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10 Games That Defined the Funtech Super A'Can

  • Published on Oct 25, 2011 veröffentlicht
  • You find more information about the Funtech Super A'Can console, emulation and games at: www.videogameconsolelibrary.co...
    10 Games That Defined the Funtech Super A'Can (Taiwan-exclusive console)
    1995 Son of Evil (Funtech)
    1995 Sango Fighter (Panda Software)
    1995 Speedy Dragon (aka Sonic Dragon) (AV Artisan)
    1995 C.U.G. (aka Journey to the Laugh) (Funtech)
    1995 Formosa Duel (AV Artisan)
    1995 Super Dragon Force (Kingformation)
    1995 Monopoly: Adventure in Africa (Panda Software)
    1995 Gambling Lord (Panda Software)
    1995 Super Taiwanese Baseball League (C&E) [note: only title screen, no game footage)
    1996 Boom Zoo (Funtech)
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Comments • 37

  • latinsizer
    latinsizer 5 years ago +15

    this system is so great that this list should of been 12 games that literally define the Super A'Can.

  • JMF Spike
    JMF Spike 10 years ago +1

    Yeah, I can definitely see how that would be an extremely difficult thing to do! How DID you do it anyway? I don't know of any A'Can emulators. Did you actually manage to find a system and 10 games?

  • JMF Spike
    JMF Spike 10 years ago

    I was wondering the same thing. I think it's because he wanted to keep it a round number. He has a lot more videos just like this, and they all feature either 10 or 20 games.

  • CgW9u
    CgW9u 4 days ago

    Hasta el día de hoy me entero de los títulos que tenía esta vídeoconsola, la ví de niño hace muchos años pero aún así siempre la recordaré por su rareza y en lo personal me parecía bonita.

  • Batzarro (Froko_One)
    Batzarro (Froko_One) 3 years ago +1

    i know this is a very obscure or niche console, but i wish there was a homebrew community of A'Can games or clone consoles of it XD

  • applemctom
    applemctom  10 years ago +1

    True. Furthermore, it's almost impossible to get video footage of all Super A'Can games.

  • Philipp Klein
    Philipp Klein 6 years ago +3

    Sango Fighter is very nice! :-)

  • JMF Spike
    JMF Spike 10 years ago +6

    "10 Games That Defined the Funtech Super A'Can" That title is hilarious considering there were only 11 games ever released for it.

  • BlueMouth ASMR
    BlueMouth ASMR Year ago +1

    C.U.G is my favourite game.

  • Nicholas Svitak
    Nicholas Svitak 5 years ago +1

    I mean, the a'can only had 12 games in total so you don't really have a lot to choose from

    • Extreme Wreck 2000
      Extreme Wreck 2000 3 years ago +1

      @elpatriota9915 The PS1 on the other hand...

    • elpatriota9915
      elpatriota9915 5 years ago

      Nicholas Svitak just like the Atari jaguar CD which also has only 12 games and the Apple pippin a virtual boy and Sega 32x

  • Yans Arcade
    Yans Arcade 3 years ago

    They all look unfinished with almost no collision detection

  • Keranu
    Keranu 3 years ago +2

    Bet you can't name more than 12 games that defined the Super A'Can. Go ahead, try.

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh
    tHeWasTeDYouTh 5 years ago +14

    10 games, you mean all games lol

    • maks3216
      maks3216 3 years ago

      There are 12 games on Super A'Can.

  • Miguel Albuquerque
    Miguel Albuquerque 2 years ago

    basically the entire library lmao

  • King of All Buttocks

    Thumbs up. Thumbs up for showing me what a piece of shit this system was LOL

  • Murve
    Murve 8 years ago

    Would it kill you to show more than 5 seconds of each game?

  • A random worm
    A random worm 11 months ago

    "10 Games that defined the Funtech Super A'Can"
    That 2 game that not in video: nah i fine with it

  • VGF5364
    VGF5364 10 years ago

    I wonder why he didn't just put all of them..

  • Not Insane
    Not Insane 4 years ago

    Last game is just another bomberman?

  • Phalanx 67
    Phalanx 67 3 years ago +1

    I had a super a can as a kid

  • TheresGabe
    TheresGabe 8 years ago +1

    Do you know of ANYWHERE I can get ANY game for the Super A'Can? If so, PLEASE contact me ASAP!

    • MrDmoney156
      MrDmoney156 6 years ago

      +Rick Oosterling There's a chance you can always get the MS-DOS PC version of the game if you perfer. :-)

    • Rick Oosterling
      Rick Oosterling 6 years ago

      +Jatworks_Swirl 🔺 Impossible as the game REBEL isnt dumped (yet) ;-)

    • TheresGabe
      TheresGabe 7 years ago

      Wait... You're saying that you know someone with games for the A'Can?

    • MrDmoney156
      MrDmoney156 8 years ago

      @***** oh i see what you mean, i think i might know someone from a forums website that has all of the games available for the system. Just gotta check again

    • MrDmoney156
      MrDmoney156 8 years ago

      @***** It's just one guy selling a bunch of the games for a reasonable price at eBay right about now for $280 free shipping! :-) Pick it up while it lasts

  • L. Seventh
    L. Seventh 5 months ago

    Can’t recognize the song…

  • VGF5364
    VGF5364 10 years ago +1

    Correction- 12.

  • Coleção Nintendo
    Coleção Nintendo 3 years ago

    But only have 12 haha

  • estlib
    estlib 9 years ago