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  • Published on Jan 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Emmanuel Oppong
    Emmanuel Oppong Month ago +44805

    “Starts with a C”…..She was definitely thinking about chicken nuggets 😂

  • ZeroForced
    ZeroForced Month ago +7048

    Girl on left deserves her props. Even if she didn’t hit the City name of Magic and Nuggets off the bat. She still paired the logo with the team name. She’s dope for sure

    • Trafalgar D. Law
      Trafalgar D. Law Day ago

      @idarkboost bro has problems with snow bunnys☠️☠️

      AVERAGE YOUTARD 3 days ago

      @idarkboost nobody does that bro. This video doesn't even allude to that type of attraction in any way. Ironically maybe it's those industries rotting your brain into the insecure mindset you have

    • Balzar Seguin
      Balzar Seguin 5 days ago

      @idarkboost bro you would be loved for that comment on instagram 😂 idk why people can’t take a joke on here

    • Fut4re
      Fut4re 14 days ago

      @idarkboost w troll

    • YourLocalMenace
      YourLocalMenace 14 days ago +1

      @idarkboost You just want to make a problem out of this interaction so damn bad, its literally a light hearted game and you’re tryna make shit up

  • Dylan McVoy
    Dylan McVoy Month ago +18562

    Bro said a lot of people get high there 😂

    • Soggy Z
      Soggy Z 24 days ago

      It was a good hint tho 😂

    • Luqaza
      Luqaza 26 days ago

      No shit We heard it

    • Bobbet
      Bobbet Month ago

      yeah bro, they have a lot of mountains you know.

    • NoFaceDexx
      NoFaceDexx Month ago

      It’s a high place why not get high😹

  • codypsizzle
    codypsizzle Month ago +9537

    vicious way to say nuggets 💀

    • Steven Vargas
      Steven Vargas 7 days ago


    • Brandon Newby
      Brandon Newby Month ago +1

      ​@Jorge Rodriguez it was cursing cuz she couldn't think of it. It's cool

    • Brandon Newby
      Brandon Newby Month ago +1

      ​@Sweezy_boi it was cursing cuz she couldn't think of it. It's cool.

    • Brandon Newby
      Brandon Newby Month ago +1

      Not vicious. Cursing cuz she couldn't think of the city name.
      I've done the same thing, only nothing to do with

    • Lavonne Evans
      Lavonne Evans Month ago +1

      It can’t be the joy of winning $10 right?

  • C B
    C B Month ago +1073

    If they can name 5 wnba logos, I'll give them each a bazillion dollars

    • Maniachael Productions
      Maniachael Productions 2 days ago

      @Sisyphus Johnson Aces, Lynx, Mercury, Liberty, Fever

    • Ashley Boxdell
      Ashley Boxdell 9 days ago

      Stop😂😂 but I can def take that challenge as as well

    • Jillian James
      Jillian James 10 days ago

      the way y'all bring up the wnba unprovoked is crazy. y'all have a lot of bitterness in your heart and need to seek therapy fr 😂

    • b0om_k1d
      b0om_k1d 21 day ago

      @Wolfyy no problem my guy u had me confused as well

    • Bojangles The Wizard
      Bojangles The Wizard 21 day ago

      ​@Don Solo I'm sure most people could probably get 1 at best

    FIRST CLASS GAMER Month ago +1381

    Welcome to McDonald’s can I get ur order?

  • FlashDust
    FlashDust Month ago +2368

    She’s a keeper 😭

    • BigPapiDamian
      BigPapiDamian 10 days ago +1


    • Guy Horn
      Guy Horn 24 days ago +1

      Nah she been getting passed around by basketball players it seems like💀

    • stunna
      stunna Month ago +5

      @weatherboy bro making up a completely different topic 💀💀

    • weatherboy
      weatherboy Month ago +2

      They would never look at you chill

  • christian castillo
    christian castillo Month ago +221

    Home girl just won her friend 10 buck lol

  • dildochairs
    dildochairs Month ago +66

    Girl on the right got carried to that $10

  • Torrien Robbins
    Torrien Robbins Month ago +5997

    Shawty on the left definitely got brothers or a boyfriend 😂

    • wowzerz?
      wowzerz? Month ago +1

      or she likes basketball?

    • lightlycrustedmayo
      lightlycrustedmayo Month ago

      Or she js likes sports 💀

    • DRBY
      DRBY Month ago

      ​@LU I GI wow about 2+ women you know doesn't know the NBA team logos, ig every woman doesn't know shit about them

    • Elise Chandler
      Elise Chandler Month ago

      Or the girl maybe just plays/likes basketball??

  • GenerousMitch
    GenerousMitch Month ago +19

    You’re the most chill person to do these challenges with people.
    Most people I see that film these try to look for reasons why people are wrong. You try to look for reasons why they are right. You even help them get to the answer.
    Keep it up brudda

  • Chonsly
    Chonsly Month ago +201


  • BenTheBuilder
    BenTheBuilder Month ago +592

    “ a lot of people get high there”

  • Rhymes With Carbon
    Rhymes With Carbon Month ago +307

    So glad my home state is noteworthy because of weed 😅

    • Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby Month ago +3

      Shoutout from Denver

    • Whitney Kelly
      Whitney Kelly Month ago


    • Alan Acevedo
      Alan Acevedo Month ago

      Pretty much

    • jake lowk3y
      jake lowk3y Month ago +3

      Mainly bc you were one of the first ones, new jersey is legal too now but people still refer to us as the jersey shore place so consider yourself fortunate 🤣🤣

  • Eswik
    Eswik Month ago +177

    When she said starts with “c” i was hoping one was gonna yell “chicken”😂😂

    • Zeyy
      Zeyy Month ago +1

      Close enough tho, one letter away

  • Priest MaHolmes
    Priest MaHolmes 23 days ago +3

    Girl on the left is a keeper, I can watch my games without a peep probably watching with me.

  • Joel960
    Joel960 Month ago +36


  • Joshua
    Joshua Month ago +172

    What's the right girl doing there? She could've just left.

    • mariah !!
      mariah !! 27 days ago

      do u have any friends ?

    • Peter Lenza
      Peter Lenza Month ago

      ​@Calculator you just wish you understood 3 syllable words bro 😂

    • wowzerz?
      wowzerz? Month ago +1

      bro mad he aint got friends

    • Alexa Melchor
      Alexa Melchor Month ago +1

      She’s just enjoying life

    • weatherboy
      weatherboy Month ago +3

      @Calculator and?

  • Harmon Watson
    Harmon Watson Month ago +5

    This is how group projects go lol

  • Maniachael Productions

    So nice of him to give hints and not try to humiliate people

  • Mateja
    Mateja Month ago +10

    Bro was getting that number in the end of the video 😂

  • Lurch11 D
    Lurch11 D Month ago +35

    She said nuggets like a kid sayin fudge when they want to swear lol. Also, "...it's a state in Colorado." can't be ignored lmaoo

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward Month ago +4

    This guys actually a genius. At some point he was like “im going to make a channel where i ask attractive girls sports questions”. Simple but brilliant tbh.

  • still a virgin
    still a virgin Month ago +6

    the fact she got GSW so fast, we need her at the front row seats where poole can see her during a game

  • Netche The God
    Netche The God Month ago +3

    Ayyyy son got the Dreamville hoodie on. Mad respect 🫡

  • Mile High Samurai
    Mile High Samurai Month ago +5

    Colorado native here, there’s a lot more to this beautiful state than the ganja, that’s just a bonus 😃

  • adxlias
    adxlias Month ago +1

    I wouldn’t have been able to name a damn thing

  • thetennisprofessional
    thetennisprofessional Month ago +5

    "A lot of people get high there"😂😂😂

  • netflix ・ girl
    netflix ・ girl 6 days ago +1

    The fact that I live in Colorado and screamed DENVER NUGGETS 💀
    (edit) the way he so casually said “a lot of people get high there”

  • Donovan Miller
    Donovan Miller Month ago +6

    Okay see I like this guy. He asked some simple questions. For a reasonable amount of money. Didn’t try to make them look stupid. It was a very fair quiz for a quick $10. 😂

    • Peter Lenza
      Peter Lenza Month ago

      Facts, didn't offer a million dollars or ask them to find the derivative of e= mc2 for $10 lmao

  • Phoenix7798
    Phoenix7798 Month ago +4

    As a person in Colorado, I can't be happier that we are known for getting high

  • Steven Martinez
    Steven Martinez 11 days ago

    Bro went back to the 80s at that hit

  • Hybrid VR
    Hybrid VR 25 days ago +1

    This would have been the easiest cash ever 🤣

  • Long BuddyTv
    Long BuddyTv Month ago +3

    Shordy on the left pulled a carry job lebron would be proud of

  • john blaze
    john blaze 26 days ago +1

    If they can name nuggets so fast it's no way they don't know where the nuggets play

  • Srrpnt
    Srrpnt 21 day ago

    two friends sharing their last two braincells

  • Michael Elliott
    Michael Elliott 25 days ago +3

    And then he said, "For an extra $5,000, name this WNBA logo."

    • Jillian James
      Jillian James 10 days ago

      lame how y'all bring up the wnba unprovoked. especially when you're not competing professionally at any level 😂

  • ABM Terell
    ABM Terell 25 days ago

    This genuinely made me smile

  • Ching Shady
    Ching Shady 26 days ago

    They really said the LA Nuggets with so much confidence

  • Ed Parrish
    Ed Parrish Month ago +7

    Kudos to the girl on left. I like her

  • Chizmunch!
    Chizmunch! 25 days ago +1

    These are so much more fun and interesting than people walking up and asking super personal or sexual questions

  • Eric Ortega
    Eric Ortega Month ago

    Homie gave em hints lol.

  • Leostotle
    Leostotle Month ago +9

    Now that I’m thinking about it “nuggets” is a funny name for a team lol

    • ishot2pac69
      ishot2pac69 2 days ago

      The largest piece of gold or "nugget" ever unearthed comes from the Gold Flake Mine in Summit County, Colorado. It was found in 1887 by two men named Tom Groves and Harry Lytton, and it was named “Tom's Baby”. It weighs an exceptional 156 troy ounces! Either that or it's racist

  • BasicallySims
    BasicallySims 6 days ago

    She’s a keeper 😂

  • Avery Budny
    Avery Budny 24 days ago

    Watching this in Denver and knowing the only way they get the answer is by thinking of weed 😂

  • Cliff H
    Cliff H Month ago +4

    I never realized how bad of a team name Nuggets is until this video. I always thought Jazz was the worst. You changed my mind.

  • basketball
    basketball Month ago

    Proud of these girls 🙌🏻

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby Month ago

    I loved it when she almost shouted "Nuggets!" kind of like a curse word cuz she couldn't think of the city. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joe Bear
    Joe Bear Month ago +17

    now start asking women what logo it is from a WNBA team. They’ll never know

    • rty08
      rty08 Month ago +1

      That's quiz show worthy. Not even men will know

  • Butterfly Kisses
    Butterfly Kisses Month ago

    I can name damn near all 30 teams based off their logo.

  • Zanitey
    Zanitey Month ago

    She a keeper fr

  • Khalil Abusakran III
    Khalil Abusakran III Month ago +4

    You just got robbed 😂 that girl knew her stuff 👍

    • Stratos M
      Stratos M Month ago

      ​@Gamer hound Stop hating she knew everything apart from that the nuggets are from Denver

    • Antonio Emile
      Antonio Emile Month ago

      ​@Gamer hound only on the last one

    • Gamer hound
      Gamer hound Month ago

      Man they were guessing and he kept giving them hints lol wdym 😂😂😂💀😂

  • Mr. Reed
    Mr. Reed Month ago +1

    They be naming those teams pretty quick 👀👀

  • Jack Metrro
    Jack Metrro Month ago +5

    When I was younger the Heat logo always confused me. For some reason my mind couldn't see the flaming ball and only saw a weird blob, same thing with the Falcons. Took me years to realize it wasn't a weird looking Falcon head but the whole damn bird.

  • I couldnt Feel worse smh

    You "won" when God blessed you both with a beautiful figure lol

  • Moody M
    Moody M Month ago +1

    I LOVE that he gave a hint, so wholesome

  • hairyzilla
    hairyzilla Month ago +3

    Was he SCORING them digits at the end there??🤣

    • TWolfyG
      TWolfyG Month ago +1

      @Talent Hlungwani I have cash on me at all times lol, Apple Pay or card errors happen to often

    • Tyler B
      Tyler B Month ago

      @Saline Addict Shirley you can’t be seeious

    • Tyler B
      Tyler B Month ago

      @hairyzilla lmfao

    • Saline Addict
      Saline Addict  Month ago

      @Talent Hlungwani nah you can’t be serious

    • hairyzilla
      hairyzilla Month ago +2

      I’ve been enlightened

  • Oh you like that
    Oh you like that 27 days ago

    Too much room you gave them, you should have walked away unless they was gone suck you up 😂

  • Darnell Tabor
    Darnell Tabor Month ago

    I'm out here cheering for these girls! 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Mrallgaming
    Mrallgaming Month ago +20

    Girl on the left is a queen

    • Jordan
      Jordan Month ago

      @SCRUBLORD who hurt you💀

      SCRUBLORD Month ago

      Nah girl on the right is a queen she didn’t get passed around by the whole basketball team

  • Dalton Mekis
    Dalton Mekis Month ago

    Hell of a lot better than I could have done

  • Matt S.
    Matt S. Month ago

    Me not thinking my hometown team would get featured.. let alone it be the one they get hung up on 🤣😭

  • Zed anide
    Zed anide Month ago +3

    I looked at them and immediately thought "nah, no way they're getting any right" but left girl was solid

    • G_low - osu!
      G_low - osu! Month ago +1

      I mean it’s pretty easy to get 3 recent championship teams, the other 2 were pretty good guesses though

    • PizzleSauce
      PizzleSauce Month ago +1

      Dated a guy who could have watched basketball too

  • millmr20
    millmr20 Month ago +1

    Now ask them WNBA logos

  • Dillon
    Dillon Month ago +1

    You seem like a chill dude

  • Niuul
    Niuul Month ago +6

    Officially presenting you The los Angeles Nuggets...

    • scootie b
      scootie b Month ago

      It’s the only city blondes like her know 😂

  • Cavemad Skates
    Cavemad Skates Month ago

    Now tell them to name 5 wnba logos 😂

  • Collin Berryhill
    Collin Berryhill Month ago

    her reaction was so happy lol

  • Chase 🇵🇷
    Chase 🇵🇷 Month ago +20

    Dang they do better than 80% of the dudes on here

  • Jayden Rubelsne
    Jayden Rubelsne Month ago

    That's how my sate is thought of 🤣 "alot of people get high there"

  • Jason Claunch
    Jason Claunch Month ago

    Well I think he found the future ex wife of a basketball player.

  • Raven Sica
    Raven Sica Month ago +8

    Girl in black didn’t contribute shit and almost led her astray. Let this be a lesson

  • Lewis Black
    Lewis Black Month ago

    Dude was pretty lenient, I wonder why?🤔😂

  • Nora Donehoo
    Nora Donehoo Month ago +2

    As a guy that lives in Denver that last question was hurtful

  • Game Nostalgia
    Game Nostalgia Month ago +28

    Bro gave them infinite attempts 💀

    • leo vulinovic
      leo vulinovic Month ago


    • Stratos M
      Stratos M Month ago +2

      Bruh how? It was only Colorado that was wrong and he does that on everyone

    • MadHeatFan3
      MadHeatFan3 Month ago +1

      They blondes chill

    • Mike Jones
      Mike Jones Month ago +19

      Not really. He gives hints and extra attempts all the time for the guys too (granted the questions are harder)

    • Barylon
      Barylon Month ago +3

      I wonder why 💀

  • Eyeless Trooper
    Eyeless Trooper Month ago

    the left one was goin off even I don't know the teams like that 😂

  • Amir
    Amir Month ago +1

    They studied good so they can hit up everyone that gets drafted 🤣

  • ColoradoSportsFan178
    ColoradoSportsFan178 Month ago +3

    As a person who lives in Colorado and does not get high, I can confirm that a lot of people get high here.💀

  • Fyuesiy
    Fyuesiy Month ago

    Damn they did better then I would 😂

  • Axel Ubeda
    Axel Ubeda 27 days ago +1

    Homeboy over here finessing girls name the team, not the city lol

  • Solomon Z
    Solomon Z Month ago +1

    Talm bout"we won" nah sis YOU won 😂

  • wilfred0203123
    wilfred0203123 12 days ago

    She was about to say “CHICKEN NUGGETS” 😂😂😂

  • LmaoRocal_
    LmaoRocal_ Month ago +1

    The left one did the most work😂

  • capt. madness
    capt. madness 23 days ago

    Girl on the left should get the whole 20 bucks, right one was just repeating 😂

  • Alontee Hosannah
    Alontee Hosannah Month ago

    She said nuggets with the same enthusiasm as an 8year on their way to McDonald’s

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez Month ago

    She said Miami Heat fast 🔥 she's a real one

  • Mansittingundertheweirwoodtree

    Mans was not thrilled whatsoever that she actually knew shit hahaha shame for the 20 dollars huh 😂

  • Alan Acevedo
    Alan Acevedo Month ago

    Girl on the right was there for the vibes😂

  • Jay Never Sober
    Jay Never Sober Month ago

    Girl on the right don’t need $10 she got carried 💀

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 25 days ago

    She’s a keeper

  • Backwardsgaming2Kclips

    These girls got the easiest ones I could guess every single on in less than 2 minutes

  • Dahari Williams
    Dahari Williams 26 days ago

    This would have been the easiest 20 dollars of my life..

  • Scott Haynes
    Scott Haynes Month ago

    I promise you it was for Warden $20 he wouldn't helped them through half the answers

  • Trump, up for the layup! OH BLOCKED BY BIDEN!

    Girl on the right had no clue what any of them were 😭😂

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude Month ago

    Bro almost said “Los Angeles Nuggets” 💀

  • Unknown Lz
    Unknown Lz Month ago

    Girl on the left done a 06-07 Bron Cavs type carry wtf 😭

  • Black Golf
    Black Golf 8 days ago

    They need more for naming the city

  • Officialsnook
    Officialsnook Month ago

    When you get an A on a project for doing nothing

  • Press Master 1
    Press Master 1 Month ago

    Have them name WNBA logos 😂😂 bet they can’t guess 1

  • Diamonte Perry
    Diamonte Perry Month ago +1

    When they named the heat and cavs with out hesitation I knew they’d win. 🤷🏾‍♂️