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This mascot is WILD for this 😳🤣

  • Published on May 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • TotallyRealAriel
    TotallyRealAriel 29 days ago +116849

    That man just relaxing till some mascot ruined his day

    • Tiago Andrade
      Tiago Andrade 24 days ago +222


    • הדר זנו
      הדר זנו 24 days ago +114


    • ¿Sofunny .
      ¿Sofunny . 23 days ago +1146

      the man was an actor

    • Salvador Chavarria
      Salvador Chavarria 23 days ago +648

      I'm that guy most of the time. I'm minding my business, and that happens. Not physically him, but I hope y'all get the point.

  • BangBangLee
    BangBangLee 22 hours ago +231

    Get these men some Oscars

  • Gregory Borowski
    Gregory Borowski Day ago +220

    😂mascot owes him Another Beer and a Coat to get warm!!😂😅😊

  • Mister M
    Mister M 2 days ago +9208

    The mascot should be fired.

    • Common
      Common 2 days ago +221

      It’s scripted and fake

      ИЄЯФ-ДИБЄLФ РЄЯFЄҀГФ 2 days ago +67

      ​@CommonNo, this was genuine, sherlock...

    • Cuddy92
      Cuddy92 2 days ago +54

      @ИЄЯФ-ДИБЄLФ РЄЯFЄҀГФthey were explaining it to the person who doesn’t realize its fake, Sherlock..

      MUHD AQIL 2 days ago +5

      He did his job. Lol

    • Bell nicht in the h
      Bell nicht in the h 2 days ago +7

      ​@Cuddy92they??????? Who is they????

  • João Cruz
    João Cruz 2 days ago +402

    I would give him a “This is Sparta” moment 😂 right on his chest

    • DanielsanTV
      DanielsanTV Day ago +5

      literally what i thought

    • FreeX Devil
      FreeX Devil Day ago +2


    • omi89
      omi89 Day ago +2

      Oh yea i wouldn't even throw the beer at him, it would ve been the kick from the beginning

    • Roman Cigić
      Roman Cigić Hour ago +1

      Well, i would have the high ground.....

  • John Xeus Esteriaga
    John Xeus Esteriaga Day ago +21

    Bro took revenge to a whole other level,💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • ItzAidan S
    ItzAidan S 18 days ago +30146

    Bro paid for a ticket and a beer and the organization ruined his night and pissed him off

    • John Fredrickson
      John Fredrickson 15 days ago +887

      The dude is being paid to be there. He is part of the mascot team. They take turns being the guy in the suit vs. the “fan from the opposing team”

    • Jay Roe
      Jay Roe 15 days ago +84

      And probability kicked him out and banned him from future games from what tue mascot started

    • John Fredrickson
      John Fredrickson 14 days ago +214

      @Jay Roe lol no. He’s a paid performer. He probably takes turns being inside the suit vs playing the “opposing fan”.

    • zideren
      zideren 13 days ago +11

      ​@John Fredricksonты там был или что!???

    • John Fredrickson
      John Fredrickson 13 days ago +17

      @zideren I don’t speak your language. Can you translate?

  • BamBam2shiestyy
    BamBam2shiestyy Day ago +24

    Everybody in the rows behind cleared that mf quick😂😂

    DAKZZ Day ago +20

    Legend says that his beer is cost more than that mascot's salary 💀

  • Vnomalii Music
    Vnomalii Music 12 days ago +10464

    when toxicity is accepted because you wear a costume.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 8 days ago +13


    • Bobux man
      Bobux man 8 days ago +34

      Fr they should learn how to see the reality

    • jsmooth
      jsmooth 8 days ago +53

      This video was staged the dude sitting was a paid actor

    • Zxrtify
      Zxrtify 8 days ago +6

      Guys, it’s just silly string.

    • The Tangibles
      The Tangibles 7 days ago +17

      in his beer@Zxrtify

  • Baba booey
    Baba booey 2 days ago +73

    The fact he got mad because they ruined his bear and people didn’t care 😢

    • Sleepykuma🧸
      Sleepykuma🧸 14 hours ago

      That’s because it’s scripted the dude with the beard is a mascot too 😅

    • velkoon
      velkoon 12 hours ago +1

      @Sleepykuma🧸 the fact neither of you spelled "beer" correctly

    • Julian Banks
      Julian Banks 9 hours ago

      Its a joke chill. He can always buy another beer.

  • kenz Roberson
    kenz Roberson Day ago +10

    and this man committed, his name was Mason Windstead .

  • David Roy
    David Roy 4 days ago +7103

    Never ruin a man's beer

    • Ericka Hope
      Ericka Hope 3 days ago +65

      Especially not when it’s $17. Lmfao

    • свэг
      свэг 3 days ago +3

      Особенно женщине

    • Иate
      Иate 2 days ago +3

      how people not getting this was a skit?

    • Archmage
      Archmage 2 days ago +1

      Eh I'm gonna still drink it.

  • Creativity Kills
    Creativity Kills Day ago +5

    Bro don't want smoke, he's the smoker.

  • Campbell Dalen
    Campbell Dalen 2 days ago +8

    the beer was prob $20. i’d be pissed too 😂

  • virus 1991
    virus 1991 10 days ago +5720

    Just let that man free. He will teach that mascot some respect.

    • Julz Jamz
      Julz Jamz 7 days ago +16

      At the end, he tried rushing the mascot. He got trucked and was in the air for a good 1.5 seconds.

    • &#2#%-+29g&5%
      #%-+29g&5% 7 days ago +1


    • Jonathon Gilmore
      Jonathon Gilmore 6 days ago +4

      It was staged.

    • Chugaboom20
      Chugaboom20 6 days ago +1

      @Julz Jamzwrong vid

    • Julz Jamz
      Julz Jamz 6 days ago +1

      @Chugaboom20 proof

  • Paul Shay
    Paul Shay Day ago +8

    People underestimate how athletic those mascots are lol.

    • Ricardo Huitron
      Ricardo Huitron 8 hours ago +1

      Así es. Si se enfrentan en una pelea, gana la mascota por la agilidad que muestra al final del video y con más de 100 kilos de peso.

  • Emerald Elite
    Emerald Elite 16 hours ago +5

    He could’ve chose anyone in the crowd to shoot silly string at, but chose the guy with a beer

    • Sleepykuma🧸
      Sleepykuma🧸 14 hours ago

      Because it’s scripted the dude with the beer was a mascot too

  • Elijah Fox
    Elijah Fox 18 days ago +6609

    If this man didn’t get season tickets I would press charges lol

    • Corrib
      Corrib 16 days ago +15

      For the rival team?

    • Matt Montano
      Matt Montano 16 days ago +59

      it's fake, he was set up there for comedy 😊

    • theranman0000
      theranman0000 15 days ago +8

      It’s fake so maybe they gave him imaginary season tickets

    • Tino V
      Tino V 15 days ago +13

      From what I heard, things like this are staged. They get fans to wear the opposing team jersey and get free stuff at the end. Something like that

    • UncleEarl97
      UncleEarl97 12 days ago +6

      But the police hauled off the fan for one ruined drink while the mascot is okay to douse him and nearby fans with one or two gallons of (presumably) water! How is that fair?

  • Elite bacon Bro
    Elite bacon Bro 13 hours ago +4

    people who think mascot is a jerk

  • k1en
    k1en 11 hours ago +2

    If you ever feel useless just remember these security guards

  • Vedanth Nair
    Vedanth Nair 4 months ago +249395

    Honestly im on that fan's side. That drink prolly cost 20 bucks

    • Hyperninja
      Hyperninja 4 months ago +10990

      honestly though im pretty sure thats a actor though, but if it wasn't i would sue the arena for harassment😂

    • Guess Who 2 Timez 2
      Guess Who 2 Timez 2 4 months ago +4007

      there are people saying the mascot would bring him a new beer after he showed it got ruined because he had done it before. but I don't know how true that is, bro in the fursuit is just being an asshole

    • Liam Wright
      Liam Wright 4 months ago +1358

      @Hyperninja yeah and also the security guards didn’t do anything

    • 2icy4u
      2icy4u 4 months ago +435

      @Guess Who 2 Timez 2the mascot is the dude in the fur suit

    • anime__guy
      anime__guy 4 months ago +281

      Just think you're Enjoy a mach and this happens


    That man really looks like John Cena, no wonder the mascot "can't see him"

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe 4 hours ago +1

    Bro was just trynna enjoy his beer

  • Luiz Cassiano
    Luiz Cassiano 22 days ago +3044

    This is a proof that life is unfair. The mascot even got away with anything.

    • Pep
      Pep 20 days ago +23

      O cara feliz tomando uma cerveja, daí chegou o mascote pra acabar com o dia dele...

    • Ram-n_dodge
      Ram-n_dodge 18 days ago +5

      till he gets sued.

    • bradley
      bradley 18 days ago +24

      They both work for the club hahaha none of these things you see are real you know 😂😂

    • flukshun
      flukshun 17 days ago +2

      There are 2 sets of rules in this world: one for mascots, and one for non-mascots

  • Yoyohann270
    Yoyohann270 2 days ago +1

    Bruh I would’ve drop kicked that mascot as soon I saw him grab that bucket 😭

  • Edu2712 Dorregaray Francia

    Creo que cualquiera reaccionaria así, encima te joden y te botan como si uno fuera el culpable

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 19 days ago +6961

    Security guard gave no effort to stop the mascot, but suddenly had full control over the fan smh

    • Tyler Campbell
      Tyler Campbell 18 days ago +45


    • dan_oat
      dan_oat 18 days ago +6

      why is that a problem 💀

    • Cumin
      Cumin 17 days ago +44

      ​@dan_oatbecause the mascot needs to be hospitalized for a month

    • assassin
      assassin 17 days ago +25

      Nawh that’s wild.. if I pay $10 for a beer and some mascot came up to me with that sprayer I would’ve been pissed..

  • Bradley Mcdonald
    Bradley Mcdonald 14 hours ago +1

    To be fair... he owes him a beer

  • Amirr
    Amirr 10 hours ago +1

    Not bald John Cena beefing with a mascot.

  • Landen
    Landen 4 days ago +4392

    I swear, mascots can do anything and not get punished

  • It's complicated Being a wizard

    That’s a $10 beverage. I’d be pissed too!

  • Bands
    Bands 19 hours ago +1

    Those are like $13 beers so his anger is justified

  • Asier Alonso
    Asier Alonso 15 days ago +5173

    The bald man was just too fair with his reaction

    • Madpigie
      Madpigie 13 days ago +138

      The mascot ruined his beer that probably costed 8 dollars there

    • no one
      no one 12 days ago +47

      Nah its the bear suit fault,cuz he disrepsect with no reason

    • W
      W 11 days ago +16

      Yeah, the bear kinda ruined his day, but he could’ve been more polite and ask him to buy* him a drink

    • Fletcher Kennedy
      Fletcher Kennedy 11 days ago +8

      Yeaaa but the mascot still goated for creating that clip and for winning

    • no one
      no one 11 days ago +4

      Yknow he was just chilling there but that mascot ruin his day with no reason so that mascot is an A class jerk 👺

  • Sapped6
    Sapped6 22 hours ago +1


  • Jersey2WorldTravels
    Jersey2WorldTravels Minute ago

    That mascot knows he owes him a beer. Dont mess with a guy's brew

  • nightsurfer1
    nightsurfer1 4 days ago +6644

    That mascot should be fired.

    • Mexicanboy_rick1
      Mexicanboy_rick1 3 days ago +43

      You should go to school

    • DjMuhammad
      DjMuhammad 3 days ago +262

      @Mexicanboy_rick1he got a point and you are out of context

    • Mexicanboy_rick1
      Mexicanboy_rick1 3 days ago +76

      @DjMuhammad how does he have a point when in the last 20 years y’all still haven’t figured out this is fake and they pay people to act like that so no “you’re out of context”lmao

    • VikingAppleGod
      VikingAppleGod 3 days ago +9

      Not really he was just having fun but a fan didnt like it spraying the silly string is probably part of his job

    • Jared
      Jared 3 days ago +42

      ​@VikingAppleGodwould you like it if a mascot did that to you and it got in your drink so you couldn't drink it? And plus there was no reason for the mascot to throw all the water on the guy because the mascot started it first. Use your brain, even if it's their job it pisses people off.

  • Arisu Aozora
    Arisu Aozora 2 days ago

    When people brings out the ugly in you then calls you ugly.

  • William Alvarado
    William Alvarado Day ago +2

    Best way to handle this is to show up in the exact same mascot costume and challenge the mascot to a fight during half time

  • Toilet
    Toilet 24 days ago +4748

    mascot assaulted the man.
    and security just goes “fuck ya fans”

    • Toilet
      Toilet 21 day ago +26

      Still seems staged AF

    • Daniel D
      Daniel D 18 days ago +13

      How the absolute fuck is silly string assault? And if you’re claiming it’s the water he “assaulted” him with what about when the guy poured his beer on his head?

    • Daniel D
      Daniel D 18 days ago +1

      But yes it’s completely staged

    • killer 9000
      killer 9000 16 days ago +16

      ​@Daniel Dpouring bear on the mascots head is equal to purposely spraying silly string on him and then he came back with the water so while staged the mascot would still be the one in the wrong

    • Daniel D
      Daniel D 16 days ago +1

      @killer 9000 a beer on your head is nowhere near silly string lmao, have you ever spilt beer on anything? It doesn’t smell good, it also doesn’t feel good when it’s in your eyes

  • Homelessmeatball

    Mascot interview:
    Show me how you’d hype up the stadium.
    Your hired.

  • Daria Ortiz
    Daria Ortiz 2 days ago

    If this man didn't get sea son tickets I would press Charges lol

  • Hhjj8f8yd8y Ijfviiccuhcch
    Hhjj8f8yd8y Ijfviiccuhcch 3 days ago +2570

    He payed to watch the game not to get sprayed by a mascot and get kicked out just for doing the right thing.

    • Some random Guy
      Some random Guy 2 days ago +20

      This comment section so slow, this is scripted 😂

    • Double
      Double 2 days ago +8

      Scripted as hell, stop crying about it.

    • ventithedrunkard234
      ventithedrunkard234 2 days ago


    • Souta
      Souta 2 days ago +1

      ​@Some random Guyreally?

    • Souta
      Souta 2 days ago

      ​@Doublei dont know..

  • Dan
    Dan Day ago

    The mascot is living in a cartoon reality

  • Bemsen5216
    Bemsen5216 Day ago

    This mascot got a red card.

  • Janice Arriola
    Janice Arriola 17 days ago +2045

    Mascots really need to know their place.

    • theranman0000
      theranman0000 15 days ago +17

      This is scripted so he’s in his place.

    • Swimfan
      Swimfan 15 days ago +16

      Imagine thinking this wasn’t scripted 🤡
      They literally cleared the fans behind him so they could throw water at him lol

    • Yay BTW
      Yay BTW 14 days ago


    • Tfg
      Tfg 14 days ago

      @Swimfan a random man would want to be thrown with a bucket of water?

  • Oswaldo Navarrete
    Oswaldo Navarrete 23 hours ago

    The mascot has security guards so he feels safe

  • DianeCanDoFlamtaps
    DianeCanDoFlamtaps 4 hours ago

    I believe that if the guy would have chilled out, they would have replaced his beer, but he got offended, pissed, and escalated from there.

    ICØNIC Month ago +14669

    That mascot got no right to ruin that guy's day .

    • Dione Marques
      Dione Marques Month ago +14


    • Liam Matthysen
      Liam Matthysen Month ago +36

      We do not care

    • Certez
      Certez Month ago +88

      That guy was smiling, both of them were just playing with each other for fun, the bad guys here are the security

    • Eileen Paredes
      Eileen Paredes Month ago +14

      That’s his job 💀💀

    • sodyusaquei
      sodyusaquei Month ago +8

      ​@Dione Marquesisso tem nada a ver com o comentário do cara

  • Lisa Flores
    Lisa Flores 10 hours ago +1

    That mascot is a liability 😮

  • 2econdSkinTTV
    2econdSkinTTV 19 hours ago

    If I spent $25 on a beer I'd be mad too lmao

  • Ajay
    Ajay 12 days ago +1653

    The security guard was quick to catch the guy but didn't move when mascot was doing it's thing. Same in schools, the teachers will be blind when a bully is doing his thing but will be quick to jump on the bullied person when he tries to stand up. This needs to change.

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 20 minutes ago

    Whoever you are, never ruin a 🍺

  • Phrantic Films
    Phrantic Films Day ago +1

    Wait til you guys realize the bald guy is an actor

  • Pika Chicas
    Pika Chicas 13 days ago +6293

    The guy didn't deserve to get kicked out bc the mascot started it.
    Edit: and the mascot should be fired.
    Edit2: sorry guys i didnt know it was staged lol😅

    • 𝔢𝔡𝔦𝔱𝔰🫨
      𝔢𝔡𝔦𝔱𝔰🫨 11 days ago +13

      ⍴rіmᥱr᥆ 𝗊ᥙᥱ 𝗍᥆ძ᥆ ᥱᥣ 𝗍rᥲᑲᥲȷ᥆ ძᥱ ᥱᥣ ᥱs 𝗍іrᥲr ᥱs⍴ᥙmᥲ ᥲsі́ 𝗊ᥙᥱ ᥣᥲ ᥴᥙᥣ⍴ᥲ ᥣᥲ 𝗍іᥱᥒᥱ ᥱᥣ ᥴᥲᥣ᥎᥆ ⍴᥆r 𝗍іrᥲrᥣᥱ ᥣᥲ ᥴᥱr᥎ᥱzᥲ

    • Dexton Land
      Dexton Land 11 days ago +15


    • RyktyVR
      RyktyVR 11 days ago +50

      Its all staged you know that right?

    • jamal
      jamal 10 days ago +12

      How do you not know this is staged

  • Dylan Britt
    Dylan Britt Day ago

    The mascot messed his $20 expensive ahh beer up, I would be mad too

  • Free_Advice
    Free_Advice 2 days ago

    That beer cost $12. Id be pissed too.

  • marek Zmeškal
    marek Zmeškal 23 days ago +5523

    Mascots can get away with anything fr💀

  • tomato48
    tomato48 Day ago

    That’s like a 16$ beer of course he’s gonna be pissed

  • Cali Conservative

    Emotional distress with a MF quickness

  • 2foez
    2foez 2 days ago +2926

    They tax the fuck outta those beers so I’d be pissed too if some stank ass
    man-child in a bear costume was shootin silly string into my 40 dollar beer…

    • Tae Brady
      Tae Brady Day ago +12

      One you a child Fasho two it’s a actor

    • Enki
      Enki Day ago +1


    • Last x Trick
      Last x Trick Day ago +2

      Ahaha 😂😂😂

    • David Edds
      David Edds Day ago +21

      ​@Tae Bradywhether it is an actor or not doesn't change the fact that a normal person should be upset by someone touching or ruining what is theirs... show how mature you are.

  • Nicholas Axley
    Nicholas Axley Day ago

    Bro could have just asked for a new beer: it’s not like they would have said no.

  • Joe Rainwater
    Joe Rainwater Day ago

    Probably 12$ for that beer, I’d be pissed too

  • MikeyMinecraft
    MikeyMinecraft 13 days ago +1800

    Bro was just bing chilling until the mascot came and ruined his day and his beer.

    • spacemilky🧋
      spacemilky🧋 9 days ago +5

      @Ron_z33if the person isn’t laughing, it’s not a joke

    • fred r
      fred r 9 days ago +7

      and that beer is expensive too for one damn cup

    • Bat Vader
      Bat Vader 9 days ago +1

      I understood that reference

    • NOWABO
      NOWABO 3 days ago

      Johnny made him pay for his Sins.

    • Sleepykuma🧸
      Sleepykuma🧸 14 hours ago +1

      It’s scripted the guy with the beers was paid to do this bc he is part of the mascot team

  • Issac Dow
    Issac Dow 2 hours ago

    Man those beers he costing too damn much for that. I would've been pissed too.

  • kamelia06
    kamelia06 2 days ago

    The bear seemed to think he was cool even though he was ruining the day of someone who was enjoying his drink😢

  • Kara Kendall
    Kara Kendall 16 days ago +4384

    That mascot took that personally 💀

    • Eduardo De Jesus
      Eduardo De Jesus 14 days ago +8

      Realmente, o torcedor tem razão, faria o mesmo!

    • Black777 Jack
      Black777 Jack 13 days ago +1

      Talisman kaput 🤦🏻

    • Kara Kendall
      Kara Kendall 12 days ago +1

      Tysm for 2k likes this means so much to me!

    • Kara Kendall
      Kara Kendall 10 days ago +1

      Mom I’m famous (tysm for 4k likes)

    • MYESAI🐰
      MYESAI🐰 4 days ago


  • Ra Ist
    Ra Ist 14 hours ago

    Ida clapped for the dumb bear after he threw the water as that was his best move… 😏

  • Jeremy Manuel
    Jeremy Manuel Day ago

    They charge like $15 for those tiny cups of beers so I understand him

  • Itswoozy
    Itswoozy 20 days ago +3138

    The fact that they held the dude back from reacting normal is the problem with this country today .

    • Croncnko
      Croncnko 17 days ago +7


    • Aisha Seales
      Aisha Seales 17 days ago +14

      Yeah well it’s also THEIR JOB!!! To be security!!! There would be a problem if they did NOTHING.

    • wacpj19
      wacpj19 17 days ago +7

      ​@Aisha Seales that's not the point they were making. The point they were making was more about the fact that they even have the job to do everything they can to make sure no escalation ever happens in the first place, regardless of how fucked up the context was.
      Shit, for example, if people need to settle reasonable differences, why not hire security to escort them to a corner instead, and just make sure they don't have weapons, so they could duke it out without charges pressed? 🤷‍♂️ Sure would stop a lot of the entitled behavior we're seeing.
      Just because society isn't run like this right now doesn't mean things are _supposed_ to be the way they are

    • Kübra Nur
      Kübra Nur 17 days ago

      Google den türkçeye çevirdim Bi an Türk sün sandım

  • Jaquavion Tavious
    Jaquavion Tavious 4 hours ago +1

    “Its just a joke” 💀

  • Ege Kahraman
    Ege Kahraman 2 days ago +1

    i hope that the mascot loses his job after this

  • Johnathan Archibald
    Johnathan Archibald 19 days ago +1842

    At least the cop was actually trying to stop the mascot from escalating a second too late.

    • # C M W ⚙️
      # C M W ⚙️ 17 days ago


    • Lucy Mutua
      Lucy Mutua 17 days ago

      It's like it had beef with the man

    • Blinding RolePlay2.0
      Blinding RolePlay2.0 17 days ago +2

      Nah the cop acting like that random guy did anything wrong

    • RyktyVR
      RyktyVR 11 days ago

      Yall know its staged right?

    • Sleepykuma🧸
      Sleepykuma🧸 14 hours ago

      He actually wasn’t because everybody was in on this it was scripted 😅

  • Sergio
    Sergio 12 hours ago

    when you sit on the wrong side of the stadium

  • Ryan da G.O.A.T.
    Ryan da G.O.A.T. Day ago +1

    Lets gooooo 300 million views 🎉🎉🎉

  • Neji Hyuga
    Neji Hyuga 3 days ago +1220

    In all honesty if a mascot ruined my food/drink.. it’s all hands 🙌 I be fighting.

    • Mixoh
      Mixoh 2 days ago +5

      do it and post it on youtube

    • W Perfect
      W Perfect Day ago +2

      I thought this was America

    • Rocky Jr. Domingo
      Rocky Jr. Domingo Day ago +2

      This is the exact line of those fearless wanna be but coward in reality 😂

  • ZekajFamily
    ZekajFamily  Day ago

    If I was the guy the mascot would have gotten the slap & punch combo💀

  • enjoy勢
    enjoy勢 2 months ago +10159

    A mascot character has no right to ruin someone's day

  • Masta Peace
    Masta Peace 17 hours ago

    Dude should have brought the drink bank for a fresh free one

  • Michael
    Michael 18 hours ago

    Dude literally wasted a 12 dollar beer 😂

  • Le black
    Le black 16 days ago +3639

    How to get sued in 2 seconds:

    • Echovix
      Echovix 15 days ago +11

      That's what I'm saying lol

    • James Parks
      James Parks 14 days ago +10


    • Blue
      Blue 13 days ago +45

      These things havr to be planned with an actor or willing participant

    • TheUnknownNoob
      TheUnknownNoob 13 days ago +5

      its a script

    • SupahTheBest
      SupahTheBest 13 days ago

      He did get sued lol

  • Sherbet Dab
    Sherbet Dab 2 days ago

    Yeah,I'd have knocked that damn bear All the way down the stairs for that wee stunt!!😮😂

  • Blaine Hansen
    Blaine Hansen 2 days ago

    I’d claim the mascot tried poisoning me, sue the basketball team

  • Ruat Fela
    Ruat Fela Month ago +4377

    Mascot should pay the price for ruining somebody's day, a beer and a ticket

    • Dane_F_Kennedy
      Dane_F_Kennedy Month ago +38

      It's scripted

    • Hi.
      Hi. Month ago +4


    • BRO FLO
      BRO FLO Month ago +19

      ​@Dane_F_Kennedylike everything in America 😂

    • Ingred Andrade
      Ingred Andrade Month ago +1


  • AmgadPro
    AmgadPro Day ago +1

    I'm surprised the man didn't pull out a gun and shoot the mascot
    But i wouldn't be surprised if someone else did

  • Meister House
    Meister House 2 days ago

    Mascot just doing his job if your going to go to a game you know what’s possibly involved

    SCHIZOMOBA 10 days ago +2153

    Bro literally emoted after ruining a fan's day for absolutely no reason 💀💀

    • clozwow
      clozwow 7 days ago +6

      the man ruined the day himself. Didn't have to react that way

    • Berleexy
      Berleexy 7 days ago +7

      ​@nothing-k528 it's staged

    • Reece Cameron
      Reece Cameron 7 days ago +20

      HOW does that make sense lol so if you got sprayed like that you wouldn't do anything makes sense uh huh

  • Buckit
    Buckit 23 days ago +1378

    You don’t mess with a few things a man holds dear. Beer is one of them.

    • Chedlol
      Chedlol 19 days ago +4

      You are not real 😭😭😭😭

    • shadesofpink
      shadesofpink 19 days ago +5

      His nutz

    • Buckit
      Buckit 19 days ago

      @shadesofpink see, she knows

    • I_Quit
      I_Quit 19 days ago +1

      What is bro talking about

    • user
      user 19 days ago

      30 bucks bro

  • Balloonboy303 The Gaming Railfan

    That dude had every reason to do what he did

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz 2 days ago

    Went to the opener Carolina vs Atlanta and although they mocked us they were very friendly. First experience at Mercedes Stadium in Atl but i have to say i loved the vibe there, Kudos Falcons.

  • cyber_
    cyber_ 11 days ago +1018

    That mascot needs to be fired. Horrible.
    What is a snowflake bro 😭😭😭

    • RyktyVR
      RyktyVR 11 days ago +9

      Dude its staged

    • cyber_
      cyber_ 11 days ago +10

      @RyktyVR I don’t care

    • RyktyVR
      RyktyVR 11 days ago

      @cyber_ Ha

    • Gavin Cw
      Gavin Cw 10 days ago +4

      This shit funny ash

    • Lolilaw
      Lolilaw 8 days ago +1

      ​@cyber_ ❄️

  • Timothy Andelmo
    Timothy Andelmo 10 hours ago

    They tax the livin fuck outa those beers id be mad asf too fr

  • O'Bryaan Prioleau
    O'Bryaan Prioleau 21 hour ago

    John Cena’s cousin just wanted a new beer

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur 10 days ago +917

    The real tragedy of the story is, he just wasted an 80 dollar beer. 😢

    • James Dawson
      James Dawson 7 days ago


    • patrick williamson
      patrick williamson 6 days ago +4

      Bro don’t you get it the mascot just poured a bucket of water on him like he had to pour the beer on the mascot the mascot just ruined his day

    • vince cool
      vince cool 5 days ago +4

      No way 80 dollars for that beer :o

    • G-Style
      G-Style 5 days ago +1

      Should have just let them sort it out

    • Green Life
      Green Life 5 days ago

      In India it is for 2-3 dollars. If that's for 80 Dollars there, your country is doing something crazy.

  • DwscA
    DwscA Day ago

    You can spray him, but not his beer. This mascot forgot the bro code.

  • Josh Dirck
    Josh Dirck 2 days ago

    Mascots are basically pro athletes. He prolly would have pumbled buddy if security wasn't there lol

  • Steve H.
    Steve H. Month ago +3148

    That mascot just poisoned that mans $20 beer.

    • loeva
      loeva Month ago +2


    • Maria Tummi
      Maria Tummi Month ago +3


    • Crystal39DS
      Crystal39DS 25 days ago

      He annoyed him highly

    • HaviboX
      HaviboX 25 days ago

      holy fk. That beer have gold as ice or something? waaaay to expensive for beer. Even for Artisanal.

      QUY HUYNH 25 days ago


  • Cybah
    Cybah 2 days ago

    That man looks like he can kill you in 3 seconds, bad idea to mess with a big bald guy during a sports match 😂

  • Bweezy320
    Bweezy320 Day ago

    Damn, John Malcovich got swoll.

  • Super green gremlin 💀
    Super green gremlin 💀 16 days ago +1572

    The mascot really had to ruin his day like that. 😢

    • Sleepykuma🧸
      Sleepykuma🧸 14 hours ago

      You don’t have to be sad because it scripted and the dude got paid to do it so I bet he was pretty happy lol 😅