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Blue Bubbles vs Green Bubbles: Explained!


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  • iKnowReview
    iKnowReview Year ago +10924

    In Germany it is the opposite 😅 no one uses only iMessage.
    It's WhatsApp, Telegram and Wire/Threema/Signal for everything

    • David Avila
      David Avila 2 months ago

      @Marianne Suesli Yeah! That is an issue for everyone, therefore everyone just defaults to one, but in other countries it defaults to WhatsApp (mainly) therefore nobody thinks on what messaging app you use.
      I only use 3 apps, WhatsApp for personal reasons, Teams for work reasons and Signal if I need my boss ASAP (like a permit or something like that)

    • Mark Thurwanger
      Mark Thurwanger 3 months ago

      This sounds awful having to use all of these different apps. I’m glad we just use iMessage!

    • 10Meisterbälle
      10Meisterbälle 6 months ago

      Meine Tante, mein Onkel und meine Kusine benutzen beide ein iPhone, aber ich glaube sie wissen nicht einmal, was iMessage ist, sie verwenden WhatsApp. (Österreich)

    • Mark Thurwanger
      Mark Thurwanger 6 months ago

      This sounds terrible, having to use so many extra apps just to text people. I’m glad here in the US everyone uses iMessage and that’s it.

    • ilikeminecraft6753
      ilikeminecraft6753 9 months ago

      in spain we only use whatsapp and telegram

  • Leapfrog28
    Leapfrog28 Month ago +162

    genuinely fascinated about the green vs blue thing as a US android user who never even realized this was a thing. def encountered the groupchat issue but it's usually not hard to find an app everyone can use instead when that does come up

    • dead.france
      dead.france Month ago +2

      Yea I mean there’s tons of social media with messaging in them

  • Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart-Under-Blade

    I just love how Apple convinced people to blame Android users for this when this is literally 100% Apple's fault for not allowing anyone else to use their applications

    • loony tunezz
      loony tunezz 25 days ago +2

      Steve jobs wouldn’t stand for this lol

    • Jordan Williams
      Jordan Williams 29 days ago

      @jens4president Wow I get teased as well I begged my mom but she refused. I just upset bc a phone is a phone but apparently not

    • Neil Young
      Neil Young Month ago +1

      ​​@jens4president Actually you should try to make her understand, if you can that being odd is at times better. Helps to stand out! Its not easy but way better in the long run. Like the country am from, I owned various iterations of iPhone from 2010 to 2018, I was an odd one out coz most of my peers were on the droid. Now iPhones have become super popular and I use an Android. I just don't want to give my money to a shady company like Apple anymore. When I was young I didn't realise how they use human slaves to make their devices or how they used low quality products (antenna gate), or how they didn't add a proper t9 dialer in their phones or how you could not access the meta data of snaps in the default photos app and many such examples. Now Apple as per me is just a designer company who happens to make tech devices. Same like Red Bull.

    • jens4president
      jens4president Month ago +24

      @halycon404 No, no, no. The truly sad thing is people like my 15 year old daughter get bullied because they are a green bubble. I just cannot fathom that. She wants an iphone for Christmas. Why? So she doesnt get bullied or made fun of. So, if I get her an iphone, Apple wins. And what a terrible way to win.

    • Brian Fox
      Brian Fox Month ago +13

      It's basically one of the most Apple moves of all time.

  • Speedy
    Speedy Month ago +122

    I'm from Switzerland. The iPhone is about as popular here as it is in the US but our default messaging app (for better and for worse) is in fact WhatsApp. That's the messaging app that everybody and your mom uses and that you kinda have to have, especially for group chats. While I absolutely detest the fact that a service from Meta has become the de facto standard in my country, I'm still glad that we don't have a problem with school bullying over the color of bubbles - at least as far as I know

    • Lautaro Quiroga
      Lautaro Quiroga 15 days ago

      @StarkWurst My gf and I wanted to give Signal a try, just to message between ourselves, but the app made the phones (both of them) super hot and drained the battery so we went back to whatsapp lol

    • StarkWurst
      StarkWurst 18 days ago +4

      Yeah in Germany (your neighbour) its the same, all use whatsapp, cool people telegram and even cooler ( and probably weirdos) signal or god forbid threema. I dont like whatsapp but i find the idea of getting all my boomer relatives introduced to another messenger too troublesome (and then they all habe to convince their boomer friends etc.). So as digitaly flexible as I am, I use 3 different Messengers.

  • KaribuI
    KaribuI Month ago +110

    For what I can remember here in Spain whatsapp became popular as a "free" alternative to SMS around the years 2010 and 2011. When iMessage released most (young) social circles where already on whatsapp even if everyone had an iPhone, and I believe that by then most smartphone users where using Android.

    • Wan Gilerz
      Wan Gilerz Month ago +3

      same one malaysia.. we only use whatapps.. when people send msg from default app.. we call it skema.. mean it too old skooll

    • Victor Isaev
      Victor Isaev Month ago +4

      Similar story here in Bulgaria - since people used Facebook messaging a lot back in the keyboard phone era, once smartphones started kicking in everyone just continued with messenger, and thus the iMessage blue/green bubbles trope never became a thing. Nowadays probably around 40-50% of teenagers/college students have iPhones, yet I don’t know a single person that actively uses iMessage. We all just use Facebook messenger (or instagram chats, but that’s just horrendously bad 🤮)

  • percyvael
    percyvael Year ago +1817

    ive heard the "android users get less dates" thing before. trust me guys, if they dont like you because of your phone choice, you dodged a bullet.

    • espanoza
      espanoza Day ago

      @M. M. B. in the art world there are some amazing apps that seem to only be available on ios. But i use a tablet for that. My phones are always androids.

    • percyvael
      percyvael Day ago

      @M. M. B. never get too nerdy with the family. they wont understand

    • percyvael
      percyvael Day ago

      @espanoza i had android for 8 years then got an iphone 13 a year ago just to try it out because over a decade ago i was a huge apple fanboy. id agree on overpriced tbh.

    • M. M. B.
      M. M. B. Day ago

      I tried to just get my family to open 1 extra free protonmail account, explaining privacy… impossible

    • M. M. B.
      M. M. B. Day ago

      Android is actually used by smart people, Apple the ever closed system, user friendly (for simple people) very good explanation of the Apple prison wall. And I have been with way too many women.

  • hellterminator
    hellterminator Month ago +35

    • An SMS is 140 bytes, not 160. For English text, they use GSM-7, which is a *7-bit* encoding, turning 140 _bytes_ into 160 _characters._ Alternatively, if you need (partial) unicode support, they use UCS-2, which is 16-bit encoding, resulting in 70 characters.
    • You do non need an MMS to send emoji. Emoji are just unicode characters. You can use them in a standard SMS, if you're willing to go from 160 characters to 70 (as described above).
    • iMessage _is_ end-to-end encrypted, however, if you enable iCloud backups, the encryption key is backed up there. So Apple has your encrypted messages _and_ the encryption key, so they can read them. And even if you don't have iCloud backups enabled, if the person you're talking with does, Apple will still see those messages.

  • Michela reads.
    Michela reads. Month ago +20

    When you said blue bubble vs green bubble I thought you meant iMessage vs whatsapp... That's how much we don't care about those things here in Europe 👀😅 we just all use WhatsApp 🤔

  • Anum
    Anum Month ago +10

    Lately in America it’s also becoming more common when I’m exchanging contact info for them to want to communicate on what’s app or even instagram

  • Josh S
    Josh S Month ago +4

    I was unaware of this being an “issue” until just recently. It’s not a big deal, but it w oh I’d be nice if something was done, but Apple has no reason to change

  • Serv
    Serv 4 months ago +407

    For my lifeguarding job my boss didn’t add me to the group chat that we posted our schedules because he “didn’t wanna deal with the green text.” And half the time i was never sure of my schedule. And my coworkers always made fun of me saying i should just get an iPhone and the green text is soo annoying. Just made me realize how brainwashed people are here in the US. Long story short, I spent my next paycheck on a iPhone 💀

    • rustyblades11
      rustyblades11 8 days ago +1

      I use a iPhone simply because I prefer iOS over android. However I purposely turn off iMessage just to Piss people off

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 22 days ago +1

      @RealSupaHotFireVEVO iPhones have barely any customization at all , if you prioritize having no freedom with your phone then yes Iphones are better phone's for people who just want something for Imessage and do the bare minimum you could use a phone for.

    • HeadHunter
      HeadHunter Month ago

      @Sexy scientist bro really said discord

    • Brian Fox
      Brian Fox Month ago

      @Rishabh Sahlot happens all the time. I've been excluded from group chats a number of times.

    • Brian Fox
      Brian Fox Month ago

      That person should be fired

  • nick carbo
    nick carbo Month ago +10

    its funny bc on android, my bubbles are color assigned to the contact. meaning I don't even have to read the name.

  • Isaac L.
    Isaac L. Month ago +39

    Yeah. I switched from Apple to Android and have experienced the resulting blue bubble backlash first hand. Apples aversion to work with other brands has ensured that I will never be buying their products until something changes.

  • Bugケイティ
    Bugケイティ 2 months ago +28

    As an American, after I met my boyfriend who is Japanese, he introduced me to LINE. It is SO much more appealing than default messaging. Plus the stickers are on point lol. It also can act as a mini, completely closed social media with ONLY close friends on it. Living in Japan now, most people around me never use their default messaging whatsoever with even notifications from services, doctors offices/appointments, restaurants, coupons, retail stores, etc all use LINE codes to message you info rather than your phone number. Even the post office gives you updates through LINE and allows you to choose the time and date that your package Is delivered so that they know when you are home, straight through using LINE. I’ve also scheduled my dental appointments directly through LINE app.

    • Drue C
      Drue C 2 months ago +1

      @1silenthunder1 This is true. Kakao is basically Korean equivalent of LINE. If you have friends in Korea or plan on traveling there (even for vacation), it's beneficial to have Kakao

    • 1silenthunder1
      1silenthunder1 2 months ago +2

      ​@David Avila I believe Kakao talk is Korea's number one messaging app

    • David Avila
      David Avila 2 months ago +3

      So basically in Japan they use LINE, but is it the same in Korea for example? Or just a country thing?

  • Mahelania RektBB
    Mahelania RektBB 4 months ago +79

    This is crazy! I'm American and an Android user and never knew about this. I attribute this to being in the let's play/gaming community where we all use Discord and/or Snapchat to set up play schedules with people all over the world to stay in contact without giving people our phone numbers.

    • Scotty FPV
      Scotty FPV 3 months ago +1

      That's because your friends aren't 12 years old

    • Bryan M
      Bryan M 4 months ago

      @stop oh yeah it's believable that it happens. People are jerks!

    • stop
      stop 4 months ago +4

      @Bryan M it's mostly teenagers, if you aren't in that demographic you won't experience it but trust me it happens

    • Bryan M
      Bryan M 4 months ago +7

      Yeah, Android user here too. I'm not in the gaming community but none of my friends or coworkers are big enough dicks to make fun of me for using a different phone than them. I definitely never knew this was a thing.

  • Hannaaah @tigerlilyletters

    In Europe we mostly use Whatsapp. It's free, international and it's the default for everyone here.

    • Subramore
      Subramore 20 days ago +2

      @Musqul "Free-to-use" in this context.

    • Musqul
      Musqul Month ago

      It's not free. They collect massive amount of data from you. There is no such things as a free service.

  • LiK
    LiK 3 months ago +11

    This was such a interesting analysis of the whole text messaging issue. Something I never thought about. Seeing the blue and green bubbles simply let me know if they use an iPhone or not. Didn’t care about the silly status symbol it represents. So weird how people fall into that hole.

  • Satish Soni
    Satish Soni Month ago

    Google has failed to convince people on security and privacy. Android to me feels like a loose framework with too many moving parts. One analogy I can think of is, Apple feels like a cold forged wrench, solid where as android feels like a flimsy multi-tool.

  • Zveebo
    Zveebo Year ago +7176

    Wow, blows my mind as a non-American that this is an issue. Always interesting to hear about weird cultural aspect of countries though, even though this is a particularly crazy one! Thanks for the video Marques!

    • Chris Schepper
      Chris Schepper 4 months ago

      It's not an issue. At all.

    • Taylor
      Taylor 4 months ago +1

      Grew up in the US, but have family in Europe and currently live in Europe so having What'sApp was just always a thing for me and like it so much better than the default app

    • Gulf Media Collective
      Gulf Media Collective 4 months ago

      @Teej I came to comment this. I use wired headphones in the studio for latency issues. But I haven’t connected wired headphones to my cell phone in like 5 years

    • Gary Chapman
      Gary Chapman 4 months ago

      Probably the same to an extent in UK.

    • sirderpalot
      sirderpalot 4 months ago

      Very understandable, it should be shocking because it's extreme behavior from people on that side of the ocean. They live in a bubble and live with blinders on their eyes. They definitely aren't well cultured or socially experienced.

  • CaptainMisery86
    CaptainMisery86 Month ago +2

    I can't get my parents to drop their land line... it hasn't been used for years

  • Solitaire001
    Solitaire001 3 months ago +7

    Thanks for this video. I didn't know that the whole blue vs. green bubble was an issue. Part of the reason is that I just do basic texting so the fancier functions (such as read receipts) are something I don't use. Another twist to mention is that I use a flip phone (Cingular Flip IV) so my bubble colors are green with white text for my texts, and grey with black text for other people's texts

  • Rudxain
    Rudxain 2 months ago +8

    This would be so embarrassing to explain to aliens.
    Imagine you go to visit "the neighbors" just to meet them, and they tell you that an extremely rich group of people that controls almost half of the world's communication, is so greedy that they don't bother making their communication system universal for everyone on the planet.
    We would look like primitive peasants to them

  • Miroslav Blagoev
    Miroslav Blagoev 4 months ago +9

    Great video! it explains very clearly what a lot other concepts are not just Blue vs Green bubbles I would include in the description such as - SMS, MMS, RCS, Android Messaging, iOS messaging, Android vs iPhone messages. And I also love the way you present the whole situation explaining why iMessage, what apple doesn't want to do, what Android users are trying to do and your take on the conflict. And also the fact that you mention that this is a very common thing among people 18-24 across the US.

  • starsong
    starsong 5 months ago +34

    I’m considering switching to an android but losing that functionality when my college friends and I FaceTime to stay in touch and have an iMessage group chat that has existed since middle school- as well as my family group chat- is seriously the only thing keeping me tied to Apple because it’s such a big hurdle to overcome. It’s real…

    • UnNainConnu
      UnNainConnu 2 months ago +1

      @David Avila Actually, thanks to EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA), iMessage may soon be more open (same thing for WhatsApp and others): "The law will start to apply from May 2, 2023, after a six-month implementation stage."

    • David Avila
      David Avila 2 months ago

      I do agree, in fact those things, plus the fact iMessage is closed, are things that shouldn't happen and lose all your memories
      EU should step in, but since there they use WhatsApp, they see no issues...

    • Nugglife 303
      Nugglife 303 2 months ago +1

      Facetime is dumb AF.

    • Michael Z
      Michael Z 4 months ago +4

      I finally switched to Android about 2 years ago and have been happier for it. My family and friends adapted without much difficulty. Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc. I'm in my late 20s so it may be different for different age groups though

    • UnNainConnu
      UnNainConnu 4 months ago +2

      @Fire It doesn't take time, you just mention it to your friends

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 5 months ago +7

    Great video and break down, but a very important detail is missing from this discussion. Apples iMessage implementation meant users got a better messaging experience and also let iOS users not be robbed by the wireless carriers for text messaging plans. To this day, I carry ATT text starter plan for 5$ because majority of my messages are all iMessage that go across on our data plans. So the carriers pricing also helped spur iMessage adoption so we could avoid paying huge data plan and 20$ a month for SMS. Just something that should be part of conversation as well as androids numerous half baked message solutions that none really resonated with users.

    • Jonathan Mintz
      Jonathan Mintz 4 months ago

      Yeah, but Apple could still just adopt the RCS protocol for texting with Androids and keep iPhone to iPhone texting as iMessage. Sure, iOS to Android texting might still be a bit worse than iOS to iOS, but it would bring it closer.

  • John Thomas Kong
    John Thomas Kong Month ago

    Apple makes everything so easy. 📱⌚️

  • Claire
    Claire 2 months ago +2

    apple's sounding more and mroe like evil overlords in a dystopia

  • Bando Bandit
    Bando Bandit Year ago +31924

    I love how Marques is actually aware of the international community and doesn’t just assume everyone is from America

    • Jhin a blooming Flower
      Jhin a blooming Flower 14 days ago

      @Or Kanner Don't worry the world also doesn't care much about America either,oh and the world is larger outside the not so intelligent states

    • Ari
      Ari 22 days ago

      He’s human just like the rest of us
      He’s aware he has viewers outside the US and I’m sure he has friends and family that don’t live in US

    • Tomas Plunksnis
      Tomas Plunksnis Month ago

      Yeah I hate US-Centrism!

    • PMP1337
      PMP1337 Month ago

      @Chantz No, SMS was.

    • girldanielle
      girldanielle Month ago

      @Devansh Mehrotra Isn't he from Zimbabwe?

  • Christina Cover
    Christina Cover 2 months ago +4

    Super informative and interesting video!!! I have been seeing a lot of calls for Apple to make a change and move away from SMS and towards a solution like RCS - I think it certainly wouldn't hurt their bottom line too dramatically honestly (and truly how many more iPhone versions do we need to see, I say this as an iPhone owner and fully in the ecosystem) I think it might actually be a great business movie that shows efforts towards safety, security as you mentioned and a spirit of collaboration (I can dream!)

  • Chandler Experiment
    Chandler Experiment 3 months ago +3

    I'd actually forgotten about the paid vs free messages thing. I can see some truth in that backstory since iMessages were sent over the data plan - that was a huge draw in its growth. Back then I recall some carriers had limited SMS and unlimited data (mostly 2g speeds, but 3g was up and coming).

  • Ro Toast
    Ro Toast 4 months ago +9

    I was able to convince my mom to use Signal instead of (or alongside) WhatsApp. No idea how I made that possible. Must have been a chain of fortunate events.

  • Michael Z
    Michael Z 4 months ago +2

    As a former iPhone owner converted to Android, I love pointing out to iPhone users how it must suck to have to deal with green messages when all texts to me appear the same and function just as well. Using the Google messaging app has given me everything I had on iPhone

  • Jo3y Wils0n
    Jo3y Wils0n Year ago +3087

    I just listened to 20 minutes about text messages, and never felt bored. Your video format and storytelling are top tier - Not to mention the production quality, which is off the charts!

    • H D M
      H D M 11 months ago

      @Ant Man 2

    • 70bnr
      70bnr Year ago

      True. Packed with in-depth info yet the storytelling is always compelling. This guy has squared the content-form circle.

    • Draken X
      Draken X Year ago +1

      Oh wow, didn't noticed it was 20 minutes long and I even saw the whole thing. Had to scroll up to the video to see the tracking duration 😅

    • Cmars龍
      Cmars龍 Year ago +1

      man i was so genuinely interested in the way he narrated...it was amazing. : D

    • Mario H
      Mario H Year ago +1

      Didn't realize it was 20 mins until reading this comment lol

  • blvccpercs baby
    blvccpercs baby 4 months ago +1

    such a well informed video. you get into it, the nitty gritty & break things down in such a interesting way. i love your videos. im not subscribed to many people of this tech genre but you are the first person i go to for new tech. your opinion & the facts are why i watch your videos

  • OWL
    OWL 4 months ago +7

    I don’t think there was ever bad intent about the messages being green. They were green before imessage even became a thing. The psychological association of blue good and green bad is just a natural consequence of the benefit of using imessage over sms. It could have been any colour

  • LinuxLOL
    LinuxLOL 4 months ago +2

    I like how he's aware that in every other country it isnt the same. In my country we all just use 3rd party, no matter android or iphone, because everyone has their preferences and texting shouldnt be a reason to get the other phone

  • Mtdub Da Champ
    Mtdub Da Champ 5 months ago

    Before I start this video just wanna say this is one of if not my favorite tech channel! Love the work you’ve put in brotha! Keep it up and blessings to you and yours

  • Fabio Ferrari
    Fabio Ferrari Year ago +8426

    It's so weird from a European standpoint to know lot of people use the default messaging app. Here is something you need to use only when grandma text you

    • danullb
      danullb 7 days ago

      @Anon Nymous "a bit more world friendly, and less ethnocentric"
      :] I have many friends around the world that I text with regularly.

    • Anon Nymous
      Anon Nymous 7 days ago

      For us in Europe built in messaging tools are just full of spam and authentication messages. It's just nice to know this app has all the useless spam and the other is where I contact family and friends regardless of which country they are currently in without worrying that I accidentally send a 5 euro MMS to them because they didn't have internet at that moment in time.
      I get that if you have no Latino friends and never leave the us, iMessage seems fine. But as soon as you get a bit more world friendly and less ethnocentric, iMessage seems useless.

    • danullb
      danullb 7 days ago

      Why? iMessage works great. I also use WhatsApp and MarcoPolo and a couple others but...
      iMessage works just fine (as do the others)
      I honestly don't understand the "oMg i cant believe youre using iMessage" comments.
      yeah, I do. And so do tech industry / developer friends who work in the Bay Area. bfd either way

    • Anon Nymous
      Anon Nymous 29 days ago

      @qiX2wf48 nobody uses the default messenger because people still assume it costs money to send a SMS.

    • shoebill_j
      shoebill_j Month ago +1

      In Italy whatsapp is the real standard, you don't get sms unless it's your operator

  • Dave Roy
    Dave Roy 2 months ago

    Dude you're good. I saw 20 minutes and thought there no way I'm watching all of this. Needless to say I made it to the end. No long winded talking, just straight to the point. Awesome content!

  • Tai Guy
    Tai Guy Month ago +8

    This isn't really related to the blue/green messages, but when I was a junior in high school, I remember walking out of the school cafeteria. On my way out, I walked past a girl. She dropped her phone and the it popped open with the battery flying out. There was a small group of 3 male freshmen students, shoulder to shoulder, that were walking behind her. They walked right by her when she dropped her phone, and the one in the middle, turned his head, looked down on her trying to pick her phone up, and he says, "Fucking android" and scoffs as he and his friends kept walking. I stood there watching them as they went by me. I then turned and saw the girl speed walking the opposite direction. I was so mad, and I felt so bad for her.
    Go home freshmen.

  • Julia
    Julia 4 months ago

    Other great decentralized options would be Matrix or XMPP, as anyone can self host them and they can work in a federalized manner.
    My family uses Element with Synapse running on a server at home with port forwarding and it works well. As a bonus, big files send instantly in the local network.

  • Douglas Lassance
    Douglas Lassance 4 months ago +4

    It reminds me of the Lightning connector story. They did not care about splitting the world in two as long as they had an edge. Ultimately USB-C caught up, and it's now mandatory on devices in Europe. Ultimately Apple will have to move away from a technology they could have imposed to everyone. I understand that for a time you would want to keep things to yourself, but they totally lack vision when it's time to let go.

  • 98hero
    98hero Year ago +1126

    I love this video, didn’t realize this monstrosity was US specific. As a tech head I always thought this was ridiculous.

    • noor
      noor 3 months ago

      It's also kind of the same story in Scandinavian countries, everyone uses iMessage

    • stev6963
      stev6963 8 months ago +1

      I’ve always seen the blue/green bubble debate used as a joke from people in the US where I live. Like the majority of my friends and family use iPhone so whenever there is a green message bubble people jokingly give the other shit about it but I didn’t think it was a big enough deal for people to be so superficial about it with regards to dating. That’s absolutely silly.

    • chluebi
      chluebi 9 months ago

      @Mies van der Lippe threema

    • Paul Vorderegger
      Paul Vorderegger Year ago +3

      @Ana *All of YOUR data is already on the internet. And *YOU* would rather give them your data

    • Ana
      Ana Year ago +2

      @Ryseabtw you're absolutely right! We need to protect our privacy as much as we can. Thank you for the awesome discussion!

  • Austin Empire
    Austin Empire 24 days ago

    I’ve been in the industry for 12 years. This video was brilliantly explained. iMessage is def. the top shelf messaging app

  • Flower Child
    Flower Child 3 months ago

    You are always so insightful and so awesome. I never really thought much about this until I heard something in the news about it. Really kinda crazy, but when I think about it…it’s like WOW! My children and I keep trying to get my husband to switch to iPhone, and you just summed up things about the messaging that made this whole thing connect. My husband it NOT going to any apple product, and our children and I are NOT going to android. Guess we’re going to have a standoff🤣. Thank you so for the video.

  • Axl Scott
    Axl Scott Month ago

    I sorta wanna buy an iphone but i know android is superior.
    Any thoughts?

  • MJ's Aesthetic
    MJ's Aesthetic 3 months ago +1

    That pressure is ridiculous, out of all my friends, I'm one of the few who have android and they all give me a hard time about it. I've actually been thinking about switching to Iphone. The deal breaker for me is you can't even double tap the power button to open up the camera...that has saved me so much time in capturing moments that go by so fast!

  • Candace Rogue
    Candace Rogue 3 months ago +1

    i love the part where you explain why videos and image files come up so depleted in quality when exchanging from iPhone to Android. Do you have a video that talks about the video/image quality suffering when uploading to social (i.e. Instagram) with iPhone vs. Android?

  • Sarah Alderman
    Sarah Alderman 2 months ago

    That’s hilarious the crap phones developed a knockoff iMessage app🤣😂🤣😂 Did anyone notice?

  • Shak Renee
    Shak Renee 3 months ago

    You’ve explained the differences perfectly! Thank you.

  • Andy with the skills
    Andy with the skills 3 months ago +3

    As an Android user who never experienced this issue due to having no friends, it baffles me how materialistic people can be over the colour of a text message, this is MLK Jr's nightmare.

  • Francisco Schulz
    Francisco Schulz 11 months ago +4872

    This is pretty interesting, how different cultures/countries/regions behave on that alone.
    In Europe, I don't think I know anyone using their default messaging app. Everyone is on WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal (or all of them)
    The only messages I get over the default app are like parcel delivery updates lol

    • Alwin Denjel
      Alwin Denjel 3 months ago

      Same here in India. I'm shocked to know people favour a device on the basis of default messaging service. 😂

    • Puro
      Puro 4 months ago

      In Norway people use standard SMS.
      Some kids use other silly stuff, but mostly it's normal SMS.

    • Pedro Magalhães
      Pedro Magalhães 4 months ago

      Everyone that I know here in Switzerland use WhatsApp

    • Jason Haven
      Jason Haven 4 months ago

      @Jake Wallace The majority of smartphones in the UK are iPhone. Don't use anecdotes

    • B3N04
      B3N04 7 months ago

      Lots of people in France still use the default messing app. I‘ve been there on school exchanges two times and we did most of our messaging via Snapchat or the default app

  • Desmond Joyner
    Desmond Joyner 3 months ago

    it started with the apple vs android craze I remember when this first started happening. but def not as big of a deal as it use to be. I actually forgot about this until I seen this video. and I've never felt left out I actually like the differences. I don't notice the difference honestly. I don't notice a sleo down on my Samsung when sending messages. it works great to me

  • Braced God
    Braced God 4 days ago

    Everytime I get an iPhone, no matter how deep into the ecosystem I get, I always end up drifting back towards Android. If RCS gets implemented into iPhone, it's basically a done deal as iMessage was the main thing drawing me in there lol

  • Sharp_3yE
    Sharp_3yE Month ago

    "So, what's the solution?" STOP BUYING APPLE PEOPLE! They come out with features later then Android. They lock down features, like NFC which can do more then just pay for stuff. You wouldn't know that if you have iPhone. And they don't have the best Camera, screen, and apples phone processors are just as fast as latest as androids latest.
    There is nothing truly that special about Apple devices. They simply do things the locked down "Apple" way while everyone else is out here liberated with awesome devices that we are freely able to do much more with.

  • Shreeney Ajmeri
    Shreeney Ajmeri 4 months ago

    This is very interesting to see in the USA. Here, we use mostly google hangouts and discord to message, and I never use my messages app since I have limited texts and stuff

  • jellyfish conglomerate
    jellyfish conglomerate 10 months ago +2964

    Switched to Android about two years ago and all my friends immediately made fun of me for having a green bubble. It was in good fun but definitely got annoying around the sixth time

    • ki
      ki Month ago

      @sandtanmaroon immature af

    • Greengamer30
      Greengamer30 Month ago

      @moodrevolver no no, u got it backwards. Real friends make fun of each other.

    • KraZe Bombzy
      KraZe Bombzy 2 months ago

      Oh yeah. It got really annoying. I had to switch

    • streetwalkingnigga32
      streetwalkingnigga32 2 months ago

      Time to get better friends.

    • Virture GD
      Virture GD 2 months ago

      @moodrevolveridk what friends you have but friends roast you, its not like fairytales

  • beanbag345
    beanbag345 5 months ago +2

    Android users feel left out? I guess that depends on the person. It always feels good to me to know I spent less than $200 for my phone and about $25/mo for my service while so many around me are paying monthly for their phones and service often about five times the amount I pay or more. I feel bad for people who really feel like they're missing out because they don't have an iPhone.

  • Jane Cat
    Jane Cat 5 months ago

    I'm someone from Europe, and I have a total of four messaging apps, including the default android SMS app (used to be more, but I cut out a bunch of apps). That's because I know people who aren't that tech savvy, whom I text through SMS, then I have people who prefer different ones and it ends with me having all these different apps so that I can talk to people via their preferred mediums. I think the closest we have to a multi-platform, universal messaging app at this point, is the default one. It's not universal, but the majority of android users most likely use it, and the majority of iOS users use iMessage. I wish there was one app that everyone used, but so many people have so many different preferences, that I don't think that'll ever happen.

  • Lady M
    Lady M 4 months ago +1

    This reminds me of when one family member wanted to use FaceTime and then one by one, the rest of the family bought iPads to do just that. And that’s how the iPads dominated our family. However, other then the original person, we don’t even use FaceTime as a regular video chat. We use Google’s or Signal’s to video chat😂. In Canada, apparently we are the biggest consumer of Apple products (over 59% of our population). But in our household, we have all Android phones with the exception of the iPads. And nope, I have never heard of this green vs blue bubble until here. So this was quite interesting!

  • aCrazyDrummer
    aCrazyDrummer 2 months ago +2

    I know the feeling of trying to get people to use discord. We had a group that was exclusively organized via a facebook page and it was AWFUL. I made a discord and did everything I could to get people to come over. I got somewhere around half of them to come over and after maybe a week of complaining about a new thing, all of them noted without provocation about how much better it was in pretty much every way. The other half were too stubborn to even give it a chance so now they still live on facebook with all the fun quirks like new messages just not showing up on timelines at all and things being displayed out of order.

  • Alice Nine (A9)
    Alice Nine (A9) 10 months ago +3539

    The bubble thing is so weird to me as someone from Europe where literally everyone uses WhatsApp and it doesn't matter what phone you have. I think more people use Android here these days too.

    • Alex Olague
      Alex Olague Month ago

      Same here in Mexico. Most of the people use WhatsApp and Telegram. It's almost surreal to hear that this is an issue in the US when the answer seems so simple

    • OneAdam12Adam
      OneAdam12Adam 2 months ago

      Whatsapp was a Chinese company... Makes one wonder why did Meta want to buy it

    • streetwalkingnigga32
      streetwalkingnigga32 2 months ago

      America is always behind the times with there degenerate population.

    • Bacedi H
      Bacedi H 2 months ago

      too bad WhatsApp was taken over by Facebook (Meta)

    • sam
      sam 2 months ago

      South Africa too

  • Nails of Interest
    Nails of Interest 2 months ago

    Plus if you use a app vs texting (on Android at least) then you use data vs texts. For those on limited data, that's a pain.
    My Android has no color, could send read messages (I turn it off😆).
    I can see reactions on a message bubble vs another text. Really had thought they were using messenger instead lol Now I know!😉

  • Yamil
    Yamil 2 months ago +4

    Most carriers let you grab an iPhone rather easily as part of some plan, so almost anyone can get one, and one thing I keep hearing is how iMessage can still send and receive messages through Wi-Fi to other iPhone users.
    In other words, anyone can look at this and think that iPhones are for people who sometimes cannot afford to pay their phone bill due to whatever reason.
    And yet Android is labeled as the "peasant" option.
    Edit: I know you can do the same with WhatsApp or any other messaging app on Android, but I don't hear anyone bragging about this nearly as much to my knowledge.

  • Racoon with sleep deprivation

    I just want them all to be blue because it looks nicer

  • Krištof Kelíšek
    Krištof Kelíšek Month ago

    If i text with my dad ( on iphone for 14 years ) we have a blue bubble. BUT for some reason, we had a green bubble couple months ago. Any guess why ?

  • Broken Bulb
    Broken Bulb Year ago +2575

    As a middle school educator, I’ve heard quite a number of students make fun of kids that have an android phone because of the green bubble. They would say their phones are slow, ugly, or cheap. It really is a problem.

    • shoebill_j
      shoebill_j Month ago

      Nah iPhones way slower tf they sayin💀

    • David Avila
      David Avila 2 months ago

      @Chet Patel that is way too bad! People may criticize WhatsApp all they want, but it is the same experience regardless of the OS your phone has.
      And for God’s sake, she is a girl! How can they left her out just because she uses a different phone? US regulators should intervene and demand Apple to adopt same standards or launch iMessage on Android

    • Ducktails 1
      Ducktails 1 3 months ago

      @Donna Woodward Well they're not wrong lol

    • Donna Woodward
      Donna Woodward 3 months ago

      That's really awful...

    • Ducktails 1
      Ducktails 1 3 months ago

      @Abhijit Prajapati They aren't wrong lol

  • Tom
    Tom 5 months ago +1

    I always wondered what the noise around iMessage is, since here in EU pretty much everyone is automatically on WhatsApp. Nice that you did you research and mentioned that in your vid!
    It's kind of paradoxical that people may use $1000+ on a phone and can't even be bothered to install an app that makes it better.

    • the air accumulator
      the air accumulator 3 months ago +2

      They spend $1000 but the way they use it a $200 phone would be the same.

  • Sly Blue
    Sly Blue Month ago +1

    God I'm so glad to live in a country where WhatsApp is the default (even though we're basically selling our souls)

    • Sly Blue
      Sly Blue 28 days ago

      @EZWS don't mention it, it's no problem :)

    • EZWS
      EZWS 28 days ago +1

      @Sly Blue gotchu, thanks bud🤝🏽

    • Sly Blue
      Sly Blue 28 days ago +1

      @EZWS WhatsApp is owned by Meta. I don't think I need to elaborate any further, but I will tho xD. Meta is the mega company owned my Mark Zuckerberg, he owns facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and basically tens of other companies. Social networks work with data, every "politic of privacy" we sign, is us giving away our data. Every single thing you post, text to a friend, every single picture you send, they have it all. It can do positive things like catching criminals through their social media (Andrew Tate moment) but it's also undeniably "selling your soul" in a way.

    • EZWS
      EZWS 28 days ago

      How are we selling our souls?

  • Jack Wong
    Jack Wong 5 months ago

    Very good topic, not sure why I missed this one half year ago.
    Yes Apple is very smart to combine sms/I message into the same app, as for what's app and wechat, I decided to stay away from it, we are so busy with the smartphone already...

  • Wide Awake Human
    Wide Awake Human 4 months ago +1

    Just switched from droid to iProduct - and I will say, I don’t realize how much I was missing just with iMessage. Especially when working and being able to manage texts on my MacBook and instantly move files from phone to MBA. I def see why they’re a $3 Trillion company.

    • Michael Z
      Michael Z 4 months ago +1

      Did you know you can do both of these things with almost all androids with minimal effort?

  • Me Myself & I
    Me Myself & I 9 months ago +1357

    It completely blows my mind that someone would turn down a potential relationship based on the color of their message bubble. Discrimination has hit a new low.

    • Anon Nymous
      Anon Nymous 7 days ago

      @Leera I would never use my messaging app. If someone wanted my phone number and than sent me a sms because they only use iMessage I wouldn't even notice it since I blocked my messaging app from being able to notify me about anything.
      Only discord, WhatsApp and telegram can get my attention. If you write me a sms you will be ignored.

    • sponge
      sponge Month ago

      @Imjashingyou ah but you see we have risen above our instincts to higher intellect. we cannot use primitive nature as an excuse anymore because we are beyond animals.

    • nick carbo
      nick carbo Month ago

      its funny bc on android, my bubbles are color assigned to the contact. meaning I don't even have to read the name in a group chat.

    • Wrath45
      Wrath45 2 months ago

      @Imjashingyou which if it's because of money is just stupid. I don't own but the galaxy fold is $2k while the iPhone is $1200. The S series runs about $1400.

    • RealSupaHotFireVEVO
      RealSupaHotFireVEVO 3 months ago

      @Ekyanso Not that agree with him or anything but saying "I know far, far more men who love their partners for their personality rather than looks." only means that you find these women unattractive, and since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, these men could've found them gorgeous, they must have since they noticed their looks before their personality.

  • Markus Rubach
    Markus Rubach 2 months ago

    I remember being in my late teens when i first got an iphone and the biggest draw about imessage back then was that it was free. maybe this is very geospecific but in my country the phone operators used to charge for sms messages, with the imessage suddenly you could message that person as much as you wanted without caring
    But that was back then

  • OWL
    OWL 4 months ago

    It seems that back in the day, interoperability between devices was a huge part of networking communications. Email, sms, mms, calling, etc. were all designed with specific protocols so that any device that wanted to opt in could do so. Unfortunately this has fallen to the wayside as new internet protocols and standards are too slow for innovation, and so all these companies have built their own walled gardens for people to use instead. They could create a new standard that improves upon MMS, but even that will become out of date. And they will also only get adopted if there is a financial incentive

  • Blessed Lowery
    Blessed Lowery 5 months ago

    Are you going to do a video on how the blue bubbles are allowing the green bubbles into the walled garden with iOS 15? And what that experience is like? I noticed when I send a link for my friends and family that have android phones they never click the link!

  • dot
    dot 3 months ago +1

    i was actually gonna say like "can't we just make a new, free and open source standard that works in a decentralised manner and can be implemented by anyone" and the next second you started talking about rcs

  • Arnav Rathod
    Arnav Rathod Year ago +969

    as a person from a country where virtually everyone and their mom uses whatsapp, its difficult for me to comprehend the scale of the blue bubble - green bubble problem. from a consumer perspective, apple should add rcs support, but from their perspective, it seems like they're better off not adding it because it strengthens their "walled garden". awesome video as always marques :)

    • Big Yeeter
      Big Yeeter 10 months ago

      @saikat bag is this a serious question?

    • Daniel Lopez
      Daniel Lopez Year ago +1

      @Nico C. Fuck that I still ain't buying no shit ahh Android💀

    • Jeremy Chong
      Jeremy Chong Year ago

      @Deniz Yazar I mean, back when we're all working from home, getting people to use zoom or discord wasn't difficult

    • Gumer Zambrano
      Gumer Zambrano Year ago

      @Greg Jones no wonder Australia is weird 😂

    • TheLegion sama
      TheLegion sama Year ago

      @Chaitanya Joshi it depends where in Europe here in France it's SMS and MMS are free still everybody use what app.

  • Blackberry Honey
    Blackberry Honey Month ago

    The worst part of the blue-bubble green-bubble debate for me is that I'm colorblind.

  • Tnv Madhav
    Tnv Madhav 4 months ago

    This is a well made video. Nice one MKBHD team👍🏻

  • Donna Woodward
    Donna Woodward 3 months ago

    Thanks for this. I've been in the dark on the messaging issue. I am an Android user and only recently have seen the blue bubble on texts? My phone is coming up on 5 years(One Plus 6t) could that be the reason why? Odd.. However I've experienced being a recipient of an iPhone generated group chat that was driving me mad. On the last point you made, I personally have been feeling great pressure for the last couple of years to switch to iPhone and all 🍎 products. I am an Android and pc user on principal, not wanting to do what everyone is doing and also Android feels way more intuitive than an iPhone imo. However I long for the video quality and imagery of their camera. But it's definitely a strong energy they are transmitting to get everyone over to 🍎.

    • Maplenerd22
      Maplenerd22 3 months ago

      The color bubble issue only affects iPhone users. It's basically an indicator on iMessage telling them that they are communicating with a non-iPhone users. So all the iMessage features will not get used with someone that has a green bubble. On Android the color of bubbles means nothing.

  • Coolfizz
    Coolfizz 2 months ago

    8:10 shoutout to the Blue (Da Ba Dee) album art making a sneaky cameo in the video about blue bubbles 😉

  • LegendaryKenneth
    LegendaryKenneth 10 months ago +1189

    Very strange to see that SMS became even more popular in the US with the advent of the smartphone. In many other places, particularly the UK where I am from, third party messaging services made SMS practically obsolete for personal messaging, starting even before smartphones came along. This is because SMS messages were pretty expensive, could be around 15p per message.

    • Marty
      Marty 2 months ago


    • eastlondonhustler
      eastlondonhustler 3 months ago

      @2freeIvX That's not true for the UK, we had free unlimited SMS included in a lot of plans and then unlimited data was being offered at affordable prices and that's when SMS became more or less irrelevant.
      Since then messaging apps increased in popularity and variety.

    • James Calvert
      James Calvert 4 months ago +2

      So coming from the telecommunications world... Sms was actually a mistaken discovered backend on cell feed and cost companies nothing. So it was given in the USA as most companies didn't think consumers would use it, I'm willing to be had they known how popular over taking it would become they would have charged like Europe for it.

    • El Ramyeon
      El Ramyeon 6 months ago

      @André Malerba exactly my thoughts.

    • André Malerba
      André Malerba 9 months ago +1

      @Ē Nihil depends, if it's for business purposes yeah, phone number/whatsapp and e-mail.
      If it's for friendship or flirting definitely IG and once you prove worthy then you can have the phone number/WhatsApp

  • Norah Garland
    Norah Garland 2 months ago

    I've successfully made my main friend group all use discord and it's awesome. Although in my other social circles including clubs, sports, and anyone not in my main friend group I'm always the one to go "I have an android", see their disappointment, and then everyone immediately wants to use snapchat. I, as a highschool girl, really don't like snapchat (and normal social media) and have uninstalled it, so I end up that not communicating with that group outside of in person and dms.

  • flowting
    flowting 2 months ago +1

    as a high school student in Australia, instagram is like the default app for chatting in group chats. I never thought iMessage would be so popular in America

  • Faith
    Faith 3 months ago

    I’m from the US and have always thought this whole “controversy” was so stupid. It’s literally not that deep and doesn’t matter in the long run. I don’t give a shit if the text is green or blue. I just need my message to go through, doesn’t matter what form it takes to do that 😂 I personally have an iPhone but basically all of my friends and family have an android. My bubbles are almost exclusively green and it makes no difference to me. The people that have strong opinions about texts being green are just rude since not everyone can (and/or wants) to spend upwards of $700 on a phone

    FLUXXEUS 4 months ago +2

    I don't think I've EVER used a "default" messaging app in my entire life... All I've used for messages was Whatsapp 🙃

  • Keith Babarovich
    Keith Babarovich Year ago +3548

    One point that was missed was that Google didn't originally set out to make their own RCS servers. RCS was supposed to be run by the phone companies, just like SMS and MMS. But the phone companies didn't see any profit in it, and very few bothered to implement it. After a few years of no progress, Google decided to bypass the phone companies.

    • jimv1983
      jimv1983 10 months ago +1

      @Ragnarok Google wants every dollar they can get too. They just have a different way of getting it.

    • Ragnarok
      Ragnarok 10 months ago

      Weird apple snobs will never understand how much google does for the betterment of society while Apple (like Microsoft before it) is just out to fleece you for every dollar they can get. The entire android platform was a gift to humanity that people don't truly appreciate.

    • SirBilliam
      SirBilliam Year ago

      I remember when Google messages released the beta version with RCS support a few years ago. Greatest thing they ever did, and once it went fully live, suddenly every US carrier supported it. Shocking

    • Craig Johnson
      Craig Johnson Year ago

      @Justin Price underrated comment.

    • jimv1983
      jimv1983 Year ago

      @Laden Just curious, what carrier do you have. I'm on AT&T and one of the few people I know that uses Google Messages on a Samsung phone has been on both Verizon and T-Mobile and we were able to chat using RCS.

  • Geoffrey
    Geoffrey 3 months ago +1

    Apple will never add RCS support simply due to the fact that it adds all of the most wanted features such as read receipts, file sizes, typing indicators, etc. With that being said, if they added support for that, many users who have been wanting to switch to Android but felt like they couldn't just because of iMessage will switch to an Android device.

  • Frank Hooper
    Frank Hooper Month ago

    It's precisely because of Apple's lock-in mentality that nothing would ever persuade me to use any of their products.

  • Luiz Ramirez
    Luiz Ramirez 4 months ago

    For me is the contrary. I live in Mexico and all my friends use android I feel really bad that I can’t use or experience iMessage with all that really good stickers.

  • BloxBoy
    BloxBoy Month ago

    nah but seriously in Britain we do have this debate. I personally prefer iphone

  • Achmad Yuli Nugroho
    Achmad Yuli Nugroho 7 months ago +1025

    I love how much of a US problem this thing is. In Indonesia, literally no one uses their phone's Messaging app to text anyone on anything. It's mostly just used for checking how much data you have, your login codes, packet delivery notification, et cetera. For actual messaging people just use third-party apps like WhatsApp or Telegram; both of which are end-to-end encrypted. Some even use Signal and Facebook Messenger.

    • 087_Angger Pribadi Wibowo
      087_Angger Pribadi Wibowo Month ago

      initially people were divided to use Line (espc young person) and whatsapp (older), but i think most people are just use their whatsapp rn in Indonesia. i too have a friend that use their imessage, but that's definitely won't be me for sure since almost all people i communicated to are using android phone with whatsapp lol :)

    • Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart-Under-Blade
      Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart-Under-Blade 3 months ago

      This is the same in most LATAM countries. Literally no one ever messages anyone using the default text apps unless it's emergency and they can't seem to get a hold of me thru any other means.

    • brody lockwood
      brody lockwood 3 months ago

      Facebook messenger is actually great. Being in the chat screen, seeing everyone online, feels like I'm in an actual chat room. But my messaging app feels like a dark wasteland lol.

    • ale
      ale 3 months ago

      @Liggliluff is snapchat popular at there?

    • Monipulator3216
      Monipulator3216 3 months ago

      For real? I use those apps for my plugs.

  • thms
    thms 2 months ago +1

    In my country (Czech Republic), I'd say about 80 % of people use WhatsApp. It's the default way of texting and calling people here. You're pressured to download the app here since it's the only place people use group chats. But you get used to texting through the app so we use it for everyday texting and calling too. I think it's one of the only places where nobody uses SMS or iMessage. So technically it is possible to get people using 3rd party apps for texting.

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 5 months ago +1

    In Japan, Line is everywhere and it has RCS features. It's great. I feel like if my phone can generate it (photo, video, whatever), Line can send it.

  • Danielle Cozine
    Danielle Cozine 2 months ago +2

    I had an iphone and switched back to android. I went back because the phone I had broke down within a year, and I hated the interface. I MUCH prefer the samsung/android interface. Apple's general philosophy of locking you into their ecosystem is also just gross to me.
    I'm not switching to iphone, and frankly, I shouldn't have to in order to avoid being harrassed by text messages.

  • Ravi⚡
    Ravi⚡ 3 months ago +1

    I love both Google RCS and iMessage.. I'm waiting for their crossover

  • Bertha Mason
    Bertha Mason 11 months ago +1694

    This reminds me about a time in college when I went to a conference in Philly for a nonprofit organization I was involved in. The organizers set up a group chat over iMessage to give all the participants updates about the activities that would take place over 3 days. Out of over 20 participants from chapters all over the country, I was the only one with an Android phone. I missed out on a lot of the features in the chat and trying to text back was a nightmare. The person I got assigned as a roommate was kind enough to pass over some of the information that was being discussed, but I can't emphasize how dystopian and isolating it felt to be there with all these people while feeling like I was outside of a bubble. The insight in this video was real 😶

    • Jx W
      Jx W 5 months ago

      @KD iPhones are popular lmao wdym

    • Ryan Clothier
      Ryan Clothier 5 months ago

      @nothing to see here they're all built on the open source signal protocol! Signals end to end encrypted by default and has soo many more features.

    • A C
      A C 6 months ago

      This is how the US government and Apple trap users for surveillance purposes. People need to start using 3rd party apps, like WhatsApp or Signal. Once Facebook added end-to-end encryption to WhatsApp, the US government started enforcing regulations on Facebook.

    • jelaninoel
      jelaninoel 6 months ago

      @Liggliluff clearly cuz thats what they did lol

    • Liggliluff
      Liggliluff 6 months ago +1

      @jelaninoel _> "why should the other NINETEEN people have to use inferior telegram because ONE guy has Android?"_
      Yeah, why should we accommodate the 5 %, that's just a minority. We can just ignore the minority ... right ...?

  • GoldDeniel
    GoldDeniel Month ago +1

    Those walls made me claustrophobic so I switched and never thought of switching back. People around me have a hard time believing it, since anyone they have seen and had been using iphone, they never wanted to switch back.
    I like the UI tho, it's so crisp, I miss only that. But I can download a launcher and switch anytime

  • Nate Wright
    Nate Wright 5 months ago

    The stuff about the lock-in rings so true. iMessage is pretty much the sole thing keeping me from switching to Android.

  • ReverseVoid
    ReverseVoid Month ago

    Androids (dragon ball reference)saved the world but Iphone didn't