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How West Will Deliver Tanks To Ukraine & Why The War May Be Over Before They Reach The Frontline

  • Published on Jun 9, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The US-made Abrams tanks are named after American military general Creighton Abrams who was known for his leadership during the Vietnam war. After the M1 Abrams was first commissioned in the US Army in 1980, the tanks has proven its success on several battlefields.
    The M1 Abrams is known for its superior firepower, protection and mobility has made into a weapon of choice for Ukraine.
    Last week, the US President Joe Biden agreed to send more than 30 M1 Abrams tanks into Ukraine, a decision that he had been reluctant to make for many months now. Biden’s hand was forced in a sense by Germany which decided to send over a dozen Leopard 2 tanks and by Britain which earlier announced that it’ll be sending the challenger 2 tanks.
    On Crux Decode, Zakka Jacob explains if these tanks will make any difference on the battlefield, their delivery timelines and why Russia has avoided to show any alarm over the move.
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  • Bitchslapper316
    Bitchslapper316 4 months ago +5

    The tank was named after Abrams because of his actions in WW2. He was a Colonel and an armored commander under General Patton. He was often referred to as Patton's spear tip.

  • Marc
    Marc 4 months ago +37

    Well yes, in general I have a feeling that delivery decisions are made when "shit hits the fan". Same with fighter jets, categorically saying no now shows a lack of forward planning, since no one knows now what Russia might do in 6 months.
    I never thought of battle tanks as a big game changer, tank battles are largely over, air superiority is more important, air defence is more important long range artillery is more important etc.
    Russia though is hilarious like always, first they complain and threaten in case tanks are sent, and then they say tanks are not a problem anyway. Reminds me of three year old kids throwing a tantrum.

    • Gábor Faragó
      Gábor Faragó 4 months ago +2

      Nem vagyte okos,aztis mondhatnám marha vagy.a kérdés az,hogy kébzelte a drogos hogy ellenkezett orosszal????egyáltalán bárki???orkokkal eggyse bír,eggy kis történelmet kéne tanulni!!!!

    • elvis selma
      elvis selma 4 months ago +1

      Long range artillery ang sophisticated fighter jets is must for Ukraine 😩😂 not made during time of Douglasc arthur, sincerely honest to NATO members plss ur full support in Ukraine GodBless 🙏🏿🙏🏽 and all alliances against Russians 💀🎚️

    • Tim Smith
      Tim Smith 4 months ago +2

      ‘Tank battles are largely over’? Says who? Not Russia, that’s for sure. Russia has more tanks than any other country in the world (or at least it did have before it invaded Ukraine).

  • unter mench
    unter mench 4 months ago +31

    NATO can argue the value of the armaments but every hour that they delay deliveries is another hour that Russia has to gain the advantage.

  • Paul Feasal
    Paul Feasal 4 months ago +5

    The M1 A1 development started way earlier than stated. It started in 1964. GE and Chrysler got the contract in the 1970's, not the 1980's. Also they don't mention the fact Ford built tanks for the military and this is why Ford hasn't done a contract with the US military since. To give an example Ford built military tabks in WW2. Threwout history of the US military they have had several manufacturing companies they have worked with in clueding GM, Chrysler, Ford, Dodge, Jeep and many others.

    • Mike
      Mike 4 months ago +1

      All this talk about not letting Teck into 🇷🇺 hands..eg uranium ( blocks) armour, but were a dozen or so US tanks left in Afghanistan…even if disabled..armour and some military technology still on them…is this just talk, like Abrams will only run on Aviation fuel, when they will run on any fuel,( maybe not as fast/powerful/long lasting engine..but run on them..

  • East Africa
    East Africa 4 months ago +23

    Poland already said only five weeks is needed to train the Ukrainians. Also the soldiers training on these tanks are not fresh civilian teenagers being pulled up into the Ukrainian army like in European or American armies. This is more of a conversion training program to upgrade their existing skills for these tanks.

    • Lucas
      Lucas 4 months ago +12

      Without air cover these tanks are toast.

    • KuyaKoi Aguilar
      KuyaKoi Aguilar 4 months ago +8

      training how to drive aim and shoot might only take five weeks. but battle tactics and Maintenace would take months.

    • PLTommia
      PLTommia 4 months ago +2

      @Lucas or maybe patriot systems are covering transport

    • Corvanna
      Corvanna 4 months ago +7

      @Lucas not sure why the tanks need air cover against Russia. Russia is afraid to fly in Ukraine

    • Big D's Gaming
      Big D's Gaming  4 months ago +3

      they have already been trained

  • Sumit Pal
    Sumit Pal 4 months ago +16

    Great content. CRUX doesn't disappoint.

  • Nike Nneji
    Nike Nneji 4 months ago +2

    Unfortunately, our world is lacking in military strategists. The world has military journalists that talk a lot and do little. The tanks should have been delivered to the appropriate places in the various battlefields BEFORE announcing the delivery to the world including Putin.

  • REF
    REF 4 months ago +3

    ...'nudge from the British' ? The british decision did not play any role vis a vis Germany. To make the point clear, Germany delivering Leopard tanks means unleashing, at least in the longer run, a potential 4 figure number of reasonably modern to top notch tanks (depending on leopard version) from 3rd countries. This has the potential to decide the war. Now , Germany did not want to be seen by Russia as the main cause, the maker of the decision that lead to their (a.t.m. potential) defeat. This would have had serious repercussions, regarding the Russia/Germany relationship (particularly bec. of the background of WW2) for a generation to come. Now 14 british tanks do not play the SLIGHTEST role in this context. But the US stepping up as the main antagonist, also with regard to the decision of sending in modern MBT and thus taking most of the heat, does help to alleviate this problem. Britains contributions to Ukraine are valuable, but Britains political role in continental europe is diminishing. ...and Russia does not take UK seriously, anyway.

    • Nemo
      Nemo 4 months ago

      much of what you've stated is conjecture, and as such time will tell to what degree it is correct or false
      but one very important point. a handful of MBT's will make no difference to the eventual Russian victory over Ukraine These tanks will simply burn.
      tragically the more weapons that NATO supplies, the longer the war will last and therefore the more Ukrainians will die, and of course Russians but in lesser numbers

  • Fabio
    Fabio 4 months ago +3

    I always asked myself why Russians never targeted any Western shipments or convoys that come to Ukraine

    • Tom Henry
      Tom Henry 4 months ago

      Invites us doing the same

  • frank frank
    frank frank 4 months ago +1

    Abrams was driving around France in 1944 in an obsolete, medium Sherman tank, being shot up by every German tank in use. After that he swore he would send Americans into action in the heaviest tanks possible in future.

    • Bitchslapper316
      Bitchslapper316 4 months ago

      The sherman wasn't obsolete at all. Do some research outside of playing tanks or war thunder.

  • Paul Paustovanu
    Paul Paustovanu 4 months ago +9

    As a Romanian, I will say to you that the Romanian press, which is usually well-informed, has not reported the presence of Ukrainian troops or the delivery of Western weapons, heading to Ukraine. Poland has foolishly taken the role of premier entry point for weapons to Ukraine.

    • FandersonUfo
      FandersonUfo 4 months ago +4

      the Poles are brave and determined to defend their part of the world from Russian aggression - I'm sure most Romanians feel the same way

    • Big D's Gaming
      Big D's Gaming  4 months ago +1

      since the railways run from there to Ukraine is this not a no brainer ?

    • Laszlo Zoltan
      Laszlo Zoltan 4 months ago

      it seems paul has more "foolishly" accepted his marching orders from the other side....

    • Danuta Rzymkiewicz
      Danuta Rzymkiewicz 4 months ago

      @FandersonUfo Is Ukraine the part of the Polish world? Since when? Being hawkish (Poland) will not help to solve the problems, dating back to the beginning of European history. Sending the tanks neither...

  • McM
    McM 4 months ago +9

    I think it is too late for the tanks. This should have occured several months ago so that the Ukrainians can properly be trained. To adequately fight a Russian push, they'll now need long range weapons.

    • Dena T
      Dena T 4 months ago +3

      Ukrainian soldiers are flown to the US to train. They have been here numerous times.

    • McM
      McM 4 months ago

      @Dena T the logistics of operating and most importantly maintaining western tanks takes months to properly learn. I hope that Ukraine gets tanks soon, but it won't be before a Russian push, which means it will be too late.
      They need ATACMS now.

  • Geoffrey Byamukama
    Geoffrey Byamukama 4 months ago

    When they are sending tanks or other equipments they don't say exact numbers because it breaches the operational security. When they say 30 or 14 tanks just know they are more than that.

    • Tim Smith
      Tim Smith 4 months ago

      I think the numbers are accurate, but they only represent the current wave of deliveries. It doesn’t mean there won’t be any future waves of deliveries.

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin 4 months ago +1

    I was counting on a great magnificent deception and seeing the tanks already there. Maybe not in force, but some arrivals none the less. The British are now saying that which made me opposed to western MBT's being sent at all. They're now concerned the secret armor designed by British MoD is in question of being pirated by Russia and her ally China. I can't believe this wasn't their first thought before sending those "14" Challengers.
    For the record, the AH-64 apache is the only helicopter to have an entire tank battalion surrender to combat choppers. That too, was Iraq. The Apache squadrons hit the Iraqi tank battalion so hard they eventually opened the hatches and threw their hands in the air.

    • Bitchslapper316
      Bitchslapper316 4 months ago

      I'm not sure where you are getting your news. The challengers and abrams being sent are the export variants, they don't have the classified armor.

    • Daniel Martin
      Daniel Martin 4 months ago

      @Bitchslapper316 Any sane individual would hope they don't. I've no idea why it was reported that there was a concern the Challenger could have sensitive material aboard after the decision to send them was made. The Abrams, they say, are being equipped with something other than tungsten and uranium.
      Considering the M1A2 and the Challenger use the British crafted composite armor it doesn't make sense to send them into the field with classified material.
      However, there are other things about those tanks no one would want to fall into Russian or Chinese hands.

    • Bitchslapper316
      Bitchslapper316 4 months ago

      @Daniel Martin Big arms companies make military equipment with different variants. They all have an export variant that is approved by thier government that can be sold to other nations without giving up military secrets. If they send the non export variant they usually take parts off if it. As an example the Abrams being sent is the M1A2 export variant. It's not the newest model and it doesn't have the classified armor. Similar to what the Saudis had bought. It's still a potent tank but if it's captured it won't reveal any new information other nations don't already have. The same goes with the challenger. We can see examples of this with previous equipment sent. Some of the equipment taken out of military storage had parts taken off such as armor and electronics and replaced with the commerical versions.
      Additionally there probably isn't much about the newer versions that the Chinese and Russians don't already know about. Tanks are dispensable battle field assets and although some components may secret it's not intelligence that would change things on a large scale. Rare assets are where the secrets are at. A good example was a new Russian command and control vehicle the Ukrainians captured early in the war. That thing was probably shipped to the U.S and taken apart.

    • Daniel Martin
      Daniel Martin 4 months ago

      @Bitchslapper316 I'm fully aware of the variations betwixt export amenities.
      However, there are other things to consider. Like general performance, shortcomings, mechanics, all manner of engineering that one wouldn't necessarily assume need be classified but that the enemy may not have thought of. Battlefield performance could reveal previously unconsidered details that may be exploited or copied. It's not just about the classified stuff.

  • Bravin ELo
    Bravin ELo 4 months ago +14

    The same expert who predicted that Ukraine will fall within 3 days.

    • Satyam Chowdhury
      Satyam Chowdhury 4 months ago +3

      Atleast Russian troops reached Kiev in the 2nd day
      They were pushed from there but that doesn't mean that Kiev is safe now
      There is atleast 2 missile strikes every week

    • deleonrikkie
      deleonrikkie 4 months ago

      That's interesting...

    • hello
      hello 4 months ago +3

      The rest of the free world stands with Russia!..Viva Russia 🇷🇺 dont fear, 80% of the world supports you against NATO imperialists ..your not alone

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 4 months ago

      @Satyam Chowdhury you think a couple missile strikes on civilians is going to change anything?

  • Djwizzo
    Djwizzo 4 months ago +4

    They actually got a host.... how refreshing, better than making ppl read it.

  • hon liong
    hon liong 4 months ago

    A few crucial questions:
    (1). Would the tanks be able to turn the war around significantly?
    (2). Would the war end, or already decided one way or other, before the tanks hit the ground,
    (3). Is America really serious about sending the Abrams tanks.
    (4). America election.
    (1). It is my belief that less than 150 of all tanks combined will be available. BUT that is the PLEDGE, and not metal on the ground yet. Hypes and spins are the stuff wars are made of, truths and reality are the casualties. Analysts and military talked up the strengths of the tanks, yet hardly mentioned the weaknesses. Like I said earlier, it is about hypes and spins.
    (2). Russia knows that now is the critical moment to make as much impact on the war. This will afford it more leverage if a negotiation does take place. Because the tanks won't be around for 6 months, if it gets itself in a winning position, America would be forced to reconsider its optimism of a win.
    (3). The Abrams tanks are really impressive on paper. It becomes even more impressive when those analysts get hold of them. But there are problems...
    **(a). a fuel guzzler,
    **(b). highly sophisticated, too cleaver for its own good if you like,
    **(c). It is very, very heavy, and
    **(d). More critically, its armors. While it's depleted Uranium armors make it harder to pierce, it is against the US export regulations. As I understand it, they are now replacing the depleted Uranium shields with conventional Tungsten plates. This then renders it not much better than the normal tanks with Tungsten plates. Hypes, or reality?
    (4). America wants to give the ruling party something to cheer about before the next election...a win. Well, winning is the Holy Grail America has yet to successful achieved. Its runs of losses scattered along the 4 decades sine WWII. The most recent one, the Afghan war, didn't give Biden much to do a song and dance about. So a win in Ukraine will certainly win the next election for the Democratic Party, but I am not certain that Biden will be jogging to the lectern to deliver his victory speech.
    So who will snatch the Holy Grail in this war? In the Cricket terminology, no one has yet hit a six, not even a four. Mostly ones and twos. Now America is using an Aluminum bat, hoping that it will hit a 6 and over the stadium roof. Ha ha. I would to see that.

  • arifa hafeez
    arifa hafeez 4 months ago

    God bless and help Ukrain president people and army and countries helping Ukrain fighting for their motherland territories in defence Patriotic brave bravo against the offensive attacks of Russia

  • M Simon
    M Simon 4 months ago

    The Russians, who are unable to bypass Bakhmut are going to be fighting as a mobile strike force. It could happen. In some other universe.

  • sam som
    sam som 4 months ago

    World War III Has Begun; How It Unfolds Depends on Us
    We think of the Russia-Ukraine war as a local conflict, but it is much more than that; it is a global war on multiple fronts. The war is not only a military conflict; it is also an economic war of attrition. With skyrocketing gas prices and shortage of staples, people all over the world are feeling the consequences of the war.
    This war is transforming the entire modus operandi of humanity. Since the dawn of time, we have been accustomed to living by the motto, “survival of the fittest.” By and large, the rule was that the strong determined the rules, and the rules were often abusive toward the weak. Now, it seems like a new mindset has set in: Wanting something and being strong enough to take it does not mean that the world will accept it.
    The war, therefore, is being fought on the inside no less, and perhaps more than on the outside. Our very makeup is changing from abusive to cooperative, from narcissistic to altruistic.
    It hurts, and it will not happen without a struggle, but it is irreversible. This is the path of our evolution toward the purpose of our creation-to encompass within us all of creation. To do that, we must come to care for it, just as a mother encompasses her child through her maternal love.
    The struggle to transition from our current uncaring and mean approach to all creations but ourselves, into wise and compassionate beings is called “the war of Gog and Magog” or Armageddon.
    Since the war is about our inner makeup, we can fight it within us. If we object to struggling with ourselves over who will rule-the ego or love-the physical reality will force us to choose love nonetheless. However, it will do so by hurting us in a very physical way.
    The war in Eastern Europe is nothing compared to what we might have to endure if we resist the process. The horrific descriptions of our sages and prophets hint at it, and we would not want to live through it.
    Alternatively, we can fight this war within us without firing a single bullet. The choice is in our hands. All we need is to continue in the same direction that nature is already leading us: toward connection. If we make an effort to care for one another, even though initially we don’t, then we are moving in the right direction. If we try to resolve conflicts not with guns or even legal battles, but by strengthening the care and friendship between us, then we are saving lives and sparing torments from countless people.
    In conclusion, let us try to rise above the hatred and see the human on the other side, who suffers too. Let us think that this war was given to us so we would think about each other more than we have so far. After all, were it not for this war, we would not notice one another. Now that it is here, we are no longer indifferent. Although our feelings our currently negative, now that we are aware of them, we can work on them together and turn them around. These are the wars of the Messiah who moshech [Hebrew: pulls] us out of the ego, and into mutual love.

    • hussein shuaibu
      hussein shuaibu 4 months ago +1

      "Wanting something and being strong enough to take it does not mean the world will accept it". But the World accepted it in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan invasions. Double standard?

  • jattdadanda
    jattdadanda 4 months ago +9

    Congratulations to Ukraine for a well organized retreat 👏 👏👏

    • lostlogic69
      lostlogic69 4 months ago +4

      Just like the Russians in Kharkiv and Kherson?

    • lostlogic69
      lostlogic69 4 months ago +1

      @MR JHAY L Lol, what happened once can happen again. Especially now that the tanks are coming in.
      Yes, Ukrainians are suffering, but Russians soldiers are just dead.

  • Gilbert Robert Tuahuru
    Gilbert Robert Tuahuru 4 months ago

    So so, proud of the West for the great support to Ukraine, also to the USA, NATO,, UK,, EU all friendlies of the world 🌎. Glorious Ukraine.

  • Neel Arnav
    Neel Arnav 4 months ago +1

    Great content.

  • Alex Eben
    Alex Eben 4 months ago +3

    They should send an escort of avenger air defence vehicles to protect the convoys.

  • HaChi RoKu
    HaChi RoKu 4 months ago +1

    As long they have stunger,nlaws,javekin they will be fine. They don’t have much during the early ohase and they kick them out so this time might be the same. Nope risk for war plane as they have anti aircraft either and russians were afraid to fly inside ukraine.

  • Bikeaddict
    Bikeaddict 4 months ago +1

    No one is going to tell the world including Russia when the tanks are being delivered or training completed , it has to be a smokescreen to keep the Orcs guessing

    • Mata-Miramar
      Mata-Miramar 4 months ago

      The orcs have already won🤣🤣🤣

  • peter De ridder
    peter De ridder 4 months ago +2

    there 1001 ways to get the tanks in ukrain ! and they wil have verry strong teams supporting this moves.

  • hussein shuaibu
    hussein shuaibu 4 months ago

    The Tanks are already in there, may be, and their operators. So no delays.

  • 916medic
    916medic 4 months ago

    Great so now Russia will be able to capture the Abrams, leopard and challenger tanks and reverse engineer them

  • John
    John  4 months ago +4

    How long they will last is the more important question.

  • Frank Thompson
    Frank Thompson 4 months ago

    No perfect timing strategy for hitting a depleated army tired of fighting with fresh armour and soldier's wins the battle

  • Sean O'Neill
    Sean O'Neill 4 months ago

    In response to the title yes and yes . That weasel Hake Sullivan has a lot to answer for

  • trst quint
    trst quint 4 months ago +3

    6:44 Gerasimov: in his 8 months expecting. Delivering a horrible war baby

  • Stephen marshall
    Stephen marshall 4 months ago

    To deliver and deploy the heavy weapons ukraine 🇺🇦 first needs a great air defense system to protect themselves against Russia missile's.

  • Frank Simon Ngole
    Frank Simon Ngole 4 months ago +2

    If HIMMARS failed in Ukraine, not so sure TANKS are going to change anything.

  • kemp10
    kemp10 4 months ago

    This guy sounds like one of the WKUK guys doing a sarcastic impression of a British general

  • luis rivera
    luis rivera 4 months ago

    New Abrams tanks need to be built for Ukraine, as our existing tanks armor contains depleted uranium, aka spent nuclear fuel therefore our Energy Department prohibits them to be shipped out of the United States.

    • Tom Henry
      Tom Henry 4 months ago

      Biden could mandate and ship DU armor tanks

    • luis rivera
      luis rivera 4 months ago

      @Tom Henry he can not.

    • luis rivera
      luis rivera 4 months ago

      you would be shipping nuclear waste to another country...

    • Rollenspiel Rentner
      Rollenspiel Rentner 4 months ago

      cool, give putin another arguement to go nuclear, if ukraine is shooting with nuclear ammunition!

    • luis rivera
      luis rivera 4 months ago

      @Rollenspiel Rentner Depleted uranium is mixed in with the tank's armor, its not ammo..

  • Sadia Tuba
    Sadia Tuba 4 months ago

    Will Red Army reach Berlin once again before the West?

  • olmsa
    olmsa 4 months ago +4

    My fear is that "putin will not admit defeat from Ukraine"

    • chris
      chris 4 months ago +9

      Lmao! His troops are gaining territory daily.

    • Umesh राई
      Umesh राई 4 months ago +7

      Why would he admit defeat when he is gaining now?

    • lostlogic69
      lostlogic69 4 months ago +2

      @chris There you go again with your premature celebration. Then you keep quiet if Ukraine pulled a Kharkiv or a Kherson.

    • hello
      hello 4 months ago +5

      The rest of the free world stands with Russia!..Viva Russia 🇷🇺 dont fear, 80% of the world supports you against NATO imperialists ..your not alone

  • Geoffrey Byamukama
    Geoffrey Byamukama 4 months ago +3

    And do you believe in those numbers? I hear the total tanks being sent to Ukraine by the collective West are more than 320 tanks.

    • Big D's Gaming
      Big D's Gaming  4 months ago +2

      a thousand more will be sent by the time this war for profit ends

    • Neil Titmus
      Neil Titmus 4 months ago

      As soon as the as the first tanks are there and show they work and up to speed then ukrwine will get a load of abrams dumped on then .

    • Tom Henry
      Tom Henry 4 months ago +2

      By 2024
      Less then 200 by spring

    • Big D's Gaming
      Big D's Gaming  4 months ago

      @Neil Titmus 1000 s are coming regardless what happens to them I do agree with you

    • Joetechlincolns
      Joetechlincolns 4 months ago

      More T-72's are part of that number, I believe. Not many left though

  • jcbel
    jcbel 4 months ago +1

    Late but too late but fear thou not, I am with thee Ukraine. Be not dismayed, I am thy God. I will strengthen you all. Trust the hand of God Ukraine. He will help and uphold you all with the right hand of his righteousness. God bless you all 🙏 🌈

  • Matthew Cadden
    Matthew Cadden 4 months ago +1

    My opinion... Ukraine troops had already been training on these systems well b4 the announcement of western countries sending them... Ukraine and west allies know ahead of time that they were going to be sending these tanks especially b4 they announced it on the media so it would be foolish to think that this isn't taken into consideration... The Ukraine are probably already fully trained on the leopard 2 tanks from a month ago .. that's why Ukraine keeps getting the upper hand in these situations..

    • Štefan Buban
      Štefan Buban 4 months ago +1

      Well, Ukraine definitely has the upper hand. The Russians keep occupying new territories, the Ukrainians have great human losses and still have the upper hand?

    • Tom Henry
      Tom Henry 4 months ago


    • Mata-Miramar
      Mata-Miramar 4 months ago

      The Ukrainians are getting bown to pieces but hey, at least they have the upper hand ✋️

  • RedGearZ96
    RedGearZ96 4 months ago

    It won't be over before they arrive but these tanks will take months to get to Ukraine, this war will go on for years. Neither side wants to back down.

    MARY CLIFFORD 4 months ago

    So we're so afraid of the paper Russian bear, we have to feed tanks to Ukraine in itty bitty bites? Absurd. The Pentagon champion dithering team makes Team Dithering Germany look almost decisive. I am very concerned Putin is ramping up to get the drop on Ukraine before all these battlefield enhancements come on line. The other dithering over fighter jets by all the major players is pathetic. Two steps forward, one back is expecting Ukraine to fend off a monster one handed, only partly mechanized, and a lack of fighter air cover. WE WOULD NOT SEND OUR TROOPS.INTI MAJOR ACTION WITHOUT ALL THE Stuff AN ARMORED BRIGADE NEEDS, BUT EXPECT UKRAINE TO WORK A MIRACLE? Are we secretly hoping to just put on a good show against Moscow but not go in for the kill to finish off his old school imperiaIst land grab, forcing Ukraine to negotiate before all their troops die! UK news reporting that their military advisors are shocked to find there is a very high rate of suicides in Ukraine military. I don't think they have enough people under arms to rotate them from front lines to rest and regroup. They of sheer necessity are being worked in traumatic circumstances, constant shelling until they literally kill themselves before the Russians do! It would not be anywhere near this bad for Ukrainian troops if we all put our ducks in a row timely, putting together the whole kit needed to put forward armored brigades BEFORE they are needed, not oh this is what Ukraine will need for big counter offense WHEN IT IS ALMOST HERE and many promised components won't be there till summer or late '23! Maybe Ukraine can still win hobbled like this but I doubt it. Vlad is out to flood the field with vast multiple waves of troops to squander Ukrainian ammo, and overwhelm their positions.Vlad could still win with his shambolic, drunk, disorganized threadbare military, and that keeps me up at night! USA and NATO, GET YOUR s*** together and ducks in a row. Stop shooting yourselves in the foot, for when you do, Ukraine gets shot in
    the head!!!

  • Operator 9
    Operator 9 4 months ago +1

    um...how are they going to move by train if ukraine has electric trains and no power?

  • Arnici Aurelian
    Arnici Aurelian 4 months ago +1

    It matters! Anyway, there are no idiots to believe that Ukraine will win the war. 😆

  • Tord Steiro
    Tord Steiro 4 months ago

    Abrams won't reach Ukraine until 2024. But that's not the point - for the short term needs, western countries will simply empty their aresenals of oldr soviet tanks, and then supply Leopards and Challengers in time for the next Ukrainian offensive.
    So, what's teh point with the Abrams? The point is that this is a commitment to long-term support. The US has close to endless supplies of Abrams tanks, spares, and munitions, and this move leaves no doubt about US intentions and capacity to support Ukraine in the future, for decades, if needed. And that's very, very, significant!
    Now, it seems like the same will be the case with fighter jets. France and Sweden, for instance, will probably be the first to deliver jets to Ukraine. Gripen or Mirage. But for the long run, only F-16 will do, again, with virtually endless stocks and supplies, and a commitment to stay the distance, regardless of how long that may be.

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer 4 months ago

    It’s on purpose lol. Logistics already proved it but Germany wouldn’t put theirs in unless the American tanks were going to show up. And that’s all we’re gonna do, show up lol.

  • Rxonmymind
    Rxonmymind 4 months ago +4

    Sending main battle tanks and IFVs without air support will be like what the Ukrainians did to Russia at the beginning of the war with javelin type shoulder fired missiles.
    Russia's Kornet shoulder fired anti-tank missiles will decimate many many tanks in IFVs sent by NATO allies without F-16 air support.
    What NATO has been doing is dribbling weapons to Ukraine and if they don't get their act together this war will be over for all intents and purposes as Russia solidifies its grip on the regions it has taken. Otherwise it will take 10 times more effort to dig them out of those regions.
    Wake up nato.

    • Rxonmymind
      Rxonmymind 4 months ago

      @Big D's Gaming
      The reverse can be true too. Russia can flip this and do the same with the main battle tanks and IFVs if Ukrainians don't have it f-16s and air support.

    • Matthew Cadden
      Matthew Cadden 4 months ago

      @Rxonmymind I think that's what he's saying..

    • Big D's Gaming
      Big D's Gaming  4 months ago +1

      @Rxonmymind Your comment is solid but may I add something my friend ? Russia does not have the technology to manufacture modern tanks ! It's Armata that we never see in battle uses anti penetration software to protect the tank from enemy fire as it does not have the composite armor that modern tanks have . It relies on protection by shooting down projectiles NOT the western composite armor that bounces off Sabot rounds like a rock .

    • Rxonmymind
      Rxonmymind 4 months ago +1

      @Big D's Gaming
      In that case one has to be on their A game. Software is only as fast and smart as the tank crew.

  • Gluteus Maximus
    Gluteus Maximus 4 months ago +3

    All info about when, what and how many should not be discussed in the press. It will give the Kremlin too many clues! Just deliver fast and plenty!

  • EffingSix
    EffingSix 4 months ago +2

    Ukraine has the upper hand in attritional strategy, because their need to make gains is superceded by inflicting as many casualties on Russian forces as they possibly can - Moscow has evidently decided they will ‘take the Donbas’ but more likely it’s ‘taking losses in the Donbas.’ If enough losses are evident, the Russian military will then be obliged to cede territory as they have done in losing three major battles: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson. Not much has changed, except putting Patriot missile arteries gives N.A.T.O. a forward position they could not possibly manage before the conflict began.

  • Andy Campbell
    Andy Campbell 4 months ago

    And politicians always tell the truth? Your whole piece is about what they say, how long the training etc etc.. Word of advice.. do some research. The challengers are already in Ukraine as are some Leos. they are now in the process of getting the logistics and supplies in situ . Training on the challengers 4 weeks. with one week all ready complete. Tankers have been training on Leos in Poland for the last 2 weeks, 3 weeks remaining.
    The first lot of Bradleys crossed the border 2 weeks ago.
    This is all available on open source with visual conformation

  • Garrett Tobin
    Garrett Tobin 4 months ago

    THe'liberation' of Kuwait, Kuwait was historically a part of Iraq, it isn't only through the British empires policy of divide an conquer that is was separated from it.

  • y . Israel
    y . Israel 4 months ago +2

    Point of view
    🇺🇸 and 🇬🇧 and their alliance, Should send LGBT to boost the morale of the Ukrainian 🇺🇦 soldiers With fun and laughter 😃

    • Fabian Pillay
      Fabian Pillay 4 months ago


    • Fabian Pillay
      Fabian Pillay 4 months ago +2

      Should also send does women who want equal rights

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 4 months ago +1

      @Fabian Pillay what? He was obviously using English.. Maybe you should find out where he got his translator from.

    • y . Israel
      y . Israel 4 months ago

      @Fabian Pillay 😁😄🤙

  • D F
    D F 4 months ago +8

    Up until 2 weeks ago, all your videos stated Ukraine was winning. What happened ?

    • Big D's Gaming
      Big D's Gaming  4 months ago +4

      Crux fleeces both sides of fools for maximum ad sales that generate them more profits that is why

    • Laszlo Zoltan
      Laszlo Zoltan 4 months ago

      ruzzian blood-money ? glad I am not a subscriber

    • Just some guy
      Just some guy 4 months ago

      The Russian spring offensive started. What really happened is the west gave Russia all of winter to regroup, rearm, and train new recruits without threat of significantly offensive weapons being sent to Ukraine. The war went onto 'freeze' as you might say. Russia now has its forces ready for another offensive push, while meanwhile the west is now just starting to talk tanks. To make any real difference they should of had Ukraine train on these during the winter and be ready to operate now, along with training on F 16's. If they actually thought ahead and really wanted Ukraine to win, Ukraine would be receiving fighter jets and tanks today when it matters

  • hello
    hello 4 months ago +4

    The rest of the free world stands with Russia!..Viva Russia 🇷🇺 dont fear, 80% of the world supports you against NATO imperialists ..your not alone

  • John Liew
    John Liew 4 months ago

    Looking forward to NK deliver its ICBM to US.

  • jack black
    jack black 4 months ago +2

    the bradleys are on a ship called the ARC integrity, and her destination is belgium due on the 9th-11th febuary

    • Tom Henry
      Tom Henry 4 months ago +1

      Should have been there months ago

    • jack black
      jack black 4 months ago +1

      @Tom Henry i agree we keep giving ukraine better capabilities. but then we wait to long to continue the process. and thus Ukraine degrades a little bit each time its like 1 step forward. 1.1 steps back. hopefully with the new 150km Himars, and tanks that gives ukraine 2 steps forward and .5 step back.

  • Joshua Paul
    Joshua Paul 4 months ago +6

    Zelenskyy strategy is reduced to rounding up civilians often at gunpoint and throwing them into a meat grinder in a futile attempt to stabilize the front. He should prove that it actually works. Only after that he'll get his toys. Big reputational risks are involved in sending tanks there.

    • X
      X 4 months ago +8

      You literally just described what Putin is do in Russia lol you are a genius

    • Joshua Paul
      Joshua Paul 4 months ago +2

      @X You are still in a state of denial. Sooner or later you will have to reconcile with reality.

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 4 months ago +4

      @Joshua Paul Sources on any of that?? That sounds like something a desperate Putin troll would literally make up.

  • Yongkong Choba
    Yongkong Choba 4 months ago

    Will tank can fly in future world?

  • LWSM Division
    LWSM Division 4 months ago +1

    The shortage and best means to end this war is to remove or convince Zelenskyy to behave normal, so that he no longer become endanger for the survival of Russia politically

    • Laszlo Zoltan
      Laszlo Zoltan 4 months ago

      ruzzia wont be allowed to survive: it will be de-nuked and broken up. bye bye bye birdie

  • cachanilla josue
    cachanilla josue 4 months ago +6

    Eternal glory to Russia, respect these Europeans and Anglo-Saxons for a more just and free multipolar world for all.

  • Mo's Custom Carpentry
    Mo's Custom Carpentry 4 months ago +1

    Lol... good 1... that would require a direct assault on NATO... I don't think so!!!

  • Leny1777
    Leny1777 4 months ago +3

    Glory and victory to Russia!

  • Isaac Brown
    Isaac Brown 4 months ago

    It doesn't matter if they capture those areas and "end their special military operation". You think just because they say "okay we're done." That Kyiv is just going to not launch an offensive anyways?

  • The Salt Baron
    The Salt Baron 4 months ago +5

    Glory to Russia for standing alone against the whole collective west! 🇷🇺💪

    • jjmbeausoleil
      jjmbeausoleil 4 months ago +4

      Cringe. Ruzzian trolls should be sent to the front.

    • Matz
      Matz 3 months ago +1

      2 weeks old botsky account!🤡🤥🤣

  • gabriel dunn
    gabriel dunn 4 months ago

    All Ukrainian support has been too little too late. I am mystified why there are so many delays or refusals month after months for various weapons. The war would be over by now if we gave REAL weapons starting on day 1.

  • Avu Azahc
    Avu Azahc 4 months ago +4

    I like ur videos a lot From South African soil that is anti Pootin. Please do more videos that not presented in reading.

  • Harry V
    Harry V 4 months ago

    Yes, the tank will be too late! Abram tank uses a gas turbine a engine and this tank requires 12 months training, if not it will be easy for the Ukrainians to break the M1 Abrams. 4 Man team instead of 3 man team! High maintenance problems! The tanks weigh 50 tons most countries bridges can't take this weight, even n the EU.

  • LWSM Division
    LWSM Division 4 months ago +1

    NATO can transport Tanks by plane or by missile to Ukraine

  • Anne Mccormack
    Anne Mccormack 4 months ago

    I think so they should have got them tanks in months ago I hope not they need the fighter jets now so they can protect ther skys it is terrible what he is doing to the building karma is coming to you can't get away with what you are doing good luck Ukraine 🙏🙏

  • g4m3r 222
    g4m3r 222 4 months ago

    But RUssia has no way to know where the tanks go because they dont have drones, satelites, and they dont use their airforce, they cannot stop the weapons. 0 chance war ends so soon.

    • g4m3r 222
      g4m3r 222 4 months ago

      @Mata-Miramar russia lost 175000 men not ukraine and 3000 tanks, what are u talking about, allways goign to believe ukraine more

    • g4m3r 222
      g4m3r 222 4 months ago

      @Mata-Miramar bla blqa bla goodbye

    • Mata-Miramar
      Mata-Miramar 4 months ago

      @g4m3r222 the truth hurts you aye

  • Annetta H
    Annetta H 4 months ago +1

    Thanks you for the video,

  • James Mana
    James Mana 4 months ago

    Another joke. I listened to to a tank commander that was in Iraq. He said the Abrams took out all the Iraq's tanks without a problem. With further research he notes that the Iraq's when not trained using them. To make matters worse he then says we could have used all the Iraq's tanks and let the Iraq's use our Abrams and the results would have been the same. Abrams destroyed. It really just goes to show if you do not know how to use what you have you can not win. Well trained need the honors. I do not see this happening in Ukraine.

  • Andrew Aarons
    Andrew Aarons 4 months ago +2

    Too little too late ?Ukrainian service people are dying at a rate of 2 to 300 a day and people are standing around humming and hawing

  • Tom Henry
    Tom Henry 4 months ago

    Should have started months ago

  • J Jimmy
    J Jimmy 4 months ago +3

    Zelinsky and USA going to be super rich because of this War.

    • Mata-Miramar
      Mata-Miramar 4 months ago

      And the average Ukrainian will be super dead

  • Gary Hunt
    Gary Hunt 4 months ago

    WAY TOO HEAVY .And also MAINTENANCE and Logistics is a 💯 fail .
    That is only directed at the Ml s .. tanks

  • alfred simmons
    alfred simmons 4 months ago

    U.S. should be sending predator drones

  • arkbuilder 2012
    arkbuilder 2012 4 months ago

    Only time will tell. But the dithering by the US and NATO certainly hasn’t helped.

  • Grant Dunn
    Grant Dunn 4 months ago

    Time will tell.

  • Ashok Agarwal
    Ashok Agarwal 4 months ago +3

    How much useful can a few dozen tanks be on a battlefront 1000 kms. Long.

  • Neil Titmus
    Neil Titmus 4 months ago

    I dont know why we drag our feet so much on the big stuff

    • Mata-Miramar
      Mata-Miramar 4 months ago

      The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous

  • Frank Thompson
    Frank Thompson 4 months ago

    It's never too late

  • John Whitehurst
    John Whitehurst 4 months ago

    Hmmm How do we know those tanks are not in Ukraine already waiting for the Russian Push? Which means they must mass troops and equipment like they always do. Poor leadership and training. Ukraine is receiving the longer range weapons now. When they are gathered to make that push Ukraine will know from Western Satellite coverage and target it with Artillery massed artillery. Ukraine is expecting a Suicide attempt by Russian forces to do an offensive break out. They are ready, and waiting for that suicide run. Expecting an attack from Belarus also, ready and waiting for the rats to spring the traps. Russian planes want fly, or they die in Ukraine air space. But Ukraine can fly, in it's own air space limited but can. For a Russian breakout a concertation of MANPADS are on the front for sure, and Russian tanks and armor want get far. Infantry pulsed up already for that Suicide run. Also a second line of defense full of MANPADS for any Armor that was not hit in the initial breakout. I also expect a Division to enter Kherson Oblast while Russia is doing its thing In Donetsk, and have weakened it's forces in Kherson Oblast, and that Division shoots it's way through to SEA of AZOV cutting the Russian forces in Half, and taking control of Melitopol. Being successful, they send in another division to hold that corridor open. They just closed Crimea off from resupply except by Kerch Bridge.

  • TRF_Clan
    TRF_Clan 4 months ago +3

    It’s too late and too heavy.

    • Henry Tan
      Henry Tan 4 months ago

      The problem is not too late. Hehehehehehe... ...
      War is so fun.

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 4 months ago

      Wrong, and wrong.

  • Raymond
    Raymond 4 months ago +1

    They'll get there soon, we are starting to build them now 😆

  • Miloszak i Elizka
    Miloszak i Elizka 4 months ago +2

    Ohh dear
    We are too late for few months what an accidend😂😂😂😂🤣🇺🇦🐷

  • Димитър Йосифов

    But didn't Ukraine captured hundred of tanks in their last offensive or it was just another lie?

  • Scorpion L
    Scorpion L 4 months ago +1

    us will not going to delivered the original tank instead the are going to send some version who can not compromise the secret and code of the best m1 abrahams,,, the only problem that if this tank get in time will be manipulating an driving by nato crews.. may be will see zelensky driving of this tank ...

  • RJS
    RJS 4 months ago

    these tanks will make more scrap on the the battlefield just type in youtube abrams tank cook off and kornet anti tank missile

  • diego
    diego 4 months ago +4

    Finally saying the truth...

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera 4 months ago +1

    The minute Russian attack Ukrainia. NATO end USA 🇺🇸 should train Ukrainia forces how to use tanks war planes. Bombs missiles and everything. The west fall sleep. The second they attack. Train them to use every weapon the west have. Now is a little to late. 😩😩

    • hello
      hello 4 months ago +1

      The rest of the free world stands with Russia!..Viva Russia 🇷🇺 dont fear, 80% of the world supports you against NATO imperialists ..your not alone

  • 4253 nomis
    4253 nomis 4 months ago

    Who is profiting from this war is the US Military-Industrial Complex, while people on both sides are dying. While the poor and homeless Americans are suffering.

  • C
    C 4 months ago +1

    You mean when Iraq invaded Kuwait

  • Alex Fitness
    Alex Fitness 4 months ago +2

    Putin enough war against Ukraine assassination

  • qwerty qwerty
    qwerty qwerty 4 months ago

    Russia has more soldiers than 24 february last year, but signifiant less equipments, while Ukraine has more equipmets and also more soldiers, so I doubt this russian counter offensive will be succesful

  • Just some guy
    Just some guy 4 months ago

    To little too late

  • Dante's Cuckferno
    Dante's Cuckferno 4 months ago

    One thing is for sure Yung Pùt ain't playin.

  • Anslo Garrick
    Anslo Garrick 4 months ago

    By aircraft cupcakes why do you want parachutes on them tool