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Can you beat two Mario games with ONE controller?

  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • DougDoug
    DougDoug  2 months ago +807

    YOUTOOZ IS LIVE! youtooz.com/products/chef-dougdoug

  • Ender41948
    Ender41948 2 months ago +5786

    The fact that even Doug got annoyed at himself complaining is just comedy gold.

    • The Nerdy Pika
      The Nerdy Pika Month ago

      @Double dogs agreed

    • Double dogs
      Double dogs Month ago


    • Games R’ Us 9792
      Games R’ Us 9792 2 months ago

      I agree

    • code: Rei
      code: Rei 2 months ago +5

      @Soul of Cinder
      something like
      "(joke against bot accounts)
      reasons why your dad left you
      or somethin
      ( i dont know the original link, i made this one by typing randomly )

    • Soul of Cinder
      Soul of Cinder 2 months ago +6

      @Ender41948 they deleted their comment. What did they say?

  • David Fischer
    David Fischer 2 months ago +1572

    This channel is plummeting deeper and deeper into actual insanity and I love it

    • Earthling
      Earthling Month ago

      Zx 68

    • h
      h 2 months ago +25

      dude put a whole zorbees ad in his video

    • Jason H
      Jason H 2 months ago +6

      Me too

  • pongo23
    pongo23 2 months ago +3883

    Doug and Chat are making new personality type tests with all these teams/crews. You could be a Z crew bottom screen Mike wazowski divorced Chatlantian who supports magic hat and fat albert and that would be completely normal. I love it.

    • DimentioEnjoyer
      DimentioEnjoyer Month ago

      all of that, plus you want to get those doctors a border

    • An Entire Lime
      An Entire Lime Month ago +1

      @HE’S coming soon I ate an entire Jesus and can confirm, Im eating god next

    • An Entire Lime
      An Entire Lime Month ago +1

      @Colin Michael Roberts I ate an entire bible and can confirm, Im eating Jesus next

    • Mark Nelson
      Mark Nelson Month ago

      Imagine not being a Z Crew Top Transparent Screen Mike Wazowski divorced Dougtopian that supports Zen and Fat Albert lmao

    • Austin Ackermann
      Austin Ackermann Month ago +2

      @Arghya Raihan it think it's from one of Dougs GTA5 racing or smash bros videos. He contemplates with chat who is the real protagonist between Doug and chat. It somehow turned into a monsters inc comparison.

  • Carlos A.
    Carlos A. 2 months ago +3057

    I really do appreciate that it doesn't matter what the video title is, or what ends up happening in the first 2 minutes of any doug doug vid. You still never have any idea how it's going to end

    • entertainment overdose
      entertainment overdose Month ago

      Wow that’s is one of the coolest yootoz

    • SmallMadness
      SmallMadness Month ago +1

      Literally my favorite thing about his streams! Just the other day I went to watch him play Mario Maker and it devolved into a storm of timers all counting down to different things lol never know what you'll find

      SILENCE, LIBERAL Month ago

      @ding dawng my internet was lagging that day and when i posted the first one it didnt register so i typed it out again, turns out it sent both

    • Mark Ouellette
      Mark Ouellette Month ago +1

      "You don't need the power of wisdom to become addicted to opium" ~dougdougs life stream 2022

    • ding dawng
      ding dawng Month ago

      @SILENCE, LIBERAL I love how you didn't do the simple solution of editing your comment to fix your mistake, and instead posted an entirely new comment with the correction.

  • Tycoon
    Tycoon 2 months ago +1968

    the fact he actually first tried it is godlike

    • EdReds
      EdReds 6 days ago

      @Austin AckermannHAHAHAHA lore friendly

    • Austin Ackermann
      Austin Ackermann Month ago +23

      @GentleShark they don't call him 'Diablo the cheater' for nothing.

    • Hypno
      Hypno 2 months ago +15

      @GentleShark I thought you were serious at first until you said he animated it in blender 😂

    • GentleShark
      GentleShark 2 months ago +46

      @Hypno you sweet innocent soul.
      Its dougdoug all he does is rig. Everything you see has been rerecorded before the stream. The chat is just a replay of AI-generated messages.
      Dougdoug himself simply records himself reacting to these, sometimes multiple times, just to generate tje perfect interactivity. Afterwards he animates the gameplay using blender to give the right feel.

    • JusKiddin Roller
      JusKiddin Roller 2 months ago +15

      @No Thanks they are gone! Thanks guys

  • Smug Bow Kid
    Smug Bow Kid 2 months ago +185

    Whoever recommended Inspirobot, I salute them. They knew exactly what type of content this channel produces.

    • RingTeam
      RingTeam 6 days ago

      Do it for the producers

    • red
      red Month ago +1

      sidedcoder suggested inspirobot, and we should salute them

  • Falkuzrules
    Falkuzrules 2 months ago +565

    That intro made me realize that Doug's Clip-Share channel is still kinda food-based, even though he does almost literally nothing with food anymore, and his Twitch is still classroom-based, even though the actual "classroom" theme (which I loved by the way) lasted maybe a month or two and then he went back to just being a weird guy that sometimes pretends to be a teacher and how did he get into this school building someone call 911 immediately.

    • SentinalSlice
      SentinalSlice 2 months ago +33

      I mean he is a sentient bell pepper. That’s a food

  • The Sided Coder
    The Sided Coder 2 months ago +224

    The inspirobot part is the best thing I've ever contributed with on a stream. I'm so happy that it made it into a video!

    • Tohab
      Tohab 23 days ago +1

      That was amazing, brah

    • Solean
      Solean 24 days ago +2

      Now I play using it on backroom, keeps me happy xD

    • Some Random Gamer
      Some Random Gamer 2 months ago +10


    • ApfelSwag
      ApfelSwag 2 months ago +27

      that shit was hilarious

  • can of beans
    can of beans 2 months ago +2045


    • Flying Melon
      Flying Melon 2 months ago

      Have you seen chef?

    • No Name Sorry
      No Name Sorry 2 months ago +2

      But the most important thing of all, he is very masculine.

    • GTheBumbleBee
      GTheBumbleBee 2 months ago +1


    • The Random Robot
      The Random Robot 2 months ago

      bro you messed up the spelling its "cehf".

    • lazyrazy
      lazyrazy 2 months ago +15

      part farmboy, part bottom, fully divorced and very masculine.

  • NoOne Dream
    NoOne Dream 2 months ago +394

    Not gonna lie, the “Your testicles are aligned with your physical self” quote had lacroix coming out of my note and my roommate concerned

    • Nahuel
      Nahuel Month ago +27

      For me it was "Contemplate the ancient chinese folk wisdom. With erotic dreaming comes erotic failure"

    • NoOne Dream
      NoOne Dream 2 months ago +26

      @Several Fighters Can’t it be both?

    • Several Fighters
      Several Fighters 2 months ago +31

      I'm not sure if this is autocorrect or a very good euphemism.

  • bagofbags
    bagofbags 2 months ago +64

    Trying not to wake everyone up by laughing at this at 5am brilliant as always luv u dogdug

    • VDX
      VDX Month ago

      5pm here.

  • Elias
    Elias 2 months ago +294

    DougDoug is confirmed to be the king of power bottoms

  • Amrit Sodhi
    Amrit Sodhi Month ago +40

    "I just gotta get a level where i dont have to run and jump at the same time"
    Doug while playing Mario Maker, 2022.

  • RomanBZ
    RomanBZ Month ago +9

    imagine you're in twitch and you want to see your favorite streamer Doug Doug, and when you enter the stream, doug is screaming "IM GONNA EMBRACE MY PREGNANCY!"

    • RomanBZ
      RomanBZ 23 days ago

      @PlutoMayhem the most normal doug doug stream

    • PlutoMayhem
      PlutoMayhem 23 days ago

      Average DougDoug Stream:

  • Lone Gazebo
    Lone Gazebo 2 months ago +327

    I really feel like transparency was the strat. The way that first game went afterall.

    • ZackNAttack
      ZackNAttack 2 months ago +3

      @Shoulderpads-mcgee i mean i suppose so
      though now i also wonder what if it were interleaved in time, switching between displaying the two on a timer..
      now that has me thinking of the interleaving method... what if it were performed more finely...

    • Shoulderpads-mcgee
      Shoulderpads-mcgee 2 months ago +5

      @ZackNAttack but would it be possible to use the glasses by closing one eye, you’d only be able to see one of the games and then by switching which eye is closed you see the other?

    • ZackNAttack
      ZackNAttack 2 months ago +36

      honestly think the red-blue idea would work (not with 3d glasses tho that'd just be kinda weird)

  • Bobby William
    Bobby William 2 months ago +251

    “This is why I’ve always been a bottom”
    -DougDoug, 2022

  • Mytinsaw
    Mytinsaw Month ago +14

    im so happy to see inspirobot make an appearance in this video.
    that is one of my favorite things to go to when in vc with friends.

  • Colossal Pigmy
    Colossal Pigmy Month ago +10

    DougDoug is literally the Regular Show formula turned into a Twitch channel

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    The InspiroBot was hilarious; I’d love to see that more often!

  • Giggle Fist
    Giggle Fist Month ago +4

    Believe it or not... I’ve beaten several of my games only using one remote controller

  • kira2456
    kira2456 2 months ago +180

    I love that the combination of inspirational quotes, masculinity, and loud music really led dougdoug to victory

    • Some Random Gamer
      Some Random Gamer 2 months ago +7

      @Tricky Trey Perfected How about being a powerbottom, does that count?

    • Tricky Trey Perfected
      Tricky Trey Perfected 2 months ago +22

      @McDim_Dab admitting you're a bottom is hands down the most masculine thing you can do.

    • McDim_Dab
      McDim_Dab 2 months ago +26

      "this is why i've always been a bottom"

  • QBIT
    QBIT 2 months ago +55

    I think the transparency strat could have worked if you tinted one game red and the other blue. That way you would be able to see both games at once while also being able to tell what is in each game.

    • Wohao_Gaster
      Wohao_Gaster 2 months ago +1

      @Faether Or play super mario maker for nintendo 3DS

    • Faether
      Faether 2 months ago +15

      And see it in 3D

  • Valerio B 36
    Valerio B 36 2 months ago +4

    That ending was one of the most inspirational things I've heard all year.

  • Bahyurur
    Bahyurur Month ago +1

    This is the kind of inspirational content the world needs.

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    See my favorite part of Doug’s content is that it starts off innocent enough, gradually devolving into something completely off topic that somehow leads back like a plot device into the very thing that eventually helps him complete the challenge.

  • Grayson Shipley
    Grayson Shipley Month ago +6

    “Keep breathing and keep in mind that you don’t need wisdom to get addicted to opium”
    I wanna print that off and put it on my wall. Would be hilarious merch ngl.

  • Miss Mara
    Miss Mara Month ago

    DougDoug is such a hard channel to recommend. "Oh you like Mario, well I've got this video here that has Mario in the title but also there's shouting and old English speech and some inspirational quotes made by a bot on mushrooms."

  • Silly Fishy
    Silly Fishy Month ago

    Can we all just appreciate how many tags he puts into these videos?

  • Firestar4041
    Firestar4041 Month ago +1

    A single player Mario game where you control both bros, actually sounds pretty neat

  • Dzar The Demon
    Dzar The Demon 2 months ago +16

    Now I wanna see this done as an actual game

  • ꙮwꙮ Marta ꙮwꙮ
    ꙮwꙮ Marta ꙮwꙮ Month ago +3

    Very good to see more fellow bottom gamers. Bottoms for life.

  • High Pope of the temple of the tea

    The ai inspiro bot literally had my crying my eyes out

  • doreime
    doreime Month ago +8

    So cool that Doug’s menstrual cycle is in space or something

  • usrGabriel
    usrGabriel Month ago +1

    Congrats for 2 million Doug 🎉

    JUMPY COOL Month ago +1

    Doug: I’m good at Mario!

  • The Ranting Sage
    The Ranting Sage 2 months ago +29

    As someone who uses Inspirobot semi-frequently to generate memes, seeing it here was very unexpected and just as funny as I knew it would be

  • Paul Jakeman
    Paul Jakeman Month ago

    Now there’s an idea. Play two games at once. Will soon clear my backlog.

  • Rio
    Rio 2 months ago +721

    He should do this again but give Chat the top screen and Chris Snack the bottom screen so they can work together after years of intense divorce filled rivalry

    • Nathan Pfirman
      Nathan Pfirman Month ago +1

      Or give one a and another z crew

    • will wh
      will wh Month ago +2

      Smh why would we give Chris snack the best screen?

    • tanapo
      tanapo 2 months ago +52


    • Gopher
      Gopher 2 months ago +32

      That's also a terrible idea, most of the time Chat is just a bunch of lunatic monkeys and Chris Snack is 'special'.

    • tanapo
      tanapo 2 months ago +13

      thats a really good idea

  • Jo.Jpeg
    Jo.Jpeg Month ago +1

    Video title idea: I play Barn Finders and Kingdom hearts, in a bunny suit, with my ex-wife (sexy mommy squid) and her husband (the shit king), but it's rigged!

  • spiderdude2099
    spiderdude2099 2 months ago +5

    “I’ve always been a bottom”
    I fucking knew it…

  • DoiKid
    DoiKid Month ago +1

    Remember when Doug Doug looked older? This dude's weight loss is insane.

  • tbzyxz
    tbzyxz Month ago +1

    12:41 “Doug I don’t even play Mario” THATS SO FUNNY TO ME

  • Kitsune Fyora
    Kitsune Fyora Month ago

    Easy levels: we got you, DougDoug! First try win!
    Normal levels: hahahaha, yeah, no.

  • overlordss
    overlordss 2 months ago +1

    13:13 respect, id do the same thing if I was in that situation.

  • Boonetube
    Boonetube Month ago +1

    Congrats on (VERY soon to be) 2 million subs!

  • Nexta Boy
    Nexta Boy Month ago +1

    Bro thanks for the 26 minutes of gameplay

  • Martin Jensen
    Martin Jensen Month ago +1

    I can't believe someone finally beat ultra double rigged mode this is the greatest achievement of mankind bar none

  • Cat_Kidney
    Cat_Kidney 2 months ago +14

    I can finally rest knowing that Doug is better at Mario than PointCrow

  • D2S
    D2S 2 months ago +40

    The inspirational quotes left me dying laughing, please never stop uploading DuneDoug

  • Aunday Nation
    Aunday Nation 2 months ago +13

    DougDoug consistently has absolutely incredible ideas that i never would’ve even thought of. This video concept and idea is so creative and i just wanted to appreciate Doug and his hardwork

  • canedimontagna
    canedimontagna Month ago

    the dougdoug figure is pretty dope.. but does it come with a Micromen Microfiber Duster? That's kind of a deal breaker for me

  • Venus Lune
    Venus Lune 2 months ago +13

    I could not stop crying at the inspirobot bit, absolutely hilarious

  • Jacobinator
    Jacobinator Month ago +1

    Just bought my youtooz and I can’t wait to consume mine, it looks absolutely delicious

  • ianfan42
    ianfan42 2 months ago +13

    Actually hilarious seeing Doug call the game rigged instead of chat while chat makes old fashioned booba jokes

  • Jeffery Davidson
    Jeffery Davidson 2 months ago +199

    “I’ve always been a bottom”
    -DougDoug, 2022

  • Geralt of Rivia
    Geralt of Rivia 2 months ago +123

    Good old Doug videos never fail to get me howling.

    • Public_Safety1/34TM
      Public_Safety1/34TM 2 months ago +2

      Maybe you should stop watching his videos during a full moon next time.

    • ironAGENT M
      ironAGENT M 2 months ago +1

      No the bots have spawned

  • ReiGoemon
    ReiGoemon 2 months ago +8

    Hello Dougdoug, I dont know if you will see this but I just want to tell you thank you for making these videos. My grandmother that I loved for almost my whole life is in the emergency hospital and your content is one of the only things that makes me feel better and lighten me up. You might not think I am actually being serious with this because of the other people that probably did the same but it’s ok.
    I just want to tell you Thank You For the Videos You Make

  • cravon omire
    cravon omire 2 months ago +33

    I love it that every one of Doug's challenge videos devolve into shenanigans and chaos.

    • AnthonyInA_Bottle2
      AnthonyInA_Bottle2 2 months ago +2

      we need one where we somehow switched games and challenges all together.

  • Wonkatar
    Wonkatar Month ago +1

    Hey doug! Just had an idea. Fallout 4 but twitch chat controls the Pip Boy app! so they get control over your inventory/pip-boy while you play. maybe you can only use whatever twitch chat does?

  • crackedantagonist
    crackedantagonist Month ago

    3:24 “I’ve always been a bottom.” -DougDoug, 2022

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago

    Beat the first Mario game while beating the latest Mario game

  • fedos
    fedos 2 months ago +18

    I checked out the Inspiron it and got such gems as "We cannot change the world through fondling each other. We can only change the world by confusing ourselves." and "Unleash your girlfriend" (overlayed on a picture of a guy slam dunking a basketball).

  • Rey Alexis
    Rey Alexis 2 months ago

    “I’ve always been a bottom”
    -Dougdoug 2022

  • Scribble Cloud
    Scribble Cloud 2 months ago +19

    the inspirational bot really took this video to the next level, i hope we get to see more of it

  • Wylan Van Everick
    Wylan Van Everick 27 days ago

    Dont think i didnt catch that Stella Glow ost at the end, you have great taste Doug

  • OH CRUD ...
    OH CRUD ... Month ago +2

    Just hopping in to tell you that you look exactly like the therapist from Scott The Woz in the thumbnail. Have a nice day.

  • Babyboodle
    Babyboodle 2 months ago +134

    Doug is such an ally to the bottom gang

  • Johnny Myers
    Johnny Myers Month ago +4

    I’ve legitimately never laughed as hard as I laughed at inspirobot. I had to pause the video to catch my breath multiple times because I couldn’t breath

  • Stinger
    Stinger Month ago

    Now can twitch chat beat A single level of sonic 06 and without glitching (or you cant?)

  • DapperBones
    DapperBones 2 months ago +3

    See my favorite part of Doug’s content is that it starts off innocent enough, gradually devolving into something completely off topic that somehow leads back like a plot device into the very thing that eventually helps him complete the challenge.

  • Hugo Wolsgaard
    Hugo Wolsgaard Month ago

    Doug you should review movies with AI

  • Fuffles
    Fuffles Month ago +6

    10:07 I found the dumpster

    • Fuffles
      Fuffles Month ago

      Thanks Doug for the attention, and just now I realized that there's another at 0:19 you sick bastard

  • krumpus
    krumpus 2 months ago +43

    this stream was an absolute fever dream. loved being there

  • HottieTobby
    HottieTobby 2 months ago +39

    mario maker content always makes my day better

  • Peter Jarvis
    Peter Jarvis Month ago

    He’s trying to play the best GTA V of his goddamn life

  • OnlyPositiveVibes
    OnlyPositiveVibes Month ago

    The transparency idea was great

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +1

    Congrats on 2 million

  • ThatNoobKing
    ThatNoobKing 2 months ago +11

    I fucking love when editing Doug contradicts livestream doug

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important 2 months ago +74

    As a trans man who has a menstrual cycle and wants to be more masculine, this video really resonated with me

    • Editor Dimentio
      Editor Dimentio 10 days ago +1


    • Altered Beast
      Altered Beast 23 days ago +3

      I am in fact suffering from menstrual cramps rn and watching Doug to keep my mind off things! High five!

    • Doeg
      Doeg Month ago


    • Iluvpie6
      Iluvpie6 Month ago +11

      Repeat after me: I am VERY masculine. I am VERY MASCULINE. I AM VERY MASCULINE!!!!!!

  • Courage Gallegos
    Courage Gallegos Month ago

    When's the quad Mario challenge coming out

  • Li Niel
    Li Niel 2 months ago

    when im trying to watch a dougdoug video but i get sent off by an offseer halfway through

  • the owlsmith
    the owlsmith Month ago

    "this is why iv always been a bottom" -DougDoug 2022

  • Matthew Harmison
    Matthew Harmison 2 months ago

    Damn the bot actually himboified him

  • Ashineer
    Ashineer Month ago

    "I've always been a bottom" -DougDoug 2022

  • Jangoice1
    Jangoice1 Month ago +4

    Can't wait to see Doug beat FOUR Mario games with one controller

  • Screeching_Goat
    Screeching_Goat 2 months ago +18

    We can all agree this video had very inspirational quotes

  • OrangeBubble
    OrangeBubble Month ago

    Does anybody just use the Clip-Share videos to watch stream you missed or just me

  • Bumbles McFumbles
    Bumbles McFumbles Month ago

    Doug i think one more thumbnail change will seal the deal

  • Mr. SomeWhat
    Mr. SomeWhat 2 months ago +6

    I wonder how well would Tamriel be able to survive Doug and his chat in novel ai

  • desertpillow1
    desertpillow1 Month ago

    congrats on 2 mill douglass douglass

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 2 days ago +1

    Ok but can we just appreciate Dougdoug actually completing a challenge first try for once?

  • Plush Loler
    Plush Loler 2 months ago +12

    Someone should make a game with the transparent double level thing

    • Miranda A
      Miranda A 2 months ago +2

      That bit actually reminded me a lot of Fireboy and Watergirl lol

  • Austin Baylis
    Austin Baylis 2 months ago +4

    Can we make Inspirebot an ongoing piece of the Dougdoug crew?

  • Mr. Wisk
    Mr. Wisk Month ago

    wow such words at the end, almost cried ;-;

  • Stephen Spark
    Stephen Spark Month ago

    Voice over doug is very argumentative with streamer doug.

    AFA BOSTERA Month ago +1

    You should play Peglin is like Peggle but is a rogue lite

  • ice-coldjoe
    ice-coldjoe Month ago

    Wish i watched this i wouldve suggested doing the same lvls an making it transparent so u could do them at the sametime

  • Truthtrap
    Truthtrap 2 months ago

    “I keep on getting f4(!ed in the bottom by the top” - Doug Doug 2022

  • NiceHyper
    NiceHyper 2 months ago +1

    The InspiroBot was hilarious; I’d love to see that more often!