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Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2

  • Published on May 15, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Playing through Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. Is Huggy Wuggy going to make an appearance? Who is this long legged nightmare? Let's find out together, shall we?
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  • Memetastic
    Memetastic Day ago +27256

    Markiplier doing everything in the game besides actually progressing the game is the most Markiplier thing ever.

    • MultiZernez
      MultiZernez 2 hours ago

      Memetastic abusing the copyright system and posting boring content is the most memetastic thing ever.

    • ratin mollah
      ratin mollah 3 hours ago

      i didn't know that, thanks

    • 张林欣
      张林欣 4 hours ago


    • Irish_EnderMan
      Irish_EnderMan 4 hours ago

      @Void-Droid no one asked

    • secret...
      secret... 4 hours ago


  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich 12 hours ago +3279

    Mark making fun of Kissy then regretting everything when she looks at the lever is so funny

    • aiden Oliver
      aiden Oliver Hour ago

      @L_2XD at the rainbow ride just don't rube it in. Videos like this have nothing to do with Jesus so Christians have no reason to say it. So please don't rube your religion in other peoples faces. not everyone cares

    • L_2XD at the rainbow ride
      L_2XD at the rainbow ride 3 hours ago

      @Jesus Saves! your Christian like me? Noice

    • Assassin
      Assassin 3 hours ago

      @Mey Yuk ??

    • Mrpopcorn
      Mrpopcorn 3 hours ago

      Dude how do i see you EVERYWHERE!?

  • Ashton Graeler
    Ashton Graeler 9 hours ago +622

    Mark, being himself, managed to double the average time of beating the game, just by messing around

    • Zero Bolt
      Zero Bolt 3 hours ago

      Yea, I think Delirious did the same, he keep getting himself caught just to see what would happen 😂

    • megamiKitsune
      megamiKitsune 5 hours ago +19

      it truly impresses me how his editors cut up so much and put up with so much video content just for us to have the "summarized version" of his videos lol

  • Kimmi Elizabeth
    Kimmi Elizabeth 12 hours ago +427

    I like how on mommy talks in 3rd person and says her name everytime she refers to herself. Her name is on her posters and yet markiplier insists to call her spaghetti lady instead of her actual name

    • Nyttou Ninja
      Nyttou Ninja 2 hours ago

      i wanna eat spaghetti

    • Irish_EnderMan
      Irish_EnderMan 4 hours ago +5

      Well maybe her constantly calling herself "Mommy" makes him uncomfortable
      It is pretty strange after all

    • Maybeline Fox
      Maybeline Fox 4 hours ago +16

      His habit of nicknaming game characters and refusing to call them by their real names never disappoints

    • america roleplayer
      america roleplayer 6 hours ago +18

      It's very reminiscent to how Mothers' talk to toddlers and babies, since they're learning to talk, they speak in third person to help the kids realize that's what they should call her.

  • S C
    S C 12 hours ago +374

    I really loved the fakeout with Kissy. They cast her in shadow and even had the same music from Huggy's chase in episode one, only for Kissy to step into the light and be completely chill. I honestly hope she stays good or at least neutral, if she appears in future episodes. It's cool to see that not all of the toys turned violent.

    • america roleplayer
      america roleplayer 6 hours ago +1

      I loved ALL the new Wuggy's! I hope we get more time from all of them!

    • Degalon
      Degalon 9 hours ago +31

      I love the little detail that her first attempt at grabbing the lever has her hand slip off it lol

    • jbwarner86 2
      jbwarner86 2 9 hours ago +18

      I predict that in whatever climactic final fight there is against the Prototype, Kissy Missy swoops in at the last second and bravely sacrifices herself to save you.
      I'm crying for her already just thinking about it 😭

    • S C
      S C 11 hours ago +21

      @Grace Goins Agreed. I would be so happy if she just lent a small helping hand here and there in the coming episode(s).

    • Grace Goins
      Grace Goins 12 hours ago +21

      I honestly love her so much. She's just so cute

  • GTSE2005
    GTSE2005 Day ago +2398

    Literally everyone when Mommy starts counting: *Panics and frantically looks for a place to hide*
    Markiplier: *Staring into Mommy's soul* What are you gonna do, huh?

    • GTSE2005
      GTSE2005 5 hours ago +2

      @Me 2:12:42

    • Me
      Me 5 hours ago +1

      Does anyone have the timestamp for this?

    • Cosmic Katniss
      Cosmic Katniss 5 hours ago +1

      Mark is my favorite for a reason lmao

    • Casportout
      Casportout 13 hours ago +2

      @Mr.Fruit Cup for me I'm also wondering if thats because mark doesn't seem super into the game. Kinda feels like he is playing it just because people want him to and its a popular thing rn

    • DudeAmazed 123
      DudeAmazed 123 20 hours ago +6

      @Mister Mustache and testing her power but unfortunately she doesn't show some respectful power as Mark Stated.

  • MSMDOFrocks
    MSMDOFrocks 12 hours ago +468

    Mark: "I'm just too tall!"
    Also Mark: "This must be a child or something because this is a much lower perspective than what I'm used to."

  • Rae J
    Rae J 10 hours ago +236

    As frustrating as the parts where he tried to break the game were, he cleared the monkey bar part of "statues" so flawlessly and I have to give credit where credit is due

  • Trick FM
    Trick FM 12 hours ago +186

    I think, regarding the chase sequence if they implemented a “look back” mechanic while being chased it would give a little more of the “oh God they are on my ass” feel, but at the same time i feel chase sequences are supposed to make you feel pressure of not knowing whether or not they are right there. In the moment type feel.

    • Dejon Hadley
      Dejon Hadley 5 hours ago

      That and Mark died several times because of his incompetency

    • Lewis Matson-Morse
      Lewis Matson-Morse 6 hours ago +7

      @Enbeeious plus it's a vital survival mechanic when fighting things that can outpace you. It allows you to throw things to stop your pursuer, it's not just don't turn around it's turn around or die

    • Enbeeious
      Enbeeious 7 hours ago +13

      dying light does this really well, where when you hold a button on your keyboard you can look behind you while still running forward. it slows time for a second or two so you can process what's going on behind you (and so you don't run into a wall), then speeds it back up to normal speed to you can't abuse it as much.

  • undeadgentlemen[_};
    undeadgentlemen[_}; 10 hours ago +45

    I just want to see poppy's face when Mark is trying to figure out the "secrets" in one of the utility puzzle rooms.

  • Just Arkon
    Just Arkon 13 hours ago +377

    Everyone else: Run's when Mommy Long Legs starts counting.

    • Chris Mason
      Chris Mason 5 hours ago +1

      R.I.P mark :(

    • Tom Hurule
      Tom Hurule 5 hours ago

      @Me 9 min ago :D

    • diemery
      diemery 5 hours ago

      @Me Nope. Watch the whole thing

    • Me
      Me 5 hours ago

      Does anyone have the timestamp?

  • EpicPlayz
    EpicPlayz 9 hours ago +66

    Mark: *”You know me I’m a people pleaser I love doing exactly what people want…”
    Also Mark: *Doing random shit and solving a “tough puzzle” for 20 minutes straight* 💖💖💖

  • Making the Case
    Making the Case 13 hours ago +276

    Mark spends, like, 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get out of a room.
    Poppy watching him tear apart the room below from the vent:
    "We're doomed..."

    • Reet
      Reet Hour ago

      He spent 20 minutes having what had to have looked like a manic episode.
      Poppy: “YoU’rE pErFeCt”

    • Ms. Alice A.D
      Ms. Alice A.D 8 hours ago +2

      Or a parody of her watching Mark move things around with a 😒 look on her face.

    • Jonioy
      Jonioy 9 hours ago +13

      The look he got when he finally got up there was just perfect.

  • Winterchill
    Winterchill 7 hours ago +30

    Mark trolling the entire chat by spending almost 30 minutes trying to find a path to kill Poppy and not progressing is funny to me. I love that Mark went silent when Bunzo Bunny mentioned his birthday. I also love Mark's reaction to Sean's Cameo on the game. Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is definitely very terrifying and creepy as Chapter 1. Can't wait for the release of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3!

  • CleanUpNick
    CleanUpNick Day ago +5454

    MatPat: Where's the Lore
    Dawko: Where's the Scares
    Jack: where's my tape?
    Mark: how can i put my feet on every square inch of every object in this game?

    • Aegis Soúske
      Aegis Soúske 3 hours ago

      @matthew drury please, no, no please.

    • Robo Gamin'
      Robo Gamin' 5 hours ago +1

      @Fifi Tina Turner: What's Love got to do With it?

    • Gen Kureshima
      Gen Kureshima 15 hours ago

      Mark is literally the only one with interesting content

    • edwiniseman4
      edwiniseman4 20 hours ago

      Mark's Engineer Big Brain moments

    • Your_local_fnaf_fan
      Your_local_fnaf_fan 21 hour ago +6

      LarenZside: how can I hug literally everyone in this game

  • Sparrowverse
    Sparrowverse 7 hours ago +15

    We all missed him so now we can get more time with Markiplier when he is goofing around. Thanks Markiplier so making it so enjoyable.

  • Malahat
    Malahat 13 hours ago +192

    I love how Mark looked like he was embarrassed when he mentioned Lixian wasn’t there to be editing out his struggle for finding the Plot Armour XD

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 8 hours ago +19

    I love that he also carries around that puppy

  • Lee moon mooo
    Lee moon mooo 12 hours ago +19

    Mark:”those puzzles are easy I wish they can make it more challenging”
    Mark:”a few minutes ago he was struggling trying to finish the puzzle”

  • KittenWispy
    KittenWispy Day ago +8531

    Mark should've fed the candy cat, he wouldn't regret it.

  • Jenni F
    Jenni F 9 hours ago +21

    "Kissy???" *laughs in pain and fear* "Stay the fk away from me FOREVER!"
    Mark is my whole mood playing this.

  • TheUhOhStory
    TheUhOhStory 14 hours ago +114

    Markiplier, if you’re reading this, you are the ultimate based chad. Keep being you, you wonderful 70’s motorcycle decal equivalent of the ultimate movie popcorn you are. A salute you. You are a decent portion of my childhood. Good luck.

  • Kitkat
    Kitkat 10 hours ago +74

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Mark: doing completely unnecessary parkour to piss people off

  • A random catte
    A random catte 11 hours ago +62

    It’s so funny how mark makes simple puzzles extremely complicated

  • euzu ღ
    euzu ღ 17 hours ago +991

    After seeing how Markiplier was so stubborn to solve the leaving the room and following Poppy puzzle in his way and driving chat insane, I'm pretty sure he's not just a masochist but also a sadist.

    • MissyMona
      MissyMona 2 hours ago

      He has ADHD. He was fixating on getting to poppy. Not having subtitles made it harder for him.

    • Jonioy
      Jonioy 8 hours ago +1

      @AnimeGirlLiv as someone who enjoys playing games like that, love breaking games and shit, that was fun as hell to watch, he thought of things faster than i wouldve.

    • AnimeGirlLiv
      AnimeGirlLiv 9 hours ago

      @Gage Kelley yeah, watching that caused me actual pain and suffering- but i'm glad he was able to progress in the game

    • Gage Kelley
      Gage Kelley 9 hours ago

      @AnimeGirlLiv he litterally wasted 25 minutes in there. Thats like a full standard video.

    • AnimeGirlLiv
      AnimeGirlLiv 10 hours ago +1

      i was watching that part and just yelled "fucking christ!"

  • Bridget Garat
    Bridget Garat 9 hours ago +13

    I normally don’t laugh or even crack a smile when watching Clip-Share but the fact that this man made me laugh out loud a few times is something special!

  • Brandon Rankin
    Brandon Rankin 5 hours ago +12

    Before: "Weird, i wonder when this is 3 hours long. He must have had trouble."
    Now: "....oh"

  • Anon
    Anon 12 hours ago +16

    The fact that he’s the only person I’ve seen that hasn’t tried to swing on the first swing across thing. He instead made his own bridge 😭😭😭😂😂

  • Zavodila
    Zavodila 9 hours ago +43

    After watching this I can safely say that Mark is the epitome of "doing the wrong equation and getting the right answer"

  • Riseo
    Riseo Day ago +3661

    I love that he also carries around that puppy. xD And that they actually got Mark's birthday. Very funny.

    • zoom zoom
      zoom zoom 13 hours ago

      Scared the living shit out of me when I saw it. I then remembered that mark and me share the exact same birthday, so it was a fun Easter egg I guess

    • borsTiHD
      borsTiHD 15 hours ago

      @Beth N same here :D

    • T.W
      T.W 18 hours ago +1

      @Grandmastang That would be a lot of money for them tho. The VA would have to say every day of every month in that annoying-ass voice. Voice Actors cost money too

    • Baginda Sudjana
      Baginda Sudjana 19 hours ago

      It means this game made for mark

    • Youth
      Youth 20 hours ago +1

      @Ashie you can use birthdays for clout now? damn

  • []#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•

    Mark really needs to be a playtester for games cos he does everything BUT what he's supposed to 😂😂😂

  • minecraft for when u wanna sleep

    “this has gotta be the hardest puzzle in gaming history”
    you literally have to go in the one and only door next to poppy as she instructed 💀💀

    • Trindalas Valadaros
      Trindalas Valadaros 4 hours ago +5

      I’m 99% sure he was just playing dumb at that and a couple of other spots just to mess with the viewers, lol.

  • S. Crane
    S. Crane 13 hours ago +19

    Mark: I know you're all knashing your teeth...
    Me: *eating candy and enjoying Mark's chaotic evil antics*

  • Ink Static
    Ink Static 11 hours ago +21

    The best part is Mark constantly saying "what if I don't?" and then, when nothing happens, saying "they didn't account for this" as if that isn't a normal part of videogames and he isn't just playing this game as if it were stanley parable....

    • jbwarner86 2
      jbwarner86 2 9 hours ago +1

      No game accounts for Mark. Games assume that the people playing them are going to, y'know, _play_ them. Mark doesn't play games, he threatens them and then dares them to fight back 😆

  • Riseo
    Riseo Day ago +3034

    I love how for almost 30 minutes in, Mark just tries to kill Poppy and tries to find the single entrance she's next to.
    No other gameplay is gonna have amazing content like this. XD

    • Paul Sde
      Paul Sde 21 hour ago

      I'm glad I joined after that..

    • That One Animator
      That One Animator 23 hours ago

      1,9 K likes, 11 comments

    • Azia Touchsilent
      Azia Touchsilent Day ago +1

      “This must be the toughest puzzle in the gaming history”

    • Coen Greene
      Coen Greene Day ago +1

      Mark also managed to do the introduction to swinging incorrectly.

    • David M
      David M Day ago

      Jamarkus is the best content creator out there

  • Hoene
    Hoene 13 hours ago +277

    Everyone: *doing it correctly*
    Mark: *literally spends an eternity solving the simplest problems*

    • Jkop
      Jkop 7 hours ago +2

      @NegaTheImpmon9508 considering i was just diagnosed with adhd that explains a LOT about why I always do the same garbo when playing video games

    • NegaTheImpmon9508
      NegaTheImpmon9508 7 hours ago


    • Jkop
      Jkop 8 hours ago +2

      and spends seconds solving the most complex ones

    • Cristiel
      Cristiel 9 hours ago +4

      Dunno, did you watch GTLive's play through and MatPat's stubborn resolve to attempt to solve various puzzles? (The fact that both MatPat and Mark both zeroed in on the vent where Poppy comes out as something _they_ should go into is really funny to me.)

  • Only1BladeTitan
    Only1BladeTitan 10 hours ago +15

    “you have.. *HUFF* ..very soft hands”
    MatPat: “Write that down! Write that down!”

  • Gryffin Shields
    Gryffin Shields 10 hours ago +36

    i love how markiplier always makes every thing that is serious turn into something funny😄

  • Mixedling _SK
    Mixedling _SK 5 hours ago +7

    Best chase sequence for Mark was, when Lady Dimitrescu was chasing him, he had so much fun, the great memories from Dimitrescu castle brings tears to my eyes. Also, keep the good content going.

  • Ethan Frost
    Ethan Frost Day ago +1592

    Mark: I'm not a masochist
    Mark: She's going to eat my insides, sounds like a good time

    • gor
      gor 23 hours ago

      @King Poto 😳😏

    • Gumball G. Watterson
      Gumball G. Watterson 23 hours ago +1

      @ DON'T Ok

    •  DON'T
      DON'T Day ago +1


    • King Poto
      King Poto Day ago +8

      Look I dont think he means *literally* eating him if you know what im saying 😏

    • Azia Touchsilent
      Azia Touchsilent Day ago +13

      “Please direct all of your hate to me”

  • Garrett Wagner
    Garrett Wagner 10 hours ago +13

    The fact that mark cheesed a part in the game that was giving instruction to the part that mark literally tried every other means to accomplish the task. "My adventurous nature sometimes works against me. " Mark you are the most loveable doof

    BLOB DUDE 11 hours ago +14

    Mark: slides down slide
    Also mark: I’m not moving, I’m not physically moving

  • Lisa M. Willson
    Lisa M. Willson 4 hours ago +5

    Markiplier doing everything in the game besides actually progressing the game is the most Markiplier thing ever.

  • -Purple Machine-
    -Purple Machine- 10 hours ago +4

    This game seems more like a puzzle game game than a horror game. However I do like the tape parts, they remind me of analogue horror.

  • quintin lovett
    quintin lovett Day ago +1761

    Watching Jack play: this is going well
    Watching Mark play: well, its going

    • Hαρi
      Hαρi 9 hours ago

      To be fair Jack even said he cut out the parts he got stuck at.

    • meriz
      meriz Day ago

      @DomExists lmao

    • Jupiter Ruth
      Jupiter Ruth Day ago

      Barely lol

    • boredom120
      boredom120 Day ago +1

      I just came from Jacksepticeye video as well.

    • Bloody_RabbitX GAMES
      Bloody_RabbitX GAMES Day ago

      I wish to like but you're at 666 likes and I CAN NOT be the one to ruin that

  • HeyIt'sEm
    HeyIt'sEm 12 hours ago +5

    It's crazy how quick Lixian figured out this game like the mechanics and even the storyline he's on point- seriously. Xd

  • JJ
    JJ 13 hours ago +5

    Mark doing anything but playing the game correctly is what makes this gameplay so much better.
    Hes making so many random "IDEAS"

  • Toastys_HQ
    Toastys_HQ 7 hours ago +7

    I feel like this just shows how mark has slowly started to go insane over the years

  • Pixelatid
    Pixelatid 4 hours ago +4

    I swear Mark is the only youtuber who can play a game SO incredibly wrong, and still get #1 on trending.

  • The Gongoozler
    The Gongoozler 15 hours ago +2744

    Mark: "I'm NOT a masochist, I just want to see how much I can take!"
    Everyone: "We didn't say anything, YOU brought it up."

    • John Sobkowiak
      John Sobkowiak 6 hours ago

      @Jesus Saves! mark doesn’t believe in fairytales. Know your audience bud

    • OneStrangeFork
      OneStrangeFork 9 hours ago

      @Samantha Hartogensis then y’all are thinking something completely different than what I could imagine

    • The Black Spartan
      The Black Spartan 9 hours ago +1

      ​@Jesus Saves! Jesus was usurped by Wilford Warfstache

    • Samantha Hartogensis
      Samantha Hartogensis 9 hours ago

      @OneStrangeFork thats not what they meant they’re just saying what we’re all thinking🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Quinn Ruiz
      Quinn Ruiz 10 hours ago +2

      @Jesus Saves! I only pray Wilfard Warfstache

  • Tios
    Tios 6 hours ago +3

    Mark is a different type of gamer. He is literally the only one who manages to do anything besides the game for 2 hours 😂

  • ScrapperAlex
    ScrapperAlex 7 hours ago +5

    I can’t believe the game validated Mark’s masochism.
    Also, Sean’s surprise cameo was excellent.

  • Burned Nousagi G.M
    Burned Nousagi G.M 10 hours ago +8

    I Love how Mark using his Grab pack to swing around the obstacle course faster while other players just walk through below really slow without using the Grab pack cuz they don't even know that part of the obstacle.

  • Mario Arreguin
    Mario Arreguin 10 hours ago +5

    Sean explains the direction he got and how he recorded his bit. interesting to hear if y'all wanna check his palythrough out

  • KJ Harmon
    KJ Harmon Day ago +3129

    I love how mark spent almost 20 minutes in the beginning on a puzzle that wasn’t even a puzzle.

    • CoepliS
      CoepliS Day ago

      Poopy wathcing up there be like "look at this dude, he's so perfect"

      PYRO•BLADE Day ago


    • Josh Dike
      Josh Dike Day ago +2

      The best part of the playthrough!

    • Drew Ahrens
      Drew Ahrens Day ago +6

      It was infuriating and a giant waste of time.

    • Gage Taylor
      Gage Taylor Day ago +3

      It's much harder to watch him play games live as opposed to just doing a video about it. Feels like he isn't paying ANY attention and is just trying to entertain the live audience as opposed to how he plays more properly without the live audience.

  • Alisia Animus
    Alisia Animus 11 hours ago +21

    Everyone: “No, Poppy!!”
    Mark: “....................yes”

  • Señoritas Top's
    Señoritas Top's 10 hours ago +18

    This is going well Watching Jack play

  • YourLocalFoxAlistairStan
    YourLocalFoxAlistairStan 10 hours ago +39

    Okay, the “I know when your birthday is. June 28th.” line from Bunzo had to 1,000% be Jack’s idea. He knew Mark was playing this game when he got the role of Marcus.🤣🤣🤣

  • Dr Dub
    Dr Dub 13 hours ago +15

    Mark somehow figured out how to play this game on a harder difficulty

  • yeE Thot
    yeE Thot 22 hours ago +1937

    Mark would make a great playtester considering how he literally does everything except what the game tells him to

    • That Random girl
      That Random girl 17 hours ago

      Oh so that's why it's 3 hours long 🤣😭

    • Dapper Wolf
      Dapper Wolf 17 hours ago

      @eggy probably has

    • eggy
      eggy 18 hours ago +2

      i wonder if he's thought about that before

    • AmyndonSingsSunshine
      AmyndonSingsSunshine 18 hours ago +7

      Oooorrr i records his play testing and isnt allowed to release it until after its been out for like 2 weeks or somethinv like that

    • Bliss
      Bliss 19 hours ago +43

      trueeee i recon that would've been his path if he wasn't a youtuber. sadly cant do both as he would have no reactions to games because he'd have already played them so his videos would be boring 😅

  • Scary Stories
    Scary Stories 12 hours ago +39

    Markiplier's gonna have PTSD Vietnam flashbacks every day randomly. "I'm looking up!" "I need to look up"!

  • Rhett Baldwin
    Rhett Baldwin 12 hours ago +3

    Mark: literally just pulling a crane
    Also Mark: *Chewbacca noises intensifies*

  • Baza Brand
    Baza Brand 10 hours ago +5

    Mark doing everything besides what he is supposed to do in the game is way more entertaining to be honest 😂

  • Cosmic Katniss
    Cosmic Katniss 5 hours ago +8

    Picture: "I know when your birthday is!! *June 28th!"*
    Mark: **Shook**
    The ironic part is that they put in June 28th as a default, and it doesn't change lol

  • Mystlc Greatness
    Mystlc Greatness Day ago +788

    Mark is the kind of person who does all the useless side quests and doesn’t get to the main quest until maybe a few years later when the game isn’t popular anymore

    • Gen Kureshima
      Gen Kureshima 15 hours ago

      @Mystlc Greatness
      Then you don't know what truly enjoying a game is. No one nowdays does.

    • ArtsyNerd 13
      ArtsyNerd 13 20 hours ago +1

      @Lady Hella yeah me too lol I dont think I ever really touched the main quest I just did all the side stuff and explored just about everywhere 😂

    • Lady Hella
      Lady Hella 21 hour ago

      @ArtsyNerd 13 I started to play skyrim a while ago, and I still didn't figured it out what the main mission is. I think I am heading to the college to met fellow Dunmer cuz I have no idea what I am doing in that game XD

    • ArtsyNerd 13
      ArtsyNerd 13 22 hours ago +8

      That's me af best examples that come to mind with that is skyrim and botw lmao

    • Mystlc Greatness
      Mystlc Greatness Day ago +2

      @Damien2000 not me

  • Vipnxtxlie
    Vipnxtxlie 9 hours ago +5

    Mark is the ADHD operator in my head. Eyes 1000mph. Ability to process what’s happening 75mph. Trying to figure out what stuff does 2mph.

  • Wishems
    Wishems 7 hours ago +2

    This whole video is just “oh boy here we go again” every time mark is trying to stack random objects

  • Skye Wright
    Skye Wright 9 hours ago +25

    “This might be the toughest puzzle in all of gaming history”
    The brand new mechanic that the devs included in this area to help you get out: “am I a joke to you?”

  • Abdul Tarsha
    Abdul Tarsha 11 hours ago +4

    I am exactly 25 minutes in and I am fully convinced that this entire stream was Mark trying to figure out how to kill Poppy in just that one room, succeeding only after just shy of three hours, and ending stream. I'll see you all in the next episode of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

  • CouchTomato
    CouchTomato 10 hours ago +6

    Mark missing the lever is just too symbolic for this play through. Especially the fact that it disappeared into the distance.

  • Noelleta Cappuccino
    Noelleta Cappuccino 12 hours ago +3

    Me big brain and watching after stream is done.
    Enjoying everyone's suffering and pain in the livestream chat.

  • goth girl
    goth girl 3 hours ago +2

    The flower cutout making a bunch of plant puns whilst making Mark think he’s having a stroke was funnier than I want to admit 😂

  • MSMDOFrocks
    MSMDOFrocks 10 hours ago +98

    Mark: "I'm so smart."
    Mark 5 seconds later: casually jumps into suicidal water.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 19 hours ago +928

    Mark: I'm not a masochist
    Also Mark literally seconds into the video: I'll be your lightning rod of hate, direct all your hate to me

    • Fantastic Slimetastic
      Fantastic Slimetastic 13 hours ago +3

      _The replies further proving that Mark is indeed a masochist_

    • Tott
      Tott 13 hours ago +7

      _He just wants to see how far he can go-_

    • Vinokai
      Vinokai 14 hours ago +22

      _He's just testing his limits_

  • Elisabeth Banber
    Elisabeth Banber 11 hours ago +5

    I enjoyed watching Mark constantly try to break the game and recklessly jump into the abyss, but him giving proper credit to those who worked hard on this game and show genuine appreciation for all their accomplishments earned my actual like.

  • the gray area in life
    the gray area in life 11 hours ago +7

    mark seems so much happier compared to before he released space/took a break. it’s so refreshing to see him smile and goof around again 🖤

  • Duniz
    Duniz 13 hours ago +4

    Mark when he sees the poo toy: who would have thought of something so stupid?
    **Flashbacks to Oopsie Poopsie nightmare**

  • Reubi0910
    Reubi0910 7 hours ago +5

    its so funny seeing the chat screaming while mark is doing dumb things instead of progressing

  • FoxyTinnie
    FoxyTinnie Day ago +1850

    Mark: *Begs for hate*
    Also Mark: “I’m not a masochist, I just wanna see how much I can take”

    • YuritZen Presents
      YuritZen Presents Day ago

      @? Plays Black and Samoan in my veins

    • Toss C
      Toss C Day ago +4

      @? Plays *put in the hours,

    • ? Plays
      ? Plays Day ago +5

      @YuritZen Presents put in the work put in the power

    • SilentLion_Zer0
      SilentLion_Zer0 Day ago +2

      Mark deserves no hate

    • YuritZen Presents
      YuritZen Presents Day ago +10

      ​@King Robotnik We stay hungry, we devour

  • Caption L gaming
    Caption L gaming 13 hours ago +5

    Mark: I am big brain
    Also mark: spends 20 minutes in a room that you just swing in a vent

  • rhumrunners
    rhumrunners 13 hours ago +3

    “It appears the cowardly pig is the correct way” yes because running away is not the cowardly path

  • nervy_ lobster
    nervy_ lobster 11 hours ago +3

    I love the way when mark goes from horrified about Mommy's death and instantly says "you alright?"

  • Lulu Starlight
    Lulu Starlight 11 hours ago +4

    Watching this after crying.. The laughs made me feel a lot better. Love you Mark. You're amazing ^^

  • AoiKuma
    AoiKuma Day ago +2271

    Also mark: * proceeds to try to parkour into a vent for twenty minutes to solve a non-existent puzzle to which the solution was right in front of his face the whole time *

    • zeebo30
      zeebo30 21 hour ago

      @ShadowDuty7 no yeah i wasn't trying to say mark wasn't also just trolling everyone for 20 minutes straight lol

    • ShadowDuty7
      ShadowDuty7 Day ago +2

      ​@zeebo30 Can't argue against that, there's definitely a lot of hard to hear lines at times.... butttttttttt, it was pretttttyyy obvious what he was supposed to do in that specific room. Mark was just joking and goofing off for the most part it to be a "lightning rod" it seems though XD (whose line is it anyways reference)

    • TheyCallMeJoey
      TheyCallMeJoey Day ago +1

      He literally got into the vent multiple times too but kept jumping out for no reason 😭😭😭

    • Bartty Sky
      Bartty Sky Day ago

      my comment said hey they don’t have subtitles because its 2022. 2022 is weird yall. the fact that you’re actually triggered over it though is a joke in itself. l 58) and tyou…

    • james afton
      james afton Day ago

      @Mason How i agree

  • Couldn't be me
    Couldn't be me 6 hours ago +2

    I love how Mark turned this game from a game that was supposed to last like an hour at most to a game that lasts nearly 3 hours

  • Where Ta Games
    Where Ta Games 13 hours ago +3

    I like how sarcastic he sounds on many moments and how he criticizes the game the entire time 😂

  • Kitkat
    Kitkat 10 hours ago +7

    I just love that flower thing making everyone feel like they’re having a stroke when they hear it (including myself)

  • goth girl
    goth girl 3 hours ago

    Mark: * yelling at steam. * “I AM DEAD INSIDE!”
    me: ha, aren’t we all?

  • Ki
    Ki 18 hours ago +452

    Mark: I’m not a masochist
    Also Mark: Uses his entire intro to encourage people to test how much he can take

    • Ki
      Ki 11 hours ago +1

      @Jesus Saves!
      Hey! Did you know that constantly pressing your religion onto others on every possible site is incredibly rude and annoying? It’s one of the reasons I am no longer of catholic faith.
      Regardless, have a nice day.

    • bonerrr stonerrr
      bonerrr stonerrr 11 hours ago +2

      @Jesus Saves! dont care didnt ask

    • ArchAngel1558
      ArchAngel1558 11 hours ago +4

      @Jesus Saves! shhhhhhh

    • Jesus Saves!
      Jesus Saves! 12 hours ago

      Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them!
      Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants!
      Have a blessed day, everyone!!! ❤

  • Legarda Cristine
    Legarda Cristine 7 hours ago +2

    the game names the villain: "Mommy Long Legs:
    Mark: Let's call her *Lady Spaghetti*

  • Mr Star
    Mr Star 6 hours ago +1

    Mark: "Videos every day from today till Clip-Share shuts down"
    900 years later...
    Mrak: Thank you guys for still tunning in, as you all know producing videos in hell is difficult and I just wanted to thank my subscibers for supporting me along this journey.

  • Ron Destiny
    Ron Destiny 10 hours ago +4

    Mark's right about underlying threads. There's a huge difference between inspiration and ripping off. Just because someone else did it first, doesn't mean they own it.

  • ThatPansexualEevee
    ThatPansexualEevee 12 hours ago +3

    it triggers me slightly how in the beginning when mark is playing on all the play sets in the game station he completely misses the one with the trophy inside, like….bro got me screaming internally
    Also, the silence got me cracking up when he clicked on the bunzo cutout 😂

  • Oh hell no
    Oh hell no Day ago +926

    other gamers: get skeptical about going into the hole poppy was just kidnapped into
    Mark: "oh me too?" *jumps without a second thought*

    • No one important
      No one important Day ago +7

      But refused to go back into the vent he came from

    •  DON'T
      DON'T Day ago +2


    • Kneecap burglar
      Kneecap burglar Day ago +25

      This is the same man that has written multiple choose your own path adventures and has extensive detailed lore spanning decades

  • Jelly-mid
    Jelly-mid 12 hours ago +1

    I was definitely waiting for Mark to play this super hyped
    Edit: Seeing his struggle on simple puzzles is so triggering I cannot 😭💀

  • ArtBoiAlex
    ArtBoiAlex 12 hours ago +1

    i love markiplier so much. hes so funny especially when it took him a minute to realize he needed to use the brakes on the train

  • Glitchccentric
    Glitchccentric 8 hours ago +1

    Mark: "I thought that was a pretty tough puzzle, but uh to be perfectly honest, like... I'm a bit too smart for some of these puzzles I feel like they could make it a little more challenging"
    Also Mark: **Overcomplicated going back through the vent you came for 20 minutes trying to solve a puzzle that wasn't there**

  • Cold
    Cold 11 hours ago +1

    I love how 95% of the video is Mark doing everything BUT why the game wants you to do, and then he solves the power line puzzle immediately when it took MatPat like 10 minutes lmaoo

  • Tanner H
    Tanner H Day ago +1636

    Normal players: progressing with the story, looking for collectibles

    • Louisania TheMagnificent
      Louisania TheMagnificent Day ago +4

      @Cookie Pants when he doesn’t like a game Mark tends to ignore the main storyline and instead fools around with the mechanics, so I really don’t think he likes this game lol. And tbh the story isn’t great anyways, it’s been done many times and there are other games that did it way better imo.
      Still though this is from my observation from years watching his videos. It has been a while since I watched him so I could be wrong.

    • ItzSMPFriends
      ItzSMPFriends Day ago +1

      *Mark focusing on breaking the game*
      *Us literally spamming chat telling him what to do*
      *Him taking 20 mis to figure out that you can take electricity off the button again*

    • Knaught A. Masso-kist
      Knaught A. Masso-kist Day ago +6

      @Cookie Pants imo the lore aspects feel too similar to fnaf for one to get invested.
      The prototype is the only thing that really caught my attention.

    • Cookie Pants
      Cookie Pants Day ago +3

      It was a slightly frustrating since I was really hoping for Mark to be truly invested in the lore. Like all in. But hey at least he enjoyed the overall experience

    • Chris Wong
      Chris Wong Day ago

      @Don't Read My Profile Photo ok

  • deadedEdge
    deadedEdge 13 hours ago +3

    love that mark doesn't defend the company that made the game, for anyone curious, the company behind the game has some shady business practices, including scamming people with nft's (which if you don't know why they're bad, it's essentially a pyramid scheme that wastes way too much computing energy) and manipulating young animators into doing underpaid work for them (not to mention members allegedly harassed a minor who didn't want to work for them)
    the devs of the game seem to have nothing to do with it, so imo it's okay to play the game, but don't support the company or buy merch from them.