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Spending 24 Hours on a Private Island with MrBeast

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • GamingGaming

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  • Ludwig
    Ludwig  2 months ago +3592

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    • DaBoss830
      DaBoss830 Month ago

      @ludwig ur mom

    • Dawson Barnes
      Dawson Barnes 2 months ago

      Hey lud there's a bit of you running scam

    • Kushal B
      Kushal B 2 months ago +1

      ur mo-

    • Galactic Plays
      Galactic Plays 2 months ago

      is the oddonesout in this event?

    • XENN3SY
      XENN3SY 2 months ago

      My Birthday is Dec 11, turning 19 lol

  • isaacwhy
    isaacwhy 2 months ago +7951

    out of everything i expected in this video, i did not expect the your mom counter to go past 10

    • ParkTheForg
      ParkTheForg 2 months ago +1

      Well I didn’t think you’ll be here. BTW LOVE YOUR VIDS MAN KEEP IT UP. (I’m subbed)

    • Monke
      Monke 2 months ago

      next isaacwhat upload when

    • I_DoStufff
      I_DoStufff 2 months ago

      jingle bells,
      larry smells

    • Kushal B
      Kushal B 2 months ago


    • Tywild327
      Tywild327 2 months ago

      Lmao 💀

  • Puddbudd
    Puddbudd Month ago +887

    I like how Mr. Beast spent 50K just to roast Ludwig for a day on an island

  • Poshuwog
    Poshuwog 2 months ago +1422

    I feel like Lud is so uncomfortable but refuses to be ungrateful for Jimmy's forced gifts

    • Gabbis here
      Gabbis here Month ago

      That must be a joke

    • Teesh🖤
      Teesh🖤 Month ago

      ahhahahahaha is all

    • Agent Spear⚜
      Agent Spear⚜ Month ago +2

      ​@Zach Yeah dummy we know this ain't Twitch, It's Clip-Share, It's written at the top

    • Zach
      Zach Month ago

      @Agent Spear⚜ so cringe. This ain’t twitch

    • Aniyilator
      Aniyilator Month ago +2

      You're projecting, they're friends dude

  • Chewie
    Chewie 2 months ago +538

    If MrBeast really paid it all, Ludwig Made Money by having a $50.000 vacation. Insane😂

    • tagia Johnson
      tagia Johnson 28 days ago

      @jabertcul 123 it can go on either side you just see it in front more

    • Samuel
      Samuel Month ago

      @jabertcul 123 no Lmao

    • Bastar
      Bastar Month ago

      @jabertcul 123 That's so weird, but propably just because I am an european

    • Chewie
      Chewie Month ago

      @jabertcul 123 yeah, its like that

    • CNgotham
      CNgotham Month ago +1

      @Chewie welcome to language where there's so many flaws and things that just don't make sense but it's been like it for years so no one changes anything.

  • Josh Farrough
    Josh Farrough Month ago +93

    I feel like this whole video was Nolan being extra af cuz for once he's the one Jimmy brought instead of Karl, Chris or Chandler

    • DaBoss830
      DaBoss830 Month ago +1

      Karl got sick, and Chris and Chandler spent the night in a bus.

  • Trevor Losinski
    Trevor Losinski 2 months ago +15070

    I feel like Ludwig is scared of Mr. Beast but he’s too scared to admit it.

    • Alex V
      Alex V 29 days ago

      That's normal when you don't know someone that well and you're surrounded by people that know each other. It would get better once he they spend more time together.

      KEMUNTO Month ago

      Mr beast is the boss of all Clip-Sharers

    • Baylor Productions
      Baylor Productions 2 months ago

      Oh yeah, 100%

    • Charles Dayz
      Charles Dayz 2 months ago

      Mr beast could kid nap anyone in the world and people will just accept it.

    • Manarpit
      Manarpit 2 months ago


  • Dedave2
    Dedave2 2 months ago +100

    Ludwig: "Is this your first time?"
    Mrbeast: "I think so"
    *MrBeast is the only person that would actually say that*

  • Aarameshi
    Aarameshi Month ago +31

    Ngl that haircut was clean AF for 4 bucks that man does not charge enough, good lord.

    • Saucy Grandpa
      Saucy Grandpa 21 day ago +4

      I think he held up eight fingers because he says ‘ocho’ which is eight dollars in spanish. Pretty fire tho for so cheap, that’s just how it is over there. In El Salvador (my mom’s home country) everything is so dirt cheap because of how desperate people are. Except for the vendors who’ll try to scam any tourists who come up

  • JustAScrub
    JustAScrub Month ago +6

    to be fair this island definitelly looks better than the 1 million castle, im happy you got to go ludwig

  • Eric Barnd
    Eric Barnd 2 months ago +218

    Giving the barber $100 was very endearing and a reason why I enjoy Luds content so much. He is just genuinely a nice ass dude. I guarantee if cameras were off he would have done the same exact thing. Keep up the great work Ludwig. You're the Mike White of YT.

  • CaptainKoala8
    CaptainKoala8 2 months ago +9287

    At this point, Ludwig should just have a "go bag" ready for whenever Mr. Beast randomly messages him... 😂

    • Deja
      Deja 2 months ago

      I remember this used to be a thing people done. iirc Mr Beast has a few around the place.

    • pkownedok
      pkownedok 2 months ago +1

      "randomly" 😂😂

    • TyGuy8
      TyGuy8 2 months ago

      @Money Bag he did get it in the video

    • Battlerayclips
      Battlerayclips 2 months ago

      @MAGICC GAMING lol

    • Battlerayclips
      Battlerayclips 2 months ago

      @blyatt XD

  • Diffy15
    Diffy15 2 months ago +254

    I have learned something from this video. I wouldn’t go on the same island as Nolan even if Mr. Beast payed me.

    • yara
      yara 28 days ago +1

      Thank god I’m not the only one who feels this way. I would have drowned myself in the ocean fr

    • Diffy15
      Diffy15 Month ago +1

      @juicer sure enough

    • juicer
      juicer Month ago +2

      hey man if you're ever offered then i can take your tickets

    • Zaineb Hidoussi
      Zaineb Hidoussi 2 months ago +8

      same bro

  • kaitheguy
    kaitheguy 2 months ago +36

    "monkeys are gonna see my penis" best line i've heard mr.beast say

  • George Wilson
    George Wilson 2 months ago +246

    I cant tell if Nolan and Ludwig hate eachother or if they have the best comedic chemistry.

    • Zach
      Zach Month ago +6

      In one his videos explaining his last experience with Mr. Beast, he refers to Nolan’s dad as “way funnier than he is” so I’d say no lol

      DODUCKA Month ago +27

      Nolan thinks they have comedic chemistry that's for sure

    • Rae T
      Rae T Month ago +17

      Just comedic chemistry

  • Robert Larson
    Robert Larson 2 months ago +137

    Very cool to see Ludwig being the most respectful to the staff.

    • pinnappel
      pinnappel Month ago

      @Ninja Pickle 10:16 , he was making a joke in the most unserious tone he could make dumbass

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle 2 months ago +17

      Bro called the guide's son dumb

  • 🌟 Wander the
    🌟 Wander the Nomad 2 months ago +93

    Once again I'm blown away by Ludwig's charisma and his ability to handle certain social situations that others probably wouldn't be able to, and that I _definitely_ wouldn't be able to.

  • Diego Cortés
    Diego Cortés Month ago +18

    I am so happy that my favorite Clip-Sharers visit my country.
    I miss my country now.
    Most people don't know where or what is Panama, but this changes everything.

    • Nivarity
      Nivarity 2 days ago

      Bro Jimmy literally called it an island. I got you. Your canal comes in clutch

  • killer
    killer 2 months ago +403

    Nolan straight up reminds me of the annoying orange

  • Aniyilator
    Aniyilator Month ago +12

    So THIS is why Lud hates Nolan 😆

  • Derrick D
    Derrick D 2 months ago +7491

    Hanging out with Nolan is like babysitting your spoiled cousin during thanksgiving who flexes and makes fun of your mom :(.

    • crazyMrxis.
      crazyMrxis. Month ago +2

      So corny he should just stop

    • yo momma
      yo momma Month ago +2

      @JohnTo my knowledge he is cringe purposefully, and it’s not his actual personality.

    • Ramus
      Ramus Month ago +1

      He’s playing a character

    • OneSaucyNougat
      OneSaucyNougat 2 months ago +5

      @Ryan P yeah him and Karl are the worst. Wish they kept some of the old guys tbh and not the current crew.

    • Alex Kacz
      Alex Kacz 2 months ago +1

      That's just his role he isn't actually like that still annoying though

  • chad
    chad Month ago +9

    nolan saying "get the fuck out" sort of through me for a loop lmao.

  • Inky.
    Inky. Month ago +6

    The best part of this is that as I was watching this video my mom was making somethig using our microwave and when Ludwig jumped in the pool it finished cooking so I heard the beeps once he jumped in

  • Sam Rowan
    Sam Rowan 2 months ago +160

    Man you really have to be Mr Beast's friend to put up with Nolan for more than an hour

  • owen
    owen 2 months ago +2

    Nolan is the most unfunny and genuinely cringey guy I've seen in a long time

  • Neluv
    Neluv 2 months ago +1499

    That last segment going to the barber shop was nice, spreading the luck you have in your life, good shit Lud!

    • Alex
      Alex 2 months ago +43

      @FallN AshS Was wondering how much he was charging. Thought it was probably that low. Damn dude got a nice $92 tip.

    • FallN AshS
      FallN AshS 2 months ago +66

      the guy was charging $8 so he left a nice tip as well

  • Lance Ph31
    Lance Ph31 Month ago +1

    I think mrbeast now is like enjoying himself cause its almost christmas and i dont hate it cause hes one of my favorite youtubers

  • warren chavez
    warren chavez 2 months ago +10

    “I’m everyone’s number 7” I feel that

  • Chris Boone
    Chris Boone 2 months ago +29

    The vlog was top tier quality lud definitely needs to start vlogging more

  • Abdur-Rehman Siddiqui
    Abdur-Rehman Siddiqui Month ago +2

    The amount of that's what she said jokes that can be made out of this video is insane

  • Jason D
    Jason D 2 months ago +2398

    For one, this Vlog was F*cking great.
    For two, Nolan deserved to have the sh*t slapped out of him for saying “your mom” 10,000 times

    • Lucozade
      Lucozade Month ago +1

      Fr he ruined the vid

    • Rae T
      Rae T Month ago

      @Dev Common Aidan L

    • Antti Ranne
      Antti Ranne 2 months ago +1

      @Dev I can appreciate a good yo mama joke but when it's a lazy attempt at a terrible one liner by the most obnoxious, unfunny and childish person to ever exist it's really annoying.

    • Dev
      Dev 2 months ago +1

      @kawacha dinkdong Using the term cringelord has to be the most cringe thing in this thread

    • kawacha dinkdong
      kawacha dinkdong 2 months ago +2

      @Dev cringelord child

  • scullcase
    scullcase 2 months ago +2

    After I heard about what chess boxing was years ago I always wanted to watch a match. now I can watch Ludwig get the life beat out of him

  • Revolve
    Revolve Month ago +3

    Nolan guy was single-handedly ruining the trip bruh 😐

  • Unicorn-Town-Going-Down
    Unicorn-Town-Going-Down 2 months ago +8

    "Aha now we're _both_ wet!"
    Just like Ludwig's mom. DAYUM

    • Lyfe Hax And Trix
      Lyfe Hax And Trix Month ago

      Yea you figure if he says the same thing enough eventually he’ll sound funny or impactful

  • DuckWithNoBrain
    DuckWithNoBrain 2 months ago +9

    You can see luds feet for a breif moment at 13:22 under the table, I will now take my leave.

  • Flatbread42
    Flatbread42 2 months ago +4622

    Whenever Mr. Beast hijacks Ludwig's life it's gonna be a great video.

    • Sammie
      Sammie 2 months ago

      I absolutely love getting to see the stuff that doesn't go on Mr. Beasts channel.

    • 🌟 Wander the
      🌟 Wander the Nomad 2 months ago +1

      @Lautaro O. L. I think that's illegal 🤔

    • Juul
      Juul 2 months ago +1

      No shit sherlock it’s Mr Beast

    • Lautaro O. L.
      Lautaro O. L. 2 months ago +2

      Why not hijack Ludwig's Mom?

    • InvestFTW
      InvestFTW 2 months ago +8


  • BuzzVanti
    BuzzVanti Month ago +2

    Maybe Nolan can be Portugal’s new #7

  • CentralChaos
    CentralChaos 2 months ago +54

    At this point it's part of Ludwig's life to just stop everything and go film a MrBeast video spontaneously every once in a while lol. Great video Lud!

  • Toichey
    Toichey Month ago

    "does he watch ludwig" "no, I don't think so" "yeah its more of a 9 year old thing" sadly thats very true, this channel and his streams are polluted by like 9, 10 and 11 year olds.

  • Pabz | PabzOfficial
    Pabz | PabzOfficial Month ago +35

    You can tell Lud is an awesome guy

  • Kurbo
    Kurbo 2 months ago +2991

    At this point Ludwig needs to have a suitcase full of clothes for when MrBeast calls him up with an hour of prep time.

    • Andrice
      Andrice 2 months ago +1

      @Full Send Filosophy Very smart and helpful thanks! I’ve thinking of keeping it or one in a car.

    • Full Send Filosophy
      Full Send Filosophy 2 months ago +4

      @Padraig Browning Everyone should have a go bag in thier house. I have a go back with enough stuff to survive 72 hours with me my wife and kids. If we ever need too. Hopefully we don’t

    • Padraig Browning
      Padraig Browning 2 months ago +15

      The army has a “go bag” basically they have less then 30 minutes to pack, get their affairs in order and get to the place they have to go.

    • Mushroom King
      Mushroom King 2 months ago +6

      pack everything

    • lysolmax
      lysolmax 2 months ago +53

      Except who knows if it's going to be 2 days stranded in the woods, a $50k luxury island, or somewhere in the Arctic lmao

  • SkyGrizzzley
    SkyGrizzzley 2 months ago +60

    Mr. Beast and Ludwig's relationship is so spontaneous and nontoxic that I love it

  • CaptainBeef
    CaptainBeef 2 months ago +28

    If I were to win the lottery, I would definitely treat my mother to such a trip. She deserves a nice thing like this after all of the support she has given me in life.

    • Deez
      Deez 2 months ago +2

      If I were to win the lottery I’d do the same but with Nolan’s mom to make Ludwig feel better

  • JAMinationVidz
    JAMinationVidz Month ago

    thats a butter for twin otter

  • Urigishi
    Urigishi 2 months ago +27

    No one talking about Ludwig catching 2 fish with one line.
    Fantastic catch, Lud.

  • No name
    No name 2 months ago +1820

    Mr. Beast would have to pay me double to spend time with Nolan.

  • Thomas V
    Thomas V 2 months ago +5

    2:00 Nolan screams and then that dude puts his noise cancelling headphones on. #NolanMoment

  • Klutzy
    Klutzy 2 months ago +13

    No other youtuber makes me feel like we're still in the good o'l days. Thankyou Ludwig

  • Jayden__
    Jayden__ 2 months ago +8

    Jimmy inviting Lud is like when your friend invites the wrong friend to the party with the other friend group

  • Mr yeti
    Mr yeti 2 months ago

    When Jimmy said monkeys are going to see my penis the first thing that popped into my head racist😂

  • Dippy
    Dippy 2 months ago +3450

    Lud you did a great job handling Nolan, I’m fully realizing the extent of how annoying he is after this

    • Lucozade
      Lucozade Month ago +1

      Yeah nolan kinda ruined the vid for me

    • Cade M.
      Cade M. 2 months ago +6

      @polyanmon I think normally his screen time in a beast video with tons of people and stuff in it is pretty minimal so he can just throw out constant jokes hoping one or two make it. The blog style makes him look way more annoying. Like Beast’s video Nolan prolly had like 2 mom jokes make it total

    • Cade M.
      Cade M. 2 months ago +6

      @Kent McIntyreI also think part of this problem is mr beat’s video style has a lot of people and moving parts, so his job is to just be super enthusiastic and throw out tons of jokes and shit just for like 2 of them to make the video. The blog style doesn’t suit him

    • FizzyBoss YT
      FizzyBoss YT 2 months ago +1

      Ok now let's actually read the pinned comment

    • Quinn LeMay
      Quinn LeMay 2 months ago +28

      @BoomyNote I totally agree, though I wish these segments were at least cut from lud's video because it's a weird clashing of maturity and immaturity. Seeing such child-like humor at the expense of the person we're watching the video for may make people feel antagonistic toward the person making the jokes.

  • ShadowChilly
    ShadowChilly 2 months ago +8

    15:15 goofy ahhh laugh

    ΨÃL·ƤȞȀΨ Month ago

    Honestly a fire haircut

  • riita 08
    riita 08 2 months ago +3

    that was such a nice video, watching you just having fun is a bless after bad day at work
    I'm so happy that you seem to be happy and just idk how else to say it - just thank you for sharing your life,it brightens up my day dude

  • minefull gamer
    minefull gamer Month ago

    Ludwig reading peak fiction

  • Pwnanite
    Pwnanite Month ago

    Just one question.
    Who is Nolan?

  • lara
    lara 2 months ago

    i feel like nolan is the little brother

  • bad matter
    bad matter 2 months ago +7

    It's super hard to do this kind of stuff because the required hours of streaming but taking trips with qt or the yard boys to shorter trips like Costa Rica or the one I want to see Japan would be fantastic content

  • Dipz
    Dipz 2 months ago +7

    12:39 are you telling me Lud would drop that line without the cameras rolling?

  • SamSee
    SamSee 2 months ago +1680

    so nice of Karl to be out sick and make this video possible

    • K C
      K C 2 months ago

      @Antti Ranne I get it, he’s annoying, but chill lol.

    • Antti Ranne
      Antti Ranne 2 months ago

      @K C He also just acts annoying it's not only the "jokes"(They're so terrible i refuse to call them jokes)

    • Antti Ranne
      Antti Ranne 2 months ago

      @Fade Nolans is the most annoying among jimmys friends.

    • Antti Ranne
      Antti Ranne 2 months ago

      @Andy Rivas I don't really care, Karl id annoying enough but Nolan is in a league of his own...

    • K C
      K C 2 months ago +2

      @AntiChrist You people have anger issues or something😭. Like holy shit are you guys annoyed easily. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to be around Nolan much either but at the end of the day it’s just stupid little jokes. Not too deep.

  • Nico Calcio
    Nico Calcio Month ago

    Mr. Beast island vacation is the title and One Piece chapter in the first min…….is this heaven? Did I make it?

  • Lex F
    Lex F 2 months ago +38

    that’s the best haircut i’ve seen on him 😂😂 he’s about to be flying out there for cuts 😂😂

  • Byron Gibson
    Byron Gibson Month ago


  • D M
    D M 2 months ago +3

    “How much?”
    *hands him $100*
    🥲😭💝 makes me so happy to see others share the wealth.

  • Slider Gaming
    Slider Gaming Month ago +7

    I like how Nolan was like "I'm everybody's number 7" and then they both instantly frown 🤣

  • Volt Universe
    Volt Universe 2 months ago +13

    Nolan is like that annoying friend that your parents make you hangout with

  • Nixsy924
    Nixsy924 Month ago +3

    That haircut was so wholesome, keep the change of 100 when it was 8 presumably local currency, this man has to be happy as hell :D thank you ludwig for being a kind man

  • DudeTheDude
    DudeTheDude 2 months ago +14

    I didn’t expect it, but Ludwig can vlog really well

  • Zacharel Chai
    Zacharel Chai 2 months ago +2503

    I found it oddly wholesome when Lud took a stand against Nolan making jokes at his mother's expense.

    • Rae T
      Rae T Month ago

      Its a bit bro

    • Pedro Régis
      Pedro Régis 2 months ago

      @g76agi The dick is the one who doesnt respect the other asking him to stop

    • K C
      K C 2 months ago

      @EBP Thicc Papa Yas Why do you mfs think everything is scripted? You do realize plans for doing things do exist right? That doesn’t mean there’s a script. That’s just weird and unnecessary.

    • askingolottle
      askingolottle 2 months ago

      @EBP Thicc Papa Yes every situation is the same and completely unrelated people don't ever do anything different ever /s.
      It's just shit talking, no idea why you think it's either beef or fake. Annoyance isn't the easiest thing to replicate authenticly with a script.

    • EBP Thicc Papa Yas
      EBP Thicc Papa Yas 2 months ago +1

      @S C I bet you think t1 is actually like that off cam cause you can’t separate characters people play on screen versus the actual humans they are. People aren’t actually like this irl and the ones that are, are actually insane and end up with allegations

  • seesee44
    seesee44 2 months ago +11

    watching this genuinely makes me wonder if he realizes how crazy that actually is? That is some ones life long vacation destination and he just gets invited lol

  • Osiris O
    Osiris O Month ago

    Im what like 9 mins in the vid and i swear if i hear one more mom joke I'm ending this. damn i feel bad for ludwig now

  • jen ✨
    jen ✨ Month ago

    Ludwig reactions are the best !!!! You're so fun and chill to be with 😆 Wish u and the mrbeast crew could hang out more ❤️

  • ThatoneAries
    ThatoneAries 2 months ago +7

    9:43 “I’m everyone’s number 7, but I’m your mom number 1” missed opportunity

  • Elliott McLean de Boer
    Elliott McLean de Boer 2 months ago +927

    At this point, Jimmy is just Ludwig's sugar daddy

  • Pineapple Playz
    Pineapple Playz Month ago

    Ludwig’s mom watching this

  • Carneus
    Carneus Month ago +1

    I think this is the first time I've seen Ludwig get genuinely and visibly annoyed at someone.

  • nat alie
    nat alie 2 months ago +9

    small thing, but i loved how lud was the only one out of mr beast and nolan to greet eduardo, and say hi when coming off the plane. small things like that make a working day a bit better.

  • Affordable Desert Living

    Interesting insight into how young men think these days.

  • SparrowGum
    SparrowGum 2 months ago +690

    Props to ludwig for dealing with Nolan’s immaturity 😅

    • Bryce Postlmayr
      Bryce Postlmayr Month ago +10

      It truly looked rough to deal with.

    • Lucozade
      Lucozade Month ago +12

      Im so glad I'm not the only one who thought that

  • mad576
    mad576 2 months ago +20

    If i had a dollar for every time Nolan thought of a "Your mom" joke this video, i would be as rich as Mr.Beast

  • Lys
    Lys 2 months ago +8

    Lud giving the barber 100 dollars made me so happy

  • ApricotPit
    ApricotPit 2 months ago

    Can we get a reupload without Nolan in it?

  • Nando04
    Nando04 2 months ago

    The posture of that photo with the hair cut

  • LKnight126
    LKnight126 2 months ago +1851

    Ludwig more whipped for Mr. Beast than he is for QT

    • BethePandaGames
      BethePandaGames 2 months ago +35

      @Yes. nah fam if he actually asked they would come back to life 💀

    • Yes.
      Yes. 2 months ago +10

      @Noobler dead people 💀💀💀

    • Noobler
      Noobler 2 months ago +54

      who tf gonna refuse mrbeast tho💀

    • bruh meme
      bruh meme 2 months ago +75

      lmao I think that's just everybody with Jimmy, when someone hands out that much money, you kinda just don't ask lmao.

  • Tri blast
    Tri blast 17 days ago

    MrBeast is the absolute definition of chaotic good.

  • RadicalDan4
    RadicalDan4 2 months ago

    I love how Mr. Beast drags people to do amazing things in such a natural spontaneous way, everything to make a Ludwig video. Also Panama ain't an island ma'dudes

  • Juan Ramon Mendoza Botello

    Glad y'all enjoy our country, hope to see y'all back someday

  • Black
    Black Month ago +1

    that's alot of "Your Mom" joke to ludwig lmao

  • Dyed_Hair_Bear
    Dyed_Hair_Bear Month ago

    ludwig and nolan is unironically one of the funniest duos and i wish to see so much more of them

  • Minute Longer
    Minute Longer 2 months ago +1

    less go bois hittin up some cayo perico 2:06

  • MiniNinjaa2510
    MiniNinjaa2510 2 months ago +10

    i like seeing jimmy just speak his mind

  • Peter Shammas
    Peter Shammas 2 months ago

    He looked like justin beiber before the hair cut

  • DSea9
    DSea9 2 months ago +7331

    I edited this comment so nobody knows how I got so many likes.

    • Liam
      Liam 2 months ago +2

      ​@DSea9 " where's your comment with 7.3k likes? LLL"🤓

    • DSea9
      DSea9 2 months ago

      @Liam actually no. a saw some other guy do this and thought it was cool. also where's your comment with 7.3k likes? LLL

    • Liam
      Liam 2 months ago +1

      @Wolverine something like "I'm glad Ludwig is collaborating with smaller creator". I think the person was embarrassed because it clearly wasn't funny so they edited it to be a smartass

    • Liam
      Liam 2 months ago

      You edited the comment because you realized how painfully unfunny your joke was. Loser

    • Wolverine
      Wolverine 2 months ago

      @Liam what was the joke?

  • Sinnix TV
    Sinnix TV 2 months ago

    thanks for the good laughs your humor is on point

  • Cynical Chicken
    Cynical Chicken 2 months ago +3

    Lud tipping that barber at the end 100usd put a big smile on my face. Keep uo the good vibes man

  • filipberetta
    filipberetta 13 days ago

    i feel sorry for ludwig, you can cleary see he is the only one with moral values and honor

  • legomanc
    legomanc 2 months ago +1

    Defenitely my favorite video with Nolan, he might even be better than Ludwigs mom.

  • stevo Braden
    stevo Braden 2 months ago +7

    I think Nolan needs to find a different lane in life…almost single handedly blew it

  • Alex Piklor
    Alex Piklor 2 months ago +1

    aside from all the nolan this was a great video and a well done vlog for a channel that pretty much never does them. I'd really like more content like this (obviously not necessarily to the $50K extent)

  • Ally Raney
    Ally Raney 2 months ago +1

    Ludwig needs to just have a Mr. Beast Bug Out Bag. All the essentials ready to go.