budget devices at the moment for NA

    • Evenito94
      Evenito94 2 months ago +1

      what did OnePlus do?

    • Jesus and Aharon's healing Art Gallery
      Jesus and Aharon's healing Art Gallery 2 months ago

      Underrated comment

  • aMir khan
    aMir khan Month ago +13

    LG life is not Good for them very disappointing they introduced very very outstanding devices new technologies introduced with smart ideas and smart features they should have sold it instead of closing or either expanding to other regions they struggled because they were limited to korean or verizon which played a key role in moving downwards instead competitive to other brands LG produced many new innovations in Market their production was very good software and built quality was awesome but there check and balance after sales service and marketing department was poor production to other regions with bands support was also very bad Good Luck For the Future LG we will definitely miss u come stronger and harder bcz Life is Good when u fight back

  • KowalaGT
    KowalaGT Year ago +203

    I think the "no camera bump" feature was also innovative. Reviewers often still complain about camera bumps.
    As for why you could not recommend LG phones based on spec's; LG's strategy seemed to be to leave some features out to undercut the other flagships on price. But flagships don't sell based on price either.

    • atiqullah termizi
      atiqullah termizi 2 months ago

      @HJL1130 Lg stop pushing their flagship after v50 in other words, they've been died since 2019

    • HJL1130
      HJL1130 6 months ago

      You really can't recommend LG phones because they lack the specs and fall behind what is basically the norm for that year.
      The final nail in the coffin, which was the LG Wing and Velvet had a Snapdragon 765 (not even a plus version of that), and some gimmicks that nobody asked for.
      The LG Velvet would have been a great mid ranger if it had the Snapdragon 870 with a 120hz screen and a Quad Dac and called it a day.

    • RipJawSquad
      RipJawSquad Year ago +4

      @lol you realise that it's 2 cameras with different focal lengths, for different types of photos?

  • Chadizard
    Chadizard Year ago +79

    Loved my good old G3. Lasted the longest and aged the best out of any smartphone I've ever owned, and really was the only one that never really broke in any major way (only the battery got very bad after ~3 years of heavy daily use, understandably). Plus the power and volume buttons on the back was always super cool. I'm going to miss their phones!

    • ThePjay91
      ThePjay91 2 months ago +1

      Yes, my G3S lasted also long. I think, since there are no side buttons, you are just more assured grabbing it if it slips out of hand. Which causes less drops ...

    • J Bean
      J Bean 11 months ago +1

      Partly thr gorilla glass. I had it, never cracked the screen and it had one tiny scratch in three years.... the G6 I got next I shattered like 3 of becuasd it no longer had gorilla glass. They went cheap and it showed.

  • Tom Deignan
    Tom Deignan 10 months ago +37

    I had the LG G5 when it came out and I loved it. The ultra wide camera was awesome and it is cool to see it made it to so many phones now. But the real best feature was that you could easily pop the battery out. They sold extra batteries and a charging dock for them. I never had to charge my phone because of this, I just swapped the battery every time my phone was dying.

  • Nathan Clegg
    Nathan Clegg Year ago +3468

    "LG had an impact on the phone you are holding right now"
    Me, holding an LG phone - "yeah probably"

    • Carlos Rodriguez
      Carlos Rodriguez Year ago


    • ItuByNature
      ItuByNature Year ago

      Same. Holding a Velvet lol

    • Nathan Clegg
      Nathan Clegg Year ago +4

      @Editor Grayson thank you man, hope you are okay 😊

    • cmorgan1269
      cmorgan1269 Year ago +1

      Yep , watching this on a G8 now and bummed about LG not making phones anymore, I've had a bunch of stylos and other LGs 😞

    • Editor Grayson
      Editor Grayson Year ago +4

      lost my job yesterday and I think im depressed… your comment made me laugh!

  • DG96 -
    DG96 - Month ago +6

    One of my first phones was the black and blue LG Rumour. I remember typing with that keyboard. How far we have come…

  • CutCorners
    CutCorners Month ago +11

    That mini screen is kinda like dynamic island lol.

  • 506363
    506363 Year ago +51

    The LG V20 was my all time favorite phone. It had a universal remote via infrared blaster, SD card slot, 2nd display screen for quick access icons, and a REMOVABLE BATTERY in 2017!

    • 506363
      506363 Month ago

      @jahcure04 only had it a couple months, not my favorite phone ever but I do love it. 256gb internal storage is nice too. I like enough I'm considering buying a back up before they stop selling them.

    • jahcure04
      jahcure04 Month ago +1

      @506363 thanks how is your experience with it so far ?

    • 506363
      506363 Month ago +1

      @jahcure04 the TCL does have an IR blaster and it's only like $400 unlocked. Has micro SD card slot and 3.5mm jack too.

    • jahcure04
      jahcure04 Month ago +1

      @506363 yeah i get you. I am still holding on to my v20 i fixed it multiple times already i have to look for a new phone but i am not as giddy or atracted to the current amdroid offerings by my carrier ( Samsung, or pixle) i like my ir blaster and. I really like that i can root and remove all ads / vanced youtube

    • 506363
      506363 Month ago

      @jahcure04 too much effort at this point. And phone is old enough it is outdated now. Found a 5G phone that is fairly reasonable. Has everything but the removable battery. TCL 20 Pro 5g.

  • Marius Mutin
    Marius Mutin 5 months ago

    Proud of having been an LG smartphone owner.. G3, G4, G5 (that last one though, nah..)

  • Eats 4 Cheaps
    Eats 4 Cheaps Year ago +2602

    LG was the kid who was the first to hand the test in, aced it, but always forgot to write their name on top.

  • Natsume
    Natsume 11 months ago +21

    LG was and still is my favorite smartphone. I loved using the different devices over the years. This news was truly devastating for me. I especially liked their G8 for it's audio quality, and overall their picture quality was great.

  • Katt D
    Katt D 11 months ago +6

    I loved LG especially when I was using more budget friendly phones of theirs. They were great in my opinion and lasted a long time. It’s sad that they won’t be making any more :/

  • jake hansen
    jake hansen Year ago +7

    I just recently upgraded my LG V30 to a pixel pro and I can tell you that phone was miles ahead of what was out at the time.
    From it's HDR to it's 4k video to it's ultra wide lense it literally was future proof until it stopped getting updates and got buggy.
    But few people knew about it because LG didn't market it and few reviewers gave it a fair shake.
    Some even said things like oh well this ultra wide is cool but a telephoto is much more useful or 4k recording is cool but who wants Todo that in a phone...
    They also in every review would go over LGS horrible track record like they were not the only company with one lol.
    I'm seeing similar things with my pixel pro the reviewers point out every negative brush over all the things it's best at and pretend like it's not up to par with Samsung and apple lol

  • Wesley Mantooth
    Wesley Mantooth 9 months ago +5

    LG was a top-shelf phone maker back in the day. All the best phones throughout the early/mid 2000's were made by them and Motorola. I remember the LG Chocolate being the first (and maybe the last) cellphone that i really got "hyped" over and then rushing out to buy, probably around 2005 or 2006.

  • Filmy React
    Filmy React Year ago +403

    I used LG phones a few years back and I feel bad they're going out.

  • Jeff Bengco
    Jeff Bengco Year ago +17

    Man, ive been wanting that LG V50 with dual screen case looks cool. Kudos to LG for always innovating. I miss using LG they are the 1st to have that double tap to wake feature i think their budget phones were pretty good too.

  • Will Hamilton
    Will Hamilton 9 months ago +5

    I’m sure the developers loved this video, giving them the credit they deserve and a good review of their history

  • Alex
    Alex 4 months ago +3

    The LG G2 felt way ahead of its time in terms of design. It really feels like creativity in phones died with them.

  • Ed
    Ed 3 months ago +3

    I loved the G2. Lasted so long and it had a feature that i wished more phones had which is a universal remote feature. It had a built in IR 'blaster' that enabled you to connect it as a remote to any TV. Which was great if you didn't find the remote or if it was broken.

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon Year ago +711

    I'm upset I couldn't get the wing. Seemed super cool, hopefully some other company does something similar.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 months ago

      @Zain Deep grooves on the bottom screen from swiveling the phone. I have a plastic screen cover on it and it carves through it like butter. Glass covers crack EASY on the main display.. Literally from normal use (because the display has curved edges). So expect to replace the screen protectors twice a year.
      I dont use a case because the device is pretty thick and no cases cover the main display- no point in having a case.
      I dont care about the mono- audio & no aux port because the bluetooth is good.
      Cameras are really nice, best I've used on a phone (previous phone was Gal S9+ for reference).
      I enjoy the UI, it works very well for me. It doesn't have all the new Android crap that came out. Feels & acts a lot like Android 8.0 mixed with Android 12 (which I enjoy).
      Multi-tasking is amazing. You can run separate apps on the displays... In fact, you can split- screen apps on the main display & run another app on the secondary display... 3 apps in total.. But I mostly just use the main display for netflix, hulu, youtube, and the bottom one for texts, messenger, discord, etc.
      Very few apps use both displays at the same time, but that is ok.
      Phone is heavy but comfortable to use. Battery gets me through a full day (around 7+ hours of screen-on time, 5.5 if using both displays.
      Amazing purchase, will be waiting for a similar device to switch over to in the future

    • Kaustubh Jambhorkar
      Kaustubh Jambhorkar 4 months ago

      @Pengu Production unique as in not the functionality but it is perceived as unique by customers. Just ask your friends whether they even know about this phone and you’ll know what I’m saying.

    • Pengu Production
      Pengu Production 4 months ago +1

      ​@Kaustubh Jambhorkar how isnt it unique when its the only phone to do so ? unique means no one else does it

    • ios7jbpro
      ios7jbpro 10 months ago +1

      horizon on top btw, p2w trash

    • Joshua Loveless
      Joshua Loveless 10 months ago

      @Zain got swivel marks on mine. Kinda expected it though. Grew up with the old sliders and they all had marks.

  • butter032185
    butter032185 5 months ago +8

    I had every LG V serious phone except for the LG V30. I currently have the LG V60. I was looking to see if they were comming out with a V70 when I heard the news. I am heartbroken. I love the LG V series. They were all such cool phones for business and fun. They held a special place in my heart and they will truly be missed.

  • Daniel Rios
    Daniel Rios Year ago +10

    I remember one time when I was younger I couldn’t afford any phone until i saved up like 20$ and looked on offer up and found someone selling their g3 for 20$ , I remember meeting up and getting the phone wich i got extremely lucky on had only a tiny crack on the top of the phone and everything else was utterly fine . I remembered that that phone was such a joy to use and it was such an amazing phone for the time being and for the price point I feel like this is why I was able to sell so much and why it’s still to this day when the more memorable phones

  • Geni Paisley
    Geni Paisley 11 months ago +5

    You didn't mention it, but I've been a fan of the LG Stylo series phones for a long time. In fact I've had 3 of them. It was really nice to have a stylus phone without having to drop a mortgage payment on it (Samsung). I also liked how the software ran. It made sense to me. Not all manufacturers do (Motorola). But as stated, they have many, many other divisions to concentrate on. Probably a very good business decision.

  • James Yuen
    James Yuen Year ago +3

    Wow, I never knew LG was this influential in the phone industry. One of my very first cellphones was an LG so this was an interesting video.

  • Arjun M
    Arjun M Year ago +2717

    When companies killed headphone jack, LG launched V20 which had a quad dac, removable battery and even an IR blaster which can be used as a universal remote. No reviewers stressed these super features. LG will be surely missed!

    • Jimmy Fantage
      Jimmy Fantage 4 months ago

      I never found out about all these cool LG phones until I heard about the V60 having 2 screens...I wish their marketing was better because they didn't show any of their features. LG is to blame for it. 😒

    • fygascod
      fygascod 4 months ago

      I had a V20, I loved that phone!

    • odioalospoopers
      odioalospoopers 5 months ago

      @Caius Nair ikr. every phone is optimized for pictures and screens with super high resolutions(my current one has FHD+ and 1440p looks exactly the same as 1080p) but if you want better audio specs literally the only options are now unsupported LG phones(which i'm seriously considering buying) or a $1000+ FLAC player that is 3-5 phones thick with subpar software and midrange specs

    • bassplayer2011ify
      bassplayer2011ify 5 months ago

      I loved my G5 the removeable battery along with the modules was a great idea. Sadly for me anyway the B&O module never made it to the states. That aside it was a great phone and I still say the LG G controls are some of the most intuitive controls to ever be put on a phone. But imo HTC sense was the best secondary software for android.

    • Devin Wong
      Devin Wong 6 months ago

      @Caius Nair but they spent a lot of time focusing on camera (because of their alpha line of professional cameras) and this the price is too high

  • Om Anavekar
    Om Anavekar Year ago +2

    Bought the LG Wing a few months back at around $480. Love it so far. It's a shame LG is out of the smartphone business.

  • David Warshawsky
    David Warshawsky 4 months ago +3

    Hey Marques, thanks for your insightful commentary. I'm in the "bummer" camp regarding LG's demise. The 2 aspects of LG phones that I most loved are 1) the great audio quality, and 2) the SD card external storage. Which phone in today's market best replicates these attributes? I've read some good reviews of the Xperia. Any other suggestions or advice? Thanks!

  • Yashi
    Yashi 11 months ago +3

    The LG v20 was my first brand new flagship phone I received for my birthday. I loved it’s removable aluminum plated back, and it’s cameras took amazing photos, but the thing thermal throttled any time it went outside, basically unusable. Then randomly Verizon stopped activating sims for it, so I learned the hard way with swapping my sim, I had to get a new phone. Not a fun day.

  • Enes Çakır
    Enes Çakır Year ago +4

    So sad that LG left the phone game, my first smartphone was g2 and I loved that device so much, later I bought the g4 which was my daily driver for like 2-3 years or so. Wish they wouldn't let the stage to today's devices.

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy Year ago +1256

    Marques: "But a 60Hz display on a flagship..."
    Apple: "LG, you're not alone."

    • justwantedtocreate
      justwantedtocreate Year ago

      @Anand Raj I am using a 120hz display tbh my eyes can't even catch the difference

    • mohd shafik
      mohd shafik Year ago


    • DarKnightMike • 10 years ago
      DarKnightMike • 10 years ago Year ago

      @Sangeeta Chauhan It is a huge difference even when you are scrolling. Trust me. Especially if you are playing games that can run at 120 FPS, it is a huge difference.

    • Sangeeta Chauhan
      Sangeeta Chauhan Year ago +1

      @Alex btw refresh rate on phones is used for just flicking through the home screen so its a gimmick according to me

    • Kihayu
      Kihayu Year ago

      ​@EheBoi ​"nothing different than getting a normal phone". Sounds like an iPhone isn't a "normal" phone 😂 Don't worry. I know what you mean and yeah. Not everyone can indeed afford Apple products. I mean, they are expensive but there are two things to say.
      The first thing: It's not something you need to be productive. Of course, it's a big help, but you can also do the same things with a Pixel 4a and a 500$ Laptop. And when you reached the point where you benefit from the ecosystem, from the point of profit, then you have the money to spend. At least this is my way of seeing the ecosystem

  • Lavez
    Lavez 3 months ago +1

    Had the G4 in 2015 & it was one of my favourite phones ever! Performance was great but then the ability to easily change the back covers to custom covers were awesome

  • Magavaris Magavaris

    i just really love how marques brings the old videos to new content. Makes things so nostalgic! I love it!

  • SAHM
    SAHM Year ago +2

    I still miss my LG G4 phone. Such a nice design. Swappable battery meant I didn't have to carry the phone with a wire attached to it. Great camera, and overall nice to hold.

  • Sergio Bolaños/Sergiob466

    I miss LG Stylo 5 and 3 because I loved the feature to customise things and of course the pen and the headphone jack, the expandable memory and OTG.(of course there are other phones have it) It was unfortunate and I decided to switch to iPhone because LG mobile industry has been discontinued. Honestly LG phones were amazing and I loved it.

  • Chad
    Chad Year ago +1148

    As an ex LG employee, i can tell you. These guys are amazing, the innovation was top notch, but the issue was the constant programming against the blue guys

    • Bobby G.
      Bobby G. 4 months ago

      @Toothless it is fine. Look at his name. He’s an android fuck boy. He just wanted to start a convo he likes to participate in. I’ve used Apple Maps since the day it came out. I used it in NYC (all 5 boroughs) westchester, Long Island. Literally the most congested roadways in the country. With 12 million people in 116x15 mile area. It’s worked fine from day 1 to today.

    • Chicken Pasta
      Chicken Pasta 4 months ago

      @Toothless it is now. i use it over google maps a lot of the times for driving directions but back then it was a borderline safety hazard

    • Asterix Riddler
      Asterix Riddler 4 months ago

      Blue guys? avatar ?

    • RoboticGoose
      RoboticGoose 4 months ago

      @Toothless not back in the day

    • chitti
      chitti 9 months ago

      @hfl lol

  • Pedro Lopez
    Pedro Lopez 10 months ago +2

    My G3 will be forever one of the best phones I've ever had, so many nice memories!

  • Photonic Cannon
    Photonic Cannon 10 months ago +3

    I will really miss LG in the smartphone business. I've had several LG phones over the years, even towards their later years as samsung really took off. LG wasn't making phones that stood out from a mile away, but they made no frills phones that were well built, performed great, looked good, and were priced well. That's what I always wanted in my phones, so seeing LG decline was kinda sad in a way.
    LG's problem was marketing, in my opinion. They were great at making phones that everyone said "Oh, look, this phone is a great phone" - but towards the end, they stopped making phones where people would say "This is the BEST phone I can buy". In the smartphone business, you pretty much have to convince your buyers that you are number one. And when everyone agreed that LG was #2 but their marketing never convinced enough people that they could be #1, the market moved towards flashier phones with more gimmicky features. LG slowly started losing its brand value too, and people wanted to brag that they had a Samsung or an iPhone. And so LG declined, despite still making excellent phones that were arguably even a better value than the alternatives.

  • CheeseHead^_^
    CheeseHead^_^ Year ago +2

    G5 was my most favorite phone. Love when I used wide shot it was such a great feature at the time of release also swapping batteries was a plus

  • David M
    David M Year ago +1

    Our first smartphone was my wife's Optimus. She spent hours on the phone with customer service trying to figure out how to use it. Not the phone's fault.

  • t3x
    t3x Year ago +1020

    I remember when I traded an iPhone 5 for that LG G3, oh man shooting at 4k was such a blast. Thank you LG, you'll be missed :(

    • ItuByNature
      ItuByNature Year ago

      The powers I felt switching people's TV's and air-conditioners on and off with my G2 was something else. No other phone I knew of had an IR censor.

    • InSlebew
      InSlebew Year ago

      @Jwc you can factory reset it :p

    • Os Miranhas
      Os Miranhas Year ago


    • Nayber
      Nayber Year ago

      @Jwc I switched to a G4 when that happened to me. Got it free

    • Rice Dogg
      Rice Dogg Year ago

      I bought a G3 after I lost my damn Motorola at a Home Depot. I eventually bought a Samsung S9 years later and had my photos transferred over and I remember being quite surprised about how well the photos looked. I now have an iPhone XS, which is my first iPhone. I couldn't afford one back then.

  • Chiribaya
    Chiribaya 9 months ago

    Always been an LG smartphones fan, i loved that every single one was innovative or at least brave in some design choices

  • King Gerr
    King Gerr 5 months ago +1

    LG G2 was the best phone ever for me in high school and lasted me till G6. Double Tap and wide Camera was great but what I loved best was the IR sensor that let it act as a universal remote. I used to make the TVs in school change channels or turn on. I was so bummed out that they took it off in newer LG phones.

  • Scarface
    Scarface Year ago +1

    I remember owning my first LG. It was the LG Voyager. Loved it!!

  • ShowDot13
    ShowDot13 5 months ago +1

    I remember when LG made their last bad phone (LG Velvet) and I still decided to buy it as my way of saying goodbye to a phone company that tried to be innovative and not be generic and have their own identity.

  • len
    len Year ago

    I love all your input. Plus, your knowledge and sincerity make me trust your opinion when buying gadgets :) Thank you for making videos.

    SHOTGUN 15 hours ago

    I actually loved LG, they were the most elegant phones and their design was always my favourite. I also liked their UI, it was very intuitive, customizable and serious at the same time. I think that a hypothetical LG flagship of 2023 would have been the most elegant one out there and the one with the 2nd or 3rd best display, because they always made great displays……..unfortunately we won’t see it

  • Frank Sørensen
    Frank Sørensen Year ago +1

    I had the LG G4, and I loved it. The curved leather back was beautiful and hand friendly. And it had a great camera of the time.

  • stabbyboi
    stabbyboi 8 months ago

    The LG G3 was the first expensive smartphone I owned. I absolutely loved it and it will always have a special place in my heart

  • KangUk Lee
    KangUk Lee Year ago +1611

    As a Korean, this is somewhat touching. No media/reviewer in Korea have gone into such in-depth. Great work and appreciate it.

    • Brian
      Brian Year ago

      i miss my LG V seriesㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    • Norah Black
      Norah Black Year ago

      @Fantasytky I've actually unsubscribed. Tbh I'm an LG fangirl but it's hard to recommend any features in their phones if respected members of the tech community gloss over them.

    • I killed that beard guy
      I killed that beard guy Year ago

      @Sumit Saurabh Umm I didn't include LG in that list coz I thought it would be understandable for the people that I am talking about LG too that's why replied in this thread.... got it?
      And that list contains alive companies too, LG is not now :'(

    • Sumit Saurabh
      Sumit Saurabh Year ago +1

      @I killed that beard guy going for showoff huh!! Have u ever looked at LG phones...they perform much better especially the UI

    • Sumit Saurabh
      Sumit Saurabh Year ago

      @Mike Hawk which phone do you use??

  • Sara CM
    Sara CM Year ago

    I had the LG G3, it was a very good phone and I remember it was the most beautiful phone in the middle affordable range. I still have it, nothing wrong with it even after years of use and drops, I could still use it. Bought the G6 after that one, amazing phone too. Such a pity.

  • Wesley
    Wesley Year ago +1

    For anyone wondering ThinQ is LG's smart home all in one app, it allows you to control their appliances via a phone and was actually really good once you figured out how to use it. The name tag (I would assume) was to tell you the phone supported it but I would assume since it all went over wifi that any phone would support it.

  • JayTheShadowPaladin27

    This is a great video i loved LG i think my first ever "smartphone" or phone that had a "touchscreen" was the LG cookie 500 or something like that
    I have just one completely unrelated thing to say
    You have such a calming voice...
    I've been struggling with panic attacks and anxiety for a long time now but these past days it got worse and today i watched this video and remembered why I followed you you have such a calming voice it's so nice to watch a video hoping to just turn off my head for maybe a minute stumbling upon a video i like and i was able to breathe and feel better for the full 12 minutes, i have watched so far it's just great and i feel like i should thank you even though that might not have been your intended goal

  • techyrock
    techyrock 10 months ago +2

    I was about to comment that youtubers are part responsible, good thing you brought it up yourself, I’ve been saying it over and over, there have been some extremely underrated amazing smartphones from these brands which didn’t get the coverage that they deserved, the volume buttons on the back with power was very satisfying to use, the side mounted fingerprint on sony phones(specifically XZ1) or the bezels of G2, number of times youtuber’s pushed these manufacturers to adapt and change to smth that wasn’t necessary for instance the LG V10 is one of the most toughest phone I’ve ever used(aside from bootloop issue) the plastic rubberised back of that phone with that stainless steel frame covered with chromium oxide for self healing bit made it super grippy and sturdy, I’d even use a phone today with that design upgraded chip and smaller bezels, yet LG was forced to moved to glass sandwich design because every single youtuber couldn’t just handle plastic, where on other hand samsung got away for several years using their glossy plastic fingerprint sensors which faded to black over time giving a device hideous look, tech reviewers should start giving these brands credit for innovations and stop being tough on struggling brands because in the end of the day competition is good for end user, look at intel for example they had been selling similar performing processors for years with slight boost from 2nd gen till 7th until Amd Ryzen came and they started to up their game, yes Smartphone manufacturers do still face pressure coz their are lots of them, but old dogs like HTC,LG,Sony,Motorola(wouldn’t add Nokia despite of being old Nokia’s fan HMD is barely even trying) should have got the attention they deserved I remember the gingerbread days where it was soo fun to jump from one phone to another, now a days they all have started to look alike and once again thanks youtubers pushing stock UI and similar design although i love stock UI but myself I never felt HTC’s Sense UI was bad especially in gingerbread days or certain features in some UI, I couldn’t join the tech reviewer community being in china at that time still have the videos I shot back in 2010 of several phones but couldn’t upload them or at least on my end I would have done things differently

  • Mck134
    Mck134 Year ago +1555

    LG naming department: “we’re the worse at naming products”
    Sony headphone naming team: “hold my beer”

    • Jenny J.
      Jenny J. Month ago

      @Mischievious Jirachi Ooooh! Lol... 😂 Your comment made me get it!

    • Keith McKenzie
      Keith McKenzie Month ago

      @Minutenreis I don't know this one, but stupidity at it's best, calling it a "1" then, in the same breath, a "II" or "two". These folks need some normal adults in the room before they finalize these names.

    • Keith McKenzie
      Keith McKenzie Month ago +1

      @Jenny J. Absolutely.

    • Keith McKenzie
      Keith McKenzie Month ago

      @Mck134 Engineers naming consumer products. I love engineers, but don't let them drive the marketing / naming of products LOL

    • Staringcorgi6
      Staringcorgi6 Month ago

      And phones too

  • Fatih
    Fatih Year ago

    their phones had (especially g4) some important problems like bootloop, over heating, short battery life... i think these were the most important reasons too

  • Cepheus76 Schl
    Cepheus76 Schl Year ago

    I always thought LG made some very impressive phones. What killed it for me was the boot loop issue with the G4/V10. I had a V10 that encountered that issue just after my warranty expired. Tough luck for me being stuck with a $500 brick.

  • Shawn Mirza
    Shawn Mirza 6 months ago +2

    As a proud owner of the LG V60 (got $200 off of purchase price thanks to Verizon), I used to think you hated LG.... this video makes me respect you more as it proves you beleive in fair competition.... You're absolutely right LG messed up with their marketing and the way they proof out new ideas, sad to see LG go out the smartphone industry. Good video!

  • Miss Heslop
    Miss Heslop 10 months ago

    LG G3 was my favourite phone out of all the phones I've ever had. Even thought of buying it again when the battery died. LG will definitely be missed.

  • iau
    iau Year ago +1380

    "Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"
    OnePlus: 👀💦

    • LightningUploads
      LightningUploads 3 months ago

      @Just Dom do you have a pixel 6 or pixel 7 currently or did you decide to not get any?

    • Charli Grace D’amelio
      Charli Grace D’amelio Year ago

      LG didn't die just the phone section

    • keith hackett
      keith hackett Year ago

      oneplus 7 pro is imo the last great one plus i bought two one plus 8t for me and my wife they now sit at home collecting dust waiting for the 2 year hell to end in fact i was happier to get a galaxy a32 which is by no means impressive but nowhere near as terrible as the 8t

    • HornedOwl_
      HornedOwl_ Year ago

      @Just Dom well

    • China Brown
      China Brown Year ago

      What happened to oneplus

  • Andy Lund
    Andy Lund Year ago +4

    I owned a LG smartphone in 2012, died in 6 months. I heard from friends that they had similar experience. So I think the build quality probably wasn't the best. I remember the LG Prada being a very cool phone around 2008.

  • nova split
    nova split Year ago

    I love LG, they're an amazing company, I loved them because I grew up with LG phones my whole life and its just a chunk out of my heart to see their wacky and (my personal opinion) amazing (sometime) great ideas. rip LG I love most of ur phones

  • Crafty Gal
    Crafty Gal Year ago +1

    I loved my LG flex! I still use it...just not for calls and I got it in 2015!
    It even survived being thrown over the balcony and falling from the second story(in my attempt to toss it on the couch).
    People were always amazed at its curve.
    Best phone ever.

  • Quanah LeCornu
    Quanah LeCornu 8 months ago

    pheonix fire was one of my all time favorite phones. very sturdy, very inexpensive, decent performance for basic apps.

  • Lil Qiqi
    Lil Qiqi Year ago +669

    Marques: it’s hard to recommend flagship with just 60Hz.
    Apple: You recommend us..

    • StopOvO
      StopOvO Year ago

      @Versus Battle Like go and try compare the s21 ultra with the 12 pro max, or the Mi 11 ultra ect. It really is just BETTER. You comparing everything else other than the good just doesnt make sense in my perspective. I mean the Mi 11 ultra has a better camera, charges faster, has better performance. The s21 ultra has a better screen out the three, (arguably) better ui, it just cant be fair if your going to compare the lower end/androids that failed, instead of the ones that didnt??

    • StopOvO
      StopOvO Year ago

      @Versus Battle Yet again your comparing very few select android phones. Android has a wider range of devices, and you can easily pick out quite a few android phones that are great and some comparable or better than new iphones. Picking out the shit phones will give shit results, picking out the good ones though, and thats a completely different subject.

    • winsome
      winsome Year ago

      Of course Apple always gets the special treatment.

    • Energetic Stunts
      Energetic Stunts Year ago

      @Versus Battle if u got ads, there is a malware, I'm rocking an KG k40s (Budget LG lineup) and I never got ads

    • Loc 'Nes
      Loc 'Nes Year ago

      @Versus Battle fair point

  • Aleccino
    Aleccino Year ago +3

    I really liked my G2 and G4 I had them both for 3 years each. It's a shame they didn't get their branding and marketing right or stick with ideas. I also think they were really onto something with the LG Wing I think that had a lot of potential uses.

  • Alex Schendel
    Alex Schendel 4 months ago

    I loved my LG G3, such a good phone. My last phone with an easily replaceable battery, just snap off the back cover, pull out the battery. Not great for water resistance, but fantastic for repair and just being able to swap a battery in seconds or even get a third-party battery that was higher capacity than the stock (I found these double-capacity batteries with a custom back panel haha. They gave the phone a bit of a butt, but they made the phone last forever haha). Only downside was the capacitive touchscreen being build into the actual front panel, so a cracked screen meant completely losing the ability to interact with a portion of your screen haha. I miss that phone

  • CynderNeko
    CynderNeko 9 months ago

    The G2 and the G3 were both amazing. The G2 was my first smartphone and I had it for a really long time. The battery of the G2 is weak but the phone is still working.
    I had my G3 up to last year and I loved it. I really really loved it... And then I dropped it at home.
    This thing lived through three years of a craftswomans life at the building side.
    So I bought a used G4 for 70€ which is close to dying too by now.
    I'm still stuck to LG. I'm thinking of getting a G8s ThinQ next...

  • Sage0fThiccPaths
    Sage0fThiccPaths Year ago

    The env2 I had growing up is still my favorite phone. Thing was a damn tank and the keyboard was so good. Forever wishing companies will go back to that style, there was just something about the QWERTY keyboard that I loved.

    SOFTDRINKTV Year ago +434

    Things would have been different if LG just dropped a regular old flagship in recent years with no gimmicks alongside their other phones

    • Jojo
      Jojo Year ago

      @Sai Krishna what do you mean by buggy gimmicky lagware? I have an LG G8S and never had a single problem with it.

    • Brian Mendoza
      Brian Mendoza Year ago

      @Dishant Seth please explain how a high refresh rate worth more

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth Year ago +1

      @Brian Mendoza Um, what? None of those things are actually more useful than high refresh rate imo. In fact, none of those things are important enough or useful enough to be worth keeping. I could explain each of these if you want.

    • Brian Mendoza
      Brian Mendoza Year ago

      @Dishant Seth if you look back for example s5 it has it blaster, headphones jack, expandable memory, charging dock, headphones in the box. Any of those things were more useful than high refresh rate

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth Year ago

      @Brian Mendoza 'So you just like a plain flag ship phone like samsung or iphone with less things every year
      What do you mean?

  • HCkev
    HCkev 10 months ago +2

    I had an LG G4 and from the bootloops, phone dying at 60% battery only to be at 2% after turning it on again(bought a brand new official LG replacement battery, didn't fix the issue) and from the screen that shattered in pieces from literally a 1 foot drop, LG left a pretty sour taste in my mouth.

  • Chandler Sun
    Chandler Sun 10 months ago +1

    Damn, thank you so much for this video, never realized LG has been so evolutionary

  • Claire Anderson
    Claire Anderson Year ago

    My first good phone was the LG Q7 plus and it was so good. It had all of the features newer phones had such as quad DAC, adjusting eye comfort, accessibility features, a nice metal trim around the edges, super light weight, 4G, and face/fingerprint id. It was also very affordable and easy to use. I wish LG could've been more consistent, but I'll miss their phones. BTW I recently switched to a OnePlus and it's just not the same. The gallery doesn't even have a collage maker already on it. The LG even had that being a 4G phone.

  • PoP'
    PoP' Year ago +1

    Lg has always been my go to. Lg, you will be missed.

  • Malcolm Wheeler
    Malcolm Wheeler Year ago +655

    "LG mobile is gone now, who's next?" - me sweating while watching this from a Sony phone.

    • Jimster480
      Jimster480 Year ago

      @Nelia Ironwood Their phone division isn't that large in Japan either. The market there is stiff and Sony overall is smaller than LG. The Sony mobile division is much smaller than that of LG's division.

    • Nelia Ironwood
      Nelia Ironwood Year ago

      Sony is like TOO BIG TO FAIL. They are a huge tech giant which means that they can tank financial loss after financial loss. Plus, their Xperia Pro was something that wasn't done before, a micro HDMI port in a phone. I think they are huge in Japan though. They make phones /devices meant for like professionals as well.

    • Jimster480
      Jimster480 Year ago

      @D's Gaming Poco is a brand yes.... but both of those are chinese only brands so I wouldn't really want to deal with importing something direct from china for a phone. Band support isn't as good and software support is wonky very often. I have tested a few of these devices and the long term experience isn't that great.

    • D's Gaming
      D's Gaming Year ago

      @Jimster480 Actually I remember about Xiaomi brand which offers mid range phones with superior specs for a similar price like the Poco X3 Pro which is a different brand but is part of Xiaomi and the good about the phone is that it has flaghship level specs for a low price of 320-350 dollars which is pretty insane ngl but the issue is that brands like these do not sell in the US unless you order them online with a global version of the phone

    • D's Gaming
      D's Gaming Year ago

      @Jimster480 Yeah and then what phone brands should I get for the next years? At least Motorola is still solid but idk what other options should I get?

  • Anja Van Dyke
    Anja Van Dyke Year ago

    I completely agree with the LG G3 being the best phone from LG, I was devastated when mine died

  • Lost & Catatonic
    Lost & Catatonic 10 months ago

    I had the LG G3 back in the day, it was a legendary device. If I recall correctly, it was the first phone to get the Android 5 update. My phone pretty much died along with that update, the battery life tanked and it heated very badly when using for longer periods. Still loved it!

  • John Cole
    John Cole 3 months ago

    I had an LG V20. I really liked the second screen, headphone amp (Quad-DAC), 1440p display, double-tap to wake, and Qualcomm Quick-Charge. I didn't like the buggy software and the charging port issues. Also, the battery was insufficient. My next phone was a Samsung A71 5G. I miss some of the features, but I am enjoying a more reliable phone with much better battery life.

  • Alex Daly
    Alex Daly 2 months ago +3

    Watching this on my Wing. It's a heavy, goofy thing. But I love being able to watch a video like this where you don't really have to pay 100% attention while scrolling Twitter on the main screen.
    Holding on to this phone as long as it lasts.

  • Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth Year ago +655

    R.I.P. headphone jacks. LG was with us the whole way. We will never give up. There are dozens of us! DOZENS!

    • Forlorn Valley
      Forlorn Valley Year ago

      @N Galvan let's just ignore that all high end, critical listening and flagship headphones are all wired

    • Tristan
      Tristan Year ago

      @V1deo.Hunter.D yeah they have to work on that

    • Sentryion
      Sentryion Year ago

      @Forlorn Valley they removed it then reintroduced it so I’m sure it’s staying for a couple of more generations. Sony is rare to have a strong wireless headphones presence as well as a really strong wired one as well.
      I’m pretty sure the 1 mark 1 was when they realize they should stick onto the actual pro scene so the headphone jack is a must have

    • S1D3winder017
      S1D3winder017 Year ago +1

      @Milton Keenes Dang someones defensive. The majority of consumers go for flagships but okey. I knew that BTW. It's just crazy to me that cheaper phones have those features but not the flagships.

    • Jayantha Karunanayaka
      Jayantha Karunanayaka Year ago +1

  • Satyam Raina
    Satyam Raina Month ago

    I think the G- flex review is the first video of yours that Introduced me to your channel :')

  • CntBckt
    CntBckt Year ago

    I still have my old Voyager and that thing STILL works!! :D
    This saddened me though, as every other company seems to hate the idea of physical headphone jacks. I made sure I grabbed the V60 before they disappeared though.

  • Justin Harass
    Justin Harass 10 months ago

    Man, I really miss LG's phones... I had the LG G2, G3, G5 and the G6. loved them.
    Infact, LG started the whole long screen thing with the LG G6.

  • Josh Trewartha
    Josh Trewartha 10 months ago

    I had a G2 and loved it. The volume rocker on the back was awesome! By the time it came to upgrade they got rid of them. Lost my business forever

  • SuperSaf
    SuperSaf Year ago +457

    RIP LG Smartphones 💔

    • Aiden Drake PW
      Aiden Drake PW Year ago

      @PhillyJay. I'm more a Xiaomi boy but ok. I just appreciate different tech items, and see a place for uniqueness and differing qualities.

    • PhillyJay.
      PhillyJay. Year ago

      @leroy elizabeth I told people like 2 or 3 years ago that LG smartphone division was going to eventually go out of business. I gave up on LG and 2018 when my carrer T-Mobile announced that they were carrying one plus phones starting with the OnePlus 6T.
      I just had enough of LG in their lack of updates I had the G2 and G4 no updates, the V10 no updates, got the v20 when it first came out October 2016. I got rid of the v20 in August 2018 and it was still on 7.0 nougat. I still got the LG G6 and it got no updates, its still on Android 8.0 Oreo when I brought it in August 2018 and I don't even uses it anymore. The only LG phone that I had that had an update was the Nexus 4 and It was only because that was a Google phone.
      I had LG phones to Voyager the LG Venus the chocolate back in the 2000s along with other flip phones from other companies like Nextel, Samsung, sanyo etc
      LG did this to themselves so for the last 3 years I've been only rolling with one plus and Samsung.

    • PhillyJay.
      PhillyJay. Year ago

      @Alec I told people like 2 or 3 years ago that LG smartphone division was going to eventually go out of business. I gave up on LG and 2018 when my carrer T-Mobile announced that they were carrying one plus phones starting with the OnePlus 6T.
      I just had enough of LG in their lack of updates I had the G2 and G4 no updates, the V10 no updates, got the v20 when it first came out October 2016. I got rid of the v20 in August 2018 and it was still on 7.0 nougat. I still got the LG G6 and it got no updates, its still on Android 8.0 Oreo when I brought it in August 2018 and I don't even uses it anymore. The only LG phone that I had that had an update was the Nexus 4 and It was only because that was a Google phone.
      I had LG phones to Voyager the LG Venus the chocolate back in the 2000s along with other flip phones from other companies like Nextel, Samsung, sanyo etc
      LG did this to themselves so for the last 3 years I've been only rolling with one plus and Samsung.

    • PhillyJay.
      PhillyJay. Year ago

      @Chris Balkaran I told people like 2 or 3 years ago that LG smartphone division was going to eventually go out of business. I gave up on LG and 2018 when my carrer T-Mobile announced that they were carrying one plus phones starting with the OnePlus 6T.
      I just had enough of LG in their lack of updates I had the G2 and G4 no updates, the V10 no updates, got the v20 when it first came out October 2016. I got rid of the v20 in August 2018 and it was still on 7.0 nougat. I still got the LG G6 and it got no updates, its still on Android 8.0 Oreo when I brought it in August 2018 and I don't even uses it anymore. The only LG phone that I had that had an update was the Nexus 4 and It was only because that was a Google phone.
      I had LG phones to Voyager the LG Venus the chocolate back in the 2000s along with other flip phones from other companies like Nextel, Samsung, sanyo etc
      LG did this to themselves so for the last 3 years I've been only rolling with one plus and Samsung.

    • PhillyJay.
      PhillyJay. Year ago

      @NathaN he's a butt hurt LG boy that's mad

  • Zahidul Hasan
    Zahidul Hasan 8 days ago

    Great video. I loved your slow & steady explanation. Can you make a video "Why smartphone companies don’t try to put an IR top of the phone like Xiaomi doing"

  • Mr Penguin
    Mr Penguin 9 months ago

    The LG V20 is and always will be my favorite phone. It was so perfect.

  • Scar Legend
    Scar Legend Year ago +1

    When you mentioned the dual screens on phone like the v20 it’s a very comparable feature to current always on displays or the outside screens of a lot of folding phones

  • Uvi Balcey
    Uvi Balcey 6 months ago

    For me, the LG G2 was, after the iPhone, the most influential phone of the smartphone era

  • Baby Marques
    Baby Marques Year ago +462

    Poor LG, they never removed the Jack.
    Deepest condolences. RIP.

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight Year ago +1

      Finally, someone used Deepfake tech for something wholesome.

    • Oskrrt
      Oskrrt Year ago +4

      @The darkest Timeline They removed it on the Wing cause they literally didn't have space for it. They said it would be the only phone they'd make without the headphone jack, and it ended up sadly being the last phone they made.

    • Lorenzo
      Lorenzo Year ago

      Maybe they would still be if they didn't. We'll never know

    • Koro sensei
      Koro sensei Year ago +2

      Like just for the profile

    • Suchir Ghuwalewala
      Suchir Ghuwalewala Year ago

      @Random Music Yes

  • You Tube
    You Tube 9 months ago

    I feel like LG never really got the credit they deserved. It's a shame. I love how you summarized all the topics and hit the nail on the head with each and every one of them. Completely agree with you on your analysis that LG should've had a steadily flagship line with less of the innovative stuff and next to that line the innovative one where they could try out new things and if it would stick include it in their next flagship line. I'm pretty sure that if they'd done that they would still be around. Anyways it's sad but it's the way it is...
    R.I.P. LG

  • Mr. Nonamanadus
    Mr. Nonamanadus Year ago

    Ok I have been a long time user of LG (switched over after the first iPhone). I recently switched from the G8 thin q to a Samsung Note 9 so the hardware is comparible. What I noticed is a huge difference in the fluidity of use regarding user interface, basically LG's software now seems clunky/unrefined.

  • Kevin Whiting
    Kevin Whiting 4 months ago

    I like your unbiased reviews man although I know what smartphones do you like you keep it fair and you show love to LG

  • Stoneysilence
    Stoneysilence Year ago +1

    I owned multiple LG phones. I had a G3, V20, V30, V40. Mainly because I bought them on clearance from ATT and they were cheap. My main problem with LG was they never stuck with anything, they had some interesting concepts but it was always abandoned in their next phone. So this doesn't give confidence to the consumer if they do like something that came out.

  • TheRailroad99
    TheRailroad99 10 months ago

    LG G2/G3 were great. (At the Time) fat battery, great (back then unseen) screen/body ratio, good audio, decent camera, perfect size, good price.I had a G2 for over 4 years.
    The bad:
    - Horrible update situation (especially because they KEPT guarantying timely updates to their customers, but never delivered.) This was my main critique.
    - horrible/slow software. Their software made the phones unresponsive and slow. Oh boi, the G7 and my Poco F1 have the same SoC, but the speed difference on stock is insane. The G2 was similar. Really slow with stock, excellent with LineageOS.
    - G4 and up had hardware "bootloop" issues (desoldering SoC was the real reason).
    Those were the main problems. G2 was amazing, G3 a worthy successor, G4/G5/G6 had a bad H/W quality. G7/G8 are okay, but software was bad as always.
    All in All, the G2 was their best phone in my opinion. It had many fans, and still to this day gets official LineageOS builds, if it weren't for the (by now) slow SoC, I would still use it as a daily driver.