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Hogwarts Legacy - Official Launch Trailer 4K

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Your first days at Hogwarts are almost here. Where will your path take you in #HogwartsLegacy?
    Pre-order now and Live the Unwritten, beginning February 10, 2023.
    Always be the first to get #HogwartsLegacy news at
    Connect with Hogwarts Legacy online:
    Twitter: HogwartsLegacy
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    Discord: Discord.gg/HogwartsLegacy
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit Month ago +19227

    I am sure this will be *Perfectly Balanced*

    • Across Tempest
      Across Tempest 9 days ago

      You finna get me into harry Potter games hopefully, none of these other games fun anymore lol

    • J0RGENS64PC
      J0RGENS64PC 25 days ago

      Well, considering the…situation I doubt Spiff will go through with this.

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago


    • Dubious Doobie
      Dubious Doobie Month ago

      @GhostLeopard of course you do...... People actually had time to play it now lol

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss Month ago +1574

    When reading the books as a kid, always dreamed of going to Hogwarts. Thanks for bringing many kid’s fantasy into the realm of gaming

    • patrick oconnor
      patrick oconnor Month ago

      Got to universals studios

    • Chris -0
      Chris -0 Month ago

      Nah man. you are still playing it tho

    • Ilya Pukhaev
      Ilya Pukhaev Month ago

      When reading the books as a kid, always dreamed of going to Hogwarts, not the real world with Cancellation Culture, Liberal Intrusive Agenda, and Economic Crises

    • Daniel Adlington
      Daniel Adlington Month ago

      I hope they release a deathly hollow dlc if not to have all 3 atleast the wand


      @Chris -0 theyre currently spoiling the game to everyone on the hogwarts legacy subs on reddit :/

  • kokocute
    kokocute Month ago +665

    Waking up my 13 year old self when this game drops. I am so excited to relive my childhood through this game. Rejoice, Potterheads!

    • Dino Gt
      Dino Gt Month ago


    • Fanof DanTDM54321
      Fanof DanTDM54321 Month ago

      Precisely, I've been a potterhead all my life cause I grew up with Harry potter. Can't believe I will finally get to live my childhood dream.

    • BOAT
      BOAT Month ago +1

      And to think there are others trying to cancel it

    • thi tran
      thi tran Month ago


  • Nobodiie
    Nobodiie Month ago +360

    I've never been this hyped for a game before. It looks amazing and I really hopes it deliverers. The last days of waiting are excruciatingly long !

  • Logan Simmons
    Logan Simmons Month ago +694

    I really hoping the herbology mechanics are good, because I tend to neglect crafting and alchemy in open world games. I think I'm gonna finally make my character focused on plants

    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago +2

      the herbology teacher kinda bad, tho. wouldn't mind staying after class for extra credit

    • thoa kim
      thoa kim Month ago


    • ty thanh
      ty thanh Month ago


    • Obantje
      Obantje Month ago +3

      Harry Pothead and the Sorcerer's Stoned

    • Mr. K
      Mr. K Month ago

      Narh homie, strength build all the way.

  • Stefan Schmidt
    Stefan Schmidt Month ago +5

    Brilliant game! i have always enjoyed walking outside the beaten path, and I was surprised to be able to go my own way so much. I get the same joy of exploring as in Skyrim sometimes. Wierd, as they are totally different games.

  • Karuna Satori ASMR
    Karuna Satori ASMR Month ago +3059

    I can not wait any longer for this game. So jealous of those who’ve already played it. Can’t believe I’m finally going to Hogwarts 🖤

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      @Richard Van Antwerp npc

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      @R.K okay murica

    • thi tran
      thi tran Month ago


    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago

      @EVOLICIOUS Couldn't be more wrong. The world is packed and it's fun as hell, a lot of passion went into this game. And I've yet to see any bugs despite it being early access so far

    • R.K
      R.K Month ago

      @Johnny In Japan Sir this is the Clip-Share comment section. There isn’t any grass here.

  • Hugo Hoare
    Hugo Hoare Month ago +52

    Honestly, really looking forward to this game. And I'd love it if we got to see similar ones with stories focused around the other academies of the Harry Potter universe like Ilvermorny, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang and so on.

  • Mr Singh
    Mr Singh Month ago +5

    Only level 12 and absolutely loving this game! Made me feel like a kid again. Just wish the duelling was longer

  • IStealFries
    IStealFries Month ago +251

    I am going to enjoy this sooo much! Finally a proper Harry Potter game. I still remember as a kid begging to go to the library, to play Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone on that old Microsoft PC, and now as an adult I can just get this and hopefully revisit some of those feelings I had as a kid! So excited!

    • Life With Astrid
      Life With Astrid Month ago +2

      I remember even my grandparents played the first two games!! My grandmother printed out the entire walkthrough on paper. 😂 So many memories from those games. ❤️

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago +4

      I had so much fun playing the original PC game based on the 1st movie/book. Damn now that I'm in my 30s I will play this now haha 😂

  • Cutting Edge Gaming
    Cutting Edge Gaming Month ago +18

    I have high hopes. I REALLY hope it lives up to them. In a few days, we will see! I am hoping this will be the next game to consume my life for the next few months. I rarely find a game that I get hooked to for days at a time but I have a feeling this one will be one of them if it lives up to the hype!

  • 5MadMovieMakers
    5MadMovieMakers Month ago +1567

    If I get this I'd probably just fly around and explore the map

    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago

      @Nasi Briyani Rahayu bro's first single player experience 💀

    • Chloe´
      Chloe´  Month ago


    • PhanThief95
      PhanThief95 Month ago +1

      @Christoffer Pettersen I know, but her bathroom would still be there.

    • Christoffer Pettersen
      Christoffer Pettersen Month ago

      @PhanThief95 moaning myrtle died in like 1940s or something. this game takes place like 200 years before the movies. so the early 1800s.

    • GloryGlory Hole’allelujah
      GloryGlory Hole’allelujah Month ago

      There’s no wrong way to play!😊

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin Month ago +79

    I have never been more excited for a game ever. I think the wait will be well worth it. This looks incredible.

  • Emily Morris
    Emily Morris Month ago +68

    This looks awesome. The graphics and images, all of the detail that was put into the cut scenes, and I’m sure the overall animation, I am very excited to play this!

  • Justin Lowthan
    Justin Lowthan Month ago +9

    Just started playing the Deluxe edition and i gotta say this game is simply Phenomenal well done Avalanche love everything about it. 🙌👏

  • Rhythm
    Rhythm Month ago +9

    I'm so hype for this masterpiece of a game! Im a HUGE Harry Potter fan! I love the devs for putting together such an incredible game! So incredibly hype!

  • Gabriella Lopez
    Gabriella Lopez Month ago +41

    Feels like I’m watching a movie trailer! So excited for this!

    • Dagger 323
      Dagger 323 Month ago +5

      In all fairness, most triple-A game trailers have been as good as movie trailers for quite a few years now.

  • Angry Slice Of Toast
    Angry Slice Of Toast Month ago +85

    Just commenting to say well done to the people at AVALANCHE and the other people involved for knocking out a great and fun game well deserved 👏👏👏.

    • Commander_K
      Commander_K Month ago

      Easy for you to say, you dont have to wait till summer for the switch release.

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez Month ago +5

    Thank you for such a terrific game. I love it so much and I haven’t finished it. Keep it up!

  • zidh_n
    zidh_n 15 days ago

    Can't stop playing this... I love how the world looks.. gameplay and combat everything... Gives some fable 3 vibes

  • Henry Towns
    Henry Towns Month ago +67

    It looks great and the gameplay seems good too. The main thing is environments and the lore and it seems all that has been handled extremely well!
    Thank you!

  • Zu
    Zu Month ago +3

    This looks amazing! It has been a while since I’ve last played a story based game and this seems right up my alley!

  • Igor Costa
    Igor Costa Month ago +1616

    I'll say one thing... This game is a childhood dream come true, I hope it doesn't disappoint.

    • Cameron Borkowski-Ngema
      Cameron Borkowski-Ngema Month ago

      Ugh I wish I watched the rest since I saw the first movie in 2010 I was 6 at that time. I’ve seen Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. But I am surprised they made a HP base game so maybe I will get it and get back into HP.

    • menamgamg
      menamgamg Month ago

      The only reasonable comment on this video lol..

    • Alesztra
      Alesztra Month ago

      @KillScar I was born in 2001. Watched the the first couple when I was 4-5. So 2005-6. I think that makes plenty sense. I’m 22 now.

    • Ddog
      Ddog Month ago

      @Travey combat looks way better than what I was expecting. I was worried it would just be people standing still shooting spells or something. The games combat looks pretty dynamic for what it is. A Harry Potter game.

    • Thunderstorm
      Thunderstorm Month ago

      @Travey have you reven played it lol

  • Benji R
    Benji R Month ago +18

    Preordered weeks ago so excited it’s finally here. The game I wanted as a kid.

  • kristjan830
    kristjan830 Month ago +1

    This is so rare game, im glad i bought it. So much to see and do. Absolutely 10/10 game.

  • Lucas Cadogan
    Lucas Cadogan Month ago +230

    One of the most incredible games I have played in years. I'm about 20 hours in and I could not be happier. Avalanche has done an amazing job at capturing the magic and charm of the Harry Potter universe. They did not fall short on any mark. A fantastic story so far with well voiced, and intriguing characters . A stunning, and immersive world that feels alive anywhere you go. An exciting combat system that exceeds any hopes I had with fast paced intense encounters. All of this exhilarating content is iced with a sweet layer of nostalgia making sure to include many notable locations from the story as well as many famous (or infamous) wizarding families. So head down to Honeydukes or take stroll in the Dark Forest the wizarding world is yours to explore and it is a truly magical experience.
    P.S. Thank you to the ridiculous boycott attempt for bringing my attention to this true masterpiece of a game.

    • AlSidre
      AlSidre Month ago

      @strikersimp5992 exactly thank you. People can call out the extremist views without dehumanizing them as a person.

    • Guapo Returns
      Guapo Returns Month ago

      @Jackson Hill stay scared little boy , stay scared. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Striker Simp
      Striker Simp Month ago +3

      @Jackson Hill Cringe and insensitive comment. People are exaggerating with activism, but there's no need to be transophobic.

  • Ins4neinthemembran3
    Ins4neinthemembran3 Month ago +28

    So many hours in already. The details, the puzzles, the quests and story are phenomenal. What a masterpiece 🙏🏼❤️

  • Chris
    Chris 25 days ago +1

    Currently playing this on PS5 and it's definitely one of the best games I have played in a long time. Kudos to the game makers.

  • jeroen kuilman
    jeroen kuilman Month ago +2404

    This has the potential to be one of the most memorable games ever. Let’s hope it will be!

    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago

      @yert bert you won't be back to say shit, because the game actually claps. but I will agree that idiots are too quick to preorder a game, even though in this case it's justified because the game has a lot of passion in it, that hurts gaming as a whole.

    • yert bert
      yert bert Month ago

      @Zain Malik no it's doesn't lmao. It means idiots preordered it before even playing it. I didn't even mind the game but the fact that the same shit is happening here is ironic. Like I said, I'll be back to say I told you so in a month.

    • Rooslan65
      Rooslan65 Month ago

      @yert bert than dont be here

    • TokyoXtreme
      TokyoXtreme Month ago

      @LeonMCP stay away from kids and you won’t get hurt; simple as.

  • Serious Salazar
    Serious Salazar Month ago +3

    This game is a childhood dream come true for me! Only an MMO version could top that! But otherwise a wonderful game! 🤩

  • Nicolas Acosta
    Nicolas Acosta Month ago +3

    Thank you so much for this. So far the game has been lots of fun. And I have to give kudos for the team for making sure the game runs and looks great on performance mode on PS5. So many games release in a poor state but it's obvious you guys polished this one before releasing it. 😁

  • Arreis
    Arreis Month ago +5

    Wow I'm not even that big into Harry Potter but this looks marvelous

  • Aiko Tachibana
    Aiko Tachibana Month ago +1

    I had lost hope that we might never get a proper game for harry potter despite it having on of the largest fandom

  • BeaverRace Gbg
    BeaverRace Gbg Month ago +2

    I read all the books and ofcourse watched all 8 movies once every year, and now im almost 25h into the game i can assure everyone that this game is by far hands down one of the best Video games ive ever played..in my opinion i place This masterpiece next to Zelda Breath Of the wild..good Job to everyone behind this game and thank you 👍

  • hannahhobnob20
    hannahhobnob20 Month ago +1287

    I remember when this game was just a rumour and now we're only days away from playing it, the Harry Potter franchise will always have a place in my heart

    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago

      @bruh who asked?

    • ryanskenard
      ryanskenard Month ago +1

      @Hey hey you you there was never any transphobia from Rowling.

    • Coy
      Coy Month ago

      @bruh very based

    • Coy
      Coy Month ago

      @bruh still... noone asked lmao

  • Devin Schmitz
    Devin Schmitz Month ago +4

    Guys…. VR Harry Potter where it hears your voice and you can say spells real time and block spells with your wand. I can’t imagine what duels would feel like. So realistic. I would never put it away.

    THELUSASO Month ago +3

    I have absolutely loved this game so far. I have been grinding for the last 3 days straight.
    My only issues so far; you can't pause during cinematic/cut scenes. Also the first 3 hours of the 3 day pre-release, I noticed some of the audio levels in the dialogue we're slightly off. Other than that 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Lisa Hayward
    Lisa Hayward Month ago +2

    The game is beautiful! I really hope they add a photo mode in a future update,
    Currently finding a spot I want to screenshot involves toggling 4 HUD's and the subtitles off and back on each time, plus the character will always be in the way in the composition.

  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 Month ago +1

    If you’re a gamer and a fan of the franchise, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a great game by itself and perfectly captures the soul of the source material :)

  • AmyRoseFan 188
    AmyRoseFan 188 Month ago +17

    As a huge Potterhead and proud Hufflepuff, I’m so excited for this game! I grew up reading the books and watching the movies. You could not imagine the amount of joy I had when I first learned of this game! And now, I return to Hogwarts once more. Potterheads, wands up! /*

  • 𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔

    It's just a game for others, but for Harry Potter fans, it's a 20 years of dream, worth the wait, and more than that!!! 💯

    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago

      @batso People keep mentioning Anthem and NMS like those are the rule and not the exception. Well, your worries were misplaced because the game is awesome.

    • Coy
      Coy Month ago

      @Guzio too true

    • Coy
      Coy Month ago +1

      dude is comparing multiplayer games to a single player game LMAOOOO has no idea what he's talking about

  • Christie Stephen
    Christie Stephen Month ago +1

    I really like this game overall. My biggest complaint is that the large and beautiful common rooms are basically useless, you don’t have any reason to go to them. My suggestion would be to add the ability to sleep in your bed for some sort of rested bonus and to add the ability to sit in the chairs and invite housemates to play games. Kind of like the camp atmosphere in Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • Sjdq
    Sjdq Month ago +4

    I cannot wait I’ve had the deluxe pre ordered since it was able to be done and it so close really hope this is as good a game as they show it to be

  • Ragehaven
    Ragehaven Month ago +56

    Glorious, it's amazing what can be made when the creators of something don't hate the source material.

    • SajtosNokedli
      SajtosNokedli Month ago

      @Ragehaven You may be right, but let me introduce my view: this wizarding world is mainly about character drama, the rest of this universe is kind of like an emmentaler cheese. Imagine Garfield universe without Garfield, Odie and Jon. It doesn't really matter what happened in historical time, is not interesting. This storyline could be played in any generation of Hogwarts, they chose a simple solution (prequel with a huge timejump) either due to licensing limitations or for any other reasons. What people want to see are (great) characters written by Rowling and the good old mechanisms work consistently. Even if there are pamphlets and hidden references supporting the whole background story (in which I am unsure), it's still just a fanfiction-tier story.
      I don't think there is more in this wizarding world, unless Rowling will publish something that disproves my opinion. HP was a one-shot story, it does deserve a good game, but I really don't like the idea of doing prequels and creating mythology. I'd rather see a story about an alternative timeline where the Weasley-twins do their business or something.

    • Ragehaven
      Ragehaven Month ago +1

      @SajtosNokedli the story for the most part, yes, but Rowling wrote a wealth of information about the school before Harry Potter and the wizard world in general. And the goblin rebellions are mentioned in her books.

    • SajtosNokedli
      SajtosNokedli Month ago +1

      This whole game gonna be a fanfiction I guess. There's no source material

    • Tweet the Chicken
      Tweet the Chicken Month ago +2

      @Jose C. cough cough velma cough cough

    • Jose C.
      Jose C. Month ago +2

      Cough *Witcher*... Cough *Lord of the Rings

  • bear_Gaming
    bear_Gaming Month ago +9

    Wow, that looks amazing!!! 😍 It's like we can literally roam around Hogwarts 😍

  • Alexa
    Alexa Month ago +4

    I'm already so in love with Hogwarts Legacy 😍😍😍

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +1234

    Looking forward to this

  • #3
    #3 Month ago +5

    I can't wait !! The game looks amazing !

  • Bill Cashman
    Bill Cashman Month ago +4

    The game looks incredible!

  • LittleJur
    LittleJur Month ago +6

    1:13 I like how they pretty much recreated this amazing shot from the movies

  • Jono Funk Ch.
    Jono Funk Ch. Month ago +2

    Exuberantly excited to stream this next week! Bravo to all the developers. Your passion for this universe is palpable and I hope you receive the bonuses you clearly deserve ♥

  • nietuzinkowy_baltazar
    nietuzinkowy_baltazar Month ago +1

    I will never expect that game will be such good experience. My goddness, I waited for masterpiece like this from the beggining of my childhood. Potterheads, never ask, just buy it.

  • oOGeekITOo
    oOGeekITOo Month ago +773

    Can not believe that after so many years we've finally got a game that is made by people who love HP universe and who really tried to do their best to please players, HP fans especially

    • Packard
      Packard Month ago +2

      @zenFX she will be making money from sales. that’s how royalties work.

    • CANLEAF08⌘
      CANLEAF08⌘ Month ago +1

      @Autumn Thomas I care. I won’t buy or play that game.

    • Paul W
      Paul W Month ago +3

      @aeoncz Glad to hear the devs didn't sink to the level of the Twitter hate mob.

    • aeoncz
      aeoncz Month ago +3

      ​@Paul W I don't think that what the person above said is true at all. They literally have the following as part of the FAQ: "J.K. Rowling is not involved in the creation of the game, but as creator of the wizarding world and one of the world’s greatest storytellers, her extraordinary body of writing is the foundation of all projects in the Wizarding World."
      And in a very recent interview the game director refused to comment on JKR at all despite the interviewer trying to press him for any sort of response repeatedly. They have definitely made it clear that she's never been involved, but afaik they also haven't said a single bad word about her.

  • Overthinker93
    Overthinker93 Month ago +6

    I cant wait this looks sooooo nice ! I hope they will make it a multiplayer one in the future

  • MidKnightGeek
    MidKnightGeek Month ago +1

    Just started playing...and it's magical! Loving it! Thank you! Roland Thorne will be the most renowned Wizard at Hogwarts Academy, well /cough till Harry shows up that is lol 😉

  • Donte Hayden
    Donte Hayden Month ago +1

    I’ve been playing it for the last couple of days. I’m loving it.

  • D
    D Month ago +7

    I haven't been excited for a game in a long while, This game makes me excited. Can not Wait to explore the corridors of Hogwarts Castle.

  • Rahul Jacob George
    Rahul Jacob George Month ago +6

    Can’t wait to explore Hogwarts explicitly !

  • xPreame
    xPreame Month ago +1786

    This just looks incredibly impressive. Avalanche seems have to completely understood the assignment.

    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago

      @Giga Cock Ironic, because it only takes 2 braincells for anyone to tell CP77 was going to fail. Which was the exception, btw, not the rule. People really put CDPR on a pedestal just because they managed to make one game anyone really cared about.

    • Monkey and  tangerines
      Monkey and tangerines Month ago

      @Grainjah as someone who played many open world that could happened as well despite it being close to source material things like that can happen

    • OnewingedAngel69
      OnewingedAngel69 Month ago

      @0898sparta wrong

    • Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler Month ago

      Game will be incredible but not as magnificent as u!

    • aasofjg
      aasofjg Month ago

      they missed the mark on only making classes a story line thing. there should be free roam and you should be able to go to class and/or skip it, it would increase the feeling of life in the game tenfold

  • Elite
    Elite Month ago +2

    Never watched Harry Potter but I’ve seen the magicians which has the same concept as this game so I’m very interested to see how it will turn out. Better be good I preordered the deluxe edition😭

  • Medwiz
    Medwiz Month ago +3

    WOOO FINALLY Ready to go! I’ve had it pre ordered for a while now! Thank you to the devs for making this game! I’ve read the harry potter books so many times and loved them and played all the old ps2 games for Harry Potter and even in my adult years found a Harry Potter minecraft server to play on. I hope you added a lot of secret passages because I’m gonna be on the grind for them first thing !

  • Adit Pinheiro
    Adit Pinheiro Month ago +1

    "Live the unwritten" is such a beautiful and apt line for this game.

  • Damo
    Damo Month ago

    For those who havent played it yet, its worth the wait.. it couldnt be better

  • Mrtechrat
    Mrtechrat Month ago +1

    Let’s go! I haven’t been excited for a new game in a long time. Pre installing now and should be good to go in a bit.

  • วลาด
    วลาด Month ago +718

    Never been so excited for a game in my entire life! I love you guys 😍

    • Maddox
      Maddox Month ago +1

      @Praveen P yes! I didn't even think of that lol. Can't wait for next week!

    • Praveen P
      Praveen P Month ago +2

      @Maddox giving me vibes of Persona 5 beneath the mask walking in Rain mix..

    • ForestFire
      ForestFire Month ago +2

      I am a simple man. I see harry potter content, i click

    • Maddox
      Maddox Month ago +1

      @Dakotah Smith I took off Tuesday and Wednesday next week for this 😂😂. It's going to be raining here which is the perfect ambiance for me. I will have my snacks and drinks and be ready! Lol.

    • Danny Wakeling
      Danny Wakeling Month ago +1

      Love you

  • Jadi Rose
    Jadi Rose Month ago +2

    I’m unbelievably excited but I also want to know why they didn’t think we’d play the first four years at Hogwarts lol

  • a basic zombie
    a basic zombie Month ago +1

    Imagine having this RARE and POWERFUL magic and still having a hard time defeating basic enemies/classmates

  • Clutch Lux
    Clutch Lux Month ago +3

    can't wait to see all the content my fellow creators will come up with from this title! looking forward to tabbing everyone up at early access launch! see ya at Hogwarts witches and wizards

  • The Gaming Channel of Awesome

    Masterpiece of a game.

  • Simply_Frogs
    Simply_Frogs 19 days ago


  • Greg Fulton
    Greg Fulton Month ago +608

    All skeptism for this game went out the window for me on that second gameplay showcase. Seeing the world, how vast and detailed it is, really made me excited. I simply cannot wait to explore my childhood again. Much appreciated Avalanche!!! 🐍

    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago

      @Greg Fulton CP77 was a terrible game regardless of its launch. The game design was extremely outdated. Vaulting over anything could isntakill you because the coding was that fucked. Couldn't even edit your character, no real interaction with anything, the driving sucked, the combat was glitchy, the AI was braindead, 70% of the buildings were inaccessible, it was a ghost town, dozens of gamebreaking bugs, etc. The only thing it had going was the "writing", which would be fine if it were a book but it's a video game. It blew ass, and still does without mods.

    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago

      @Herald Gerlaff except anyone with a brain could tell cyberpunk was going to fail long before release.

    • car drop
      car drop Month ago

      @Travey Just here to remind you that most reviews are saying combat is a huge strong suit for this game. sucks to be wrong i guess

    • Greg Fulton
      Greg Fulton Month ago

      Oh they'll get over it once the game launches and they're enjoying themselves lol.

    • TokyoXtreme
      TokyoXtreme Month ago

      @Aragon sometimes comments get deleted by Clip-Share or the channel itself, not the writer.

  • Justin Warren
    Justin Warren Month ago +1

    This is the most hyped I’ve been for a game in a long time.

  • winter begonia
    winter begonia Month ago +1

    Ugh im close to tears. I remember having dreams after reading the duel part in Dept of Mysteries basically i was yelling hexes in my dreams😂 gosh cant believe finally i get to to sort of attend hogwarts before i turn 40❤

  • epgamer
    epgamer Month ago

    I think the game has become the best seller of the year so far so it’s looking bright and magical

  • phazoneatermetroid77
    phazoneatermetroid77 Month ago +32

    Not the biggest fan of the HP universe but this looks like tons of fun

  • arielle251
    arielle251 Month ago

    Super excited to play this game soon! Let’s go! #Hogwarts #Gryffindor ❤️💛🪄

  • Eladelia
    Eladelia Month ago +366

    Trailer looks fantastic. Congrats to the devs on the impending launch!

  • Kelly Shreves
    Kelly Shreves Month ago +3

    I can’t wait for this to come out!!

  • hsd287
    hsd287 Month ago

    Wow this is a complete dream for the Potterheads awaiting their owl 🥰❤👍🏻

  • Macintosh1001
    Macintosh1001 8 days ago

    Just platinumed it. Here hoping for a sequel 🤞

  • Paul Borst
    Paul Borst Month ago

    *Looks like solid story and game play. Should be fun. Fingers crossed.*

  • luachamuchacha
    luachamuchacha Month ago +461

    As big Harry Potter fans, we have waited so long for such a great game. I'm so hyped!

    • Zain Malik
      Zain Malik Month ago

      @Magic Captain i love it

    • Magic Captain
      Magic Captain Month ago

      @Zain Malik it ain’t bad

    • Zain Malik
      Zain Malik Month ago

      @Magic Captain and what do you know, I’m not disappointed. It exceeded my expectations

  • Maubray Mzoma
    Maubray Mzoma Month ago +2

    The hype is real for this game.

  • carolynluv
    carolynluv 4 days ago

    Looks fun to play!😊

  • GloryGlory Hole’allelujah

    Bring on the potions lessons baybeeeee!!🎉❤

  • Jermare Harrison
    Jermare Harrison Month ago +4

    This is going to be epic. Never been this excited to go to school!

  • WatcherOfTheSkies
    WatcherOfTheSkies Month ago +5

    This game will be a masterpiece.

    • Shane
      Shane Month ago +2

      I’m glad people have realistic expectations

  • Zaneirth
    Zaneirth Month ago +355

    " Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light "
    Can't wait to play this game!

    • Zaneirth
      Zaneirth Month ago

      @Lucky Poison aww you are welcome 😊 it's one of my favourite quotes of his.

    • Lucky Poison
      Lucky Poison Month ago +2

      Wow. This OG Dumbledore quote literally brought a tear to my eye. Thank you

    • Listo
      Listo Month ago

      @Veronica Murray he may be referring to the 72hr early access you get through the preorder

    • Veronica Murray
      Veronica Murray Month ago

      @Billy G I thought it was coming out on February 10th

    • Tilman Müller
      Tilman Müller Month ago


  • K D
    K D Month ago +2

    Can't wait for this to release and finally be able to play it. I usually don't play games like this very often

  • Veronica T.
    Veronica T. Month ago +1

    I bought it, now I need to wait. I hope is awesome as it looks, I can see that you did a great job, so I have huge hopes for this game!

  • Jason Regan
    Jason Regan Month ago

    Can’t wait to make my own wizarding world adventures

  • Dox
    Dox Month ago

    This trailer was just awesome. Sure it was just prerendered, but at least from a cinematic viewpoint this game will be worth it

  • exmachinacnc
    exmachinacnc Month ago +1

    This game looks AWESOME!!!

  • Master Nate
    Master Nate Month ago +453

    God its so great to feel that child like wonder and joy spark back up as a adult. Cant wait to be captivated by the wizarding world once more.

    • doot pooter
      doot pooter Month ago

      @KING JERMARCUS No it will not JERMARCUS. You would be wise spending your time finding Jesus Christ instead of rapping. OR maybe rap about Jesus Christ.

      KING JERMARCUS Month ago +1


  • Boxodir Sultonmurodov

    After a long time of being mildly cynical to avoid disappointment, I genuinely think that the right amount of love was put into this game on the development side to make this worth it

  • Crinja
    Crinja Month ago

    Coming back after putting 10 hours into this, not only does this game lives to the hype, but also surpassed it. That’s something you rarely see in games nowadays.

    • Sovek
      Sovek Month ago

      I've been hearing similar stories from everyone. I think this is due to the actual creator of the HP universe actually having some serious input into the game instead of just giving the rights to some random studio and they write their own crap into it. This I think is the main reason for the downfall of most Star Trek games once Interplay was pushed out of the picture.
      I've taken the tests at the Wizarding World website so I'll be starting my 5th year as a Ravenclaw, with a 9 3/4" Redwood, unicorn core and quite bendy wand. I cannot wait myself.


    The graphic are just WONDERFUL!

  • kevin failinski
    kevin failinski Month ago

    Seeing this makes me wanna play some kind of Fantastic Beasts game as the MC from that series, or perhaps an assistant of some kind. I liked the school setting with Harry, but I'm worried this won't be the same in terms of stakes and quality. I just want some good characters to help get me invested into the story.
    I'm scared we'll get some poorly characterized people, like in Horizon Zero Dawn or Forbidden West.

  • UnhingedDoor
    UnhingedDoor Month ago +2

    Who else is checking back in from 2020? Two (almost three) years ago it was announced, and after all this time, this amazing game is complete. I have been waiting patiently for two years and now, the time has come

  • Classic Gaymer
    Classic Gaymer Month ago +412

    This game looks absolutely phenomenal, and I cannot wait to play next week! Kudos to the developers for pouring passion into this game! Hufflepuff for life!

    • LaughingStock
      LaughingStock Month ago

      I'm right there with you! Let's go Hufflepuffs!

    • TheFedHD
      TheFedHD Month ago

      @BalfazarTheWise some of you guys have no idea even what day it is or where you live, damn..

    • R
      R Month ago

      Yaaas !! Hufflepuffs lets go !!

    • minimum wage dumbass
      minimum wage dumbass Month ago

      @Land Of Hogwarts slytherin all the way.We got all the killer spells lol