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People Are Calling The NFL Rigged More Than Ever After AFC & NFC Championship Games | Pat McAfee

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 10 796

  • Michael Feeney
    Michael Feeney Month ago +3957

    NFL need to force refs to also participate in postgame media to explain their decisions. Would be a great first step at addressing an obvious problem.

    • Charles Cass
      Charles Cass Month ago

      "Dude held so I called it. Next question?"

    • jubei
      jubei Month ago

      @sandwichman exactly! it makes cheating/rigging the game much easier.

    • jubei
      jubei Month ago

      the NFL needs 3rd party refs.... the fact that the NFL uses it's own refs is a big red flag.

    • Lawrence Matthes
      Lawrence Matthes Month ago


  • James Meade
    James Meade Month ago +108

    Had a buddy working for an NBA team a few years ago. He told me “when it comes to multibillion dollar games, you’d be crazy to think it was left entirely up to chance.”

    • Sean guitarman
      Sean guitarman Month ago +2

      @James , yeah, when there is THAT much money on the line, there is THAT much motive to get certain results. Pretty sound logic there, also paralleled by what one can see in the business world. I can believe it...

    • Jake
      Jake Month ago

      @Chad because it wasn't the script. The wanted the injured an fourth quarter comeback

    • Mr Johnson
      Mr Johnson Month ago

      Tje nba already had a cheating scandal

    • Travis Dyson
      Travis Dyson Month ago +1

      Lol.. what’s his name? Liar! People do anything for attention

    • Chad
      Chad Month ago +1

      So the refs are paid off? If so, why did they call back chiefs touchdowns? Maybe they kneeeeew the cincy linebacker would push Mahomes out of bounds late. Ahhhhh that’s it

  • Jim Genz
    Jim Genz Month ago +17

    It might not be %100 rigged but the refs definitely favor teams and blatantly help them

    • CC
      CC 13 days ago +1

      That's the quintessential definition of rigging.

    • F C
      F C Month ago +6

      That's what rigging is

  • MeRkY_wAtEr
    MeRkY_wAtEr Month ago +58

    It honestly would not be that hard to rig an NFL game. One or two unnecessary roughnesses could change the outcome quite drastically.

    • Landre Wilkinson
      Landre Wilkinson 9 days ago

      Exactly, all it takes is to stop the momentum of a team.

    • Rev Pembroke
      Rev Pembroke 27 days ago +1

      Yeah, as proven in a game where they called RTP AGAINST the chiefs! That was a ten point swing!

    • rpc717
      rpc717 Month ago +2

      One missed OPI, one phantom defensive holding, one phantom roughing the QB... these are well-documented to have determined the outcomes of games.

    • Joe Mixon
      Joe Mixon Month ago +1

      @Braden Fox that was a defensive holding call......gave you foreshadowing on that one.
      Btw that's how the NFL rigged 28-3 they started to call a boat load of defensive holding calls to help Brady.

    • Braden Fox
      Braden Fox Month ago +1

      Or a bad pass interference call made with 1:30 left on the clock in the fourth quarter with a tie game

  • Ann Chambers
    Ann Chambers Month ago +13

    Anyone remember the infamous "no call" NFC championship game saints vs Rams? The refs all went to a huddle and still didn't make the right call. Very questionable how it all went down. Then the NFL changes the rules so that refs can overturn PI calls and the next year change it back to how it was before.....comon man!

  • Darvell Owens
    Darvell Owens Month ago +85

    I like how pat said the NFL is rigged without saying it’s rigged

    • Deez Nutz
      Deez Nutz 20 days ago

      ​@Brad Carl And NFL refs are the only refs that have a 100% gag order in their contract

    • Brad Carl
      Brad Carl Month ago +2

      @donna frey Except that the officials are doing exactly what the NFL wants them to do.

    • Rok Rokka
      Rok Rokka Month ago

      But he said? 🤔

    • donna frey
      donna frey Month ago +3

      I disagree. I think he argued the near impossibility of rigging and the need for fundamental change within how the officiating is handled.

  • Sykotic8228
    Sykotic8228 Month ago +775

    Think America has about as much faith in refs as we do in our politicians

    • Moshe Goldberg
      Moshe Goldberg Month ago

      Best comment on Clip-Share all week

    • Todd Brown
      Todd Brown Month ago +1

      @Hud Hinton you don't have to agree that's your option

    • Todd Brown
      Todd Brown Month ago +1

      They're already paid,just go along with the system or else

  • Primm Entertainment
    Primm Entertainment Month ago +33

    I watch the documentary a couple times but it still blows my mind to think about how the mob literally rig the World Series in like 1903 nearly got away with it

    • Alexander
      Alexander Month ago +3

      @Shane Thompson He claims "EVERYONE would have to be in on it" NOPE They could easily pay off a few people to keep their mouths shut. It's been done since sporting events began...especially boxing! Phantom punch KOs..Nobody ever talks after getting paid to take a dive..You can lose your job or life or both.

    • Shane Thompson
      Shane Thompson Month ago +3

      Yet this guy says no can't happen 😂

  • Endo Rush
    Endo Rush Month ago +24

    Maybe its not the NFL "rigging" per say, but putting more accountability on these refs is clearly something that needs to be addressed. As Pat said, they can certainly be influenced by outsiders, not necessarily just the NFL.

    • CC
      CC 13 days ago

      The refs are in on the rigging so accountability wouldn't change a thing. The refs take their marching orders from the mobsters who run the league. They do or do not throw a flag based on the team the NFL favors.

    • Bill Jones
      Bill Jones Month ago

      @Hud Hinton the nfl can be rigged oh well

    • Hud Hinton
      Hud Hinton Month ago

      If McAfee really knew what he was talking about he'd have his own show on ESPN. He was a PUNTER and WWE wrestler. Does Hulk Hogan have an opinion on the NFL? His would be equally as valuable.

    • Hud Hinton
      Hud Hinton Month ago

      McAfee was a punter. Peyton Manning used to call them "idiots" for opening like this. They work all week with about 3 guys and the special teams coach.

  • Ben Schaefer
    Ben Schaefer Month ago +73

    Sounds like you were given a script by the NFL and Vegas and you acted out their message brilliantly.

    • SGDeGalvez
      SGDeGalvez Month ago +1

      yea..damage control.

    • Yah-Will-Do-It
      Yah-Will-Do-It Month ago

      I mean honestly. Nobody ever asks the question, if the refs are so bad why aren't they getting fined or fired?

    • Duane Bailey
      Duane Bailey Month ago +3

      100% Vegas is in on it. There is way to much money involved. Just have to watch the seahawks vs steelers in 06. Was a disaster of a game from the refs.

    • Timothy Berry
      Timothy Berry Month ago +2

      Well said! It was more than just the refs in the afc championship game. The bengals laid down in that game were forced to lose on purpose. I could tell , saw it from the start of the game. The league wants us to believe it was just the refs that made it look suspect but it was more then that. Sad time’s

    • Nick Housman
      Nick Housman Month ago +12

      He does WWE as well

  • getarealJOB
    getarealJOB Month ago +60

    You can't blame incompetent refs for everything. It doesn't take any large amount of people to be in on it, only a few strategically placed individuals.

    • Lawrence Matthes
      Lawrence Matthes Month ago

      Refs don't decide. New York does. Replay actually makes it easier

    • Lawrence Matthes
      Lawrence Matthes Month ago

      I don't. The refs don't have final judgement. New York does

    • Zachary Lynn
      Zachary Lynn Month ago


    • Dylan J
      Dylan J Month ago +2

      or you just got to imply things. everyone knows their are unwritten rules at their job. Why are "bad" refs getting into playoffs? because that's the reward for protecting the narrative.

    • sailinawayjim
      sailinawayjim Month ago +4

      Yep. Most people are on a need to know basis. And most people don’t need to know.

  • Buck Naked
    Buck Naked Month ago +54

    In 1963, the NFL approached President JFK and asked the NFL be awarded a sports entertainment license for the league. It was granted. There are many videos out there about the rigged league. I have read not every game is rigged, but the ones needed to steer a team towards the post season are. Many calls for this are made in New York.

    • Gmoney Miti!
      Gmoney Miti! Month ago +8

      It’s entertainment period. If anyone taking these NFL game’s serious is dead wrong.

    • paperdo
      paperdo Month ago +5

      Ive been saying all year that all it takes is certain penalties being called/not called at opportune times. Holding in particular is super subjective. The afc championship game was the perfect example of this. Literally every-time the bengals got a big play, or got rolling, out came a flag for holding. I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but a lot of the holding calls were dodgy at best. For example, when a chiefs player had his hand on a bengals lineman's throat, and somehow the bengals linemen draws a holding call.

  • Yungballz
    Yungballz Month ago +540

    Nobody thought NBA refs were rigging games until we found out they actually were...
    Hell, sports gambling wasn't even widely legal then.

    • randall simpson
      randall simpson 28 days ago

      @RyTrapp0 No one says they are doing that. They aren't rigging Ram vs Saints week 9. But the PLAYOFFS? Dude, just stop

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago

      @Hud Hinton What are you babbling about? It is literally the most discussed NBA series when it comes to the league possibly fixing a result. At the time it was all over the media. I'm a fan of neither team, just a basketball fan, and you still hear people talk about that 20 year old series to this day. Zach Lowe mentioned it on podcast this week.... I can't tell if you're a Laker fan or clueless but if you ask any knowledgeable NBA fan about teams getting railroaded that is the first thing mentioned. Keep chimping.

    • Darrin Lygrisse
      Darrin Lygrisse Month ago +1

      If anything is rigged it’s more about the point spread than wins and loses.

    • Hud Hinton
      Hud Hinton Month ago

      @Ryan About 100 fans.

    • Hud Hinton
      Hud Hinton Month ago

      @Jake Collin Illegal organization?

  • Drathicus Rex
    Drathicus Rex Month ago +11

    Thank you for being a voice of reason in this NFL Rigged debate, Pat…Btw you were great in WrestleMania 38 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Derrick Napier
    Derrick Napier Month ago +8

    Every Chiefs fan is already on edge finding out Carl Cheffers will be responsible for the Superbowl.

  • david hart
    david hart Month ago +32

    I think you're underestimating how much a referee crew could influence the game. I'm not saying a whole season for the whole league, but if they want a certain outcome from a potentially tight game, a missed holding call or a bad PI call at the right time can very easily swing the momentum in one times favor.

    • CC
      CC 13 days ago

      Yeah just like the holding call in the SB. The receiver's route was not impeded in any way and Mahomes threw the ball out of the end zone. Disgraceful to make that call but then again that ref knew what team the league wanted to be lifting the Lombardi Trophy.

    • Wayfarer Rider
      Wayfarer Rider Month ago

      Exactly, NFL can swing momentum like crazy. I remember the holding call vs Falcons in Brady Super Bowl comeback. Knocked them out of field goal range and would have ended the game. No chance NFL let’s that happen.

    • Steve Guse
      Steve Guse Month ago +1

      Right. There's " holding" on every play

  • David Judd
    David Judd Month ago +15

    Looking at how many times that Chris Jones was held, without any flags, makes me wonder.

  • sir_mcneal
    sir_mcneal Month ago +7

    idk man. watching the niners/eagles game, it was almost a saving grace for the refs that Purdy got hurt. those calls were very one sided and they “missed” a lot on philly. you’d think with the technology we have, calls would be more accurate than ever. but it’s the opposite

  • Garrett Warrick
    Garrett Warrick Month ago +263

    Ever since… EVER SINCE online gambling took off, this has become one of the underlying narratives of the NFL. Not a coincidence.

    • Robert Franzo
      Robert Franzo Month ago

      @A Rational Guy - Or, it's just rigged lol. I mean if we're just going to speculate, why not go off of evidence rather than what you think. There is plenty of evidence (for anyone who's willing to look at things objectively) that supports the theory of NFL games being loosely scripted, or even outright fixed.. I would like to see the evidence that supports the theory of this being a false perception created by some sports gamblers who are angry about losing money..

    • Robert Franzo
      Robert Franzo Month ago

      @Andy - That's actually not an inaccurate take. There were plenty of people who questioned many of Brady's big-game victories, myself being one of them..

    • Robert Franzo
      Robert Franzo Month ago +2

      @DILLIGAF0828 - No, I don't. I've never bet money on a sports game in my life, and I could see it plain as day..

    • Jesse Michael Barr
      Jesse Michael Barr Month ago

      They have storylines regardless. If Bengals win, Joe Burrow is the storyline

    • Ishortfilms
      Ishortfilms Month ago +1

      @DILLIGAF0828 no. Money influences decisions

  • Επαμεινωνδας Κοσμας

    Nice to see the mainstream accepting this even though they won't admit it yet.

  • Fat Panda Outdoors
    Fat Panda Outdoors Month ago +31

    There's a reason that the WWE and the NFL has entertainment in it's name

    • Matt Turner
      Matt Turner Month ago

      @Snoop Flanagan He doesn't insinuate anything. He made a statement that is incorrect. NFL doesn't have entertainment in the name.

    • J C
      J C Month ago


    • Snoop Flanagan
      Snoop Flanagan Month ago

      @Matt Turner LoL yeah and neither does World Wrestling Federation. Which is what is was before a legal conflict. It was still "entertainment"
      I would certainly hope 99.85% of the people on this planet could figure out what the Fat Panda comment is insinuating.

    • Matt Turner
      Matt Turner Month ago

      @Snoop Flanagan NFL doesn't have entertainment in its name.

  • Logical Dude
    Logical Dude Month ago +18

    I don’t think it’s necessarily the betting side of it that’s causing shady officiating… I think it’s that the NFL now realizes it can craft and control entire narratives around its league. And they’re going to install referees who understand those narratives and are willing to enforce them on the field. All it takes is one phantom call or one blown call every drive or every other drive. Just sprinkle them in enough to where it doesn’t look TOO obvious. But the problem is that it’s become VERY obvious to fans.

    • Brad Carl
      Brad Carl Month ago

      You should do some research on organized crime and Vegas's connection to the NFL.

    • Duane Bailey
      Duane Bailey Month ago +3

      Think about how much money is placed on a game. Who would have ever placed a bet on the giants vs Pat's but also being the low of a score. Just takes a few people and one or two refs. The 06 seahawks vs steelers was the worst game ever.

  • John Loye
    John Loye Month ago +8

    Everyone doesn't have to be in on it to rig games. All it takes is one ref making bad calls. They even mentioned the NBA ref who was rigging games by his calls. It does not take everyone to be in on it for rigging to work

    • G plenty
      G plenty 10 days ago

      Magnets aswell

    • Sonny Dayz
      Sonny Dayz Month ago

      Qb , ref, coach, commissioner and kickers
      Easy fix

  • Michael Steding
    Michael Steding Month ago +19

    I don't watch professional sports anymore. The amount of questionable calls is astounding. They definitely need to hold the officials more accountable.

    • Hud Hinton
      Hud Hinton 28 days ago

      @randall simpson True, but it can't happen with every penalty. I also don't disagree with holding the refs accountable. The NFL does actually rate them for accuracy but the results aren't made public.

    • randall simpson
      randall simpson 28 days ago

      @Hud Hinton They do not have to be decided in 10 seconds. WTF? Theyve taken MINUTEs to figure out calls

    • Hud Hinton
      Hud Hinton Month ago +1

      There are about 2 questionable calls per game, which have to be decided in about 10 seconds each. Most are meaningless to the result of the game.

  • Casey Ellersick
    Casey Ellersick Month ago +541

    Let’s get one thing straight, it’s not just bengals fans saying this

    • Bill Pardew
      Bill Pardew Month ago

      @The Hound the funny part is most Cincinnati fans are complaining about the flags that weren't thrown

    • Bill Pardew
      Bill Pardew Month ago

      @The Hound and you still can't tell me what the f*** you're talkn ? Anybody else got a clue what this guy's talking about

    • Bill Pardew
      Bill Pardew Month ago

      @The Hound okay what b******* flag was thrown on third-and-long because that didn't happen

    • The Hound
      The Hound Month ago

      @Bill Pardew any bs flag thrown on a third and long.

  • Eugene Weston
    Eugene Weston Month ago +7

    Amen!!! The NFL definitely needs to fix their officiating. Plus in all game or at least in playoff games all plays should be able to be video reviewed for no calls/bad calls. To many games are won and lost because of bad officiating.

    • Nick Housman
      Nick Housman Month ago +1

      Or less commercials and advertising the game as a whole should be a little over 2 hours

    • Kevin
      Kevin Month ago

      The game is already 3+ hours long. They just need to do a better job of reviewing plays like the DeVonta Smith "catch" where the outcome is in question.

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago +4

    The chiefs weren't merely engineered to beat the Bengals, but the point spread was engineered to obtain the desired result. When you look at the game from that aspect, the rig is super obvious.

  • Wright Brothers Flight School!

    I didn't think it was rigged until I saw this video lmao

  • Caleb Deaton
    Caleb Deaton Month ago +4

    They had to reclassify professional sports as sports entertainment after the NBA tried to railroad Tim Donaugy and he exposed them rigging games in federal court to avoid violating federal gaming laws. It's no different than the WWE

  • Frog Master
    Frog Master Month ago +7

    Pat works for WWE too lol so this is hilarious.

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco Month ago +525

    Another one that comes to mind is the Saints losing a championship game with one of the worst missed PI calls.

    • Rev Pembroke
      Rev Pembroke 27 days ago

      @Ronnie Klitschko HA!

    • Tooledyou2
      Tooledyou2 Month ago +1

      @Andre Rodriguez What??? did you just say that was uncatchable? That was a perfect pass that would’ve easily been caught if the receiver was not hammered when the ball was still 15 feet away from him, catching it. shut up….

    • Senor Chips
      Senor Chips Month ago +1

      @Andre Rodriguez bro ain’t no way you just said to that man “probably PI” and the ball was “uncatchable” LMAO 🤣🤡 clearly YOU didn’t watch the game

    • Andre Rodriguez
      Andre Rodriguez Month ago

      @Pablo Alvarado yea I understand it was probably a PI but it was also uncatchable if defender turns it could have been intercepted or swapped. That Goff face mask was clear tho and he could have gotten a TD Rut would have also changed the course of that game like said but it’s over with hopefully that rivalry would spark again

    • Herb
      Herb Month ago

      I think the year PI was renewable the browns won 3 challenges for wrong calla.

  • Todd Whittaker
    Todd Whittaker Month ago

    I know you probably won't read this and I'm a bit late but love the show great job calling it like it is but is it possible that we just need the refs to give one team or another opportunities to keep drives alive or to burn timeouts it would only take the head referee and maybe a line or back judge to assist him? Obviously the teams and players are not involved too many opportunities for something to go wrong but one or two officials could manipulate possession and time to give opportunities to score . your thoughts

  • David Navarro
    David Navarro Month ago +25

    Clearly the NFL came to pat and asked him to help out .

    • Hud Hinton
      Hud Hinton Month ago

      @David Navarro Disagree. The NFL is the most succesful franchise business the world has seen. They neither need nor want controversy. Plus, they couldn't stop McAfee's You Tube rants if they wanted to.

    • David Navarro
      David Navarro Month ago

      Bro just heard McAfee in the ProBowl talling smack about the refs, including the nfl season refs. You really think the NFL would allow that if they didn't want it? Their giving him the mic.

    • Hud Hinton
      Hud Hinton Month ago +1

      The league thinks McAfee is a nut.

    • Falsefaceaddict
      Falsefaceaddict Month ago +4

      Facts! Lol

  • Don Maduro
    Don Maduro Month ago +2

    I am a die hard Steelers fan but remember a game not long ago in the playoffs or bowl when the calls went against the other team and I said it was rigged and my team won, but it looked rigged even with my team winning or the refs just suck

  • oldschool
    oldschool Month ago +2

    Love the Steelers equipment on you set! Steelers fan for life circa 1972. Good thing teams now can challenge a ref call.

  • Tony B
    Tony B Month ago +23

    “There’s no way you can rig an NFL game” 😂😂😂

    • Tony B
      Tony B Month ago +1

      @Ishortfilms Scared to lose sponsorships/paychecks from espn

    • Glenn Kovacs
      Glenn Kovacs Month ago

      There’s so much “gombling”sic, that so much monies make it possible

    • Ishortfilms
      Ishortfilms Month ago +9

      Bro had the worst take

  • magic mark
    magic mark Month ago +388

    Are we really expected to believe NFL refs are exempt from greed?

    • D C
      D C Month ago

      @Matt Beck Agreed. I was being SARCASTIC.

    • Matt Beck
      Matt Beck Month ago +4

      @D C For actual FOOTBALL fans, it’s a disgrace no matter who is playing.

    • D C
      D C Month ago +1

      Only if your team won, then the referees are incorruptible angels and everyone else is sore losers and conspiracy theorists.

  • Thomas Flynn
    Thomas Flynn Month ago +1

    I actually left for Columbia South America and after a week flew to Thailand for 3 additional weeks! Yes so disappointed in loosing almost every bet I missed four weeks of the NFL on top of the two weeks in October for my birthday trip! Some Clip-Share personalities called it incompetence on the refs but the Tampa 13 point come back in last 3 minutes against the Saint’s to win 17 to 16 was one example they gave! I remember the end of the second Giants game with Washington it was obvious as the Receiver had four arms trying to catch the ball someone didn’t want the Washington team to be anywhere near the Playoffs! In my 70’s I asked God for over 50 plus years to let me live for another Football season! It’s a joke like professional wrestling and with Billions being bet legally now the NFL needs to address the issue a additional ref up in the press box that can see what is being broadcast and radio down to pick up a flag or drop one on a major face mask missed by refs like the one that Washington got away with against Philadelphia that sent their Tight End to the IR for a month!

  • Aye D
    Aye D Month ago +1

    This is such a great take I just hate that the nfl refereeing will never change

  • chargers9221
    chargers9221 27 days ago +1

    What many tend to miss here is the play calling is a big part of this as well. Especially at the end of the games. It’s not just the refs. So yeah, the coaches and offensive coordinators are definitely a part of it. The players just get paid to play and execute whatever call is being made.

  • Wes Thomp
    Wes Thomp Month ago +4

    What are are odds of the previous two super bowls that the host team eventually won it all? It’s seemed impossible before it happened.

    • Rev Pembroke
      Rev Pembroke 27 days ago

      Well, in the Tampa-Kc game - Mahomes was the only chief who was ready to play. Everyone else sucked that game. Mahomes even hit Williams in the facemask and he didn't catch it.

  • Right back At you
    Right back At you Month ago

    I been cowboys fan ever since I was a little boy. But I started noticing a pattern with Dallas .
    I think Jerry learned a few tricks with Vincent man. I was just able to do enough to keep us excited.
    28 years later and now he sick of the way they perform

  • Mrbob4u
    Mrbob4u Month ago +155

    Putting an incompetent ref in a major game is almost the same as rigging a game.

    • james carpenter
      james carpenter Month ago

      @Fuk Censorship it's possible but nowhere near as easy as without all 4 refs in on it you can count on missing calls on ref is close to to make the call instead of all 3

    • Fuk Censorship
      Fuk Censorship Month ago

      @james carpenter one on field + replay guy. All that's necessary in my opinion

  • Lachlan Walters
    Lachlan Walters Month ago +1

    Aussie watching - our national rugby league has full time video referees for each game.consist of a team of people in a room in each stadium who watches every singe play and is called on in those situations we all are unsure about 🤨

  • Ima Popo
    Ima Popo Month ago +1

    A great way to mitigate stuff like this would to overhaul how the games are officiated and to put in as many failsafes as they possibly could to ensure that bad calls dont happen nearly as often.
    Things like reviewing penalties, having a guy up top that is watching the game closely and can overturn bad calls and even bring stuff that shouldve been called to the refs attention, holding refs that make blatantly bad calls accountable, etc would massively improve not only the games, but the NFL's relationship with the fan base.

    • Skeet Skeet
      Skeet Skeet Month ago

      Being able to review penalties isn’t exactly a foolproof option. For example, take a look at a few years ago when pass interference was reviewable. Not only was it not oveturned 90% of the time, but it slows down the game to almost insufferable levels. The idea of someone watching from upstairs or from New York is probably better, but it would need to be someone who absolutely knows what they’re doing. Perhaps not the commissioner himself, but someone in just as high of a regard.

  • The Downward Spiral
    The Downward Spiral Month ago +1

    What Pat doesn't tell you is that Angel Hernandez moonlights as a NFL red when he's not messing up baseball games

  • captain redeye
    captain redeye Month ago +12

    Done betting the nfl, much easier to make money on CBB. Less attention/$ less ref interference. nfl is fixed because the refs influence the game with bad calls. Very easy to do at the right times.. Excellent video!

  • Mary Cox
    Mary Cox Month ago +3

    what about the NFL commissioner admitting the games are fixed back in 2013 over the Jalen Ramsey tweet during the afc championship game vs the Patriots. " if we wanna give Tom Brady 20 superbowl rings. we'll give him 20 rings".

  • Jim Schnortz
    Jim Schnortz Month ago +504

    They need to give coaches a couple extra challenges and let them challenge horseshit calls the entire 60 minutes of the game

    • JAMES C
      JAMES C Month ago

      Let’s make the games longer.
      They can use the extra time to compensate for time outs.

    • Lil' Ike
      Lil' Ike Month ago

      @Photog 1 no they wouldn't there are only so many challenges he's not saying you can challenge any call as much as you want but this would help stop games from being decided by bs calls.

    • Lil' Ike
      Lil' Ike Month ago

      @Wesley Ball he said give them a couple extra challenges and allow bad calls to be challenged for the entire 60 minutes. You ain't gonna be stopping the game the entire time if they only have 4 challenges each but that would help alot to get rid of this bs calls deciding games bs. They wouldn't be wasting their challenges early unless it was something obvious.

    • Darth Liberty
      Darth Liberty Month ago

      @Texasstadium well lasting till morning would teach them to stop being crap at their job.

    • Darth Liberty
      Darth Liberty Month ago

      They should also be allowed to challenge no-calls

  • Young n Focused
    Young n Focused Month ago +2

    the amount of money that could be generated from bets that they know will hit ahead of time (with big plus $ odds) can be mind blowing, could definitely generate enough money for something like this to be real 🤐

  • Faust-Hell
    Faust-Hell Month ago +2

    🔥🔥🔥49ners and Eagles HAD SO MANY FLAGS THROWN... you would think it was the world cup. The Chiefs & Bengals doesn't compare to 49ners games of Flags🔥🔥🔥

  • Everyday stuff and things guy

    The referees have made it about themselves by throwing more flags than I have seen in a long, long time. At first I thought it was about maybe getting TV time for friends and family at home, but as the seasons went on, and you couldn’t even get through a series without flag after a flag being thrown, I thought maybe it’s much bigger than just wanting FaceTime on national TV. By the way, I live 20 minutes from the Bengals stadium, so maybe I have a little bias but I am talking about every game that’s on TV the referees make it about themselves.
    The Super Bowl was on last night and all you heard through the second quarter was how brave Patrick Mahomes is on that bad ankle, and building drama towards that. The halftime show came on and was over starting the third quarter and again all you heard was about Patrick Mahomes ankle after he had already gone in and completed two series with no interruption. The holding call reminded me of the Bengals, Chiefs game and how that determined the conclusion of the game. I understand calling the game, fair and by the rules, but these calls were unnecessary and certainly dictated the outcome.

  • Cj Trujillo
    Cj Trujillo Month ago +1

    As a die hard Denver Broncos fan it hurts to say super 50 was the most fixed game I've ever seen especially after Manning came back from being benched. Tom Brady and the Patriots looked like they were trying to lose that afc championship game.

  • Principe Principe
    Principe Principe Month ago +2

    Sad that these guys honestly don't know how many games have been rigged in the past.

  • Adam Zomicci
    Adam Zomicci Month ago +234

    Pat: it would be impossible to rig the NFL because thousands of people would need to be involved
    Also Pat: one ref has the ability to easily effect a game

    • Rain Man
      Rain Man Month ago

      Sponsored by fanduel

    • Matt Beck
      Matt Beck Month ago

      @Xan Marino One holding call can turn a game completely around.

    • Winston Hillchurch
      Winston Hillchurch Month ago +2

      @Kyle Parker he’s try to convey less damaging alternatives to it being rigged. They all know it’s about to come busting loose.

    • Kyle Parker
      Kyle Parker Month ago

      at least he's talking about it, but yeah he's not that stupid, he's covering for their asses, and I don't blame him.

    • Junior Walker
      Junior Walker Month ago

      @Travis Ealy did they make you wear a helmet in school?

  • headbanger2867
    headbanger2867 Month ago +8

    I love that everyone is now catching on.

  • toolnv77
    toolnv77 Month ago +4

    Man! State farm is the main sponsor of this SB. No wonder that had to get mahomes in that game.

  • Eddie Jones
    Eddie Jones Month ago +2

    A single Ref can easily be paid off to favor a team There is serious money being thrown around in these Big games

  • Jax
    Jax Month ago +114

    They wanted the two black quarterback story
    They wanted the Kelce brothers story
    They wanted the Andy Reid playing his old team story
    I’m done with the nfl

    • Tim Henry of MusicLife
      Tim Henry of MusicLife 12 days ago

      NFL = WWE Stage scripted

    • Gayson Martinocho
      Gayson Martinocho Month ago

      i was done when seattle didnt run

    • Ruan Oosthuysen
      Ruan Oosthuysen Month ago

      @do re 100%

    • David Gaines
      David Gaines Month ago


    • Stratosphere
      Stratosphere Month ago +1

      @Matt Matts Only a couple years after the St. Louis Rams moved to LA, the Superbowls became the Missouri bowls for 5 straight years, and the NFL made back almost all the money they had lost.
      Rams vs Patriots
      49ers vs Chiefs
      Buccs vs Chiefs
      Rams vs Bengals
      Philly vs Chiefs

  • Joel Castillo
    Joel Castillo Month ago +2

    Pat always trying to do damage control 😂😂😂 sponsored by fanduel

  • robert redmon
    robert redmon Month ago +350

    How the NFL does not have full time refs is beyond me

    • Jonathan Harris
      Jonathan Harris Month ago +2

      @Cory Barrett I wouldn't know that they are paid professionals from watching the games yesterday lol

    • Cory Barrett
      Cory Barrett Month ago +1

      ​@Jonathan Harris Makes one wonder how bad the referees that don't get picked for the playoffs must be. But yeah, the referees assigned to playoff games, especially the conference title games and the Super Bowl, are supposed to be the cream of the crop. You wouldn't know that from watching yesterday's games though.

    • Jonathan Harris
      Jonathan Harris Month ago +1

      @Cory Barrett good lord, so these are the "cream of the crop"? 😬

    • Cory Barrett
      Cory Barrett Month ago +1

      @oko NFL referees are similarly graded and receive a weekly report on Tuesday with missed calls. Too many missed calls means not getting asked to referee playoff games.

    • Brian Wiley
      Brian Wiley Month ago

      @Dinodoode 😂

  • Chet Senior
    Chet Senior Month ago +2

    I think Pat can’t deal with the idea that games he played in may have been rigged and he had no idea.

  • Paddy Prochazka
    Paddy Prochazka Month ago +3

    it’s amazing how pat played in the league for like a decade and still has no knowledge of football

  • BigFoot Anon
    BigFoot Anon Month ago +3

    Only takes one person with one bag to make it all happen

  • Shawn Clapper
    Shawn Clapper Month ago

    Gotta love my 49ers man wow always lets us fans down when it counts 😆

  • Aaron Walker
    Aaron Walker Month ago +2

    Damn your finally figuring this out lmao welcome to being a Detroit fan for the past 33 years lol

  • The Cleanest
    The Cleanest  Month ago +397

    The refs are a serious problem not just yesterday but all time.

    • xen1313
      xen1313 Month ago

      Just ask any Lions fan.

    • Paul Ridgeway
      Paul Ridgeway Month ago +2

      And what - the NFL can’t afford to pay for amazing refs?

    • TedTV
      TedTV Month ago +18

      They're told what to do, from "New york"

  • Beau Glenn
    Beau Glenn Month ago +2

    I miss the days when this show wasn't a mouthpiece for the league

  • Robert Weaver
    Robert Weaver Month ago +1

    Bro there were so many missed calls that happened in front of refs that game especially a few roughing the passer called that should have been called on the cheifs it's insane how many calls were missed on purpose

  • 831 Savage outdoorsman

    That devante catch that had no replay until they had a touchdown

  • Aj
    Aj Month ago +2

    I’ve been sayin it for a long time. All sports are entertainment. Just another way to control the masses and their thinking. It amazes me how many people care about something so much that has no bearing on their life. I did watch this game tho from the start of the second half. Amazed after each play there was a flag lol

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face Month ago

    According to what someone showed the league was tryna say by rule that the play is dead once a ref starts walking/running onto the field. My thing is why isn't the play just let resume and adjust the clock afterwards? It was a way to give the chiefs the extra down bc the league I'm sure called down to make sure KC won

  • DontTreadOnMyVape
    DontTreadOnMyVape Month ago +467

    Tim Donaghy is laughing hysterically somewhere at the thought that it would be impossible to 'rig' games in a major sporting league. Get him back on the show and discuss this theory boys.

    • Jeffery Ashmore
      Jeffery Ashmore Month ago

      @Corey Czech sports entertainment at the playoff level.

    • The Christian Nomad
      The Christian Nomad Month ago +4

      @Mark Laver yes they did. He testified in court that the league would sit them down before series in the playoffs and tell them to "take it easy on calling fouls" on certain players, and to call more on others. And the NBA directly tells the officials that whichever team has fewer wins in a series favor them to extend the series and try to get them to at least 6 games. The NBA not only manipulates the over/under they literally try to force 6 or 7 games series.

    • Corey Czech
      Corey Czech Month ago +3

      @krzykris It would take many referees and it probably wouldn't be Goodell, it'd be a sports bookie. Goodell has way too much risk involved behind ruining a multibillion dollar business. People will watch football regardless if it was rigged, why would he risk that?

  • Jaeger
    Jaeger Month ago +3

    The more times Pat makes a video saying it's not rigged makes me believe that it is rigged

  • Louis Masis
    Louis Masis Month ago +6

    I noticed non calls for the Niners and the Eagles were getting all the calls plus the Chiefs were getting all the positive calls. I even asked my son if he was seeing what I was seeing. Same thing happened last year in the NFC Championship.

    • Louis Masis
      Louis Masis Month ago +1

      Just like everything else in society it is screwed !!!!

    • SIlverSlud
      SIlverSlud Month ago

      Rigged-bitter niner fan thinking of switching to college football. I've never been madder!

    • MrAbad88
      MrAbad88 Month ago +5

      49ers had 23 penatlies called against them for over 300 yards. the eagles had 9 penalties called agaisnt them for less then like 80 yards

  • Gus Mannion
    Gus Mannion Month ago

    Yes they do need to have a way better Refs, and yes to have someone on site a head Ref in the booth with a crew of young ones different angles to get the right calls fast.

  • -PlayMaker-
    -PlayMaker- Month ago +2

    Exactly, the amount of people that’d have to be in the know just wouldn’t work there’s no way. Someone would spill the beans whether on purpose or not.

  • James Blazier
    James Blazier Month ago +1

    Like I said I watch football with my dad ever since I was in grade school and I've always been a big NFL ever since 2010 I can watch the game and know the calls was going to come on the field by watching it and I can see the penalties and make the call before they even throw the flag I know who it's against and what the penalty is and I've proved it to people what was going to happen before the play

    • Sonny Dayz
      Sonny Dayz Month ago

      I call flags all the time, Pat played the game, he’s got to play along

    • James Blazier
      James Blazier Month ago

      Even began and I told him he was going to win just am watching the game so in my opinion it's rigged you want some examples that time the saints going to the Superbowl and the other team caught the ball and ran it in for a touchdown when it shouldn't have been a touchdown cuz he was touched he should have been down there at Terry went out of bounds but he ran in for a touchdown anyhow everybody know that was only 3 or 4 or 5 years ago go back and check it out it's almost last play the game made the other team win the game you can say it ain't rig but that's what the people on the outside think unless they can fix it that's what we're going to think

  • Fattymcbuckles C
    Fattymcbuckles C Month ago +143

    Penalties could be called on almost every play on either team. It's just a matter of when its called at a certain critical time of the game. Would be very easy to rig a game.

    • mike star
      mike star Month ago

      @President Resident Keep watching it bro 🤣 We're not saying you don't have to stop watching grown men dress up in costumes to act. No need to get so defensive protecting your baby 😆

    • Ya Boi CB3
      Ya Boi CB3 Month ago +4

      @President Resident the block in the back on the punt return where there was a clear illegal block right in front of the kick returner wasn't called that set up this fieldgoal last night.

    • Henry
      Henry Month ago +1

      @President Resident im not saying there is, but if there is legit rigging youd want to pepper in some calls to help the other team so as to not be too suspicious

    • Kyle Parker
      Kyle Parker Month ago +1

      especially football where one call can easily and dramatically influence the outcome.

    • Kyle Parker
      Kyle Parker Month ago


  • Matthew Stull
    Matthew Stull Month ago

    I love when Pat says "wownch" ... I do it too 😃

  • Gregory Myles
    Gregory Myles Month ago +2

    The Tuck Rule call; the Dez No-Catch Catch; the Rams No PI vs Saints; the Bounty Bowl (on Brett Fauve by Saints). NFL playoff history is replete with blatant “bad (rigged?) calls”.

  • twodeepmatt
    twodeepmatt Month ago +1

    Gambling is too big of an industry in professional sports for it to not be affected and likely rigged. I suspect they also shave and effect games in college too of course. With money becoming an even bigger part of college sports I imagine it will get worse.

  • I'm CheeseCake
    I'm CheeseCake Month ago +2

    I don’t think the league is rigged, but I think every now and then one person can affect certain aspects of the game. Just like the NBA ref did for years and years and years and years

  • Jayce Brock1204
    Jayce Brock1204 Month ago

    You guys did this very well. I don’t think Andy Reid mahomes or kelce would have anything to do with rigging. However I’m no bengals fan and will definitely say that last game was totally one sided refs never called holding on chiefs gave them 5 downs let the hit burrow 2 secs after he threw and that’s just they ones I can think of right away. I think nfl should make refs talk to media to explain decisions this would definitely be a step to showing fans it’s not rigged or giving an investigation if it is and ending it

  • surreality
    surreality Month ago +281

    It doesn't take that many people to massage the outcome of games. All you really need are the officials. Mainly the head official. Players don't have to be "in on it". Neither do coaches. A well placed bad call can turn the momentum of a team instantly.

    • R B
      R B Month ago +2

      One or two refs is all, or the mystery people in New york

    • Conformist Bastard
      Conformist Bastard Month ago

      Massage the outcome of games? Are we still talking about football?

    • Pblightnin
      Pblightnin Month ago

      It’s all players

  • Christopher Halbersma

    You can rig a game with just one. The thing is, to be successful in a gambling scheme you don't need to win every time. You get one or two refs to favor one team or another by just a couple of calls/game and you'll beat the over/under consistently. You only have to beat the reliably house 51% of the time to make the rigging worth it if you have the capital.

  • Remain Private
    Remain Private Month ago +4

    Ironic how the AFC championship was scheduled as the premiere game after being the early game all year & the eagles n SF had better seasons than both AFC teams

  • Aaron Fowler
    Aaron Fowler Month ago +1

    Seahawks fans were suggesting this in Superbowl 40, because of the terrible officiating...and we were made fun of.

  • James Hribar
    James Hribar Month ago

    How many times was Joe Burrow landed on with the full weight of the defender in that game? I saw at leat 3, that is a roughing the passer penalty. How many were called? 0.
    It doesn't take much to swing a game like this when the teams are this closely matched.
    It would only take a couple people to make it work, not a bunch of people.

  • Dante Torelli
    Dante Torelli Month ago +1

    I kind of agree with you but you give the nfl such credit for being so good at business yet they can’t get refs right or replays or ball marking or anything that really comes to the game.
    Seems like the NFL locks some stuff down right and leaves other things broken.
    Could they be leaving things broken so they can manipulate it?
    Idk I’ve seen some wild stuff out there but I’ve seen some stuff that makes sense and it’s not that far fetched to think they have a few key pieces placed around and that’s all they need.

  • Michael Feeney
    Michael Feeney Month ago +474

    There is no shortage of examples of large scale sports becoming corrupt. Just like at soccer.

    • Chris Simon
      Chris Simon Month ago

      Umar Johnson you can gamble on the scripted WWE just like you can on NFL games

    • Chris Simon
      Chris Simon Month ago

      @Bobulous Boposin III this isn't even about the Chiefs this is about the overall history of scripting in the nfl

    • Ivan Valentin
      Ivan Valentin Month ago +1

      Messi winning in Qatar

    • brittney B.
      brittney B. Month ago

      Thank GOD you have sense and addressing this for the MASSES so they can see. This just reminds how dumb people are when voting comes around smh lol

  • CoolOld Luke
    CoolOld Luke Month ago

    A player or ref can throw a play or call on purpose or simply because they're human. But if the NFL "powers at large" were throwing games you would think they would be spreading the rings around to gain a bigger fanbase. We in Cincinnati are hungry and have been waiting 55+ years for a ring. I imagine they feel the same in Detroit, Buffalo, Minnesota and anyone else who's team never won a SB or left their city without one. Now imagine the fan increase if anyone of those won a SuperBowl. I have been amazed at the interest in our Bengals from fans everywhere and many came out of the closet, so to speak. Where were these fans before? Lol

  • mark scott
    mark scott Month ago

    I don’t think it would be hard to rig a game at all and you don’t need the whole league involved to do it. These games are so close that if a ref misses a call or makes a bad call two or three times in a game that could do it. That Kansas City game was totally fixed imo and I have no dog in this fight, just too many bad calls to pass the sniff test.

  • OMUTVTube
    OMUTVTube Month ago +1

    I’ve seen so many blown tackles where even me with my handicap could have tackled the receiver or running back. Bad tackle angles over & over as if the defense all the sudden forgot how to tackle. It’s too often not to be just a mistake or bad angle to the runner. That’s just on defense and just one thing. On offense I see interceptions thrown right to the defender WAY TOO MANY TIMES to be just off throws. And they all sign non disclosure agreements. Why is this? What do they not want disclosed?

  • Gorilla Trader
    Gorilla Trader Month ago +1

    I was reading Peter King a week before the end of the sash and he said someone connected with he league said its best for teams like Green Bay and Pittsburgh to make the playoffs. Why? Peter King thought it was because of Aaron Rodgers, which makes sense.....but what about Pittsburgh? The main reason is because both teams have a large and loyal fan base. Its all about TV revenue. BTW, neither team made the playoffs.

  • Houck54
    Houck54 Month ago +2

    I think the out cry by the New Orleans no call was more loud and all over the place.

  • Zap Rowsdower
    Zap Rowsdower Month ago +260

    I think that when people say 'rigged' they are referring to the refs specifically rigging games. That's is fairly easy to do and, as stated, has happened in every single sport.

    • MrThatblueguy
      MrThatblueguy Month ago +2

      Agreed. Yeah and it’s getting incredibly frustrating that people ignore this and pretend that the argument is that the entire league (owners, players, couches, refs, etc) is rigged, because that’s obviously bs. It’s easy to dismiss this false argument and then those people snuggly use that fraud “rigged” interpretation as a gotcha to ignore and not even have a discussion about the fact that all it would take to actually rig a game is a single/few refs acting independently from the rest of the league.

    • ERIC
      ERIC Month ago +1

      @Hector Torres Isiah Pacheco

    • Niklas Werthner
      Niklas Werthner Month ago

      @Troy my mum played professional handball and the team bought the refs for every important game

    • Nobody
      Nobody Month ago +6

      @Chewy1256 if they didn’t make those blatant calls they definitely would have been under fire for rigging the game. You can’t make it obvious

    • Bubblehulk
      Bubblehulk Month ago +1

      @Chewy1256 doesn’t mean every ref ;)

  • mate53
    mate53 Month ago

    9:45 This for sure. There is no reason a multi-billion dollar industry can't take full advantage of the technology available to make the right calls at the very least.
    I thought this was over with back when they put the control center in NYC that watches EVERY SINGLE GAME from every possible angle to make better calls. I remember challenges being settled in about 2 minutes or less when they started this vs when it took almost 10 minutes and 2 commercial breaks before that.

    • Marco Restrepo
      Marco Restrepo Month ago

      Exactly, which should clue you in on why they dont do it.

  • the truth will set you free

    And they’re not just saying it’s rigged, majority of sports are rigged that’s not the issue what people are saying is it’s scripted and they’re starting to notice the obvious fact that Players are in on it as well as refs and coaches.

  • rpc717
    rpc717 Month ago +2

    Conference championship: rigged
    Super Bowl: hold my beer