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I Ate $100,000 Golden Ice Cream


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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  2 years ago +344643

    I love all of you :)

  • Louis Weisz
    Louis Weisz 2 years ago +110041

    Only mrbeast can make me watch OTHER people eat tasty food

  • Rika Roleplay
    Rika Roleplay 5 days ago +9

    The business model of that final restaurant is quite interesting, sourcing ingredients from far away, especially high quality and expensive ones. Knowing how to actually use such is quite an amazing feat.
    That said being a saucier, making specialty reductions can be price hiked quite a bit, but huckleberry syrup (or apple juice) can be aged and carefully prepared to have the "flavor of a thousand apples" if done properly. Kinda scary realizing you can make something worth many times more than its weight in gold out of fruits.

  • Chicken Nuggiez
    Chicken Nuggiez 15 days ago +101

    I'm a picky eater, but I would literally try all of these! They all look so good! Or maybe I'm just hungry...

  • Sir Skillz
    Sir Skillz 3 days ago +3

    Tbh, Chris’s “Loaded Baked Potato” joke was hilarious

  • Q
    Q 7 days ago +9

    This looks so delicious🤤

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz 2 years ago +46268

    Me, sitting here eating a PB&J watching this

  • Craftmeister
    Craftmeister 6 days ago

    mrbeast i love you so much this crazy thing you do makes people happy even if it's silly by the way i'm from turkey and i'm proud of you

  • According to Vin
    According to Vin 10 days ago

    0:39 Chocolate Bar JumpScare

  • Amarsanaa Baatarkhuu
    Amarsanaa Baatarkhuu 8 days ago +42

    This man deserves a lot of World records :)

  • Don Lane
    Don Lane 10 days ago +15

    I love how Mrbeast said "were going to buy the most expensive thing on the menu and tip him $8,000" but instead, Jimmy paid him $10,000 instead of 8,000

    • Don Lane
      Don Lane 10 days ago +2

      @D4-V1D i guess he was being more generous

    • D4-V1D
      D4-V1D 10 days ago +1

      Never thought a guy lying about money would be wholesome

  • UMadBroYolo
    UMadBroYolo 2 years ago +1941

    Normal people: Dude, $50??? Thats way to much
    Mr beast: Yes

    • Isaacbuiltdifferent RL
      Isaacbuiltdifferent RL Year ago

      I’ll take your entire stock

    • cristabelle
      cristabelle Year ago

      does anyone know what shirt chris was wearing at 4:40 ? i cant find it in the shop

    • Milly
      Milly 2 years ago

      5 is the max for me XD

    • Ana Ana
      Ana Ana 2 years ago


    • Auto Hunter
      Auto Hunter 2 years ago +1

      Don't know if someone is reading but if you are 🤗🤝: you are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you!♥

  • Benjamin Goldie
    Benjamin Goldie 21 day ago +1

    Jimmy, I get you love and try to help other people be happy as much as you can but it’s fine for you to eat a little fancy sometime.

  • Coolbacon
    Coolbacon 3 days ago +1

    The guy who served you the mac n cheese is gonna be mad that chandler didn’t eat his extra plain one lol

  • GodMasterJai
    GodMasterJai 14 days ago +16

    You absolutely deserve this

    • Supetrix
      Supetrix 2 days ago

      He deserves everything

  • Daryl-lyn Gawron
    Daryl-lyn Gawron 7 days ago +1

    Insane vid keep up the content food looks amazing

  • MDTechVideos
    MDTechVideos 2 years ago +21123

    MrBeast actually made this to show us his daily meal routine.

  • blue블루
    blue블루 9 days ago +1

    Only mrbeast can make me watch OTHER people eat tasty food

  • Aqil 28
    Aqil 28 20 days ago +1

    looks very delicious :)

  • tou moua
    tou moua 17 days ago


  • ☆• _𝘗𝘐𝘟𝘐𝘌.𝘚𝘛𝘐𝘟𝘚_ •☆

    Props to Tareq for sitting there watching them eat food (I mean, at least he got Mac n cheese)

  • Liege North
    Liege North 2 years ago +1557

    Calling me poor in a whole new way lmao

    • emma taber
      emma taber 2 years ago


    • ElectroLXR
      ElectroLXR 2 years ago


    • Auto Hunter
      Auto Hunter 2 years ago

      Don't know if someone is reading but if you are 🤗🤝: you are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you!♥l

    • Auto Hunter
      Auto Hunter 2 years ago

      Don't know if someone is reading but if you are 🤗🤝: you are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you!♥

    • B3ntleyplays09 Bui
      B3ntleyplays09 Bui 2 years ago

      The best build a boat player comments🐐🐐

  • Raghushree Anand
    Raghushree Anand 2 days ago

    I always liked ice cream, but this is ridiculous.

  • Steve Stebbins
    Steve Stebbins 15 days ago

    That is some expensive food that I’d never be able to afford.

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    I love it when Jimmy flaunts his wealth! It’s fascinating to watch.

    JUAN CARLOS GAMBOA 10 days ago +11

    Chandler es genial y único..

  • Nellis
    Nellis 2 years ago +1954

    Watching while I’m eating a dominos pizza 🙃

    • LuchoDGR
      LuchoDGR Year ago

      We don't have dominos pizza here in Argentina

    • ThugLife BMGO
      ThugLife BMGO Year ago

      Lol atleast you got that. I just have some crappy rice and some crappy vegetables

    • malinda
      malinda Year ago


    • awes0meッ
      awes0meッ 2 years ago


  • tigernurseamy
    tigernurseamy 22 days ago

    I love mrbeast he's soo funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 13 days ago

    The fact that stuff exists that is this expensive, is exactly one of the many things wrong with this world.

  • Dogs 4 ever
    Dogs 4 ever 10 days ago +2

    I want ice cream now😂

  • Джо джо фаг
    Джо джо фаг 10 days ago

    So, I love Mr. Beast. I think he is my favorite Clip-Sharer!

  • ChewieCatt
    ChewieCatt 2 years ago +897

    He really said, "My fav cheese is mac n' " 😂

  • Camila Miranda
    Camila Miranda 4 days ago

    I’m getting hungry now 🤤

  • Baphomet
    Baphomet 10 days ago +1

    Meanwhile I'm sitting here drinking apple juice and eating pizza rolls.....

  • Janice Nakajima Ciriaco
    Janice Nakajima Ciriaco 22 days ago +3

    mrbeast sou muito seu fã🇧🇷

  • もこの日常
    もこの日常 17 days ago +7


  • Munna Mobile YT
    Munna Mobile YT 2 years ago +675

    Mr. Beast donates 90% of the money to poor people.👍👍👌
    Such a Great man in this World👌👍👌👍

    • Tingting
      Tingting 2 years ago

      @Aaron Potter Mr. Beast that are in his channel tab except for his brother's channel

    • Aaron Potter
      Aaron Potter 2 years ago

      @Tingting Well it is the real one, if it isnt than who is the real MrBeast?

    • Aaron Potter
      Aaron Potter 2 years ago

      @Sloth_htolS Are you a hatter

    • Aaron Potter
      Aaron Potter 2 years ago

      @Unknown as they Hey Chill out man

    • Auto Hunter
      Auto Hunter 2 years ago +1

      Don't know if someone is reading but if you are 🤗🤝: you are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you!♥

  • GMGz 1
    GMGz 1 17 days ago

    And yet I struggled to spend 2 dollars on a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough

  • Carter Valdez
    Carter Valdez 11 days ago

    Spending that much on ice cream while I know I’ll never see close to that much money

  • Dewi Andriyani
    Dewi Andriyani 5 days ago

    thank you mrbeast for entertaining me

  • Cherry M
    Cherry M 21 day ago +3

    I am a Japanese viewer. I am glad that Japanese ingredients are used

  • Verpion
    Verpion 2 years ago +685

    Imagine eating with MrBeast

    • Danger  kOt
      Danger kOt 2 years ago +1


    • Master
      Master 2 years ago +1

      What's up lads hope you are doing great :)
      Let's see how many subscribers i can get from this comment current : 46
      Have a great day ❤😊

    • WaffleStomper43
      WaffleStomper43 2 years ago +1

      i thought you said eating mr beast lol

    • I Leach Off Everything
      I Leach Off Everything 2 years ago +1

      i can only imagine...

    • Nasima
      Nasima 2 years ago +1

      Eating with MrBeast I would NEVER bc I will never meet MrBeast never ever :( bc he lives FAAAAAAAAAAAAAR AWAY from meh...

  • Azranur Bebek
    Azranur Bebek 22 days ago

    Mrbeast sen harika bir insansın ❤

  • alyssa heras
    alyssa heras 17 days ago

    I wish I could eat all of it

  • Sprite
    Sprite 2 days ago +1

    I love you MrBeast you're my favorite blogger

  • Suchi Kaushik
    Suchi Kaushik 19 days ago +2

    Mr beast in 2037: *breaking the tallest building in the world and surprising dubai with a new one* 😭😭

  • CyclonePlays
    CyclonePlays 2 years ago +1812

    Chris rocking the Hunter x Hunter coat made me happy

    • hange zoe
      hange zoe Year ago

      @Micah Hatcher yes😩👏

    • Muscleman8562
      Muscleman8562 2 years ago

      I just got done eating toilet paper on my channel

    • li_yaah
      li_yaah 2 years ago

      @Knee Grow hypland but they cost about $180

    • Jessica Pineda
      Jessica Pineda 2 years ago

      Same bro he really is a cool kid 😎😅

    • Auto Hunter
      Auto Hunter 2 years ago

      Don't know if someone is reading but if you are 🤗🤝: you are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you!♥

  • VioletWraith🌸

    Mr Beast is probably the most respected man in the world

  • Michid Michka
    Michid Michka 18 days ago

    wow you are my favorite youtuber

  • Sasha Ermilova
    Sasha Ermilova 5 days ago

    круто я бы тоже хотела попробовать все это

  • саша дитковский

    this looks insane!

  • AYOUB HAJJI | أيوب حجي

    An acquired taste is a way of saying it sucks jimmy

    • Khattab Gamer
      Khattab Gamer 2 years ago

      @Osama RTX هلا بيك ❤️

    • who cares
      who cares 2 years ago

      @Koldavo cause liking beer is an acquired taste, and beer sucks...

    • J T
      J T 2 years ago


    • Eric Morgan
      Eric Morgan 2 years ago

      Nah I fucking love cheese and I'm surprised how many of them don't

    • Osama RTX
      Osama RTX 2 years ago +2

      @Khattab Gamer هلا بلعرب

  • That one kid🙄
    That one kid🙄 11 days ago

    I wish I had that much money 💰

  • Mateo Santimussar
    Mateo Santimussar 4 days ago +1

    como me gustaria ser estadounidense solo para conocer a mr beast.f pq soy de argentina pero esta bien

  • Len Kub Krit
    Len Kub Krit 17 days ago +1


  • Belkis Rivera
    Belkis Rivera 21 hour ago

    Mr Beast es lo mejor de lo mejor

  • RazorFishGaming
    RazorFishGaming 2 years ago +980

    Tip the cook 10,000 :O

  • El Cuycito Comentón.
    El Cuycito Comentón. 10 days ago

    mr beast making our day despite spending a lot of money

  • John Hall
    John Hall 7 days ago

    out of all that, ill take mr. beast sea salt chocolate. and yeah i bought that and the almond. both need more sea salt and almond respectively but some of the best chocolate ive ever had.

  • ㅤㅤㅤeㅤㅤㅤ
    ㅤㅤㅤeㅤㅤㅤ 2 days ago

    0:34 En la traduccion español dice "Este es un helado" Pero es un chocolate

  • Tovy Vallar
    Tovy Vallar 11 days ago

    More food content pleasee

  • CarReviews EU
    CarReviews EU 2 years ago +537

    That chicken didn't go very well 😂

  • ツ
     9 days ago

    eu anotando todas as receitas:hmm deve ser bom

  • Pataoum
    Pataoum 20 days ago +1

    Y’all gonna have cavities after eating that much sugar.

  • Thuy Le
    Thuy Le 21 day ago

    Yummy 😋

  • Kemal Alomerovic
    Kemal Alomerovic 13 days ago

    That Mac n cheese made my mouth water.

  • Jorein Westerduin
    Jorein Westerduin 2 years ago +648

    Jeez, imagine going into an airplane and seeing all the first class seats being occupied by one strawberry each.

  • RetroHitsBand_YT
    RetroHitsBand_YT 16 days ago +1


  • William Dennis
    William Dennis 4 days ago

    Wow that ice cream looks good

  • Angel Ponce
    Angel Ponce 15 days ago

    Me beast deseo una vez me ayudes gracias por inspirarme sigue asi

  • Donald_Kersman
    Donald_Kersman 11 days ago +1

    Крутой видос. Респект!

  • Rampart
    Rampart 2 years ago +2822

    Anyone else notice how shaky the chef's voice was? So emotional and wholesome.

  • Sarah reviews
    Sarah reviews 4 days ago

    That guy on brown jacket is the luckiest subscriber. Guy had 150k food.

  • Simon Wolfe
    Simon Wolfe 5 days ago +1

    Yo I love Chris, “you have favorite cheeses?”

  • JB
    JB 21 day ago

    I still watch this when I’m eating

  • MiniToss
    MiniToss 16 days ago

    this made me so hungry

  • Drive 615
    Drive 615 2 years ago +35019

    and I feel bad when I pay extra for guac at Chipotle...

  • Raven
    Raven 10 days ago

    The mac and cheese looked so good ;(

  • Colleen Grubb
    Colleen Grubb 17 days ago

    I want all of that food. Except maybe that all black chicken😂

  • KarmaEdits
    KarmaEdits 9 days ago

    The guy tasting "Guayasamin Ecuadorian Chocolate Energy" just spews cool guy energy.

  • austin benitez
    austin benitez 2 days ago

    hola mrbeast me encanta los helados estoy suscrito

  • Sourajjal
    Sourajjal 2 years ago +738

    No body:
    Waiters in expensive restaurants: This sauce was made in stone age.

  • joshua
    joshua 17 days ago

    the 'stakes' are so high for that food hehehe

  • Kookie Kat
    Kookie Kat 18 days ago

    "that thing aint gonna jump out of my food, right?"

  • Funny videos
    Funny videos 22 hours ago

    Don’t eat on the screen that makes me hungry but I ordered front wing man for myself 😅

  • MIA 🔥
    MIA 🔥 9 days ago

    Bro, I feel bad for the cameraman😢
    He has to watch them eat all that man, bro he’s starving

  • TFF sage401
    TFF sage401 2 years ago +1010

    Lol my ice cream is 5 bucks from target

    • Auto Hunter
      Auto Hunter 2 years ago

      Don't know if someone is reading but if you are 🤗🤝: you are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you!♥

    • 007
      007 2 years ago

      you better get 5 liters for that much

    • Obito
      Obito 2 years ago


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      Trending Tens 2 years ago

      Let's see how many subscribers would I get from this comment will you help me?
      Current: 107

    • Tanlumari Kruger
      Tanlumari Kruger 2 years ago

      @Alonso ??

  • Ay
    Ay 6 days ago +3

    Ben türküm 🇹🇷gerçekten kanalınızı çok seviyorum

  • AppleCreator
    AppleCreator 6 days ago

    Chef: We have this dessert made from 1996 Chris: That’s when I was born Me: bro just reveal his birth year 7:34

  • 🌱caramelo🌱
    🌱caramelo🌱 17 days ago

    i love you mrbeast ❤️👍

  • dana puroska
    dana puroska 5 days ago

    That Ice cream is cool 🍨💖🤤

  • Elijah Hughes
    Elijah Hughes 2 years ago +723

    Jimmy doesn’t need to defend himself he’s gave away more than anybody already

    • سليمان محمد
      سليمان محمد 11 days ago

      وًًًًًًًً. رّ😮
      ت😮طر😂❤م❤❤وقىسىزًُنوً َ
      ً. عجيب
      هذ 😂هذًوًً
      عرىُ اذا ما 😊

    • Atharv Vishnuvajhala
      Atharv Vishnuvajhala 13 days ago

      @Pau bro said 20 thousand lmao you mean 20 million

    • ziara
      ziara 13 days ago


    • Muhammad Kayani
      Muhammad Kayani 2 years ago

      But in the 20th century lost much more money than him due to their generosity and philanthropy. But these people also did lots of bad business practices

    • Pau
      Pau 2 years ago +1

      Agree he planted over 20000 trees last yr

  • Bruno Maccaroni
    Bruno Maccaroni 4 days ago

    Only MrBeast can do these awsome expensive videos, 5:15 wait calm down here lady, what's the problem with no-money people? LOL

  • ReadyRabbit
    ReadyRabbit 14 days ago +2

    I am hungry somehow 🤔

  • Gilgabro
    Gilgabro 14 days ago

    one icecream that costs 8 years of me working...

  • Flame Phoenix
    Flame Phoenix 12 days ago

    I’m eating Mac n cheese right now😂

  • Andrew McNeill
    Andrew McNeill 2 years ago +679

    “You can tell its good because of all the words you don’t understand.”
    Me reading the ingredients to Doritos:

    • l4raa
      l4raa 2 years ago +1

      @Stay safe yep

    • Youdononeetokno
      Youdononeetokno 2 years ago +1

      @Infinite Information what. You kidding right?

    • Primogemant
      Primogemant 2 years ago +2


    • Infinite Information
      Infinite Information 2 years ago +6

      *Random fact: If you tried a new variety of apple every day, it would take more than 20 years to try them all.*
      -*Infinite information*

    • Narios 1up
      Narios 1up 2 years ago +4

      Best comment

  • Ashlyn L
    Ashlyn L Day ago

    I will eat food with you. 🤓😋

  • El jacky gamer
    El jacky gamer 15 days ago

    5:25 the best moment of mrbeast

  • Dam Van Thi
    Dam Van Thi 22 days ago

    So amazing!