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Inter-Milan 5-1 | Inter claim city bragging rights: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2023/24

  • Published on Sep 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Inter claim a statement win against city rivals Milan, scoring five goals in a Derby della Madonnina for the first time since 1974 | Serie A 2023/24
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    OP STYLE 16 days ago +1652

    You wont see a better goal than Thuram's
    My jaw DROPPED

    • T B
      T B 16 days ago +63

      The way ball move after been hit by Thuram remind me to Adriano Leite's day in Serie A.

    • Tsvetomir Sheev
      Tsvetomir Sheev 16 days ago +31

      ​rip the spider in the corner

    • Salvatore Scarcella
      Salvatore Scarcella 16 days ago +46

      It’s unbelievable how no one except Inter Milan spot the great potential of this player, this is clearly the deal of the year.

    • T B
      T B 16 days ago +17

      @Salvatore Scarcella I think Milan also realize his potential too this summer, and Milan also proposed him a contract after Thuram became a free-agent player. But Thuram chose Internazionale over Milan.

    • Aldi Alvaro Winata™
      Aldi Alvaro Winata™ 16 days ago +2

      He has a resemblance to Samuel Eto'o

  • Shant 7779
    Shant 7779 16 days ago +1520

    As Jose Mourinho said: “Mkhitaryan is a fantastic player”

    • Dublins Fair City
      Dublins Fair City 16 days ago +20

      But he's not though is he. Average at times. Very inconsistent.

    • 023achilles
      023achilles 16 days ago +109

      @Dublins Fair City Hot take of the day. Just gonna assume you did not watch any part of this match, not even the highlights.

    • Miguel Porras
      Miguel Porras 16 days ago +98

      ​@Dublins Fair Cityhe was the number 10 of Bundesliga champions and Champions League finalists (Dortmund), and number 8 for Champions League finalists who were really close to beat the "unbeatable" City (Inter).
      "Average" "inconsistent"

    • Dublins Fair City
      Dublins Fair City 16 days ago +7

      @Miguel Porras Yes and he was rubbish in lots of games in the Premier League. I mean really poor. Just an inconsistent player. I reserve 'great player' status for consistent players who play well 99% of the time. He's definately not one.

    • Miguel Porras
      Miguel Porras 16 days ago +51

      @Dublins Fair City many PL stars are rubbish in other leagues. Being a fixture in 2 Champions League finalists weighs more than being inconsistent at a decadent teams like Arsenal and Man United.

  • վրէժ Թահմասյան
    վրէժ Թահմասյան 16 days ago +891

    When 34-year-old Mkhitaryan takes the ball from the opponent's player like this in the 90th minute of the game and crosses half the field with this speed and gives such a beautiful pass, it means that he is a star and wonderful player. At this age, Mkhitaryan is much more than Young players have speed. One hundred percent Mkhitaryan was the best derby player by a long distance, and I wish they would have given the penalty to Mkhitaryan so that he could score a hat trick in this historic game.

    • Abu Fathir Prasojo
      Abu Fathir Prasojo 16 days ago +20

      That two goal of his is already historical

    • Daniel
      Daniel 16 days ago +13

      Too bad we’ll never see him at an international tournament

    • Serag E
      Serag E 16 days ago +25

      Also 5th goal he could have scored for hat trick but he unselfishly passed to his teammate

    • 023achilles
      023achilles 16 days ago +4

      When's the last time Mkhi took a penalty for club or country? Don't agree that he should take it, just for a hat trick. 3 points is the most important, and Hakan put it to bed. Hakan has a grudge against AC Milan, in case you didn't know!

    • Daniel
      Daniel 16 days ago +4

      @023achilles hakan looks like henri’s little bro, they could be bros from other mothers

  • Andrea Pirlo
    Andrea Pirlo 16 days ago +679

    Mkhitaryan… what a performance! Not only he is a genius, he also works so hard and fights for every ball

    • Domenic Galata
      Domenic Galata 16 days ago +20

      He really is a great team guy. Gets the start and gives his coach the performance in a derby.

    • Reverse
      Reverse 16 days ago +1


    • WesT Side
      WesT Side 14 days ago +2

      @Domenic Galata bro was dropped out of the 11 in the ucl final shame even the fact he’d scored against Milan in the semi’s..

    • 40GLO
      40GLO 14 days ago +2

      @WesT Sidehe was injured

    KAISER PERMANENTE 16 days ago +804

    Henrikh Mkhitaryan, what a player. This season will absolutely be remarkable for Henrikh. Keep up champion, you are very special for Inter. ❤🇦🇲

    • Don Keydik
      Don Keydik 16 days ago +36

      Crazy how Roma let him go for free

    • hefe ygt
      hefe ygt 16 days ago +10

      🇹🇷hakan Çalhanoğlu>>>> ***enian 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    • gggggggggg
      gggggggggg 16 days ago +27

      ​@hefe ygt Hakan Penaloglu 🥺😂

  • Sheeba More
    Sheeba More 15 days ago +184

    What a game??? 5 consecutive wins in a row! Trully amazing! Forza Inter!

  • Arman Bunarjyan
    Arman Bunarjyan 16 days ago +666

    Mkhitaryan is maestro of the team.
    He is like old wine.

    • goderdzi meladze
      goderdzi meladze 16 days ago +15

      Нет, коньяк!

    • Abu Fathir Prasojo
      Abu Fathir Prasojo 16 days ago +9

      Players can play up to 37/38 nowadays and still at their prime

    • Claudio Caniggia
      Claudio Caniggia 16 days ago +15

      Mourinho sent Mkhitaryan from Roma to Inter. Thanks Mourinho so much 😂

    • Cincau
      Cincau 16 days ago +9

      @Claudio Caniggia he really gave us Dzeko and Miki for free🤣

    • Claudio Caniggia
      Claudio Caniggia 16 days ago +2

      @Cincau haha typical mistakes from Mourinho. In the past it was Kevin De Bruyne and Salah

  • Tresnadi Prabowo
    Tresnadi Prabowo 16 days ago +140

    I really love the Inter 3rd goal process. The passing and off the ball movement from all player involved are amazing.

    • manal
      manal 16 days ago +5

      Thats a lovely goal. Its like a process that have been trained endlessly before. Inter's players already know without looking how to play and where to send the ball. Class.

    • Haris Pratama Loeis
      Haris Pratama Loeis 16 days ago +2

      The best thing is that in the highlight they shown darmian's tired face for leao's goal. Right after that, darmian made that wonderful pass. Redemption.

  • Ascherit
    Ascherit 15 days ago +15

    Ta jogando o fino da bola essa inter 💙🖤 defesa sólida, meio campo versátil e ataque matador

  • Doddy_dzia
    Doddy_dzia 16 days ago +540

    That thuram goal, fantastic!

    • 023achilles
      023achilles 16 days ago +5

      A screamer!

    • M_Suubi
      M_Suubi 16 days ago +8

      topped it all with the GOAT's celebration

    • Dopeweed La
      Dopeweed La 16 days ago +9

      He will be better than leao

    • MTK
      MTK 16 days ago +1

      Banger 🔥

  • Biscione IL
    Biscione IL 16 days ago +31

    Such quality subs from Inter this season. They are clearly stronger than last season. Zhang, Marotta, Zanetti s taking very slow and small steps each year but always on the right track. Best team in Serie A right now 🙂 and I think they can do much better. Forza Internazionale!

      RONALDO 16 days ago +1

      Piero Ausilio leave the chat :(

    • Petri Vesho
      Petri Vesho 16 days ago +1

      You are right. It looks like Marotta mastermind. This seaaon Inter have quality subs too

    • manal
      manal 16 days ago +6

      Dont forget Ausilio, man. Baldhead duo is amazing. Dont know how inter survive without them.

  • no name
    no name 16 days ago +792

    What a week for Frattesi! 2 goals for Italy and 1 goal for Inter in one of the biggest derbies in the world.

    • Greg Skellige
      Greg Skellige 16 days ago +1

      Он же за сассуоло только что выступал , когда успел перейти ?

    • Quophy Siksey
      Quophy Siksey 16 days ago +9

      that's wonderful

    • moh. rozikin
      moh. rozikin 16 days ago +3

      And referee give him yellow card

  • brickforge12
    brickforge12 16 days ago +799

    Inter was phenomenal they absolutely outclassed Milan I think they will be the champions in the end

    • Greg Skellige
      Greg Skellige 16 days ago +4

      Хотелось бы чтобы Ювентус )

    • arman JZ4
      arman JZ4 16 days ago +9

      Ya...in your dream 😄😆😅😂🤣

    • Kelvin Owen Ability
      Kelvin Owen Ability 16 days ago +24

      It doesn't matter who you would like. It is just too early to consider a champion. There are a lot of bridges to cross. I can even bet that the return leg will be a different story entirely.

    • Bogdan Bogdan
      Bogdan Bogdan 16 days ago +11

      ​@Kelvin Owen AbilityA very cold shower though.

    • JDB17
      JDB17 16 days ago

      What a funny statement 😂😂😂

  • solothebest1
    solothebest1 16 days ago +115

    Inter’s counter attacks are currently the best in Europe’s top 5 leagues.

    • manal
      manal 16 days ago +11

      Idk about the best, but definitely one of the best. Its like a process that has been trained endlessly before. Even without looking, they know how to play and where to send the ball. Masterclass.

    • Dimsky
      Dimsky 16 days ago +8

      The difference is in Calha, superb vision to let the ball go into the front with accuracy. With Brozovic we never do this kind of work.
      I love Brozovic but Calha is perfect for Inter.

  • Arta
    Arta 16 days ago +430

    Какой же крутой матч выдал Мхитарян. Везде успевал...и это на закате карьеры!!! Пятый гол это вообще нечто. Сам отобрал, сам прошел и выдал такой элегантный и в тоже время неимоверно красивый пас

    • goderdzi meladze
      goderdzi meladze 16 days ago +48

      Он как Армянский коньяк, чем старее-тем лучше! 😊Браво!

    • Starm Football
      Starm Football 16 days ago +10


    • Георгий (Spartan) Greek Frappe
      Георгий (Spartan) Greek Frappe 16 days ago +23

      Мхитарян очень ну прям очень качественный игрок, как же хорошо что Интер подписал его

    • Alikhan Sharapat
      Alikhan Sharapat 16 days ago +18

      Который год Мхитарян возит Милан) то в Арсенале, то в Интере

  • Cal Irons
    Cal Irons 16 days ago +30

    Absolutely ridiculous scoreline in the derby. Love this 😍🇮🇹

  • TakeALook187
    TakeALook187 16 days ago +75

    Im Milan fan from the bottom of my heart but thurams goal was amazing hands down 🙌🏻

  • rizal tambunan
    rizal tambunan 16 days ago +122

    This is part of our history 💙🖤

    • arsenal are goated
      arsenal are goated 16 days ago +5

      I expected an inter win but not a 5-1.
      I’m glad ac Milan lost tho

    • E S.
      E S. 10 days ago +1

      ​@arsenal are goatedMilan is no longer Milan

  • Костанян Тигран

    Мхитарян определённо топ в свои года!!! 🇦🇲

    • Evgeniy 272
      Evgeniy 272 16 days ago +5

      Он реально крутой бро

    • Claudio Caniggia
      Claudio Caniggia 16 days ago +7

      Mourinho is the one who send Mkhytarian from Roma to Inter. Thanks Mourinho so much 😂😂😂

  • Chukchai
    Chukchai 16 days ago +102

    Inter are looking very strong this season, well played!

  • DidYaServe
    DidYaServe 16 days ago +39

    Could see Inter going far in the Champions League again this season. They're playing some of the best football in Europe and Thuram makes them more dangerous up front.

    • Diego Chaparro
      Diego Chaparro 16 days ago +10

      They deserved to be the champion in UCL last season

    • Soon
      Soon 16 days ago +16

      ​@Diego Chaparro if Thurman played instead of lakaka the game would've ended 2-1

    • Lorenzo Lazzarini
      Lorenzo Lazzarini 16 days ago +6

      We proved in the last year champions final that we were not scared of Manchester City, we had our chance even with 40y old Dzeko and Lakakka, but we miss the chance… this year our first mission is Scudetto, Inzaghi is a genius and in champions league we will always gonna challenge any team but for win it need a lot of luck and many combinations going in the same direction.

  • E B
    E B 16 days ago +129

    Thuram is unbelievable

    K.SÖ KMIKZOMIC 16 days ago +75

    Goal of Thuram is amazing 🖤💙

    • Salvatore Scarcella
      Salvatore Scarcella 16 days ago +3

      Thuram is amazing, goal is just the product of a skilled and hard working player

  • Osas Nuel
    Osas Nuel 16 days ago +75

    I've always spoken highly of Mikhitayan

  • Zhen Quan Ong
    Zhen Quan Ong 16 days ago +8

    Was confident that Inter will win but i never imagine the scoreline would be this. Forza Inter! The depth of our squad this season is amazing. Marotta pulling the strings with all those free transfers

  • Cameron Singh
    Cameron Singh 16 days ago +32

    Amazing performance from Inter Milan 🔥 they battered AC Milan , they are definitely title contenders this season 👏

  • Tormented Knight.
    Tormented Knight. 16 days ago +13

    Mkhita should have taken that penalty. To crown the performance with the hat-trick and ball in the shelf. Great performance 👏

  • sw_yaltaryan95
    sw_yaltaryan95 16 days ago +69


  • Vu Pham
    Vu Pham 16 days ago +76

    Wonderful goal by Thuram ❤

  • adrian
    adrian 16 days ago +44

    What a goal by thuram 🔥🔥🔥

  • llenger los
    llenger los 16 days ago +6

    Nobody is giving some fierce credit to Lautaro ! Wow😮 great captain❤

  • El Indio
    El Indio 16 days ago +35

    When he was at Lazio I tipped Inzaghi to become one of Europe's top coaches. And I'm being proved right.

      RONALDO 16 days ago

      Yeah you alwys right. No doubt! 100%

    • El Indio
      El Indio 16 days ago

      @RONALDO No I'm not always right. I got it wrong with Di Francesco.

  • Hakob Mkoyan
    Hakob Mkoyan 16 days ago +41

    Player of the Match: Mkhitaryan 🇦🇲🎉💪🔥

  • A channel
    A channel 16 days ago +81

    Mkhitaryan 👏👏🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

  • I Bully Woketards
    I Bully Woketards 16 days ago +57

    Mkhitaryan is the AC Milan killer. 2 goals today, a goal in UCL semifinal against them last year to eliminate them. A goal against them with Arsenal in Europa league semi final to eliminate them.

  • Lucerys Owner
    Lucerys Owner 16 days ago +141

    I feel so disappointed as a Milanista... Inter owned us 5 times in 2023.. How is that everytime we play against Inter our spirit is gone? We are far away from winning the Scudetto thia season. Piolo cannot stay

    • Clau007
      Clau007 16 days ago +33

      Not Pioli's fault, he's doing his best and won more important trophies than Inzaghi. As an inter supporter, I'm very happy for the last 4 years of Inter and Milan being on top again.

    • Hendi Pray
      Hendi Pray 16 days ago +35

      Milan crumbling periods starts today..
      That what you’ve got for disrespecting tradition & legends..
      Bought 8 useless players, that will never shines on big matches..
      Skill not only one needed, mentality & passion are the one that more importants..
      You sacked maldini, while he’s the one bring confidence, winning mentality & passion for the clubs..
      This embarassment is well deserved..
      Awaiting many others embarassing moments of milan..

    • Tribun Utara
      Tribun Utara 16 days ago +10

      No. Pioli MUST stay forever!!!

    • blackman Aigbiremolen
      blackman Aigbiremolen 16 days ago +11

      ​@Clau007what are you seeing? How many eyes do you need to see that we have serious tactical issues in the team?

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok 16 days ago +4

      @blackman AigbiremolenPioli is fine he is doing best he can with players he has, he won Scudetto with average team and he is still doing fine with at best bit better than average players

  • Ibnu Furqoni Fi'li
    Ibnu Furqoni Fi'li 16 days ago +7

    Will become the legend for Inter.. Henrich Mkhitariyan...

  • rick james
    rick james 16 days ago +14

    Mikki is MVP tonight....mama mia💥

  • Rizwan's Classroom
    Rizwan's Classroom 16 days ago +10

    Henrikh is very fluid with the system. He knows how to defence and supports attacking. Frattesi, Davi, and Sensi must work hard 🖤💙

  • Hovo Sargsyan
    Hovo Sargsyan 16 days ago +24

    Mkitaryan 🇦🇲💥💥super

  • El Ozarus
    El Ozarus 16 days ago +1

    Mis respetos para el inter, se reforzó excelente y enriqueció a un equipo que fue tomando forma al final de la temporada pasada, ahora si puedo decir que este ínter va a llegar lejos, el milán solo será un espectador más con este plantel y refuerzos de medio pelo para bajo, solo se armaron tal vez para no descender.

  • Wyne
    Wyne 16 days ago +9

    Play with heart & winning as team 😎🤩 forza Inter 🇮🇹 Congrats Lautaro Cs 🎉🎉🎉

  • Nana Jiwayana
    Nana Jiwayana 16 days ago +8

    Thuram's goal was fantastic and mikhitarian performance was brilian. Bravo Nerazurri...

  • Сас Гюлумян
    Сас Гюлумян 16 days ago +55

    Мхитарян, лучший💪😇☝️ знал что он забьёт, аж 2 гола с игры!!!👊👊👊

      BOZKURT ÜNAL 16 days ago

      Lautaro martinez En iyisi bence her pozisyonun içinde nerdeyse müthiş mücadele etmiş

  • Alvin Yew
    Alvin Yew 16 days ago +5

    What a game. What a performance. Keep going.

  • sandrik gevorkyan
    sandrik gevorkyan 16 days ago +166


    • Greg Skellige
      Greg Skellige 16 days ago +2

      Ну про Гоат ты преувеличил ))

    • sandrik gevorkyan
      sandrik gevorkyan 16 days ago +7

      @Greg Skellige Да пускай будет)

    • HiPhoto
      HiPhoto 16 days ago +3

      ​​@Greg Skelligeнифига не преувеличил брат

    • Cardiff 4-1
      Cardiff 4-1  16 days ago +3

      Grande Miky ‘ Orthodox Brothers.

  • andres segura
    andres segura 16 days ago +28

    Today was a great day and a statement … all the pieces are coming together, and we really look strong. FORZA INTER 🖤💙🖤💙

  • arief bz
    arief bz 16 days ago +38

    Thuram is gonna be a monster this season 👀

    HAYKAMOR 16 days ago +42


  • Mar Good
    Mar Good 16 days ago +10

    The five consecutive victories by Inter Milan against AC Milan in all of their 2023 matchups suggest that the rivalry or derby has lost its competitive nature.

    • HR - G
      HR - G 16 days ago +3

      it was never competitive, Inter has always been the father of Bilan

    • PioliLaTalpa
      PioliLaTalpa 16 days ago

      That’s because of Pioli
      Its since he arrived that he uses the same loser tactic against them and sinc 12 derby we concede goal in the first 15th min

  • Andika Pratama
    Andika Pratama 16 days ago +7

    This is what makes me always want to watch this derby. watching Inter play very spartan like they would be champions if they won.

  • Karpitch S
    Karpitch S 16 days ago +146

    Mkhitaryan Armenia 🇦🇲 Represent 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

    • Amil Ağalarzadə
      Amil Ağalarzadə 16 days ago +4


    • Martun 123
      Martun 123 16 days ago +2

      @Amil Ağalarzadə 😂😂😂

    • ᴡᴀɴᴅᴀ
      ᴡᴀɴᴅᴀ 16 days ago +7

      ​@Amil Ağalarzadə mkhitaryan alone solos every Azar player

    • Karpitch S
      Karpitch S 11 days ago

      @Amil Ağalarzadə Your best player is Dadashov BHAHAHAHA 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤫🤫🤫

  • mbreakn
    mbreakn 16 days ago +137

    Мхитарян затащил

  • gurustyleacmilan
    gurustyleacmilan 16 days ago +38

    Unacceptable performance by my team. Inter was ready for the game. But we have a long journey until the end. Forza Milan 🔴⚫

    • Rossoneri(Aditya)
      Rossoneri(Aditya) 16 days ago +8

      Sack pioli 😡

    • Muhammed can Yenilmez
      Muhammed can Yenilmez 16 days ago +2

      Continuate a piangere finti tifosi del Milan

    • Ana Manuela de la Pedrosa de Mata
      Ana Manuela de la Pedrosa de Mata 16 days ago +5

      I am from Spain and my team is Real Madrid. The second one is Milan. I was frustrated seeing this match. Tje goalkeeper must get better and the defense. ¡Vamos, que podemos! Forza Milan!

  • meher baghoomian
    meher baghoomian 16 days ago +5

    Just a classic Mkhitaryan masterclass🥹💙🖤

  • Quophy Siksey
    Quophy Siksey 16 days ago +16

    Thuram! What a Goal 🔥🔥🔥

  • Liam Barella
    Liam Barella 16 days ago +19

    The Milan derby Is really One of the MOST attrattive match in the world

  • Patrast 💯
    Patrast 💯 16 days ago +31

    Super Mkhitaryan 🤌🏼

  • Дима Сафин
    Дима Сафин 16 days ago +10

    Milan is forever in my heart❤️🖤

  • TheLastAnt
    TheLastAnt 16 days ago +3

    It's still a long journey to the end but I wish the team could keep this performance and keep improving to be always in the TOP.
    Keep fighting ragazzi.
    Forza Inter.
    #IMInter 🖤💙

  • Israel Davi Neris Alves

    Inter de Milão amassou nosso rival,nós somos brabos 💙🖤

  • Tiara
    Tiara 16 days ago +17

    Henrik best player in this game 👍

  • Coc Girl
    Coc Girl 16 days ago +5

    The star from this match is henrik. Outstanding performance, movement passing vision creativity from him it is awesome. Congratulation for inter from milan fans 👍👍

  • Lyudvig Xachatryan
    Lyudvig Xachatryan 16 days ago +18


  • Obinna Obiekwe
    Obinna Obiekwe 16 days ago +70

    As an Arsenal fan, after seeing Inter's display against Milan, it showed Inter made enough recruitments not only for the league but the UCL.
    Milan didn't have the quality on or off the pitch to turn this game around in anyway whatsoever.
    And they'll be reminded about it in the ucl.
    Imagine there was still an unused Alexis Sanchez on the bench. He's old but will hurt teams every chance he gets.
    Who on the bench was ever going to hurt Inter? Absolutely no one.
    This is where I worry about My Arsenal - especially for the ucl.

    • master jo
      master jo 16 days ago +11

      theres also pavard... he should play replacing darmian

    • Phoenix1908
      Phoenix1908 16 days ago +9

      As an inter fan I hope you win the league, you can do it if you beat Manchester City at least once, arsenal last season was weaker than this season and still almost won the league

    • HR - G
      HR - G 16 days ago

      Luka Romero but Milan never plays him

    • rghyffrgg syvht
      rghyffrgg syvht 16 days ago +1

      ​@Phoenix1908no they can't bro. Don't give false hope. Arsenal are worse than last year and this year there's going to be even more of a gap at the end

    • Армен Артенян
      Армен Артенян 16 days ago +2

      Санчес тут вообще не уровень,его можно в аренду шейхам. Там он может 2 года зарабатывать, а там уже на пенсию 🤷‍♂️команда индзаки боевая 👌

  • Daniele
    Daniele 16 days ago +1

    Che potenza questa squadra 🖤💙

  • Andreas Greek
    Andreas Greek 16 days ago +3

    In one of the worlds biggest derbies, we see fans of both teams celebrating at the same stand!! The Italians who have countless hooligans are doing something very right here..In my country Greece, this is impossible. We watch all derbies with only the home fans attending. Which basically destroys half the fun..

    • jimmynaruto100
      jimmynaruto100 15 days ago

      Tbf that's just a little section for families and casuals viewers

  • Beyond Tourism Beyond Tourism

    Milan becomes Everton and Inter becomes Liverpool when facing each other in a derby

    • ABG_68
      ABG_68 16 days ago +1

      And they wear read, Milan should be the ones playing like Liverpool.

    • Truly Pera
      Truly Pera 16 days ago

      ​@ABG_68but they dont

    • PioliLaTalpa
      PioliLaTalpa 16 days ago

      Because we have a terrorist in our bench
      that declared himself an Inter fan , no wonder we lose at the same way since 3 years

    • rolando vivar
      rolando vivar 16 days ago

      Liverpool??? How about Manchester City instead. Liverpool - poor choice.

  • Wai Fung
    Wai Fung 16 days ago +1

    I am happy that Thuram is getting better, he is fitting in. all our signings are doing well, keep it up and we will be champions.

  • Jeffrey antonio
    Jeffrey antonio 16 days ago +29

    Micki is magician 🎩🎩🎩

  • Александр
    Александр 16 days ago +116

    Генрих вдохновенно сыграл

    • Kyiv Ukraine
      Kyiv Ukraine 16 days ago

      Ще один рашист-московит в коментарях

    • PriestRipper
      PriestRipper 16 days ago +1

      @Kyiv Ukraine расслабься, свет есть, и то хорошо 🌚

  • RafZS1906
    RafZS1906 16 days ago +15

    5-1 i wszystko jasne 💪💪🖤💙

  • Misael Flores
    Misael Flores 16 days ago +1

    Hermoso ser del Internazionale Milano! Grandioso juego! Y sabe al triple de esta forma ganarle al AC Milan.
    Sigan así Muchachos e Inzaghi.
    No bajen los brazos por nada en cada partido, sigan con esa misma intensidad en todo encuentro dentro de la Serie A, en Champions y en Coppa Italia dentro de unos meses más...
    Sigan así y llegaremos a los objetivos posibles de levantar campeonatos.

  • Adi Darma Kesuma
    Adi Darma Kesuma 16 days ago +21

    The proud of Inter fans from Indonesia, FORZA INTER !! ⚫🔵🔥🔥

  • Leopoldo Ferrari
    Leopoldo Ferrari 13 days ago

    Che azione meravigliosa quella del 3 -1! Grande partita!❤

  • Edgar
    Edgar  16 days ago +33


    RED DEVILS 16 days ago +11

    Forza Inter🎉🥳🥳🥳...sorry for Leao y Theo,great players....thanks a lot Mkhitarian💪🙏👏👏👏

  • Дмитрий Иванов

    Мхитарян лучший игрок матча?
    По мне, так лучший.

  • Leopoldo Ferrari
    Leopoldo Ferrari 16 days ago

    Che partita! Mi ha ricordato la Grande Inter! Stupenda prestazione! Sopratutto vincere il derby è motivo di orgoglio cittadino.Forza Inter! Sempre nel mio❤❤❤

  • ian Tzaury
    ian Tzaury 16 days ago +7

    Pemain pengganti Inter lebih superior dibandingkan pemain Inti Milan, pemain lapis ke 2 yang kualitas nya hampir sama di semua lini di Tim Inter, semoga bisa menjadi bekal untuk 3 kompetisi musim ini agar lebih siap solid dan matang..
    Terpenting adalah kemenangan derby 5-1 ini, mengukir sejarah kemenangan dalam derby kota Milan..
    milano is 💙🖤

    • Patil Telu
      Patil Telu 16 days ago +3

      Kayaknya musim ini saingan terberat inter di Serie-A itu Juventus 👍👍👍

    • Cesar Rajagukguk
      Cesar Rajagukguk 16 days ago

      Syng Pavard ga diturunin, pdhl ngarep dia masuk, apalagi abis kebobolan dr Leao gara2 Darmian lengah.. Inzaghi ternyata milih istirahatin Bastoni abis capek bela timnas..

  • AORock
    AORock 16 days ago

    What a goal by Thuram!

  • irakli partsvania
    irakli partsvania 16 days ago +27

    Mkhitaryan ❤️❤️❤️ 🇦🇲 🇬🇪

  • SoloXerxes KingThabo
    SoloXerxes KingThabo 16 days ago +6

    What a stunner from incredible Marcus Lilian Thuram-Ulien 🥅⚽🧘👂👂 France 🇫🇷 is blessed with a quantity ( qaulity )of superb players.

  • About Belly
    About Belly 16 days ago +3

    Amazing match🎉❤

  • Akan Etienam
    Akan Etienam 16 days ago

    Never doubted Thuram one bit! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • N¥®G@Lee
    N¥®G@Lee 16 days ago +36

    @mkhitaryan @genrikh absolutely amazing ❤❤❤2 goals+ 1 assist 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • Chuck Saenborisut
    Chuck Saenborisut 16 days ago +48

    what a performance by Inter!

    • Aqeel mahmood
      Aqeel mahmood 16 days ago

      Inter were home.

    • Datka
      Datka 16 days ago +5

      @Aqeel mahmood you're saying like they dont share same stadium.🤦‍♂️

    • Il Matanela
      Il Matanela 16 days ago

      ​@Aqeel mahmood😂😂😂😂😂

  • Football Moments
    Football Moments 16 days ago +4

    Inter Milan are miles clear their chemistry is out of this world🌎

  • Avet
    Avet 16 days ago +22

    Mkhitaryan the best 🇦🇲❤️

  • MC Erathos Libertario estilo

    Que maravilla de Marcus Thuram!!!

  • Andreas Greek
    Andreas Greek 16 days ago +2

    Second Inter goal is a masterpiece!!! WOW!!!

  • Real Relax
    Real Relax 16 days ago +3

    Mkhitaryan the best ❤ 🇦🇲 🇮🇹

  • Pty 82
    Pty 82 16 days ago +25

    5 times in a row💪🤣. 👑 of Milano🔵⚫️

  • Sergo Baghramyan
    Sergo Baghramyan 16 days ago +4

    Mkhitaryan ❤

  • Davit Muradyan
    Davit Muradyan 16 days ago +86

    ես էդպես էլ գիտեյ որ էսօր գոլա խփելու Մխիթարյանը 🇦🇲💪💪💪💪❤❤

    • Kariné Poghosyan
      Kariné Poghosyan 16 days ago +3


    • Vzgo Butulyan
      Vzgo Butulyan 16 days ago

      lav kaner turqia het xaxum xper.. inch el balet eq anum sran bayc ...

    • Andreas Shev
      Andreas Shev 16 days ago

      тут написано что Мхитарян лучший?)

    • Klein Mwalili
      Klein Mwalili 16 days ago

      Why does your language have so many letter t and h

  • Erick Paez
    Erick Paez 14 days ago

    Well played Inter, from a Milan fan 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Ananth Ajay
    Ananth Ajay 16 days ago +4

    Mkhitaryan had a great performance gg

  • Wavy Trader
    Wavy Trader  16 days ago +4

    Thuram take a bow. What. A. Goal

  • Sang Phạm
    Sang Phạm 16 days ago

    I love Inter rất nhiều ❤

  • selimmm🇹🇷
    selimmm🇹🇷 16 days ago +40

    Mkithryan 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    • P Lebonhomme
      P Lebonhomme 16 days ago +13

      Hakan + Miki = 🇦🇲🤝🇹🇷