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Competing On The Bike I Built In My Garage! | Racing Enduro On The CRAB

  • Published on Mar 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • In the Blake Builds GMBN series, Blake Samson built a do-it-all hardtail mountain bike frame in his garage from scratch! The bike's first ride on dirt just had to be an epic bike-packing ride, but this time we wanted to be a little more adventurous. This time had to be a local Enduro race!
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Comments • 261

  • Alvarez's Diecast Customs

    100% need to build a full sus now Blake, name it the Lobster :D

  • justin alvarado
    justin alvarado Month ago +11

    Blake you are an inspiration. You're gift to the Mountain Biking community. Cheers mate.

  • Saddle Weary
    Saddle Weary Month ago +39

    You're a serious MTBer when you have welder in the tool box

    • Rab C
      Rab C Month ago +4

      Lmfao seriously off his head trustin them welds🤯 😂🤣😂😂😂🤣 most welders wouldnt trust ther own welds like that

    • Butter Airways
      Butter Airways Month ago +1


    • Saddle Weary
      Saddle Weary Month ago

      @Rab C Yup, and I'm one of them.

    • The Tech From Heaven
      The Tech From Heaven Month ago +1

      Imagine having a full blow TIG setup and a 7075 3D printer on your van 💀💎

  • Matrix2023
    Matrix2023 Month ago +14

    Thanks GMBN Team for keeping us entertained. I'm a long time follower and this is one of my favorite channels. PLEASE don't change a thing !

  • Old Blokes Who Should Know Better!

    very impressive, I've done enough welding to know that wasn't as easy as people may think. loving the patina that the Crab is acquiring, needs a little more before clearcoating it to lock that in nicely.. Definitely make a full sus bike, I'll look forward to that.

  • Javier Perez
    Javier Perez Month ago +10

    It's insane that you didn't fly off the bike while you were concerned for the crab the whole time, not to mention that you kept up with other riders using your fairly jank bike XD. Amazing job and i'm glad to see that you're in one piece! Try to find a jig to keep the hub's holes aligned next time and keep an eye out if you do build a full suspension bike.

  • An Dy
    An Dy Month ago +9

    The crab fan here. Been waiting for every ride of it. Pretty neat in the trails.🎉🎉🎉

  • Southyorkshire Smith93

    Goes too show you dont need a super expensive bike too have a good time riding or racing. 👍

  • Michael Simon
    Michael Simon Month ago +2

    Well done Sir! A hell of an accomplishment! I would definitely like to see you build a full suspension bike now.
    Truth be told....on the step down stage I really did expect to see you crash hard after the front end came apart 😂
    Nice job!

  • Alvin Aw
    Alvin Aw Month ago +2

    Wow Blake is pretty insane to race in home made bike..But that is what he is capable of done. Race with whatever ride he is in. Lol Awesome mate!!!!!!!

  • حسين خلقون
    حسين خلقون Month ago +1

    Just ride like a champ, Blake your steel frame and head are amazing, hardtails doesn't allow you to sit same as the full suspension which mean you did double the work of any of other racers, can't wait to see you building a full suspension I think you will start a huge DIY mtb community

  • DJ Bayr
    DJ Bayr Month ago

    Great work Blake! Both on the bike and your ride. Man, I'm so happy to see it hold up the way it did. I think you should totally do a dual sus.

  • peter cox
    peter cox Month ago +6

    Hell yer for the full suspension. Never doubt a Blake build 🤘

    GS MOSSA TV Month ago

    Love your style, Blake. Making riding fun, first and foremost.

  • Wasatch MTB
    Wasatch MTB Month ago +1

    We need to see Blake build a full suspension in his garage!

  • Paul Daryl
    Paul Daryl Month ago +1

    Cant wait for the full suspension build! Might try to make one too! 😂

  • mats mellberg
    mats mellberg Month ago +1

    Love it Blake, you should hang up the bike in the shape after the race at the room for Dirt Shed Show for display as a monument over "Professor Blake". The man with all the crazy and weird ideas. Can just say again, this was really nice, interesting and funny.

  • KJ Racaza
    KJ Racaza Month ago +19

    Son of a gun, you really went with the idea. We finally get to see The Krab ride Blake in a race. 😆
    Btw, I think the crab needs some clear paint and rust inhibitor.

    • mps
      mps Month ago +1

      in rust we trust!

    • Pub Plays
      Pub Plays Month ago

      Nah, just give it a forced patina and wipe it with tough cloth after every wash. That’s what I do on my custom hardtail that I made out of spring steel.

  • Just an Average Dad
    Just an Average Dad Month ago +4

    It was great to meet you, Blake, top guy 🤟

  • Rory Powell
    Rory Powell Month ago +1

    Your home made bike is a testament to your welding both you and the bike did well I can't wait to see what you built next 👌🏾💯

  • Tito Joebs
    Tito Joebs Month ago +1

    Yes! Congrats, Blake! Please build a full suspension bike! Use a protractor to get the right angles for it.

  • David G
    David G Month ago

    This is brilliant to watch. I stumbled across the initial videos on this bike right at the point i was starting a similar project in my own garage. I finished mine last May and sadly have not done a huge amount with it. Bits and pieces and local runs but nothing like this video, but it was the realisation of a lifelong dream to do it. I recommend it to anyone who loves bikes and loves tinkering. 👍

  • Matthew Walter
    Matthew Walter Month ago

    Awesome video Blake! Bike did great. 👍You should absolutely build a full suspension! Love the van build also. Keep up the good work. 😜

  • junka1975
    junka1975 Month ago

    Can we just appreciate that Blake high sided earlier in the week, smacked a tree with the same shoulder and still raced "The Crab" and finished in the top 30% of the racers. The guy is an absolute legend. I say yes to a full suspension bike Blake but really set up your jigs well for alignment and practice your welding. A Blake's Builds dual suspension is just what we need, you can try it out against Neil's budget down hill bike and compare how it rides. Actually it would be interesting to compare it with Rich's XC bike too. Martyn could set the challenges, Doddy and Anna can talk about your tech on the bike, it could be fun for everyone.

  • Te Hopo
    Te Hopo Month ago

    Mega effort Blake, and while it'd be cool see a full suspension build I'd rather see this one evolve a little more.
    Maybe add some bracing and head off on more adventures with it

  • Jason Fox
    Jason Fox Month ago

    So awesome. Although as much as I've always wanted to learn to weld, I hope I never have to haul welder to the trail head "just in case." And you know you've watched a lot of GMBN videos when you recognize some of the corners.

  • RetiredShredders
    RetiredShredders Month ago

    The "Crab" did great!! And, heck yes. You should build a dual suspension.
    Rock on Blake!!!

  • Nathan Otis
    Nathan Otis Month ago +1

    I don't care much to see a full suspension built, but I would like to see the Crab Mk II. Modifications to the geometry, maybe improvements to the welding skills?

  • Larry Megugorac
    Larry Megugorac Month ago

    Another great adventure from Blake....always makes me laugh!!! Man Blake did you check that tree for damage? You might have done some damage to the tree? ;-). You have more guts than I do.....that frame looks shaky at best....but you did a great job bringing it back to life! Cheers!

  • Kenneth Rehme
    Kenneth Rehme Month ago

    I vote yes! Love the Blake-builds-bikes series!

  • Laurence Turner
    Laurence Turner Month ago

    Be epic to see you build a full suspension downhill bike. Might need to go on a aluminium tig welding course. Speak to someone like protolabs and I'm sure they will happily machine lots of pretty billet parts. Alternative get 3d print the joints in titanium and use carbon tubes. Be a great video.

  • BB Love Life
    BB Love Life Month ago

    Thanks for another fantastic video Blake........GMBN is so inspiring

  • Joe King
    Joe King Month ago +1

    The CRAB is AMAZING ❤ WOULD LOVE to see you build a full suspension bike that would be epic ❤

  • Wade Stewart
    Wade Stewart Month ago

    Yes, full suspension would be awesome!

  • Ross Stewart
    Ross Stewart Month ago

    AWESOME Blake so stoked for you that you rode the Krab in a mini enduro 👊🤘
    Great video #GMBN crew 🤘

  • gavin tosney crafting
    gavin tosney crafting Month ago +1

    Felt sick almost as much as Blake watching that.....
    Well done

  • Obsrvr86
    Obsrvr86 Month ago

    If I may step forward with a recommendation for building a steel full suspension bike. It has been done, so why couldnt you do it :D I believe in you man.
    Also, well done on the result. keeping in mind you were the only hardtail... pretty good :D

  • Jean
    Jean Month ago

    Wooo GG ! I would definitely let a pro welder redo the junctions because u did a great job building it already

  • Michael Rende
    Michael Rende Month ago

    Definitely need to build a full sus. I built one, designing it in linkage software and its amazing. I would be looking forward to see you build one.

  • padyakero UK
    padyakero UK Month ago +1

    😅you are indeed a bike builder welldone! yeah love to see you build a fullsus next time😆🤘🏻

  • darryl morgan
    darryl morgan Month ago

    Awesome Riding Blake,The Crab Certainly Did You Proud.Look Forward To Your Full Suspension Build Dude!!

  • Nick Owens
    Nick Owens Month ago

    Yes, Blake. Of course we want to see you build a full suspension bike.

  • Kristofer Pettersson

    Absolutely want to see you build a full sus and race it!! DO IT DO IT

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams Month ago +1

    A full sus would be amazing I reckon a 160 enduro bike would be wicked

  • Reggie Reginato
    Reggie Reginato Month ago

    Feeling more confident on the homemade whip? Full sus would be cool, but perhaps maybe you should attempt to weave your own carbon frame next (or perhaps after the full suser)... :D

  • My2017Raptor
    My2017Raptor Month ago

    Well done my brother! Congrats on building a beast.

  • Philip Collier
    Philip Collier Month ago

    Build the full sus Blake, build it! Love your Blake Builds projects 😊

  • Karl voice
    Karl voice Month ago

    Wow Blake absolutely EPIC when I seen the title I had to watch in the view of something was going to snap but amazing epic build of the hardtail

  • Abha Dwivedi
    Abha Dwivedi Month ago +1

    Hey Blake, you need to get that frame rust proofed.
    Great vid👍

  • Savage MTB
    Savage MTB Month ago

    you are my hero blake samson, the reason I love hardtail.

  • 01FozzyS
    01FozzyS Month ago

    Next up: the birth of Samson Cycles. Well done,Blake! Deakinator approved!

  • Andy Taylor
    Andy Taylor Month ago

    Great video Bingers. Glad the Krabb survived, but if it had broken, it wouldn't have been " the end of the weld" or rather it would eh? 🤣🤣

  • edphooey81
    edphooey81 Month ago

    defo make another bike frame, full sus or not, go for better quality metal - if I remember correctly Blake used budget friendly mild steel for this build - heavy and soft. be cool to see something made from cro-mo / reynolds tubing - that would sure be a step up!

  • gulf city nicholas danca

    What im worried about is the unheat treated welds really most frames are heat treated to prevent cracks and frame fail8

  • Kevin Carpenter
    Kevin Carpenter Month ago

    Do it Blake! Build a full squash! Give us all hope that we can build the bike of our dreams!

  • vince King
    vince King Month ago

    Perhaps build the next bike more accurately, but I did great. Everybody else was on a full suspension lol!!! I want to learn to weld one day...

  • Jay Dubster
    Jay Dubster Month ago

    Did you ever sorting the crabbing misalignment issue, or is it still 'kinda special' :D

  • Corey Taylor
    Corey Taylor Month ago

    I had a BMX bike that was welded together break straight in half when I was 10 years old in the mid 80's. I was jumping off a 4 foot platform after watching the movie Rad. I landed straight on my forehead, of course back then we didn't wear helmets either.

  • StopaskingformynameYouTube

    Blake Builds is the only part of GMBN i find entertaining.
    Please make a full suspension bike, and practive welding a bit more for better penetration and nicer welds that flow a bit more, they look a bit cold. :)
    Love your energy!

  • Tyler Sorenson
    Tyler Sorenson Month ago

    i think you should build a full suspension that would be sick

  • Jez
    Jez Month ago +1

    Great vid, only thing to spoil it was the 'music' (don't know why people feel the need to overlay the worst music possible onto videos) I'm looking forward to seeing you build a full sus, bi,e and race that 💪

  • Patrick Barrett
    Patrick Barrett Month ago

    Blake, you totally have to build a full sus bike now. 🤘

  • creamyb
    creamyb Month ago +1

    Well done Blake 👏

  • meltedcubeTV
    meltedcubeTV Month ago

    Keep being amazing … you are awesome

  • mrvwbug44
    mrvwbug44 Month ago

    Definitely build full sus CRAB. So how well does the CRAB ride compared to a high end steel hardtail?

  • Lando
    Lando Month ago

    it would be nice, if you build an Enduro bike out of a xc frame with just 100 mm of travel :)

  • Jowen
    Jowen Month ago +1

    get the bike blasted or dipped and get someone like etoe or fatman creations to paint it with crab images or something, well done on the strength of your welds blake :)

  • Kaizer Paul Seloterio

    planning to build ny very first mtb and it's a hardtail. my frsne choice is a dartmoor hornet. any thoughts on the quality of the brand

  • satchmotion rc
    satchmotion rc Month ago

    If you do make a full sus, what bike would you gonna model it off?

  • M G
    M G Month ago

    Build again Blake. But please get a jig first. I think the viewers were just as concerned and very glad you and the Crab got through it!!! Awesome!!!

  • Kevin Robins
    Kevin Robins Month ago

    Yea man so cool home build bike and will done on a hardtail to, love to see a full sus, iv got a mk1 cotic Solaris with the same 170 forks and cotic say it will snap in a few rides as it's only meant for 120 max 😂 well will see 👍

  • Matthieu
    Matthieu Month ago +3

    100% for the full suspension bike

  • Twin4221
    Twin4221 Month ago

    Would love to see Blake build a 27.5 or even 29 inch version of a Big Dummy.

  • Arik Peterson
    Arik Peterson Month ago

    Take a look at the Reeb full sus steel frame bike. Might help you figure some stuff out.

  • vince masi
    vince masi Month ago

    hell yeah we wanna see you build another bike!

  • David K
    David K Month ago

    As an amateur welder, the bad welds really up the entertainment value 😂. But please, spend a little time practicing your welds before the next build. I don't want you to die!

  • Ernest Fritz
    Ernest Fritz Month ago

    Heck yea !!!! would love to see a Full Sus built !!!! Do it....

  • DEM's Biking Adventures

    Your awesome! Great riding! Try to build a FS!

  • Mountainbikeshredderdude

    Wonna See you riding the Mega Evalance it would be so funny to watch😮😂

  • Craig MacCalman
    Craig MacCalman Month ago

    Imagine being involved in that race, looking at the results list and realising you weren't that far off Blake Samson and feeling great about yourself. Then this video drops and you realise, while you were on an enduro superbike, he was riding a hardtail he built in his garage with no prior experience that is also notorious for not even being able to ride in a straight line!!!

  • Shaun Triumph
    Shaun Triumph Month ago

    Excellent race and frame build. I must be going blind as can`t see link to welding of the frame ?

  • Anita Snoopy
    Anita Snoopy Month ago

    Great video 😃 videos like this are always fun to watch 😃😃 pink color on the bike maybe 😎😎

  • Andrew Sonleitner
    Andrew Sonleitner Month ago

    Running hot way to go blake!!

  • Charles Holland
    Charles Holland Month ago

    Welds don’t look to good to be honest but hell of an effort. I’d love to see you practice more and build some more frames!

  • Little Hobbies
    Little Hobbies Month ago

    Would love to see you build a full sus bike

  • Tahoe Ebikes
    Tahoe Ebikes Month ago

    Blake is the man!

  • Pin Ky
    Pin Ky Month ago +4

    Give it Sam pilgrim for the day, if it comes back in one piece it's fine

  • Matthew Vale
    Matthew Vale Month ago

    You should get the welds x-rayed 😮

  • Rob Moore MTB
    Rob Moore MTB Month ago

    Full suspension ..... mullet ...... long travel ..
    Would love to see that

  • Sufyan M
    Sufyan M Month ago

    10:18, knew there would be a clip of Leon somewhere. He’s one fast bloke

  • Rab C
    Rab C Month ago

    Your welds holding up better than some of the people i work with that claim to be welders 🤯🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown Month ago

    You need to strip it down sand it really good and put a clear coat on it. It would look cool cleaning up everything and all the welds.

  • John Herman
    John Herman Month ago

    Build a full suspension!! That would be sick!

  • Dennis Muller
    Dennis Muller Month ago

    Amazing !!! Great video and creative

  • Nito_Gocni
    Nito_Gocni Month ago

    Did the crab actually hold up 100% i.e no cracks in its shell, no concerns with the integrity of the welds?

  • James Davidson
    James Davidson Month ago

    Maybe show the crab some colour??? Luv to see you paint it!