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The Biggest Psychopath in Sports

  • Published on Aug 28, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Max Scherzer, The Biggest Psycho in Baseball
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  • KCW Wrestling
    KCW Wrestling Year ago +4997

    His catcher stopping the game to give him an unfair fantasy football trade is just downright hilarious

    • Jake.
      Jake. Year ago +107

      Ik i told my grandpa and he laughed for a bit lol

    • Scott Phillips
      Scott Phillips Year ago +133

      Modern problems require modern solutions

    • Pickle_Soup
      Pickle_Soup Year ago +34

      Those piss me off too.

    • MrJoemcf09
      MrJoemcf09 Year ago +5

      Lmfao! That’s amazing! 😂

  • Jackie Parmz
    Jackie Parmz Year ago +1011

    It’s a complete shame that MLB is so absurdly incompetent at marketing their players, cause Max is truly one of the great enigmas in the history of American sports and yet so few really know about it.

    • Sven Jorgensenn
      Sven Jorgensenn Year ago +20

      He is un marketable.

    • M Durham
      M Durham Year ago +20

      He throws tantrums and comes across as a huge jerk - not much is marketable about that in my opinion. He’s clearly a talented pitcher but I don’t know if that’s enough to outweigh how very unlikeable he is.

    • LNFN
      LNFN Year ago +106

      @M Durham are you kidding me? One of the most enjoyable aspects in all of baseball history has been its ability to go from a calm dignified sport to a complete shitshow. The fact that the MLB isn’t utilizing someone like Scherzer who’s so performatively both calm and insane shows poor knowledge of their fan base and it’s desires

    • Benjai
      Benjai 11 months ago +6

      Seriously. The casual viewer thought Strasburg was the hottest shit.

  • Ben Wagner
    Ben Wagner 11 months ago +833

    The fact that he was so emotionally destroyed after his brother committed suicide is proof he's not a true psychopath. The man just has insane drive and work ethic.

    • Robert Murphy
      Robert Murphy 7 months ago +68

      Many psychopaths still feel deep love for their parents, siblings, spouse, kids etc… I’d argue the fact he was back playing the next day actually supports the idea that he’s a psychopath.

    • S
      S 7 months ago +9

      @Robert Murphy exactly lol

    • Just Your Every Day Skater
      Just Your Every Day Skater 6 months ago +14

      @Robert Murphy isnt that sociopaths

    • Robert Murphy
      Robert Murphy 6 months ago +3

      @Just Your Every Day Skater yeah I guess so, the terms are somewhat interchangeable but sociopath is probably more accurate

  • PsyintZ
    PsyintZ 9 months ago +38

    Max is an absolute savage. And for anybody still entertaining the "psychopath" question, just take a few minutes searching up how much charity work this guy does for his community outside the sport. That should answer any lingering questions. Considering psychopaths lack the ability to feel empathy, they aren't very keen on donating a bunch of their time and/or money toward helping those who are less fortunate. Although, I suppose one could possibly do this if they felt it benefitted them in some way... but I highly doubt it.

    • 54raceman
      54raceman Month ago

      He’s kinda the human version of a rodeo bull when they’re working they’re completely nutz but alot of them the rest the time are pretty much a 1700lb golden retriever

  • They Call Me Jitsu
    They Call Me Jitsu Year ago +1015

    I did some googling on Scherzer the other day, he apparently does tons of charity work. He hosts and participates in multiple charitavle events every year, so even though he's a psycho on the mound it sounds like he's got a heart of gold

    • Michael McComb
      Michael McComb Year ago +69

      Psychopaths always participate in this kind of thing. Plenty of serial killers were volunteers and such. Obviously not every psychopath is a serial killer.

    • They Call Me Jitsu
      They Call Me Jitsu Year ago +9

      @Michael McComb SPOOPY 😱

    • Dywon Hamilton
      Dywon Hamilton Year ago +55

      @Michael McComb psychopaths don’t experience genuine emotions tho this doesn’t display a psychopath it j shows someone that needs a lot of anger management

    • Mech0p
      Mech0p Year ago +39

      Alot of rich people do this for tax reasons instead of out of the goodness of their hearts.

  • Phil B.
    Phil B. 2 months ago +6

    Max is just a bulldog competitor!! He's a throwback. He's passionate, and he cares! He's like a football player playing baseball!

  • No Return From 86
    No Return From 86 2 years ago +3106

    the idea of Max Scherzer screaming "JUICE" as loud as he can while pitching is actually the funniest thing ever

    • Y
      Y 2 years ago +72

      Wonder what kind of juice he likes, possibly nails and glass shards.

    • Miles Robertson
      Miles Robertson 2 years ago +20

      That’s funny because when I used to golf with NIKE JUICE balls, I would yell “juice” before I slammed my drive. So this makes total sense to me.

    • Dominick Pissegga
      Dominick Pissegga 2 years ago +93

      the fact that it really made him throw 5 mph faster is the funniest part holy shit its like hes casting a spell on the ball

    • Kit Arnold
      Kit Arnold 2 years ago +3


    • Darren
      Darren 2 years ago +11

      certified juicer

  • Jay S
    Jay S Year ago +476

    It's characters like this guy who get people invested in this sport. What an absolute unit of a human. Imagine if the dude had gotten into boxing.

    • Mr. Friendship
      Mr. Friendship 10 months ago +11

      If he had gotten into boxing, he would likely get kicked out after one match.

    • Darrell Moore
      Darrell Moore 7 months ago +2

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    • Jay S
      Jay S 7 months ago +8

      @Darrell Moore Pass the joint, my dude.

  • CyDaGuy
    CyDaGuy Year ago +128

    This man is a literal anime protagonist, different colored eyes, the determination for practicing and serious about it every time he ever does it, continued his job after almost dying, and even has self monologues when he's up to pitch.

    • Benjai
      Benjai 11 months ago +1

      @darkozl you mean Diamond no Ace?
      Damn that's got a lot of eps

  • softshoes
    softshoes Year ago +126

    I watched him come up thru the Tigers org. I always told my buddies losing him was a bigger mistake than letting Verlander go. Not just the age difference, Max was crazy then and pitched like it too.

    • Eric S
      Eric S Year ago +8

      It was the true downfall of the Tigers. They haven't been the same since

    • Scooby Doo
      Scooby Doo 8 months ago +2

      @Eric S we will have our day. Someday. Not anytime soon. But someday

    • Eric S
      Eric S 8 months ago

      @Scooby Doo LMAO - I hope you are right my man

    • Brent J. Peterson
      Brent J. Peterson 5 months ago +4

      It's a damn shame Detroit didn't get a ring for Miggy. One of the best players ever. Same with Barry Sanders.

    • Rich at Large
      Rich at Large 3 months ago

      @Brent J. Peterson He didn't help the cause in Game 4 vs the SF Giants in 2012.

  • Michigan Mister
    Michigan Mister 5 months ago +10

    Plus, he has one brown eye and 1 blue eye. I was a groundskeeper when he first came to the tigers, and was the No.2 picture behind Verlander. It was almost impossible to look him in the eye(s) while talking to him. In real life, he's just a great guy.

  • Travis Thornton
    Travis Thornton 2 years ago +2598

    Nats fan here with a little story about Max: In December 2019, two months after he won the World Series, I ran into Max and his wife at the mall in Tyson’s Corner. I approached him and said “hey max” and he acknowledged me but started to turn around. I get it. He’s with his wife and doesn’t want to be bothered. But I was with my family, too, and told him: “you’ve got two massive fans over there who would love to congratulate you.” My two sons - who still wear his jersey - were standing a couple feet away. He walked up to them, asked their names, and shook their hands. He is still my oldest son’s favorite player.
    I’ll always appreciate that moment.

    • darkghastful
      darkghastful 2 years ago +315

      He and his wife seem like genuinely awesome people. Advocating for the LGBTQ community, rescuing shelter animals and she is an ambassador for a nonprofit to stop human trafficking. Definitely good people to look up to for sure.

    • Planet RayRay
      Planet RayRay 2 years ago +17

      That’s awesome!!!!

    • DFusions
      DFusions 2 years ago +64

      Some athletes would just ignore fans out in public when they're with family cause they want to spend time with their loved one.
      Especially if they're a big name celebrity who has cameras on them every where they go

    • above average joe
      above average joe 2 years ago +61

      @darkghastful wow so he's only a crazy person when he's competing against people, that's good to hear

    • Dylan Hampton
      Dylan Hampton 2 years ago +51

      awesome story. These guys don't owe us their time off the field, and I totally understand wanting to be left alone and treated like anyone else while they're out in public, but it's really cool when these guys take the time to interact with the younger fans. That is something they will remember for the rest of their life, and will keep the true spirit of baseball alive, to hopefully be passed on to their kids one day.

  • Simone Sho-Fan!
    Simone Sho-Fan! Year ago +70

    Just a driven and committed individual. No one can accuse him of hot dogging it. Love Max!

  • Mike Matteson
    Mike Matteson Year ago +15

    I'll never forget watching him start an All-Star game. The camera is moving around to all of the different players, all smiling, laughing, having a good time, and then it got to Scherzer as he stepped on the rubber to throw the first pitch, looking furious, and from reading his lips, said something something "fucking ball."

  • MIB Agent C
    MIB Agent C 6 months ago +24

    Scherzer is the living embodiment of an Australian Shepherd, even down to the eyes.

  • D.J Drew
    D.J Drew 7 months ago +30

    Hearing these crazy stories about Scherzer and Grenke makes me extremely regret not paying more attention to baseball when I was growing up in the 2010’s

    • Kyle D
      Kyle D 5 months ago

      YESS......FUCKING MY EXACT THOUGHTS.....I watch some of this shit their talking about from those two and im like.....hell yeah man i would have considered/done that too! hahahahaha

  • Dj Alien
    Dj Alien 2 months ago +4

    Moral of the story: If you're a pitching coach/manager and Scherzer tells you to let him pitch, you let him pitch lmao

  • josh guhl
    josh guhl 2 years ago +433

    Scherzers the kind of guy that we should all be thankful he is great at baseball. If he wasn’t an incredible pitcher, we would all be watching a documentary about his dozens of victims in 45 years

  • james watt
    james watt Year ago +74

    Love Max. I was roommates with one of his cousins and I don't know what exactly it is but there's some kind of gene on the Scherzer side of the family that is just balls insane. But yet also pretty captivating at the same time. He's a kitten tho in real life outside of competition. 🤫

  • Billy Dee
    Billy Dee 11 months ago +7

    Bob Gibson was similar in demeanor, extremely focused on the mound, refused to come out of games. Tough guy, who most people were afraid of. Did what he had to do to win, first ballot Hall of Famer……Nolan Ryan was similar, all business, nasty inside pitches…..you don’t screw with these kind of guys. Max may be a bit extreme but it’s made him the best pitcher in baseball for the last 10 years

  • Mikerophone
    Mikerophone Year ago +141

    I don’t even like baseball… but your content is not only getting me into it, but makes me want to step my content up as well. Keep doing great things!

    • David
      David Year ago +4

      It's a very simple and very complicated game.
      There's no clock and the defence has the ball.
      If you watch a season on tv you'll start to figure it out.
      And the more you know about it the more you'll enjoy it.

    • TheGtagtr
      TheGtagtr Year ago +1

      Hi I'm more of a hockey, football guy. Even with me being closely related to a former Major Leaguer. (Although his time in the Majors was short lived but still). I kinda view Bryce Harper as a crazy mad-temperered Psycho more than Max

    • CravenHarp5
      CravenHarp5 11 months ago +1

      Hi Mikerophone love your vids but yeah love his videos as well

    • Babs
      Babs 6 months ago +1


    • salem's revenge
      salem's revenge 6 months ago +1

      I don't like baseball either BUT this video was insanely informative and interesting!

  • Timothy Cockrum
    Timothy Cockrum 5 months ago +6

    Even with setbacks and tragedy he demonstrated what someone can accomplish if he has the will and determination.

  • drdan75
    drdan75 Year ago +12

    Scherzer isn't a psychopath. He's just a very competitive, talented, intense guy. I worry about him though. After he retires, all of those injuries he's sustained over the years and "played through" could eventually impact his mobility and quality of life.

    • idonthavemonkey
      idonthavemonkey 5 months ago +3

      I worry about him finding a purpose in his life when he retires. He lives and breathes baseball. I hope he finds something to replace it.

  • Jcjcjc
    Jcjcjc 6 months ago +9

    In this era of perfectly manicured athletes who have social media teams and care more about being seen than winning players like Max are such a breath of fresh air. He’s a throwback to when winning was more important than ANYTHING ELSE! I wish more baseball and basketball players would act like him instead of these boring media darlings who have no substance.

  • Rory Shields
    Rory Shields 2 years ago +492

    As a nats fan I’ve watched Max for years. He’s literally the nicest, silliest dude in the world off the mound. The argument he had with Strasburg is the only time I’ve seen him in conflict with anybody. He’s definitely crazy but he’s no psychopath.

    • Troma 333
      Troma 333 2 years ago +10

      He's one of my all time favorite players if not favorite. As a Nats fan Im upset he's a Dodger, but hell of a career as a Nat.

    • Sander Appel
      Sander Appel 2 years ago +35

      That's why he is so well respected, everyone understands his outburst are purely a result of his competitiveness, that it's nothing personal and any feud is over as soon as the ballgame, or training session, is over

    • Bodmanford
      Bodmanford 2 years ago

      Nothing was better than days max started

    • Gurvinder Parmar
      Gurvinder Parmar 2 years ago

      Did anyone ever find out what the fight was over?

    • Christian Maxey
      Christian Maxey 2 years ago +5

      @Troma 333 then there is me a tigers fan being depressed that we lost all of our pitchers

  • JustSomeGuy
    JustSomeGuy 6 months ago +2

    I totally get being mad about not pitching in an old high school game. Because that happened to me basically, the coach didn't pitch me when it was my start in a major playoff game. Coach later said he made a mistake but I'm still pissed well over a decade later. The guy that put he'd game up 6 in under 3 innings and I had to clean up the game. They didn't score another run and I struck their top guy out twice who was a big prospect and went to a really top shelf college program. I also accounted for 4 of our runs. But couldn't make up the deficit. Like I said still pissed about it.

  • Le Moro
    Le Moro 4 months ago +12

    11:04 that moment about him getting mad at his teammate then later aplogizing saying he was "in the zone" tells me max is a pretty nice guy, and not a pschopath. When it comes to these extremely competitive athletic superstars its like they become a different person during game time. Truly fascinating to watch.

    • Eric Kiyoshi Phillips
      Eric Kiyoshi Phillips 4 months ago +2

      Lmao those are psychopaths lol the ones who yell at you then act like nothing happened like bro the hell out of my face

    • Tyler Bellows
      Tyler Bellows 2 months ago +1

      Except guys like that win consistently and guys that thinks hes crazy do not

    • Neptune XII
      Neptune XII Month ago +1

      @Eric Kiyoshi Phillipshe apologized? how is that acting like nothing happened.

    • 54raceman
      54raceman Month ago +1

      He’s kinda the human version of a rodeo bull when they’re working they’re completely nutz but alot of them the rest the time are pretty much a 1700lb golden retriever

    • Le Moro
      Le Moro Month ago

      @Eric Kiyoshi Phillips someones incapable of accepting an apology

  • TheMoosePad
    TheMoosePad 3 months ago +1

    The leauge needs more players like Scherzer, baseball would be watchable if they had at least one player like him in every team.

  • Jordan Hofer
    Jordan Hofer 5 days ago

    Something tells me max is a really amazing husband and father, I’m not saying that as a joke, the way he is shows a lot about how he’s going to raise his kids to not only be the best, but never give up

  • Garrett Webster
    Garrett Webster Year ago +14

    We need guys like max scherzer in our lives

  • Erasmus J. Rothschild
    Erasmus J. Rothschild Year ago +1127

    As someone who has seen Max in game many times, you can literally hear him snarl and growl on the mound within like 15 rows of the field. He’s my favorite player ever to watch.

  • Robert Kerr
    Robert Kerr Year ago +62

    I caught several bullpen sessions for Max when he was still at Mizzou. He was a savage then too. I will always root for Max. Keep killing it!!!!

    • hogie roll
      hogie roll Year ago

      Nice, Nathan culp was a good high school friend. I should reconnect and press him for some stories 😂

  • Dante DiPasquale
    Dante DiPasquale Month ago +1

    Idc what anyone says he was the most dominant pitcher of the 2010s. You can agree anyone else but some one pitching great is really hard and then pitching with a black eye and broken nose and he’s still pitching great. Truly amazing

  • Chris Zablocki
    Chris Zablocki 9 months ago +2

    That's cool that his team mates respect his space and quirks. I think I understand his aversion to praise. Accepting praise diminishes what he expects from himself, or he's just not satisfied by his own performance and expects more out himself. Whatever he's psyching himself into clearly works. 🤷‍♂️

  • MikeHawk
    MikeHawk Year ago +26

    anyone who has a love and passion for a sport and plays at competitive level understands this man.. you pour your heart and soul into the sport.. its the sport or nothing.

  • John Costello
    John Costello Year ago +2

    As a Phillies fan, was hoping we were joking to get him but just glad he wasn't going to be facing us 10 games a year anymore. Girardi getting under his skin was one of the funniest things I've seen. But yeah dude is an animal on the mound.

  • Jacob Patterson
    Jacob Patterson 2 years ago +628

    As a Nationals fan. This guy is a hall of famer and one of my favorite pitchers of all time. Thanks, Max.

    • Y4123
      Y4123 2 years ago +20

      As a Tigers fan I am so glad to have witnessed his rise to dominance

    • Spppon
      Spppon 2 years ago +9

      As a Mets fan he isn’t my favorite pitcher but he is definitely a hof

    • VeryGoodEggs
      VeryGoodEggs 2 years ago +2

      @Spppon I feel the same as a Yankees fan

    • Brendan Burke
      Brendan Burke 2 years ago +5

      @VeryGoodEggs yeah if he has not played on your team you probably don’t love him cause he is filthy against literally everyone especially the mets

    • Goa!t
      Goa!t 2 years ago +10

      @Y4123 how can you not cry when saying "as a tigers fan"

  • Anthony Caruso
    Anthony Caruso Year ago +4

    It still bothers me that the Tigers were swept in the 2012 World Series while holding 2 Ace pictures in their prime (Verlander & Scherzer) along with Miguel Cabrera winning the first Triple Crown in 43 years in that same season. Losing is one thing but getting swept with the roster the Tigers had? I don't know some of us Detroit fans will ever get over that.

  • Mander 0127
    Mander 0127 Year ago +5

    max is actually a really great guy, my grandma grew up with his mom and i have met him and his family multiple times; great guy

  • Not here to make friends With u

    Max is a fantastic example of what's possible if u tune everyone out

  • Jake Jonas
    Jake Jonas Year ago +4

    Really gotten into your channel lately. You make great videos. I don’t watch baseball but it looks way more exciting than when I was a kid. Maybe I should start. Keep making great content man, the last couple days is the most I’ve watched anything about baseball in a couple years.

    • Otter Donnelly
      Otter Donnelly Year ago

      Baseball always had characters and moments like these.

  • Ziya Erol Kılıç
    Ziya Erol Kılıç 6 months ago +2

    Like Bill Burr said about Lance Armstrong and his cycling obsessio, we should consider ourselves lucky this guy is really into baseball.

  • Aviator43
    Aviator43 2 years ago +589

    As a Nationals fan, I always found myself to be extremely lucky to get to see him pitch every 5 days. I even got to see his 20k game in person. So many epic memories that I'll never forget. I also loved when Scherzer's wife went into labor, and rather than go be with his wife he pitched that day and threw a complete game, and then went to the hospital right after.

    • FBI Stat Major
      FBI Stat Major 2 years ago +3

      I went to that game too, he's my favorite to watch

    • Harry Hunt
      Harry Hunt Year ago +35

      So instead of being with his wife he chose to pitch first. Yeah sounds like a real classy guy and not a psychopath. NOT!!!

    • Henry Marks
      Henry Marks Year ago +11

      @Harry Hunt The average MLB game takes over 3 hours, he got it done in 2:37 and left right after, still in uniform I believe.

    • Xxhsube Banana
      Xxhsube Banana Year ago +2

      I was there too also for his near perfect game I was sitting right behind are teams dugout best experience

    • Dexter Westin
      Dexter Westin Year ago +8

      @Harry Hunt The husband being in the birthing room with his wife is only a recent phenomenon in the last 40 years or so. All through human history men weren't there.

  • Chase
    Chase Year ago +3

    As a Nationals fan I'll always be grateful for the championship he helped bring. I really hope they get their heads out of their ass and stop getting rid of any player with talent lol

  • Vadork
    Vadork 3 months ago

    Man after watching this, I feel lucky to be alive! When he was still in Arizona, I had dugout seats. About a half hour before the game started, he was walking up and I asked him if he'd sign my ball. He said yes and I tossed it to him. The ball almost hit the ground when I threw it too low, and he almost killed himself catching it on the steps. I could tell he was annoyed with my throw, but no idea he was probably contemplating hopping over the rail and killing me! lol

  • True Story
    True Story 5 months ago +3

    This man is one of my heroes in Baseball and anytime I see him pitch a game I give this man a standing ovation even when he’s on the other team ,those 2019 Nationals heroics will never be forgotten by any DC sports fan Max ,Rendon ,Soto, Kendrick, and 37... got mad love for them always

  • Patrick Charles
    Patrick Charles Year ago +6

    I'm European and I've never watched a real baseball game in my life, but I do enjoy these videos: proof again that enthusiasm and knowledge can make anything interesting
    thanks for the content!

  • goldSocks
    goldSocks 5 months ago +1

    Honestly it's kinda inspiring. Taking all of his pain and using it to fuel his passion

  • NoUploadJustComment
    NoUploadJustComment 2 years ago +872

    I'd love to see Scherzer and Zack Greinke inducted to the Hall of Fame at the same time. Those back to back speeches would be insane.

    • Der Kaiser Zen
      Der Kaiser Zen 2 years ago +135

      probably Psychology professors might put it on lectures for case study lol

    • Ryan Fitzgerald
      Ryan Fitzgerald 2 years ago +46

      Scherzer will be a no doubt 1st ballot. Greinke might take a couple years before he gets in. So we'd need Scherzer's career to go at least 1-2 years longer than Greinke to get that to work I think. Would be great to see!

    • baseballplayer555
      baseballplayer555 2 years ago +4


    • Garryd Hintz
      Garryd Hintz 2 years ago +21

      Imagine both of them Staying in Arizona. You'd have 2 aces and not be in a perpetual seller dweller position. Sucks being a dbacks fan sometimes.

    • Kyle Craig
      Kyle Craig 2 years ago +3

      @Garryd Hintz The next Johnson and Schilling??🤔

  • SkyRaid FPV
    SkyRaid FPV Year ago +3

    He sounds like an outright badass to me. That's why he was my first pick in fantasy baseball. Sports is all about competitiveness. There are no participation trophies in professional sports.

  • Bt 26x
    Bt 26x 4 months ago

    I haven’t watched baseball since the strike literally 20yrs ago. I had absolutely NO interest in it anymore.
    With that being said, your channel popped up in my recommendations. I watched the video on Barry Bonds. That interested me be he was playing back when I was watching BB. I’ve been so hooked on your videos & my interest for BB has reignited! The game has changed & a lot happened while I was away from it so your videos have helped fill in the gaps! I am really enjoying them so keep them coming & please do more 90’s videos! 😅

  • xxxYYZxxx
    xxxYYZxxx Year ago +3

    I guarantee you when Scherzer isn't competing in games, he's the greatest guy in the world. He's that one guy who'd have your back in a scrape, while all the smiling friendly assholes slunk away. Edit: Scherzer acts nothing like a psychopath who will do anything to win. Conversely - newscasters, famous actors, and politicians act like psychopaths for reals.

  • Z BEAR
    Z BEAR Year ago +17

    @6:23 i can fully understand what he did and was going through. In 1997 my father took his life on my birthday, the day of his funeral i was dragged off the baseball field to go say my goodbye to him with my family. I didn't want to leave, i didn't want to leave my team without their first baseman. And Honestly you get pissed when a family member takes their own life and leaves you hanging, so i fully understand what he was going through in all ways !!!

    • Z BEAR
      Z BEAR Year ago +1

      M W yeah its was on my birthday but Honestly we didn't find out until valentine's day when police and fire were called in to check his trailer he was living in... so his note was dated on my birthday and the corner dated him on the same day for death. So January 31st has been a bi-polar birthday day for me and also on February 14th..

    • Mr. Makedonija
      Mr. Makedonija 7 months ago

      ​@Z BEAR I'm sorry brother . It's not your fault

    • Z BEAR
      Z BEAR 7 months ago

      @Mr. Makedonija thank you. I know it's not now but I wish I did the rest of my life.

  • Crispy line Slim
    Crispy line Slim 11 months ago +1

    I used to love baseball as a kid but not so much as an adult. Stumble on this channel and can’t get enough baseball again. Thank you✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  • Sollamander
    Sollamander 2 years ago +2890

    Scherzer's crazy eyes are so scary bc he looks like he's actively restraining himself from physically attacking you.

    • Belongda
      Belongda 2 years ago +123

      He has an Angel in one eye. And a Devil in the other.

    • I AM BUMBO
      I AM BUMBO 2 years ago +70

      @Belongda the angel in question was beaten up by the devil

      RYNO LASCAVIO 2 years ago +19

      Hes the GG Allin of baseball

    • ezra Vizcarra
      ezra Vizcarra 2 years ago +8

      @I AM BUMBO no the devil just bunted 😂

    • mitch cieslak
      mitch cieslak 2 years ago +15

      Absolutely loved having him in detroit. What a player

  • Sean Gilbert
    Sean Gilbert Year ago

    Max walks and aggressively shakes hands with three men one of which one was the general manager after the simulated game. His demeanor and the look on face was “I could kick the crap out of all three of you at the same time”. That kind of tenancy and fearlessness is as close to combat as an athlete can be without going over the edge. In reality, the opposite of a psychopath but I still love the title of video as well as the video itself.
    Being a Detroit Tigers fan watching Max really move ahead of Verlander after Justin’s injury was something that was hard to believe at the time. Justin recovered after a few years but Max continued to be better than Verlander. Obviously, both had left Detroit by then. I think Max’s first two seasons as a Tiger as a notch under Verlander contributed a bit to his obsession to be the best he could be. Being the Ace pitcher is a state of mind that nearly all other pitchers never have in Bigs because the competition is so great. Max in his mind is the Ace pitcher for his team and that carries with it the responsibility of trying to complete every game you start. He would be my Ace if I managed his team based on his abilities and that mindset that I need to finish what I started. Jack Morris had that in Detroit years ago. Every fifth start a manager knows the bullpen usually gets a rest day.
    This is the third time I have watched this video. I am sure it won’t be the last either.

  • Manny Correa
    Manny Correa Month ago

    He used his anger obviously as fuel. He knew it. Love this guy

  • MortynRick23
    MortynRick23 2 days ago

    I love you’re videos. They are the best baseball documentaries I’ve seen so far and I’m sticking with them. I am a San Francisco Giants fan peace and love.

  • Craig Wheeler
    Craig Wheeler Year ago +2

    Here is one undisputed fact: with all the babying and coddling of pitchers today, it's highly likely that Max Scherzer will be the LAST pitcher to strike out 20 in a game. He threw over 120 pitches to do this. Think about how few pitchers are allowed to do that today.

  • Taylor Craft
    Taylor Craft 7 months ago

    I loved how he never mentioned the DH rule until he was traded to the National League. It’s ok if other pitchers hit, but not him 😂

  • K.J. Love
    K.J. Love 2 years ago +9201

    I've always hated baseball, my entire life refused to have anything to do with it. One day one of your vids popped onto my reccomended and I watched it then all the rest. Since then I have been to 6 mlb games. Thank you so much for what you do man

    • Elijah
      Elijah 2 years ago +142

      Michael C same, this happened to me with hockey and baseball. I used to just watch soccer and NFL before

    • Dank Kelly Green Burrito 🦅
      Dank Kelly Green Burrito 🦅 2 years ago +55

      That's what it's all about.

    • Elijah
      Elijah 2 years ago +65

      Vincent Daly I didn't hate baseball or hockey I just didn't watch it often, but since I'm Mediterranean I've always liked soccer, and football was always big in my family too. I think something that stopped me from getting into baseball originally was that people kept saying that it's the most boring sport so I never watched, but when you actually watch a full game it's entertaining (at least for me)

    • Owen Brey
      Owen Brey 2 years ago +53

      Baseball is awesome.

    • Moonlight Graham Cracker
      Moonlight Graham Cracker 2 years ago +15

      Same thing happened to me with anyone with balls.

  • John Adcock
    John Adcock Year ago

    As a former pitcher I love everything about this guy... you know how many pitchers wish they could get away with telling their coach "NO" and seeing the coach walk back to the dugout without even saying a word... lol... Awsome!
    Oh and alot of pitchers bitch themselves out on the mound for a bad throw. Being a pitch literally means being perfect and anything less means failure, period! Being on the edge of perfect or failure is a very intense thing, idk how other pitchers aren't like him emotionally.. That was always my mentality. Love it!

  • Chad Prey
    Chad Prey 4 months ago

    Long live mad Max. We should embrace athletes with this much effervescence.

  • Deny Hiciano
    Deny Hiciano 5 months ago

    He was recently suspended 10 games for using illicit substances on his glove. But his commitment and achievements are even admirable. No one in life who has been successful is completely sane.

  • Daniel Parker
    Daniel Parker Year ago +12

    Absolutely love his competitive intensity

  • Wicked Comics
    Wicked Comics Year ago +1

    As a Mets fan, I appreciate him a lot more now. I'd see him pitch here and there, but getting to see what he brings to the team on a regular basis is awesome. Not to mention the 2.13 ERA :P #LGFM!!

  • James Bond
    James Bond 2 years ago +428

    First MLB game I ever went to, he happened to be pitching. I noticed his velocity went up throughout the game instead of down. In the 9th inning he was sitting 98-99 after throwing like 100 pitches.

    • Gavin
      Gavin Year ago +16

      Sounds like not happy JV

    • Stephen Adams
      Stephen Adams Year ago

      @Gavin what

    • Jason Price
      Jason Price Year ago +1

      Lol @Lt_JohnMcClane

    • Gavin
      Gavin Year ago +5

      @Lt_JohnMcClane click on the video, not happy JV is a video where Justin Verlander pitched a inning of all 100+ pitches

  • Eric Douglas
    Eric Douglas Year ago +4

    I think if Max pitches until age 42 he will get to 4000 strikeouts. This guy is just a beast

  • dopeymark
    dopeymark Year ago +2

    The Nationals run to win the world series was absolutely nuts. It was the best time I ever had in DC.

  • Derek Haywood
    Derek Haywood Year ago +1

    Lol ; I love Max , he rocks. Glad my Nationals won a championship with him. I always want a guy that on my team as his works speaks for himself.

  • Jeason Gagnon
    Jeason Gagnon Year ago +2

    Expos fan here, best part was him warming up in the full uniform. Having said that, we need some more Psychopaths in the game!

  • Z
    Z 6 months ago +1

    When I say I have no interest in sports I mean it. I don’t even think I’ve seen a full baseball game, ever. This video is like peering into a world I have never known before. This man is insane AND he’s super good.

  • Slinkit
    Slinkit 2 years ago +2073

    I’d buy a ticket to hear the conversations he has to himself on the mound.

  • My Burner
    My Burner Year ago +4

    Dude enters his first start as a Met in Citi field and toss anyone into the 7th . left with giving up 1 hit . Dudes a beast.Having him and Degrom in the same rotation is scary asf

  • kenosabi
    kenosabi Year ago

    I've only ever passively paid attention to baseball. But this channel does make it significantly more interesting.

  • Level 1-3
    Level 1-3 Year ago +10

    The thing that got showed he wasn't actually a psychopath is that he broke down crying a few times, even publicly, after his brother's death. A true psychopath would literally be like "meh" and shrug it off and resume going like nothing happened.

    • 54raceman
      54raceman Month ago

      He’s kinda the human version of a rodeo bull when they’re working they’re completely nutz but alot of them the rest the time are pretty much a 1700lb golden retriever

  • clint, clinton for short bonser

    There may be some trauma in his past. I think he's a legend.

  • MagitekOmega
    MagitekOmega 4 months ago +1

    Some people see players like Scherzer or Greinke as insane, looney individuals. I see them as role models and an inspiration for the eccentric to thrive at whatever they do, and just be themselves, regardless of cantor.

  • Mike R
    Mike R Year ago +467

    Dude just does what he needs to do. He has embraced any and every way to keep his head in the game, and has completely abandoned any concept of maintaining a "normal" façade to do it. Thanks for the video. As usual, I loved it.

    • Sirro Minus1
      Sirro Minus1 Year ago +4

      This is why normal people cap out at some point.

    • RamesesBolton
      RamesesBolton Year ago +1

      I still can't believe that in the first 20 seconds of this video, it said he was throwing 3 mph fast balls 😂

    • Iss Holland
      Iss Holland Year ago +7

      @RamesesBolton 3mph faster

    • Ronald🇺🇲
      Ronald🇺🇲 Year ago +1

      Goats gonna Goat 🐐

  • mrtobertson
    mrtobertson Year ago +3

    def interesting to watch offseason interviews with max he actually seems super chill weirdly enough

  • NewsCrasher
    NewsCrasher Year ago +1

    How can you not love to have a teammate like this. Winning is the goal.

  • Jon Via
    Jon Via Year ago +3

    Baseball needs characters like Max! Go Max!

  • imsatanscott
    imsatanscott 11 months ago +1

    Was lucky enough to watch him be a part of the best Tigers roster of my lifetime. Still one of my favorites.

  • Erinnnn
    Erinnnn 2 years ago +55

    I was lucky enough to do a clinic with Max in 2017, he was the nicest player I’ve ever met. Such a sweet person, he fixed my windup and I’ve been a much better person since. He’s definitely a different person on the mound. He may seem absolutely insane while pitching, off the field he’s seriously the best guy you could meet

    • LudaChez
      LudaChez 2 years ago +5

      That's cool to hear. He seems like he's just a dude out of uniform when he's not pitching. I never said anything to him but I've seen him around Miami when he's pitched down here (I have been working bars, hotels, and restaurants for years) and if he were an asshole I would have heard it from my coworkers. He always seemed pretty friendly and focused on who he was with.

    • Erinnnn
      Erinnnn 2 years ago +4

      @LudaChez oh yeah absolutely. Class act off the field, absolute psycho on it

    • Christopher Lee
      Christopher Lee 2 years ago

      You’re one lucky guy

    • Matt Guxxxtt
      Matt Guxxxtt 2 years ago

      @Christopher Lee

  • Carl Manvers
    Carl Manvers 2 months ago

    What an amazing man. I'd say 'Good job' but I don't want to get yelled at.

  • Sincere Sentinel of Sentience and Sapiens

    The league would demand an extensive psyche evaluation if they thought even for a second that he was insane/psychotic. The lawsuits would be endless if the league had allowed someone in that mindset to play in the league and interact with fans/children. He's just a bit strange, mixed with competetive. Nothing more.

  • CAHG
    CAHG 11 months ago +1

    “Resentment leads to anger,anger leads to hatred,hatred leads to the dark side,so I got that going for me”-Max Scherzer.

  • The Turtler 31
    The Turtler 31 Year ago +3

    This dude is the Kobe of baseball. Just insane, antisocial, and obsessive behavior that 99.99% of people will never understand. I legitimately don't know which dude I'd rather be around less lol

  • Paul McCarthy
    Paul McCarthy 6 months ago +1

    As a Nats fan I would watch ALL of Shermer starts..miss the drama and his pitching prowess..

  • Luc Olson
    Luc Olson 2 years ago +723

    Can we please talk about how well the catcher knew Scherzer when he offered the unfair trade? That right there is knowing your pitcher and knowing exactly how to fire them up 😂😂😂

    • Nannada1212
      Nannada1212 Year ago +19

      It kinda pulls apart the whole "he's crazy and no one likes him" narrative, so we don't talk about that lol

    • Lyve
      Lyve Year ago +3

      @Bruh Ayy how you feelin about obj now lol

    • Robbie Franks
      Robbie Franks Year ago +4

      That’s an attribute of a good catcher: knowing what will get your pitcher going on his off days

    • Michael Wachendorf
      Michael Wachendorf Year ago +5

      Right, I thought that was genius. Lmao

    • baseballdude13000
      baseballdude13000 Year ago +10

      His managers too. I think they know exactly what they're doing when they "try" to pull him in big situations.

  • HuntingFishingCards
    HuntingFishingCards Year ago +3

    I'll take an entire team full of guys like Max.

  • JeffShiny legendary Pokémon hunter

    He seems like a great I don’t watch baseball anymore but wow I got a lot of respect for this guy

  • K G
    K G 7 months ago +2

    The "fastball extra" screaming trick is proven in many sports. I don't know the science behind it but it's the same principal as fighters making a noise when striking, helps them deliver more energy into whatever they're doing.

    • Ratass, Lord of Yoink
      Ratass, Lord of Yoink 6 months ago

      Fighters do that hissing sound to manage their breathing. Not to add extra force.

    • Rich at Large
      Rich at Large 3 months ago

      Taken to crazy extremes in women's tennis.

  • Maxwell Kasper
    Maxwell Kasper Year ago +5

    In the vast multiverse, we live in the universe where this dude was a pitching all star and not a serial killer.

  • littleferrhis
    littleferrhis Year ago

    Max Scherzer makes me think of Andrew Neiman at the end of Whiplash, a guy so committed to his job with his energy and intensity on the edge of inhuman.

  • LurkinTomGaming
    LurkinTomGaming 2 years ago +170

    Max is a lunatic and he’s an amazing character in baseball. Players like him keep me interested in the game, legendary talent and a hall of famer

    • cagethelonewolf
      cagethelonewolf Year ago +1

      no, he's just a man who's in the zone, when he's busy don't mess with him because whatever you want or need isn't being done

  • TimmyFudge
    TimmyFudge 10 months ago +1

    I don't even want to imagine what a man like this would be like back in like medieval days...scary thought.

  • isaac
    isaac Year ago +1

    im just getting into baseball, i watched a Dodgers vs Mets game from 2021, 14 - 4 one, and man oh man Scherzer looked like he was using merely .000001% of his power. this man is a beast, a maniacal beast.

    LoDDEMOCIDE Year ago +3

    I love having this man on my team.

  • Code Underground
    Code Underground Year ago +5

    he's not a psychopath he's what used to be called a ballplayer